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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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pulled from the rubble so far. the three story building continued to homes shops and a primary school for at least one hundred young students. it's in the tough i-g. area of lagos island the regional heart of my generous most populous city what that would just warn you i don't know i don't know it would be out soon because. we. pull out all the stuff i see my kids. and everybody i get to yesterday and the this child look in the back to show you can hear the relieve of the onlookers as she's carrick's through the crowd trying to accomplish was that another limp for emerges. and as long as they enjoy it there are those it's too late to say. these are the frantic efforts of people waiting for an organized professional response. they used their bare hands trying to get to the unknown
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number of victims trapped and then these. rescue teams arrive with a crane and speak of successes that nobody caught up in the number of casualties involved that was so far so good well for rescue but not least to fall out their rescue i don't mind the rescue mission is still ongoing every due to machinery dig through the rubble to get to those still trapped miners the workers say still a rescue operation i need two will continue until the last person is four dollars but as they always process survival chances also they made us. television stations have shown injured children are the latest on general hospital such events are all too frequent in nigeria in two thousand and sixteen three building collapses killed at least one hundred thirty people. al-jazeera lagos nigeria. and still ahead of al jazeera new moves to end u.s. support for the saudi m.r.c.
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coalition and yemen but well they get the president backing. and facing a dilemma kenya's government displaces thousands of people as it moves to protect east africa largest indigenous mountain forest. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast where we've been seeing some very stormy conditions here across much of central europe extending all the way up toward skin and navya with this system right here behind that system were in store for some more wet and windy weather across the area you can see here on thursday a lot of that rain coming in across the region some of those rain showers will be heavy at times also piggy of snow down here across parts of the alps now it's going to be in the higher elevations now there we are entering spring some more snow in
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the overnight hours and then during the daytime it is going to be a combination of snow as well as rain for berlin actually day for you with the time to there of nine degrees warsaw at seven kiev you will see some sun but a temperature of about nine degrees there well here across the mediterranean we are going to be seeing some windy conditions mostly along parts of tunisia down here across parts of libya as well as alexandria we see some windy conditions as well as we go towards friday we're going to be seeing more winds across been gazi but it is going to be quite stormy out here across much of the east will be watching it very carefully out towards morocco though it is going to be a beautiful day for you we do expect to see plenty of sun in the fork. yes with the temperature of twenty four in algiers it is going to turn out to be a nice day as well with the terms of eighteen in tunis clouds in your forecast for the temps there at eighteen as well. when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration.
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or is it the or the can be used to get people to confess to crimes they didn't commit weakness explores the shocking phenomenon of people in criminal hunting themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confession on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching out is there and here's a reminder for our top stories this hour boeing has grounded its global fleet of seven three seven max aircraft after the u.s. president joined dozens of other countries which outbound the planes from their
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skies this follows the crash of an ethiopian airlines seventy seven that killed one hundred fifty seven people. the u.k. parliament will vote on thursday on whether to austere opinion to extend the deadline the country is set to leave on march twenty ninth on wednesday m.p.'s rejected the prospect of leaving that without a withdrawal agreement. rescue and recovery efforts are still ongoing in the nigerian city of lagos off the three storey building collapsed on wednesday at least eight people have been killed the building had apartments and a primary school on the top floor. now i saw fighters are still holding out against us backed forces in eastern syria who are continuing their bombardment of the group's last shred of territory near the iraqi border on wednesday syrian democratic forces said as many as two thousand five hundred fighters had surrendered within
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a twenty four hour period coalition forces resumed major offensive on sunday. well thousands of women and children have fled the fighting there to nearby cam's aid agency save the children says women and children coming out of the eyes all held areas are in desperate conditions and says more than three thousand five hundred children of more than thirty nationalities are living in the camps in northeast syria the aid group says most of the children don't have enough food to eat and are risk of infectious diseases several of them have reached the camps without their parents or any want to company and at least seventy five children have reportedly died of cold diseases and acute hunger while on their way to the camp at least fifty six thousand people have been displaced in the last three months and many of them are iraqis who are sheltering in the camp. is the syria director at save the children and joins us on skype from amman thanks very much for coming on the program i have to ask you first what are the conditions
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of these children that you're seeing that are coming out of these conflict areas and into the camps well we've seen children and their families arrive in waves and most concerning the the children that are arriving now are in worse condition than the children that arrived a few months ago we're seeing increased rate of malnutrition among children so these are children who need to be transferred to a hospital in order to get specialized care we're seeing increased rates of unaccompanied children so children who have lost their parents. children arrive in the middle of the night having undergone a three hundred kilometer long tyranny they're cold they're wet they're hungry so they're really in pretty bad condition by the time they arrive at the camp. and the children who arrived unaccompanied to what happens to them particularly i believe they probably arrive without any documentation so what is what is the process you are looking with regards to establishing some kind of
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a future for them. well save the children teams that are are on the ground twenty four seven to monitor the arrivals of new populations and we specifically look for children who need urgent care so we've been able to identify more than fifty children who are unaccompanied and what we do is we. try to find women that they may know for example who can play sort of a foster relationship with them or we take care of them ourselves in the center that we have using our own staff you know it's not an ideal situation we really want to learn to be safe and comfortable on with people that they know the position is quite chaotic and so we're trying to do the best we can to give these children some sense of normalcy and routine and what's a very difficult situation and even calling for international assistance yet many countries are threatening to render these children and their moms because of their involvement in the area what's your response to that and what are you calling for
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international governments to do. we are calling for international governments to take the women and children home you know we have full faith in the justice systems of any of the countries that these women came from when you talk about france and the u.k. and belgium we're very confident that if women go back they will face the proper judicial procedures that they may be required to face and most important thing for us is to get children out of these camps and into a place where they're getting proper health care where they are able to recover from so much violence that they've grown up with throughout their lives you know living under isis control we want to make sure they're back in school and that they're educated in learning most of the children are coming across have never been to school ever and so it's really important for us that building are seen as victims of this conflict they had no role in making the decision to go to syria or to be born in syria and we think they deserve a chance at
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a healthy and productive life sonia khush with save the children good to speak to and thank you. now congress is moving forward with a resolution to redraw u.s. military support for the saudi and led coalition fighting in yemen the senate passed the measure which is now likely to be approved by the house of representatives there's no guarantee she though that it will become law how does joe castro explain explains why from washington on yemen the u.s. senate has spoken again a resolution to end american military assistance to the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen past the upper chamber fifty four to forty six support for the resolution was again bipartisan this is a victory for progressives this is a victory for conservatives and i hope that not only can we end the war in yemen not only can we provide humanitarian relief to a people who need it so badly but that today marks the beginning. when
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congress understands what its constitutional responsibilities or and takes those responsibilities back if this looks and sounds familiar it's because the senate has gone through these same motions before in december senators passed a similar resolution but it went nowhere in the republican controlled house now that the house has a democratic majority it's expected to sail through the real test is whether president donald trump will sign the resolution into law but trump has threatened to veto a white house statement argues the resolution which for the first time evokes the war powers resolution would set a bad legal precedent and despite pressure from members of his own party to distance himself from saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin some on trump has doubled down on his support for him that's despite the cia's conclusion that bin
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salmond directed the killing of u.s. based journalist jamal. khashoggi was killed by government hitmen inside the saudi consulate in istanbul nearly six months ago since then the outrage over his murder and dismemberment has been a resurgent topic in congress bringing together members of both parties in a divided government but that has not been enough to convince president donald trump to punish saudi arabia and there's no indication he'll do so now heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington the u.s. state department has changed its description of the golan heights from israeli occupied to israeli controlled in its annual global human rights report israel has been lobbying u.s. president donald trump to recognize israeli sovereignty over its territory a separate section on the west bank and gaza does not refer to the palestinian territory as being occupied or under occupation rosalyn jordan has more from
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washington. in recent years the u.s. state department has been criticized for using its annual human rights reports as political documents the reports are supposed to catalog how well countries are behaving and are observing human rights and whether they have been violating the rights of their citizens and other persons this year's report for twenty eight teen is no different the u.s. is no longer calling the west bank or the golan heights occupied territories language that stems from a number of united nations resolutions and so both human rights groups and journalists are raising questions about whether the trumpet ministration is trying to stay on the right side of the government of prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel by removing this language instead this is what ambassador michael kozak who is in charge of the office that drafted these reports had to say about the change in language occupied territory has
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a legal meaning to it i think what they tried to do was shift more to a just a geographic description so we said israel goal goal on west bank jerusalem and it's it's a complicated report because there are sometimes multiple authorities who have already over people in particular parts of that territory so it's very complicated one to two right but that my understanding from the from the policy bears on this is that there's no change in our. outlook or our policy views of edo territories and the need for a negotiated. settlement or the reports also go far in trying to seemingly advance another trumpet ministration initiative which is to make a wrong on a pariah state and the preface to the report the secretary of state michael pompei
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own notes that it's iran that has been quite abusive of its citizens and is trying to promote instability in other countries around the middle east this is another issue that has human rights activists very concerned. the trial of a vietnamese woman charged with killing the north korean leader's half brother has been adjourned until next month prosecutors in malaysia have rejected calls from vietnam for the woman's release her lawyers say she's barely sleeping and is in no condition to testify. for his support at least one hundred million people in africa but illegal logging in farming are a threat to their homes thousands of kenyans have been evicted from the largest indigenous mountain forest in east africa and as katherine sawyer reports the mouse forest has been plundered for decades. the mouse forest is both a major source of water and livelihood provided for millions of people in this region it normally collects rainwater during the wet season and pumps it out during
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the dry yet look at this streams and rivers that flow from the forest are running dry causing despair to those leaving in surrounding valleys and affecting harvests cattle firms and famous wildlife box government leaders say decades of a farming grazing the legal logging and charcoal bonding have destroyed more than a quarter of the forest and its inhabitants massed leave before the two million people. so we know. people under. the forest guards make daily patrols in. the most important and was affected part of the complex ecosystem they same portent indigenous trees including the endangered cedar have been cut down and large areas of the forest illegally cleared for farming arrests have been made and smuggled
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charcoal and cedar logs confiscated all this. inside the forest have already been a victim of their high over being allowed to come in harvest and graze but they plant again and if you go farther into the forest. more destruction caused by. their security forces have a victory more than a thousand people from the forest with more expected soon. now security shows us what remains of our home she says it was burned down by security forces in june when they were forcing her family to leave commanders in charge of the operation deny that my standing by life has become more difficult there is no food we don't have anything to sleep on no medicine the mao complex is a lie this indigenous mountain forest in east africa kenya's forest cover is seven percent that's less than the u.n. recommended ten percent but it's not
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a problem unique to the country ventris with the highest rate of forest loss currently. uganda geria. it's. the forest as it is being lost and this is. talking about fighting. and also preventing biodiversity loss then you realize this is a big problem many of the displaced are still in the camp on the edge of the forest they say they'll stay put until they're moved elsewhere or compensated but government leaders say the priority is to see the forests that millions of others depend on katherine solely al-jazeera forest. hello you're watching out is there and here's a reminder of our top stories boeing has grounded its global fleet of seven three seven max aircraft after u.s. president on trump joined dozens of other countries which have banned the planes
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from their skies now this follows the crash of an ethiopian airlines seven three seven that killed one hundred fifty seven people. we. had a very very good. group of people working all of the seven thirty seven eight of the seven thirty seven. who are lawyers. who are going to be issuing an emergency order of probation to grow into overflights of the seven thirty seven. max eight and the seven thirty seven max nine. planes associated with that. the u.k. parliament will vote on thursday on whether to ask the european union to extend the brig's the deadline the country is set to lose even the on march twenty ninth and on wednesday m.p.'s rejected the prospect of leaving the e.u. with out of the draw agreement. facebook whatsapp an instagram are down for many of
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their two billion users around the world a company's experiencing what's believed to be one of the worst outages in history facebook has yet to explain what's behind the outage but insists it's not a cyber attack and rescue and recovery efforts are still ongoing in the nigerian city of lagos after a three story building collapsed on wednesday at least eight people have been killed the building had apartments and a primary school on the top floor. i still fighters is still holding out against us back forces in eastern syria who are continuing their bombardment of the group's last shred of territory near the iraqi border on wednesday syrian democratic forces said as many as two thousand five hundred fighters had surrendered within a twenty four hour period a coalition forces resumed a major offensive on sunday and around a thousand civilians have also emerged from the town the operation intensified after a brief pause to allow civilians to leave. well those are the headlines news continues
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here on the listening post stay with us. to me he is after the u.k. voted to leave the european need to accept is yet to take for. britain seen through its divorce from its european neighbors the whole process still be revived stay with al-jazeera for the latest. on weekend edition sunday to. pieces on. the. economic side of i'm not a coffee cup. hello i'm richard disappeared and you're at the listening post here are some of the stories that we're covering this week the case against benjamin netanyahu and the israeli media outlets the prime minister is accused of
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trying to bring under his control after five years the egyptian photojournalist show is no longer behind bars many of his colleagues still are colonial residue governments in sub-saharan africa are still using laws the colonists left behind to silence journalists and a music video comes out of china in defense of a mobile phone company will begin in israel and a corruption case that centers on prime minister benjamin netanyahu is attempts to control the media a story that also exposes the degree to which certain israeli news outlets are willing to sell out their coverage elections are just weeks away and netanyahu is looking at charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust one of the cases alleges the prime minister agreed to limit the distribution of one newspaper israel high yom in exchange for positive coverage in another era not he's also accused of offering a telecoms company beza a lucrative government contracts buying in effect positive news coverage on
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a website owned by the same company a news site called while the attorney general handling the k. . says netanyahu even had a hand in choosing which editors and reporters while i would hire or fire prime minister netanyahu is using the fake news defense calling the case a witch hunt cooked up by political rivals and their friends in the media it's a line he's used before but the victim narrative is starting to sound a little unconvincing our starting point this week is television. cameras should be the story of. those who would do that if i'm actually on the or tell a good. little bit of a detour they slowly shot before the other the film that. she duly knew had been could be grouped. in
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a big loud. only syllable of almost going to. just equal who really is a short cut. the conclusion of the neo have been it's. this is a first in israeli political history a sitting prime minister faces indictment on multiple counts of corruption and media manipulation the telecom and media baron getting contracts and bribes from benjamin netanyahu in return for favorable coverage show the love each the man who issued the indictment notice attorney general of the high mantel blinked in his written ruling detailing the grounds for indictment mandalit walks us through an extensive system set up by netanyahu to control media coverage of himself his government and his family it's damning however supporters of the prime minister
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argue he was left with little choice of the cumana five about that of fame and all the cases have to do with the media. why was nothing else so involved in the media why did you try to measure so much with it nobody's asking that question could it be didn't it to me i was vilified by the media more than any other prime minister in the western world zero nish clearly there's no prime minister or president anywhere that so savagely criticize day in day out the mobile you'll be on the look at him a little well explain test this isn't it. the thing that was most important to him . finally bring him down you know if they mingle with everybody now is a lefty everybody now is out to get him that made the at that one again a misunderstanding is not a big deal when with in the finale feel watching i'm not out to get you i'm just waiting really thought that this happened because the prime minister's contentions
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that he is up against some kind of left wing media conspiracy failed the scrutiny test on the sad side of the need to do. to the attorney general leading the investigation mandalit was appointed by netanyahu himself two of the prosecution's key witnesses reported to have provided the most incriminating evidence our former confidant of the prime minister and details of what is being called case four thousand involving israel's biggest telecom company which owns the online news site while on paint a picture of elaborate media manipulation police allege the prime minister's relationship with besant c.e.o. a low which was based on bribes netanyahu provided besuch with government contracts and regulatory favors in return for not just flattering coverage of his government but a hand in the way the website operate police say that from two thousand and twelve
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to two thousand and seventeen the prime minister or his staff blatantly into. hundreds of times and on a near daily basis often calling in the middle of the night to demand changes in the coverage. there are recordings in which netanyahu speaks with a lot of it who then passes messages on to align your sure the c.e.o. . so it's obvious that netanyahu tried to intervene we spoke with journalists asking them how come there were positive articles on netanyahu are as well as negative one are you for or against him explain that what we're seeing with the tip of the iceberg underneath there was a constant battle about whether to follow the orders that came from netanyahu over the editorial team to just do its job. looking at the workers while the reporters
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and junior editors i think that some of them were maybe too young and then they couldn't see the big picture but it was not only on their shoulders it was a matter of their chief executive editor and they rector of the company those were the people that did it. the netanyahu a lot of which relationships resulted in politically driven material like this maybe. it first appeared on the prime minister's website on the morning of march seventeenth two thousand and fifteen the day israelis voted in the last general election within minutes it was on wallace home page where it would remain on the order say prosecutors of the prime minister's office met i thought of that video the arabs are flocking to the poll which is just pure incitement was on the home page for a whole day it was discussed totally ungentle istic and rather and. then there were
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dozens of articles and photos of sarin netanyahu helping holocaust survivors for instance now it's one thing to post such pieces which really have zero new. but to then take down other articles such as the piece on the public record in israel actual information that is important that was a disproportionate. things were as complex and detailed as the indictment. i had absolutely no idea i didn't know that they were actually helping choose images for specific i didn't know that sorry netanyahu has so for sending text messages if we would have known about it would not have had any reporters that. case four thousand and the communications between netanyahu and is just one of the corruption allegations under investigation there's also case two thousand backed up by secretly recorded conversations in which netanyahu offers to support legislation
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that would limit the distribution of the country's most widely read newspaper israel a free tab in return for favorable coverage in the biggest traditional paper on the market yet. the prosecutors announcement of a coming indictment happened just weeks before an election in which the netanyahu campaign clearly has the media in its sights posters of. journalists face and bearing the slogan. also launched a facebook broadcast quote throw the fake out. in the increasingly polarized israeli media space there are still voices the prime minister wants to hear. some of whom can be found at news outlets like channel twenty.
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four. and a lot of the small. i don't get it when the leftists criticize and it's considered journalistic integrity but when the right wing journalist says he supports the prime minister and think he's doing a great job and suddenly i get attacked for my journalistic integrity have you ever asked a leftwing journalist about their integrity you never have why do you only ask me this should be one standard for all the media once. asked whether this indictment can play in netanya his favor the answer is absolutely yes part of his genius is that he realized how to use they often say that off to reach netanyahu scandal his party gets an extra two seats in the election this time we're right in the midst of an election and the indictment helps netanyahu push the idea that the leftist media patronize him is trying to dethrone
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netanyahu his turn media into the biggest game and this indictment in my opinion is only making his campaign stronger conventional with a lot. more in previous elections netanyahu built an enemy in the shape of an iran . and hezbollah today the situation isn't one that enables him to build an enemy from the outside and therefore he's putting up the media and the justice system to be the enemy. that tries to bring me down. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers flow phillips flow the egyptian photojournalist mahmoud. better known the shock on released from prison this past week after something like five and a half years behind bars but he's not exactly a free man is he not exactly and should undeniably this is one of the best pieces
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of media news to come out of egypt lately but one condition of siobhan's. is that he spends every night for the next five years at a police station and all this for a case that so many consider a sham shocking was arrested back in august twenty third team during the early days of the c.c. government there was a huge pro muslim brotherhood demonstration in cairo in which at least six hundred protestors were killed sharpton says he was just taking pictures but he wound up behind bars charged with murder and terrorism it took more than five years for the case to get to trial and by the time he was sentenced shah kind of virtually served out his time here's what he had to say when he got home says whoa whoa. he's also a. little shows a really. holds old he needs all of us. there are still more than thirty other journalists in egyptian prisons including al jazeera is own man
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hussein who's been in jail now for more than two years hussein still hasn't been charged with a crime let alone convicted. ok now to croatia where hundreds of journalists took to the streets of the capital zagreb just last weekend to protest against pressures that are facing the media what kind of things are they talking about so they've got a variety of complaints wretched they say they're often abused and threatened and that the government medals in the country's media but what really stands out here is the sheer number of norse suits being filed against croatian journalists more than a thousand and a currently being sued for myriad reasons under a law the croatian journalists association says is being abused the way this law is written makes content deemed shaming or humiliating a criminal offense and it's pretty easy to see how powerful people can just use that to their advantage and while most of these lawsuits are being filed by politicians what's with these news outlets that are suing some of their own employees so this is the bizarre pot croatia's public broadcaster h r t is suing
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thirty six journalists including some of their own six months ago fired her voice zovko he's also the head of the journalists association after he spoke out against political interference and censorship at the station he's been h.r.t. for twenty one years and now the channel is suing him for seventy thousand dollars the european federation of journalists issued a statement prime minister under a plank a bitch to get to work and to take concrete steps to limit abusive prosecutions against journalists ok thanks for next we're moving to a media story whose roots date back to the late nineteenth century european powers were setting sail for africa sweeping across the continent colonizing country after country and once they took power they wrote laws designed to ensure that the called the nies would not rise up against the colonizers laws that could also be used to silence censor jail or intimidate journalists who refused to toe the line come the
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late one nine hundred fifty s. africans began revolting and over the next decade or two most countries would win their. independence however much of the colonial legislation remained in place and there is now a growing list of journalists in sub-saharan africa falling afoul of those laws that were never written with democratic societies and the listening posts nick muirhead now on the colonial era laws that still determine what can and cannot be reported in sub-saharan africa. two thousand and eighteen in the democratic republic of congo a newspaper editor still funny. was jailed for publishing articles critical of a bank she was prosecuted under a different nation law dating back to nine hundred forty two when the d r c was a belgian caught in november two thousand and sixteen five zambian radio journalists were arrested for allegedly calling a member of the ruling party
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a useless person they were charged under section one seventy nine of the zambian penal code which dates back to the british colonial times and in another former british colony one. newspaper editor at the sunday standard published a report that the former president was involved in a late night car crash he was charged with sedition i told my lawyer that you know what i am going to plead guilty to save the ship because i believe i did that i think and he. will be but there was a change of government and the government has added to it but i was very disappointed that they threw the charges because that we need only opportunity we had the chinese the constitutionality of this edition so sedition. compared to a less well. off defamation which much more. is very
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specific to who can say it is people at the. the pinnacle of power in any society the us sumption is that the said comments remarks views expressed have a potential of cost and national security threat or a public order threat one suspects that because the the newspaper was so independent then had been writing about other matters that was clearly upset in the government of the day that they used that as an excuse to move against the journalists the irony of course is that the world looks up and sees it as a best in of democracy and stable rule in sub-saharan africa and yet some fortunately sedition still remains a crime in botswana and it is used to close down the democratic space.
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which is by design colonial era little voice weren't written to protect democracy but to limit dissent when countries like britain france and belgium established the african colonies in the late nineteenth century the new colonial administrations expected journalists who were almost exclusively white and mostly compliant to highlight the achievements of government perpetuating the nation of african dependence on colonial rule they also want to be opponents silenced and a legal framework was created for that. but when the colonize ation process began in the late one nine hundred fifty s. and african governments started coming into power securing independence was the priority not media freedom and the new leader is so valued in the lords that they inherited what happened after independence when. black leaders to call before they were calling for free media but
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after they changed. they decided to use the strategy that was used by the koran yet they are colonial masters and there wasn't a reason for that why because the nation building projects the forcing of people to now identify themselves as it says zambians. now have to be centrally monies to a centrally controlled so in order to do that the new governments found it necessary to send a single message as the only voice that had their good intentions and everybody else was destroying what this government was trying to build our leaders see the media is an opposition. you know and. they don't understand the role of the media because they're all the generic version
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. of our leaders we're hiding behind this idea of nation building and cohesion we contacted multiple governments and countries that still have clone you are laws in place to ask why decades after independence those laws are still on the books none of them got back to us. it's not just the legacy of colonialism that lingers on in africa but the legal residue of apartheid in south africa next month marks twenty five years of democracy in the country but journalists there still have to contend with yours that were designed to preserve white minority rule. nine hundred eighty two protection of information act gave some thought for because apart take government sweeping powers to keep secrets and silence journalists in the democratic era many of the provisions in that glow are deemed unconstitutional but that hasn't prevented its use
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a big surprise was last year when an investigative journalist. who had written a book called the president suddenly found himself on the receiving end of a police raid and. it was. the stance simply because he had confidential information from the intelligence services in his possession he's been charged under this act and while the case has been moved ahead against him it's still hanging over his head. the ruling african national congress has made several attempts to replace the nine hundred eighty two protection of state information act its version the protection of state information bill even made it through parliament. but campaign is journalists and lawyers said it was new only in name and still gave the state unconstitutional powers the bill remains unfinished business it's been on the president's desk for nearly six years now awaiting
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signature until then the a particular law remains in force. the start because aside there's an unwritten cultural code in the region it's called going to the idea in african culture that a shared sense of humanity builds and binds communities that challenge for modern day. african societies and their leaders who are no longer united by the common goal of ending colonial rule it's hard to reconcile the reverence of a pointer with the irreverence of critical journalist not too long ago in this very same book so i'm not. criticizing a public figure especially political leadership could be city should be at boot but attitudes are changing as people begin to identify themselves often as text as a message is this way that their concerns these days are less about jazz i'm just looking good and more about the media or journalists not digging deep enough
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it's important that people realize that if they want to live in a democratic society that there is no way that a government a democratically elected government or a post colonial government should be in a position to use colonial era laws of apartheid north to try and subjugates the population i am convinced that if they want to keep those laws in this they truth because they have a vested interest. and there is no wait. there is no way it is guys are going to pull entirely to stop power to the extent that generics begin to criticize them free. and finally the legal cases around the chinese mobile phone manufacturer huawei and the u.s. justice department are crawling through the courts the charges include stealing trade secrets and doing business with the likes of iran north korea and syria all
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countries under economic sanctions now a private chinese company has released a propaganda video of children singing the praises of huawei and who better to produce the lyrics than a former member of the people's liberation army song and dance troupe as now put it the only way to win a revolutionary war is by mobilizing the masses now the chinese masses are being mobilized online to come to the defense of a mobile phone company only the bulk of the social media chatter on this has been mockery since while way has consistently tried to distance itself from the chinese state will leave you now with a snippet of wall way the beautiful and we'll see you next time you're at the list .
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a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby offset. by three million dollars of what they should. reveal secrets and connections some don't want
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exposed. others are going to work for all blogs if there are. al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre coming soon over three rifles or so many guns sometimes even. a sinister on a god who secretly controls moldova's parliament all media tycoon misjudged by his enemies is the most hated board to show me a country i made my key allegations of blackmail hitman and the billion dollar for . people in power investigates moldova and the puppet master on al-jazeera. to do. adjure to cut their emissions show actually do have boyfriends now. charging a diverse lives of the children of south africa but the differences have to be what
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bannock on the same skin the contents of that could say passing on journeys through a complex history of dramatic social and political change except on up south africa on al-jazeera. up to resisting the move for days boeing grounds its best selling jets. ellen malcolm it's good to have you here with us i'm devika polony watching out is there live from doha also coming up. the audience to the right three hundred
4:49 pm
twenty was the new struggle that two hundred seventy eight. the u.k. parliament who is alex no deal breaks it but that doesn't mean it won't happen anyway. a series of out to just write the world's biggest social network across all of its pop forms and products. trying to save the children we'll update you on rescue efforts after a building containing a school lapses in nigeria. of the days of pressure from airlines and governments around the world that boeing has grounded its seven three seven max jets the plane is the company's best seller but u.s. aviation regulators now believe that crash is in ethiopia on sunday and in indonesia last october this played worrying similarities rob reynolds has this report from
4:50 pm
boeing's aircraft factory in seattle. globally grounded the entire fleet of all three hundred seventy one boeing seven three seven max airplanes are being taken out of service following two unexplained crashes less than six months apart the u.s. was the last country to ground the planes president donald trump made the announcement and we. had a very detailed. group of people working on the seven thirty seven eight and the seven thirty seven nine newer lines. we're going to be issuing an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the seven thirty seven max eight and the seven thirty seven max nine any plane currently in the air will go to its destination and thereafter be grounded until further notice the u.s.
4:51 pm
carriers american airlines and southwest have dozens of seven three seven maxes in their fleets trucks announcement came hours after canada's transport minister said his country's airlines would no longer be flying the aircraft after an analysis of satellite data found similarities between the lion air crash in indonesia in october and the ethiopian airlines disaster a total of three hundred forty six people were killed in the two crashes as a result of new data that we received this morning and i had a chance to analyze in on the advice of my experts and as a precautionary measure i'm issuing a safety notice boeing issued a statement saying that out of an abundance of caution it had recommended to the u.s. federal aviation administration the temporary suspension of operations of the entire global fleet of seven three seven max aircraft the flight data recorders retrieved
4:52 pm
from the ethiopian airlines crash will. the process in france that's an unusual departure from the normal protocol in an accident involving a plane that was built in the united states ethiopian officials reportedly declined to hand over the black boxes to u.s. authorities robert oulds al jazeera yeah. so britain's politicians are due back in parliament shortly in this time to vote on extending the deadline for the case departure from the european union and what's become a dramatic forty eight hours m.p.'s rejected the possibility of leaving the without a deal and defeated prime minister terrorism a.c withdrawal agreements so just fifteen days to go time is running out to break the impasse in westminster that he explains. he was to the right three hundred twenty one in the news to the left two hundred seventy eight voting to rule
4:53 pm
out a no deal breaks it on to any circumstances but what's it worth the results yet another blow for prime minister to reserve made while a message is being sent by parliament the motion isn't legislation so as things stand the u.k. still leaves the european union of the twenty ninth of march the legal default. remains that the u.k. will leave the e.u. without a deal. unless unless something else is agreement the onus is now on every one of us in this house to find out what that is in the days that follow mr speaker myself the shadow breaks it secretary and others will have meetings with members across the house to find a compromise solution that can come on support in the house the government in the name of the prime minister and i think the speaker of the commons announced a new government motion for thursday proposing
4:54 pm
a three month extension to the brics a deadline until the end of june if parliament can approve a deal in the next week otherwise the prime minister says the u.k. would need a much longer extension he may get would have to take part in may's european elections someone backing a swift resolution to the ampacity is the most powerful politician is the british i don't point you can talk and it's in everyone's interest that there is an orderly exit because on the one side it's britain that is leaving the e.u. and on the other hand it's about the unity of the twenty seven. but the european parliament just adopted contingency measures to lessen the damage from an exit covering areas including transport and foreign students the parliament's brix it coordinator suggested british politicians were unlikely to reach agreement for them actually it is a bullet in a weapon and not an existential problem of a country and of a whole country and that's a shame. with such chaos in parliament in recent weeks the public's none the
4:55 pm
wiser about how when or indeed if brics it will happen. but the rest of europe is also following events extremely closely well parliament has now backed something that something is simply an a whether the u.k. gets more time to come up with a real plan of action could depend as much on the mood in brussels as on the message from westminster the dean barber al jazeera london. and we can now go live to jonah who's in london for us the night there the day after age or a magic night yet again what's expected today ministers are meeting again what's on the cards. well more drama undoubtedly with another series of votes later on on thursday the main one of course as promised a motion asking the house of commons whether the government should go to the
4:56 pm
european union to ask for an extension to that briggs it deadline of march the twenty ninth or more time and that motion expected to apostle long sided there will be amendments as always we don't know which ones have been selected yet but interestingly among the tabled amendments so far are votes for and against a second referendum so the so-called people's vote later may get its first vote in parliament and all of this taking place against. talk of a prime minister on her last legs and government in meltdown pot of and taking back control but make no mistake to resume a is fighting back and she's fighting back for her gregg says deal she says she'll bring it to a third meaningful vote next week so point of view is that simply this is the only deal available the only deal on offer if the house wants to ensure that there can
4:57 pm
be a no deal no no deal outcome to this process when it's got to vote for a deal so there will be that vote later on whether to austin for an extension the key thing here the other part of her strategy is that she has framed this vote in terms of a very difficult defining choice what she's saying is that the e.u. will grant an extension but only if they know what it's for and if they vote for the deal next week parliament will then the e.u. will grant a short technical extension if the house does not vote for a deal next week however the e.u. has said it will only be prepared to countenance a potentially very long extension one that would take in the european parliamentary elections next summer in which her. we would have to participate in all events might well spell the end breaks it all together situ reason maybe reason gambling on the fact that there are enough in the in parliament who will be worried enough scared enough about the consequences of that choice that they will look for and
4:58 pm
find a way somehow to concede and finally vote for her deal. journal making sense of what's going on in you case parliament thank you very much. facebook is reeling from what's believed to be the most serious outage in its history and its affecting users around the world the end sorry facebook family of products is affected and among them the messaging app whatsapp and the photo sharing app instagram the outage appears to have begun at around sixteen g.m.t. on wednesday this map from down detector it's a site that wanted to as disruptions and web services shows its assessment of the global outage facebook has more than two billion users and that's around a quarter of the world's population and many of them took to facebook's rival twitter and other sides to show how much they did not like this destruction facebook says it's still working on the problem and it has yet to explain what's
4:59 pm
behind it but insists it's not due to a cyber attack. in other news rescue and recovery efforts are still ongoing in the nigerian city of lagos after three storey building collapse on wednesday killing at least eight people the building houses apartments and a primary school on the top floor as many as one hundred pupils were inside the building when it came down amid interest has more from lagos. i was freed at least a clinic and i'm going to. this is one of several children pulled from the rubble so far. the three story building continued to homes shops and a primary school for at least one hundred young students. it's in the tough i-g. area of lagos island the regional heart of my generous most populous city what i would just warn you i don't know i don't know i would be out of the way because i
5:00 pm
feel i pull out all my stuff i can see my kids i mean everybody we are here to yesterday and i know this child look in the petition you can hear the relieve of the onlookers as she is carried through the crowd turned on people was then another limp for emerges. and as long as they enjoy it there are those it's too late to say. these are the frantic efforts of people waiting for an organized professional response. they use their bare hands trying to get to the unknown number of victims trapped and then these. rescue teams arrive with a crane and speak of successes that nobody caught in the number of casualties involved that was so far so good we have rescued but please take the fall out their rescue i don't mind the rescue mission is still.


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