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in leaving the european union or remaining it's a none of these different suggestions about this several forms of bricks or that there might be leaving with no deal completely having a bit in and out of a customs union which is to resume a stale staying in the customs union completely that's jamie colby in the labor party leader norway idea that the switzerland idea all these things they were presented as options to the people at the time and the people who support no deal the hard core of the conservative party as saying look you've betrayed the whole brics it votes but actually all the polling at the moment suggest that only about a quarter of people who support breck's it's support no deal and then it's much much more disparate in some so what's some bricks of voters would like to see some of them would like a customs union some of them are very worried now about leaving and so there are splits all over the place there's a good third of people now or more who don't want to leave atoll and some that change their mind and so it is true that parliaments isn't necessarily reflecting
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the will of the people as it was expressed at the time but the will of the people as expressed of the time was much was what was what was very different to the situation that's emerged since and so it's you know it in a way is difficult to actually make the case that parliament is entirely betraying betraying the public will because that that the public with the time was was it was a it was a false choice in some senses and what they need to do now is to find something that more or less they can get in the car to rounds in not just in parliament but that the public even if grudgingly can eventually accept allies will speak again on thursday because of course there is another vote for the moment thank you. now u.s. president donald trump has issued an emergency order to ground all boeing seven three seven max a ten x. nine planes the type involved in some this crash in ethiopia trump made the announcement at the white house saying any planes currently in the air would be
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ordered to land and their lines and pilots had been notified of the decision he says the move is based on new information about some this crash which killed one hundred fifty seven people we. had a very good. group of people working on the seven thirty seven eight and the seven thirty seven. newark. we're going to be issuing an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the seven thirty seven. max a and b. seven thirty seven max nine plenty more still to come including why this execution room in california will be out of action for the forseeable future and that important verdict is expected in one of the most in the torrijos events in northern ireland's troubles almost half a century ago. hello
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again and welcome back well here across the eastern part of australia over the next couple of days we are going to be see thunderstorms develop mostly in the afternoon and evening timeframe now we did see that on wednesday night as well you can see the clouds down here across parts of new south wales and victoria now these thunderstorms with the heating the day could be severe at times that we're watching that and that means it could be a large hail and some damaging winds across some of this area let's put this into motion from thursday to friday notice here along the coast you do see some of the rain shower activity and thunderstorms develop so we'll be watching that very carefully but for brisbane on friday it is going to be a warm day for you at thirty one degrees townsville about thirty degrees with plenty of sun in the forecast there here across new zealand what's going to be a mix of clouds and sun for you of the next few days particular here on thursday
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we're going to be seeing conditions really not looking too bad for most of the area choice church temperature few of about sixteen degrees by the time we go towards friday we are going to be seeing more rain in your forecast attempted there of about eighteen in auckland a high of twenty three degrees and here across parts of japan well things not looking too bad here as we go towards thursday but we do expect to see a little bit of a break in the weather before more rain comes into the forecast in tokyo i tend to view a fourteen. a sinister on a guy who secretly controls moldova's upon him and oh me a tycoon misjudged by his enemies is the most hated politician in the country i made my key allegations of blackmail hitman and a billion dollars for. people in power investigates moldova and the puppet
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moscow on al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera rescuers in nigeria are searching for survivors after an apartment block housing a primary school in the top four collapsed in lagos dozens of children are feared dead. bodies to the right three hundred twenty was the u.k. parliament has backed the government motion which rejects a no deal breaks it at any time and under any circumstances by three hundred twenty one votes to two hundred seventy eight
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a majority of forty three. and us president hollande trump has issued an emergency order to ground all boeing seven three seven max b. and seven three seven x. nine planes that's the type involved in sunday's ethiopia crash. well donald trump's former campaign chairman has been sentenced even more time in prison while not a fourth was already facing just under four years for financial crimes is now being given another three and a half years and pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy as equal has more now from washington d.c. . i don't know seventy years old paul metaphor was wheeled into a washington d.c. courtroom to find out if he would likely die in prison the judge could have ordered him to spend up to ten years in prison on top of the nearly four he was facing from another judge in the end he was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison in all but in all likelihood will spend quite a bit less given credit for time served and good behavior still his lawyers tried
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to tell the media they were disappointed judge jackson. conceded that there was absolutely no evidence of any russian pollution in this case or that they just want to florence to courts have ruled no evidence was a provision lot in russia oh let's not forget actually in this the protesters right and paul metaphors lawyer was not telling the truth the judge specifically said this has nothing to do with the collusion the case before her was not about that and we don't know yet what special counsel robert mueller is going to produce and she actually said when it comes to this no collusion refrain that it's not clear if that's accurate because you can't say that there was nothing out of the investigation when you actually hurt the investigation by lying to those that were looking into it still u.s. president donald trump echoed the false claim no collusion is no collusion there's no collusion and there hasn't been collusion the white house has hinted the
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president could pardon man a fort but trump tried to downplay that possibility. have not even given it a thought as of this moment it's not something that right now in my mind i do feel badly football metaphor the president could theoretically get man a fort out of prison by issuing a pardon but that only applies to federal crimes not state and shortly after the sentencing the manhattan district attorney announced this sixteen count indictment charging metaphor with mortgage fraud and other charges son in the message to the president he can try and get men afford out of prison but they'll move to put him right back in. al-jazeera washington. at least eight people six of them children have been killed in a school shooting in brazil police say two unidentified gunman entered the royal brazil school in south palo and opened fire before turning the guns on themselves at least seventeen others were injured and national has more now from when his eyes . brazilians these were scenes normally only seen on news reports from the united
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states. government for the professor old school in a suburb of cell paolo and opened fire with a revolver they were also reported to be armed with a bow and arrows and explosives you say you know they just came out shooting they didn't look at anyone they just started shooting anyone who was close by are you from it sounds like they said there were gunshots so we opened the kitchen door and started grabbing as many kids as we could. four children and two workers at the school were killed at the scene another two pupils died on the way to hospital more are being treated in the critical condition it is in. before the end to the school they fired at the put the go tickle coordinator they fired at another official they entered the school the students were on their break they went to the gym they fired on four more high school students at the time there were only high school students there they went to the language center the students of the language center lock
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themselves in the room with the teacher and then the shooters committed suicide in the hallway the authorities are still trying to establish any links the attackers may have had with the school they say they're providing all the assistance they can to families on the surviving students. first of all to the victims to the parents of those young people to the relatives of those two female employees of the school and also to the parents and relatives of the murderous our solidarity this was the saddest thing i have tended to in my whole life i am very sad to an event such as this one happened in our country and here in sao paolo. crime rates in brazil are high however attacks such as this one on schools are relatively rare the last one was in rio de janeiro in two thousand and eleven when twelve children were killed president has promised to tackle crime especially violence with this latest attack at a greater urgency to his efforts and how does iraq. critics
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fighters in syria say that they've repelled or to attack as they continue their offensive to push the armed groups from bugaboos the last territory that it holds the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say that thousands of fighters have surrendered or been captured thirty eight were killed in fighting on tuesday the s.d.f. resumed fighting over the past few days following a poor twelve hour for civilians to evacuate many of the civilians are now in the whole camp which is struggling to shelter almost sixty five thousand people. school teachers and students have led renewed anti-government protests in the area and capital algiers that sissified president of the lizzie's beautifully kept announcing he would not seek a fist term in power instead the upcoming presidential elections have been delayed and protesters fear the beautifully that will extend his two decade war the government says it's ready for dialogue with the opposition the veteran algerian
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diplomat lakhdar brahimi who is close to beautifully is expected to steer a transitional period and. the demand for immediate change that they all need to leave power now is dangerous it will create a vacuum a political constitutional and administrative vacuum it's not possible you have ministries and institutions that need to continue to function in education for example we have hundreds of thousands of students that have exams soon the country needs to continue functioning a total change is a must and we all need to work to achieve it but it needs to be done responsibly wisely and by creating trust amongst each other. china is offering help to venezuela's government to end the blackouts there which have now lasted six days electricity is back on in many parts of the country but not in what western venezuela and a state on the border with colombia tensions are high there after the looting of
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water and drinks from around three hundred businesses china's backing president claims that the nationwide blackouts are a result of u.s. sabotage. northern ireland's public prosecution service will announce on thursday whether it will seek prosecutions over the so-called the bloody sunday killings in one nine hundred seventy two thirteen civilians died when british soldiers fired into a crowd of demonstrators in the city of london their e son a year ago spoke to relatives of some of the victims. who opened fire people looking for shelter the last moments of jim ray's life marked in the memory of his brother liam jim was only twenty two years old when he was killed in the one nine hundred seventy two bloody sunday massacre. were nude. shoulders across the square on a pretty close range of second shot on the journey back. over.
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there they appreciated the park and opened fire modern and or corporate. a twelve year investigation into bloody sunday known as the savile report which find that none of the victims posed a threat and that british paratroopers fired shots into a group of unarmed civilians running the scene. for more than forty seven years this corner of northern ireland was synonymous with one of the most brutal episodes of the troubles bloody sunday deepen the already bitter divide between the communities all that irish catholics quickly turned against the british army seeing it no longer as a protective force but as a tool of oppression. nearly five decades on from the killings in londonderry northern ireland's public prosecution service is about to decide whether those soldiers from the parachute regiment should face charges for murder but the very idea has been criticized by army veterans as well as pro british unionists who
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shouldn't be a particular word chant against. the section of the military given the fact that they themselves have suffered at the hands of terrorists as well so we have to look at all of those contacts there's a lot of her has been called the also at almost half a century british the british army i mean people kate nash is nineteen year old brother william was killed at the march her father shot and wounded was trying to save him she hopes that justice will eventually prevail i want the word to know that my brother really was regardless of the way we were treated to a man i felt the pain i want to know though i want to order to know that there you go. murder people on bloody sunday and that can only happen if prosecutions and convictions. there is also the thing that whatever the prosecutor's decision it
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will reopen old wounds and reignite tensions which have been festering below the surface of this fragile peace sonny diagonal al-jazeera darry the governor of california has given a reprieve to more than seven hundred inmates on death row gavin hughson has signed an executive order stopping any further executions but only while he remains in office california has put more people to death than any other state in the us the move is a controversial one for many as only gallagher now explains in the last forty years more than eight hundred fifty people have been sentenced to death in california in that time period the state executed thirteen people the rest have remained on death row for years on end wednesday's executive order from governor gavin newsom effectively holds any further executions while he remains in office the governor of california doesn't have the power to scrap the death penalty but his decision is
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being seen as a reflection of changing views on the issue we were laying claim to having the largest death row in the western hemisphere a largest death row in the united states of america two times the size of the next largest state florida and it didn't necessarily square and doesn't necessarily square with i think the values that are represented in the folks behind me and represented the hearts and minds of tens of millions of californians i think we're better than this effective immediately the execution chamber at the notorious sign quentin prison will be dismantled as well as the state's lethal injection program california hasn't executed anyone since two thousand and six and in two previous ballots the voters backed the death penalty in one narrowly supporting speeding up executions but the state's governor says the lives of innocent people in iraq stay . there's a national academy of science report that came out that estimates one out of every twenty five people on death row is innocent if that's the case that means if we
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move forward executing seven hundred thirty seven people in california we will have executed roughly thirty people that are innocent. nuisance executive go to augie's that the death penalty is inherently unfair applied more often to people of color and those with mental disabilities california now joins colorado washington and oregon with similar orders have been issued and gallica al jazeera and you can find out much more on everything that we have been covering on our website the address on your screens right now al-jazeera dot com. now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera rescuers in one area say around fifty schoolchildren have been pulled from the rubble of a three story building which collapsed in lagos dozens more though i fear that
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there are there was a primary school on the top floor of the building and this many as one hundred pupils were studying when the block came down at madrid's has more rescue workers yes three machinery all machines in the background will continue to do through the rubble as they are very hopeful that they can find some people alive and pull them out of the debris now a lot of families are just bad lots of people are still gathered here and watching closely to see how far these rescue work can continue the u.k. parliament has voted to reject a no deal breck's it at any time and under any circumstances m.p.'s voted three hundred twenty one votes to two hundred seventy eight to reject the united kingdom leaving the european union without a withdrawal agreement it paves the way for a vote on thursday on whether to delay the process beyond the march twenty ninth deadline u.s. president donald trump has issued an emergency order to ground all boeing seven
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three seven max eight and seven three seven max nine planes the type involved in sunday's crash in ethiopia trump said any planes currently in the air would be ordered to land he says the move is based on new information about sunday's crash which killed one hundred fifty seven people. on a transformer campaign chairman has been sentenced to even more time in prison oh man a fourth was already facing just under four years for financial crimes he's now been given another three and a half years after pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy at least eight people including six children have been killed in a school shooting in brazil police say that two young. men entered the school in a suburb of south palo and opened fire before turning the guns on themselves the u.s. senate has the five president trump and approve the resolution seeking to end the u.s. military support for the saudi led coalition in yemen a bill to end u.s. military involvement in the war over now have to go back to the house of
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representatives for another vote will then go to the president who has threatened to veto it is a top stories people in power next aisle seat well ahead. they were searching for a sanctuary in australia but instead would have tied for years on a pacific island now one on one east follows the journey of two refugees as they forge a new life in north america on al-jazeera. his critics say he's a secretive oligarch who pulls all the strings in a country caught between europe and russia his supporters say he's just a businesswoman turned politician with his nation's interests at home but who is the man who many know is moldova's puppet monster and what lies behind murky allegations of blackmail hitmen and a billion dollar bank fraud. moved
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over is one of europe's poorest and most troubled nations and many people here think they know why. some blame a billion dollar fraud which bankrupted the country. others point to the post savior trip public's complex relations with east and west. but almost everyone even the president seems to agree on one thing that it's impossible to disentangle moldova's problems from the power and influence of wielded by one mind. flood plain old news otherwise known as the puppet master.
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model of the question it was for those. scenes to do the voice of the little subtle elite of a great mimi but difficult western squalor that is for me to mogo the pull at the nearly getting. the inexplicably goings on in the life of blowhole newt leader of moldova's democratic party a partner in the governing coalition of the stuff of spy fiction. huge wealth and attempted assassination and accusations of blackmail and bank fraud we feature film that you won there. in the film look at me get the book that was because i did say i was born. bored in twenty sixteen from becoming prime minister because of corruption allegations plotnick nevertheless took control of poem and pushing through a new electoral system that many ordinary moldovans feared would guarantee his grip
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on the country. everybody knows that the only place where this isn't had taken place is the uk is they also sell for mr putney. so when last month's election resulted in a hung parliament with his forty coming third what did it mean for the republic and the mark of alien figure who exercises so much influence we went to find out. sandwiched between rumania and ukraine moldova is one of europe's least known countries once it was the richest of the soviet republics for decades the breadbasket of the us i saw. but following the collapse of the soviet union it has fallen on hard times. in one nine hundred ninety two at better civil war saw a tiny sliver of land break away from moldova to form the new republic of
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transnistria almost five thousand people lost their lives in the conflict three thousand wounded many made homeless. today transnistria is recognized and really by russia it's a time capsule of what life was like in the glory days of the savior. it's where russia's myself fourteenth only is based just forty minutes from the moldovan capital case nine. troops in a frozen conflict that could heat up any second. told by both the e.u. and the kremlin and the geopolitical took of war moldova's fragile democracy is under attack that's why we have this phenomenon of state because of geopolitical cautious because of geopolitical or he has between america and russia however while mr new guy is saying i'm staying here in power and he is laughing.
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his detractors accusing the sinister connections of being the man behind the curtain who controls everything that moves in the country. over of these or other geishas blowhole new creating the envy him and he rejects his critics refused to let up. blood new to the men who captured the the. state institution was starting from the government through palm and persecute orpheus national bank the center of combating corruption and he is using the state for his own interest. to very direct links have never been proven his opponents say that particular question dreaming about whether they are a god was tied to one of motives most notorious financial scams. in the winter of twenty fourteen fraudulent claims amounting to over a billion dollars were made from three major moves david banks joerg
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a three day period the country's national bank was forced to cover the last. fall out from a crime for which and the a handful of mine the figures were held responsible continues to impoverish the country. for moldova in g.d.p. it's twelve percent and the problem is that this many have been put on the shoulders of taxpayers so we have to return these loni excellent double malt jewelry and twenty five years many people are having to sell their belongings in order to get by. the white so it's a good number said it was sure. the image that had been suppressed and hurt but budget commandos were good but where does one of that show which injures or. legislation passed by parliament last year made it practically impossible to recover the stolen money. making these the draft laws that in fact it has been
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propose it as an attempt to help the businesses but in the reality it was an attempt to free him from an illegal liability people involved in the bank ford. and gets the government of reps it into street protests. what this kind of thirty six for this crime did the state has participated in these so. we are almost five years away from this crime when more one cent was recuperated. we wanted to ask the hard news about this and other issues but neither he or any representative of the democratic party responded to our numerous requests for an interview as little time to say that many blame him. for multi-day this way. you can look at all the public opinion polls he is the most hated person. in the
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country. it was perhaps then unsurprising in april twenty seventh team when seventeen people were detained in accused of plotting to assassinate the only goal. money and weapons were seized including grenade launchers and kalashnikovs but his opponents say it was all the stunts to gain sympathy for the deeply unpopular only call. the perpetrators conveniently photographed themselves drawing a plan of attack over a map of the global business center but the whole new kaz's office. with the political levy only. people who planned the summation and you know in front of the commune are torn it in the faces they come out at the shows and they are playing some kind of an if this illusion i'm absolutely sure that that is a fake assassination. artificially. nice ball
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invented by by human he he is people. this assassination claim came a split whole nuke just him bald on a charm offensive. blah blah what you call the good she got him through the seeping through but again. seeking to present himself as a kindly father figure to the nation. i said there was a good idea but there was a government out there could do it with a lot. more importantly he wanted to be seen as a true patriot capable of standing up to russia. it tries to sell to the west and they do you that even though he's an oligarchy now in the moment he's the only one who can stop russian tanks not entering in the region. they teased her close and that was committed. hold news
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media interests gave wall to wall coverage to the alleged assassination but after some months others chose to focus on dramatic developments from an earlier murder attempt in london and twenty twelve. the target was a russian banker goban stoff a business rival of plotnick who was shot four times by a professional hitman. what crap the headlines was that the gunman told the proctor serving time in the remaining prison for another crime which is this moment to admit to the attack on golden stuff he then alleged that it is being carried out at the behest of the his hands or in blood up to their elbows.
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should not partially she come under our feet. so. nuked dismissed truckers accusation and denied any involvement in the crime but the story was given time by janelle t.v. one of the few moldavian media outlets the oligarchs control it was a riot demonstration of independence many independent journalists we spoke to complained about harassment prompting some to leave the country. although it. was only well thought of c.s.k. on one occasion salome have chased after his pursuers you need your body but most of them drove off in a car leaving warm behind the woman the rebel force despite this individual being
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identified no police investigation was carried out east of the start of summer it marks a moment for mark think about are you most likely there was. you know that there were you know each other by the more but the more it was allowed to. somewhat odds so was more than four months of the list but still the list of little sleep. search episodes are not isolated. when the high profile of the investigative journalist natalia murari published an open letter to the whole nuke containing the following sentences you will never become the one you always wanted to be the legitimate leader of moldova in the shadows yes surreptitiously yes but never legitimized me she claims she received threats of blackmail with an intimate tape from the plotnick associate. it was video made in my apartment which i was right.


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