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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 41  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2019 11:32am-12:02pm +03

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in fifty nine castro begins a triumphant tour of the united states is welcomed as a hero and the leader of a legitimate rebel movement. once again he reassures america of his intentions. i know i will. also we are coming. of an acoa spy are very clear. back in cuba fidel begins to work on the first land reform together with castro has designed the basis for the collectivize ation of farmland the vast majority of his states are made into cooperatives and placed under the authority of the army castro relies and givati to put the reforms in place.
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castro appoints cheney director of cuba's national bank this nomination is a provocation for the united states and they decide to block all credit to cuban banks for del castro responds by attacking american businesses in cuba the escalation has begun. by nihad will barely believe. the americans stop all sugar imports from cuba the islands economy ninety percent of which is dependent on its business with the united states is on the verge of collapse fidel needs to leave the bit if the us and the only way of moving away from the us for a small country like cuba in the one nine hundred sixty s. is to move towards the u.s.s.r. this simply is no other way it's
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a practical resolution if not nineteen folk about it let's show he can any could he be sure it appears she next week so his you know who you'd be tolerant of an early shoot key and there's once you he said to take it he had to be twenty percent in. the u.s.s.r. now provides oil to the island in exchange for a cheaper. feed their oil. i mean young. deal about the basis and he said early in your soviet elaph orsino she did get toyed with the need to gash event the need to get. the gauge. in one thousand nine hundred sixty one fidel castro finally declared he is a communist. nanny. i feel then she'll have. a british band there they. formed.
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she was given huge responsibility within aspects of the cuban economy inevitably that created tensions with many other cubans illimitable they should have been given those roles. the same year for della points elche a minister of industry. divider wants to develop his own vision of a socialist country the economy is turned upside down. is a popular film and location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes in work or its managerial is reclaiming its image by putting its young residents behind the camera. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them. in the news
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this is europe on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come different places but it's all that gives us that gives us the ability to identify the people who live at the site of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. i just because your initial shock chose to have boyfriends now. charging a diverse lives of the children of south africa the distances. bannock on the same scale and the tension as could see. through
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a complex history of dramatic social and political change seven-up south africa on al-jazeera. i'm sammy's a down in the hole with a look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now britain's parliament has rejected prime minister to resign may's breaks that deal for a second time it plunges the u.k. deeper into crisis with just seventeen days before it's due to leave the european union m.p.'s will now get a vote on whether the country should leave without a deal or form a vatican treasurer has been sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing two choir boys by the straightly in court cardinal george pell is the most senior catholic worldwide to be held guilty for child sex offenses andrew thomas was
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outside the court when the sentence was delivered six years is a substantial sentence people here pleased because already been in prison for two weeks that we take into consideration he's appealing the overall conviction that appeal will be held in june so it is possible i suppose but worth that appeal to succeed he could be out of prison in a few months time but as things stand he is looking at many years in prison. new zealand has become the latest country to ground the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft it follows a similar decision by european nations china and india on sunday an ethiopian airlines crash killed one hundred fifty seven on board it was the second major accident involving the craft in five months u.s. aviation regulators insist the model is safe as well as government is investigating opposition leader one grade zero for the massive power outage that's left millions without electricity president nicolas maduro is branded wedo
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a us puppet was accuse the us of mounting a cyber attack on the country's power grid algeria has sworn in a new prime minister to try and end weeks of antigovernment protests no to dean but do we seen as a loyalist of president out there as these beautifully who announced reforms on monday but also delayed april's election said he would not seek a fifth term. kurdish led forces in syria say they've killed thirty eight eisel fighters in their final assault on the armed groups last enclave syrian democratic forces have been bombarding but holes for three days the operation intensified after a brief pause to allow civilians to leave the s.d.f. says three of its fighters were killed during the latest operation those are your headlines the news continues after face to face.
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in one thousand nine hundred sixty two che guevara's revolutionary utopia isn't enough to resolve cuba's economic crisis rations are put in place prices are fixed cuba is totally dependent on soviet aid. but the government has another reason to worry in one thousand nine hundred sixty one america launches a failed to sea and air invasion against cuba known as the bay of pigs fidel and cheney are now obsessed with fending off a us invasion in response the soviets send fifty thousand troops to have on a. city will close. in augusta unique more. mean of a value to not only caution and well again. in one thousand nine hundred sixty two the cuban missile crisis threatens nuclear war president kennedy installs missiles anew and the soviet secretly deploy nuclear warheads to cuba the cia discovers the
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messiah was after thirteen days of escalation and u.s. assurances that it won't invade cuba the soviets removed the missiles. co-chair some men there monday looking young if you are up at three seventy seen. f e l m a from the hash to our guest will give a high. if it is three miles is not the plan has in lieu of the us let their women only miss have you. done the pledge as the new version of. the missile crisis really reveals a lot about their relationship fidel the ever the pragmatist came around to recognizing that there was no fight to be won with the soviet union. to give our. never really swallowed the impact of that event and this is what begins to drive something of a wedge between them politically. while chain distances himself from the soviets
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castro travels to the u.s.s.r. for the first time in the spring of nine hundred sixty three fidel is awarded the title of hero of the soviet union his visit will last forty days military and economic bonds between the two countries are strong from. dallas to give odds yup i'm on dani alves so there's a. deal she did get through the us a linden year i think. in cuba che guevara criticizes the economic path the u.s.s.r. has chosen according to him cuba needs to follow its own path his stand is a threat to the economic agreements between the two countries the leader of the
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cuban revolution disapproves of the argentinian strategy castro take steps to reassign l.j. in one thousand nine hundred sixty four fidel appoints him ambassador of the revolution to keep him away from cuba. legit dunking by the bass and bow then down battle nash keep buff while on. but only. for del now uses l. ching to deal with the foreign affairs of cuba overseas give are is now in charge of advocating the cuban line. but the argentinian soon finds himself playing a dangerous game a sign of soviet relationships a deteriorating chain makes repeated contact with the chinese his goal is to. united nonaligned countries in the fight against imperialism.
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that are all. of. this approach is a departure from the soviet policy of peaceful coexistence for del castro is now a head of state whose fate is bound to moscow he's therefore forbidden to speak against this doctrine. illusion that the allies seem to need. only use of you in this business to. do due course is huge the to guess she on today's american ideal use for joe wilson will let me see that she has got it is i mean. does that mean nia. if she did guest hall or for x.
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it so oh. give our. field i thought only for a selfie elliot's a i said ten already of says you allow or they are a year for it was killed well this year it got through a lot of us who have. him bring it up either by the miley out of the family out of the there are several more a channel. on the twenty fourth of february one thousand nine hundred sixty five president ben bella receives chegg about in all jeers the country was hosting the afro-asian conference in front of the soviet delegates at che takes his stand and openly criticizes the u.s.s.r. for not supporting the wider guerrilla struggle with arms. job to critique new pre-budget do well in your. key set them are often baffling then one can only imagine that there was under some pressure to now finally cut is ties with che
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guevara this time he went one step too far i think after algeria it was clear that there was really no political official future future you are in cuba. in march nine hundred sixty five and she is back in havana. castro himself is there to welcome him. the awkwardness between the two men is obvious. this is their last public appearance together. skidded only to see give cover to fail to give a hot. day or you've got a good nice guy i think could give our. neighbor. discredited for his handling of the economy has become a political spectacle castro and givati need to find
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a compromise. how to go to be punished for a bit that id shall your gig i wanted to do. be a seat. have gone to war you know i would have it on. they only put a minimum we don't. dangle bustle. like i thought. to do moan the. but do you know news media yeah. these are food even to normal movie vocal about. own. on matthew. going. does he miss all that he was the. i
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get a job. at. least eventually they feel that freak is something that i feel dizzy too it will get counted with the new on national. she did guest who did was e.g. regina existed. in april nine hundred sixty five given a key midst of a more secretly reaches the congo general mobutu is about to take over with the support of the americans. they are going oh no you're not a seven i must say going to. have you know holistic. way or. the. whole is what i call by the end not that much of a man for must feel but see the. just isn't going to have all the stuff that qantas
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when reaching up by feels and the new perfume. and you clearly are soon. to reveal the. interior mana sheen but if we're. leaving.


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