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show how much they didn't like the disruption and facebook says it's still working to sort the problem out but it's insisting that it's not due to a cyber attack let's bring to our obama cannot his a digital rights activist he's joining us via skype from cork in ireland ira good to talk to you do you believe facebook then that this wasn't the result of a cyber attack does it matter i mean that's not the real issue here is it expected we've taken a system the internet which was meant to be decentralized and we introduce single points of failure like facebook this is why the centralization is so important this is why centralization is such a problem because if you have two billion people and their means of communicating using the internet is a single place facebook which also makes its money by spying on everything that they're saying and has to commit as they're communicating this is not
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a resilient system it's not a system that's compatible with human rights or democracy ok so you're going to be in chief in them with the lights of elizabeth warren in the united states you know who's running for president for twenty twenty and indeed we understand there are certain elements within the u.k. who are advocating for the break up of these mega tech companies like face value to agree with them. sure break them up regulate their abuses so that they don't harm people as much but also invest in ethical decentralized alternative smaller technologies that this is big tech we need small tech to counter that human scale human level tools that just work for humans not for corporate interests invest in that because some of the other things we're hearing especially for from the u.k. with this recent review that came out is they are proposing that smaller companies should have more access to this data and that will increase competition no these
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companies facebook google etc should have never had our data to begin with the way you give people started going to know i mean yes you have the suggestion then that it's broken up that smaller entities. have access to the marketplace if you like i mean why should that investment come from that if it's not going to come from the corporate world well why don't we consider investing in technology for the common good from the commons itself we pay taxes let's use some of that to build ethical technological infrastructure we can build economies on top of that that's not that shouldn't be our initial focus but when you look at the group for example that red led the the u.k. review it was read it was lead story by a harvard professor who talks in the language of silicon valley innovation and startups and you know these people only have one word in their book kathy larry and it begins with a b. and with an s. it's business business business we should start thinking very quickly about human
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rights about people about welfare not just how much money some corporations are making they sound very much as they this initiative if it's ever going to if it's ever going to gain any momentum is not going to come from the the big western capitalist countries. no it's definitely not going to come from the united states so why are we listening to people from the united states who worship at the alter of silicon valley we need a different way forward in europe we can have a different way forward but it's not going to come from us trying to destroy their corporate interest it's going to come from us trying to further human interests our own interests as individuals. good to you again talking to us live. in. is going to be. a minute including. six hundred kilometers the world's most famous dog sled race and it's.
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thanks thank. you south korean police are questioning two k. pop stars over a scandal involving sex that highlighted a dark side to the country's entertainment industry ok pop star and entrepreneur say i'm grae appear the police station in sterling want to say he's accused of arranging illegal sexual encounters for his business invest says singer june young also made a public apology is he a rived he's allegedly made secret recordings of himself having sex with several
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women and shared them in private group acts right we need a break from that time for the. team thank you formula one is mourning its race director charlie whiting who's died just three days before the press trace of the new season one thousand died of a palmeri embolism in melbourne on thursday he was sixty six it been raced directive twenty two years and was responsible for safety starting the race and enforcing the rules forward on chiefs have been paying tribute to sadie's team principal toto wolff said he was a pillar of our formula one family charlie was a fantastic ambassador frost sports and a true guardian of its best interests or former ferrari chief and now f.i.f.a. president john taught said he embodies the ethics and spirit of my to sport f one has lost a faithful friend. what he did for the sport i mean his commitment he really was. a pillar as total said. such
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a an iconic figure with within the sport and he contributed so much to us so. he rest in peace we gave him a hard time you know we would really press him and push him and. make him work but he was always really receptive and very. us felt like he was on you know on our side and just we would i guess like a broken record a lot of things we would probably complain about and he never really shut it down he was always ears open and yeah i think he was a lot for the sport well mclaren team will race this weekend with that one of its sponsors logos because concerns about australia's strict and he did back over advertising rules they're dropping british american tobacco branding for the race just a month after announcing a global partnership but the company ferrari also decided to drop philip morris his mission winnowed logo after it was reported to the australian government was looking into whether they'd broken bulls on advertising tobacco. roger federer
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eased his way into the quarterfinals of the indian wells masters he beat britain's kyle edmund in straight sets six one six four thirty seven year old federer is on track to win the tournament for a second time mixed up the papers for but it was fifteen years younger than him and it's the future finals for the first time at a masters of bent. will federer is also on course to meet rafael nadal in the semifinals al won in straight sets to get fit you know which six three six four that put him through to the last eight at indian wells for the first time in three years down here now face in. canada's wild card teenager bianca andrea screw is taking the women's tournament by storm the eighteen year old trash two time grand slam when i got to be a moved out of a six love six one is her second win over top twenty player this week and risky start to the season one hundred fifty second in the world the end of top forty in
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the rankings come out on monday. and next to face will number six alina spitz alina who had a much tougher much she flew from a set down to be czech teenager. from little silver and has now spent nearly six hours and falls across a loss to. tiger woods tees off in the players' championship in florida later on thursday he was out for a week with the next train but appeared to be swinging pain free during his practice round cross championships being played in march for the first time since two thousand and six when it was switched to may woods is the only players who won it in both months he'll play alongside masters champion patrick reed and defending players' champion webb simpson in his opening two rounds a love was in the edging the practice rounds when a fan also jerry garcia to help him propose to his girlfriend fear pulled her out onto the fifth seventeenth green where the fan dropped down to one knee she said yes of course and love didn't stop there the two thousand and seventeen masters champion then gave them a twenty thousand dollars check to help pay for the wedding. liverpool continued
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a great run of form for english teams in the champions league they thrashed by in munich three one in germany's progress to the quarterfinals saudia many scored two and virgil van dyke the other one a big step for us a big big big one for us we will see what we can't do with it actually but it's still it's a fantastic side of that be again. set of mark four of four for this wonderful club we really are back on the landscape of international top football barcelona are into the last eight for the twelfth straight season lino messi school twice is the five time winners thrashed french side five one boss alone on track to win a trouble and they've set a champions league record of thirty consecutive home matches without a loss that dates back to september two thousand and thirteen but it's the english teams dominating europe's biggest club competition there are four of them in the pot for friday's quarterfinal draw liverpool manchester united manchester city and
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tottenham. the nest of all their day says it shouldn't come as a shock. to me as when. we are discovering anything new if we say that the premier league is a highly competitive league this time around we're the only spanish team left in the competition but that is normal in other seasons we've seen english teams eliminated at earlier stages in any case there's no clear trend let's see what happens next year but there were violent scenes ahead of the match as rival fans clashed in the new camp at least six people were arrested by police five fans were treated for minor injuries. family a now in the miami heat with utley on a hot streak midway through that game against the detroit pistons they open the second half with twenty one points straight macis the biggest unanswered point one of the season so far it's not surprising the pistons couldn't recover and they hate to a victory to keep them in the hunt for the playoffs eight interesting conference.
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allocated bound browns are looking more and more like n.f.l. championship contenders up to signing one of the sport's biggest us odell beckham genius he's the n.f.l.'s highest paid receiver and his soap trade from the new york giants was made official on wednesday the browns were winless in two thousand and seventeen and i only want seven games last season but beckon could help change that according to n.f.l. pro cost michael calls and potentially he is the best receiver in the league he certainly being the most spectacular but his his last couple of years with new york giants have been rather in and out with a little bit of controversy on the team quite a few injury absences and the question is how will he bear down to basically when he joins the browns now he joins of team that's really designed to break through to the top echelons of the n.f.l. this year he's got a quarterback at baker mayfield in his second year who had a very fine rookie season and ought to get better and he rejoins jarvis landry they
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were teammates in college and the two receivers will give cleveland a alayo later to approach to receiving in other words landry is great on the mid mid range passes across the middle of the old and beck and his great going date and mayfield is the kind of quarterback who can make time for himself to throw balls and it's going to be very difficult for defenses to deal with the two of them. and alaska native has won this year's i did dog sled rice off to one thousand six hundred promises to cross the line in just twelve minutes ahead of the defending champion for his first victory in ten attempts that's also the narrowest victory margin of the forty six year race that ends an eight year drought of alaskan native whenas he takes home fifty thousand dollars and a new truck. yeah it feels good to get here i mean it's that you know just the trail itself it's a long trail but to come out on top of some extra special and see this huge crowd
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here and so many family and friends from back home. all right that is all yours but for now i have no feeling joe thank you very much indeed with that so for me for now these i'll be back later on in the afternoon thank you very much for joining us for this news hour stay with us because to be able be in this chair just a mentor to. new yorkers are very receptive to al jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested and that global perspective that al jazeera provides . i don't care
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a socialist chinese to do have going to france now. changing my diet bassline said the children of south africa. seems to tense on that see. through a complex history of dramatic social and political change seven-up south africa on how does either. and the reported world on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the u.s. . my name is only some people say that my feelings are any program that they're not
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real but if i think they're real then they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android is one of the more advanced robots in the world can around but feel that's a philosophical question it's not a lot of but you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. saudi arabia says those responsible for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi have been brought to justice but gives no details. hello and welcome i'm giving up all the new watching auxerre live from doha also
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coming up. i'll just there obtained exclusive pictures from the high level meeting between the taliban and the u.s. . founder says he's hopeful the talks would help resolve the conflict. and the day before planned protest new prime minister promises a government of technocrats open to all. hundreds of people are sick in malaysia after suspected chemical ali. saudi arabia says those responsible for the murder of the journalist. have been brought to justice the head of its human rights commission made the statements at a un human rights conference in geneva without giving any details the soldier was also was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in october of last year and his body dismembered investigations by the u.n.
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and turkey have pointed the finger at high ranking saudi officials well the barker is there at the conference and joins us live from geneva the need to tell us more about what the saudi human rights council have been saying. well the chair of the saudi arabian human rights commission only spoke for about twenty minutes but during those twenty minutes she opened a whole raft of questions really about the death of jamal khashoggi it does appear according to the saudis as if some sort of judicial process is taking place or has taken place within saudi arabia according to the commission the perpetrators have been quote brought to justice. but in the same statement it also sounded as if the legal process was actually ongoing as well there was no use of alleged or anything like that they were regarded very much as clearly perpetrators so implying that they are guilty of the crimes while at the same time. we also heard from the
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delegation that as that the legal process is a still taking place in the country so at least three hearings have taken place. they these alleged perpetrators apparently have been able to have access to their lawyers param the ngos have been present also although we haven't had any confirmation from any ngo anywhere to say that that is indeed the case according to one international n.g.o.s human rights watch what we've heard today fails to inspire any confidence of tour here's what joan fisher from human rights watch had to say to me a bit on iran. well i think what we've heard from the international community is a clear call for an independent international inquiry into the murder murder of shoji we understand that there has been a process playing out within saudi arabia but it's equally clear that there are many unanswered questions including who ultimately was responsible for death who
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who ordered it how high up it went we know that the special effects usually execution. has launched an independent inquiry of her own into the into the murder of khashoggi and we call upon saudi arabia as a member of the human rights council to cooperate with the council's own mechanisms including the special operator and ensure that they are willing to allow her access and to give her whatever information she needs in order to conduct that independent inquiry what we've seen from the outset since this whole whole saga became became public has a series of frustrations and denials by saudi arabia some cases where there are accounts simply do not fit the facts and so it's very difficult to have confidence in there and the narrative and that's why we're calling for an international independent inquiry so that the international community can and can rightfully esten the facts for itself now while all of this is going on naver ten human rights activists who say they have been tortured are set to stand trial in saudi arabia
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not knowing what the charges against them are or even with them whether they've been given a lawyer so many of you know while all of that is taking place what's the reaction there how are people reacting to this saudi human rights council claims that they are taking care of their human rights issues. well i think across the board it's fair to say there's a tremendous amount of frustration amongst many members of the human rights council and that was very much echoed at the start of this session last week where thirty six different countries including every single e.u. member so all twenty eight states plus many western countries signed an unprecedented joint statement condemning what the council seizes human rights abuses the imprisonment of activists including many women's rights defenders some of whom had come pain heavily to allow women to be able to have the right to drive cars some of them who were named at the start of the session last week were
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arrested a month before it then became legal for women to have driving licenses there's been lots of allegations leveled against the saudi government about having secret detention centers about torturing some of these individuals that have been arrested all of these allegations have been flatly denied by the saudis but n.g.o.s are increasingly worried that the extra judicial processes are taking place that court set up essentially to try terrorist. cases are being used instead to arbitrarily hold and prosecute civil rights activists so across the board real concern here. the ongoing response from the saudi authorities is pretty much to avoid the question that they're under increasing pressure to and so and that question of course is what have you done to improve the rights of people in your country. that human rights conference in
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geneva thank you. now the political chief of the taliban has hailed the talks between the group and the united states. or they are has spoken for the first time since the talks ended on tuesday has obtained these exclusive pictures of the negotiations that has taken place in the qatari capital doha well up by there says the taliban will uphold the draft agreement reached during these negotiations the two sides made progress on foreign troop withdrawal and not allowing fighters to operate inside afghanistan. jarius new prime minister has been addressing the public for the first time since taking office there recently promoted nurdin but do we says he is forming a government of technocrats open to all is added that the government's mandate will not exceed one year the former interior minister was appointed prime minister this week after a mass protest force the ailing president adel izzy's beautifully cut to abandon
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his bid for a fifth term this timea. the doors will be open to everyone we are listening to everybody we are talking to everyone and we will work with everyone without any preconditions. i mean our. protests are at secure our citizen movement and she says what's underway in algeria is a big transition of power. well do we me someone who is a con of the regime who is there just to give the illusion of change with the departure of the former prime minister would we make of a regime that has meant tainted itself through a ruse repression and violence for fifty years and who just violated the constitution by the way for the past twenty years the beautifully clan has made so many promises of reform of change and it is completely non
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credible not credible to give this huge important task of change and democratic transition to the same people who have put us in a situation in the situation that we find ourselves in today the people in the street and something is the departure and it changed it clean cut we need a second algerian republic we need a different constitution with a constitutional committee that is legitimate that we trust we the people trust we are reminded every time they take a microphone and speak to us citizen we are reminded that we cannot trust them with change because they are enable of change they've been negotiating time one year before even the announcement of the delay they wanted one year one year to readapt readjust and maintain and retain the reins of power they are trying to reinvent
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themselves they went from the strategy of imposing themselves to wanted to lead if a transition. in other news more than one hundred schools have been closed in malaysia because of toxic fumes around forty tons of chemical waste was dumped in a river in the southern region of possible good done last week since then more than five hundred people have reported dizziness nausea and shortness of breath several are in critical condition now parliament is set to debates whether to cut to declare a state of emergency later on thursday florence louis has more from kuala lumpur the order to close more than one hundred schools in the southern state of johor in malaysia affects some thirty thousand school children now more than five hundred people have been taken ill since toxic chemicals were dumped into the kim kim river last week they had a range of symptoms that include dizziness shortness of breath and norcia we also
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understand that more than one hundred people had to be admitted to hospital investigators from the department of environment say they've concluded their investigations and the substance dumped into the river some twenty to forty tons of it is a type of marine oil now the heat and the strong winds have combined to make the matters worse helping to disperse the toxic fumes. three people have been arrested including two factory owners and one is expected to be charged in court now malaysia has been fed very well in the environmental arena lately in the last couple of months more than one hundred illegal plastic recycling factories had to be shut down they were accused of importing plastic waste without permits and also of burning plants ways that could no longer be recycled and a couple of years ago on regulated box like mining created huge environmental problems that lead the country to impose a temporary ban on books like mining now authorities are taking this not
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a very seriously they've already started a cleanup operation the military as well as the state oil company is involved and the prime minister himself is visiting the area today. that malaysian prosecutors have refused to drop murder charges against the vietnamese woman accused of killing north korean leader kim jong un's off brother trial had been adjourned until next month vietnam says it regrets the decision and wants a fair trial for murder charges against the coke use indonesian women were dropped earlier this week they had been accused of poisoning king john naam at kuala lumpur airport two years ago. the president of the european council donald tusk says the bloc should be open to granting britain a long delay to its departure the u.k. parliament is set to vote later on thursday on whether to us the european union to extend the brakes a deadline britain is scheduled to leave the e.u. on march twenty ninth.


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