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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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when taken to hospital the attack happened shortly after classes started for the morning daniel. is live for us in one of sari so daniel what more do we know about what happened here. where the situation is still unclear is the investigators are fun to piece together exactly what's happened as you say we know that eight people were killed in the attack four children at the school two more later died on their way to hospital two school workers were also killed and then as you mentioned the attackers turned the weapons on themselves and killed themselves it's not clear at this stage whether they were former pupils at the school it's thought that they attacked a vehicle showroom just about five hundred meters away from the school before their attack wounded the manager or the owner of that vehicle room before going on to attack the school in the suburb of suzanne all in no greater cell paolo district something like sixteen seventeen children have been taken to various hospitals in
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the region some of them in critical condition so the number of dead may may well change in the next few hours as i say the situation is still unclear it's known that they entered school the school about the time many of the children were having breakfast so early in the morning in resilience i am but this is i say what we what we know so far and daniel how how unusual or are is something like this in a country like brazil. well the crime rate in brazil is very very high it's one of the many one of the major issues certainly in the elections last year but school shootings at this kind relatively relatively rare the last one was about eight years ago so it's unusual in brazilian terms it was one of the issues with the high crime rate that the recently elected president job also noddle used in his electoral campaign and just today the supreme court say brazil is debating a measure that he put forward to try to lower the age at which children can be can
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be detained by the police could be questioned this in a city in a country where the penal system is overcrowded is often very corrupt so it is an issue crime we don't know yet the ages of the two attackers but some are assuming they may well have been former pupils are of a similar age than the children so that's still being investigated but it is an issue the rate at which the age at which children commit crimes it is one of the issues that president was in ottawa has brought up and is being debated will now be put into a different context as details emerge of this latest attack daniel shriner thanks very much. also ahead on edge you know when we come back we'll be reporting from southern malawi where floods have killed dozens and made thousands homeless.
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time for more action i'm afraid from the weather giving a miserable day also to the levant this is it developing have a turkey and a bit further west that's the start of the low with a close friend well ahead so the picture between for wednesday and thursday is increasingly cloudy likely to be wet in lebanon and syria and indeed iraq that's a picture comes with the drape of the green which of course is rain snow high ground that goes all the way down through the eastern side of iraq and hits the mountains of iran where of course we generate even bigger storms thunderstorms on the darker green or indeed the white suggests an active system but tell me get to middle of friday this is the picture quite a cloudy with the north and the round still the potential a little bit of rain every now again northern syria and turkey but a generally better picture throughout the levant it's not all staying out found also will be i think a throwaway trough on its way side of the picture on a cloudy one through kuwait eastern saudi bahrain and qatar with
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a shark or possibly on the red sea coast join the line and followers in this general direction could be interestingly sparky right after say says united friday that's friday's picture which means the wind is more or less going off to the skies will clear twenty five in doha but thirty three in mecca. adjured the racial shock of going straight now was. challenging a diverse flying except the children of south africa. seems to take some of that could see. through a complex history of dramatic social and political change except on up south africa amounts to zero.
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hello again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories u.s. president donald trump's former campaign chief will spend another three and a half years in jail for manifest guilty to money laundering and failing to disclose lobbying work it's in addition to the nearly four years in prison from a separate case. several children have been rescued after a three story building collapsed in nigeria city of lagos but thousands are still feared trapped primary school was on the third floor of the building which also contains apartments. two young men have opened fire in a school in the brazilian city of south paolo killing at least eight people and then themselves at least sixty hz are among the dead. canada is the latest country
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to ground the boeing seven three seven max eight craft after the ethiopian airlines jet crashed on sunday killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board american airlines have so far continued to fly the planes the federal aviation administration has come under criticism for the decision several countries of grant of the jet until investigation reveal what caused the crash. new data that we received this morning and i had a chance to analyze and on the advice of my experts and as a precautionary measure i'm issuing a safety notice this safety notice restricts commercial passenger flights from any are parader of the boeing seven thirty seven maxi or max nine variant aircraft whether domestic or foreign from arriving departing or over flying canadian airspace this safety notice is effective immediately and will remain in place until
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further notice. joins us live now from washington so alan alan canada becoming the latest countries the latest among the growing list of countries to to ground the seventy three max eight jet but the united states still maintaining that there are safe to fly. well canada and the united states who were really two of the last to still have the seven three seven flying over their airspace but as you heard the canadian transport minister marc garneau say they received fresh information about the crash in ethiopia it involved satellite tracking they decided to analyze that and at that point then made the decision that all seven three seven states would be banned from can leave the airspace now that impacts about forty one aircraft that fly with air canada and two other carriers at
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the time of the announcement there were eight of these planes in the air the canadian transport minister said they would be allowed to land he was insistent that they did not come under political pressure from the united states to continue to fly these jets he said this was all based on evidence but as we know the f.a.a. in the united states said that they continue to believe in the planes in fact this secretary of transport flew in a seven three seven max eight on choose day and also we know that the head of boeing form donald trump in the white house to give his assurances about the plane but for the moment the f.a.a. the united states remains one of the few jurisdictions where these planes are allowed to fly so what's behind the decision then allan in the united states to to allow these jets to keep flying and in american airspace. well certainly there have been talks between boeing and the f.a.a. and the f.a.a. said in a statement on tuesday that they had seen nothing to suggest there was something
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intrinsically unsafe with these aircraft no the canadian transport minister said that when the analyze the evidence they believe that they had to make sure that safety came first and therefore that is why the unknowns that they were stopping all seven three seven eight flights over canada and they said that the information that they had they would share with others including the european union and the united states though given that this information will be passed on to the u.s. it's not clear whether the u.s. already have this information but it will be passed on that may well change the calculus for the f.e.a. but certainly we know that up until yesterday they were very keen that these planes continue flying these c. no risk even though some flight crews have said that they are concerned even nor that some passengers have said they will not fly in these aircraft the f.a.a. continue to insist that for the time being at least the seven three seven months
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eight can continue to operate in the united states here space helen fisher live for us in washington thanks tom now the u.s. state department has changed its description of the golan heights from israeli occupied to israeli controlled in its annual global human rights report and a separate section on the west bank and gaza strip does not refer to the palestinian territory as being occupied or under occupation let's go live now to roslyn jordan in washington for so rosalind what does this change in the language really mean how how significant is this in in this area of the middle east where where things are so sensitive. well state department officials tried to argue at the briefing on wednesday morning that this is the terminology involving whether or not the west bank is occupied whether the golan heights are occupied those are legal questions and that they were trying to make the language more reflective of
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geographic concerns of course of reporters weren't having that they gave the system secretary michael kozak a lot of grief frankly about the change in the language and the thinking is that this might be an attempt by the trumpet ministration to change the facts on the ground in israel and the occupied territories there's also been a lot of concern up particularly from the ngo community the non-governmental organization community about the fact that these reports don't talk about assaults on women's and girls' human rights on their reproductive rights saying that this is the second year in a row under the trump ministration that these issues have not been addressed so it was a rather a contentious briefing about the latest set of human rights reports but certainly it is raising the overall concern that the trumpet ministration might be trying to
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use these reports which have been considered a gold standard for analyzing human rights abuses and practices around the world using it again as a vehicle to advance its political agenda roslyn jordan live for us in washington thanks more than one hundred people have been killed in floods that a devastating parts of southern africa especially in malawi and mozambique hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the storms that began more than a week ago malcolm web reports from the village of mckenna in malawi. everyone from the village of mclean are sheltering in this half built hospital. they wanted to show us what happened to their homes. after four days of heavy rain last week waves of southern malawi were flooded dozens of people have been killed. thousands of homes were destroyed this is all that
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remains of an does he enter her carney's. the rain started when we were sleeping when we woke up we found the water level was rising fast so we walked to higher ground and waited there until people came in boats and rescued us. the water levels lower now more storms of forecast in the coming days people here can't afford to wait and see if it will happen again. some people have already started rebuilding their homes and you can see they made almost entirely out of natural materials these sticks are stuck into the ground between them read like this woven on and in the gaps they put mud it's all people here can afford but if it floods it gets washed away instantly. louis two hours
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rebuilding his that he's wondering what he and his family are going to eat in the weeks ahead his entire crop of maize was destroyed. says this happened nobody has come to help us in this area but we are hoping for is for somebody to wake up and come to our help because we are suffering elsewhere malawi's president peter military visiting many of the affected communities promising help. we tried to get funding for similar nine sheets so that everyone who has been affected will benefit it takes time. back at mclean or something that we make our way back to higher ground the government and charities provided food and shelter to many of the affected communities but not here. for the half built hospital remained home and now. the people who are wondering if anyone will
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come to help malcolm webb al-jazeera in southern malawi. at least three people are thought to have died from an outbreak of pneumonic plague on the border between uganda and the democratic republic of congo that's according to the world health organization it says it's also investigating other deaths in congo suspected of being from the plague it's added pressure on health workers in this part of the d r c already struggling to contain a major outbreak of ebola a new york herb based committee to protect journalists is launching an initiative to highlight the work of slain journalists across the globe the campaign called the last column memorializes the final publication of journalists before they were killed how does your castro has. what the arab world needs most is free expression that was how jamal khashoggi titled his final column in the washington post it was
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published posthumously fifteen days after the journalist walked into the saudi consulate in istanbul where he was killed the brutal gruesome murder and the failure to hold anyone accountable for it it really resonated around the world and i think that many people who are never realize truly how dangerous the profession of journalism can be started to think about that the committee to protect journalists says one thousand three hundred thirty seven journalists have been killed since one thousand nine hundred ninety two the group has compiled some of their last published works in this book and produced a documentary with interviews of journalists who confront the dangers of the front lines what is worth dying for is democracy worth dying for is connection human connection worth dying for. if no one story's worth it all stories are worth it every story is worth that also interviewed is the mother of james foley the
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american journalist who was kidnapped and killed by eisel in two thousand and fourteen and he felt that that was the essence of true journalism to have the moral courage to dare to speak the truth and bunya ahmed a bangladeshi writer whose husband founded the country's first online platform for secular bloggers spoke of his murder committed with impunity actually when they did go to the police for help to said you know either stop writing why are you writing or. get out of the country the book and campaign are much more than just memorials to the slain journalists they're also an effort to inspire the greater public to value a free press and to pressure their governments to hold accountable those who targe . journalists in almost no cases are their murderers brought to justice in nine out of ten cases the killers go free this has to change and it's only going to change
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with public pressure in the case of democracy investigators have concluded his killing was the work of members of the saudi arabian government and the cia says the killing was ordered by the saudi crown prince mohammed bin someone then someone has suffered no legal consequences how did you castro al-jazeera washington iran's president has done rouhani has met iraq's senior most shia cleric in the first meeting for an iranian leader met with grand ayatollah ali sistani on the last day of his official visit to iraq in the city of niger former iranian president would actually been a judge did not meet with will sustain any journalist two thousand a visit to iraq. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories u.s. president donald trump's former campaign chief will spend another three and a half years in jail for metaphor pled guilty to money laundering and failing to
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disclose lobbying work it's in addition to the nearly four years in prison from a separate case both of them are linked to special counsel robert miller's investigation into russia's role in the twenty sixteen u.s. election or poor man of four to turn he made a short statement after the sentencing that was greeted by a hostile crowd. for anyone who was in the courtroom today what i'm about to say will not be a surprise. judge jackson. conceded that there was absolutely no evidence of any russian pollution in this case or that they just want to florence to court was ruled no evidence was the evolution loner i see in iowa well of course they are. very serious. very. man and show shot. by our century it is generally understood oh well m.p.'s in the u.k.
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will vote soon on whether to leave the european union without a deal just sixteen days for britain's shadow of exit there's still no consensus concession on how that will happen for his prime minister to resign may on wednesday told parliament her deal is still the best option on the table several children have been rescued after a three story building collapse in nigeria's city of lagos but dozens are feared trapped of primary school was on the third floor of the building two young men opened fire in a school in the brazilian city of south paolo killing at least eight people and then themselves at least six humans are among the dead seventeen people mostly children have been taken to hospital the attack happened shortly after classes started for the morning canada is the latest country to ground the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft after an ethiopian airlines jet crashed on sunday killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board american airlines have so far continued to fly the planes the us federal aviation administration has come under
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criticism for the decision several countries of ground of the jet until investigations reveal what caused the crash those are the headlines on al-jazeera we're back in half an hour right now it's inside story. small countries ban the boeing seven three seven max from the skies after two fatal crashes in just five months but the u.s. and the plane maker say the jet is safe so who's right and how will the accident affect confidence in malton at travel this is inside story.
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hello again i'm jane spays boeing calls the seven three seven the most popular jet aircraft of all time the u.s. plane maker hoped its new seven three seven max eight would bring in a new era of passengers safety but two crashes in five months are raising serious questions investigators are trying to work out what caused an ethiopian airlines seven three seven max to go down just after takeoff on sunday killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board some believe there are remarkable similarities to another crash that killed one hundred eighty nine people in indonesia in october more countries the grounding the planes and passengers a counseling that trips but boeing and u.s. aviation regulators say there's nothing to worry about we'll bring in our panel of
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experts guests in a moment but first rob reynolds reports from seattle where the planes are assembled . as investigators sifted through the wreckage outside addis ababa more and more of boeing's seven thirty seven max aircraft were being grounded in countries around the world but not in the united states where aviation officials insist the aircraft is safe many u.s. airline passengers a flight attendants union and aircraft experts are calling for it to be grounded while in washington lawmakers planned hearings on aviation safety the seven thirty seven max. a should be grounded immediately. there is no reason for american flyers to be less safe than. china ethiopia argentina mexico and now apparently the united
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kingdom well i think out of an abundance of caution and frankly common sense it makes sense to ground aircraft that's been involved in two very tragic accidents and only six months speculation into the cause of the two separate crashes has centered on flight control software several u.s. based airline pilots reported potentially dangerous behavior of the seven thirty seven maxes flight control system which they say plunged the plane into a steep dive before the crews disconnected the computer system and flew the aircraft manually but boeing insists its best selling aircraft remain safe u.s. federal aviation agency or f.a.a. requires the company to undertake a software enhanced spend that boeing says will be deployed on the max lead in the coming weeks boeing says the updates of maneuvering flight control and pilot display software would make quote an already safe aircraft even safer president
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donald try. spoke by phone with boeing c.e.o. dennis mulan berg who has appeared with trump several times at events in recent years the call followed to trump tweets complaining that airplanes said become too complicated there is a precedent for a global ban in two thousand and thirteen u.s. officials ordered boeing to take its massive new dreamliner out of service to resolve a problem with battery fires. the entire worldwide fleet of all boeing's seven three seven max aircraft would cost the company somewhere between one and five billion dollars that's according to wall street analysts but that would be a cost that boeing would be well able to absorb the company just posted revenues of over one hundred billion dollars and that includes profits of more than ten billion
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dollars robert oulds al-jazeera seattle so what xing rubs report should we be concerned about flying the netherlands based aviation safety network says deaths from plane crashes a fall instead of the last two decades in two thousand and five at least one thousand people were killed on commercial flights worldwide that figure went down to zero in twenty seventeen last year the number of deaths just exceeded five hundred but aviation analysts say fatal crashes a still rather dutch company to seventy estimates there was one fatal accident every three million flights making twenty's eighteen the third safest year on record. let's discuss this more now with our panel of guests and in new york we have kyle bailey he's a pilot and former f.a.a. safety representative in fredericksburg texas via skype we have told curtis he's
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a former airline safety engineer at boeing and in singapore matt driscoll he's the editor of asian aviation magazine welcome to all of you if i could start in singapore with you matt the seven three seven many of our viewers will have flown on it first flew back in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven in fact in april sixty seven a month before i was born but this seven three seven max is a new explain the differences for us well the max is as you said it's a new airplane sort of the it's the follow on from the seven thirty seven new generation that's got a longer fuselage it's got. more fuel efficient engines it's got to be for your under kerridge the landing gear and things like that and it's really sort of the the hopes and dreams of boeing future because the seven thirty seven's narrow
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bodies which is a seven thirty seven and also the airbus a three twenty those are really the work courses of the aviation industry now. if you look at the numbers for more than four billion people flew last year and a lot of those people flew on narrow body aircraft are very good at point to point the airlines back into the gills and they really are the future of aviation especially in asia because you've got very short hops from vietnam to malaysia or singapore to to the philippines or something like that and those planes are perfect for it. we'll come to you taught in a moment because you used to work for boeing and this is such an important craft for boeing but kajal you used to work for the f.a.a. and their safety team tell us what we know about these two crashes and also where the similarities might be from what we know not the speculation but what we
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actually know. right now the similar similarities are almost you know. per for lack of a better term perfect similarities. we're talking minutes after takeoff same exact aircraft type new aircraft. that you know the airplanes were both in a climb profiled and it's really just a perfect match when it comes to. you know the phase of flight that these aircraft were in top what's your view on the two crashes happening less than five months after each other. how disturbing are these similarities to you when you look at it well on the first point is very unusual to have a very new model aircraft have two crashes in short succession this was common in the early days of jedi d.h. in the sixties and seventies when new models were introduced but recently that
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hasn't been the case so this stands on that no on the other hand the other similarities are quite striking similar age of the aircraft in fact ethiopian aircraft was delivered several weeks after the liner crash in indonesia and also even though there is a lot more information about the liner crash currently and presumably the pilots of the an aircraft would have known about this crash and how to avoid it still a very similar crash occurred. and not in terms of these two airlines there have been some question marks about law in there but as we've just heard they are they were brand new planes only recently delivered by boeing and the ethiopian airlines it's worth telling of us is one of the key players in pan african aviation with a pretty good record yes well from what i understand
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yes i mean obviously we cover we focus on asia and lion air actually did not have and does not have the best reputation in the world when it comes to aviation safety indonesia as a as a rule also doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to asia to aviation safety but from what i understand from what i've read ethiopian airlines was actually considered a very good airline i think a lot of n.g.o.s and a lot of united nations people there were on the flight but the u.n. uses the airline and they were they were considered a very good airline very reputable airline told would you agree with that record holder of ethiopian airlines this is an airline that even in the days of men gets to the marxist dictator of ethiopia seem to operate reasonably efficiently and is one of the few airlines that can get you across the whole continent of africa. ethiopian does stand out because of that it also had
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a very very close relationship with boeing going back decades and in fact ethiopian was one of the first airlines anywhere in the world to fly the seven eight seven and they have quite a few of those a quite a quite a few seven seven seventh's and of course this newest model of the seven three seven now although ethiopian has had several fatal events in the past they also plan a context that's far more demanding than what you would see in north america or western europe and as the other panelist stated this is the preferred airline of international business travelers and n.g.o.s who operate in africa because they spend the continent they have a very large fleet very regular service around the continent and they are trustworthy airline when it comes to how they operate their fleet coyle one assumes that now in. there is a great deal of effort going on give us your insight to exactly what investigators will be focusing all now and what they'll be looking to from the line at crash
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well right now i think the key is those two recorders both the data and the cockpit voice recorder is the key that's what the world is waiting for it for those to be analyzed they both were found the question the condition of the boxes you know has not yet been released but if there's a good data on both of which i assume they're well i think we're going to have a very good picture of what's good what went on in that cockpit and with the airplane in the next several days to possibly a week depending on the condition of the of those boxes so those boxes when they're analyzed and when they when they're complete. it's similar to a home flight simulator so they could basically plug in to a monitor and they could see the entire approach flight profile just like you would on say a microphone microsoft lite simulator and in addition to that there are hundreds
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and hundreds of flight parameters that are all recorded. such things as push positioning of levers positioning of switches positioning of flaps and then the key is going to be the noises in the cockpit is there any kind of struggle you know that there's a sound like you know the pilots are trying to push the control yoke or pull on it or is or any you know straining sounds beef between the pilot and the copilot and one interesting thing the point now. which is very important is that there actually was communication from the pilots to air traffic control so typically when you have say an airplane just blows up in mid-flight from a bomb or a missile strike there is no time for the pilots to communicate with the control tower as pilots the rule of thumb is aviate navigate communicate and what that means is first to fly the airplane then you navigate and then you communicate with the appropriate authorities whether it be air traffic control or on the urgency
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frequency ok given to you later were you in the ocean i bring you in matt there will clearly be one thing to compare what happened with law and i know we don't yet even have a full result into what happened with that crash it's still early days what do we know about that. if you mean the lion air i mean one thing i wanted to talk about that your guest just now brought up there's been some recent reporting that the flight data recorders by scott carrier member if it was associated press or reuters or some on some other agency that they're reporting that the recorders have sustained some damage which of course you might you know would be normal but also there was a bit of a skirmish going on between ethiopia and the u.s. on where actually the data would be downloaded ethiopia had wanted to go to great
2:36 am
britain apparently the u.s. is pushing for the flight recorders to be downloaded in the u.s. and apparently they're going to go to europe although they haven't said whether it's going to be great britain or some other country i would assume that would probably be great business great britain based on the on the recordings again but if your question is about the similarities with line air and ethiopia again we don't know i mean there's been eyewitness reports that the plane was trailing smoke and debris which i will defer to the expertise your other two guests but that would seem. to contradict what happened with the m. cast system in the lion air incident. and would might point to something else going on i don't know if those if those eyewitness reports are accurate ok we'll come to the m caste system in a moment because i think that is important in this discussion but it's worth
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explaining how the world has reacted to this at the moment there are nearly three hundred fifty boeing seven three seven max planes in service around the world let's have a look who's grounded the plane ethiopian airlines is one of the least sixteen carriers the others include china russia seven fly dubai and norwegian ad and in large parts of the world the e.u. australia india and the. indonesia the regulators have banned the jet from their airspace so where are they still flying the plane it's the u.s. and canada the largest u.s. operators southwest airlines says it still has confidence in the aircraft very different reaction taught used to work for boeing who's right surely it's right to be on the on the cautious side isn't it there are very good arguments on both sides either to be out of an an abundance of caution to ground the aircraft or out of a lack of evidence to a fine until better evidence comes about and really in my opinion if there is any
2:38 am
information either from this accident or from other incidents which may come to light after this accident if any information comes out which points to a problem i think it would be prudent for the u.s. and canada to ground the aircraft now for the time being that's not the case but even as we speak the canadian authorities are considering limiting which aircraft can fly based on whether the pilots have gotten sufficient supplemental supplemental training to deal with the new us like control system so this is a very much a situation in that's in flux and it may change radically in the next few days kyle this is something that was highlighted even before the latest crash after the lion air crash it was in the newspapers the new york times had a headline back in february jet software was updated pilots weren't do
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you see a big problem here and if there is a big problem with pilots not being brought up to speed not being given proper training who's to blame boeing all the u.s. authorities. you know i think as far as the recurrent training for you know complying with any directives that you know that were. that went out by the u.s. government i think it would be the airline's responsibility to ensure that their pilots are up to date on all the newest procedures for you know counteracting the system or you know a runaway elevator as elevator trim as they call it it would be on the airline's responsibility we have to remember when the f.a.a. is making decisions about grounding an entire fleet they're not really concerned with public opinion you know they're primarily they analyze data and they look at the facts that's what they're doing and of course you know they think like any
2:40 am
regular human being does but you know as a body you know they're looking at the facts. and they're looking at the data i was actually interviewed about twenty years ago by the n.t.s.b. here in the u.s. and they didn't care what my opinion was that they want to know exactly. you know you know what was you know what i witnessed what i saw and they frankly they don't care about opinion or what somebody thinks happened there they just want the facts told there's been some reporting and you will part of the world the best negotiations in the dallas morning news showing the u.s. pilots who fly this plane the seven three seven max have logged concerns in an official registrar one pilot party said it was unconscionable that his company and federal authorities allowed pilots to fly planes without adequate training how worried are you when you hear these sort of reports. well the system that's true
2:41 am
sir to is actually run by nasa and it exists so that pilots and others need the asian industry can report things that they think may be a safety issue it may be a security issue and i did review many of those last night and i did see that particular comment by that pilot and that's actually a common concern of pilots in the united states that the authorities who are responsible boeing and the f.a.a. should have been a bit more forward in informing pilots that this particular version of the seven three seven has an changes that were not in any of the previous versions and the pilot is unaware of those changes they could put the aircraft into a situation that could be dangerous now i would hope that there are other reports out there that have not yet been put into the system where seven three seven max pilots may have seen something unusual but thought well it wasn't an incident it was an accident i didn't have to report it to the authorities i would hope that now
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they would take this opportunity to report anything unusual they've seen so that the world aviation community can make a better decision because frankly the data from the crash may be days or weeks before that data is analyze the world may not have that much time but one of their craft is at risk so any information that's out there pilot should get it out into the public. very worrying thoughts matt how worried should the public be about this particular plane which is still flying in parts of the world particularly the u.s. and canada and this makes everyone think about getting on a plane how worried should they be about aviation safety in general not well i'm smiling not. i'm not discounting the seriousness seriousness of the situation but i was flying back from the philippines yesterday as a matter of fact on silk air which has six seven thirty seven max eight since inventory and i had tried to get in touch with the airline to find out if that was
2:43 am
indeed what we were going to be flying if that was going to be the equipment on the flight and i never heard back from them and when i got to the airport i was in say boo when i got to the airport and was checking in and i asked and asked the lady who was checking me n are we still flying a seven thirty seven dash eight and right about that time i got an alert on my phone that china had shut down had banned you know the plane from flying and she looked at me and she said no so you know we substituted it with an a three twenty. so you know i had personal experience with it i personally was worried and it's not i fly frequently as part of the job. was in the philippines just a few days ago yesterday i was in kuala lumpur before that i go to hong kong pretty soon and i go to south korea as well. so i'm used to it. so
2:44 am
you know as a human being yeah i'm a little bit nervous and just because of the unknowns that are out there. if we could get if we had access to the data from be theo p. and crash that would be great that would go a long way toward sorting a lot of these questions out ok let me bring in carl the column is you'll get presently that carl you'll president that in in the united states president trump has been adding his views on this on twitter saying we should be worried about the fact that computers now fly planes is that a genuine concern or is does that actually make aviation much safer well it does make aviation now much safer in you know fairness to him not him i think his heart was in the right place i think he's mainly looking at the worker standpoint where automation is taking the over the world but as far as it pertains to aviation these systems are an absolute necessity and they've saved countless lives in the past there's no doubt so if all these systems were taken away and we don't move forward
2:45 am
with more automation you know you're going to have a loss of life so these systems need to be in place there's in the aviation industry todd todd very quickly out told very quickly at the end of our discussion which you reassure people watching this early this is a concern of the entire world but partly because there are thirty five nationalities who were killed in this of that and i'm concerned personally because i actually had a family member flight ethiopia the next i assured her that the information we have there is nothing to be concerned about over and above the normal risk but this is a big question this is something the whole world is taking a look at this is something that authorities around the world are taking a look at and i'm absolutely confident that if anything comes about that points to a higher risk anywhere in the system we'll know about it and will take action a thought provoking discussion particularly if like me of flying in the next forty
2:46 am
eight hours the. thank you to our guests we have carl bailey todd curtis and matt driscoll if you watch this show again you'll find it on the web site out is there a dot com before i fly away i'll be back here again on inside story so what should we discuss next time let us know facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story or on twitter we are at a.j. inside story for me james buys what i for now.
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when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or isn't there or tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confessions on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story below six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told people are telling us that there's no medicine or nothing up there and you al-jazeera has teens on the ground u.s. air power alone is not enough to bring in more documentaries and live news on air and online. is
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a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes youth worker it's nanny dearie it's reclaiming its image by putting its younger that in behind the camera. this truth we don't often hear told by the people who live there. this is europe on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes moments after donald trump's former campaign manager was sentenced to more prison time another grand jury files charges against paul manifold. building collapses in the nigerian city of lagos and dozens of school children are feared trapped. i may not have my own voice but i do understand the voice of the country in an hour from now the british parliament will vote on whether the u.k. should leave the european union it without a deal. two gunmen opened fire inside a school in brazil south paolo eight people are killed in sport barcelona are aiming for. the champions league quarter finals the last remaining spanish side in the competition. in the last sixteen.
2:50 am
u.s. president donald trump's former campaign chief paul man of forty will spend three and a half more years behind bars manifold pled guilty to money laundering obstruction of justice and failing to disclose in lobbying work that he made tens from which he made tens of millions of dollars he received nearly four years for tax evasion and other financial crimes in a separate case last week and just minutes after that sentencing metaphor was indicted yet again this time by the manhattan grand jury in new york city he faces an additional fifteen charges related to residential mortgage fraud and other state crimes will credit cohen is live for us in washington so patty first of all on the on the federal case and that was in court today there in washington how did things unfold inside that courtroom. but i want to paint a picture for you man of four came he was granted exemption to wear one of those famous suits that became a focal part of this case the judge it was during sentencing saying that he did
2:51 am
these crimes not necessarily because he had to feed his family but to feed an opulent lifestyle by more suits than one man possibly wear in a lifetime but he was wearing a suit in a wheelchair because he says he's experiencing gout he was able to stand though when the judge entered the courtroom he was stone faced as the judge really was a damaging statement basically parading him saying that he's treated this whole case as if it was just something to spin that he has lied he has not been serious remember he was found guilty to charges of virginia so he made a plea deal with special counsel robert muller's office he said fine i'll cooperate give me a lighter sentence well the special prosecutor said when they did that they set him down put him under oath and he continued to lie to the f.b.i. and to the grand jury so the plea deal was ripped up so here we are and the judge could have sentenced him to ten years in prison on top of the almost four years he got in virginia but she didn't so basically what he's looking at is seven and a half years he's going to get credit for the time he's already spent in jail. and
2:52 am
then we'll probably get credit for good behavior so with that question the beginning of this was if the seven year old was going to basically die in prison or have a chance of seeing sunlight again and now it looks like he does have a chance to eventually be free but still his lawyers came out spoke to reporters they were not at all happy with the judge's decision for anyone who was in the courtroom today what i'm about to say will not be a surprise. judge jackson. conceded that there was absolutely no evidence of any russian collusion in this case or that they too cool or too court was ruled no evidence was provisioned lowder russia was rather far. larry. than i'm sure a child. centered that is totally unnecessary. yes so just an example there are suppose of how heated the rhetoric is picking has
2:53 am
become there and on the legal troubles don't end there for man afford to do then there is this third case now involving mortgage fraud in new york city what's happening there. we'll get to that in one second but first i want to point out that the protesters that were yelling that that was a lie the protesters were actually right that is a lie the judge specifically said this case was not about proving collusion that wasn't the charge then she's got a laugh in the courtroom when she said you can't say that the investigation has or produce anything when you lied to the investigators so that was the scene here today obviously it is heated here this is all about donald trump that tends to bring out passions on both sides as for the new york. the new york excuse me the the lawyer the district attorney he has now filed these charges saying that metaphor committed mortgage fraud and he lied about business records and he committed fraud so what is this about well he's making man a for it's prison time pardon for basically because the president has signaled that
2:54 am
he might pardon paul metaphor it says he feels bad for him and the u.s. president but he has the power to do that with federal crimes not with state crime so the new york district attorney sent a message the president go ahead pardon him doesn't mean he's not going spend time in prison all right to call a lie first there in washington. now dozens of people have been pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building in nigeria's commercial capital lagos rescuers using their bare hands to find others buried in what's left of the three story building it is thought up to one hundred children were inside a school at the time we'll be live at the scene in a moment first rory chalons has this report. freed at least but not moving this is one of just a handful of children pulled from the rubble so far the collapse three storey building contained homes shops and a primary school for at least one hundred young students it's in the it's a foggy area of lagos island the original heart of nigeria's most populous city.
2:55 am
this child looks in better shape you can hear the relief of the onlookers as she's carried through the crowd to an ambulance. was then another limp form emerges these are frantic rescue efforts or people wait for an organized professional response to arrive just symbiote i heard i was just passing by i heard a house had collapsed so i had to straightaway reach people living in there to rescue those that could be rescued so at least some people have been rescued and taken to hospitals mainly their students is there is a school where a fire engine and a few ambulances a surrounded by crowds have climbed all over the ruined building the bigger is helping shift slabs of concrete and brick but people are also using their bare hands trying to get to the unknown number of victims still trapped underneath will reach out and say how does iraq. well let's speak now to journalist
2:56 am
anna conning him who's at the scene of the collapse in lagos so what is happening there right now. well at the moment it's going to get done very quickly and this is an area of lagos really doesn't have electricity and power so what they've been doing the last few minutes is trying to bring in some permanent ice to light up the sea while farty a saying they will continue with this rescue operation until they are one hundred percent sure that they're it's nobody left inside i can see they're just bringing down another caterpillar tickets and despite all of the movement going on at sea just a few minutes ago there was a big rush of people in this big cheer from the crowd and they pull somebody out but equally a few moments before that somebody in a body back so it's clearly still a very fluid situation and that working with what they have here there is no
2:57 am
great emergency response in the city of lagos these streets very narrow that finding it very difficult to get the thinking. that they need in addition to what is on the site down the street. yet it certainly does look from the pictures like quite a chaotic scene there anna and this is a real race against the clock isn't it to try to find any survivors that may be down there what kind of challenges are they dealing with in terms of getting under all of those. pieces of concrete and metal and and trying not to babson upset things further down there. it's very difficult a lot of people feel. very. sorry to have to be back yeah you can see that the situation is very tense right.
2:58 am
people are very confused so it's what is going on when there is more concrete that it needs a lot of people rushing along the scene and i don't think getting stopped. people are getting more concerned about what's going on so i think the situation is very tense to just bring the camera back to a sense if we can. see even more of the mind to. what you just saw that happened that time last hour that people let me rest along the street. i and it's not a clear picture of why that was and whether that fearing that there it's more. of a class and i'm. all there is some situation going on that the time that we're not clear about. the units rescue operation is going to continue into the night but have we heard anything there from from the authorities about how
2:59 am
all of this is being done. because again just going by the pictures there doesn't it doesn't seem to be much in the way of anybody taking charge there i know and i think the case you think seen in the last few as many people say nobody is in charge people are trying you can't hear exactly what the people are trying out from and it feels like many people complaining that the management operation if it is not effective we're now nine hours or so in the building but i can at the moment they can't say exactly how many people are assigned. all right for the moment and i thank you ronnie and a coming home reporting to us there from lagos under some clearly difficult conditions there clichy active.
3:00 am
there were just sixteen days to go until britain's shadow departure from the european union there's growing uncertainty the spidey rejection on tuesday night of the british prime minister's briggs's plan to resign may was defiant as she stood up to face the opposition in question time our earlier on wednesday she told parliament her deal is still the best option on the table the house of commons voted against her amended plan three hundred ninety one to two hundred forty two deepening britain's worst political crisis for generations. i may not have my own voice but i do understand the voice of the country they want. to it and that is people want to leave the e.u. they want to aintree movement they want to have our own trade policy they want to ensure laws and made in this country i judged in our court that's what the deal did
3:01 am
it was that's what i continue to work to deliver. her do you has been slightly rejected twice by this house.


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