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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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because it's either going to be a delay if for these amazement passes if that happens or a much longer delay indeterminate for something else yet to be considered the other thing is i think no deal has almost certainly been ruled out theoretically it's still possible because it could happen still after a long delay but a long delay if that were to happen because there would be something else in the meantime of the referendum or a general election or something else so that's sort of vanishing over the horizon really as well the thing about these votes tonight is at the end of this one for the referendum there's one taking power away from stories a man getting into parliament as one who should bar her from moving her motion for her deal again next week a ship's losing its but the trouble is with all of them is that they don't actually give the european union any idea of a another plan for what the british want to do instead it's a little while and wage deals in european affairs for u.k. in a in a changing europe this is you know the europeans i must say this inexhaustible supply of patience because they keep saying to the british look we know what you
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don't want just tell us what you do want in tonight's not going to go much further down that track is it i'm not sure they do have an inexhaustible supply of patients and is running thin i think they're willing to think about short term delays long term delays there where we are in the world of suboptimal outcomes for the cap for the european union whatever happens i think they really are saying they don't have no deal and they would have to think about when they want to short delay or a much longer delay and that's the debate really going on in the european union at the moment i mean you know what what what what is the view do you think across the block of all this i mean the the u.k. spent all these years as an e.u. members to take saying it wants opt outs and i want to leave and have a lot of all beans you know the i mean you can win with the british can you that's the problem well there's no uniform view the some the much friendlier toward the british position and much more understanding and some that i really like emmanuel maicon is really losing pace with the year with the u.k. at the moment i think ultimately i think if they give some indeed. haitian the u.k.
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parliament they're looking at a different option maybe some sort of type of breck's it completely a complete transformative change then the european union would be countenancing a much longer period of extension because it was an introduction seem to some to make that suggestion so probably the twenty seven would take their leave that they lead from the european council is an incredibly influential figure when you don't have this consensus across the twenty seven figures like task you are saying you are now pushing today for a longer extension will have more significance because this and more and more power because when there's no uniform position people have different views on what's should be what should happen was ideal i think going to see the donald tusk because they play a key role in this going forward or olympics very much indeed for now the first the first amendment's in just under an hour from now the list is going to be whether or not the u.k. should have a long delay with a view to having a second referendum the one thing i think we do know about that one is that i've got more chance of winning an oscar at the moment on that one passing for the time being because there's not much appetite for that in the commons anyway stay with us
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or bring in the votes as they happen but lawrence i'd love to hear your acceptance speech. the western flank you well if we're confused in the u.k. you can imagine people on the conference are even more confused as all these people and false say dupont missile excess people i'm trying to understand what's happening but it's complicated all i can see is that nothing that theresa may proposes suits any of the m.p.'s she can't find a deal to leave europe. has to do most of them or it's really a shame for the created division and the u.k. has been a fundamental partner for a long time it's also a sharing for their country. i think it's about events and so maybe it's not such a bad thing they have the vote money they're doing well on their own maybe breaks it's not such a bad idea. prosecutors in northern ireland have charged a former british soldier with murder over the so-called bloody sunday moscow in one thousand nine hundred seventy two fourteen civilians died when british soldiers
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fired into a crowd of demonstrators in one of the most notorious incidents in the northern ireland conflict eighteen other suspects including sixteen former soldiers on to an official ira members were not charged as the evidence available was deemed insufficient i still ahead saw on the programme was. that what's happening in this country is not good i wasn't saying the search should continue as work is. by workers on a collapsed building in lagos the workers in who were trying to find people in that collapsed building and call off the rescue operation. on facebook find a restores its services after seventeen hours outage for users across the world. hello you should have a couple of quiet days in hong kong there is
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a little bit of rain developing inland in china but as maybe four more familiar pattern now is coming out from the sichuan and drifting slowly east was producing a few big showers and mostly it's not that heavy twenty three there in hong kong eighteen in shanghai books and sunshine as a warming signal for shanghai we saw some rain yesterday the day before in pakistan and you see the clouds just going up into the foothills the himalayas and this tell you here that might produce something on this northeastern part of india but nothing much to speak of increasing mates have showers i think we'll see showers in sri lanka we have seems our recent evening in chennai but sri lanka seems more likely otherwise she's quite wasn't his term she's starting to slowly rise but not like a huge leap chance yet. rather more active weather again across the levant in the middle east throughout the rest of the day and into friday down the gulf in particular the wind will pick up the cloud will pick up the b word to thunderstorms and we're greeted at least i think from abu dhabi up towards doha was quite
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a strong south easterly wind not a last throughout friday the temperatures therefore will if anything slightly rise a quarter winded twenty six degrees on saturday but still hotter in mecca. is a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes youth work it's managerial it's reclaiming its image by putting its young brazilian behind the camera. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the. need is good this is europe and al-jazeera.
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are again undermined at the top stories here on al-jazeera saudi arabia says those responsible for the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi have been brought to justice the head of its human rights commission made a statement in geneva but didn't give any details. algeria's the prime minister has promised to form a new government within days and respond to the demands of protesting young people bettery gave no indication of when algeria might have new elections. and british m.p.'s are due to vote in the next hour on whether bracks it should be delayed after parliament rejected prime minister trees a maze withdrawal agreement on tuesday. rescuers say in nigeria have ended their search for people buried in the ruins of a collapsed building so far at least sixteen people including schoolchildren have
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been confirmed dead off the apartment block fell down and it's officially on may call sign and legacy state government says an illegal school had been set up on the top floor of the three storey block as many as one hundred pupils were inside the school when the building collapsed local people say the rescue up. ration should continue. that what's happening in this country is not good i know someone who has three children and now she can account for any of them she kaante them find their bodies. it is understood that the content to remove the bucket from that building to go to talk the kids are going to get the kid back from their lungs it's identity thing the. son is a cop and he's got some data from the government you don't stand because we've got to libya who doesn't want to get high definition that governments you can see his truck shows of his completely on the ground apart from those we rescued while you
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guys were here yesterday. with continuing our womaniser not about three am. and i don't mean about three am on all two now we have oracle but anybody else here is a dangerous has more from lagos. the heavy duty machinery are quiet now because as rescue workers say they have reached the limits of this operation on reaching the ground floor they said the rescue operation has ended now questions are being asked as to how many people are still unaccounted for emergency workers have been men and material out of the location because they believe their operations are over but the locals insist that operations must continue because there are many people still they believe are still trapped under the rubble so they want things to continue our bob from the looks of things it's over in terms of rescue operations however the residents and the crowd here have refuse to walk away
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. the political chief of the taliban has hailed the outcome of talks between the group and the united states it is the first time to honey baradar has commented since the talks in doha and it on tuesday he says the taliban will uphold the draft agreement reached year in the negotiations two sides make progress on foreign troop withdrawal and not allowing taliban forces to operate inside afghanistan the second round of talks is due to resume later this month after serious diplomatic editor jane space has more. the pictures obtained by al-jazeera show the face to face meetings taking place between the u.s. side and the taliban during talks that took place here over sixteen days a u.s. delegation including military officers led by. a veteran u.s. diplomat formerly the u.s. ambassador in kabul american of afghan descent meeting with senior figures
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from the taliban the taliban themselves say the talks went well they and the u.s. both say they've reached draft agreement on two areas one the withdrawal of the majority of u.s. forces and secondly a deal where the taliban would no longer assist other groups including al qaeda and use afghan soil for any attacks on other nations. brother who is the senior taliban commander who's attended these talks as put out a statement an audiotape went on twitter saying there has been good progress it's interesting that mullah brother was at one point under the house arrest of pakistan pakistan is investing in these talks because it's had bad relations with the trumpet ministration and it wants to rehabilitate itself that leaves one other key an important player and that's the government in kabul officially they welcome this
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process i can tell you privately some key officials in the government in kabul a very wary more than one hundred schools have been forced to close in malaysia because of toxic fumes around forty tons of chemical waste was dumped in a river in the southern region of pass a good done last week since then when five hundred people have reported dizziness nausea and shortness of breath several are in a critical condition parliament is set to debate whether to declare a state of emergency on thursday honestly has more from kuala lumpur. the order to close more than one hundred schools in the southern state of johor in malaysia affects some thirty thousand school children now more than five hundred people have been taken ill since toxic chemicals were dumped into the kim kim river last week they had a range of symptoms that include dizziness shortness of breath and norcia we also understand that more than one hundred people have to be admitted to hospital
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investigators from the department of environment say they've concluded their investigations and the substance dumped into the river some twenty to forty tons of it is a type of marine oil now the heat and the strong winds have combined to make the matters worse helping to disperse the toxic fumes. three people have been arrested including two factory owners and one is expected to be charged in court now in malaysia haven't fared very well in the environmental arena lately in the last couple of months more than one hundred illegal plastic recycling factories had to be shut down they were accused of importing plastic waste without permits and also of burning plastic ways that could no longer be recycled and a couple of years ago unregulated box like mining created huge environmental problems that lead the country to impose a temporary ban on box like mining now authorities are taking this matter very seriously they've already started a cleanup operation the military as well as the state oil company is involved and
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the prime minister himself is visiting the area today malaysian prosecutors have refused to drop murder charges against the bit mees woman accused of killing north korean leader kim jong un's half brother one t. hong's trial is set to resume on the first of april in response vietnam said it regrets the decision and asked malaysia to ensure the trial is fair murder charges against the coke used in the knees in woman drops earlier this week kim jong nam was assassinated at kuala lumpur air force two years ago the chinese technology firm huawei has pleaded not guilty to thirteen charges filed against it out of course in new york waterway it was charged with buying can wire fraud violating sanctions against iran and obstructing justice it is the world's largest telecommunications equipment maker lawyers said to the not guilty plea on behalf of the company. with all the texas congressman better rawk is the latest politician
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from the opposition democratic party to enter the running for next year's presidential election in the u.s. grows to national attention last year after putting up a tough fight against the republican ted cruz a senator in the traditionally conservative state texas he enters a crowded field in the race to take on donald trump for the presidency with more than a dozen candidates vying for the democratic nomination this is a defining moment of truth for this country and for every single one of us the challenges that we face right now the interconnected crises in our economy our democracy and our climate have never been greater and they will either consume us but they will afford us the greatest opportunity to unleash the genius of the united states of america in other words this moment of peril produces perhaps the greatest moment of promise for this country and for everyone inside of it a man suspected of being a major organized crime boss in the united states has been shot and killed new york police say francesco cully known as frankie boy was found with multiple gunshot
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wounds outside his house in staten island in the south of the city the fifty three year old was widely reported to be the leader of the gambino organization related to the italian mafia no one has been arrested facebook has been struggling to fully restore its services a seventeen hour polish outage made the sites inaccessible to users around the world what's up instagram also affected thousands of users took to facebook's rival twitter to complain all science and technology editor mariana homed house. more than two billion people around a quarter of the world's population years facebook but on wednesday from around to sixteen g.m.t. many of them tried and failed to access services and post content not just on facebook but it's how the platforms too including whatsapp and instagram facebook
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is investigating but insists it's not a cyber attack whatever the reason many facebook users didn't like it at times using its rival twitter to vent their anger we've taken a system the internet which was meant to be decentralized and we've introduced single points of failure like facebook this is wired the centralization is so important this is why centralization is such a problem because if you have two billion people and their means of communicating using the internet is a single place facebook which also makes its money by spying on everything that they're saying and as thick as they're communicating this is not a resilient system it's not a system that's compatible with human rights or democracy and outage like this affects uses but it has the potential to interrupt facebook's revenue streams to the company makes money from your data drawing on your likes you connections what you and millions of others have been up to to help businesses target their
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advertisement facebook is already dealing with a string of scandals over its data and privacy practices the most recent was reported in the new york times on wednesday a criminal investigation into data sharing deals in which facebook allegedly gave access to the personal information of hundreds of millions of uses to some of the wilts biggest technology companies. but despite the controversies it has continued to grow more people have signed up to facebook than have left now facebook stands accused of having grown too popular to care this global outage might be the clearest indication yet that facebook might now just be too big medium to honed al-jazeera. and or might have headlines here on al-jazeera saudi arabia says those responsible for the murder of the journalist jamal his shoulder have been brought to justice
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the head of its human rights commission made a statement out of un human rights conference in geneva without giving any details turkey is calling on the condemned to release the names of people who've been frisked who have been prosecuted algeria's new prime minister says he'll form a temporary government of technocrats in the next few days speaking publicly for the first time since taking office nor doing better we promise he would also include young people and women protesters say it's a desperate attempt by president apple is easy to figure out his backers to quote what's rallies planned for fighting. the protests ones. coming up tomorrow and this is a big protest will be against these promises or rather nation because we want this constitution that. because the constitution says that you can love the lady elections are less the country is our war we are not at war council has never been more stable. british m.p.'s are due to vote within the next hour on whether the
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u.k.'s departure from the european union should be delayed it follows parliament's rejection on tuesday of the deal but prime minister treason may agreed with the e.u. if the motion passes all the other e.u. members still need to approve an extension to article fifty two delayed brock's it . rescuers in nigeria have ended their search for people buried in the ruins of a building which collapsed in lagos on wednesday at least sixteen people including schoolchildren have been confirmed dead so far the lagos state governor says a school on the top floor of the apartment block was set up illegally. the political chief of the taliban has hailed the outcome of talks held with the united states will abdul ghani baradar says the taliban will uphold the draft agreement reached during the negotiations in doha the two sides made progress on foreign troop withdrawal and not allowing taliban fighters to operate inside afghanistan.
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and those are the latest headlines here on al-jazeera there's more news for you in about twenty five minutes stay with us though this is europe is coming next why. it was.
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