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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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all facing uncertainty jobs and industry risk the country in crisis she needs now to show leadership so can the prime minister tell us exactly what her plan is now. the prime minister and i say that i don't object to that i continue to believe that the house today would have an opportunity to vote on no deal will that have an opportunity tomorrow to pending on how they voted tonight to vote on the question of the extension of article fifty and as i said last night will be hard choices for this house but this has will need to determine what its view is on the on the way forward as far as the government is concerned and we want to continue to work to leave the european union that is what we deliver for the people in the event of the referendum we will continue to work to deliver leaving the european union but to never leaving the european union with a good deal and as regards the right on the gentleman he doesn't agree with government policy he doesn't even agree with labor party policy. here nothing to
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offer this country. mr speaker the whole house want to send its condolences to the families of the recent victims of knife crime including the seventeen year old jodie chesney who was tragically murdered in might borrow of tapering but when two thirds of those carrying a knife escape custody will sentence and one. all right so there you've had a sample of prime minister's questions today the morning after the second defeat of to reserve may's proposed plan by which britain is to leave the european union our correspondent who's been following all of this is jonah howell he's outside the houses of parliament in westminster and jonah i keep saying this year but it is rather bewildering isn't it to know how far if
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a tour how much progress if any is being made towards march the twenty ninth and britain's presume departure from the european union. well i mean that's an interesting question isn't it because the other way of looking that is looking at that is that an enormous amount of effort is going into dismantling that process and pathway towards march the twenty ninth with a vote do this evening on whether or not to accept a no deal outcome at that point since a deal to resume a steal has twice now comprehensively been rejected if he's likely parliament will say that they are prepared to accept that and then tomorrow they'll be a vote on whether in that case to ask the e.u. for more time and he's likely that parliament at that point will say that is what they want to do indicating that if the e.u. plays along at march the twenty ninth will no longer be breaks each day that was pm
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cuse you were listening to that very crowed he the reason why the prime minister they're battling way through the typical sort of budget between the two leaders a rudderless government said jeremy corbyn the labor party leader in the face of a huge national crisis to reason may the stand out quote there i may not have my own voice she said but i do understand the voice of the country too uproar in parliament they want to leave the e.u. they want to end free movement and they want to be able to make independent trade deals she's sticking to her guns she is sticking to her deal as being the only deal still available let me bring in my guest now professor on admin and joins me with a think tank director indeed of the think tank u.k. in a changing europe good to see you again i mean in any other time and in any other circumstances this would not just be a prime minister without a voice this would be a prime minister on a way out of a job oh yeah in any other period in our history certainly our recent history should be gone by now but we have this absurd situation where last night we see
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a prime minister suffering in defeat by war hundred forty nine votes i think it's the third or fourth biggest defeat ever suffered by a prime minister. ten downing street sees this not as a humiliation but as progress because of course the last summit was two hundred thirty so we're in a strange world were records are being set in british politics all the talk and indeed the deal much as jeremy corbyn may like to think it's dead the deal may come back why because they may find no way forward on anything else now there are these two votes we know pretty much where they're going to go but the detail will be in the amendments and there are many months popping up for a heart a version of bricks it and a softer version of rex it. what do you read into those well one thing to watch for recently there is a whole diversion of bricks in the cycle multitask compromises coming back which is a an amendment essentially designed so unite the conservative party to say we would vote for a bricks a deal that did the following the problem with that amendments of course is it's going to ask for things that the e.u. won't give us so it might make the conservative policy in poland feel better about
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itself but it won't move for process forward at all what will be interesting is if any point in the next few days someone puts forward an amendment asking for what they call the indicative that's to say column and puts aside the day to vote on the alternatives in my view referendum a buy in norway of mobile of brick city market customs union and then for the first time we will start to get an indication not just of the things problem and doesn't want because heaven knows we know of it doesn't it's one of the sorts of things for which there might be a parliamentary majority and curiously if we do have those indicative votes it might still turn out to be the case that this deal however i'm popular is more popular than all the old sins and yet it may also be the case that even if those indicative votes come up there remains no majority for anyone old them even the steel so while the government may seek to have another meaningful vote on this deal where are we if there is simply no majority the e.u. isn't going to give extra time is it if there is no clear idea of where and what
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that time is for a suspect the e.u. will have a grudgingly give us a short extension to the european parliament elections at the end of may and i suppose if i were in downing street my calculation would be we have to wait until this choice for employees crystallizes into this still no deal no bricks it because at that point a lot of m.p.'s might unwillingly decide to back this deal because they don't want no deal and they don't really want to go through another referendum but at the moment with so many people say i've got an idea for a better deal people are voting for things that aren't even on the tables yet and on the run and i'm just to go back to teresa mayes ten year premiership. how much road has she got left as prime minister or is it simply the case that this mess is so complicated so difficult to one rival that places korea's on the line to such an extent reputations legacies that simply there is no one else who wants her job at
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this point well there are a number of people who want to jump in fact and there are so many conservatives who want to choke you lose track of the contenders but at this moment and i would say probably very few of the what the job now they quite like to see this problem of this to sort out this mess and then come in and replace her afterwards so that they don't have to do it themselves you know the problem of course is the conservative party in columns is far the hell to decide who wants to replace it as long as that's the case then she said the states by default. and the other thing i want to bring up with you is the idea of a no deal because there is this focus evening stand simply to put off or no deal breaks it to say no to to no deal and then a vote tomorrow to ask for more time there is no way of categorically ruling out no deal is fair because the only way you avoid no deal is with a deal whether that's now or at some point at the end of june or at some point in twenty one months time no deal will always be there as a threat and potentially as leverage for this government to use absolutely if paul
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of a as we expect votes against no deals that i think has significant political force the problem is to count signal the will of all of us but it's worth stressing it has absolutely zero legal force in british law or as it is written now we leave the european union on twenty ninth and if we don't have a deal we leave with no deal holman has to vote for something either a revocation all for a deal in or that's a decision it's if we take no deal of this and that of course very much in the minds of e.u. and me peace and leaders as well they had a big pot of entry debate in brussels this morning or was it strasburg i'm not sure michel barnier let me read you a quote that he said he's the chief bracks negotiator of course we are at a critical point he said the risk of no deal has never been higher that is the risk of an exit even by accident by the u.k. from the e.u. in a disorderly fashion i urge you please not to underestimate the risks or the consequences and that really is the bottom line. we could have a no deal situation simply by x.
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simply by people miscalculating pushing it too far running the clock down and having nothing whatsoever to offer an explosive it's not by accident by default it's even worse than by accident that is where we are headed and there are certainly some people in the european research group who think that by voting down the deal last night that is the outcome they are bringing forward swartz's it is absolutely conceivable that we end up running out of time either because the e.u. says you know what why would we give you an extension just to watch this on someone in all of a few more times let's just stop now so it is certainly a possibility and i think a far greater possibility the many people seem to realize this very moment they don't want to necessarily anymore than anyone else does on admin and we'll leave it there thanks for that very comprehensive round up of events and where we stand at the moment as we look forward to a big vote one series of big votes to see if the another on thursday that could be defining for the direction of frank's it and of course for this country back to marty general live at westminster there there you see the live scene in the
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building behind him the house of commons prime minister's questions continues we're going to pull away in the now and look at some other news and of course we'll bring you those meaningful votes as they are described later on one thousand eight hundred greenwich mean time is when we're expected that that vote to take place and a constraint here it out there but as i say in the meantime we want to get other news. including the black boxes of the ethiopian airlines that jet that crashed on sunday they're going to be sent overseas for analysis now a growing number of countries in their lines are suspending the use of the boeing seven three seven max in the wake of the crash the e.u. china and india they've all banned the aircraft from using their apples both boeing and the u.s. government though they say that the seven threes have mats is safe rob reynolds reports from seattle. as investigators sifted through the wreckage outside addis
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ababa more and more of boeing's seven thirty seven max aircraft were being grounded in countries around the world but not in the united states where aviation officials insist the aircraft is safe many u.s. airline passengers a flight attendants union and aircraft experts are calling for it to be grounded while in washington lawmakers planned hearings on aviation safety the seven thirty seven max. eight should be grounded immediately. there is no reason for american flyers to be less safe than. china ethiopia argentina mexico and now apparently the united kingdom well i think out of an abundance of caution and frankly common sense it makes sense to ground aircraft has been involved and two very tragic accidents and
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only six months speculation into the cause of the two separate crashes has centered on flight control software several u.s. based airline pilots reported potentially dangerous behavior of the seven thirty seven maxes flight control system which they say plunged the plane into a steep dive before the crews disconnected the computer system and flew the aircraft manually. but boeing insists its best selling aircraft remain safe u.s. federal aviation agency or f.a.a. requires the company to undertake a software enhanced meant that boeing says will be deployed on the max lead in the coming weeks boeing says the updates of maneuvering flight control and pilot display software would make quote an already safe aircraft even safer president donald trump spoke by phone with boeing c.e.o.
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dennis mulan berg who has appeared with trump several times at events in recent years the call followed to trump tweets complaining that airplanes said become too complicated there is a precedent for a global ban in two thousand and thirteen u.s. officials ordered boeing to take its massive new dreamliner out of service to resolve a problem with battery fires. the entire worldwide fleet of all boeing's seven three seven max aircraft would cost the company somewhere between one and five billion dollars that's according to wall street analysts but that would be a cost that boeing would be well able to absorb the company just posted revenues of over one hundred billion dollars and that includes profits of more than ten billion dollars rob reynolds al-jazeera seattle. right
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this is the scene live in lagos that's the commercial capital of nigeria this is a an operation rescue operation we are led to believe it is a building that has collapsed it's believed that there was a school in this building as well as some apartments and it's so that there could be children maybe as many as ten children buried in the rubble so this is the scene live in lagos after a building has collapsed as i say a primary school i'm being told a primary school may have been on the third floor of this building and there are fears that there are possibly ten children among those in the rubble that's the scene live in lagos and we'll keep you right up to date with the fate of those children and let you know as soon as we get some more information. kurdish led forces in syria say thousands of eyes so far it is of surrender. syrian
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democratic forces the s.e.'s have been bombarding the armed groups final anglais for several days the operation resumed after a pulls to allow civilians to leave. their former vatican treasure has been sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing two choir boys cardinal george pell is i'm a senior member of the catholic church to be found guilty of child sex offenses he was convicted by an australian court in the case which dates back to the nineteen ninety is andrew thomas has more now from melbourne. for some outside court it was emotional listening as george pell sentence was broadcast from inside life and usually a single television camera was allowed in court but the judge ordered it to be focused on his comments alone not on the cardinal's reaction when the sentence came it was longer than most people had expected i sentence you to
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a total effective sentence of six years in prison and i set a non-problem of three years and months at the back of the court room standing to hear his fate pelle did not react to that but outside court there were hugs and cheers now at least it was a stranger in the sight. of the abuse by people the power like. a six year prison term is the combined sentence of a five crimes against two thirteen year old boys the just spent well over an hour giving the reasons behind the sentences he was about to impose before he actually revealed what they would be it's not about the gravity of the offenses but also about cardinal pell's age and his ill health and the unprecedented publicists but this case has had a long trial pel have been shouted at each time he'd gone in or out of court in jail he's likely to be kept alone to protect him from other prisoners held was
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a priest in rural australia who rose to become archbishop of first melbourne and late to sydney as australia's most senior catholic he oversaw the church's response to accusations of child abuse by others when it began choir he was held looking into that he had to defend what many saw as a cover up but it didn't slow his career bell was made a cardinal at the vatican in charge of the church's spine and says and close to the pope that career ended though when pelle was personally accused of sexual abuse i am innocent of these charges. but the jury disagreed unanimously louise milligan who's written a book about the car don't know who's one of his victims i would defy anyone to meet this person and not think that he is telling the truth but a significant number of people do think powell has been wrongly convicted made a scapegoat for the wider sins of the church the truth doesn't sell papers but
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lawyers sell papers and this is a lawyer powell is appealing his conviction that appeal will be held in june but until then at least he'll remain in jail as al jazeera melba algeria has sworn in a new prime minister in a bid to end weeks of antigovernment protests the former interior minister noted in bed we replaces are made. by doing is seen as loyal to president put a flicker who announced reforms on monday but a flea has also delayed april's elections and said he won't be see here fifth term . time for a second of the top stories here at out in the coming hours m.p.'s in the u.k. will vote on the possibility of britain leaving the european union without an agreement before that prime minister theresa may and opposition leader jeremy
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corbyn had a heated exchange on tuesday politicians across party lines overwhelmingly rejected the prime minister's. i have a i may not have my own voice but i do understand the voice of the country they want. and that is people want to leave the e.u. they want to entry movement they want to have our own trade policy they want to ensure laws and aid in this country i'm judged in our court that's what the deal delivers that's what are you continue to work to deliver. good deal has been flatly rejected twice by this house by own precedented majorities and even the smalling the c.b.i. has said that no deal would be and i quote a sledgehammer to the economy. and went on to
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say there has been no consultation with business adding this is no way to run a country the reason her deal is now dead is because every step of the way the prime minister has refused to listen. and this is the scene live in lagos nigeria commercial capital there just rescued somebody from a collapsed building three stories it's feared that there are many children amongst the rubble there but as i say they've just rescued somebody from that building collapse that's a scene live in lagos. these here penalize chief executive is calling on boeing to ground all of it seven three seven max jets until their safety is established the list of countries and the airline suspending use of the aircraft continues to grow u.s. regulators as well as boeing itself though are insisting the plane is safe to fly
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or i took today those are the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's this is year.
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post was offered to start on our place product. of the future sick of course or positive shows for it is a small. hell i was has been severe flooding in sao paolo has also been sun drop in the mountains
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of peru those thunderstorms there which aussies no have once again produced mudslides is as i happens every season usually cuts off roads cause evacuations and this exactly what's happened this time the showers will go on for a bit longer in fact for the next couple days it's quite likely we'll see more of much the same as the picture the last twenty four hours not of thunderstorms as it goes right down to the coast towards lima probably not but it's a possibility paolo and rio yeah that part of brazil remains potentially quite wet for the heaviest rains have moved noles through brazil when everything is moving north now with the sun of course so it seemed big showers in colombia and panama but surely know also that it's pretty quiet at the moment it will be caught in the next couple of days as standard breeze a little bit of cloud occasional light showers nothing very much so it's not a time of the year whereas winter will not leave the u.s. although the pacific coast looks a little cotton out look at
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a look at the mountains of this ark of cairo which suggests yet another system building we've already had tornadoes spotted in new mexico that whole system was developing suggests all this edge the tornado risk extends and the snow is still falling. the weather sponsored by cats out anyways. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martine that is coming up in the next sixty minutes this is the scene live in lagos nigeria after
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a school building has collapsed thousands of children a fifth try. i may not have my own voice but i do understand the voice of the country. to resume a returns to parliament but the way forward on bracks it remains deeply unsettling . a girl a bold backlash against a seven three seven max grows boeing insists it's safe and for now the u.s. government agrees. china's world number ones have been beaten in indian wells not a joke of each and i i mean are soccer falling to unexpected defeats in california . that we're going to start this news hour with breaking news coming from nigeria where a three story building has collapsed so i think we can show you the pictures now that's the scene live as i say in lagos nigeria is largest city it's
9:50 pm
a huge metropolis it is the commercial capital apparently we're told it's a three story building that's collapsing on top of that building a school or our correspondent. is in the nigerian capital a big been following events for us take us through the sequence of events are made as to when this happened and how many people may be affected. well basically the school you're talking about sits on top of that building this three story building and according to reports there are nearly one hundred children in that school it's not clear whether everyone is was inside that building when the building collapsed however it was close to school closing time and apart from that school there were other residents there offices and residential quarters now in lagos land is quite a big problem
9:51 pm
a issue you find struck just like that coming up every in every location and that place of course is the illegals island prime property is very expensive and day and line is very scant so and buildings like that go up it would clear up if you don't clear right now whether that school was a pool or not right ok that's interesting do we know the kind of ages of the school children was it a primary school. a kindergarten when basically most schools you find kindergarten and primary schools going together and that is the believe that school on identity and then the identity road is comprised of so we what we're hearing right now is that the school is that of a kindergarten and of course a primary school and that is how many of the schools are being build in a place where you find shortage of land and land being expensive and building collapses i mean does this happen quite frequently in nigeria in lagos in
9:52 pm
particular. in particular building collapse is a very very regular occurrence in the past thirty years we've seen dozens of people killed in such incidents one of the one of the one of the one of the biggest of course was a church collapse in lagos a few years back and try and love those suspected to be linked to that building collapse is still going on in lagos courts up to now i think three or four years after the incident so we've also heard about how story buildings like in both the mainland and lagos island have collapsed killing dozens of people and. some of these buildings are. not properly regulated by your forty's and you find. structural damages or structural problems happening in such buildings and by the way if you look at the train of lagos of course you should expect that some
9:53 pm
variance and all of the shows needs to be made to put beds together to ensure the buildings are being built according to specifications but unfortunately that's not the case in many parts of lagos state all right for now thank you very much indeed when we're looking at pictures all of what appears to be the rescue operation seems like a fairly heated affair they have been people shouting and being quite emotional quite passionate about it we have seen at least one body being recovered not sure whether that person is alive like a child but as i say but keep an eye on this situation and look at you right up to date with the possibility of maybe a hundred kids in that disaster that's occurred in lagos nigeria as big a city. right to the united kingdom which is only sixteen days away from it shadowed exit from
9:54 pm
the european union but the uncertainty surrounding bracks it is growing on tuesday britain's parliament again overwhelmingly rejected to resume may's deal for the withdrawal two hundred forty two were were for her but three hundred ninety one were against what happens now politicians are gathering again this time in a few hours from now in fact they're going to be voting on the possibility of the u.k. leaving the european union without a deal now most m.p.'s are expected to vote against that motion and the government is now and has started making contingency plans just in case that indeed happens now e.u. leaders for their part they're saying they've got nothing more to offer and they are bracing themselves for britain crashing out of the e.u. without a deal and they'll be meeting in brussels for a summit next week and they could consider extending the breck's it deadline given your ilk if the united kingdom still wants to leave the european union and wants to do so in an orderly fashion if that is still the intention of the united kingdom
9:55 pm
then this treaty which we negotiated with the government of theresa may for a year and a half this treaty is and will remain the only available treaty. and occurs when the journal is outside the houses of parliament in central london so we're preparing ourselves then for another big vote today jonah. absolutely but parliament government here it's fair to say the state both of them of such disarray the consequences of which at the moment are impossible to predict as m.p.'s gear themselves up as you say they're marching for another vote a series of votes on wednesday evening another series of votes on thursday evening that could define the course of bricks it and attempt. those m.p.'s attempting to take back control of a process that the government to reason by the prime minister appears to have lost all forfeited entire control of treason by looking tired certainly
9:56 pm
sounding extremely sore throat it appeared in prime minister's questions a short while ago opposite labor leader jeremy corbyn he accusing her of leading a rudderless government in the face of a huge national crisis she still determined how to be against the odds to get a deal through and to do so by bricks it day sixteen days hence on march the twenty nine take a listen to what they both had to say. and i had a i may not have my own voice but i do understand the voice of the country they want to. thank you. and that is people want to leave the e.u. they want to end free movement they want to have our own trade policy they want to ensure mills and made in this country and judged in our course that's what the deal tonight has that's what i continue to work to deliver. good deal has been flatly
9:57 pm
rejected twice by this time by un precedented majorities and even the smalling the c.b.i. has said that no deal would be and i quote a sledgehammer to the economy i want i and i and when john to say there has been no consultation with business adding this is no way to run a country the reason her deal is now dead is because out of every step of the way the prime minister has refused to listen. well let's talk about all of this now with my guest probably mckenzie joins me too for executive who crossed party think tank demos and also a former policy advisor to deputy prime minister nick clegg when he was in office thanks for joining us is to reason i mean you we just heard coal business saying the deal is dead because she didn't listen is she as some people suggest
9:58 pm
a prime minister in name only at this point we're in such a strange period in political history that i think at any other time probably in the last hundred is a prime minister this weekend would be out of office i mean it wouldn't be any question the problem is nobody else wants the job right now because bracks it is this kind of enormous poisoned chalice or as one columnist described it might as well be a cheese submarine something that is pointless and impossible and somebody has got to deliver it as prime minister and nobody wants the blood on the hands most of them actually over there in parliament where they kind of want is for protected to happen but without them being blamed and that's the brett strain mists and we want to heartbreak said that she would like it to go ahead so long as it's not the cause of them sort of softening and but the labor party absolutely want to go through want to go through because that helps with one group of constituents whilst been able to maintain the fiction that they would have liked to remain with that majority remain ventus so we are just absolutely devoid of political leadership
9:59 pm
across the spectrum you've got to give us some credit for stamina and determination because she'd be forgiven would she at this point for saying look i've done everything i can i'm going to step aside rather than doing that she's standing up there in preempt use saying her deal still represents the best deal for this country that she still intends to get it through or a good deal through by march the twenty ninth i mean that begins to sound delusional at this point doesn't it well i think she's driven by a sense of an open geisha and you know she's got that sort of because it also mentality and and that's impressive her resilience is impressive when you know all around her are absolutely town. pieces and it must be very frustrating for her i thought she did actually a perfectly good deal i don't like it because i don't really want to say least but that's that's irrelevant if you want to leave if you want to meet her redlines it's so right and it's the book they're brought to tears he was saying no it's not good enough it's the brits it is who have stopped this going through and so so she must
10:00 pm
be a very very frustrated if somebody would take it off her hands probably be quite relieved that there is no one who wants to do it and so i think i think she somehow will stick out and even though her deal at the moment looks impossible that it could survive despite what kind of ok is the one thing in its favor is that every other possible eventuality seems less plausible problem is going to vote later today against a no deal so that's pretty implausible there's no majority for a people's vote so that's pretty implausible there's not a majority there is a majority for anything and so it's just possible by hook or by crook that she will somehow get this through at us third time of us now take us if you wouldn't mind into the mindset of number ten at the moment you three the. she hasn't even got the support all march will forward to around the cabinet table she said to give both factions in cabinet a free vote tonight in other words they're not compelled to vote with the government that's a pretty extraordinary set of circumstances what do you imagine the mood is like inside number ten downing street i.


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