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tv   Moldova And The Puppet Master  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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wish to saudi haven't had halle shiina show to them you who was were going to be one of the video was the first shot that you saw in the u.k. . so i don't really know all. the media. the. government. over. several million must be of george there to be sure. to flood the full hake with all the tea that is as. bad as some racy incentives so cut to your money.
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plus minus one car beside the host. and the bomb they told us we would bomb we were all speak on while you are doing three think of repeating people. when they are bombing the whole speech and that means it has no lines they are killing everyone. when i feel that we kind of protect our sinful as a book till i come up continue. one time one bomb. on the us three of us here was one guy. they brought him to me and his spleen is really i did to speak to me why did the vision when the t. been and see if he was know and history as it was open his t's
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a little and he seeing just started to speak of three under the will this being even the base at the still a week because you need to save him. we saw made me and be treated the legs and beauty that is. injurious to the i do mean the just. you will see that just all been all been just. a lot and you need to see images you kind of the. third. i think and this war you had the whole generation which was exposed to massive trauma it's going to affect how they
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call how they think. the. like the air. just. sometimes that i'll talk about our model. we can. treat them more than one hundred cars on. the palms
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the mother and the doctor. all the what the men will get after the bottom bunk models are all. there are no toes are. too long between the legs or ten years ago. most of. our troops. didn't get to do think it. was going to be this and that section. should never. ever. think. about.
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the loss of the family member so she had a living so we look to see anything in how they live how they go floater way of the law or. some soldier but you know what there have been a lot of them on the whole china indonesia. but the whole. thing's gone the studio that is already in the future i assure you we don't you. think we should actually struck me the most and affected me the most was seeing the children. when this starts affecting children and that's that's where i draw the line.
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my kids don't quite grasp what i'm doing. to ask well why is terrible war over there. i tell long sometimes people who try to inflict suffering on other people i just try to see if i can make things a little bit better. we have a saying in syria. the donkey does not fall in the same hole twice. we keep repeating the same mistake a stripper needs to one back door for now syria. is just the same problem keep happening over and over again and we're not doing anything different. i'm fortunate enough to be able to help regardless what that it's big or small but doesn't matter what matters to me is that i'm doing something
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. when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or isn't there or tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confession on al-jazeera .
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pasta is everywhere and it's choking up blood very toxic and very dangerous to get fang years claiming that i live on but breakthroughs all being made showing that it is possible to change our relationship with a substance. running out. thank you very much that we pick up on that means we try to move on plastic waste earthrise on al-jazeera how do you turn.
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a sinister on a guy who secretly controls moldova's parliament on nearly a tycoon misjudged by his enemies is the most hated country i made my key allegations of blackmail hitman and a billion dollars for. people in power investigates moldova and the puppet master on al-jazeera. oh man a fourth sentenced again donald trump's former campaign chief gets another three and a half years in prison. as i'm sick of this is al jazeera live from dog also coming up. the desperate search
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for survivors in nigeria after a building containing a primary school collapses with dozens of children inside. two young men killed eight people in a school shooting in brazil south. canada joins the global backlash against the seventy seven max after the crash in ethiopia. u.s. president donald trump for my campaign chairman paul metaphor will spend another three and a half more years behind bars manifold pled guilty on several counts including money laundering obstruction of justice and failing to disclose lobbying work that made him tens of millions of dollars he received nearly four years for tax evasion and other financial crimes in a separate case last week both of those cases a link to special counsel investigation into russia's role in the two thousand and sixteen u.s.
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election apache cohen is live in washington for us so patty how did things unfold inside that courtroom. well paul metaphor it showed up he was in a wheelchair he says he's experiencing gallop but he was able to stand as the judge entered the courtroom he spoke he expressed remorse but as the judge gave him his sentence she basically said she didn't buy it that he didn't express remorse in a written letter and to her which is customary and that he didn't say that he was sorry until the judge in virginia. besides him for not accepting responsibility she said he's treated this entire court case is basically trying to spin it like a p.r. exercise and that he hasn't taken it seriously just to remind you he pled guilty to he was facing a slew of charges here in d.c. after being convicted of eight counts of or ginia so he pled guilty with the special counsel's office to two counts of conspiracy he said i'm going to cooperate give me a better deal but then the special counsel came back and said he didn't cooperate he lied to the judge said he did lie and so she could have sentenced him to an additional ten years of prison time that would have been almost fourteen years in
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prison for a man who's about to turn seventy years old she didn't do that though so all told some of the sentence is going to run concurrently with virginia some not but all told now he's looking at about seven and a half years in prison but he's going to get credit for sata for time served so that's going to be less than seven years and under the federal prison system you get credit for good behavior so if he behaves it's quite possible that paul metaphor who started his day wondering if you would spend the rest of his life in prison could very well see the outside of a prison cell before he dies and petty what is all this going to meet going to mean then for president trump well in the judge was very careful to say this doesn't discount the special counsel's investigation we didn't talk about collusion here we talked about other crimes what this is going to be complicated by and this is a little bit of breaking news is the president has been toying about publicly with pardoning paul metaphor he can do that he can simply say no no prison time you're
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good to go the problem that for the president is metaphor would than still be liable to stay crimes and we've just seen the man had an district attorney file a fifteen count indictment against paul metaphor for charges ranging from mortgage fraud to falsifying bank records falsified business records so the bottom line the message the president from the new york manhattan district attorney is going to pardon him he's still going to go to prison if we have our way so not good news for paul man afford or for president dropped. patty thanks for that particular line live for us in washington. well in just a couple of hours from now in peace in the u.k. will vote on whether to leave the european union without a deal with just seventy seven just sixteen days to go rather until britain is due to leave there's still no consensus on how that will happen british prime minister to resign may earlier on wednesday told parliament her deal is still the best option on the table house of commons voted against her amended plan on tuesday
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night by three hundred ninety one to two hundred forty two votes deepening britain's worst political crisis for generations or parliament will be facing another choice as we said on one thousand nine hundred g.m.t. that's when m.p.'s will vote on whether the u.k. should leave the twenty eight member bloc without any deal if it is rejected there's another vote on thursday and that's on delaying the march twenty ninth brigs it deadline if that is passed may will need to request an extension from the e.u. but the blocks already said it will only do that if there's a good enough reason a lot of sleigh is live for us in london so lawrence that vote just a couple of hours from now it's largely expected that they will vote against a no deal but where does that that leave things. well that's that's a good question and frankly you know you can ask
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a dozen people here where where are we going in and every single person says i got up absolutely no idea it's all i mean i suppose if you would be wild optimistic you might say you know it's a bit like a recovering alcoholic taking the first steps towards its will doing something else with their life and the process was trying to find a different way out of this than than than sarees amazed deal but at the biggest irony about tonight is even if they do rule out no deal it doesn't mean anything because did no deal is still a default position until they can find something else to do when they don't know what that sees and so they just go around and around and around in circles because joey joensuu with a former advisor to two series may in downing street this think these folks not just doesn't mean anything in any particular way to think the next probably only tells us what we already knew which is that there was never a majority for no deal so it tells us again what home and terrence don't want but doesn't tell us what positively they can work towards it will be interesting to see some of the names because there are some people who are wrapping themselves in
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knots to justify going one way or the other but broadly speaking i think the only thing that might actually make this into a pivotal moment more through the can and the conspiracy would be if this amendment one of the amendment thirty's down was going to be whipped again so the public or the part of government was going to exert discipline on a conservative colleagues to get them not to vote for it if they'd done that and some remain as within the government would have had to resign now that the amendment has withdrawn it because she doesn't want to put her colleagues in not bind but some of the other sponsors might still tell you about it which would mean that you could get a moment of drama to safety but in terms of a much bigger picture to do with direction looks like some more of thursday might be much more of an event that particularly if the government agrees to holes these things will indeed could see votes votes across the across the range of options and next few days to see what what if anything that there might be a majority feel yes i sort of fail as though. we're going to be in a weird situation over the next few days where the leavers of control of parliament
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i can be stripped from the government it's going to be like the sort of the summer of love us all hoping it be told me you know and it in parliament was psychedelic amendments and free votes here and there and the rest of it can be a very very strange atmosphere it may not last because ultimately i don't think that it's clear that there is a positive prospectus that would actually be able to unite a nothing piece to secure a majority to what extent you think they've got to fund a fund alternative thing to put to the european union before it meets in brussels next week well i felt for a while that for me i think our only thought that the prime minister's strategy of just grinding people into wards the cliff edge. that people would to dog in the new if it was going to be difficult she hasn't made enough progress on the basis of that she's getting control all thora he stripped from her which is what we're going to see tomorrow is a big moment but it's probably used demanding and on so they won't give us the essential and it is possible that when others seize the wheel they will find it no easier than than to reason mice it might be that the answer then the world will
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turns full circle and they come back to reason may still on a meaningful vote three well used to work for issues nothing it will stop and isn't she she is very stubborn she's shown great reserves of resilience and stamina and all the rest of it i found it quite painful yesterday watching her and today with her voice completely shot to pieces her authority and shreds of as well if this was a boxing match someone in her corner would have chucked in the towel i mean years and call time on it but the reality is there's nobody else with a better put with a better plan who's ready to ready to step in and take over what a mess as you find him he's saying that it's a failing parliament now due to james i used to want to be speaking it is embarrassing i mean there's been times i mean we're seeing the world's media here watching us make a spectacle of also it's it is embarrassing but more so just because i just don't think we can cobble anything together at the moment with a look as though we can get anything any make any constructive headway towards a solution and that the truth thank you very much indeed more from us a little later on when the vote happens pipes you for that. month.
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dozens of children a feared trapped after a three story building collapsed in nigeria's commercial capital lagos rescuers are using their bare hands to try and find people buried under the rubble local media say about two dozen children have been pulled out alive or a challenger forte's was freed at least but not moving this is one of just a handful of children pulled from the rubble so far the collapse three storey building contained homes shops and a primary school for at least one hundred young students it's in the it's a foggy area of lagos island the original heart of nigeria's most populous city. this child looks in better shape you can hear the relief of the onlookers as she's carried through the crowd to an ambulance. the then another limp form emerges these are frantic rescue efforts or people wait for an
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organized professional response to arrive was somebody that i was just passing by i heard a house had collapsed so i had to straightaway reach people living in there to rescue those that could be rescued so at least some people have been rescued and taken to hospitals mainly their students is there is a school where a fire engine and a few ambulances a surrounded by crowds have climbed all over the ruined building the bigger is helping shift slabs of concrete and brick but people are also using their bare hands trying to get to the unknown number of victims still trapped underneath will reach out and al-jazeera or two young men have opened fire in a school in the brazilian city of south killing at least eight people and then themselves and the sixty minutes are among the dead seventeen people mostly children have been taken to hospital the attack happened shortly after classes started for the morning daniel. is live for us in one of sari so danny what more do we know about what happened here. or the situation is still unclear. here is the
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investigators are trying to piece together exactly what's happened as you say we know that eight people were killed in the attack four children at the school two more later died on their way to hospital two school workers were also killed and then as you mentioned the attackers turned the weapons on themselves and killed themselves it's not clear at this stage whether they were former pupils at the school it's thought that they attacked a vehicle showroom just about five hundred meters away from the school before their attack wounded the manager of the owner of that vehicle room before going on to attack the school in the suburb of suzanne all in no greater cell paolo district something like sixteen seventeen children have been taken to various hospitals in the region some of them in critical condition so the number of dead may may well change in the next few hours as i say the situation is still unclear it's known that the entity.


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