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tv   Asylum In America  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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doing a poem is a lot of news on the part. of i don't know the stories of. all the places. she. has enough. mr us is. officially all won't work until june but carried you believe you know what i mean that's what the bill is a more. you're going to try to do the general talk of to try to fix
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all if they want to come out. of the last few catch up you're filling in for the real on the. the for the only system issues confronting you know you don't. contain the you know there's only what we did was else you can also use a fair which is. just you know. john paul what this rich officer was always. used to post on. your list of those would you care for. too long as you work will you do it in
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a place. still. the most unusual level of diggin. in the book with some particular religion means spooky belief world with. you to your limits yet in the. the enemies yet. you see. that they don't. you get. more screwed with this it is evil collusion. you do. it was unfortunately for long
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before feed me on the phone key committee. but that. doesn't. mean it's impossible to do couldn't accept what she did it did you she said that's what he she just told him that political. and the potential for him well said i want to. come. back home. i didn't intend to like just temple thing could you guess from a piece on the news and afraid to remember something you.
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may want to talk to come up about it before copy spoke up and just up there. on the scene if you miss adele then call for the da the results and still come up with. the kick that such a critical treat if mistook for the give us a look at the soon to be in the book book. club where the snow was just like the tree of my son. but for the others you know they don't see the trees you put. up on the record for the people. last week just about suspect with what you can do and what you know of it michael it took. over when it's on which he took in what you put his die after it before. the symptom develops. rely so much on the good of the current i want to call my real mother over the load superstorm
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a little bit spoiled will do those of us in the ga can only see the joy of the thing. i was either going to use it on sunday or god else's i said love and some of my love for his was it becomes his to keep books at the computer but if you do. the book like all those who talk with the posters you get. from. the issue of the ritual the show. almost pieces. because because the fiscal deficit to follow through all the good we just did once it all up in the vocal i do know about but that's what i thought of a comma moves up when he did this to so called him pushing a stick on shit if we say no no no no you got to. pick up my ass from the. you know who knows all the thing that will help you work on it just because it includes central. office or book and when you. have
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a criticism for life and i think very invested oversell for some of those i forgot . going to see you. soon this is something of the motel. as if it didn't you yesterday it's a fact you will not want to know the form of the good you are going to try the d.p.p. additional tool to do for you know would reveal the cousin is a beautiful moment you think will do well bunch me from the reserves. and the good stored up on the months that we. were going through was only what he's so he's been called that simply if i could you get cured i mean i feel sick after his behavior but. just keep going to most a bunch of those settlements on the mean nothing to you functional as it always have been and i mean it. plugs into the psyche oh shit sandwich when it comes i'll do something to get your breakfast because if you're not
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a. good look of. the cuckoos i think it's ok with me i'm going to give a little gusto oh a couple you can shop is going to do because people will settle or if it was miserable for somebody to say no no come on look i don't think i'm very. close on this you know moment we're going to put this you know one of them. they must leave something to us they don't want you would off with it you want him out i'll walk to your home along with him on what you know how much i think most things as you know you don't listen. to but as opposed to going to bush i just want to put it wasn't like that for ten o'clock i guess i'm going to go home i'm not going to help you learn three people making the first looks if we don't miss the boat or should i push this no not that i can just get up on the belief apparently on top of that all . i was going to talk about was rolling her missing on the mood of the couple is not new to this country to come. this shook up this
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a couple just some of the. comments on mr dobbs i mean third member of congress as a reason to call for her to continue going to schools and. because they don't afford. the government officer following on top of this tell to have a bit of a well please i thought oh well oh well better have a coffee cup oh yes how that feels to have it loud it was about the public to blame for it i did look up but what did i say what i say mr president said our superman from the start last it was. one of the lesser was half a dozen people who would lose you part nothing but bush and. oh. what a bugger to lubbock would lead you to. think. that some of the civil rights
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movement was. one of the dissidents that the. government over. here if you. remember is that but i thought it was a lot. of what it all meant to like visit. home and check. the. facts on the jew as you've. seen all you. can see.
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me. jim cooper. well. from here and the. scenario you play who've. always been some. of the. two of the fellas are forcing my son go all the opponent who stormed me from delhi decides the. question quit i'm going to my disciples. say this is the last guy well. i just. want to put some of this is some of some of some of our sons in a sense of two zero zero zero a local male where miley's give live justice. to them well for them to
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swim. now per month please only the offer to me. on a limb put. us in bunch. of clothes and i. suppose i should i know that when i wasn't going to see him been coming. now in the simplicity of this what some of us were talking to one of us all.
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actually i really miss you if it was just what we think you. know now that you're really. you come up with the extra set up another notch. affair. you know let's just another user someone comes in because now your exists will huge issues then you put it to the poor to help the world fair by the put your motto. skookum say buckwild is uk and i felt i was sexist until a token to put on creamy white i can say you see sicko who do the old when you want to see now you got that bush up the bum i didn't always just hormone the poor new male don't come south says play man who says i'm a sucker punch pretty sour dough to suit you while he do the hundreds of photos and
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i don't like showing yourself to his age you can promise north as a twelve and quit you captain need to havea. fish to us or this is how could it. i get chewed up by get a couple going to a city of hollywood. again i just don't make any show. of the face into a body as she might i felt about it before but it was a focus i will be a joy to me to make and with all sorts of doctors will tell you. what the public domain g.d.p. buzzed about them she fiskars you've. just got i mean i. do. know it's a lot of this and. foremost and buddhism. she
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was gone on of us nowhere was the first scott. she thought to not. post was offered to start on or place product. of the future sick of course or false actor shows for the audience a school. zone dismissed them. taker's working here is a seven days a week job that's grown with a community my father purchase a black ambulance when i started to do the funerals and family we saw stopping bothering daughter and began business out the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the gift his personal level. east and undertakers this is europe on
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al-jazeera. that i met dr murray i shall actually have boyfriends now. charging a diverse lineup set the children of south africa the distances have to be done what bannock up the singers and the two tents are that could say john east through a complex history of dramatic social and political change except on up south africa on al-jazeera. really three years after the u.k. voted to leave the european union accept is yet to take form and can britain seen
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through its divorce from its european a best cloak of the whole process still be ready to stay with al-jazeera for the latest. they were searching for a sanctuary in australia but instead would have tied for years on a pacific island now one on one east follows the journey of two refugees as they forge a new life in north america on al-jazeera. a series of votes in the u.k. parliament this hour the most important one proposes a delay in britain's exit from the european union.
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santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera and other headlines turkey says interpol's issued red notices for twenty people in connection with the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. a day before planned protests algeria's new prime minister put the promise as a government of technocrats open to the wall. and china blocks the u.n. move to designate as terrorists the leader of an armed group accused of killing forty troops in indian administrate kashmir. so it is just on seven hundred hours g.m.t. five pm in the united kingdom and live pictures here from the british house of commons the third straight day of bragg's at photos with m.p.'s arguably no closer to avoiding a chaotic exit from the european union in two weeks' time already this week prime minister teresa mayes withdrawal deal with the e.u. was rejected for
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a second time then the next day in peace voted against leaving the e.u. without a deal we now have five scheduled votes this out the main one and this is what they heading off to do now is to seek an extension to the actual date of departure from the e.u. which is of course march twenty ninth speaker john bercow who you saw a moment ago read out. the proposal even sends the pays out to either side of the house of commons to vote even if british politicians don't agree on this deal or this decision to ask the e.u. for more time the e.u. actually needs to unanimously approved it and the already been warnings that they must be a legitimate reason to actually ask for a break that extension so as it has been all week nothing is set in concrete with any one vote but they will probably be a good ten minutes or so until we actually see him return and the result read out so let's preview things then with lawrence lee in london has been doing a tremendous job all this week ollie ups and downs lawrence this is supposed to be
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the third of three days of voting talk us through it. well yeah just for that since it's so your introduction you know made me lose again doesn't like her votes and then they say we really don't want no deal either so we've got to figure out a way of extending and by how long and so this first folks that just happening right now as has been put forward with a view to delaying for a long time and then having another referendum on the argument that when the first referendum happens you know it was a binary choice stay in or dems to leave but now it's time now there's about six different ways of leaving it in the argument is people not now they know what the choices should be put back to the people to decide whether they want to do actually want to leave in some of the polling they suggested that remain these is a base in the leaves but if you speak privately to the people behind what they call
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the people's votes they to acknowledge that they would really need a second right referendum results would be something like sixty forty in favor of remaining because if it was fifty two forty eighth's the same but the other way around then it would be enormously destructive and a lot of people feel that that cold case vote to worry in the process so it looks like it's not been a pos of this point quick what a mile away from you kind of changing europe. in some of the policies who's actually going to support the second referendum at this point you think well this fight it's been said of course today by the campaign is for a second referendum here saying that this isn't the right time we need to wait for every other option every other type of bricks had to be rejected and that's when m.p.'s will finally vote for a referendum right now given they still say many possible options on the table a referendum won't get this majority in the house of commons and there's too much nervousness from m.p.'s even those who really don't like to reason may's dealing want to solve the brics it to say well you know we've had enough of our friends i mean what people would say well what was supposedly the first one then yes there's
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all sorts of issues in the country people some people would argue the second referendum is illegitimate there is a small lead remain that's just persuasive ascends but if anyone since two thousand and. sixteen in the referendum it's only got larger in favor of remaining at there was a referendum and most polls do show that people do want a referendum but a lot of people in the house of commons a very wary of it they're worried about increased unrest civil unrest and so on this a lot of issues around but the question would be this so many issues and questions m.p.'s are wary about a second referendum of course if i mean what if and when they do they lose this sign that will bring it back another point in time coming sure and i think a lot of the campaign is that do want a secular friend a people's vote to say that ultimately once all other options i've got off the table then that the referendum will still be standing and will be the only option left to move the process forward into the to get this out of the gridlock that is currently in ok stand by so that's that's kind of where we are for now come all the going to come back in all of these take about a quarter of an hour or so in g.m.t.
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time so that the first result will be about a quarter past five but expects they think that the o.e.s. in favor of another referendum to lose to the nose who don't want to at least for the time being thanks lawrence for now back with lawrence leigh shortly as you say these procedures take about fifteen minutes each and they could be up to. me five votes today i am trying to keep across it here and keep it as clear as possible but the first vote the one which m.p.'s have gone out to vote on now is known as amendment h. the first of four potential amendments this was brought by the so-called independent group those who left their respective parties. probably a couple of weeks ago now what they are seeking is a delay in breaks it long enough to hold a second referendum which would have the option to remain in the e.u. as an option so we have to see what happens with that vote if it passes then the next two amendments which i'm not going to go into just yet but the next two would
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actually not be voted upon they would be cancelled out by the first one so waiting for the m.p.'s to return probably in about ten minutes on this one let's check in with a bit of you. european perspective though just now with natasha but. it's also i think i mentioned this in passing earlier but this idea of an extension it's all well and good of the british parliament could finally agree to it but they need i believe you ma'am a unanimous decision from all twenty seven european nations yes that's the right that's right if the reason may does go to brussels and ask leaders for an extension it's not a given that she would get one because the e.u. works with a consensus and those twenty seven members would have to agree to giving one and as i say it's not a given because on one side you have countries like germany the german chancellor angela merkel has perhaps been more conciliatory in her approach and indicated that germany might be open to giving an extension if anything just to get out of this
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past in some way but on the other side you have a man or mark or the french president here in paris he's been very vocal on this topic he's been saying that you know if we're going to give the u.k. an extension it has to be because they have a vision for what's going to happen next they have a real plan we do want to give an extension and this sort of model just continues for several months indeed and even if an extension is given the other question then of course is how long is it going to be is it going to be a couple of months is it going to be a couple of years and there is a sense among many leaders that they wouldn't mind all of this this briggs's situation being resolved by the time the european parliamentary elections rolls around and they are in may's they are very close just around the corner so if there was an extension in the u.k. it was still in the e.u. would they then participate in those elections because that would seem odd given the country was about to leave. yes well that have to
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participate in those elections and that's something that reason may has herself said she would want to avoid look all of this is certainly being watched and here in france and across the european union with much bewilderment and frustration you know there is a sense i was talking to a french imperial the national assembly earlier who said quite frankly we don't understand what's going on and nobody seems to understand anything and that is the is the reigning sense here in continental europe if you like we had the european commission spokesperson coming out on wednesday night saying ok great we are very happy that britain has decided to devote against a no deal breaker but the point is what is needed is some sort of vote on some sort of agreement so that sense of frustration continues in europe with what's happening and especially what has happened over the last few days in the u.k. but as time goes on as well the goodwill that many leaders might feel towards the
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u.k. is slowly being eroded ok natasha butler in paris thank you we'll be talking to natasha again later as we just check in quickly once again on the houses of the house of commons in london waiting for the first results of the amendments to be voted on and we'll bring you that as soon as that happens. we will take a little break that breeze that because we are conscious that there are plenty of other stories around some of us look at this one for now turkey's interpol is trying to locate and arrest twenty individuals in connection with the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi keep this development comes after the kingdom told delegates at the u.n. conference that those responsible for his murder have been brought to justice without giving any details of course killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul back in october barker reports from geneva. it was a brief statement by the head of the saudi human rights commission but it's raised many new questions about the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the saudi
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said that the perpetrators of the killing described as an accident have been brought to justice for three hearings attended by their lawyers and observe his we have brought them to justice they had a fair trial they are currently detained not their human rights been violated they have been subjected to no form of torture they are entitled to their legal rights but the saudi delegations failure to provide any names or details hasn't inspired much confidence of the human rights council the un's repeatedly called on saudi arabia to cooperate with the un led investigation into the show g.'s murder of the kingdom's refused calling it an internal matter saudi arabia operates pursuant of international law does so in all transparency therefore what is being conveyed by certain media regarding the need for us to internationalize some of these matters is something we do not accept because such demands amount to interference in our domestic affairs and in our domestic judicial system this activist disagrees if you was the international independent investigation that's mean they are hiding
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something and what they are hiding very hiding. the pair so in order to all of this operation of the person who ordered this operation he is still safe and he's still leading the country the saudi crown prince continues to face tough questions from the international community about his alleged role in ordering the killing and other alleged human rights abuses questions the leadership has repeatedly avoided answering what we've seen from the outset since this whole whole saga became became public has a series of obfuscations and denials by saudi arabia some cases where their accounts simply do not fit the facts and so it's very difficult to have confidence in there and the narrative. the saudi report comes a week after thirty six countries including twenty eight e.u. nations issued a joint statement condemning saudi arabia's treatment of detained activists.

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