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of johor in malaysia affects some thirty thousand school children now more than five hundred people have been taken ill since toxic chemicals were dumped into the kim kim river last week they had a range of symptoms that include dizziness shortness of breath and norcia we also understand that more than one hundred people had to be admitted to hospital investigators from the department of environment say they've concluded their investigations and the substance dumped into the rivers some twenty to forty tons of it is a type of marine oil now the heat and the strong winds have combined to make the matters was helping to disperse the toxic fumes. three people have been arrested including two factory owners and one is expected to be charged in court now malaysia hasn't fared very well in the environmental arena lately in the last couple of months more than one hundred illegal plastic recycling factories had to be shut down they were accused of importing plastic waste without permits and also
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of burning plastic ways that could no longer be recycled and a couple of years ago unregulated box like mining created huge environmental problems that led the country to impose a temporary ban on box like mining now authorities are taking this matter very seriously they've already started a cleanup operation the military as well as the state oil company is involved and the prime minister himself is visiting the area today and saying in malaysia prosecutors have refused to drop the murder charges against the vietnamese woman accused of killing north korean leader kim jong un's half brother the trials now been adjourned until next month vietnam says it regrets the decision and wants a fair trial for murder charges against the current cuse indonesian woman who dropped earlier in the week they've been accused of poisoning kim kuala lumpur airport two years ago. colombia's have rallied in defense of the peace accord
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signed with far gravels they say president yvonne duke a is trying to undermine the process threatening to plunge the country back into violence. reports from the capital bogota. as they did back in two thousand and sixteen colombians took over plausible leaver to defend the peace accord with foreign rebels which they believe the government of iran is trying to undermine doesn't that mean that care must be fought for a very long time to get here we can go back it's been fifty years of killings killing peoples who have been destroyed thousands of families you want peace and reconciliation for. their god who was elected by a right wing coalition opposed to the deal and known sloth's day he was be doing the law regulating a special tribunal known as it's tasked with judging the worst crimes committed during the civil conflict. ducasse said he was seeking to revise several provisions already approved by the country's constitutional court. decided to object to six
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hundred fifty nine articles of the specials jurisdictions for peace law since i consider them convenient i am vied congress to debate the changes in a constructive manner. former fike rebels and members of colombia's military have already gone before the tribunal which offers reduced penalties and sentences other than prison for those who tell the truth and compensate victims. among other provisions aims to remove sexual crimes from the tribunal's jurisdiction and create a separate system for military members responsible of crimes against humanity opposition parties accuse the president of breaching the constitution. if you open the stall the risk goes beyond the functions of the tribunal we are putting at risk our democracy and the rule of law. most political analysts believe the veto will weaken
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the tribunals undermining the transitional justice system at the heart of the accords and here we're not only talking about the mobilized guerrillas we're talking about members of the military who have vocally expressed their desire to remain within the transitional justice system these challenges show that it's still far from overcoming the deep divisions surrounding the controversial peace deal signed in two thousand and six being the issue will most likely once again and in the country's constitutional court in the meantime opposition parties are calling for a major protest against the veto next monday i mean from that i'm just. in the schools. one thousand six hundred kilometers is the world's most famous don't sled race ends and it's close this finish that's coming up in just a little while. it
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is time for this bull sees now with peta thank you so much for me if one has been shocked by the sudden death of race director charlie whiting just days out from the first grand prix of the season the sixty six year old died of a pole memory embolism in melbourne on thursday. racing had been in charlie whiting's blood since he was a boy he got a start and if one when he joined the his team in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven before moving to braben where he guided nelson piquet to his first world
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championship title if i a president and former ferrari chief john taught paid tribute saying whiting embodied the ethics and spirit of motor sport and that if one has lost the faithful friend whiting became race director nine hundred ninety seven and always had the respect of the drivers even though they admit they pushed things to the limits he gave me a hard time you know we would really press him and push him and. make him work but he was always really receptive and very. us felt like he was on you know on our side he was you know somebody you could ask anything about any time he was open to it to everyone. at any time his door was always open and. he was a race you know it was just a just a very nice guy. whiting was well respected in the paddock for his diplomacy and his push to make formula one safer what he did for the sport i mean his commitment he really was. a pillar as total said. such
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a an iconic figure with within the sport and he contributed so much to us so. that he rest in peace australian mychal massie will act as temporary race director for the season opener in melbourne paul van to work out his era. roger federer an easy swain's of the quarter finals at the indian wells masters britain's kyle edmund in straight sets six one six four thirty seven year old is on track to win the tournament for a sixth time figure pose poland to catch next year is fifteen years younger than him and into the causes for the first time ever masters of it. federer is also on shows to meet rafael nadal in the semifinals nadal beat philip you know which in straight sets six three six four puts in three law stated indian wells for the first time in three years will now face carving cutter.
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canada's wildcard teenager bianca. is taking the women's tournament by storm the eighteen year old thrashed two time grand slam when i got being in the world with a six love six one it's a second win over top twenty players this week and their school start of the season one hundred fifty second in the world but will enter the top forty when the new rankings come from monday. next year face world number six silliness with a leader who had a much tougher match she had to come from a set down to be checked teenager. and has now spent nearly six hours on calls across the last two matches. but the whole show is the only leader at the players' championship but all eyes will be on the health of tiger woods when he tees off in florida later on thursday woods was out for a week or the next train but appeared to be swinging pain free during his practice round at sawgrass the championship is being played in march for the first time since two thousand and six wanted to switch to may woods is the only player to have
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won it in both months he'll play alongside masters champion patrick greed and defending players' champion webb simpson in his opening round. love was in the during the practice rounds when a fan asked sergio garcia to help him propose to his girlfriend garcia pulled the rounds on to the seventeenth green where the fan dropped down on one knee she said yes and then the twenty seven the masters champion gave them a twenty thousand dollars check to help pay for the wedding. i should have spoken to myself my liverpool continue to a great run of form for english teams in the champions league they thrashed by in munich three one in germany to progress to the quarter finals school to an virgil van dyke the other one a big step for us big big big one for us we will see what we can't do or with it actually but it's still it's fantastic side of that be again. set of mark for this wonderful club that we really are back on the landscape of international top
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football barcelona into the last eight for the twelve straight season may see school twice as the five time winners threshed french side leon five one barcelona on track to win a triple and they've set a champions league record of thirty consecutive home matches without a loss that dates back to september twenty thirty but they were violent scenes ahead of matches rival fans clash near the no camp stadium at least six people were arrested by police five on phones were treated for minor injuries barcelona might be making history but it's english teams dominating europe's biggest club competition there are four of them in the pot for friday's quarter final draw liverpool manchester united manchester city and tottenham boss owners coach at a mr valverde says it shouldn't come as a shock you know that it was good i mean when. we are discovering anything new if we say that the premier league is a highly competitive league this time around we're the only spanish team left in
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the competition but that is normal in other seasons we've seen english teams eliminated at earlier stages in any case there's no clear trend let's see what happens next year. so the n.b.a. and the miami heat were certainly on a hot streak midway through their game against the detroit pistons they opened the second half with a twenty one point scoring books which was the biggest i'm on said point one of the season so far not surprisingly the persons couldn't recover him that he took the victory to keep them in the hunt for the plane if you do. american skiing sensation mckayla shifrin has won the world cup super g. title for the season the twenty four year old finished fourth in thursday's season ending race in andorra but that was sufficient to ensure a tenth career world cup title this is a first in a speed discipline to go with the three overall and six slalom championships schifrin is the first woman in six years to win discipline titles in a technical and a speed event in the same season germany's victoria ravenswood won the race.
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i dreamed about someday maybe being able to win a global instability but i hear it really wasn't expecting from that business design and for sure there was a lot of tough races on the speed side a lot of cancellations but i was in a position to have this opportunity today and i'm so happy and alaskan native moshe has won this year's i did dog sled race after one thousand six hundred kilometers heat car as it crossed the line in just twelve minutes ahead of the defending champion that's the narrowest of victory margin of the forty six year race to win his kindness first in ten attempts. drugs of alaskan native winners and take some fifty thousand dollars as well as a new truck. feels good to get your minutes you know just the trail itself it's such a long trail but to come out on top of some extra special and see this huge crowd here and so many family and friends from back home. that's all the sport for now
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more on the way again later. thank you very much indeed for the. news but don't go anywhere because. with the daisies the very latest on the top stories of the day to do stay with us. i made it to every weekly news cycle going to see you he said breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the welts jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel but that is not what that phrase means at all. as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the story that matter the most embed is a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. isn't the problem for yorktown that they really
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don't have a health question program but he does have a corruption question mark hurd really doesn't look good for the image that a ticker has medicare is going to do everywhere you have known about this or you say the rich you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.s. across the globe to survive it is called fall of the brakes doesn't build confidence it breaks hope to join me may the awesome on up front as my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on take issues here on al-jazeera. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we doe as. mike that joining with the military to impose that deadly political agenda we have to protect our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. religion this is a politics. an unholy alliance on all jews here.
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democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it first hand morsi the final hours. on al-jazeera. saudi arabia. for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi have been brought to justice but turkey challenges the kingdom to name.
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a lie from doha also coming up a day before planned to protest and prime minister promises a government of technocrats open to all. al-jazeera obtained exclusive pictures from the high level meeting between the taliban and the u.s. the taliban's co-founder says he's hopeful the talks will help resolve the conflict . a former british soldier faces murder charges more than four decades after the bloody sunday killings in northern iraq and. saudi arabia says those responsible for the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi have been brought to justice the head of its human rights commission made the same and in geneva without giving any further details now turkey is insisting the kingdom names those who've been prosecuted jamal khashoggi was killed inside the saudi culture that. in istanbul in october last year and his body dismembered
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investigations by the u.n. and turkey have pointed the finger at high ranking saudi officials saudi arabia has rejected what it calls attempts to internationalize the investigation let's go live now to geneva and our correspondent who's been following developments there needs barca saudi arabia then really on the defensive it would appear given that israel had so much criticism particularly since october of last year. yes an awful lot of criticism an awful lot of pressure now to try and fill in some of the gaps obviously we've heard from turkey asking for saudi to explain who these alleged perpetrators are but they're also under pressure from n.g.o.s as well to explain exactly what kind of legislative process was actually apparently taken place in saudi the chair of saudi she rights commission only spoke for about twenty
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minutes but he explained in detail that a number of perpetrators have been quote brought to justice he said that there had been at least three hearings that these perpetrators have access to lawyers that they were observers including possibly at least one n.-g. o. we haven't had any confirmation from any international n.g.o.s that that indeed was the case but of course there are many many gaps in the story as well however the saudis are saying that they don't want any international scrutiny they don't want this to turn into some great international event they want to make sure that they are able to do it the way that they want to do it and that means following whatever legal processes they want to follow but n.g.o.s will not be happy and members of course of the human rights council will not be happy until key important details are given particularly who these perpetrators are and what sort of power what sort
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of leverage does this u.n. committee on human rights actually have i mean can it compel the saudis to to produce evidence or answer questions that it once dealt with does it over is it really just a talking shop without any power whatsoever. it doesn't have any real legal way to force saudis to comply bucks last week at the start of the hearing thirty six different members of the human rights council came together and tabled one joint statement this is never happened before and the entire history of the human rights council so under that kind of pressure for saudi to explain exactly where it is violating human rights it's very difficult to see how saudi community of course is still completely alone there are several members of the human rights council that are diplomatically close to saudi and we heard some of them speak up to the saudi statements they had about one and a half minutes to speak some of course some critical others were some praise saudis
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advances when it comes to improving levels of human rights but undoubtedly there is a changing mood amongst many members of the human rights council that for far too long perhaps to use be able to obfuscate to avoid answering difficult questions head on but there is now really growing international pressure to hold saudi to account for some of its human rights abuses particularly when it comes to the arrest of activists we know that ten female activists on trial at the moment in saudi there are huge questions about what's going to happen to them a real call across the board from all n.g.o.s to make sure that these women some who have come paying heavily for women to be allowed to drive which they now can do real cool some n.g.o.s for them to be immediately released all right live for us in geneva thanking. well jerry is the prime minister's been addressing the public for the first time since he took office noureddine bed always says he's forming a government of technocrats that is open to all protests as a as
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a desperate attempt to quell the mass rallies that are planned for friday victoria gave him the reports the. prime minister nuri is under pressure to end weeks of antigovernment protests at a news conference in the capital algiers he set out his plan to bring the nation together he promised to build an inclusive government his mandate would last no more than a year mr the doors will be open to everyone we are listening to everybody we are talking to everyone and we will work with everyone without any preconditions. the prime minister said he wants to realize the hopes and dreams of all algerians but many are skeptical about how much change his administration can achieve for the past twenty years the good of clan has made so many promises of reform of change and it is completely non credible not credible to
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give this huge important task of change in democratic transition to the same people who have put us in a situation in the situation that we find ourselves in today on monday president abdelaziz bouteflika announced he would not seek a fifth term in power he canceled next month's election but didn't set a new date the government says it's ready for dialogue with the opposition but analysts say protesters want much more the government trying to accelerate the pace of negotiation but they are doing so not by taking into account what is currently emerging from sitting right here and how people writing them out there we. are trying to include. opposition party is. critical life long tradition was protest organizers are expecting record numbers to turn out on friday they
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say they won't stop until there's real political change in algeria victoria gate to be al-jazeera. the political chief of the taliban has hailed the outcome of talks between his group and the united states dog on the boat adar spoken out for the first time since the talks in doha ended on tuesday he says the taliban will uphold the draft agreement reached during the negotiations. made progress on foreign troop withdrawal and not allowing fighters to operate inside afghanistan another round of talks is set to resume later this. hour is diplomatic editor james phase has more. the pictures obtained by al-jazeera show the face to face meetings taking place between the u.s. side and the taliban during talks that took place here over sixteen days a u.s.
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delegation including military officers led by. a veteran u.s. diplomat formerly the u.s. ambassador in kabul an american of afghan descent meeting with senior figures from the taliban the taliban themselves say the talks went well they and the u.s. both say they've reached draft agreement on two areas one the withdrawal of the majority of u.s. forces and secondly a deal where the taliban would no longer assist other groups including al qaeda and use afghan soil for any attacks on other nations. brother who is the senior taliban commander who's attended these talks has put out a statement an audiotape went on twitter saying there has been good progress it's interesting that my brother was at one point under the house arrest of pakistan pakistan is investing in these talks because it's had bad relations with the
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trumpet ministration and it wants to rehabilitate itself that leaves one other key an important player and that's the government in kabul officially they welcome this process i can tell you privately some key officials in the government in kabul a very wary the authorities in nigeria have called off the recovery effort for people trapped in a collapsed building in lagos a three story block came down on wednesday killing at least think thirteen people it building had apartments as well as the primary school on the top floor. the president of the european council donald tosca said that he'll appeal to all twenty seven even nations to be open to extending breck said the u.k. parliament is due to vote later today that thursday on whether to waltz the e.u. for a delay in to them added to the march twenty nine deadline now on wednesday and these rejected the prospect of leaving without
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a withdrawal agreement after voting down the prime minister is early as green. let's go live to jenna howell in london and jenna we talk so often and sometimes it's very very difficult to see to see the light if you like because there's so much that is a page about all of this today let's just be clear showing today. m.p.'s will be voting on whether or not to request an extension to the must twenty ninth deadline am i right on that. you're absolutely right that is the central vote this evening promised by the government following the vote last night wednesday night in which the house by a majority said they were prepared to accept a no deal it will therefore it is inevitable almost that an extension of some sort must come it would of course be for the e.u. to decide. what sort of extension to grant for how long and what sort of conditions
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might be attached alongside the main vote tonight there are some amendments of course m.p.'s putting forward their idea of how things ought to go this one amendment that will test the waters in a second referendum is another that will attempt to force a vote on all the available options next week before the council some of the so-called indicative folk there's even an amendment suggesting that theresa may shouldn't be allowed to bring her deal for another vote as she plans to do next week well that's all to come let's try to take it a bit with tom hamilton he's my guest former head of policy and research for the opposition. labor party chairman thanks for being with us what do you make first of all of to reason may's gambit announced last night to try and bring her deal twice defeated for a third attempt next week well it's say it's all she's got she's got a deal that has been negotiated agreed by the and by the you can get in that the just not by the u.k. .


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