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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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in union there is growing uncertainty the spidey rejection on tuesday night of the british prime minister's briggs's plan to resign may was defiant as she stood up to face the opposition in question time our earlier on wednesday she told parliament her deal is still the best option on the table the house of commons voted against her amended plan three hundred ninety one to two hundred forty two deepening britain's worst political crisis for generations. i may not have my own voice but i do understand the voice of the country they want. to it and that is people want to d.c. you they want to aintree movement they want to have our own trade policy they want to ensure balls and made in this country and judged in our core that's what the deal delivers that's what i continue to work to deliver. her deal has been rejected twice by this house why aren't precedented majorities and even the
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smalling the c.b.i. has said that no deal would be and i quote a sledgehammer to the economy. and. the and went on to say there has been no consultation with business adding this is no way to run a country the result of the deal is now is because every step of the way the prime minister has refused to listen or parliament will be holding at that votes in less than an hour that's when m.p.'s will vote on whether the u.k. should leave the twenty eight member bloc without any deal if it's rejected another vote on thursday on delaying the march twenty ninth breaks that deadline if that is passed may well then need to request an extension from the e.u. but the block has already said it will only do that if there's enough reason to. i am against every extension when an extension of one day one week even twenty four
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hours if it is not based on a clear opinion of the house of commons for something that we know what they want is it less ambitious than the deal ok this lesson which is that the deal that's your opinion if it is a customs union it is a customs union if it is the deal it is the deal if it is in no way a person it's a lot of press but please make up your mind because this uncertainty cannot continue. live in london so long as we just heard from the european. there and i suspect that those are the feelings of many people in the u.k. as well. well yes i mean you know you can always rely on give all steps to call a spade a spade as as as as people say but it does demonstrate the gigantic frustration.
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that this felt across european capitals because they worked so hard to try to accommodate all the british requests from this thing about the backstop. that the european union has been trying to institute was britain's request in the first place and it ended up being some of the that the british government made it look like they're being dragged into by the europeans it was a british idea that the europeans trying to institute the british and actually we don't like it very much and so every single time the europeans have tried to accommodate the latest british thing there's been some faction or other inside palm of the said no sorry that's no good give us a different source of bricks instead and this is the problem they've got here at the moment is having rejected to resign may's plan they haven't got any of the plan that they can presents of the european union particularly before the european council next week and say look how about having a go at this one let's see if we can do something in states and the europeans so made it very plain they all flexible if the british can come with some sort of new
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deal to say this is we can get a majority in parliament for this one and the european union has said fine what let's what that's let's see if we can work with that but they can't get anywhere until the british make their minds up in this still no sign of that happening. lois lane live for us there in london plenty more ahead on this news hour we hear from relatives of the victims of sunday's ethiopian airlines crash some of whom lost whole families. saudi activists stand trial after campaigning for women's rights in the kingdom. and don't cross here a road pedestrian causes chaos at a cycling bracy in italy and thousands. who've been. sold out still ahead but first two young men have opened fire in a school in the brazilian city of san paolo killing at least eight people and then
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themselves students are among the dead seventeen people mostly children have been taken to hospital. lifeless in buenos aires so daniel what happened here. well the details are still being assessed by investigators this happened about sixty kilometers from the center of sao paolo in a district known as suzanne no a school. elementary school two attackers it thought their ages are between twenty and twenty five entered the school having first attacked a vehicle shows really in the neighborhood they opened fire it said with a revolver some are saying with a bow and arrow and some reports to say they also had some kind of explosives with them four children were killed at the scene two died later on the way to hospital two workers at the school were also killed eighteen so it'll and then the two attackers are the tuckers killed themselves at the scene so
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a great deal of confusion all around sixteen seventeen children have been taken to nearby hospitals some of them said to be in a critical condition the governor of cell paolo. has been to the scene talking about bringing psychologists on to the scene forming the families families concerned obviously waiting outside the school gates while the investigations continues a scene of great devastation of great trauma in this town of those who is i don't need to need to sao paolo down you're trying to live for us in buenos aires thanks dan. a canada has joined much of the weld in a bar in the boeing seven three seven x. eight jet from its and space that's off to the plane crash in ethiopia on sunday killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board but the u.s. continues to say the jets is safe to fly and rob reynolds is live for us in renton
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in washington state so rob you are aware boeing makes many of those planes one of they say now. yes that's right the in fact cause of that so that one of the best selling planes in boeing's inventory you can see behind me just a small part of the vast factory complex that boeing has here south of seattle which manufactures a variety of planes now as you mentioned canadian transport minister marc garneau it had a in a press conference earlier today said that some of the similarities between the crash of the lion air jet in october seventh three seven max and the same aircraft just a few days ago the tragedy in ethiopia. and analysis of satellite
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data from those two incidents across the threshold in the minds of his experts in his words that led them to take the decision that it would be best to. to ground the aircraft in canada air canada and west jet had been some of the major fliers of that plane so this does leave the united states virtually alone in the world in keeping the seven three seven max aloft the federal aviation administration the prime safety agency in this regard is steadfast in saying that they see no system. make problems with the seven three seven max and no particular reason to ground the fleet the big us air carriers southwest air and american airlines each fly hundreds of seven three seven maxes in their fleets we also learned some news about business travel certain large corporations
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are asking their trad their business travel companies to not book any of their employees or executives on any flights on seven three seven maxa's that comes from the carlson wagon lip which told the financial times that some of its biggest customers are now saying they want to take a temporary halt in flying on these planes. sifted through the wreckage outside addis ababa more and more of boeing's seven thirty seven max aircraft were being grounded in countries around the world but not in the united states where aviation officials insist the aircraft is safe many u.s. airline passengers a flight attendants union and aircraft experts are calling for it to be grounded while in washington lawmakers planned hearings on aviation safety the seven thirty
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seven max. a should be grounded immediately. there is no reason for american flyers to be less safe than. china ethiopia argentina mexico and now apparently the united kingdom well i think out of an abundance of caution and frankly common sense it makes sense to ground aircraft that's been involved in two very tragic accidents and only six months speculation into the cause of the two separate crashes has centered on flight control software several u.s. based airline pilots reported potentially dangerous behavior of the seven thirty seven maxes flight control system which they say plunged the plane into a steep dive before the crews disconnected the computer system and flew the aircraft manually but boeing insists its best selling aircraft remain safe
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u.s. federal aviation agency or f.a.a. requires the company to undertake a software enhanced meant that boeing says will be deployed on the max lead in the coming weeks boeing says the updates of maneuvering flight control and pilot display software would make quote an already safe aircraft even safer president donald trump's. vote by phone with boeing c.e.o. dennis mulan berg who has appeared with trump several times at events in recent years the call followed to trump tweets complaining that airplanes said become too complicated there is a precedent for a global ban in two thousand and thirteen u.s. officials ordered boeing to take its massive new dreamliner out of service to resolve a problem with battery fires. and now the it's important to emphasize
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that the investigations into both presses are not complete in fact of course in the case of the ethiopian airlines it's in the very early stages but the blast so-called black box flight recorders have been recovered and that should help investigators come to some more definite conclusions and solve this mystery of what is going on with the seven three seven max and with boeing awesome thanks runnels live for us in renton washington now one hundred fifty seven people from at least thirty five nationalities were killed in sunday's ethiopian jet crash thirty two of them what kenyan the highest number from any country catherine so i has more on the families and communities coming together to greece. it's hard to imagine the pain john cwindows is going through relatives and friends have been coming to his home in the cooler the rift valley to console him since they had news that his wife . and three grandchildren had died in the ethiopian airlines crash on sunday his
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wife was a retired school teacher who had gone to canada to visit their daughter carole and her children brian kelly and nine month old ruby are coming back to kenya for a visit. to the village for. relatives of those who died are now waiting for information from the government in ethiopia adeline's on when they'll be travelling to ethiopia their d.n.a. may be needed to identify the remains of windows and his family have started burial paper a show but they'll have to wait a little longer for the remains of their loved ones to be brought home if you can airlines officials say the identification process is delegates and will take time the plane went down just minutes after takeoff killing all a hundred fifty seven people on board most of those who died are kenyans.
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these mourners are grieving for yet another victim a priest. who was retiring home from rome where he was working and i don't even want to see his sister ruth logical did not even know he was coming he wanted to surprise her my brother was very social and he was a very close friend to me who was not only a brother but the fred we would talk so many things. as they moaned their loved ones a little information they're getting is i did to their ordeal we talked to say their patient but also want the whole process over quickly so they can bury their loved ones and then perhaps begin to heal catherine soy al-jazeera kenya. still ahead on newsnight a more rain forecast in southern africa and we'll have the latest on floods in malawi. california's governor puts one of america's most controversial issues back
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into the spotlight. and later in sport we'll hear from tiger woods it believes this could be the year when he returns to the top of the world again. time for more action i'm afraid from the weather giving a miserable day also to the levant this is it developing have a turkey and a bit further west that's the start of the low with a close friend well ahead so the picture between for wednesday and thursday is increasingly cloudy likely to be wet in lebanon and syria and indeed iraq that's a picture comes with the drapes of the green which of course is rain snow high ground that goes all the way down through the eastern side of iraq and hits the mountains of iran where of course we generate even bigger storms thunderstorms on
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the darker green or indeed the white suggests an active system but tell me get to middle of friday this is the picture of the north and the round still the potential a little bit of rain every now again northern syria and turkey but a generally better picture throughout the levant it's not all staying out found also will be i think a throwaway trough on its way side of the picture on a cloudy one through kuwait and saudi bahrain and qatar with a shark or possibly all red sea coast join the line and followers in this general direction could be an interesting least sparky right after say says united friday that's friday's picture which means the wind is more or less going off to the skies will clear twenty five in doha but thirty three in mecca. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as illegally migrant joining with the military to impose
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a deadly political agenda we have to flow to our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a. person not religion this is the politic me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. the chips first democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it firsthand more see the final hours. on al-jazeera.
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but again you're watching i do see a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump's former campaign chief will spend another three and a half years in jail all metaphor pled guilty to money laundering and failing to disclose lobbying work he's also been charged by a new york court with mortgage fraud. british m.p.'s are about to vote on whether to leave the european union without a deal the result could set up another vote on thursday to extend the march twenty ninth deadline has said it will only do that if there's a good enough reason. dozens of people have been pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building in nigeria's commercial capital lagos rescuers are using their bare hands to find others buried in what's left of the three story building stored up to one hundred children were inside a school at the time. the u.s.
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state department has changed its description of the golan heights in syria from israeli occupied to israeli controlled in its annual global human rights report israel has been lobbying u.s. president donald trump to recognize israeli sovereignty over the territory a separate section on the west bank and gaza strip does not refer to the palestinian territory as being occupied or under occupation let's go live now to rosalynn jordan in washington so rosalind what is what does all this change in language mean what's behind it. well. michael kozak who is in charge of the state department bureau that produces these human rights reports said that this was an effort by the department to try to be more reflective of geographic considerations and designations rather than get into legal controversies and he said during wednesday's briefing that this was being done with advice from
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the state department's legal office that they don't want to get into the questions of territorial status they underscored that this is still something that needs to be settled through negotiations between the palestinians and the israelis but he did push back against the suggestion by some in the other journalists in the room that this was the trumpet ministration trying to change the facts on the ground trying to essentially accede to its view of what the territorial holdings should be between israel and the palestinians essentially taking the side of the current government of prime minister benjamin netanyahu. all right rosalynn jordan live for us in washington thanks was. now back now to the building collapse in lagos nigeria is live for us there so why give now arrived at the scene tell us what's happening
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. when basic operations rescue operations are still ongoing as you see right behind me heavy machines are trying to move the debris from the fall and building where a lot of people are still believed to be trapped so far the rescue of dozens of people who are in hospital receiving treatment and. a lot of people who are able to identify some of the victims who died were able to have a closure and some of them at least one person i was told was able to bury you who is who died in the building right behind us now the incident happened around ten twenty five local time about ninety five g.m.t. and it was at a time when school was in session and a lot of activity here now to talk about what happened actually in this scene today on the scene today is the general manager nick a state emergency management agency mr ibish you know. you.
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can you explain to us exactly what happened here and what were you able as emergency workers what were you able to do in order to rescue the people thank you very much this building here saabs said this is the loss of a school. about ten to the five in the in the bone in look at call that the building collapse on students and of course is that here when we go to we already know it's in the community boys love to help you know in front of so many people but the town got it so we came in and joined it so how many people have been saved so close to fifty by my have my last come out and mr thompson how many how many bodies were you able to recover oh you see i want to be very careful about that because yes there are dead bodies. cannot deny that but we need to take out because between here and the generals to do when we set up a triad there must be a relationship to be able to count down our people that we have to can build me up
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that cause of their injuries in it'll also manage all of that and then at the end of this exercise of course we're going to easy joint release states in every fight that's related to know basically risk in prisons have been going on here for hours yes how long will this continue and what is a school for it is now the questions like these you cannot determine time is what you have done you can see lights from night walk here we will continue to go ahead on to west shore nobody's buried on that oval what this kind of joy is doing is carefully durables clearly and then and looking for possible chopped victims and that there are life and are soon as we see one who will stop and then who didn't know moscow and bring them out to do to fulton about. she does not skis that the condition of all images responders are here including the hospital i have over fifty number lances from it all say this is you know if the government will also
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have foreign bodies in embassies sudden in supports to you know nobody really early on you said this building was in a residential area do they have a permit to go to run a school in this movie because it will also do an investigation into that but i doubt that on the gaza government what proof is in the building that this doctor before the if this mr additional tell you is the general manager of the labor state emergency management agency so a building collapse especially in this part of nigeria have been a regular occurrence as are dozens of people have died and today's incident which is as sad as the tease because of the involvement of dozens of young nigerians as well as people of old age is such a sad situation because all area has been thrown into mourning i was told that one person was able to bury his son already. thank you. this is breaking news now u.s. president donald trump has just announced an emergency order to ground all flights
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of the boeing seven three seven max eight and max nine planes any of the planes of those models in the air will go to their destination and then be grounded and told further notice that is of course after the crash on sunday by an ethiopian airlines plane which had killed all one hundred fifty seven people on board the u.s. had come under a lot of criticism for not making that decision earlier of just about after just about every other country in the world had it done so we're going to hear a portion now of what the u.s. president said we. had a very very detailed. group of people working on the seven thirty seven eight and the seven thirty seven hour and newark lives. we're going to be issuing an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the seven thirty seven.
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max eight and the seven thirty seven max nine. planes associated with that. a ten saudi activists have appeared in a court in riyadh for the first time since their detention a year ago the cases against them have joined international condemnation and outrage over the state of human rights in the kingdom how much of all has the story . is a young guy who's been fighting for saudi women aside to the wife among other demands she's a graduate of the university of british columbia in canada and was ranked by arabian business magazine as third on the list of top most powerful women in two thousand and fifteen in recognition of her feeling. but there again and other female campaigners paid a hefty price including constant house mint and even detention at the hands of saudi authorities. meeting in. the way last may she was
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arrested after releasing a video showing her behind the wheel on a highway between the united arab emirates and saudi arabia in defiance of the ban on women driving. and even though the ban was lifted a month later jane remained in detention without charge or access to a lawyer she only found out the accusations against her via social media she was moved from one jail to another and the times her family couldn't visit her in an article in the new york times her sister alia said jane told her family and rights groups that she was held in solitary confinement and tortured in the presence of saudi the tiny the former adviser to crown prince mohammed bin said. she said bonnie attend the torture sessions in person and threaten to rape her and throw her body into the sewage system during a you and human rights council session in geneva last week nearly forty countries
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including member states condemn saudi arabia over the way in which a head lewd and her co-actor wrists are being treated not only because their basic rights have been violated but also because of the way in which they are purely humanitarian activism is being construed as terrorism saudi authorities also said had lou and others were active as foreign agents spying on their own country which joined the high commissioner on this question upper third on the call on this or three or four of these to release all individuals including russia in our household the man i love you on our seas are yourself in a similar saga some are about r.v. abdullah says the tone of us it mohammed out by at the model. and children are detained for exercising their fundamental freedoms. the saudi authorities deny the allegations of torture and sexual harassment against that have you but they've so far failed to agree to demands by the un to release any of the activists mohammed
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fired. all right back now to our breaking news story the decision by u.s. president donald trump to ground all the seven three seven max eight and max nine planes as a result of the ethiopian air crash earlier this week we're going to go back to rob reynolds who is live for us in the state of washington where so many of those boeing planes are made for their reaction on how the plane maker is likely. to view that. well hossam no reaction from boeing corporate headquarters yet this has just happened the president taking the unusual step of going out and himself announcing the grounding of all of the seven three seven max aircraft in question this after the united states was the lone holdout among the virtually all nations around the world in
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allowing the plane to continue to fly it will certainly be a considerable financial blow to boeing there are big carriers in the united states such as american airlines southwest airlines that were still flying the seven three seven and now those planes will be on the ground could cause quite a bit of disruption for air travelers as well but boeing. faces some financial losses here according to wall street analysts they could lose up to one to five billion dollars with a worldwide grounding of the seventy seven max however boeing reap profits of ten billion dollars last year. revenues of over one hundred billion so if the company is in a position to absorb these losses awesome and speaking of financial losses just in the last few minutes the president made that announcement boeing shares have tumbled two percent in the u.s. stock market rob reynolds live for us there in washington more on that breaking
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news story as and when we get information now california's governor is expected to impose a moratorium on the death penalty that gavin newsome says the death penalty is a fadia which has discriminated against ethnic minorities the poor and the mentally ill executive order will affect more than seven hundred inmates on california's death row in the state has an executed anyone since two thousand and six. well cliff incl stein is the faculty director of the center for ethics in the rule of law at the university of pennsylvania more school he joins us now from cambridge thanks very much for being with us so what do you make of this decision then from the california for having me the governor acted on the basis of two concerns one was the concern about racial disparity in the administration of the death penalty which has a long history in our country and the other was concerns about innocence with
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regard to racial disparity a study was done a number of years ago in georgia which showed that there was a very strong correlation between the race of the victim and discrimination so that if you were one if you were black and your victim was white you had up to eleven times greater chance of receiving the death penalty than the other way around and that kind of concern still continues even in a state like california where it's really very rare given all the death eligible cases that anyone would receive the death penalty with regard to innocence there's a real change in this regard because d.n.a. testing has allowed for a precision in figuring out whether or not someone has been wrongfully convicted that it that never occurred before and i know that the california governor has stated concerns about the number of innocent people on death row and that really
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prompted this action so do you think this decision by california could set a train for elsewhere in the united states than. there have been other governors who have said that but they tend to be states that were not as frequent users of the death penalty and where the death penalty population was not as large california actually has the largest death penalty population in the country and so this is very significant on the other hand. there had just been a referendum passed in california about three years ago in which the people voted not to ban the death penalty and so this action will be controversial because it may appear to be undemocratic in not following the will of caliph own fornia voters appreciate your thoughts clear finkelstein joining us there.


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