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and you can beat. me on plastic waste. on al-jazeera. thanks. al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from a headquarters in doha and daddy novel days are coming up in the next sixty minutes so she against leaving without a deal and for an extension don't solve the problems we face. dire warning from the u.k. prime minister it's a reason may after her revised plan is voted down again. the most senior member of the catholic church to be convicted of sex abuse is sentenced to six years in jail
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. boeing faces a global back last multiple airlines ground there are seven three seven max eight fleets following the second cross and five months. and out on the streets again as a new prime minister is sworn in algerians demand their president steps down immediately. hello britain's parliament has rejected prime minister to resign may's breck's its strategy for a second time plunges the u.k. deeper into crisis with just seventeen days before it's due to leave the e.u. m.p.'s will now get a vote on whether the country should leave without a deal so here's how politicians voted a few hours ago two hundred forty two were for the deal three hundred ninety one against that means the prime minister lost by a hundred forty nine votes in january an earlier version of the deal. defeated by
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two hundred and thirty votes. the hour is to the right two hundred forty two with the nose to the last three hundred ninety one so the no use having the news have it a heavy defeat for the withdrawal agreement this was slightly better for prime minister to resume a than the previous meaningful vote but still a resoundingly no struggling with a sore throat she told parliament it now faced tough decisions does it wish to revoke article fifty does it want out a second referendum. does it want does it want to leave with a deal but not this day and these are an enviable choices sake's to the decision that the house has made this evening they are choices that must now be faced yeah. just hours after she'd arrived back from strasburg with new legal assurances
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over the withdrawal deal may's position has been undermined by her own top legal advisor attorney general geoffrey cox said the tweaks by the e.u. didn't alter his legal opinion over the possibility of the u.k. being locked into a customs union as part of a so-called backstop the mechanism to prevent a hard border between islands and northern ireland as a result she was never going to win over hardline euro skeptic members of her own party they'll now be a commons vote on wednesday on whether to rule out leaving the e.u. without a deal then thursday could see a vote on whether to ask brussels for an extension to the article fifty period of negotiations the leader of the opposition is clinging on to the hope of a fresh general election the primaries has run down the clock and their caucus rain run out on her maybe it's time instead we had a general election in the people get. their government should pay. but what now for
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to resume a the size of her defeat is too large to aim for a chance of getting a tweaks deal through with another vote in the very near future. after this week's votes in westminster attention will turn to an e.u. summit next week brussels has said it might give britain more time if a reasoned request for an extension to the timetable of leaving by march the twenty ninth is made meaningful concessions though from the e.u. appear most unlikely it seems the road may be running out for the british prime minister the al-jazeera lawrence lee was outside the british parliament as the crucial vote was made he explains the potential scenarios. the word meltdown is being used liberally to the scribe what's happened suits a reason maze bricks it plan a second crushing defeat and apparently no way back now for the steel and ultimately what it means is the power of the bricks it process is being taken out of her hands out of the hands of governments and put as the hands of parliament and
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the european union the chronology now is a couple of days a vote on wednesday nights where parliament is being asked to rule out no deal leaving the your opinion crushing out that me deal in theory if not in practice no on thursday a separate votes on asking the european union for a delay in the inside brics a process which it is assumed would have to follow agreements against no deal but what all that means is that the delay goes into the hands of people like the twenty seven members of the european union and they have the right to refuse the u.k. an extension if there's not a really good reason for it and so it's a reason may says we just want a couple of months so i can try and get this deal out of the line again they can just turn around and say no so it is unclear what sort of extension europe might demand swear they want a short one because they're so sick of brecht's it or they might say to the u.k.
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you can only have an extension if it was a year in brussels that the thinking is it's either now leaving the european union with no deal and twenty ninth of march or an extension in a meaningful sense or revoking article fifty entirely not leaving the european union its will and so ultimately what it means is that the u.k. government has now lost control of his home brics its agenda and that is the biggest humiliation you can possibly imagine for the british government and to resume a jonathan listens deputy director of british influence that's a pro in a think tank who says it's time for to resign me to compromise. well the first thing she has to do is to do something she hasn't done so far which is to reach out to people who aren't in her own party for the last two years she's only ever try to appease the hard right party so national the labor party and asked what possibly could deliver a majority in the house of commons and that means
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a softer bracks it or a people's vote a second referendum to decide if we're going to have breaks it after all a general election has become much like here now because theresa may hate see idea of a second referendum jeremy coogan in the labor party haste as well gerry coburn wants a general election. for treason may she might think if parliament is deadlocked which it is one way of resolving that is to have a general election in which she will put her deal as a conservative manifesto and force her m.p.'s to stand on that manifesto that it all say gives her the opportunity to flush out some of her opponents who defected from the conservative party as you now say it is independence the vote tomorrow in parliament we very important because parliament will have the ability to affect the rule out a no deal scenario so what that means is that whatever happens we will never leave without a deal and that means that we either have to have a deal which means to resume a steel or we have no bricks or tool and the e.u.
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would much rather we had no bricks or tool than leaving without a deal parliament will most likely agree a former vatican treasurer has been sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing two choir boys cardinal george pell as the most senior member of the catholic church to be found guilty of child sex offenses he was convicted by an australian court in the case with states back to the one nine hundred ninety s. and it's almost as more. cardinal george held conviction sent shock waves through the catholic church the most senior catholic figure ever convicted of sexual abuse has been in prison awaiting to see. and sing since late february now he knows how long he's likely to remain locked up there was a priest in rural australia who rose to become archbishop of first melbourne and later sydney as australia's most senior catholic he oversaw the church's response to accusations of child abuse by others when a piggin choir he was held looking into that he had to defend what many saw as
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a cover up but it didn't slow his career by now hell there's a cardinal at the vatican in charge of the churches finances and close to the pope that life ended though when pelle was personally accused of sexual abuse in twenty seventeen he was forced to return to australia to stand trial i am innocent of these charges. but twelve members of a jury in melbourne disagrees believing the word of a victim over the acts of the former archbishop the shock was widespread many questioned the verdict of former prime minister was among those to give character references in the hope of lessening his sentence hell is appealing his conviction that appeal will be held in jail but until then at least help from a jail on the saudis are now. once more had on the islands or in his hour including
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tensions flare at one of the most sensitive religious sites in the middle east. a twist in venezuela's crisis the opposition leader part of my dough is accused of sabotage. in sport to n.b.a. players are facing suspension after this on according found her. but first a wave of groundings across the globe european nations china and india have joined the growing list of countries suspending the flying of the seven three seven max eight aircraft it follows an ethiopian airlines crash on sunday which killed all the hundred fifty seven people on board this was the second major accident involving the aircraft in five months but the u.s. aviation regulates are insists the model is safe sees no reason to ground the plane's john hendren more. as investigators begin the first full day of their probe
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into the cause of a second deadly crash more and more of a boeing seven thirty seven max aircraft are being grounded u.s. aviation officials insist the aircraft is safe but a growing list of countries say that until they get the assurances they need over the safety of the seven thirty seven max it is banned from their airspace u.s. airline passengers in an american flight attendants union share their concern u.s. senators are joining growing calls for the plan. to be grounded well i think out of an abundance of caution and frankly common sense it makes sense to ground aircraft has been involved in two very tragic accidents and all the six months the seven thirty seven max. eight should be grounded immediately. there is no reason for american flyers to be less safe than. china ethiopia argentina mexico and now apparently the united
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kingdom but boeing insists the plane remains safe saying it has full confidence in the safety of the seven thirty seven max the biggest users of the aircraft american airlines and southwest continue to fly the plane as do several foreign carriers and at the moment based on our safety assessment there is no requirement to take any action aircraft is safe to fly speculation into the cause of the two separate crashes has centered on flight control software the u.s. federal aviation administration plans to require a software enhanced meant that boeing says will be deployed on the next fleet in the coming weeks boeing says the update to maneuvering flight control and pilot display software would make quote an already safe aircraft even safer passengers might be confused but investors have reacted decisively they have hammered boeing stock costing the company billions of dollars in market value boeing had hoped to use this plane to overtake airbus in market share but now the company is just
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struggling to survive there is precedent for a global ban in two thousand and thirteen boeing took its massive new dreamliner out of service to resolve a problem with battery fires now once again boeing is struggling to hold steady through the turbulence john hendren al-jazeera chicago let's bring in al-jazeera. from the boeing headquarters in seattle how concerned is the company at this wave of ground. things across the globe rob. well of course the boeing is very concerned about this impacting one of their most popular versions of their aircraft no daryn i'm standing here just south of seattle this is just a small part of the enormous factory complex that makes the seven three seven max and a variety of other planes for boeing you can see the one of the hangars behind me and several planes there as the sun sinks. over seattle the
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latest country to have banned the seven three seven max now is new zealand this just coming very recently but i have to say that there are perhaps hundreds of seven three seven s. maxes in the air during right now as we speak from airlines like american airlines air canada and others they say that they do not believe there is a systemic problem and that's coming also from the federal aviation administration here in the united states which says that they have not found systemic problems with the seven three seven max and therefore the united states is not taking the action that so many other countries including china and the e.u. india and others have taken in grounding the airplane now it has also emerged that several. pilots who are u.s. air airlines reported that they experienced strange behavior by the seven three
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seven max is a guidance system in other words that they found that it was pointing the nose of the aircraft up towards the ground in mid flight and it was not. something that they could explain but they quickly manually overrode that behavior by the airplane by the automatic the autopilot in order to write the. there were no accidents in those conditions what we're hearing more and more about how things have something is not quite right with this aircraft course still waiting on the full investigation of the lion air crash in indonesia and just in the very preliminary stages of investigating the ethiopian airlines crash over the weekend but certainly to your your point this is something that for boeing is of very great concern and we've heard also in john the endurance report just
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a few moments ago that the company is. implementing some software fixes that they think will improve the. need and increase the number of sensors in the airplane that will that are being used so that pilots will have more information coming in not just from a single sensor that has been the case in the seven three seven max up till this time writes a rob rhino's with an update from seattle thank you for ross samer is a retired pilot and aviation consultant he says u.s. regulators are waiting cautiously for the results of the investigation into sunday's crafts. i think the what the f.a.a. and the three airlines that currently flying this aircraft in us are waiting for something to come out of the investigation to the latest crash i.e. the either the voice recording or data recording to make sure that this particular
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wanted his connected to the last crash because we could all be completely wrong in assessing or jumping into conclusion a discourse the same problem a boeing obviously they are in a very dark place and they don't want to come out and it may be for knowing more that there's something wrong with this earth ground and gives a ultimate action against their aircraft a new aircraft that they have so much high hope and. so i tend to agree with the airlines that have stopped flying as a precautionary measure but obviously the f.a.a. and and the three airlines in us are doing a wait and see till the last minute dismay b.d.a. impediment to that however i know they can fix the problem if there is one we just
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have to make sure that this latest crash was the same as the last one algeria has sworn in and their prime minister to try and weeks of antigovernment protests the former interior minister in europe in the delhi replaces a mentor yes but how is seen as a loyalist the president is beautifully who announced reforms on monday with a fleet also delay it's a preselection and said he would not seek a fifth term well despite those announcement thousands of algerians returned to the streets and demands bigger changes many want beautifully if that's a step down immediately as i were reports. the. say there will be no let up and no backing down until what they see is real political change in algeria. the people demand the downfall of the regime protests the shouted as they return to the streets after president abdel aziz bush announced he wouldn't seek
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a path turn but also announced he was postponing the election. we are against any extensions any decisions to delay the elections or extend presidential terms we want to transition the government rule not sustain this corrupt government. we haven't requested an extension yes we said no to the fifth term but we didn't ask the government to stay nor beautifully could stay. blue shipley who's been in power for twenty years has promised to go eventually but is delayed any new elections meaning he's likely to stay in power for some time it's expected talks to plan algeria speech or will take place at some point this year but no date has been set is reported will be chaired by lakhdar brahimi a former u.n. arab league envoy to syria. bush if he can has made some changes to his political team but the chief of the army is staying on more evidence say demonstrators that
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little has changed former prime minister and police says postponing the election is unconstitutional. well sort of heard me say we were different to our way throttling the president's attempt to run for a fifth term is an achievement made by the algerian people not a favor or grant by anybody the people lived up to the aspirations lived up to their responsibility especially that the constitution was violated where a president's term runs for five years only the current term has been extended without the people's approval or endorsement and the constitution. many demonstrating here have no no other leader than abdelaziz bouteflika high unemployment among young people and rising living costs to these protests along with the strongest saw the political. and he would. hurt us led forces in syria say they've killed thirty eight eisel fighters in their final assault on the armed
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groups last on klav syrian democratic forces have been used for three days where a number of isis fighters remain the operation intensified after a brief pause to allow civilians to leave the s.t.'s says three of its fighters were killed during the latest operation but i've been having it has more from gaza into on the turkish syrian border. this is the third night running the bubbles is coming under intense shelling and airstrikes there had been a lull last week allowing fighters to surrender and civilians to be evacuated but earlier in the day spokesperson for the syrian democratic forces that's the kurdish forces on the ground leading this battle have said that the battle for bubbles is coming and then that's probably why we see this intensification of strikes and shelling now in the air strikes also mean ported simply because on the ground
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a goodish forces have been advancing very slowly they're trying to minimize their loss which could be a cure because of the fire or indeed the land mines and booby traps left behind by the eyes of others as they retreat further in side who's a number of fighters are still holed up there considered to be do die hard ones the ones who are willing to fight until the bitter end it's still unclear how many civilians are in there or how many relatives of these eyes of fighters inside this is something that has taken the kurds by surprise over the past few weeks thousands and thousands of people have streamed out and up to sixty five thousand are now held in one camp alone in the hall where conditions are extremely difficult because no one was expecting such a large number. there are also reports that about one hundred fifty fighters have
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also surrendered on tuesday during the day now that is the pattern that has been ongoing also. intense shelling at night somehow lighter fighting during the day and allowing those who want to surrender a safe passage is really forces have placed the mosque on lockdown after scuffles with worshiper and a fire at a police station inside the compound led to the fighting every faucet has more from occupied east jerusalem. over here in the streets in occupied east jerusalem outside the old city a few hundred meters away from the iraq's a mosque compound and it is here in the streets in alleyways where the last prayers of the day had been taking place that's because access to the old city has been very severely restricted access to the ox a mosque compound known as the temple mount to jews has been entirely cut off after an incident earlier on tuesday afternoon israeli police say somebody threw a monocle amount of cocktail or a fire bomb at
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a police post on the site that post caught fire one policeman suffered minus smoke inhalation there was scuffles that erupted several arrests a spokesman for the islamic walk the trust which operates the site under the aegis of the jordanian government says that senior clerics who were among those beaten by israeli security forces during that and as a result the entire place has been closed down by the israeli or forty's and as a result people being out here in the streets there have been calls for solidarity to defend. all of this coming on the heels of what's taken place in the last three weeks when the islamic world has decided to reopen an area that was been closed by the israeli authorities since two thousand and three an area around a place known as the mercy gate it is a place which israel thought you said was being used by a group linked to hamas at that time but now the work has decided to reopen it and a deadline for the closure of that imposed by israeli courts expired on monday
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still no resolution to that situation despite talks to be going on between israel and jordan the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has put out a statement about today's events saying that it is a dangerous escalation that has been mounted here by the israelis certainly is a much greater increase in tensions that have already been high in recent weeks two former police officers in brazil have been arrested and charged with the murder of a popular palm. almost a year ago they were arrested in rio de janeiro elisei one of the men fired the shots that killed my l.a. franco and her driver while the other drove the getaway car franco was a prominent councillor who campaigned against police abuse and fought for women's rights. but as well as government is investigating opposition leader for the massive power outage that's left millions without electricity president maduro has branden quite a us puppets and has accused the us of mounting
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a cyber attack on the country's power grids. of corruption and incompetence for the blackouts so risible reports from venezuela's capital caracas. freedom chanted people on the streets of caracas on tuesday they responded to opposition leader one way those calls to take to the streets once again. one of the social worker who says change. the situation is horrible for all social classes i only get minimum wage and we can't buy anything there's no water white i was telling venezuelans are on the right path and his popularity has been on the rise went around telling venezuelans they're on the right path he's popularity has been on the rice since he declared himself into a precedent in january little did look at i mean there is morning pain and horror with what is happening in the country we need work in strength and the darkness
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this regime has spread this murder i don't let them take over our hearts the biggest challenge of one way though on the opposition are facing today is to keep the pressure against the government going people we have been talking to here say they're already struggling to make ends meet having cannot afford to be on the streets every day. many civilians have been trying to cope with power outages for days but even though electricity has started to be restored water shortages are now the main issue relations between the united states have been east will continue to deteriorate when venezuela ordered american diplomats to leave the country within seventy two hours. my the widow accuses washington of being behind what he says was an attack against the electric grid. but the united states says it was washington that decided to leave but the regime also cannot in our view provide security. for the embassy in the situation caracas is deteriorating so our decision was made
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. really fundamentally without regard to what the regime wants or thinks the chief prosecutor tatic sab is also asking a promise to supreme court to open an investigation into why the all alleging that he was involved in the failure of the power grid for the army and. a new investigation has been opened that adds to another one carried out during the month of january against a citizen paid out of the while not a piece for he's alleged implication in the sabotage carried out to the national system that happened since thursday march seventh. why though remains defiant and vows to continue fighting against what he says he's an equal last mother with us illegitimate rule. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour just where is the news reports of atrocities in south sudan despite last year's landmark deal to end the civil war big medicine companies in the spotlight over the
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your aids epidemic in the u.s. . in sport the titleholder suffer a setback in the asian champions league and the hot still coming up. however the rain clouds are gathering across parts of central and southern china once again we say they look at the trouble or the recently loss of acetyl weather and some sunshine this thickening clad well produce a few spots afraid as we go on through wet and stay becomes a little more widespread fourth since this was further southeast was missed getting up to twenty four cells just in hong kong but it looks like those increased the wet in the process the weather pushing all the way up towards shanghai china is fine
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and tried also sunshine coming through here a lot of sunshine state. continuing across the philippines wanted to share was a possibility but the majority of the show is further south southern parts of malaysia into indonesia still seeing the usual heat of the day downpours coming through here what is the going on is the very similar situation going on further north attempt just picking up thirty seven celsius to k.l. and also for bangkok the same temperature picking up too across south asia largely dry and fine here as well always a chance of what to choose showers just creeping across the thing go into sri lanka that a cloud up towards northern parts of india bits and pieces of sherry rain also making its way across pakistan and drifting east. whether sponsored by catalona is. my main issue every new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump. it's
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a well it's generally that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means i've been listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were brought on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine or a listening post on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for that is you know it's very challenging but in this particular because you have a lot of people that are deployed there on political issues. we do people believe that tell the real story so i'll just mend it used to do the work in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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following on the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour britain's parliament has rejected prime minister to resign may's books until for a second time it plunges the u.k. deeper into crisis with just seventeen days before it's due to leave the european union m.p.'s will now get a vote on whether the country should leave without a deal a former vatican treasurer has been sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing two choir boys by australian courts cardinal george pell is the most senior catholic worldwide to be held guilty for child sex offenses. new zealand has become the latest country to ground the boeing seven three seven x. eight aircraft it follows a similar decision by european nations china and india on sunday an ethiopian airlines cross killed all one hundred fifty seven people aboard u.s.
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regulators and says the model is safe. while a team from boeing has now arrived at the cross site in ethiopia the investigation into what went wrong is now in the third day. been located but may have been damaged one home of the dough more from ethiopia. doesn't so forensic investigators and ethiopian airlines employees assisting them home through the crash site. trying to find any evidence that so far goodman moved. for the third day such a risk you workers continue with a difficult mission to find that a mainstay of the person does and a group of ethiopian airlines flight three hundred two. trailing small can spot the boeing seven three seven marks eight plunged into this field minutes of that to cope on sunday from the capital addis ababa killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board. with missed the moment the plane went down.
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we had a mystery noise coming from the aircraft before it's going to close to us then it suddenly nose dived in there was a big explosion we had rushed to the scene and we saw nothing but destruction. so let's evolve those who perished help them flocking to the crash site. of an airline crewmember. here to test the sun finally got. what i'm now demanding that i get the body of my child whatever happened has happened i now need to lay her to rest i came here to see where my daughter lost her life and to make peace. moshe be told came all the way from israel to find the remains of his brother shimon a security contractor has not been lucky either for us is the jewish israelis we have
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a very important point in this case we need to find some of them to fight until the d.n.a. that we can bury some of the mind is that we can make this sort of money otherwise if we will not find the person missing for the rest of their life officials obviously open alliance and relatives of the diseased to wait for at least five more days before they can receive some of the remains of their loved ones exports of the crash site have a say due to the impact and in suing fire after the crash it could take weeks maybe even months for some of the remains to be identified possibly through d.n.a. or been told records. the process might be father complicated by the fact that the person just came from more than thirty countries and ethiopia has limited forensic abilities. an israeli forensic team currently in the contests ace it wants to help . other cry site more teams have joined if you have been
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a vision experts investigating the incident on tuesday teams from the u.s. federal aviation administration f.a.a. and the national transportation safety board arrived he. also sent the team to the site of a cross in the confidence. of . the united states government is preparing to close immigration offices abroad the u.s. citizenship and immigration service operates in twenty countries it once the state department to take over duties which include assistance to u.s. citizens and asylum seekers the agency says it will save millions of dollars but critics see it as an attempt to discourage illegal immigration that's weak to adult for franco he's a republican strategist is joining us from washington d.c. it's help us break down the strategy behind this because some people are saying
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this is simply a cost saving measure and in fact it's going to slow down the processing of family visa applications refugee processing as well as family reunification. well first i think and thank you for having me i think you need to analyze as in the broader scope of the president's budget the president has proposed a budget that is reducing discretionary spending for many government agencies and many of our domestic agencies by as much as thirty or thirty two percent this is part of the president's promise to the american people to streamline government reduce the costs that the american taxpayer has have had to burden had a burden to carry for many years the fact of the matter is we're really talking about two hundred forty employees worldwide in twenty four countries obviously the state department has presence and all the countries in which our citizenship services are located those functions can be carried out by consular services and
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rotational staff that will be assigned by the state department to carry these out so the underlying goal here is not to penalize anyone it's not to discourage individuals from applying for either refugee status or entry into the night stage but rather to reduce costs this has been a republican right priority the president is doing it here's the thing you rightly point out about the reduced budget but that includes a reduced budget for the state department itself so this plan is meant to hand over responsibilities to the state departments but how is it going to handle the workload with significant reductions in its own budget proposed by the administration. well because both things first of all the president's view and former i'm not myself being a former assistant minister the united states agency for international development his view is that our presence in terms of personnel either discharging humanitarian
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relief or development assistance should be reduced significantly that's part of the america first promise you made to the american people therefore the state department does not have to be staffed for a lot of functions that are actually going to be reduced this particular function which is a different agency the citizenship and immigration services these can be carried out by consular officials and state department officials yes you're right state department itself will be reduced but there are certain bureaus that are going to be taking i think the brunt of the cuts of the president as has proposed you know i've been in washington for thirty five years and the cuts always begin in someone else's budget everyone's for reducing and streamlining service says until it affects them directly the fact of the matter is i think some of these services are actually do pick live they're nice to have but i think we can do without them and still provide the minimum services needed right franco we thank you for joining us from washington thank you so much now the united nations has fighting in south
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sudan is continuing despite last year's peace deal a one commission on human rights says it's identified some of the individuals involved it's also considering the introduction of a court to end what it sees as a culture of impunity that will morgan has more from the capital juba they were high who thought that m.p. theda was announced law theory but i think in january everything ended and the optimism these people were forced to leave their homes to survive. government course you are right to mock our county on the day to day it in their. community or pretty soon with the gun swords. with the gun swords that was different today this secondary begun polluting their properties. they came on the open their doors. they came and they open the doors. everything even if they end up with
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a charge more than ten thousand people have been displaced in january due to fighting between the government and armed groups who didn't find the latest piece fields the civil war started in twenty thirteen two years after the country's independence from her dam it's estimated that at least four hundred forty thousand people have been killed and a quarter of the country's twelve million population has been displaced as a result. now the u.n. commission on human rights in south sudan is saying the agreement has not delivered any immediate improvement and no one is being held responsible the commission is naming twenty three individuals who it says laid major rules and crimes during the war that's in addition to fifty two army commanders it's named last year the government has announced. a special court to deal with sexual violence but this will be ordinary sexual based violence and not conflict related sexual violence and i think this is a huge distinction because the one means that you're going to have to hold many of
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the military commanders accountable and that's really where the commissions aim is which is to look at this question of command and superiors responsibility. relation for the future hybrid of south sudan in the two hundred page report the commission says crimes continue and that there is an increase in arbitrary detention torture execution and enforces appearances and that sexual violence which previous report has said was used as a weapon of war in the conflict is on the rise the commission also said that south sudan's oil income which accounts for more than mine three percent of the country's economy could be used to fund the war south sudan government denies that the war the war is over we have an agreement signed. by countries. and also. by the government of
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south sudan is the world's youngest nation were work crimes and displacement has plagued it for most of its existence this year and reports suggest there are few signs this will change in the near future he will morgan al-jazeera. the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention says opioids including prescription painkillers were involved in a record forty seven thousand six hundred overdose deaths in twenty seventeen and now major u.s. pharmaceutical companies are facing legal action accused of helping to fuel the crisis in the country oklahoma's attorney general is accusing johnson and johnson of targeting vulnerable people including children and elderly with addictive prescription painkillers johnson and johnson has described the allegations as baseless and unsubstantiated another drug company per two pharma is a ready involved in court action it's been the target of multiple lawsuits and is
5:44 am
considering filing for bankruptcy the company didn't nies any wrongdoing as well the first trial is set to begin in maine oklahoma and may set the stage for a similar litigation in other states that speak to bob herman he's the healthcare business reporter x. yes that's a news organization and he's joining us via skype from indiana thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so why do you think the oklahoma attorney general at least is now casting a wider net drawing attention to companies like johnson and johnson. thanks for having me i think it's pretty clear the attorney general cuomo really wants to make a splash it's very dramatic language in these newest allegations. but i think the attorney general is trying to hold companies accountable is trying to get results for what it considers to be. and what the u.s. considers to be a very important public health crisis and
5:45 am
a lot of the attention has been focused on crew pharma as you mentioned which is the maker of oxycontin a very popular prescription painkiller but asking for these documents from johnson and johnson is another important step because it's showing that it it really means business it wants the public to understand how these companies how these company operated behind the scenes and the holiday ultimately helped fuel the crisis which has really been a leading cause of drug overdose deaths here has the thing though is there something to be said about the timing of this because this crisis has been going on for many many years in the states. right so i d's lawsuits have been drawn out over several years now drug overdose drug overdose deaths from opioids and ban and issue for decades the rise of opiates really started the ninety's and went into the to thousands but in cities and states and counties just started filing these lawsuits
5:46 am
a couple years ago and the legal process works very slowly so these latest allegations are trying to bring the next step in that sound like it's going to happen overnight but it is trying to move ahead and friend this trial date in may and there's a separate. bigger litigation that's consolidated in ohio to trace address all of this but you're right that this is been ongoing for a while it's probably not going to end for a while unless these companies decide to settle what can you tell us about the specific allegations being made against these companies and we must say that johnson and johnson as well as per two pharma have put out statements denying any of the allegations. right so like you said a lot of these cases have focused on crew pharma but the latest allegations that we that we covered it focused on johnson and johnson and and this company is very unique it's a large multinational conglomerate space in the u.s.
5:47 am
and it's known for many popular brands including baby shampoo and band aids and more recently child computer but most of its revenue comes from pharmaceuticals and medical devices that many people. and johnson and johnson used to actually be involved in selling opioids as well as growing the wrong are addicts that are part of the opioids and these allegations are saying you know proof pharma is getting a lot of attention but jane jane is quoted kingpin of the ogier crisis because it was in falls all the way above herman i apologize i have to leave it there because we have run out of time but thank you very much for speaking to us from indiana now the f.b.i. say they've uncovered the biggest college cheating scam in u.s. history on tuesday investigators arrested dozens of people including executives and famous actor as andy gallagher reports investigators say it's a conspiracy on an unprecedented scale the justice department arrested almost fifty
5:48 am
people nationwide in a scheme they say involved cheating on exams bribing coaches and exaggerating athletic ability in the turn children of the rich and famous gained access to some of the most elite universities in the united states with some parents paying huge sums of money this is a keys where they flaunted their wealth sparing no expense to cheat the system so so they could set their children out for success with the best education money could buy literally some spent anywhere from two hundred thousand to six and a half million dollars for guaranteed admission. their actions were without a doubt insidious selfish and shameful among those accused of racketeering a charge commonly used for mobsters of the actors laurie laughlin and felicity huffman both of you in court on tuesday according to court documents parents paid admissions consultant william singa millions of dollars he's alleged to have used
5:49 am
the money to bribe coaches and administrators between roughly two thousand and eleven and two thousand and eighteen wealthy parents paid singer about twenty five million dollars in total to guarantee their children's admission to elite schools including gail georgetown stanford university of southern california the university of texas none of the targeted universities have been accused of breaking the law and assault the students weren't aware of what their parents were doing in a statement the university of southern california said we will be implementing significant process and training enhanced ment's to prevent anything like this from ever happening again investigators say the scheme amounts to deception and fraud on a massive scale with one official stating that for every student admitted through fraud an honest and genuinely talented student was rejected and gallica al-jazeera . start for the. last month.
5:50 am
5:51 am
thank you very much for the n.b.a. said they're investigating what's described does an unfortunate exchange between one of the league's star players and a fan russell westbrook was caught on camera threatening a supporter of your game against the utah jazz i mean. i.
5:52 am
kind he was provoked by racially charged comments you toss out a funding question has now been banned from their arena power started over here you know me losing my faith in the stands told me to get on my legs like you know astutely for me to ashes complete disrespect. to be. seen as racial i think it's just inappropriate in a sense. there's no protection for the players ross is just carried on acting a fool down here and everybody's getting on him. i guess he thought it was ice i just told him i'd like to sit out allies in these bro need turning me was like a sweet tea you know mike well you're going to need it and then it turned into. not safe for work i don't care you could throw at me all he wants i was the one talking to him. but don't throw in the woman she's five feet tall one hundred ten pounds man. tensions were also running high in cleveland
5:53 am
a ball breaking out between the cavaliers marquees chris and sergio back at the songs are raptors both players rejected in that game and it well face further punishment from the n.b.a. the cavaliers going on to win on twenty six to one i won a sports lawyer saying fans should be too harsh on the players involved in that brawl. out of the goodness of fact affects the n.b.a. image and all n.h.l. itself that has had over two hundred fifty fights during the season in will be bridge clearing bras are celebrated in clips are shown in each other perth where there are sports like the n.f.l. and n.b.a. that predominately african-american the every now and then players decide to actually get into and right now what's a big deal i think is an unfair standard placed on these athletes and how their view and i think there's some sort of vision about fans feel a certain conduct is ok in a certain sport it is that in another double standard in the european champions league events is have pulled off an incredible comeback against athletico madrid
5:54 am
a hat trick for christian around making it three no so you very often aren't giving them a three to aggregate win and a place in the quarter finals the other side not quite so tight man city a seven up that is a ten to aggregate lead on wednesday liverpool take on a german champions by in munich the first leg on field finished nil nil liverpool's manager getting more than a little frustrated when asked how his team's european efforts may impact on their bid so win the premier league title i really don't think that any other culture in the world or marriage in the world has to answer this question in a place champions league. i really think it's really a need that only happens if you have the liverpool manager the better part it's come for vengeance united and stop this big that's how it is titleholders the kachina analysts have dropped points in the asian champions league the japanese team a lot a two goal lead to slip against shandong lang of china shima with su up inside fifteen minutes but see goals here from italian struck a graziano palace so shandong hit back as the game finished in
5:55 am
a two two draw ashima well they do stay top of group a on four points tournament the reasons daegu course an upset against two time champions of a ground the south korean team winning three one semi of top of group f. brazilian strike at good scoring two of davies goals. and the saudi arabian league champions of peace and qatar as domestic title win is a three one win but our how over do fail in this game french strike us from goma is where in the third there for how as they talk groups eight. football's governing body favre is still pushing to expand the twenty twenty two world cup in cats are a fee for report says one or more co-hosts could stage the extra games for president giani in fancy no once forty eight countries to be involved in the event up from the thirty two cats or is preparing to host the study lists bahrain kuwait oman saudi arabia and the united arab emirates possibilities last sports correspondent leigh whirling says there's still a long way to go before
5:56 am
a forty eight same world cup becomes more than just a theoretical possibility. all is clear is faith as determination to make this forty eight same toman happen in twenty twenty two like it's happening in the united states in twenty twenty six that's the reason i would feel that this is even late out of the associated press because they don't want to be seen to be trying to make you happy to actually be talking to countries like a man and co i was diagnosed how difficult it will be pretty take place in any of the other nations that are mentioned but the blockade going on in the talk about bahrain and saudi arabia united arab emirates actually it's over a world war they have stadiums that could host these games actually making that happen politically is going to be so much more difficult than talking about how the stadiums would work if games were when for instance the stadiums would need to be changed time is when the other is to be ready twelve months before that almost same time never mind the political reasons and i think generally in france saying no has
5:57 am
actually wanted to make sure that this is all in place for a fee for politics going into the council meeting in miami on thursday and friday decisions won't be made until congress in france in june but actually can't get beyond this feasibility study into getting qatar to actually find a way to make this work that still remains an extremely difficult challenge and there would need to be huge movement that we're not seeing at the moment for it to happen and the bahraini born football hockey male araby has become an australian citizen just a month after being freed from prison in highland australian prime minister scott morrison was on hand for the ceremony its twenty five year old was detained in bangkok last year outpourings request al-arabiya claims he was persecuted in bahrain due to his criticism of the ruling family is now playing semi pro football for a change in melbourne ok but it's a sport it's looking for now more later. thanks for watching al-jazeera that's it
5:58 am
for the news hour but sound as i've done is with you just a moment with more news coming your way thanks for watching but. a sinister only god who secretly controls moldova's parliament or merely a tycoon misjudged by his enemies is the most hated politician in the country i made my key allegations of blackmail hitman and a billion dollars for. people in power investigates moldova and the puppet master on al-jazeera. generation after generation men work under the merciless sun a northeastern state. in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are not living in poverty their needs are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy prey during
5:59 am
election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars of course if i'm a politician and i give culture and education to people i'm impairing them and if i'm impairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep things as they are. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and government austerity that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even if the next government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. i don't because irish the show actually do have boyfriends now. charging the diverse lives of the children of south africa the differences have to. come to seem skin to take charge that could see. through
6:00 am
a complex history of dramatic social and political change except on up south africa on al-jazeera. so she against leaving without. and for an extension does not solve the problems we face a daw a warning from the u.k. prime minister after her revised brags that plan is. i'm sam he's a dad and this is just where i live from doha so coming up the most senior member of the catholic church to be convicted of sex abuse is sentenced to six years in jail and. going faces a glow.


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