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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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same. with such chaos in parliament in recent weeks the public's none the wiser about how when or indeed if it will happen. but the rest of europe's also following events extremely closely well parliament has now back something that something is simply an whether the u.k. gets more time to come up with a real plan of action could depend as much on the mood in brussels as on the message from westminster. al-jazeera london the us senate has voted to end military support for the saudi u.a.e. led coalition fighting in the war in yemen it's a rebuke to president donald trump's relationship with saudi arabia senators from his republican party joined democrats to pass that measure it's now likely to pass the democrat controlled house of representatives. joining us from washington d.c. but the question is what happens when it reaches donald trump's desk heidi. that's
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right the fact that the measure has now cleared the senate and will likely clear the house was something that was widely expected but the bigger test certainly will be what happens to this bill once it reaches the desk of donald trump at the white house and he has made in quite clear terms of his intention is to veto the resolution the white house released a statement threatening that very action saying that the u.s. support of saudis in a yemen does not constitute hostilities because it provides aerial refueling of saudi arabian bomber jets in yemen and also says of this resolution would seek to override the president's determination as commander in chief setting up a bad legal precedent in the meantime now trump since the early days of his presidency has made the u.s. foreign policy with saudi arabia the centerpiece he visited riyadh as his first trip outside of the united states as u.s. president and has stood steadfast with saudi arabia even as the atrocities and the
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the toll of human lives in yemen has grown and notably despite the killing of u.s. based journalist jamal khashoggi which the cia concluded was a government hit job orchestrated by saudi arabia trump has refused to outwardly condemn it the nation or its crown prince for that killing so them in his resolution anything more than just symbolic really. well certainly it is a rebuke as you said and in fact this is the second time that this strong rebuke has been delivered by this set it because in december this chamber also passed a very similar measure and both in december as well as today that the margin that these resolutions passed was not minimal the today was passed fifty four to forty six which is very similar to the numbers in december which means that a number of republicans defected from their party's leader donald trump the
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president and joined their democrat allies in rebuking donald trump for the his for his foreign policy which is still standing by saudi arabia and again this is the second time such a rebuke has been delivered all right heidi thank you for that update on some more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including president trump former campaign manager paul metaphor is sentenced to another three and a half years in prison we'll be reporting from southern malawi where floods have killed dozens and made. in sport police are forced to take action is found cost ahead of the champions league match between barcelona and leo. but first rescue and recovery efforts will go on through the night in the nigerian city of lagos where
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a three story building collapsed on wednesday it how's the partment a primary school as many as one hundred students were inside when it came down. more. least but not moving this is one of several children from the rubble so the collapsed three story building contains shops at a primary school for at least one hundred young students it's in the it's a foggy area of lagos island the original heart of nigeria's most populous city. that would destroy you i don't know what god would be out of the jaws was he was pull out all that stuff i teach my kids was everybody was i get to yesterday and this child looks in better shape you can hear the relief of the onlookers as she's carried through the crowds to an ambulance i then another limp for matches
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and as well as the injured there are those it's too late to say. these are the frantic efforts of people waiting for an organized professional response they use their bare hands trying to get to the unknown number of victims trapped underneath rescue teams arrived with a crane and speak of successes but nobody caught in the number of casualties involved that was a fossil pulled out for rescue was not pleased it to fall out their rescue ob-la da da da a rescue mission is still ongoing nigerian television showed injured children and their lagos island general hospital such events are all too frequent in nigeria in two thousand and sixteen three building collapses killed at least one hundred thirty people chalons al-jazeera. at least eight people have been killed during a school shooting in brazil's biggest cities sao paolo police say two gunmen targeted children and stuff before turning the guns on themselves the reports.
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brazilians these were scenes normally only seen on news reports in the united states. government entered the professor old school in sudan or a suburb of law and opened fire with a revolver they were also reported to be armed with a bow and arrows and explosives you say you don't you know they didn't look at anyone they just started shooting at anyone he was close by. they started saying that there were gunshots so we opened the kitchen door and started grabbing as many kids as we could for children and two workers at the school were killed at the scene and the other two pupils died on the way to hospital more being treated in the critical condition. before they entered the school they fired at a staff member and another official they entered the school the students were on their break they went to the gym they fired on four more high school students at the time there were only high school students there they went to the language center the students of the language center locked themselves in the room with the
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teacher and then the shooters committed suicide in the hallway the authorities are still trying to establish any links the attackers may have had with the school they say they're providing all the assistance they can to families and the surviving students. first of all to the victims to the parents of those young people to the relatives of those two female employees of the school and also to the parents and relatives of the murderous our solidarity this was the saddest thing i have dealt with in my whole life i'm very sad that an event such as this happened in our country and here in sao paolo. crime rates in brazil are high however attacks such as this one on schools are relatively rare the last one was in rio de janeiro in two thousand and eleven when twelve children were killed president has promised to tackle crime especially violence with this latest attack at a greater urgency to his efforts and al-jazeera. kurdish led forces in
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syria safe thousands of eisel fighters have surrendered the. syrian democratic forces have been bombarding the armed groups final play for several days a spokesman said as many as twenty five hundred fighters have laid down arms over in the last twenty four hours and around the thousand civilians have also emerged from the town while syrian government forces fighting rebels and are being accused of fusing incendiary phosphorus which is banned under international law white helmet activists say the banned substance was used in rocket propelled grenades bombarding rebel held town attacks on have escalated in recent days as the syrian government tries to increase pressure on the last remaining rebel enclaves around four million people now live there including hundreds of thousands of opponents of bashar assad who fled there from other parts of the country without them having more from gaziantep near the turkey syria border. the battle for bubbles' has been and it's a fine ever since. it has been
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a very difficult. fighters could his forces on the ground and coalition air strike he thinks that pressure and intensifying the bombing now according to the spokesman of the syrian democratic forces us to kurdish forces about three thousand five hundred people have emerged from over the past twenty four hours of which two thousand are said to be i still fighters many of them foreign fighters now the battle is not over yet but certainly isis is under intense pressure and losing ground by the day and is confident that that battle will come to a close. even though it will be left with the problem of what to do with these tens of thousands of fighters and their relatives and their supporters. camped in the middle of the desert but there's also tension rising else was to. yes
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specially in the live from is there has been ongoing shelling there for the past few weeks by government forces especially among the demarkation line in the villages there that line separating the province from regime controlled areas now according to the white helmet the regime yesterday used some white phosphorus targeting a village along the demarkation line but that village had been evacuated and we spoke to some health authorities in it live they confirmed the use of white phosphorus but they say there have been no casualties that the picture is different however a little bit third inside the province there have been a bombing and shelling on and a camp for internally displaced people who may need the people who live. in those villages along didn't location line who had to move deeper into the province the u.s. and the taliban say they've made progress in their latest round of talks aimed at
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ending afghanistan seventeen year war more than two weeks of negotiations ended without a deal and on tuesday but delegates say a draft agreement has been reached on foreign troop withdrawal and not allowing fighters to operate inside afghanistan earlier we spoke to the former afghan president hamid karzai he says the time is right for the government on the taliban to engage will come to talks between the taliban. and hope for you will have lasting peace in afghanistan and the sooner the better even right now an end to violence and the killing of the afghan people we shouldn't be far away from a cease fire in afghanistan we should have it right now when that's the demand of the afghan people peace. and sees immediately now that it's taking time is unfortunate but to be. continued to
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hope that a ceasefire will be there soon. in the consequence of negotiations. productive talks between the taliban of the united states also as a result very soon i hope of the interim afghan dialogue in a bitch the first focus will be on a ceasefire and an end to violence that causes so much hurt to our people eventually as soon as possible there has to be talks between the afghan government and the taliban so we can have a comprehensive peace agreement and lasting peace will only be there with us when there is ownership of the talks by the afghan people that means the taliban that means afghan government that means all over the afghan so in national dialogue of the afghan people is the best going to for a lasting peace down transformer campaign manager has been ordered to spend even
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more time in prison hamada for was already facing just under four years behind bars for financial crimes he's now been sentenced after pleading guilty to conspiracy to kill him as a story from washington. i don't know seventy years old paul metaphor was wheeled into a washington d.c. courtroom to find out if he would likely die in prison the judge could have ordered him to spend up to ten years in prison on top of the nearly four he was facing from another judge in the end he was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison in all but in all likelihood will spend quite a bit less given credit for time served and good behavior still his lawyers tried to tell the media they were disappointed judge jackson. conceded that there was absolutely no evidence of any russian collusion in this case or that they just want to florence to court whatever will know every day it's one of the evolution of latino russian oh let's not forget they are actually in this the protesters right
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and paul metaphors lawyer was not telling the truth the judge specifically said this has nothing to do with the collusion the case before her was not about that and we don't know yet what special counsel robert mueller is going to produce and she actually said when it comes to this no collusion refrain that it's not clear if that's accurate because you can't say that there was nothing out of the investigation when you actually hurt the investigation by lying to those that were looking into it still u.s. president donald trump echoed the false claim no collusion is no collusion there's no collusion and there hasn't been collusion the white house has hinted the president could pardon man a fort but trump tried to downplay that possibility. have not even given it a thought as of this moment it's not something that right now in my mind i do feel badly for polenta for the president could theoretically get man a fort out of prison by issuing a pardon but that only applies to federal crimes not state and shortly after the
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sentencing the manhattan district attorney announced this sixteen count indictment charging metaphor with mortgage fraud and other charges son in the message to the president he can try and get man afford out of prison but dilma. to put them right back in tactical hane al-jazeera washington so that on the al-jazeera news hour we hear from some of those who lost loved ones in the ethiopian airlines crash. and don't cross here a row pedestrian causes chaos at a cycle race in italy and they will have the details coming up in sports. hello again and welcome back well here across united states wednesday was a severe weather day across much of the united states here across the mississippi
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river area you can see all the clouds associate with that storm we also had a wintry side up towards the north with about six to seven states under blizzard conditions now this is what we are expecting to see as we go towards thursday the system is going to continue to make its way towards the east and we're going to be seeing a lesser threat but still severe weather down here across parts of alabama as well as georgia even florida may see some as well up towards the north it is still going to be that wintry mix that we see windy conditions a lot of snow not only for parts in the states but also into ontario ontario as well as into quebec will be watching that very carefully temptress though are coming up here washington a high temperature few on friday of about twenty degrees and lana one thousand nine hundred there will not see a lot of rain across parts of the caribbean this time of year but we're going to be seeing those temperatures reach into the high twenty's maybe even thirty degrees here in havana over toward santa domingo thirty one degrees is your high here on thursday and as we go towards friday a beautiful day in nasa with a temperature of twenty seven degrees and then here across parts of argentina we
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are looking at clear skies few and attempt of twenty four with rain in the forecast for rio attempts are there of thirty three. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have two photos of our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. religion this is the politics me and an unholy alliance on all jews here. the latest news as it breaks if they do you want to fight money laundering for the fun and free of terrorism it has to be ready to displease governments including saudi arabia's with detailed coverage lynchings such as trees were known to take place in the past but they were rare now thirty six cases have
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been reported since two thousand and fifteen from around the world for the victims and the campaign is you've been here during this trial they say this is being a true fall from grace for the falseness highest. hello again you're with the al-jazeera news hour here as a reminder of the top stories but u.k. parliament has rejected the prospect of a no deal bricks and other day of drama over britain's departure from the u. now politicians will be asked of the leaving day just over two weeks from now should be delayed the u.s. senate has voted to end involvement in yemen's war the resolution says congress has
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not authorized u.s. military assistance to the saudi u.a.e. led military coalition boeing has grounded its global fleet of seven three seven nights aircraft after u.s. president donald trump joined dozens of other countries which are bound the planes from their skies it follows the crash of an if european airlines seven three seven that killed one hundred fifty seven people. reports on how families and communities who lost people in that crash are coming together to grieve. it's hard to imagine the pain john doe's is going through relatives and friends have been coming to his home in nakumatt the rift valley to console him since they had news that his wife. and three grandchildren have died in airlines crash on sunday his wife was a retired schoolteacher who had gone to canada to visit their due to carle and had children dry in cali and nine month old ruby were coming back to kenya for
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a visit so big. because of. some of the commitments for. going to it's going to be margie. relatives of those who died and now waiting for information from the gulf. if you can add lines on when they'll be traveling to ethiopia their d.n.a. may be needed to identify the remains windows and his family have started burial. or they'll have to wait for the remains of their loved ones to be brought home if you can airlines officials say the identification process is dedicate and will take time the plane went down just minutes after takeoff killing all a hundred fifty seven people on board most of those who died are kenyans. these mourners are grieving for yet another victim a priest. who was returning home from a room where he was working and i don't even want to see his sister ruth logical
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did not even know he was coming he wanted to surprise her my brother was very social and he was a very close friend who was not only a brother but the for it we would talk so many things. as they moaned their loved ones the little information they're getting is i did to their ordeal we talked to say they're patient but also want this whole process over quickly so they can bury their loved ones and then perhaps begin to heal. his era kenya the u.s. state department has changed its description of the golan heights from israeli occupied to israeli controlled and its annual global human rights reports israel has been lobbying u.s. president donald trump to recognize israeli sovereignty over the territory and a separate section on the west bank and gaza does not refer to the palestinian territory as being occupied or under occupation jordan has more from washington. in recent years the u.s.
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state department has been criticized for using its annual human rights reports as political documents the reports are supposed to catalog how well countries are behaving and are observing human rights and whether they have been violating the rights of their citizens and other persons this year's report for twenty eight teen is no different the u.s. is no longer calling the west bank or the golan heights occupied territories language that stems from a number of united nations resolutions and so both human rights groups and journalists are raising questions about whether the trumpet ministration is trying to stay on the right side of the government of prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel by removing this language instead this is what ambassador michael kozak who is in charge of the office that drafted these reports had to say about the change in language occupied territory has a legal meaning to it i think what they tried to do was shift more to a just
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a geographic description so we said israel goal goal on west bank jerusalem and it's it's a complicated report because there are sometimes multiple authorities who have already over people in particular parts of that territory so it's very complicated one to true right but that my understanding from the from the policy bears on this is that there's no change in our. outlook or our policy be said veto territories and the need for a negotiated. settlement or the reports also go far in trying to seemingly advance another trumpet ministration initiative which is to make a wrong on a pariah state and the preface to the report the secretary of state michael pompei oh no it's that it's iran. that has been quite busa of its citizens and is trying
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to promote instability in other countries around the middle east this is another issue that has human rights activists very concerned so on top of what rosalind mentioned the state department also highlights the murder of journalist john. it points out that the kingdom hasn't provided a detailed explanation if its investigation into the killing inside saudi's istanbul consulate last october the report goes on to say there's been a range of other human rights abuses in saudi arabia such as the sentient of women's rights activists executions for nonviolent offenses and the torture of prisoners and it slams china for the mass the tension if we go muslims saying the sort of abuses it's inflicted on the minority group hasn't been seen since the one nine hundred thirty s. let's talk about all of this with me is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver that is where he is joining us from via skype thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so first if we just look at the issue of the language surrounding the golan heights the u.s.
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state department is calling them israeli controlled rather than is really occupied what's your reaction to that because the state department has defended that decision saying this new language does not reflect a change in u.s. policy towards the region. i think we have to see this new language against the backdrop of a clear right word shift by the united states under donald trump to effectively align u.s. policy with that of benjamin netanyahu so your listeners will recall that roughly a little over a year ago the u.s. moved its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem defying international law and there's been a whole series of other policies that have been meant to really punish the palestinians and to reward the israeli government cutting off of the un refugee agency for cutting all for us funding from that agency closing the palestine authority offices
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in washington d.c. cutting all the funding to the palestine authority these are sort of you know policies and positions that are clearly consistent and they support i think the conclusion that the united states no longer really supports international law with respect to the golan heights in the occupied territories regardless of what the state to pull start tapes that state department spokesperson was trying to downplay this is a administration that clearly you know rejects international law with respect to the golan heights the west bank east jerusalem and the gaza strip and as we're saying on the issue of saudi arabia the human rights report then call out saudi arabia for human rights abuses that highlighted that half of the murder that happened in istanbul that it go far enough. well it didn't go far enough because even the u.s. the overwhelming consensus of the u.s. intelligence agencies pointed the finger at the role of the saudi crown prince that
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was completely removed from the state department report on the ship murder and that's perfectly consistent with the trumpet ministrations position that it does not want to hold the saudi crown prince responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi even though the entire world including the entire u.s. intelligence sort of apparatus and agencies believe that the saudi crown prince you know was responsible for that murder so this is more coverup of the murder by the trump administration in support of the saudi crown prince. has made we'll leave it there we thank you for joining us thanks now at least three people are believed to have died from an outbreak off pneumonia plague on the border between uganda and the democratic republic of congo that's according to the world health organization which says it's also investigating other deaths in congo suspected of being from the plague it's added pressure on health workers in this part of the r.c. already struggling to contain
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a major outbreak of ebola felix all traumas and at the mall is just that the world health organization in uganda he says everything is being done to contain the suspected outbreak on the ugandan side of the border. it's great consigning here in uganda because. they are already an outbreak. in the and these additional outbreak of suspected leg. good pharma complicate an already difficult situation from the uganda will working closely with the ministry of health and the district health authority in the zone but district says. happened we have been there with a team of the national response team rapid response team to effect control measures in the district it is highly infectious but it's my treatable and
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the suspect that we identified in district is undergoing treatment and is improving quite steadily on the congress and i we understand there is a conflict going on as well. i don't have all the details from the congress but from the uganda side working in it's quite stable. able to quickly hunt for. the suspect an outbreak more than a hundred people have been killed in floods that are devastating parts of southern africa especially malawi and mozambique hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the storms have begun more than a week ago and what proportion of village just like kenya in malawi. everyone in the village of makino sheltering in this hospital hospital. they wanted to show us what happened to their homes. after four days of
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heavy rain last week swathes of southern malawi were flooded dozens of people have been killed. thousands of homes were destroyed. this is all that remains of and does he enter her carney's. the rain started when we were sleeping when we woke up we found the water level was rising fast so we walked to higher ground and waited there until people came in and rescued us. the water levels lower now more storms are forecast in the coming days but people here can't afford to wait and see if it will happen again. some people have already started rebuilding their homes and you can see they made almost entirely out of natural materials these sticks are stuck into the ground between the reed like this woven on and in the gaps they put mud it's all people here can afford but
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if it floods it gets washed away instantly. louis two hours rebuilding his that he's wondering what he and his family are going to eat in the weeks ahead his entire crop of maize was destroyed. says this happened nobody has come to help us in this area but we are hoping for is for somebody to wake up and come to our help because we are suffering elsewhere malawi's president peter military visiting many of the affected communities promising help. will try to get funding for similar nine sheets so that everyone who has been affected will benefit it takes time. back at mclean or something we make our way back to higher ground the government and charities provided food and shelter to many of the affected communities but not here. so the whole
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hospital remained home and now. the people who are keen are wondering if anyone will come to help. malcolm webb al-jazeera in southern malawi. algerian veteran diplomat and statesman locked out brahimi has warned that the country needs more time for a successful transition after president. leaves office his warning comes as that one stray showers continue demanding new elections despite beautifully announcing that he won't seek a fifth term brahimi told state media are rushing to new elections or replacing the current system will create more problems he's called on all political parties to come together to work on a new constitution. the governor of california has issued a reprieve to more than seven hundred inmates on death row his executive orders stops any further executions while he remains in office how the fornia had put more
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people to death than any other u.s. states and gallagher reports in the last forty years more than eight hundred fifty people have been sentenced to death in california in that time period the state executed thirteen people the rest have remained on death row for years on end wednesday's executive order from governor gavin newsom effectively holds any further executions while he remains in office the governor of california doesn't have the power to scrap the death penalty but his decision is being seen as a reflection of changing views on the issue we were laying claim to having the largest death row in the western hemisphere a largest death row in the united states of america two times the size of the next largest state florida and it didn't necessarily square and doesn't necessarily square with i think the values that are represented in the folks behind me and represented.


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