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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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these are the frantic efforts of people waiting for an organized professional force for. they used their bare hands trying to get to the unknown number of victims trapped and then the. rescue teams arrived with a crane and speak of success that nobody caught in the number of casualties involved that was so far so good well for rescue buckley's that to fall out their rescue i find the rescue mission is still ongoing ever due to machinery to dig through the rubble to get to those still trapped miners the workers say still a rescue operation i need two will continue until the last person is four dollars but as they always process survival chances also of the various. television stations have shown injured children are the lagos island general hospital such events are all too frequent in nigeria in two thousand and sixteen three building collapses killed at least one hundred thirty people. i'll just lagos
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nigeria. britain's parliament has rejected the prospect of a no deal breck's it in another day of high drama over the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. and now politicians will be asked if the leaving date just over two weeks away. but in baba reports from london. these days to the right three hundred twenty one in the news to the left two hundred seventy eight voting to rule out a no deal breaks it on to any circumstances but what's it worth the results yet another blow for prime minister to reserve my messages being sent by parliament the motion isn't legislation so as things stand the u.k. still leaves the european union on the twenty ninth of march the legal default. remains that the u.k. will leave the e.u. without a deal. i don't say this unless
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something else is agreement the onus is now on every one of us in this house to find out what that is in the days that follow mr speaker myself the shadow breaks it secretary and others will have meetings with members across the house to find a compromise solution that can come on support in the house the government in the name of the prime minister and i think the speaker of the commons announced a new government motion for thursday proposing a three month extension to the brics a deadline until the end of june if parliament can approve a deal in the next week otherwise the prime minister says the u.k. would need a much longer extension he may get would have to take part in may's european elections. someone packing a swift resolution to be on past is the most powerful politician is the three points you can talk and it's in everyone's interest that there is an orderly exit because on the one side it's britain that is leaving me and on the other hand it's
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about the unity of the twenty seven but the european parliament just adopted contingency measures to lessen the damage from a no deal brics it covering areas including transport and foreign students the parliament's bricks it coordinator suggested british politicians were unlikely to reach agreement for them it is a bullet in a weapon and not an existential problem of a country and of a whole country that and that's a shame. with such chaos in parliament in recent weeks the public's none the wiser about how when or indeed if brics it will happen. but the rest of europe is also following events here extremely closely well parliament has now backed something but that something is simply an aim whether the u.k. gets more time to come up with a real plan of action could depend as much on the mood in brussels as on the message from westminster nadine barber al jazeera london. among the stories though
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ahead on the al-jazeera will be live in malaysia where a trial is resuming over the killing of the north korean leader's brother despair and disbelief in brazil after eight people are killed in a school shooting in sport police are forced to take action as fans clash before barcelona and the champions league match. but first rights groups are calling on me and government to scrap a new land law they fear could leave millions of people with nowhere to call home the changes mean people in some regions must now apply for permission to use the land they're working or living on alexey o'brien reports. walking through and he wants. to instate he says remembers how he lost his family he says that in twenty fifteen and ethnic group offered him about one hundred
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dollars for it and author he wasn't allowed to refuse. they forced me to take the money with that amount of money we could buy rice and other supplies for our family so my wife took the money and kept it otherwise he wouldn't get anything for the land this property is now a rubber tree plantation it's just another example of the risks of living in this part of me which has been ravaged by seven decades of war between government forces and various groups the fight for control of the region and its resources has seen hundreds of thousands of hc days of land confiscated and rights groups say a new law could add to that people living in some areas were given until this week to apply for an official permit for land or living on. the reforms part of government mages to bring investment and development to rural areas. critics like alex all say it's just a legal way to seize land millions of people across the country will become less.
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they will be foes to leave. their lead will be taken by companies and different business entities and now he's teaching people a known ty law village about the complexities of the law. here property ownership is often based on traditional rights which means many people have nothing to prove they own their house and land. moto a bought a house ten years ago but doesn't have any she planned to pass her property on to her daughter now she's worried that won't be possible. i don't have any hope any marie calls i have no idea what i should be doing. the korean national union which controls the area says the law could risk its fragile ceasefire with the government the government says this victim managed to expend
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their ministration it to the. woman as issues territories these peaceful scenes hide the communities fear of eviction jail for being branded trespasses on their own land brian al jazeera. the trial of a vietnamese national charged over the killing of the north korean leader as half brother is resuming in malaysia she allegedly participated in the poisoning of kim jong nam and twenty seventeen smearing a nerve agent on his face at kuala lumpur airport on monday charges against an indonesian national were dropped both women say they believed they were part of a stunt in a reality t.v. show let's go live to florence the way who's at the courthouse just outside. expect at the hearing. well this trial as you said the continuation of this trial is taking place just days after prosecutors had withdrawn the murder charges
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against indonesian citizen city and city was able to walk out of court here a free woman now prosecutors that then did not say why they were withdrawing the charges against her but with since learned that the indonesian government had been lobbying hard for her release and the indonesian embassy had also released correspondence between the indonesian government and the malaysian attorney general where they stressed cities innocence and also said they believed that city had been used as and as a quote intelligence tool of north korea unquote now and since then vietnam government has also been making its own representation in an attempt to have its citizen hong to continue today to be freed we've learned that the vietnamese foreign minister spoke on the phone to his malaysian counterpart asking the malaysian government to ensure a fair trial and to. the law minister the vietnamese law minister also wrote to the malaysian attorney general so we will learn today whether or not prosecutors will also drop charges against him and if they don't then it means her trial will
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continue she's already said her lawyers have already said she will take to the witness stand in fact on monday she had already read out parts of her witness statement but was too distraught to continue and then her lawyers asked for an adjournment until today. because they are also seeking prosecutors to drop the charges against her all right florence lieu of an update thank you for that. at least eight people have been killed in a school shooting in brazil's biggest city sao paulo who leads say two gunmen targeted children on stuff before turning their guns on themselves the reports. of these were scenes normally only seen on news reports from the united states. government for the professor old school in a suburb of law and opened fire with a revolver. they were also reported to be armed with a bow and arrows and explosives you say you don't you don't they didn't look at anyone they just started shooting at anyone he was close by. they started saying
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that there were gunshots so we opened the kitchen door and started grabbing as many kids as we could for children and two workers at the school were killed at the scene and the other two pupils died on the way to hospital more being treated in the critical condition. before they enter the school they fired at a staff member and another official they entered the school the students were on their break they went to the gym they fired on four more high school students at the time there were only high school students there they went to the language center the students of the language center locked themselves in the room with the teacher and then the shooters committed suicide in the hallway the authorities are still trying to establish any links the attackers may have had with the school they say they're providing all the assistance they can to families and the surviving students thank you. first of all to the victims to the parents of those young people to the relatives of those two female employees of the school and also to the
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parents and relatives of the murderers our solidarity this was the saddest thing i have dealt with in my whole life i'm very sad that an event such as this happened in our country and here in sao paolo. crime rates in brazil are high however attacks such as this one on schools are relatively rare the last one was in rio de janeiro in two thousand and eleven when twelve children were killed president has promised to tackle crime especially violence with this latest attack at a greater urgency to his efforts and al-jazeera. algerian opposition leaders are encouraging people to keep protesting against president of the laws he's beautifully cup they accuse him of disregarding the constitution to stay in power after he counseled next month's election without setting a new date in an attempt to calm the unrest beautifully cuz promised not to run for a fifth term he's also replaced key government figures including the prime minister for the loyalists colombians have rallied in defense of the country's peace accord
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with fark rebels president of iran duke a announced a partial veto to the law regulating a special tribunal tossed with investigating and judging atrocities committed during the five decades of civil conflict asunder appear to reports from bogota on what critics are describing as the biggest challenge yet to the struggling peace process. as they did back in two thousand and sixteen colombians took over pleasant believer to defend the peace accord with fire rebels which they believe the government of iran is trying to undermine doesn't mean their game will be fought for a very long time to get here we can go back it's been fifty years of killings killing people's hope and destroying thousands of families you want peace and reconciliation for a country that letter can see that simply are not by their god who was elected by a right wing coalition opposed to the deal announced last sunday he was doing the law regulating
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a special tribunal known this it's tasked with judging the worst crimes committed during the civil conflict. ducasse said he was seeking to revise several provisions already approved by the country's constitutional court. decided to object to six of one hundred fifty nine articles of the specials jurisdictions for peace law since i consider them convenient i invite congress to debate the changes in a constructive manner. former fike rebels and members of colombia's military have already gone before the tribunals which offers reduced penalties and sentences other than prison for those who tell the truth and compensate victims. among other provisions aims to remove sexual crimes from the tribunal's jurisdiction and create a separate system for military members responsible of crimes against humanity opposition parties accuse the president of breaching the constitution. if you open the stall
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the risk goes beyond the functions of the tribunal we are putting at risk our democracy and the rule of law. most political analysts believe the veto will weaken the tribunals undermining the transitional justice system at the heart of the accords and here we're not only talking about the mobilized guerrillas we're talking about members of the military who have vocally expressed their desire to remain within the transitional justice system. these challenges show that colombia still far from overcoming the deep divisions surrounding the controversial peace deal signed in two thousand and six being the issue will most likely once again and in the country's constitutional court in the meantime opposition parties are calling for a major protest against a veto next monday i mean from that i'm good i just you know. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour we hear from some of those who have lost loved ones in the
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ethiopian airlines crash and why this execution room in california will be empty for the foreseeable future in sport the storm chase competition lives up to its name for some of the world's best windsurfer it's. hello again and welcome back to the national weather forecast well as we go into thursday we're going to be seeing some rain coming into play here across parts of shanghai on the forecast maps are going to definitely see this area of low pressure that spinning across the area that means it's going to be a little bit windy the clouds going to be low as well as the temps are only reaching to about nine degrees to ten degrees there so going to be seeing that rain across the area on thursday but things really improve by the time we get towards
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friday we're going to be seeing some clearer skies we're going to be seeing the winds coming out of the north very gently but down here towards the south could be seeing some rain just to the inland areas of. southern china before hong kong looks quite nice with the time to there of about twenty one degrees well here across the southern part of asia really not looking too bad across parts of vietnam we are going to see more rain across luzon over the next day that has been the trend over the last few days and really were remain in the forecast particularly on the eastern coast there so from manila about a high of thirty two degrees really stay like that as we go towards friday heavy rain down here across parts of indonesia but for coaching it's going to be mostly cloudy conditions few with a temperature of thirty one degrees and then here across much of india we are seeing some clear skies across much of the interior where this is some clouds pushing through across the north high temperatures are reaching into the mid to high thirty's with hyderabad at thirty seven. the weather sponsored by qatar and. he's everywhere and it's choking our planet very toxic and very dangerous to get
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fangs years painting this i alone but breakthroughs are being made showing that it is possible to change our relationship with these nine eight substance a ship running on. a plane and here come on that means the. moon plastic waste of fries on al-jazeera how do you turn this into this the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises as we doe as illegally migrant joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda they have to foot our nation what has happened to the revenge that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is a politic me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the u.s. senate has voted in favor of a resolution to withdraw military support for the saudi an errata backed coalition in yemen president donald trump has threatened to veto the measure rescuers are searching for survivors in the rubble of a collapsed three story building in nigeria's commercial capital lagos at least eight people have been found that boeing has grounded its global fleet of seven three seven max aircraft after u.s. president donald trump joined dozens of other countries in banning the planes from their skies it follows the ethiopian airlines crash. now thirty two of the people who died were from kenya katherine sawyer visited grieving families and communities
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. it's hard to imagine the pain john cwindows is going through relatives and friends have been coming to his home in the cooler the rift valley to console him since they had news that his wife. and three grandchildren have died in airlines crash on sunday his wife was a retired school teacher who had gone to canada to visit there due to carle and had children brian kelly and nine month old ruby were coming back to kenya for a visit some big goals because i believe it's something that their commitment. is going to achieve in which to imagine. relatives of those who died are now waiting for information from the government and if you can add lines on when they'll be travelling to ethiopia their d.n.a. may be needed to identify the remains windows. and his family have started burial.
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but they'll have to wait for the remains of their loved ones to be brought home if you can airlines officials say the identification process is dedicate and will take time the plane went down just minutes after takeoff killing all a hundred fifty seven people on board most of those who died are kenyans. these mourners are grieving for yet another victim a priest. who was returning home from a room where he was working and i don't even want to see his sister ruth did not even know he was coming he wanted to surprise her my brother was very social and he was a very close friend to me he was not only a brother but the for it we would talk so many things. as they moaned the little information they're getting is i did to their ordeal we talked to say they're patient but also want this whole process over quickly so they can bury their loved ones and then perhaps begin to heal. his era kenya
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the u.s. state department has changed its description of the golan heights from israeli occupied to israeli controlled in its annual global human rights report israel has been lobbying u.s. president donald trump to recognize israeli sovereignty over the territory a separate section on the west bank and gaza does not refer to the palestinian territory as being occupied or under occupation rosalyn jordan has more from washington. in recent years the u.s. state department has been criticized for using its annual human rights reports as political documents the reports are supposed to catalog how well countries are behaving and are observing human rights and whether they have been violating the rights of their citizens and other persons this year's report for twenty eight teen is no different the u.s. is no longer calling the west bank or the golan heights occupied territories
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language that stems from a number of united nations resolutions and so both human rights groups and journalists are raising questions about whether the trumpet ministration is trying to stay on the right side of the government of prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel by removing this language instead this is what ambassador michael kozak who is in charge of the office that drafted these reports had to say about the change in language occupied territory has a legal meaning to it i think what they tried to do was shift more to a just a geographic description so we said israel goal goal on west bank jerusalem and it's it's a complicated report because there are sometimes multiple authorities who have already over people in particular parts of that territory so it's very complicated one to true right but that my understanding from the from the policy bears on this
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is that there's no change in our. outlook or our policy bs of territories and the need for a negotiated. settlement or the reports also go far in trying to seemingly advance another trumpet ministration initiative which is to make a wrong on a pariah state and the preface to the report the secretary of state michael pompei oh no it's that it's iran. that has been quite busa of its citizens and is trying to promote instability in other countries around the middle east this is another issue that has human rights activists very concerned the state department also highlights the murder of saudi journalists. it points out the kingdom hasn't provided a detailed explanation if its investigation into the killing inside saudi's istanbul consulate last october the report goes on to say there's been
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a range of other human rights abuses in saudi arabia such as the detention of women's rights activists and the torture of prisoners and it slams china for the massed attention of weaker muslims saying the sort of abuses it's inflicted haven't been seen since the one nine hundred thirty s. now that hashimi is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver he says the trump administration will resist all pressure to blame the crown prince for killing. even in the us the overwhelming consensus of the u.s. intelligence agencies pointed the finger at the role of the saudi crown prince that was completely removed from the state department report on the ship murder and that's perfectly consistent with the trumpet ministrations position that it does not want to hold the saudi crown prince responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi even though the entire world including the entire us intelligence sort of apparatus and agencies believe that the saudi crown prince you know was responsible
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for that murder so this is more coverup of the murder by the trump administration in support of the saudi crown prince eisel fighters are still holding out against u.s. forces in eastern syria who are continuing their bombardment of the group's last shred of territory near the iraqi border earlier syrian democratic forces said as many as twenty five hundred fighters have surrendered within a twenty four hour period alyson forces launched a major offensive on sunday. mexico's government is trying to find asylum seekers who are thought to have been abducted from a bus in a northern border states from mexico city david mercer reports. it was along this stretch of highway in northern mexico that dozens of migrants went missing last week on tuesday mexican officials said a group of hooded gunmen stopped the bus in the middle of the day a few hours drive from the u.s. border. witnesses said the armed men then brought out
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a list of names and took away a group of men from central america is that is that what it said because we left our countries to look for basic things both personally and for our families and to see that other human beings look to hurt others as unfortunate. the incident comes less than two weeks after the kidnapping of at least fifteen men in the same area and the movie and then i stopped by we came here fleeing our countries and we found our cell. almost the same situation was because we came here feeling from the criminality that in. time a leap us is a battleground between competing drug cartels and as one of mexico's most dangerous states in two thousand and ten is that is drug gang kidnapped and killed seventy two migrants have died the following year dozens more migrants were abducted and murdered. on tuesday mexico's president and this man well lopez obrador said this latest group of migrants were not necessarily abducted.
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and were investigating to be sure because there's a theory that it's a method that it's used to get yourself into u.s. territory it's not that they disappear but rather that they cross the border that way we've already had two cases like that. in response to the incident mexico's top security official admitted that security is deficient in practically the entire country and that thousands more police are needed mexico's new president has promised to protect migrants passage of the country on their way to united states but these latest incidents are stark reminder of how vulnerable migrants are and the magnitude of challenges that the country faces david mercer al jazeera in mexico city the governor of california has issued a reprieve to more than seven hundred inmates on death row his executive order stops any further executions while he remains in office california had put more people to death than any other us state as
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a gallagher reports. in the last forty years more than eight hundred fifty people have been sentenced to death in california in that time period the state executed thirteen people the rest have remained on death row for years on end wednesday's executive order from governor gavin newsom effectively holds any further executions while he remains in office the governor of california doesn't have the power to scrap the death penalty but his decision is being seen as a reflection of changing views on the issue we are laying claim to having the largest death row in the western hemisphere a largest death row in the united states of america two times the size of the next largest state florida and it didn't necessarily square and doesn't necessarily square with i think the values that are represented in the folks behind me and represented the hearts and minds of tens of millions of californians i think we're better than this effective immediately the execution chamber at the notorious sign
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quentin prison will be dismantled as well as the state's lethal injection program california hasn't executed anyone since two thousand and six and in two previous ballots the voters backed the death penalty in one narrowly supporting speeding up executions but the state's governor says the lives of innocent people are at stake as a national county science report that came out that estimates one out of every twenty five people on death row is innocent if that's the case. that means if we move forward executing seven hundred thirty seven people in california we will have executed roughly thirty people that are innocent. new since executive order augie's that the death penalty is inherently unfair applied more often to people of color and those with mental disabilities california now joins colorado washington and oregon where similar orders have been issued and a gallica al-jazeera at least three people are believed to have died from an
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outbreak of pneumonia plague on the border between uganda and the democratic republic of congo it's added pressure on health workers in this part of the d r c who are struggling to contain a major ebola outbreak. it's great concerning for us here in uganda because. they already an outbreak of. ebola in see. these additional outbreak of suspected leg. good pharma complicate an already difficult situation from the uganda will working closely with the ministry of health and the district health authority in the zone but district this has been developed. in. we have been there with a team of the national response team rapid response team to effect control measures in the district it is highly impact but it's quite treatable and
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this affected that we identified with district is undergoing treatment and is improving steadily on the congress side we understand there is a conflict going on as well. i don't have all the details from the congress right but from the uganda side working in it's quite stable and that's why we're able to quickly hunt for. the suspected outbreak donald trump's former campaign manager has been ordered to spend even more time in prison palm out of four was already facing just under four years behind bars for financial crimes and he's now been sentenced after pleading guilty to conspiracy to party cocaine has a story from washington. i don't know seventy years old paul metaphor was wheeled into a washington d.c. courtroom to find out if he would likely die in prison the judge could have ordered him to spend up to ten years in prison on top of the nearly four he was facing from
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another judge in the end he was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison in all but in all likelihood will spend quite a bit less given credit for time served and good behavior still his lawyers tried to tell the media they were disappointed judge jackson. conceded that there was absolutely no evidence of any russian collusion in this case or that they just want to florence to court whatever will know every day it's one of the elite of the asian latino russian oh let's not forget they should actually in this the protesters write a poem and of course lawyer was not telling the truth the judge specifically said this has nothing to do with the collusion the case before her was not about that and we don't know yet what special counsel robert mueller is going to produce and she actually said when it comes to this no collusion refrain that it's not clear if that's accurate because you can't say that there was nothing out of the investigation when you actually hurt the investigation by lying to those that were
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looking into it still u.s. president donald trump echoed the false claim no collusion there's no collusion there's no collusion and there hasn't been collusion the white house has hinted the president could pardon man a fort but trump tried to downplay that possibility. have not even given it a thought as of this moment it's not something that right now in my mind i do feel badly football metaphor the president could theoretically get metaphor out of prison by issuing a pardon but that only applies to federal crimes not state and shortly after the sentencing the manhattan district attorney announced this sixteen count indictment charging metaphor with mortgage fraud and other charges son in the message to the president he can try and get men afford out of prison but they'll move to put him right back in. al-jazeera washington the u.s. on the taliban say they've made progress in their latest round of talks aimed at ending afghanistan.

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