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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 71  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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insists it's best selling aircraft remain safe u.s. federal aviation agency or f.a.a. requires the company to undertake a software enhanced event that boeing says will be deployed on the max lead in the coming weeks boeing says the updates of maneuvering flight control and pilot display software would make quote an already safe aircraft even safer president donald trump spoke by phone with boeing c.e.o. dennis mulan berg who has appeared with trump several times at events in recent years the call followed to trump tweets complaining that airplanes said become too complicated there is a precedent for a global ban in two thousand and thirteen u.s. officials ordered boeing to take its massive new dreamliner out of service to resolve a problem with battery fires rody the entire worldwide fleet of all boeing's seven
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three seven max aircraft would cost the company somewhere between one and five billion dollars that's according to wall street analysts but that would be a cost that boeing would be well able to absorb the company just posted revenues of over one hundred billion dollars and that includes profits of more than ten billion dollars robert oulds al jazeera seattle. study activists losing our house is set to face trial in riyadh on wednesday she's been in detention for almost a year without charge mohammad has the story. is a young guy activist who's been fighting for so i would do him an insight to the life among other demands she's a graduate of the university of british columbia in canada and was angst by abian business magazine said on that he stuffed up most powerful women in two thousand and fifteen in recognition of a feeling. but there again and other female campaigners paid
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a hefty price including constant house mint and even detention at the hands of saudi authorities. didn't. get them away last may she was arrested after releasing a video showing her behind the wheel on a highway between the united arab emirates and saudi arabia in defiance of the ban on women driving. and even though the ban was lifted a month later jane remained in detention without charge or access to a lawyer she only found out the accusations against her via social media she was moved from one jail to another and the times her family couldn't visit her in an article in the new york times her sister alia said jane told her family and rights groups that she was held in solitary confinement and tortured in the presence of saudi the tiny the former adviser to crown prince mohammed bin said. she said bonnie attend the torture sessions in person and threaten to rape her and throw her
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body into the sewage system during a you and human rights council session in geneva last week nearly forty countries including member states condemn saudi arabia over the way in which a head lewd and her co activists are being treated not only because their basic rights have been violated but also because of the way in which they are purely humanitarian activism is being construed as terrorism saudi authorities also said lou and others were active as foreign agents spying on their own country who joined their high commissioner on a special rapporteur on the call on this all to authorities to release all individuals including russia in our household the man i love you on our seas are yourself in a similar saga some are about r.v. abdullah says the tone of us it by at the. hobby and children are a necessity to paint for exercising their fundamental freedoms. the saudi authorities deny the allegations of torture and sexual harassment against that have
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you but they have so far failed to agree to demands by the un to release any of the activists mohammed fired. and still ahead on al-jazeera after a pause to allow civilians deflate the bombardment device of the final stronghold resumes. how to word for describe most european weather windy and cold the clouds actually swept all of them across central europe so this mass here over turkey in greece already now temperatures back power from just taking away the sunshine the strength the wind is at its greatest so the british isles and northern europe one storm
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system after another was temperatures just about above ten degrees only eighteen zero is even madrid's down to sixteen and it's pretty miserable in good part of greece and particularly western turkey obviously is cold enough for some snow there some a big problem over the high aground in particular going to spend a snipe sickly over night wind up on thursday was tensions not much different winds to a quite strong middle looking picture the green is rain of course the low countries a good part of france you scape it in spain and push go slowly warming up here with the sun coming out as little bit better in turkey but not so in northern greece and macedonia where the next storm system wants to try to develop in the sudden adriatic so actually it's come a long way sasson and in fact the immediate future is going to be the shores of the coast of northern libya and egypt and this circulation it takes dominance it's warmer further west is twenty two in tunis but it's the cold wind blows you see a big drop in temperature here as well. who wasn't sponsored by qatar it.
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is cold war on truth where on live t.v. and it's taught us is to be able to be concise being expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs for the future or if you joined us on saturday israel is an apartheid state and of the cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join the colobus conversation. hello again you're watching out there and here's a reminder of our top stories this hour the struggle right. to the left
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three hundred ninety one. britain's politicians have rejected prime minister to resign mazie e.u. withdrawal deal again and peaceful vote on wednesday on the possibility of the u.k. to leaving the european union without a deal. boeing is defending the safety of its seven three seven max aircraft despite a growing list of countries and airlines grounding the plane this follows an ethiopian airlines crash on sunday which killed all of two hundred fifty seven people on board. and saudi women's rights activists. families says she's due to appear in court she's like the campaign to lift the kingdom's ban on women driving she has no access to a lawyer and still doesn't know the charges against her. but the conflict in syria has taken a toll not just on syrian families but also thousands of palestinian refugees who are in the country many of them have been displaced several times in the course of
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the civil war there are an estimated four hundred thirty eight thousand palestinian refugees in syria and according to the u.n. about one hundred twenty thousand of them were forced to leave syria for neighboring countries like lebanon and jordan but the u.n. has access to only ten of the twelve refugee camps and most are damaged or completely inaccessible because of the violence around forty percent of the classroom run. by the un agency that helps palestinians were destroyed and a quarter of its health facilities are out of service. well p.r. ken meal is commissioner for general for the united nations relief and works agency for palestinian refugees and he joins us on skype from brussels good to have you on as we've been reading those statistics there it's a large number of palestinian refugees who seem to have been displaced several times can you give us an idea or describe their situation particularly the ones who
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were in syria yes it is human terms major tragedy that of course one has to be integrated into the wider disaster of the syrian conflict but what is unique to the situation of palestine refugees in syria is that we are dealing with another generation of palestinians with through the trauma of displacement and loss loss of relatives friends neighbors but also of their birth a property and their livelihoods and i think this is a trauma that sits particular with young people in the community who have heard of the stories of their grandparents and parents in forty eight and sixty seven and realize how deeply the displacement impacts a community there are of course multiple individual stories in the middle of this and i'm very impressed at the same time by the strength of the students in risk will see throughout syria were shown such determination in the pursuit of their
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education despite the huge adversity that they face how much is not about the palestinian refugees who are still in syria at this moment. well you know we have four thousand members that were that will run from a little. better than all in and around damascus so we actually have a very clear sense of what is happening with the community have to remember also that among those four thousand staff members ninety eight percent are palestinians themselves and have dedicated their lives to serving the community under extreme situations because the last eighteen colleagues and have twenty eight remain missing in the context so we are very present in the field have a very good access to the refugee community and therefore are very well placed to measure the depth of the impact that this conflict has had on palestinian refugees in syria mr crandall i like to talk about under a situation also at the moment they lost funding last year from the us how has that
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shortfall been made up if at all and what. how are you proceeding now with regard to helping the vast and increased number of palestinian refugees who are saying. yes we faced existential crisis last year after the decision by the united states to cut three hundred million u.s. dollars of its funding which led us to a historic shortfall for the organization of four hundred forty six million if the good news is was the response of the rest of the world we have forty different countries and institutions increase their funding to all runs and we managed to close that shortfall also through a number of internal measures savings and reductions that we needed to take on our side but we did manage to overcome this short folks and i'm immensely grateful to many donors we're here at the brussels conference on syria then thanking european partners gulf partners we heard the state of qatar with the kingdom of saudi arabia
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the emirates and kuwait come forward to support us at a time of crisis which is something that was very significant and of course my humble plea this year is to all of our lives to maintain those levels of commitment it would be very important to do and run very important to the five million dollars and refugees here as commissioner general for the united nations relief and works agency for palestinian refugees thank you very much very good to get you on today thank you. kurdish led forces in syria say that kill thirty eight i saw fighters and their final assault on the armed groups lost on play syrian democratic forces have been bombarding about this for several days now where a number of feisal fighters still remain the operation and ten separate after a brief pause to allow civilians to name the s.d.f. cess three of its fighters were killed during the latest operation. we can now speak to how that made who joins us now live from gaza on tap that's near the
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turkish syrian border harder can you tell us what's happening there today. well there is on fire fighting ongoing as we speak but the majority of the the intense bombing and shelling that usually happens at night and then in the morning this sort of a decrease in that intensity also to allow. civilians if they're still indeed trapped inside but who's to come back to come out actually the spokesperson of the as the of the kurdish forces on the ground will suffer valley said that over the last twenty four hours of sleep thousand five hundred people have come out from bubbles of which two thousand would be surrendering fighters is unclear really how many people are inside whether fighters or civilians or indeed the relatives of the fighters we have heard numbers going up and down and over the past two days so that
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situation is not clear but what is certainly clear is that if i may use this word did noose is tightening around in the news and these are really their final hours if not their final day that bill has made with the latest from what's happening because thank you very much. for a vatican trasher has been sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing two choir boys cardinal george pell is the most senior member of the catholic church to be found guilty of child sex offenses he was convicted by his trail in court and the case which dates back to the one nine hundred ninety s. under thomas has more details from melbourne. for some outside court it was emotional listening as george pell sentence was broadcast from inside life and usually a single television camera was allowed in court but the judge ordered it to be focused on his comments alone not on the cardinal's reaction when the sentence came
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it was longer than most people had expected i sentence you to a total effective sentence of six years in prison and i said hang on for all period of three years and months at the back of the court room standing to hear his fate pelle did not react to that but outside court there were hugs and cheers now alison was a stranger in the sight. of the abuse by people the power like. a six year prison term is the combined sentence of the five crimes against two thirteen year old boys the just spent well over an hour giving the reasons behind the sentences he was about to impose before he actually revealed what they would be it's not about the gravity of the offenses but also about cardinal pell's age and his ill health and the unprecedented publicists but this case has had a long trial pel have been shouted at each time he'd gone in or out of court in
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jail he's likely to be kept alone to protect him from other prisoners held was a priest in rural australia who rose to become archbishop of first melbourne and late to sydney as australia's most senior catholic he oversaw the church's response to accusations of child abuse by others when a big inquiry was held looking into that he had to defend what many saw as a cover up but it didn't slow his career bell was made a cardinal at the vatican in charge of the church's finances and close to the pope that career ended though when pelle was personally accused of sexual abuse i am innocent of these charges. fox but the jury disagreed unanimously louise milligan has written a book about the cause.


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