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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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lawrence lee live for us there in london for all things brazing you can go to our web site once again al jazeera dot com we have got this interesting piece from lawrence which takes a look at how brazen it is affecting british people living in portugal on al-jazeera dot com we want to hear from you on all of these stories and you can send your comments to any of our online platforms we're on twitter use the hash tag a.j. news grid a handle a.j. english we're also on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera our or you can send us a message on whatsapp or telegram a plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine a ten prominent saudi women's women's rights activists have appeared in court for the first time since they were detained last year they were arrested in may in the weeks before a ban on women driving cars was lifted there their case has raised global squeak scrutiny of saudi arabia's human rights record after the murder of journalist.
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andrew has more on that for us on what's being said about the case online and more on the activists and thanks has and while the has tag stand with saudi heroes is something that we noticed today being use worldwide to show support and spread awareness of this case another era because time we saw is torturing detainees is a crime that's being sure to call for protests outside of the courthouse and human rights advocates say that they're worried about the trial taking place and the potential sentences this represents an escalation in the kingdom where the horrors he is are treating women's rights activism and defending women's rights as a crime and so we call on the authorities to immediately release the peaceful activists and women's human rights defenders. and let's talk about a few of the people involved in this case now internationally the case of losing lul has probably the most amount of coverage she was at one point ranks as one of
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the most powerful arab women in twenty fifteen and was later photographed here with the ukase duchess of sussex meghan markle but less may be known about the other nine detainees well imaan all along with louis jane advocated for an end to discrimination against women in the kingdom and twenty sixteen both activists signed a petition with more than fourteen thousand signatures asking for king solomon to end saudi arabia's system of male guardianship now is easy to use if it is an academic and women's rights activist she's the one that delivered that petition to the palace saudi authorities then accused her of having what they called suspicious contact with foreign parties now some are some are but dawi who you can see here with michelle obama and hillary clinton she was arrested after campaigning on behalf of her brother rife rife but dolly's a saudi blogger who was arrested in two thousand and twelve sentenced to a thousand lashes and ten years in prison for criticizing islam and the only male
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who's among this group of ten is mohammed he's one of saudi arabia the saudi arabia's most prominent activists and founder of a saudi civil and political rights association which is now banned it tried to hold security forces accountable for using excessive force so several activists who campaigned against the driving ban and for other causes where then unable to celebrate the lifting of the driving ban because they were behind bars now let us know what you think about these charges these activists and the cases taking place inside the kingdom you can get in touch with us on twitter using the hash tag is good. thanks sandra now abdulaziz in why it is a saudi human rights activist he joins us via skype now from dublin thanks very much for being with us so just tell us broadly speaking what he what do you make of these developments and will will the global. spotlight on saudi arabia make
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any difference at this point to their policies or for the global pressure make a difference and the saudi regime the saudi regime. looks highly to their international. image so that pressure is the only way to push this regime to take the right way now we have to be very clear this is an absolute monarchy and this court is the same as the general attorney who is in jail it's the same authorities that tortured them and put them and solidarity for a long time so. and so so so how do you get this this is. what's happening now is that happening after the pressure of the international community there's all these have no respect for a human rights or. some of the people and what we are
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seeing as. jamal case and i am unsure and also the way that this all is how is true think this is a clear example that this regime how do we know. no consideration of our respect so only human life or any rights that people ask. but is is the international pressure that you're talking about making any difference at this point and we're reminded as well of course of the case of the saudi journalist. and his murder in the consulate in istanbul last year the saudis took took a lot of you know bad press if i can call it that way over that but it didn't seem to make it much of a difference and there are many countries that continue to make billion dollar deals with saudi arabia of everything from from from moms and investment and so on
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. actually the pressure and specially after a. death i have met have made a lot of difference and situation now we've seen into the soul the saudi regime have asked change the courts just eight hours report that. the trial starts the ladies have no charges before they go and they're not allowed to have lawyers but they change it from the terrorism law tourism court the special court to a criminal court which is a good sign and down this this or do you you're right like they buy weapons saudi arabia is the biggest importer or buyer of what runs into war and there's a lot of lobbies that stunt with this and does street that try to. put the saudis above the international body but the fact as does all of these. and take their own
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take their power from the international community and now the international community nobody can stand the fence anymore everything is clear and people and politicians are rules in gas of all it's because of because of standing down a solid euro jeepers this is a fascist regime this and they're standing with it abit limit so and sell x. easy money we don't have any element one minus one and signing checks so yes some politicians i would call them cheap all of this and zora and moral politicians would prefer our money and over our blood and over our our suffering but the fact is that. that the nations and the population. doesn't accept that so we are seeing a shift a big shift and the relation and we're seeing that the soldiers are getting this. so we're. the ones people like our easy money some politicians
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dog but that's not that easy anymore especially with the mistakes that does all the regime is doing under mama and so much good to speak with you. in my thanks very much for being with us for more news on the trials of the saudi activists you can go to our website i just go to dot com there you find all you need to know about this story how teams of international experts are looking into why the ethiopian airlines plane went down near addus alabama on sunday the two black boxes of the boeing seven three seven max eight are being sent to europe for analysis several countries have now grounded the jet but boeing and the u.s. government say the plane is safe to fly reynolds reports from seattle. as investigators sifted through the wreckage outside addis ababa more and more of boeing's seven thirty seven max aircraft were being grounded in countries around
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the world but not in the united states where aviation officials insist the aircraft is safe many u.s. airline passengers a flight attendants union and aircraft experts are calling for it to be grounded while in washington lawmakers planned hearings on aviation safety the seven thirty seven max. a should be grounded immediately. there is no reason for american fliers to be less safe than. china ethiopia argentina mexico and now apparently the united kingdom well i think out of an abundance of caution and frankly common sense it makes sense to ground aircraft that's been involved in two very tragic accidents and only six months speculation into the cause of the two separate crashes has
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centered on flight control software several u.s. based airline pilots reported potentially dangerous behavior of the seven thirty seven maxes flight control system which they say plunged the plane into a steep dive before the crews disconnected the computer system and flew the aircraft manually. but boeing insists its best selling aircraft remain safe us the aviation agency requires the company to undertake a software enhanced meant that boeing says will be deployed on the max lead in the coming weeks boeing says the updates of maneuvering flight control and pilot display software would make quote an already safe aircraft even safer president donald trump spoke by phone with bo. knowing c.e.o. dennis mulan berg who has appeared with trump several times at events in recent years the call followed to trump tweets complaining that airplane said become too
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complicated there is a precedent for a global ban in two thousand and thirteen u.s. officials ordered boeing to take its massive new dreamliner out of service to resolve a problem with batteries fires rather the entire worldwide fleet of all boeing's seven three seven max aircraft would cost the company somewhere between one and five billion dollars that's according to wall street analysts but that would be a cost that boeing would be well able to absorb the company just posted revenues of over one hundred billion dollars and that includes profits of more than ten billion dollars robert oulds al jazeera seattle. now one hundred fifty seven people from at least thirty five nationalities were killed in sunday's ethiopian jet crash thirty two of them were kenyan the highest number from any country catherine so reports on
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the mood as families and communities come together to grieve. it's hard to imagine the pain john quinones is going through relatives and friends have been coming to his home in the cool weather rift valley to console him since they had news that his wife. and three grandchildren had died in the few pin airlines crash on sunday his wife was a retired school teacher who had gone to canada to visit there due to carol and had children brian kelly and nine month old ruby were coming back to kenya for a visit some bigger rules because of the. exam that's a common thief in the street. is going to give a new risk to imagine. relatives of those who died and now waiting for information from the government and if european allies on when they'll be traveling to ethiopia their d.n.a. may be needed to identify the remains of windows and his family have started burial
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to parishioners but they'll have to wait a little longer for the remains of their loved ones to be brought home if european airlines officials say the identification process is delegates and will take time the plane went down just minutes after takeoff killing all a hundred fifty seven people on board most of those who died are kenyans. these mourners are grieving for yet another victim a priest. who was returning home from rome where he was working with i don't even want to see his sister ruth logical did not even know he was coming he wanted to surprise her my brother was very social and he was a very close friend to me who was not only a brother but the fred we would talk so many things. as they moan their loved ones a little information they're getting is i added to their ordeal we talked to say they're patient but also want this whole process over quickly so they can bury their loved ones and then perhaps begin to heal catherine soy al-jazeera kenya
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as always we want you to get in touch with us on this and other stories want to hear from you your you can send your comments any of our online platforms on twitter the hash tag a.j. news grid our handle a.j. english also on facebook or send us a message on whatsapp or telegram a plus nine seven four five or one one for mine. this is the news good and if you're with us on facebook why we've got a bonus story for you about how napping can go a long way in your career and still ahead on the grid we'll have a live report from malawi floods left dozens of people dead and thousands of others displaced and there are warnings of more heavy rain ahead.
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of time for more action i'm afraid from the weather giving a miserable day also to the levant this is it developing have a turkey and a bit further west that's the start of the low with a close friend well ahead so the picture between for wednesday and thursday is increasingly cloudy likely to be wet in lebanon and syria and indeed iraq that's a picture comes with the drapes of the green which of course is rain snow high ground that goes all the way down through the eastern side of iraq and hits the mountains of iran where of course we generate even bigger storms thunderstorms on the darker green or indeed the white suggests an active system but tell me get to middle of friday this is the picture quite a cloudy with the north and the round still the potential a little bit of rain every now again northern syria and turkey but a generally better picture throughout the levant it's not all staying out found also will be i think a throwaway trough on its way sides of the picture and says is a cloudy one through kuwait and saudi bahrain and qatar with
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a shark or possibly on the red sea coast join the line and followers in this general direction could be an interesting lee sparking art i have to say says united friday that's friday's picture which means the wind is more or less going off to the skies will clear twenty five in doha but thirty three in mecca. talk to local. authorities. democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand
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and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it first hand morsy the final hours on al-jazeera.
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taking a look now at the latest news on our web site and as well as well as the stories that are trending on our web site soledad for you and to c.n.n. dot com. venezuela's government is investigating opposition leader one go i don't know over the widespread power outage that's left millions without electricity there is a nickel sma dog branded a us puppet and is accused them of mounting a cyber attack on venezuela's power grid why those blaming years of corruption and incompetence for the blackout that i suppose has more.
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freedom chanted people on the streets of caracas on tuesday they responded to opposition leader one way those calls to take to the streets once again. one of his social worker who says change was this intuition is horrible for all social classes i only get minimum wage and we can't buy anything there's no water white i was telling venezuelans are on the right path and his popularity has been on the rise why they all went around telling venezuelans they're on the right path he's popularity has been on the rice since he declared himself into repressive and in january little did look out on it there was mourning pain and horror with what is happening in the country we need work and strength and the darkness this regime has spread this murder them take over our hearts the biggest challenge of one way though on the opposition are facing today is to keep the pressure against the government going people we have been talking to here say that they're already
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struggling to make ends meet the having cannot afford to be on the streets every day. many soil lands have been trying to cope with power outages for days but even the electricity has started to be restored water shortages are now the main issue relations between the united states have been continued to deteriorate twenty ordered american diplomats to leave the country within seventy two hours. accuses washington of being behind what he says was an attack against the electric grid. but the united states says it was washington that decided to leave but the regime also cannot in our view provide security. for the embassy in the situation caracas is deteriorating so our decision was made. really fundamentally without regard to what the regime wants or thinks chief prosecutor tatic sab is
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also asking a lot of supreme court to open an investigation into why the alleging that he was involved in the failure of the power grid for the army. and you investigation has been opened that adds to another one carried out during the month of january against a citizen who wanted out of the while not a case for he's alleged implication in the sabotage carried out to the national election system that happened since thursday march seventh. why though remains defiant and vows to continue fighting against what he says is. illegitimate rule. or theresa joins us live now from such reisa lots of accusations flying around there what is the situation right now. well let me. we're right here. amounting to a very safe place called elavil level gardens and dozens of people are coming here
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and they're climbing up to get some water some clean water out of this of this area it's been a major problem everywhere you go around going to quell this day the special in the capital and i think we are trying to find water it was a problem before with the power outage but now the government has not been able to reach cabinet we know that there were very big demonstrations all around the country against the government company but mother we don't let's not forget that venezuela. prices with hyperinflation with people not being able to afford it who want our medicines and now this situation deteriorate our that's the ongoing crisis even further we've been. appear on national television with several announcements that government is trying in a way to gain momentum after this crisis where there were thousands and thousands of people protesting against the government basically what they're saying is that when it went in for me to get ready i had to deal with the worst of the worst
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situation you go to locking people to begin with electricity rationing with a walker rationing if you promise to distribute them in a water tank around that kind of around the country in order to improve the living conditions of venice well i'm attending also very interesting have been napping russia and china to help in the ongoing left a geisha of what people continue to insist what an i pad by the united states against an equal electric grid. teresa thank you teresa in caracas force. for the latest updates on the venezuelan crisis go to our website our editors there breaking down the most important updates in bringing you comprehensive coverage of the tivoli of things the f.b.i. it says it has uncovered the biggest college cheating scam in u.s. history investigators have charged dozens of people including executives and famous actors and he got to go reports investigators say it's
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a conspiracy on an unprecedented scale the justice department arrested almost fifty people nationwide in a scheme they say involved cheating on exams bribing coaches and exaggerating athletic ability in return children of the rich and famous gained access to some of the most elite universities in the united states with some parents paying huge sums of money this is a keys where they flaunted their wealth sparing no expense. to cheat the system sue so they could set their children up for success with the best education money could buy literally some spent anywhere from two hundred thousand to six and a half million dollars for guaranteed emission their actions were without a doubt insidious selfish and shameful among those accused of racketeering a charge commonly used for mobsters or the act as lori laughlin and felicity
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huffman according to court documents parents paid admissions consultant william single millions of dollars he's alleged to have used the money to bribe coaches and administrators between roughly two thousand and eleven and two thousand and eighteen wealthy parents paid singer about twenty five million dollars in total to guarantee their children's admission to elite schools including hail georgetown stanford the university of southern california the university of texas none of the targeted universities have been accused of breaking the law and assault the students weren't aware of what their parents were doing in a statement the university of southern california said we will be implementing significant process and training enhanced ment's to prevent anything like this from ever happening again investigators say the scheme amounts to deception and fraud on a massive scale with one official stating that for every student admitted through fraud an honest and genuinely talented student was rejected and gallica al-jazeera
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. now this is a case that's upset a lot of people on social media for a bunch of different reasons that have less to do with the celebrities involved but more to do with perceptions of systematic inequality in the u.s. educational system now the most popular post that we saw about this story is from a contributor for forward dot com he mentions a couple of things that this case brings up for a lot of people online look at it here he says america is a country that will jail black women for trying to send their kids to decent schools force working class kids into student debt they can never pay off and accuse black kids of being quote to recruits while letting rich white people cheat the system now one of the cases that he references here is you know it's something that appears in my twitter feed all the time back in twenty eleven this woman here kelly williams bowler she was convicted of felonies and jailed for several days in the state of ohio just for enrolling her kids in a safer school district where her father lives that's after her home had been
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broken into now keep in mind that many public american schools are funded with local taxes is another issue people are bringing up today so mostly white school districts end up receiving twenty three billion dollars more funding than those serving students of color that's according to a recent report on this issue finally there's a separate strand of conversation here on the parenting choices that were made you know sarah here says if you get caught it's your kids a whole life is essentially something that becomes a joke no one will ever believe these kids hard work had merits so this is all some of the students at the university of southern california have responded. to be honest it's sort of a disrespect to my heart when better wouldn't be good i mean just because you're is doesn't mean you can do whatever you want right and there are people who you know there are people who vote harder than me to be here but it's all legit droid we were you know but off to be here we do a lot of preparations like. to get the admission to yes see parents pay
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a lot of money for us so for our to be so. like if i heard just someone to not answer yes with only like perpetration all the fake. the fake grace is quite unfair thing so we've heard from them we'd also like to hear your thoughts on the story you can get in touch with us on twitter using the hash tag it in his grid thanks sandra this is a story that's got a lot of people talking wanted to discuss that more now with robert schaefer is the public education director of fair test the national center for fair and open testing he joins us via skype from sanibel in florida thanks very much for being with us so this is something the shock many people. outside of the united states but as we saw in the some of the social media posts there it has a surprised a lot of other people because it reinforces this belief that the people with money
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and connections will do anything they can to get their kids into the the best schools what's your view on that. well this is both the worst case of corruption in the college admissions process ever seen in the us and just a natural extension of the kinds of manipulation that people with money have done to get their kids into selective college kids from eighth grade in on parents who have the means by the services that improve their kids' chance from college it's advisors for twenty five or fifty thousand dollars who help their kids frame their resumes who tell them which volunteer efforts to engage in which kind of course the take and even write their college application essays in this case goes beyond that an ethical behavior into actually illegal where test scores were faked is a disability conditions were fabricated and admissions sports recruiters were
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bribed to get that with kids into college yes so what do you do to combat against things like this with things that you to the people in this case were charged with something that was clearly illegal how do you fight that. well the people who are involved the illegal behavior need to be crime prosecuted. and have their day in court but the college admissions process needs to be changed to reduce the emphasis or a limited aid factors that can be so easily game like test scores already more than one thousand u.s. colleges and universities are test optional so the gaming and test prep and steroids that people buy to boost their kids' cores on the a c p n s a t no longer matter in the admissions process and many of the finest schools more than half the top liberal arts college kids in the country are already test optional only one of the schools in this corruption scandal had
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a test optional policy and there was only one case that it was involved in most of the other schools rely heavily on test scores and they're easily gamed both legally and illegally. i want to ask you about the legal means that many parents do to try to get their kids into the best colleges. and here you touched on some of it there what do you say to those parents who have the money who say i'm going to do whatever i can legally to to give my kids the best opportunity to get into the best colleges and if there was someone else who didn't have the money but did they would they would be doing the same thing what do you say to that. well indeed in a free market economy parents can buy the services that their kids mean right up need right up to the limit of their checkbook but to create a more level playing field families need to understand that the important thing for and a college admissions process is not the most prestigious college it's not an arms
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race to get the best brand name peered your son or daughter but rather to get them into a school where they fit in where they're thrive and that may not be the school with the biggest name but beating that out and getting that out of the american system is going to be very difficult ranking its college rankings and other factors lead people to believe that if you don't go to a name brand college you've somehow failed your trial and that's just not true plenty of people have great careers great public lives without going to those kinds of college kids we just need to eliminate the factors that are encouraging parents to engage in this crazy arms race good to get your thoughts on this robert safe in florida thanks for most of you. thank you. now we want to hear from you on these stories you can send us your comments to any of our online platforms on twitter
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just use the hash tag a.j. news get a handle as ever is a.j. news grid a a.j. english sorry we're also on facebook oh you can send us a message on whatsapp or telegram a plus nine seven four five one four one four not let's get more now on our top story the school collapse in nigeria's biggest city rory chalons reports now on the rescue effort so far. it's fried at least but not moving this is one of just a handful of children pulled from the rubble so far the collapse three storey building contained homes shops and a primary school for at least one hundred young students it's in the it's a foggy area of lagos island the original heart of nigeria's most populous city. this child looks in better shape you can hear the relief of the onlookers as she's carried through the crowd to an ambulance. was then another limb form emerges these are frantic rescue efforts of people wait for an
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organized professional response to arrive that's about what i was just passing by i heard a house had collapsed so i had to straightaway reach people living in there to rescue those that could be rescued so at least some people have been rescued and taken to hospitals mainly their students is the business school that the fire engine and the few ambulances a surrounded by crowds have climbed all over the ruined building the digger is helping shift slabs of concrete and brick but people are also using their bare hands trying to get to the unknown number of victims still trapped underneath chalons al-jazeera. all right taking a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world more than a hundred people have been killed in floods that are devastating parts of southern africa especially malawi and mozambique hundreds of thousands have been displaced by the storms that began more than a week ago the flooding has left many villages underwater and knocked out power and
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water supplies a marcum web has just arrived at an evacuation center in bangalore in malawi some malcolm what are the conditions there like. conditions really aren't very good actually evacuation centers little more than a collection of tissue farm buildings since we've been here a few trucks to arrive that people here believe have some sacks of made on no sign of any food distribution or anything yet people here fled their homes in a rush and they hardly brought anything with them many of them well cup in the middle of the night to find rising floodwaters the differential here say aside from that food distribution they're hoping to get some water tanks installed here in the coming days we'll also travel to some other areas where people are having with the any assistant who told let's take a look at the story now. everyone from the village of mclean are
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sheltering in this half built hospital. they wanted to show us what happened to their homes. after four days of heavy rain last week swathes of southern malawi were flooded dozens of people have been killed . thousands of homes were destroyed. this is all that remains of an does he own a car carnies by the name of and i learned about the rain started when we were sleeping when we woke up we found the water level was rising fast so we walked to higher ground and waited there until people came in both and rescued as. the water levels low and now more storms are forecast in the coming days the people here can't afford to wait and see if it will happen again. some people have already started rebuilding their homes and you can see they're made almost entirely out of
12:37 am
natural materials these sticks are stuck into the ground between them read like this woven on and in the gaps they put mud it's all people here can afford but if it floods it gets washed away instantly. louis two hours rebuilding his that he's wondering what he and his family are going to eat in the weeks ahead his entire crop of maize was destroyed. the go go go love women are the great says this happened nobody has come to help us in this area but we are hoping for is for somebody to wake up and come to our help because we are suffering elsewhere in malawi's president peter motor reka has been visiting many of the affected communities promising help roger martin. will try to get funding for cement and iron sheets so that everyone who has been affected will benefit it takes time. back at mccain or at sunset to make our way back to
12:38 am
higher ground the government and charities provided food and shelter to many of the affected communities but not here. so the hospital hospital remains home and now the people of mccain are wondering if anyone will come to help. so malcolm we can see that night this is forming there right now where you are so the big question is where are so many of these displaced people going to sleep. in the last couple of days the red cross put up six tents just over there but not a way for laying out equipped for all the people. who are soundly so people with small children will be given priority to sleep inside that the rest be sleeping in i don't know if it's light enough to even see it but behind me this is the remains
12:39 am
of a farm warehouse it doesn't have any walls it's just a roof and a concrete floor those people that were lucky enough to be able to bring much from their homes will be sleeping on mountains for the rest it will be on the back from create some of the water levels have receded since the flooding began three even for the people that could get back to their homes now could try and get back to their point of course with no home left to sleep in and crucially as we saw in the story just that people's crops are being destroyed as well most of the people here are subsistence farmers schools in the crops are destroyed with nothing to eat and the chance of some strewed being given out here not for people hoping will happen in the coming days and of course they're going to stick around so at least they have something to. mark a way of life for us there and thank goodness no. i once again for those of you watching us on facebook live you're about to see the story of how an american actress is trying to avoid
12:40 am
a humanitarian crisis along the us mexico border from our colleagues at a.j. plus. and then pete is here with ford as one of the n.f.l. sig assad gets ready to switch things. thank you. thank you. thank you.
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thank. you have. if that find out what people are talking about in sport today his pizza american football is the answer has in one of the n.f.l. zz biggest stars adela bacon jr has been traded the league's highest paid receiver is living the new york giants and is on his way to the cleveland browns the deal
12:42 am
will be made official later on wednesday when the leads that business begins become will be reunited with fellow wide receiver java celebrity who played end on swift during his college days at louisiana state n.f.l. broadcast the michael calls and says of the browns a building an exciting team that can challenge for on its potentially is the best receiver in the league he certainly being the most spectacular but his his last couple of years with new york giants have been rather in and out with a little bit of controversy on the team quite a few injury absences and the question is how will he bear down to basically when he joins the browns now he joins of team that's really designed to break through to the top echelons of the n.f.l. this year he's got a quarterback at baker mayfield in his second year who had a very wide rookie season and ought to get better and he rejoins jarvis landry they were teammates in college and the two receivers will give cleveland a a layout
12:43 am
a layered approach to receiving in other words landry is great on the mid mid range passes across the middle of the old and back and has great going date and mayfield is the kind of quarterback who can make time for him soaked up throw balls and it's going to be very difficult for defenses not deal with the two of them but when you factor in as well they have a very good receiving tight end and david in-joke who they have a third receiver who's potentially very good in antonio callaway what he does is if you try to stop those two big threats and there are two it's. stablished crass receivers then you read something open you know for somebody else and given as well that nick chubb who like maybe it was a rookie last year had a great season running the ball for cleveland auckland simply i really think things are jelling for them their only real question will be in the line they traded one of their starting barge to the giants just a few days ago for
12:44 am
a pass rushing defender olivier vernon but they can draft they got still got a lot of draft capital after paying the price for backup i think cleveland is a team that's on the verge of being a division winner last season i predicted before the season of the browns would finish around five hundred i hadn't really factored in how bad their coaching was at the time because when they finally fire a huge jackson and there and they're all kinds of court nater could pretty kitchens in charge of the office they got so much better that in the first half of the season there were two or three games they could have won they could have had a nine or ten win season last year they're going to be a much better team on the field they've improved themselves already senate is a dentist taking his first training session for his second instance as rail madrid's manager the frenchman was reappointed on monday just ten months off to leaving the roath sedan won three straight champions league trophies first time around the green joins off to one of the clubs with runs in recent years it's.
12:45 am
mercedes team boss to wolf believes these team will be pushed to the limit in the upcoming formula one season thousands of fans turned out to greet the teams in melbourne ahead of the first race of the new season miss eighty's of one the last five drivers titles with lewis hamilton the defending champion. and a guy. yeah it's nice but he's only be with. yeah very lucky. that rates of what to do as many things i want to do in an otherwise good training in a back ready for the season so going to be a long year where this turn out means it's probably going to be a good weekend f one drivers are some of the bravest sportsmen in the world and so these guys some of the world's best windsurfers have been taking on extreme weather conditions in ireland the storm chase composition lived up to its name off the coast of donegal using the power generated by a huge north atlantic storm competitors found themselves taking on ten meter waves
12:46 am
and winds in excess of one hundred thirty kilometers per hour. and we will have more sport for you in the eight hundred g.m.t. hour back to has a thanks very much a peter that will do it for news grid remember these are all the ways that you can get in touch with us we'll see you here again fifteen hundred g.m.t. on thursday. some journeys are tougher than i was there. but this route is even tougher than the continent the truck hit it stranger there's. just you know whom follows
12:47 am
the moroccan truck drivers in danger of their life. just to be committing if you crash that might break your liver leave until it doesn't feel this long flu. from dot com now just. call the muslim which is saying has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said. as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence wars of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable in the immediate release of all colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists attained in
12:48 am
a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. they were searching for sanctuary in australia but instead would have tied for years on a pacific island now one o one east follows the journey of two refugees as they forge a new life in north america on al-jazeera. a desperate search for survivors in nigeria after a building containing a primary school collapse says with thousands of children inside.
12:49 am
alone barbara starr you're watching out there are live from london also coming up on the program two young man opened fire at a school in brazil killing six students and two teachers britain's parliament prepares for its second breaks a bird of the week this time on whether to leave the e.u. without a deal and with little hand nine of the female saudi activists appear in court in riyadh for the first time since they were arrested a year ago. thanks for joining us we begin the program in nigeria where dozens of schoolchildren are feared dead after a three story building collapsed in the commercial capital lagos the tower was made up of apartment blocks with a primary school on the top floor as many as one hundred pupils were studying when the structure came down or a challenge as more now on the ongoing rescue efforts. freed at least but not
12:50 am
moving this is one of just a handful of children each from the rubble so far the collapse three storey building contains homes shops and a primary school for at least one hundred young students it's in the it's a fogey area of late. silence the original heart of nigeria's most populous city. this charred lieutenant better shape you can hear the relief of the onlookers as she's carried through the i was then another limp form emerges these are frantic amateur rescue efforts or people wait for an organized professional response to the arrival just symbiote i thought i was just passing by i heard a house had collapsed so i had to straightaway reach people living in there to rescue those that could be rescued so at least some people have been rescued and taken to hospitals mainly their students is there is a school where the fire engine and the few ambulances a surrounded by crowds have climbed all over the ruined building
12:51 am
a bigger is helping shift slabs of concrete and brick but people are also using their bare hands trying to get the unknown number of victims down craft underneath will reach out and out to zero well it speak to journalists and they're coming in was at the scene of the collapse for us in lagos and we were seeing in that report it people generally just trying to dig these kids out at all with their hands and there are some ambulances we saw a digger has reinforcements so to speak arrived yet. well barbara tell you what's just happened in the last two minutes it's evacuee taken somebody out alive you have the flat happened about seven hours ago and it's the first time we've seen somebody carried out alive crowds that are moving along behind you now have been watching very closely the ambulances taken this way we don't know if it was an adult or a child is being followed by a crowd of people to the big cheer but at the moment that rescue effort it
12:52 am
continues the first sign. that we've seen somebody taking that live we have been fortunate to have gone by so the body bag also has a building that really just seemed to concertina down and we can see of course a lot of people gathered behind you i mean there must be parents frantic with worry and then just relatives of other people caught up in this collapse what are people telling you or what are they saying. people are angry at the moments we've seen many outgoing lake of thanks governor arrive at the ranks with that's what happened he said it's going to be a full investigation but people remain angry those i've spoken to have been saying that somebody needs to be held accountable for that that they believe there were many many children and. building they've been telling me is about thirty years old and they just simply want maintain the moment be honest period ten angry they want
12:53 am
to try and get as many people out of that building out of the children in there but it's as if that is very tragic. unfortunately these sorts of collapses are nothing new in nigeria i think it was just two thousand and sixteen so not that long ago when more than a hundred people died in the church in the southeast of the country when that collapse just explain to us why that seems to be especially in a place like lagos which is obviously a very highly populated yes. and indeed just not the building impulse. the fact is there are no building regulations maintained in many of these places and people tend to agitation just or they simply as i said maintain the buildings and the areas that i am in at the moment where this happened this could like a file and it really is a warren of three some this lots of small shops and build things and move it she said all around ferry traffic. people say they will tell you very simply that
12:54 am
nobody monitors the maintenance of the building and perhaps the materials are not used and some of these buildings a very old so i think the money moving very is a lot of desperation in the parents and the family in fife of rats around that area while angry and they say that they won't be in. the time being they won't say this rescue has been. and of course these are still crucial hours for anyone who may be pulled alive from that wreckage coming up with the latest from the scene in lagos on a thank you. at least eight people including children and teachers have been killed in a school shooting in brazil police say that two teenagers entered the school in
12:55 am
a suburb of south palo and opened fire before turning the guns and themselves or people are being treated in hospital for serious injuries the school shootings in the country are rare despite a high number of murder cases brazil's new president shavelson arrow recently announced that gun ownership controls would be loosened both parties in brazil have arrested two former police officers in connection with the killing of rio de janeiro councilwoman maria franco and her driver the arrests were made just two days before the anniversary of the two thousand and eighteen killings which sparked protests in several countries nobody has been arrested or charged in connection with the assassination of franco who had been a prominent activist for afro brazilian and t.v. rights. china is offering its assistance to help end the blackouts in venezuela which have now lasted almost a week electricity is back on in many parts of the country but is not fully
12:56 am
operational in the western state of zawiya along the colombian border temperatures are high leading to of water and drinks from around three hundred businesses well china is backing president of the us claims that the nationwide blackouts are a result of u.s. sabotage. now u.s. president donald trump's former campaign chairman paul man a fourth has been sentenced to seventy three months on conspiracy crimes last week another judge gave the veteran political consultant a surprisingly lenient sentence of under four years in prison in a separate case and a fourth was convicted for tax evasion and other financial crimes both cases are linked to special counsel robert lewis investigation into russia's role in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election we're going to bring you more on that developing story very shortly.
12:57 am
well let's turn to the break said crisis here in the u.k. now where there is still no consensus in parliament on how britain will depart the e.u. and that's with just sixteen days left until the u.k. is due to leave on tuesday britain's parliament overwhelmingly rejected prime minister to resign may's e.u. withdrawal deal for a second time two hundred forty two were for her proposal three hundred and ninety one against it politicians will vote again in three hours time this time on a motion which includes rejecting britain leaving the e.u. without a deal most members of parliament are expected to support that now if that passes on thursday they will then vote again this time on whether to extend the date for the u.k. leaving the e.u. which is currently sixteen days away that's the twenty ninth of march but that would need the approval of all the e.u. member states and the e.u. leaders say that the reason is withdrawal deal is the only one on the table get
12:58 am
good renewal of. the united kingdom still wants to leave the european union and wants to do so in an orderly fashion if that is still the intention of the united kingdom then this treaty which we negotiated with the government of theresa may for a year and a half this treaty is and will remain the only available treaty so crucial days and despite her failing voice to reason may has already been back in parliament discussing bracks it at prime minister's questions. i have a i may not have my own voice but i do understand the voice of the country they want. that is people want to leave the e.u. they want to entry movement they want to have our own trade policy they want to ensure laws are made in this country and judged in our core that's what the children of those that's what i continue to work to deliver. good deal has been
12:59 am
hotly rejected twice by this house by own precedented majorities and even the smalling the c.b.i. has said that no deal would be and i quote a sledgehammer to the economy. and went on to say there has been no consultation with business adding this is no way to run a country the reason her deal is now dead is because every step of the way the prime minister has refused to listen well lawrence lee joins us live now from westminster so lawrence on tuesday they voted not to go for to resign means the l. it seems that today they're going to vote not to leave without a deal so it almost seems like the u.k. parliament is backing itself up into a corner. it's it's a bit like watching parliament pull its own toenails out one by one without really explaining why it's whites doing it and then the absurdity of what's happening
1:00 am
today having as you said ruled out series amazed a lesbian acceptable for the hardcore policy is that it's a day they will almost inevitably rule out leaving the european union without a deal but it won't mean anything because they will still leave without a deal unless they can think of something else to do instead in the next fortnight will just over and they can't think of what else that thing is and so it's just absolutely absurd and you can hear m.p.'s on the radio in places like that describing themselves as being in a failing parliaments it is a flat crisis now for democracy in this country let's talk to i mean but it's who's head of politics at c.c.a. and newspaper fighting parliaments you think so absolutely i mean i think your analogy about them putting their time in i was out and i wonder why has to walk racially because the thing with these no you do votes they can no you know at the table they called deed i missed the e.u. agreed to the other.


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