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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 72  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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in terms about innocence with regard to racial disparity a study was done a number of years ago in georgia which showed that there was a very strong correlation between the race of the victim and discrimination so that if you were one if you were black and your victim was white you had up to eleven times greater chance of receiving the death penalty than the other way around and that kind of concern still continues even in a state like california where it's really very rare given all the death eligible cases that anyone would receive the death penalty with regard to innocence there's a real change in this regard because d.n.a. testing has allowed for a precision in figuring out whether or not someone has been wrongfully convicted that it that never occurred before and i know that the california governor has stated concerns about the number of innocent people on death row and that really
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prompted this action so do you think this decision by california could set a train for elsewhere in the united states than there have been other governors who have said that but they tend to be states that were not as frequent users of the death penalty and where the death penalty population was not as large california actually has the largest death penalty population in the country and so this is very significant on the other hand. there had just been a referendum passed in california about three years ago in which the people voted not to ban the death penalty and so this action will be controversial because it may appear to be undemocratic in not following the will of caliph own fornia voters appreciate your thoughts clear finkelstein joining us. from cambridge.
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again time to support his auntie i thank you so much as well barcelona's hatch coach says he's determined it is say one go the way of other big sides in this
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year's champions league boss of the last spanish club left in the competition after both madrid same's were knocked out the five time when izzard home to french probably on in the second leg of their last sixteen tie that seems to nil nil in the first like boss i mean to reach the quarter finals for the twelfth straight season is going to leave another sick people school bitter and angry the oil buddies arguments on the fact that teams like real madrid in paris asia may have been knocked out is big news it means anything can happen and we must take that into account if you think leon are a great team for what they've done in this competition in the way they play we must be a loose well of a for what's taking on german champions beyond munich the first leg around failed finishing no no as well liverpool's manager getting more than a little frustrated out of this one when asked how it seems european effort may impact on the bit so when the premier league title i really don't think that any other culture the world or marriage in the world has to answer this question of place champions league i really think it's really unique that only happens if you
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have a liverpool manager the better the pundits come for manchester united and stop this pigs that's how it is all south korean club have moved south of their asian champions league group the twenty twelve title when his chinese team shanghai as r.p.g. brazil's junior ground scoring the only goal of that game in seoul. the other match in group h. the japanese team car sucky friends help beating sydney f.c. one nil the australian saying bottom of the group with just one point from sue us. and i want to the n.f.l.'s biggest stars adel beckon jr has been traded the n.f.l.'s highest paid receiver is leaving the new york giants is on his way to the cleveland browns the beckon genia deal will be made official in the next few hours when the league's business year begins or n.f.l. broadcast the michael carson says the acquisition of back in june is a sign of renewed ambition at cleveland. potentially he is the best receiver in the
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league he certainly being the most spectacular but his his last couple of years with new york giants have been rather in and out with a little bit of controversy on the team quite a few injury absences and the question is how will he bear down to basically when he joins the browns now he joins of team that's really designed to break through to the top echelons of the n.f.l. this year he's got a quarterback at baker mayfield in his second year who had a very wide rookie season and ought to get better and he rejoins jarvis landry they were teammates in college and the two receivers will give cleveland a alayo layered approach to receiving in other words landry is great on the mid bit range passes across the middle of the old and back and has great going deep and mayfield is the kind of quarterback who can make time for himself to throw balls and it's going to be very difficult for defenses to deal with the two of them it's
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been a bad day for the world tennis number one spot not a joke that an i mean i suck oh abates an indian wells joke of it has won this tournament five times but harry is losing in round three he was beaten in straight sets by the un sated philipp kohlschreiber it's the first time the german has evidence in a world number one. i don't feel how this can you know disturb me in the long run and i you know i know what i'm capable often or quality of my tennis and. it's it's it's one of those days as have to congratulate your opponent move on. one indian wells last season then with sounds of climb back to back grand slams but a form has been unraveling somewhat recently since she sets her coach sasha by iain she lost in the first round in dubai last time outs and here she is going down in straight sets to linda and cheech. tiger woods returns from
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a week long injury thursday's players' championship he's insisting that the mine in next trainee has hasn't affected his preparations for next month's masters the first major of the year i'm right there have been where i need to be my finishes are getting a little better each and every time i've gone out so far this year and i've got a little more consistent level with my play and. you know i think that everything is headed on trial towards towards april tiger how much do you study analytics within your own game and if so certain statistics that you look at more than others yeah i do when some. we have four it says one his second the straight alpine ski world cup downhill title despite only winning one race all season the swiss has been consistently on the podium with some three finishes in eleven always last thirteen events only needed to finish twelve under or did that come to be finished in sixth place the race won by its unease dominate us. now to say the same boss
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talked to wolf believes his team will be pushed to the limits in the upcoming formula one season thousands of fans turning out to greet it seems in melbourne out of the first race of the new year in a sadie's of one the last five drivers titles with lewis hamilton the defending champ. today that i i yeah well it's nice but season we. were. very lucky. that rates of what to do many things that weren't true in an otherwise good training going back ready for the season so that to be a long year with this turn out means there's probably going to be a good weekend in our pedestrian course complete chaos during the opening song trial of its least serina droughts a car cycling rice the man was oblivious to the ride is coming towards him at around sixty kilometers an hour. those are the fronts of the group were able to swerve in pretty wet conditions as a policeman tried to pull the passer by off the road the man was taken to hospital
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one rider is being treated for concussion. and some of the world's best windsurfers have been taking on extreme weather conditions in ireland the storm chase competition absolutely living up to its name off the coast of donegal using the power generated by a huge north atlantic storm competitors found themselves taking on ten meter waves and winds in excess of one hundred thirty kilometers per hour. ok that is how your sport is looking for now the quest of thanks andy now we are just a few minutes away from the british parliament second. vote after overwhelmingly rejecting prime minister teresa mayes withdrawal plan on tuesday m.p.'s will now vote on whether the u.k. should leave the european union will have no deal at all and will be facing that choice in just about six minutes from now that vote will begin that's when m.p.'s
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will vote on leaving the twenty eight member bloc that is the european union without a deal if it's rejected there is another vote on thursday and that's on delaying the march twenty ninth briggs it deadline if that is passed may well need to request an extension from the e.u. but the block has already said it will only do that if there's a good enough reason i'm against every extension when an extension of one day one week even twenty four hours if it is not based on a clear opinion of the house of commons for something that we know what they want is it that something is done to deal ok this lesson which is that the deal that's your opinion if it is a customs union it is a customs union if it just india it is the deal if it is in norway person it's a normal person but please make up your mind because this uncertainty cannot
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continue. that they're the european parliament with john ryan is a fellow at the london school of economics he joins us live from london thanks very much for being with us now fair to say the business community in the u.k. is collectively pulling out a tear over the lack of clarity they're seeing here are they going to be any closer to finding it over the next few days. well not really no i think what we're going to have is the no do for teams to to rule out no deal. exit so no i but they might vote for that but by one don't necessarily mean that there will be an exit without a deal i don't see a moral of the article fifty discussion and this is all going to go on. and the business community is being left hanging not only in the united kingdom but europe
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and globally i mean the ramifications of britain dropping out of the european union without a deal would be not only u.k. specific or eat you specific but after we. just took us through some of that if there was there was this no deal scenario i mean there's been a lot there's been lots of talk of things like goods being held at the border shortages of medicine and so on is that is that just scare mongering or is that a real possibility. bus a fact because you're in a customs union so you could just wave through quite a lot of the lorries in that scenario dropping out of the european union will mean there will be backup of money lorries while they have to deal with the paperwork of actually getting their goods through i think really more important what really some of us might want to focus on is that on them is the biggest financial center in the
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world and there are a lot of derivatives and a lot of financial instruments that might be affected by dropping out like this sterling will take a hit the european union will take a hit and that might have some intended consequences for asia and other parts of the world. what's what's the best option for you then would it be some sort of a softer breaks in or perhaps a second referendum. well we've got three scenarios here we've got dropping now without a deal. we've got a situation we're getting the extension of all it's cool fifty and then we might get a soft breaks it now the extension if it's three six or nine months can lead to any think in that time and that will be up to the e.u. to accept. by the prime minister in a week or so as time just one week before we really saw
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a right yes referendum in general is going to have to we're going to have to leave it there john john ryan three share your our thoughts on that we're going to have to leave it there we are a couple of minutes away now from that but that's a live shot of inside the party where that debate is taking place stay with under seal. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. resort is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition which child protection workers say condemns young
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girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago joan lives with some missionaries who says she's proved many marriages happen i couldn't richard is a missionary or rescues goals their money goes to buy outrightly. be trucked to gail before she's born there what if it takes fourteen years you get mondays the brothers can still go to get their money wife. yes. i do welcome the fellow you're watching al-jazeera this is the scene in the lower house of the british parliament where members of
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parliament are holding their second vote of the week on rex's now twenty four hours ago they overwhelmingly rejected prime minister to resign means with all deal for a second time two hundred forty two were for her proposal three hundred in one thousand one against it now this time they are voting on a government motion on whether to block a britain leaving the e.u. without a deal on march twenty ninth most m.p.'s are expected to support that right now or soon you seen them filing out to cast their ballots yet we are seeing them filing out to cast their ballots on the first of what's expected to be potentially a few amendments to the motion. we can cross live now to lawrence li who is outside the houses of parliament as the members there are filing to be counted depending on their vote lawrence just remind us exactly what they're voting for. yes there is before to reason may's votes which is asking
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parliament explicitly to rule out no deal even though it is knowledge is that no deal is still a default position if a deal can be found there is at least one and i think possibly two amendments to that which again so be heard first the first of those two which had had i was led to believe a short time ago might be being drops is a stronger version of sarees a maze motion because it asked for no deal to be ruled out with with and without any cap yes whatsoever i'm not even i'm not even clear if that if that goal if i haven't voted full of x. how actually they wouldn't force that without a new piece of legislation the other amendments which is from a hardline group of people who. don't like trees i'm a deal in a very happy to leave without any deal a toll would break the withdrawal agreement that was hammered out between series
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amaze governments and the european union and nicole for a transition period without the withdrawal agreements for a couple of effort periods up until the end of may. but the thing is because it would break the inside deal in the first place the e.u. has said it comes down to what works effectively that is being seen in terms as a vote for no deal sorry if that's complicated but that's that's the other one that one would almost certainly lose but in terms what's going to happen within the next half hour forty minutes is that m.p.'s will vote probably by majority sue rule out in theory no deal not to leave the european union without any deal at all. except does it actually mean anything in practice as i say because. because unless they've got something else it to propose in states that is the default position it that's at the end of this month it's a very very small step forward in the process
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a much bigger. deal would be some morrow evening when parliament would be asked to agree to ask the european union to delay leaving but that in turn requires another plan to and they haven't got that yet on and of course i mean we are now watching the house of commons there in new zealand a vote will happen relatively soon but looking forward to thursday to tomorrow even when it comes to the extension you know we're assuming a lot of things but as soon that they do try to vote for an extension do we know how long for and do we know why what they would be trying to achieve in this extra time assuming the e.u. gives it to them. yeah and that's that's the question is one and this is the what why you got so much anger and infuriation really from the european union is is that having ruled out series amazed deal parliament hasn't got anything else to offer
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either and so while the european union has said over and over again that we're open to suggestions were open to something else we're trying to be flexible with you the e.u. doesn't want no deal but they want the british to give them something else and that listening to the words that came out of an e.u. ambassadors meeting today is that there's a difference of opinion between some countries which say they seem only be prepared to accept a very short extension because they're just so sick of this that they want to get on with other things and other countries apparently prepared to offer a much longer extension if that would allow the u.k. just to step back completely and start all over again either with a second referendum or a general election or something of that sort so that's quite suggestible in that sense and i think what has to happen really in very short order potentially between now and next week's european council is that. of to tomorrow's votes m.p.'s
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who are opposed to teresa mayes deal and probably want to softer bricks it have to find some way of coming together and coalescing around something that they can possibly agree on in a motion to be to be held maybe even on choosing windsor next week and if that got past whatever it is the softer brick sits for a longer extension or even revoking article fifty and not leaving the european you that all any of those things then they could go to the european to make it go to europe and council with a fresh instruction from poland to say his in his case something else instead that will allow you to grant us a delay and an extension but at the moment it isn't at all clear what that is because there's still fighting between each other as to what their preferences are exactly in the let's just remind viewers of course sixteen days until the u.k. is meant to leave the e.u. and of course again we're taking live pictures of the house of commons there just showing a vote that is due to take place in the next few minutes half an hour on whether to
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leave the e.u. without a deal on march twenty ninth lawrence who will of course be checking in with you throughout the next hour or so for the moment thank you. it's going to nigeria now where dozens of schoolchildren are feared dead after us three story building collapsed in the commercial capital lagos that's how it was made up of apartment blocks for the primary school on the top floor as many as one hundred pupils were studying in the structure came down for a challenge as more now on the ongoing rescue efforts. freed at least but not moving this is one of just a handful of children pulled from the rubble so far the collapsed three storey building contained homes shops and a primary school for at least one hundred young students it's in the it's
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a foggy area of lagos island the original heart of nigeria's most populous city. this child looked in better shape you can hear the relief of the onlookers as she's carried through the crowd give. them another limb form emerges these are frantic amateur rescue efforts or people wait for an organized professional response to arrive symbiote i thought i was just passing by i heard a house had collapsed so i had to straightaway reach people living in there to rescue those that could be rescued so at least some people have been rescued and taken to hospitals mainly their students is there is a school where a fire engine and a few ambulances are surrounded by crowds who have climbed all over the ruined building a bigger is helping shift slabs of concrete and brick but people are also using their bare hands trying to get the unknown number of victims still trapped underneath will reach out and see how to zero. a dress is live at the scene of the
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collapse in lagos ahmed obviously now it's dark where you are which presumably is going to make the rescue operation harder just explain to us what the situation is there now and how. you know there had been at the lead a all for an official rescue operation what's it looking like now. basically still a crowded area of dozens of families who haven't seen their loved ones are still crowded here in addition to other on lukas who want to see how the rescue operations is going on right here if i move now you see a lot of structures where a lot of heavy duty come in trying to move debris into trucks to move them away so that they can get to the bottom of the structure and meanwhile onlookers are there expecting to see somebody being pulled out alive from this rubble which is
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exactly what is going on right now and that according to rescue officers this a prison is expected to go into tomorrow and even beyond so that nobody is left behind in among the rubble now we spoke to the lagos state manager of the emergency management agency about those who have been saved and what their presence is going to look like from now onwards and this is what he has to say. when we got here we already know it's in the community is what they're helping out in fact of so many people but a town so we came in and joined it so many people have been sick so close to fifty by my have been my last couple of days to tighten how many of a minute but it's like oh you see i want to be very careful about that because yes they're out that they just cannot deny that but we need to take. and so obviously the rescue operation the still ongoing tell us a little bit more about what we know who we know who was inside the building
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because we have heard of course about the primary school that was on the top floor . and observe exactly there was a primary school there about one hundred people has not been registered in that school what is not clear is whether the building owner has a government climate to operate a school there in addition to the primary school at the top floor there were also shops and residential houses beneath and now people are warry that there could be a lot of people still trapped under the debris apart from the schoolchildren who we have seen so far about forty or fifty percent fifty of them have been rescued no a lot of people are also worried about the structures around this place right now what is going on here is that a lot of houses are being told to also be in a very very precarious state because of the collapse of the structure and another shell told al jazeera
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a short while ago that it's not clear whether or not some of the structures even fit for human habitation so it's a crowded and a lot of people are warning about their homes a lot of people are warning about the safety and approaches meanwhile is going on as is continuing what officials are telling us is that this person will continue until to morrow and probably even beyond because the amount of debris that needs to be cleared right now is very very very very high so with limited resources and with the not all streets here it's expected that this is going to take a very very long time before they get to the bottom of the structure and of course the next few hours certainly the next day very crucial to rescue people under the rubble of a series of mini dress with the latest from lycos on that thank you. now u.s. president donald trump has issued an emergency order to ground all boeing seven three.


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