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tv   50 Feet From Syria  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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other executions while he remains in office however fornia had put more people to death than any other u.s. states and gallagher reports in the last forty years more than eight hundred fifty people have been sentenced to death in california in that time period the state executed thirteen people the rest have remained on death row for years on end wednesday's executive order from governor gavin newsom effectively holds any further executions while he remains in office the governor of california doesn't have the power to scrap the death penalty but his decision is being seen as a reflection of changing views on the issue we are laying claim to having the largest death row in the western hemisphere a largest death row in the united states of america two times the size of the next largest state florida and it didn't necessarily square and doesn't necessarily square with i think the values that are represented in the folks behind me and represented the hearts and minds of tens of millions of californians i think we're
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better than this effective immediately the execution chamber at the notorious sign quentin prison will be dismantled as well as the state's lethal injection program california hasn't executed anyone since two thousand and six and in two previous ballots the voters backed the death penalty in one narrowly supporting speeding up executions but the state's governor says the lives of innocent people are at stake as a national county science report that came out that estimates one out of every twenty five people on death row is innocent if that's the case. that means if we move forward executing seven hundred thirty seven people in california we will have executed roughly thirty people that are innocent. new since executive order that the death penalty is inherently unfair applied more often to people of color and those with mental disabilities california now joins colorado washington and oregon
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where similar orders have been issued and gallica al-jazeera sudan's prime minister mohammad has formed a new government tossed with solving the country's economic crisis president obama tapped him to become prime minister last month and declared a state of emergency the prime minister says the new cabinet must limit inflation and prevent the currency from depreciating further iran's president hassan rouhani has become the first iranian leader to meet with iraq's top cleric. in the city of najaf on the final day of his official visit to iraq to her on is aiming to shore up ties with its neighbor a former vatican treasurer is beginning his six year prison sentence for a sexually abusing two choir boys cardinal george pell is the most senior member of the catholic church to be found guilty of child sex offenses he was convicted by an australian court in the case with states back to the one nine hundred ninety s.
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andrew thomas reports from melbourne to some outside court it was emotional listening as george pell sentence was broadcast from inside life and usually a single television camera was allowed in court but the judge ordered it to be focused on his comments alone not on the cardinal's reaction when the sentence came it was longer than most people had expected. of sentence of six years in prison. i said hang on for all period of three years and months at the back of the court room standing to hear his fate pelle did not react to that but outside court there were hugs and cheers now at least it was a stranger in the sight. of the abuse by people the power like. a six year prison term is the combined sentence of a five crimes against two thirteen year old boys the just spent well over an hour giving the reasons behind the sentences he was about to impose before he actually
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revealed what they would be it's all about the gravity of the offenses but also about cardinal pell's age and his ill health and the unprecedented publicists but this case has had while on trial pelle had been shouted at each time he'd gone in or out of court in jail he's likely to be kept alone to protect him from other prisoners. held was a priest in rural australia who rose to become archbishop of first melbourne and late to sydney as australia's most senior catholic he oversaw the church's response to accusations of child abuse by others when a big inquiry was held looking into that he had to defend what many saw as a cover up but it didn't slow his career bell was made a cardinal at the vatican in charge of the church's finances and close to the pope that career ended though when pelle was personally accused of sexual abuse i am innocent of these charges. but the jury
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unanimously louise milligan. i would. but a significant number of people. of the church. but until then.
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and over again time for the sports is with andy thank you very much barcelona are through to the champions league quarter finals for the twelfth straight season the five time winners thrashing late on five one in their round of sixteen match messi worked his magic from the penalty spot in the seventeenth minutes open the scoring catania added bosses second late in the first off three second half goal securing the way the words are violent scenes ahead of the game as rival fans clash near the new camp stadium at least six people were arrested five million fans being treated for minor injuries. meanwhile liverpool or through against byron munich liverpool
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scored a valuable away goal early in that size study omani with the strike by and did equalize through a joe massive own goal before virgil fun died and another from mine i made it three once liverpool in germany for english teams heading into the last it's now south korean club also in holland i have moved top of their asian champions league group the twenty twelve title winners beating chinese team shanghai aside the. brazil's junior no grass court the only goal of the game in seoul. the other match in group age for japanese team core psyche front beating sydney f.c. one nil the australian team bought some of that group with just one point from soon . and one of the n.f.l.'s biggest stars back in jr has been traded the n.f.l.'s highest paid receiver is leaving the new york giants and is on his way to the cleveland browns this despite signing
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a five year ninety five million dollars contract extension of the giants only last year and a broadcaster michael costin says the acquisition is a sign of renewed ambition at cleveland. attentional he is the best receiver in the league he certainly being the most spectacular but his his last couple of years with new york giants have been rather in and out with a little bit of controversy on the team quite a few injury absences and the question is how will he bear down to basically when he joins the browns now he joins up team that's really designed to break through to the top echelons of the n.f.l. this year he's got a quarterback at baker mayfield in his second year who had a very fine rookie season and ought to get better and he rejoins jarvis landry they were teammates in college and the two receivers will give cleveland a alayo layered approach to receiving in other words landry is great on the mid mid
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range passes across the middle of field and back and has great going date and mayfield is the kind of quarterback who can make time for himself to throw de balls and it's going to be very difficult for defense system deal with the two of them tongo its returns from a week long injury elias on thursday the plastic championship insists his money next train has affected his preparations for next month's must as the first major of the year. i'm right there where i need to be my finishes are getting a little better each and every time i've gone out so far this year and i've gotten a little more consistent love with my play and. you know i think that everything is headed on track towards towards april tiger how much do you study analytics within your own game and if so certain statistics that you look at more than others yeah i do when some. yet for it says won his second straight world cup downhill title
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despite only winning one rice all season but the swiss has been consistently on the podium with top three finishes in eleven of the last thirteen events only needed to finish twelve best in and dora and he managed six the race itself won by its elites dominic paris the women's event hit by an accident involving austria. and rice delayed while she was treated for and knee injury much but a day for another austrian nicole schmidt hoffer who won the women's overall title she's also targeting the super g. title of oh she needs a big and pretty unlikely slip up from mccullough shifrin the fatso. said his team boss total of police's team will be pushed to the limits in the upcoming formula one season thousands of fans turning out to greet the drivers in melbourne ahead of the first race of the year and say he's won the last five drivers titles with lewis hamilton the defending champion first practice is on friday the day that i i
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yeah well it's nice but season we. were. very lucky. that rates of what to do as many things i want to do in an otherwise good training going back ready for the season so going to be a long year where this turn out means there's probably going to be a good weekend a pedestrian caused absolute chaos during the opening song trial of its least serino cigar cycling rice the man oblivious to the riders coming towards him at around sixty kilometers an hour. i was at the front of the group were able to swerve as a policeman tried to pull the possible eye off the road the man was taken to hospital one rider is being treated for concussion. and some of the world's best windsurfers have been taking on extreme weather conditions in ireland the storm chase competition living up to its name off the coast of donegal using the power generated by a huge north atlantic storm competitors found themselves taking on ten meter waves
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and winds in excess of one hundred and thirty kilometers per hour. there's absolutely crazy. that is without a doubt the wind yes and most conditions are in it is heavy metal ok that is a sports looking for now more later. thanks for watching the news hour or just a moment right here on. much more off the day's news all the day's top stories coming up in just a minute but i. talked
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to. her. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby. and three million dollars that's what it should. reveal secrets and connections some don't want exposed. others are going to want. gets a full. al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre coming soon the rifles are so many guns sometimes even. some
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journeys are tougher than others. but this route is even tougher the constant the truck there it's dangerous there's al-jazeera whom follows the moroccan truck drivers in danger of their lives. just to be clipping if you crash that might break your liver will even kill you because of this long flight. from a.b.c. and just on al-jazeera. any plane currently in the air will go to extends the nation and thereafter be grounded the u.s. joins a worldwide ban on the boeing seven three seven max after a process that killed one hundred fifty seven people.
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this is al jazeera live from the i'm dead you navigate also ahead trying to save the children will update the rescue efforts after a building containing a school collapses in nigeria. the u.s. senate votes to stop supporting the saudi u.a.e. led military coalition in yemen. but the audience have it the allies have it. britain's parliament rolls out and no deal bret's it now they'll decide. whether to ask you if the departure date can be delayed. because. hello boeing has grounded its global fleet of seven three seven max aircraft after u.s. president joined dozens of other countries in banning the jets from their skies u.s. aviation regulators had been saying the planes were safe but change their stance following new evidence from the scene of the ethiopian airlines crash that killed
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one hundred fifty seven people reports from boeing's aircraft factory in seattle. globally grounded the entire fleet of all three hundred seventy one boeing seven three seven max airplanes are being taken out of service following two unexplained clashes less than six months apart the u.s. was the last country to ground the planes president donald trump made the announcement and we. had a very detailed. group of people working on the seven thirty seven eight and the seven thirty seven nine you were lines. were going to be issuing an emergency order of prohibition to ground law flights of the seven thirty seven max and the seven thirty seven max nine any plane currently in the air will go to extend the nation and thereafter be grounded until further notice the u.s.
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carriers american airlines and southwest have dozens of seven three seven maxes in their fleets trips announcement came hours after canada's transport minister said his country's airlines would no longer be flying the aircraft after an analysis of satellite data found similarities between the lion air crash in indonesia in october and the ethiopian airlines disaster. total of three hundred forty six people were killed in the two crashes as a result of new data that we received this morning and had the chance stan lies in only advice of my experts and as a precautionary measure i'm issuing a safety notice boeing issued a statement saying that out of an abundance of caution it had recommended to the us federal aviation administration the temporary suspension of operations of the entire global fleet of seven three seven max aircraft the flight data recorders
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retrieved from the ethiopian airlines crash will be processed in france that's an unusual departure from the normal protocol in an accident involving a plane that was built in the united states if you will be an official reportedly declined to hand over the black boxes to u.s. authorities robert oulds al jazeera seattle thirty two of the people who died in that if european airlines crash work many in the highest number from one country have unsoiled residents grieving families and communities. it's hard to imagine the pain john quinones is going through relatives and friends have been coming to his home in the cool weather rift valley to console him since they had news that his wife. and three grandchildren had died in the few opin airlines crash on sunday his wife was always had school teacher who had gone to canada to visit that due to
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carle and had children brian kelly and nine month old ruby were coming back to kenya for a visit to some bigger rules because of the. exam that's a common thing even if it's free. you cannot even was to imagine. relatives of those who died and now waiting for information from the government and ethiopian airlines on when they'll be travelling to theo that d.n.a. maybe not. to identify the remains of windows and his family have started burial paper rationed but they'll have to wait a little longer for the remains of their loved ones to be brought home if you can airlines officials say the identification process is delegate and will take time the plane went down just minutes after takeoff killing all a hundred fifty seven people on board most of those who died are kenyans now there are these mourners are grieving for yet another victim a priest. who was returning home from the room where he was walking in i don't even
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want to see his sister ruth logical did not even know he was coming he wanted to surprise her my brother was very social and he was a very close friend to me he was not only a brother but the for it we would talk so many things. as they moaned their loved ones a little information they're getting is i did to their ordeal we talked to say their patient but also want this whole process over quickly so they can bury their loved ones and then perhaps begin to heal katherine sawyer al-jazeera kenya rescue and recovery efforts will go on through the night in the nigerian city of lagos where a three story building collapsed on wednesday it how's the part runs and a primary school as many as one hundred students were inside when it came down for a challenge for. freedom at least but not moving this is one of several
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children to leave from the rubble so far because last three storey building contained homes shops and a primary school for at least one hundred young students it's in the it's a foggy area of lagos highlands the original heart of nigeria's most populous city that was disappointing and i will not say what they are feeling the joys i. pull out all. that stuff i teach my kids. and everybody. i get two years to get this child looked in better shape you can hear the relief of the onlookers as she's carried through the crowds to an ambulance i then another limp for my g.'s i am as well as the injured there are those it's too late to say i these are the frantic efforts of people waiting for an organized professional response they use their bad hands trying to get to the unknown number of victims trapped underneath
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rescue teams arrived with a crane and speak of successes but nobody caught in the number of casualties involved that was so far so good we have rescued about least tend to fall out their rescue i don't mind the rescue mission i still oldboy nigerian television showed injured children and their lagos island general hospital such events are all too frequent in nigeria in two thousand and sixteen three building collapses killed at least one hundred thirty people chalons how to zero the u.s. senate has voted to end military support for the saudi u.a.e. led coalition fighting the war in yemen it's a rebuke to president donald trump's relationship with saudi arabia as senators from his republican party joined democrats to pass the measure it's now likely to pass the democratic controlled house of representatives castro has more from washington d.c. . it came as no surprise that the u.s. senate again voted for this resolution to withdraw u.s.
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military aid of saudi arabia's war in yemen the measure is expected to clear the democratic controlled house of representatives as well but the big test is what happens once it lands on the president's desk and the white house has already issued a statement threatening a presidential veto saying that the u.s. support of saudi arabia and yemen does not constitute engaging in hostilities and that this resolution seeks to override the president's determination as commander in chief now trump has made the u.s. close relationship with saudi arabia the centerpiece of his foreign policy since the beginning days of his presidency and despite the evidence and the conclusion from the cia that saudi arabia and its crown prince were complicit in the killing of u.s. based journalist jamal khashoggi trump has still stood by saudi arabia. britain's parliament has rejected the prospect of
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a no deal brock said in another day of high drama over its departure from the european union and now politicians will be asked if the departure date just over two weeks from now should be delayed and zimbabwe reports from. the east to the right three hundred twenty one in the news to the left two hundred seventy eight voting to rule out a no deal breaks it on to any circumstances but what's it worth the result yet another blow for prime minister to reserve made while a message is being sent by parliament the motion isn't legislation so as things stand the u.k. still leaves the european union on the twenty ninth of march the legal to fault. remains that the u.k. will leave the e.u. without a deal. this unless something else is agreement the onus is now on everyone of us in this house to find out what that is in the days that follow mr speaker myself the shadow breaks it
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secretary and others will have meetings with members across the house to find a compromise solution that can come on support in the house the government in the name of the prime minister and i think the speaker of the commons announced a new government motion for thursday proposing a three month extension to the brics a deadline until the end of june if parliament can approve a deal in the next week otherwise the prime minister says the u.k. would need a much longer extension he may get would have to take part in may's european elections someone backing a swift resolution to the ampacity is the most powerful politician is the british i don't point you can talk and it's in everyone's interest that there is an orderly exit because on the one side it's britain that is leaving the e.u. and on the other hand it's about the unity of the twenty seven but the european parliament is just adopted contingency measures to lessen the damage from a no deal. it covering areas including transport and foreign students the
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parliament coordinator suggested british politicians were unlikely to reach agreement for them. to let you know what and not an existential problem of a country and of a whole country and that's a shame. with such chaos in parliament in recent weeks the public's none the wiser about how when or indeed if brics it will happen. but the rest of europe's also following events extremely closely well parliament has now backed something that something is simply an a but whether the u.k. gets more time to come up with a real plan of action could depend as much on the mood in brussels as on the message from westminster the dean barber al jazeera london still ahead on al-jazeera despair and brazil after several people are killed in a school shooting we'll be reporting from southern malawi where floods have killed
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dozens of thousands of u.s. .


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