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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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voting to rule out a no deal breaks it on to any circumstances but what's it worth the results yet another blow for prime minister to reserve my messages being sent by parliament the motion isn't legislation so as things stand the u.k. still leaves the european union and the twenty ninth of march the legal default. remains that the u.k. will leave the e.u. without a deal. i don't say this unless something else is agreement the onus is now on every one of us in this house to find out what that is in the days that follow mr speaker myself the shadow breaks it secretary and others will have meetings with members across the house to find a compromise solution that can come on support in the house the government in the name of the prime minister and i think the speaker of the commons announced a new government motion for thursday proposing a three month extension to the brics a deadline until the end of june if parliament can approve
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a deal in the next week otherwise the prime minister says the u.k. would need a much longer extension he may get would have to take part in may's european elections someone backing a swift resolution to be on passage is the most powerful politician. the british i don't point you can talk and it's in everyone's interest that there is an orderly exit because on the one side it's britain that is leaving the e.u. and on the other hand it's about the unity of the twenty seven. but the european parliament just adopted contingency measures to lessen the damage from a no deal breaks it covering areas including transport and foreign students the parliament's brix a coordinator suggested british politicians were unlikely to reach agreement for them it is a bullet in a weapon and not an existential problem of a country and of a whole continent and that's a shame. with such chaos in parliament in recent weeks the public's none the wiser about how when or indeed if it will happen. but the rest of
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europe is also following events here extremely closely well parliament has now backed something but that something is simply an aim whether the u.k. gets more time to come up with a real plan of action could depend as much on the mood in brussels as on the message from westminster nadine barber al jazeera london. still ahead an al-jazeera trying to save the children will update rescue efforts after a building containing a school collapses in nigeria. this spat and disbelief in brazil all to several people were killed in a school shooting. hello again and welcome back well we are watching one storm here in the eastern part of the mediterranean and this one is going to cause
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a lot of problems across parts of iraq as well as iran over the next few days let's go a forecast map here on thursday notice the rain showers passing across much of iraq and also into turkey in the higher elevations it will be snow winds coming out of the south we're going to be since cloudy conditions down here across much of the gulf here on thursday then as we go towards friday a lot of that begins to extend across much of the south we could even do see some rain showers across the border area between saudi as well as iraq for tehran it is going to be a cool and rainy day for you with the thames there about fourteen degrees well here in doha that same system will be affecting us we do expect to see cloudy conditions here on thursday as we go towards friday the winds could kick up we could also be seen some a lower visibilities across some of the areas over towards dobby it is going to be your cloudy day with a temperature of about twenty seven degrees there and then very quickly across mozambique we are watching our cycle beck landfall here late thursday night still brings some very heavy rain showers across much of the area storm surge will be
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a major problem and as we go towards friday we'll see the system dissipate but the flood threat is still going to be a major problem as we go towards the weekend. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and now england. can guide us. a simple touch inform us. the unconventionality of life witnessed through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching out the sera time to recap our headlines now boeing has grounded its global fleet of seven three seven max aircraft after u.s. president donald trump joined dozens of other countries in banning the planes from the skies it follows the crash of an ethiopian airliner which killed one hundred fifty seven people the trial of a vietnamese born charged with killing the north korean leader's half brother has been adjourned until next month prosecutors in malaysia are pushing ahead with the trial after rejecting calls from the vietnamese government for her release. the u.s. senate has voted in favor of a resolution to withdraw military support for the saudi never r.t. back coalition in yemen president donald trump threatened to veto the measure. rescue and recovery efforts going on through the night in the nigerian city of
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lagos were a three storey building collapsed on wednesday it contained apartments and the primary school eight bodies have been pulled from the rubble so far from lagos admittedly it's reports. read at least live and move. this is one of several children pulled from the rubble so far. the three storey building contain two homes shops and a primary school for at least one hundred young students. it's in the tough i-g. area of lagos silent the regional heart of my generous most populous city what that would just warn you i don't know i don't know it would be out soon because. we. pull out all the stuff i see my kids. and everybody i get to list again the this child look in the petition you can hear the relieve of the
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onlookers as she's carrick's through the crowd trying to undo was then another limp for emerges. and as long as they enjoy it there are those it's too late to say. these are the frantic efforts of people waiting for an organized professional response. they used their bare hands trying to get to that unknown number of victims trapped and then these. rescue teams arrive with a crane and speak of successes that nobody caught in the number of casualties involved that was so far so good we have rescued not least to fall out their rescue i don't mind the rescue mission is still ongoing every due to machinery dig through the rubble to get to those still trapped miners the workers say still a rescue operation i need to will continue until the last person is four dollars but as they always process survival chances also they made us. television stations
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have shown injured children are the latest arlan general hospital such events are all too frequent in nigeria in two thousand and sixteen three building collapses killed at least one hundred thirty people. al-jazeera lagos nigeria. algerian opposition leaders are encouraging people to keep protesting against president abdulaziz beautifully they accused him of disregarding the constitution to stay in power of the cancelled next month's elections without setting a new date in an attempt to calm the unrest with as promised not to run for a fifth term at least three people are believed to have died from an outbreak of new monic plague on the border between uganda and the democratic republic of congo it's added pressure on health workers in this part of the d.l.c. who are already struggling to contain a major ebola outbreak felix or cerm is an epidemic of just the world health
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organization in uganda he says everything is being done to contain this is spec that outbreak on the ugandan side of the border. it's great concerning here in uganda because. they are already an outbreak. in the and these additional outbreak of suspected legs. could find that complicate an already difficult situation from the uganda will working closely with the ministry of health and the district health authority in the zone but district. happened and we have been there with a team of the national response team rapid response team to effect control measures in the district it's highly infectious yes but it's my treatable and.
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my district is undergoing treatment and is improving steadily on the congress and i understand there is a conflict going on as well. i don't have all the details from the congress but from the grand. working in it's quite stable and that's why we're able to quickly hunt for. the suspect and. more than one hundred people have been killed in floods devastating parts of southern africa especially malawi in mozambique hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the storms welcome web reports from the village of makino in malawi. everyone in the village of makino sheltering in this hospital hospital. they wanted to show us what happened to their homes.
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after four days of heavy rain last week swathes of southern malawi were flooded dozens of people have been killed. thousands of homes were destroyed. this is all that remains of an does he own a car carnies by the name of and i wonder about or the rain started when we were sleeping when we woke up we found the water level was rising fast so we walked to higher ground and waited there until people came in both and rescued as. the water levels lower now more storms are forecast in the coming days the people here can't afford to wait and see if it'll happen again some people have already started rebuilding their homes and you can see they made almost entirely out of natural materials these sticks are stuck into the ground between them read like this woven on and in the gaps they put mud it's all people here can afford but if
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it floods it gets washed away instantly. louis two hours rebuilding his that he's wondering what he and his family are going to eat in the weeks ahead his entire crop of maize was destroyed. go go go margaret i'm going to grade all this happened and nobody has come to help us in this area but we are hoping for is for somebody to wake up and come to our help because we are suffering elsewhere malawi's president peter motor rita has been visiting many of the affected communities promising help rajkumar going on we'll try to get funding for cement and iron sheets so that everyone who has been affected will benefit it takes time. back at mccain a sunset we make our way back to higher ground the government and charities provided food and shelter to many of the affected communities not here. so
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the hospital hospital remains home and now. the people of kenya wondering if anyone will come to help. malcolm webb al-jazeera in southern malawi. i saw fighters are still holding out against us backed forces in eastern syria who are continuing their bombardment of the group's last shred of territory near the iraqi border earlier syrian democratic forces said as many as two and a half thousand fighters and surrounded within a twenty four hour period. at least eight people have been killed in a school shooting in brazil's biggest city cell paulo police say two gunmen targeted children and staff before turning their guns on themselves don't you assure me reports. for most brazilian with these were scenes normally only seen on news reports in the united states. government entered the professor old school in
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sudan or a suburb of law and opened fire with a revolver they were also reported to be armed with a bow and arrows and explosives you say you don't you don't they didn't look at anyone they just started shooting at anyone he was close by. they started saying that there were gunshots so we opened the kitchen door and started grabbing as many kids as we could for children and two workers at the school were killed at the scene there were two pupils died on the way to hospital more being treated in a critical condition. before they entered the school they fired at a staff member and another official they entered the school the students were on their break they went to the gym i fired on four more high school students at the time there were only high school students there they went to the language center the students of the language center locked themselves in the room with the teacher and then the shooters committed suicide in the hallway the authorities are still trying to establish any links the attackers may have had with the school they say they're providing all the assistance they can to families and the surviving
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students thank you. first of all to the victims to the parents of those young people to the relatives of those two female employees of the school and also to the parents and relatives of the murderers our solidarity this was the saddest thing i have dealt with in my whole life i'm very sad that an event such as this happened in our country and here in sao paolo. crime rates in brazil are high however attacks such as this one on schools are relatively rare the last one was in rio de janeiro in two thousand. when twelve children were killed president has promised to tackle crime especially violence with this latest attack at a greater urgency to his efforts. colombia and serve rally the in defense of a peace accord with gravels. trying to undermine the peace process threatening to plunge the country back into violence. far.
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as they did back in two thousand and sixteen colombians took over plausible lever to defend the peace accord with fired rebels which they believe the government of iran is trying to undermine doesn't that mean that camels we fought for a very long time to get here we can go back it's been fifty years of killings killing people's hope and the strength thousands of families you want peace and reconciliation for us that i can see this hour by their god who was elected by a right wing coalition opposed to the deal announced last sunday he was vetoing the law regulating a special tribunal known as help it's tasked with judging the worst crimes committed during the civil conflict ducasse said he was seeking to revise several provisions already approved by the country's constitutional court. decided to object to six of the hundred and fifty nine articles of the specials jurisdictions
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for peace law since i consider them inconvenient i invite congress to debate the changes in a constructive manner. former fike rebels and members of colombia's military have already gone before the tribunals which offers reduced penalties and sentences other than prison for those who tell the truth and compensate victims mystifies. among other provisions aims to remove sexual crimes from the tribunal's jurisdiction and create a separate system for military members responsible of crimes against humanity for opposition parties accuse the president of breaching the constitution the boy if you open the stall the risk goes beyond the functions of the tribunal we are putting at risk our democracy and the rule of law most political analysts believe the veto will weaken the tribunals and there mining the transitional justice system at the heart of the accords here were not only talking about the mobilize
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guerrillas we're talking about members of the military who have vocally expressed their desire to remain within the transitional justice system. these challenges show that colombia still far from overcoming the deep divisions surrounding the controversial piece in two thousand and sixteen the issue will most likely once again and in the country's constitutional court in the meantime opposition parties are calling for a major protest against to be told next monday i'm afraid that i'm just. a severe outages affecting users of a popular social media sites around the world facebook's main products its messaging app image sharing site instagram have all been hit.
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let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now boeing has grounded its global fleet of seven three seven max said craft after the u.s. president joined dozens of other countries in banning the planes it follows the crash of an ethiopian airliner which killed one hundred fifty seven people but trial of a vietnamese woman charged with the killing of the north korean leader's half brother has been adjourned until next month prosecutors in malaysia are pushing ahead with the trial they rejected calls from the vietnamese government for her release the woman's lawyers say she's barely sleeping and is in no condition to testify flaws louis has more from outside the courthouse. and defense lawyers said he was extremely disappointed he said this was unfair to one just days ago the charges prosecutors had withdrawn charges against one of her cute indonesian national city i shine city was able to walk out of this court a free woman now prosecutors then did not say why they were withdrawing charges
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against city but with since learned that the indonesian government had been lobbying the malaysian government china has pushed back a request to put the leader of a pakistan based on group on the un's terrorist masood heads the jaish e mohammad group that claimed responsibility for last month's suicide bombing in india kashmir the attack killed at least forty troops china says it needs more time to consider the request from the u.s. france and britain the u.s. senators voted in favor of a resolution to withdraw military support from the saudi and morality backed coalition in yemen president donald trump has threatened to veto the measure of zero. parliament has rejected the prospect of a no deal breaks it in another day of drama over britain's departure from the e.u. now politicians will be asked if they're leaving they should be delayed rescuers are searching for survivors in the rubble of a collapsed three story building in nigeria's commercial capital lagos contained
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apartments shops and the primary school at least eight people have been found. the news continues after witness now stay with us. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. has this radical transformation. i mean if you want to shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people on al-jazeera.
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morning martin mornings are you doing today are you south africa. when you hear. of the third chance. and nervous all or buds. playing a little finger or tenor figures i haven't been to syria for probably thirty years i'm fortunate that i was able to come over here and to going to the medical field i think it was footage of a father carrying his son with his arm completely empty to that's what they actually instigated me to contact the syrian american medical society and they put me in touch with the soldier in turkey what did your wife say she said she's
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a nervous wreck don't cross the border. i'm really nervous about it i try not to talk about it too much but pam and i try not to think about it too much but i'm nervous about everything about him we haven't talked about the trip yet with our younger daughter with my older son we just tried to explain where dad's gone and what he's doing while he's there we've talked a little bit about you know how. children had to leave their homes or some families had to leave their homes and go someplace out. it's probably going to be difficult i don't know what exactly healthy so i don't know what to expect and i don't know what how it will. i don't think what i'm doing is really anything special in particle or. but i think every little bit helps i know if i was in that situation how would. i
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like to have somebody who would be able to provide care for me. these are mainly external fixed herbs devices which goes on the outside of the body if there is an open fracture. these souls are here are nails which causes inside the born these are joined so i have a couple shoulder joints and a hip joint my understanding is they don't have any joints when we have various plates some for the shoulders some just for long warms.
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which i have trust in fact. i can see syria with. fifty feet from where i'm standing. speaking to the hospital law administrator today usually got applause tomorrow. because they have a couple doctors who came in from out of town they are opening the hospital and they want us to start seeing patients first thing tomorrow morning.
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bill. i know. i'm not a high level didn't have a cold. and. everything. but. i'll do the potential.
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for men. only. that it was a good. deal. i was preparing for we might be called the bullet kid and peter. couldn't like. for me to teach turkey. i cannot they would keep me fit cats me it happened with some friends if i said he was army loyal for him if they were no longer my name they would kill my parents directly.
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when our people started there were no guns we prinz with us. boortz flags go out that's it then broke it long thanks shooting us everywhere. you know what do you call this. phil down from his copter i said and army threw it down you know market they were like just trying to wife some food and go back home. i've seen the pieces of them bread with blood which it about with blood and parts of their bodies spread everywhere and a good wind skin he sent like a rocket from the make the. team
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or killed. that we have live or imagined overseer of will be fighters we are citizens we are not terrorists everybody should understand we are just defending ourselves that's it. this is i who what are. your my with the acid or else look i'm a hog. winchell for a lot of them the few seaven power of the lawyers of the high. seas. they have entered wade will normally with. my innocent. this girl. from my home for ten ten your first night
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but you. really have some states hold most. but there's anybody telling me daschle some of them could already and i was mozart. going to get out and plus i'll be a missionary came to slay. sarah about how much or kind to shut up you can a lot but only you know it's not hard as i said feeney has been absolutely yeah toiler hodges and his army he know. why there are a lot of hicks and she would assess if you would hold. any more. dot com on the news and hey.
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there is a soda in their hand committee actually. ted harry. they gave me a clue and i. started having one question after the other. and i was overwhelmed just by the number of patients coming in with very complex problems and also by best human side behind. several of these patients had stories behind their injuries which i also like that kind of emotional stress. when you don't want to kind of. base your medical decision on. emotions.
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for certain one little bit of thought and then you do. that. but i hate how all of that off them. what's a hole in the for the whole evil but isn't a lot of the. vision of what an idea is doesn't the. party that if there was. any. gun. and the middle of it be busted a lot. similar saw it and in all that had a player put out how to. put the little me i'm about to finish or philosophy but c.n.n. has a conclusion of the hunt as not under way out of either yes or
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buffet generally a sadly i thought. showed america that gun finish we take. in no and yes it is military medicine. the aleutian the wish to kill who wish feeling saudi have the holy help halla sheena show to them you're in the hole was that we were going to leave one of the video was the first shot that you saw in the u.k. so so i don't really know all my four hundred years of. the. government because. if. over.
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seven million.


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