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there's a positive movement towards achieving peace in afghanistan and from what they dissipate so far the level of their participation in the talks the length of their engagement in those in the talks shows that they are genuinely committed to try and bring peace to afghanistan would be impossible for them to bring peace to afghanistan without engaging the government without engaging all the other parties across the country so from their perspective if they are serious about this ultimately there will be a time when they have to talk to every afghan political view across the country so thank you very much for one thing. that's venezuela where the government is investigating the opposition leader over the widespread power outages left millions of people without any electricity president daughter has branded a us puppet and he's accusing washington of mounting a cyber attack on the country's power grid why don't is blaming years of corruption
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and incompetence for the blackout today's a bow ripples from venezuela's capital caracas. freedom chanted people on the streets of caracas on tuesday they responded to opposition leader one way those calls to take to the streets once again. one of this is a social worker who says it is with any change. this situation is horrible for all social classes i only get minimum wage and we can't buy anything there's no water white i was telling venezuelans are on the right path and his popularity has been on the rise why they all went around telling venezuelans they're on the right path he's popularity has been on the rice since he declared himself into repressive and in january little did the right i mean there is mourning pain and horror with what is happening in the country we need work in strength and the darkness this regime has spread this murder i don't let them take over our hearts the biggest challenge of one way go on the opposition are facing today is to keep the pressure against
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the government go in people we have been talking to here say they're already struggling to make ends meet having cannot afford to be on the streets every day. many civilians have been trying to cope with power outages for days but even though electricity has started to be restored water shortages are now the main issue relations between the united states have any sway continued to deteriorate when venezuela ordered american diplomats to leave the country within seventy two hours . accuses washington of being behind what he says was an. attack against the electric grid. but the united states says it was washington that decided to leave but the regime also cannot in our view provide security. for the embassy in the situation caracas is deteriorating so our decision was made really fundamentally without regard to what the regime wants or thinks chief prosecutor
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tatic sob is also asking a promise to supreme court to open an investigation into why the all alleging that he was involved in the failure of the power grid for. a new investigation has been opened that adds to another one carried out during the month of january against a citizen paid out of the while not a case for he's alleged implication in the sabotage carried out to the national election. that happened since thursday march seventh. why though remains defiant and vows to continue fighting against what he says he's an equal last mother with illegitimate rule.
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it's time for the sports news now it's been a bad day for the tennis world number one here's andy to explain every day really has been marked seem both of them being not souths in california not a joke which i mean a soccer bateson in indian wells joke about she's won the tournament here five a side but lost in the third round he was beaten in straight sets by the unseeded full of culture it's the first time a journalist beats in a world number one in his career and next up for him by scrunching down one face. i don't feel how this can you know disturb me in the long run you know i know what
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i'm capable all final quality of my tennis and. it's just it's one of those days just have to congratulate your opponent move on. some other big hits is to remain in the men's draw roger federer enjoyed a straight sets victory here of a compact should stand. the win taking in just sixty minutes that are all mouth by britain's collagen for a place in the quarterfinals. and rafael nadal had it even easier in his third round match the world but sooth russian diego schwartzman a six three six more no doubt aiming for his first title it indeed well since twenty thirteen. now mary soccer one indian wells last season and then went on to climb back to about grand slams but our form has been unraveling a little bit since she sacked a coach by ina last month she lost in the first round in dubai last time out and this time as she is falling in straight sets six three six one suit belinda bench each. despite the defeats osaka will hold on to her number one ranking
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because woman but so simona halep was also not celts nineteen year old marcus of andras over got the better of her in three sets the czech youngster ranked sixty one in the world four times in the decider to take the much. zidane sedan as arrived at rome judge training complex for his second stint as manager of the spanish club the frenchman was reappointed on monday just ten months after walking away from the role that and won three straight champions league trophies the first time around but rejoins the one of the club's worst ever rounds they were knocked out of this year's champions league by x. at home and currently sits third in the spanish league that's well the points behind this rivals barcelona. wells that are might just be wishing christian or another was still a part of the royal squad the portuguese strikers starring few events is in the champions league on tuesday nights the thirty four year old scoring a hat trick in the last sixteen second leg tie against athletic are in madrid it
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was one of those eight champions league hat trick and gave his side a three nil win on the knights and that meant a three two aggregate victory. if you sell if you saw a shampoo or sickle cell i mean till this evening cristiana renate had a great match he scored because he was going into the small areas and the squad has done very well in this game it was an amazing match with a marvelous support from the fans and the players provided a beautiful evening of good football to all the passionate people in it to leave us . on the other side manchester city beach seven nail that equals the record for the biggest margin of victory in a champions league knockout match city going through its head on aggregates i know them. is a tough period because the last of those games are confident must not be on top but even with that situation you have to do your job and we did it so let's use them less isn't as we we so would have been with
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a good result in the second leg when we were serious and we did it in incredible you know to be again on friday in the draw sitting there see the draw in. and see in vienna. the final scene last sixteen matches take place later on wednesday barcelona barcelona or even a face lay on that game is level no mail and liverpool where they take on german champions by munich the first like a downfield also finished in the polls manager getting more than a little frustrated ahead of this one when he was asked how it seems european effort may impact on their bets a win the title i really don't think that any other culture in the world of marriage in the world has to answer this question in a place champion's league. i really think it's really a need that only happens if you have a liverpool manager the better pundits come for manchester united and start this things that's how it is. one of the n.f.l.'s biggest stars beckon jr has been try
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to fight the n.f.l.'s highest paid for savior is leaving the new york johnson is on his way to the cleveland browns the second janet hale will be made official lights on wednesday when the league's business year begins will n.f.l. broadcast the michael costin says the acquisition of peckham jayna is a sign of when you don't bishan at cleveland potentially he is the best receiver in the league he certainly being the most spectacular but his his last couple of years with new york giants have been rather in and out with a little bit of controversy on the team quite a few injury absences and the question is how will he bear down to basically when he joins the browns now he joins up team that's really designed to break through to the top echelons of the n.f.l. this year he's got a quarterback at baker mayfield in his second year who had a very fine rookie season and ought to get better and he rejoins jarvis landry they
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were teammates in college and the two receivers will give cleveland a alayo later to approach to receiving in other words landry is great on the mid bit range passes across the middle of the old and back and has great going date and mayfield is the kind of quarterback who can make time for himself to throw balls and it's going to be very difficult for defenses to deal with the two of them tiger woods returns from a week long injury layoff on thursday the players' championship insists his mind and next train hasn't affected his preparations for next month's masters the first major of the year. i'm right there where i need to be my finishes are getting a little better each and every time i've gone out so far this year and i've gotten a little more consistent love with my play and. you know i think that everything is headed on track towards towards a pro tiger how much do you study analytics within your own game and if so certain
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statistics that you look at more than others yeah i do when some. say the same both sides are both police this team will be pushed to the limits in the upcoming formula one season thousands of fans turning out to greet it seems in melbourne ahead of the first race of the year the saudis have won the last five draw those titles with lewis hamilton the defending champion. if they get i i yeah well it's nice but the season we. were. yeah very lucky. that rates of what is many things i want to do in an otherwise good training going back ready for the season so going to be a long year where this turn out means is probably going to be good we can be out for it says won his second straight points skate world cup downhill title despite only when he won rice all season but the swiss has been consistently on the podium with top three finishes in eleven of the last thirteen events he only needed to
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finish twelve all bets in on dora and he came home in six twice thrice won by its least domenech us. and some of the world's best windsurfers have been taking on extreme weather conditions in ireland the storm chase competition living up to its name off the coast of donna goal using the power generated by a huge north atlantic storm competitors found themselves taking on ten minutes away eaves and winds in excess of one hundred and thirty kilometers per hour. looking for andy thank you very much indeed now let's go back to nigeria where that rescue operation is still underway they can see heavy lifting equipment scenes are being brought into the scene this is on lagos island which is here rich or no part of lagos which is now a huge mega city it's perhaps the fastest growing megacity on the african continent and so pressure for land is great is very very densely populated as i said so this
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building that came down at ten am local time today on wednesday contained not only apartments with people in them but also a school on the top floor there was a school with perhaps one hundred children there the scene six or seven the pats even eight kids being rescued people right up to date say with us here it out as they are. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. has this radical transformation. i mean if you want to shedding light on the remaining pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people on al-jazeera. if you want to the
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world might look like they. regard hundred degrees in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. since mass immigration story we had. clashes between the cultures and the problems that the culture of the. harsh brady is a is not comfortable with european culture this is not by. good fascist. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and of global tried. this is very very uneventful glide towards the precipice without resistance we are past the danger has already happened. it was then just ten years ago. now this is it.
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a sinister only god who secretly controls moldova's parliament all media tycoon misjudged by his enemies is the most hated board to show in the country i made my key allegations of blackmail hitman and the billion dollar for. people in power investigates moldova and the puppet master on al-jazeera. a school building collapses in the nigerian city lagos dozens of children a fifth try. again on martinez you're without is there a live from doha also coming out i may not have my own voice but i do understand
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the voice of the country. the british prime minister britain's the parliament but the way forward on bret's it remains deeply unfair and. a global backlash against a seven three seven max grows boeing insists it's safe and for now u.s. air officials are among the few who will carry. several saudi activists appear in court after campaigning for women's rights in the kingdom. or so that dozens of children could be among those who were trapped in nigeria's commercial capital lagos after a building which contained a primary school collapse that's the scene live only lagos island which is part of lagos a massive mega city this is a school that located apparently on the third floor so the top floor of this
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building which has come down and there are also residential apartments in it now we've seen about six seven children being pulled out of this rubble alive and as i say there are fears that many more could be involved. is a correspondent he said to us this a little earlier from the capital abuja. the three storey building in lagos island houses a school a few offices and some few residence there it's not clear how many children were in the building when the building collapsed however reports suggest that there are close to one hundred students registered in that school and it's not clear how many of them were present when the incident occurred regular building collapse in lagos have been regular incidents of the last few years or so one of them of course that stick to memory is the building collapse in lagos where i charge went under with lots of washing post
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a few years ago trial of those accused of being complicit in the incident is still going on in courts in nigeria now there is the issue of proper regulation of buildings to make a state this particular school is not clear whether or not it has government approval but it's common to find schools in residential areas and in other locations that were not meant for educational institutions and right now authorities are trying to see how many lives they can save from the building collapse and what telly are the records of people who are thought to be trapped under the building. now is just sixteen days to go until the u.k. is due to leave the european union but uncertainty surrounding bracks it is growing on choose a britain's parliament again overwhelmingly rejected the prime minister's withdraw or all deal two hundred forty two people for it but three hundred ninety one m.p.'s
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were against so what now politicians are gathering again this time they're going to be voting on the possibility of the u.k. leaving the european union without a deal without any arrangements that may stampedes are expected to vote against that nation nobody wants that to happen and the government is known to started to make contingency plans just think case that indeed is the case now eight leaders for their part they're saying they have nothing more to offer and they are bracing themselves for britain crushing out of the european union without a deal they're meeting in brussels for a summit next week. it given your. if the united kingdom still wants to leave the european union and wants to do so in an orderly fashion if that is still the intention of the united kingdom then this treaty which we negotiated with the government of theresa may for a year and a half this treaty is and will remain the only available treaty. when go live now
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to jenna hall our correspondent is outside the houses of parliament in westminster and jenna we've just heard michel barnier with his latest sounding really tough really saying there's nothing more the europeans can give what on earth does tourism a do now. well at this moment there is little to reserve a can do but wait to see the outcome of two days' worth of votes deceiving him tomorrow to main motions as you described in their own no deal and asking the e.u. for an extension plus a series of amendments put forward by m.p.'s with their preferred version of how things should go this is essentially m.p.'s this is parliament trying to take back control of this process from a government that seems to have lost control that's no mean feat given how divided this parliament is there is no certainty what so ever which way things are going to go whether any majority for any particular course of action will emerge to reason
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may will open the debate with a short while if the voice stands up to it she did appear a short while ago in prime minister's questions in the house facing off against jeremy colvin the labor party leader of course who accused her of big head of a government a rudderless government in the face of a huge national crisis she was as strong as she was able to be under the circumstances saying she was determined still to stand for a deal the deal the best deal this country has at the moment on offer which she expects to be able to pass by march the twenty ninth and almost it would seem delusional expectation at this point take a listen to what they have to say. that i have i may not have my own for peace but i do understand the voice of the country they want. and that is people want to leave the e.u. they want to end free movement they want to have our own trade policy they want to
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ensure mills and made in this country and john stayed on course that's what the deal tonight was that's what i continue to work to deliver. good deal has been flatly rejected twice by this time my own precedented the. giora cheese and even the smalling the c.b.i. has said that no deal would be and i quote a sledgehammer to the economy. and went on to say there has been no consultation with business adding this is no way to run a country the reason her deal is now dead is because every step of the way the prime minister has refused to listen and genocide there we saw germany colvin the leader of the main opposition party the labor party saying that to resume a plan for the withdrawal from the european union is dead done and dusted is that
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really the case. who knows is the short answer she's certainly not giving up on it at this point i mean i mean let's look at the mechanics of what's happening now and going to happen likely over the next couple of days they will almost certainly be a vote in favor tonight of the motion of nobody wanting a no deal end to all of this there is of the george before that we know that already on thursday it will almost certainly be a majority for the other big vote which is to then go and ask the european union for an extension to the time limit that march twenty ninth article fifty time and in between there all these other amendments that have got to pass and of course then it goes to the european union and it's in their court as to whether or not they grant this extension how long they are willing to give and for what purpose and they've made it perfectly clear that they will not grant an extension unless britain can show them what that time is going to be used for that's where the
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problem lies now because all of these other amendments reflect a divided house a divided cabinet ministers in teresa mayes own cabinet pushing for a much harder version of than her deal very close to a no deal gregson a so-called mult compromise their minister is pushing for a much softer version of bricks of the so-called norway plus style breaks and maybe no majority for any of those or anything else and you may indeed yet turn out the to reason may's deal is the last option still standing at the end of next week at the end of the process march the twenty ninth she may yet get it through at a third time of asking a third meaningful vote all right for now dana thanks very much indeed we understand he's going to have no outer nine hundred hours greenwich mean time nichols will bring you. here on out is there. now no bodies have been recovered from the airlines crash site that's according to the airline spokesman he says. only fragmented remains survived the impacts now the company's chief
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executive is calling on boeing to ground all of its seven three seven jets until their safety is firmly established meanwhile the dis of countries in their line suspending the use of this particular model of the aircraft continues to grow boeing and the u.s. government though they're insisting that the plane is safe to fly mohammed a day. doesn't so for a sick investigate is an ethiopian airlines employees assisting them home through the crash site. they're trying to find any evidence that so far gone unnoticed. such and rescue workers continue with the difficult mission to find the remains of the passengers and crew of ethiopian airlines flight three hundred two. trailing small can spark the boeing seven three seven marks eight plunged into this field
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minutes of the cop on sunday from the capital addis ababa killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board. witness the moment the plane went down. we had just twenty noise coming from the aircraft before it's got close to us then it suddenly nose dived in there was a big explosion we rushed to the scene and we saw nothing but destruction. so let's give all those who perished help them flocking to the crash site. an airline crew member. here to test the sun finally got wind of i don't discuss what i'm now demanding that i get the body of my child whatever happened has happened i now need to lay her to rest i came here to see where my daughter lost her life and to make peace. moshe be told came all the way from israel to find the remains of his brother shimon a security contractor has not been lucky either for us is the jewish
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israelis we have a very important point in this case we need to find some of them to fight until the d.n.a. that we can bury somebody's mind is that we can make this sort of money otherwise if we do not find the person missing for the rest of their life officials obviously open alliance or relatives of the deceased to wait for at least five more days before they can receive some of the remains of their loved ones exports of the crash site have a say due to the impact then in suing fire after the crash it could take weeks maybe even months for some of the remains to be identified possibly through d.n.a. or been told records. the process might be father complicated by the fact that the person just came from more than thirty countries and ethiopia has limited forensic to be.


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