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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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international independent investigation vets mean they are hiding something and what they are hiding very hiding very name for a pair of son or daughter all of this operation of the person who ordered this operation here is still safe and he's still leading the country the saudi crown prince continues to face tough questions from the international community about his alleged role in ordering the killing and other alleged human rights abuses questions the leadership has repeatedly avoided answering what we've seen from the outset since this whole whole saga became became public has a series of obfuscations and denials by saudi arabia some cases where their accounts simply do not fit the facts and so it's very difficult to have confidence in their and their narrative the saudi report comes a week after thirty six countries including all twenty eight e.u. nations issued a joint statement condemning saudi arabia's treatment of detained activists ten
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women's rights activists have gone on trial in saudi including prominent figures in the campaign to win saudi women the right to drive activists say they've been subjected to torture and sexual assault the saudi human rights commission left the u.n. leaving a whirlwind of questions there is a growing feeling among so many human rights council members the saudi has a very did scrutiny for far too long now it should be the role of the international community to hold saudi to account new park al-jazeera geneva. algeria's new prime minister has been addressing the public for the first time since taking office noted in but three says he's forming a government of technocrats open to all protests and cites a desperate attempt to quell the mass rallies planned for friday well from victoria gay to me. prime minister nuri is under pressure to end weeks of antigovernment protests at a news conference in the capital algiers he set out his plan to bring the nation
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together he promised to build an inclusive government his mandate would last no more than a year mr met the doors will be open to everyone we are listening to everybody we are talking to everyone and we will work with everyone without any preconditions. the prime minister said he wants to realize the hopes and dreams of all algerians but many a skeptical about how much change his administration can achieve for the past twenty years the good of clan has made so many promises of reform of change and it is completely non credible not credible to give this huge important task of change in democratic transition to the same people who have put us in a situation in this situation that we find ourselves in today on monday president abdelaziz bouteflika announced he would not seek
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a fifth term in power he canceled next month's election but didn't set a new date the government says it's ready for dialogue with the opposition but analysts say protesters want much more the government trying to accelerate the pace of negotiations but they are doing so not by taking into account what is currently emerging from civil rights here and how people can i think them out there with. a trying to include opposition parties who are. but politically to the life among the creation i protest organizers are expecting record numbers to turn out on friday they say they won't stop until there's real political change in algeria victoria gate to be al jazeera. a reminder if you are waiting for the latest news on the bridge that votes in the u.k. today we are keeping an eye on the live shot from the house of commons in london
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first amendment was version on probably about ten maybe fifteen minutes ago. when peace filing back into the house of commons now and that decision should hopefully be coming soon this would be on check my notes amendment h. which is. to delay the next round of. all the. the i as to the right eighty five. to the last three hundred thirty four was. the high to the right eighty five the news to the left three hundred thirty four so the news having the news have it on up. no not now will deal with court order later we now go to amendment oh i was there to read bend to move the amendment for
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a. month formally formally thank you i now call lucy powell to move formally her amendment to amendment. you formally thank you the question is that the amendment to amendment be made as members are going to say hi i the country now. for. the sometimes theater actually of the u.k. house of commons in full flight there what you just saw was a vote of three hundred thirty four more macon's against and eighty five for this was for an amendment which called on the government to delay breaks it and to actually hold a second referendum so overwhelming the rejected by the house of commons lawrence lady in london what does that mean.
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well no i mean the timing is all wrong and even the people behind the people's vote campaign so the timing was wrong. having a second referendum is kind of a last resort when you've when you've ruled out everything else so as as we said it would be it's been overwhelmingly defeated but this one that they're now going to vote on is much more interesting it's a cross policy amendment being put forward by collisions of of whole different policies and this sort of conceit of aids basically says stories amaze lost the plots she's been awfully takes a toll in the way she's done this she said is molly way or no way it's all she keeps losing and this says let parliament take control of the process so that next week can begin a series of what are called in tickets he votes to see if given that maze deal is so dislikes that something else can be brought forward which could form the basis of an alternative plan that could then be put to the european union and codes form
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the basis of some sort of different deal to sarees amazin there's a chance that might win out and wager isn't there yet looks like this is a moment that does have a quite a high chance of passing if this is a this is parliamentarians and m.p.'s trying to take back control of the process from the prime minister john exert what they want will to the brics if they want peace this fairly ironic for a lot of people it's a reason may kept saying that you can have a second referendum because it would be awfully undemocratic and against the world the people and he she is bringing back a saying vote time and time and time again and say well if you don't like a loss on the grounds of on it again i mean she's it's it is a lot of people find it very hypocritical and they yeah and this is what m.p.'s are really sort of push back from their saying there's a hole in the types of bricks it's out there this sort of norway option a really close relationship with europe that has different sorts of trading relations she can have this that trees are made it is just one type of bricks and they want everyone to have a say on which type they want whether or not and that's what the what we call in st exhibits that that's what it means and and the thing is if they your opinion is going to have
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a longer delay was. some one of these somehow is going to have to find itself a majority isn't he had the european union could be watching this amendment very closely because if it is if this is clear that there's a different sort of breaks that they could command a majority a sort of maybe a softer bricks at the can command a majority in the house of commons that has huge ramifications for how long they want to extend the article fifty process do they want to facilitate this different sort of brecht's it or they want to come plough on and keep trying to get may's deal through that's the real choice here so that there we are this is one of those moments where you can see m.p.'s across the piece trying to take control away from the executive and give it back to the legislature to say it's a parliament just to see if they can find some other way through the deadlock come up. can i get you to clarify something lawrence just forgive me if you did go across this but if theresa may doesn't need the proceedings then you're saying it allows parliaments to meet parliament is a big place parliament is a lot of people who haven't been able to agree up until now how can you explain how the process would actually work. well that you see the thing about bricks
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it gets that it so can schizo confusing is that it's not as though all the conservatives but one position and the whole of the opposition backs another position becomes a binary choice in that c. policies breck's it is basically completely collapse that source of ideas and so you have some conservatives who wants a really hard breck's it's a lot of conservatives who have very very worried about that or want a softer one and the same on the labor policy side a lot of labor people are terrified terrified of no deal a few want tate's but a lot more than once off the record as well and so what what you're finding with this this this sort of cross policy idea is it is it is that is the politicians who either want to soft a brick state or don't want to practice all of having to form friendships with people on the other benches to try to work together and find some sort of alternative mechanism the trouble is up to now is that they've they've still been divided between themselves and some of the states like jeremy coleman for example
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a party leader a wonderful time customs union but i don't want freedom of movements because people are worried about immigration in britain other people say i want to customs union but i do want freedom of the one that's called the norway option. on the summit that can seven b.c. want that but there's no absolute majority for that either and so the problem that they've got is trying to work out if any of those can actually get a majority in parliament because he one of them can they could go back to the european union and say look we actually do now have an alternative plan to cerise amaze but the tribe is up until now they they haven't got any other plan that has a majority we just seen that with a second referendum vote is the majority for that at the moment either and so what they're trying to do with this amendment is basically say as of next week we're going to start to tests all these different options across parliament and see if any one of them has got more chance of succeeding than sarees amazed that's that's the point of it ok back with
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a short this is the house of commons and. didn't half full or half empty depending on how optimistic you are exempt currently voting on what is known as amendment i was explaining away that would allow the commons to debate. to find a way forward to command majority support. outside of what theresa may has been doing looking for what they call indicative votes in parliament on gregg's it options this one could be close we will bring you the result once again as soon as it happens. to other news once again the political chief of the taliban has hailed the outcome of talks between the group around the united states more than a brother has spoken for the first time since the talks ended on tuesday he says the taliban will uphold the draft agreement reached during the negotiations two sides made progress on foreign troop withdrawal and not allowing fighters to operate inside afghanistan the next round of talks is expected later this month.
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the talks were good and there were many developments we're hoping that will pave the way to future engagements we pray to god to bring peace and islamic government to our country with the blessings of god the taliban is standing by its demands and did not change anything in what we had in our hearts and minds following developments for us our diplomatic editor james space here into. the pictures obtained by al-jazeera show the face to face meetings taking place between the u.s. side and the taliban during talks that took place here over sixteen days a u.s. delegation including military officers led by. a veteran u.s. diplomat formerly the u.s. ambassador in kabul an american of afghan descent meeting with senior figures from the taliban the taliban themselves say the talks went well they and the u.s. both say they've reached draft agreement on two areas one the withdrawal of the
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majority of u.s. forces and secondly a deal where the taliban would no longer assist other groups including al qaeda and use afghan soil for any attacks on other nations. brother who is the senior taliban commander who's attended these talks as put out a statement an audiotape went on twitter saying there has been good progress it's interesting that my brother was one point under the house arrest of pakistan pakistan is investing in these talks because it's had bad relations with the trumpet ministration and it wants to rehabilitate itself that leaves one other key an important player and that's the government in kabul officially they welcome this process i can tell you privately some key officials in the government in kabul a very wary one other note there has been heavy fighting between afghan forces and the taliban in province on the border with turkey stan local officials say thirty
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soldiers have been killed and up to forty taken hostage in the past week fighting escalated on saturday and on monday the taliban overran several army posts. authorities in nigeria have called off the recovery efforts for people trapped in a collapsed building in lagos a three story block came down on wednesday killing at least sixteen people the building had apartments and a primary school on the top floor more with an interest in lagos. behavior due to machinery acquired now because as rescue workers say they have reached the limits of this operation on reaching the ground floor there said the rescue operation has ended now questions are being asked as to how many people are still unaccounted for emergency workers will be mine and material out of the location because they believe the operations out of the locals insist that operations must continue because there are many people still believe still trapped under the rubble so they
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want things to continue from the looks of things it's over in terms of rescue operations however the residents and the crowd here refuse to walk away. syrian government forces have shelled residential areas in southern province attacks in the region of escalated in recent days as the bashar al assad government intensifies pressure on one of the country's last rebel strongholds the death toll from an strikes on the city of it lived on wednesday wednesday is now up to seventeen what are the homemade with one after the un tap on turkey's border with syria. anger is growing among the opposition protestors went down to districts demanding turkey urged russia and syria to respect the terms of the deescalation agreement. tensions have been on the rise but the latest airstrikes targeted several buildings in the center of it including a residential one according to witnesses on the ground. a scene all too common in
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syria the white helmet rescue workers pulling out people from under the rubble. an old man who could be. and unconscious child with his head bleeding and a mother with her two children it's not clear who carried out the airstrikes syrian all russian warplanes but this is the first time the city of it libya's targeted since a deescalation agreement was reached between turkey and russia in summer last year the agreement includes it live province and other opposition held areas in the north of the country one of the targets was a detention facility this man was held there he says the main building was hit and collapse on top of prisoners and guards those who escaped the attack fled the prison here some called on a mobile phone as they run to freedom only to get captured again shortly after it
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lip is home to nearly three million civilians nearly half are internally displaced people who live in dire conditions. the province is under the control of hey it. with turkey acting as guarantor the deed also called for all factions to pull back heavy weapons ten kilometers away from the demarcation line these latest airstrikes threaten to two thousand and eighteen sochi agreement which establishes a deescalation zone an area that the syrian government vows to regain control over both turkey and russia continue to maneuver to head off a confrontation over the province but the recent pattern of violations threaten the future of this settlement. one hundred schools have been closed in malaysia because of toxic fumes from forty tons of chemical waste was dumped in a river in the southern region of sudan last week since then more than five hundred
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people have reported disease dizziness nausea and shortness of breath several are actually in critical condition parliament is to debate whether to declare a state of emergency. has more from kuala lumpur the order to close more than one hundred schools in the southern state of johor in malaysia affects some thirty thousand school children now more than five hundred people have been taken ill since toxic chemicals were dumped into the kim kim river last week they had a range of symptoms that include dizziness shortness of breath and norcia we also understand that more than one hundred people had to be admitted to hospital investigators from the department of environment say they've concluded their investigations and the substance dumped into the river some twenty to forty tons of it is a type of marine oil now the heat and the strong winds have combined to make the matters worse helping to disperse the toxic fumes. three people have been arrested
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including two factory owners and one is expected to be charged in court now malaysia haven't fared very well in the environmentalists lately in the last couple of months more than one hundred illegal plastic recycling factories had to be shut down they were accused of importing plastic waste without permits and also burning plastic ways that could no longer be recycled and a couple of years ago unregulated box like mining created huge environmental problems that let the country to impose a temporary ban on box like mining now authorities are taking this matter very seriously they've already started a cleanup operation the military as well as the state oil company is involved and the prime minister himself is visiting the area today malaysian prosecutors have refused to drop murder charges against the vietnamese woman accused of killing the half brother of north korea's leader kim jong un the trials been adjourned till
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next month the says it regrets the decision and wants a fair trial murder charges against the kohak used intimidation women when women were dropped earlier this week they've been accused of poisoning at kuala lumpur airport two years ago millions of children in the philippines are at risk from a measles outbreak according to the red cross these two hundred eighty six people have died so far many of them infants the aid group says at least three point seven million children have not been vaccinated making them course vulnerable to the infection measles is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus that affects mostly children prosecutors in northern ireland is said to charge a former british soldier over the nine hundred seventy two bloody sunday killings fourteen people died when soldiers fired into a crowd of demonstrators eighteen other suspects including sixteen former soldiers and two alleged official ira members were not charged as the evidence available was deemed insufficient and some of the victims' families were disappointed by the
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outcome and how long it's taken for a decision. we have walked a long journey since our fathers and brothers were brutally slaughtered on the streets of derry on bloody sunday over the passage of time all the parents of the seized update we are here to take their place but he certainly was not just don't want them act carried out by a trained army against the fence the civil rights activists it also created a deep legacy of hurt and justice and prolong a bloody conflict on imaginable even on those dark winter days of one thousand nine hundred eighty. the latest from sonia go go in london diary. it was a particularly disheartening and devastating moment for many of the relatives and friends who'd gathered here to hear the prosecutor's decision it would only be one x. paratrooper known as soldier who would be facing charges as a result of the bloody sunday massacre will be for the death of the murder of jim
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brady who was twenty two at the time and of william mckinney who was twenty seven and also the attempted murder of four other people who had taken part in that peaceful civil rights march in january nineteen seventy two the prosecutor said that it's basing this on the evidence available but there was a criticism from the relatives that so much time has gone by and that what ought to have been done was that there would have been evidence collected at the time they feel that this is once again that the british army is escaping what they say is justice for the deaths of their loved ones at the time and that this is not something which they will be able to rest easy on their conscience but that they won't stop trying to continue to fight for justice for their relatives for what happened that day in one nine hundred seventy two. back to the house of
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commons in london just to explain what's happening we actually didn't take in the most recent result from the house because that was a vote on a technical change to the amendment which we've been talking about so there was a technical change. at the moment objected to some of the join because a lot. of the country now. to move for the is jeff smith the man next to me is turner's. journey church and paul may you know. ok so they're heading out now to actually vote on what we were talking about earlier amendment. and this would seek to pave the way for what are known as indicative votes in parliament on breaks that option's so this would be as lawrence lee was explaining to us earlier taking the well taking provinces recently effectively out of the driver's seat given the failure of her plan up until now and
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allowing parliament to lead the discussion and try to find some sort of majority either way across all the benches given that there is no clear. no clear way forward from either side so we will wait will probably be another ten minutes i would say before we get a result on this one amendment i the so-called hilary benn amendment we will bring you that result when it happens and of course more analysis with lawrence leigh in with me it's. the ruling party in guinea-bissau is celebrating after provisional election results indicated it had won the biggest share of the voters but the election commission says the g. c. doesn't have an overall majority so it has to look for coalition partners the german new queer has more. a jubilant crowd on the streets of the south initial results from the parliamentary elections have put the ruling african party for the independence of guinea and cape furred in the lead
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after years of political crisis the parties the porters hope the state's ability to function will finally be restored. important then the one i'm so happy for the result is that is why i'm here i'm sure the political crisis in our country is over now with a victory of p.a. i-g. see we expect schools and health into three improve very soon. i may be seen you want them to be minus the political dialogue is over problem is over the ruling party group bring developments in this country. but the dancing in the streets is a thin veil for underlying tensions according to the national election commission the party has failed to secure an overall majority it will have to share power with smaller parties to gain enough seats in parliament because the men wouldn't you know be so it is clear that the people of kenya be so have not given any party the confidence to govern alone since twenty fifteen guinea purcell's three most
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powerful entities government parliament and president have blocked each other bringing the country to a political standstill observers are hopeful that the deadlock can come to an end now that we have a new palm and what we're hoping is that the un will be able to support the process of reform and we say that the reforms are necessary in many sectors. hopes run high in the streets of the south but celebrations could be trying to show whether the photo will be a turning point for this small west african nation remains shrouded in uncertainty . al-jazeera. france's air accident investigation agency has received the crash ethiopian airlines jet black boxes it released this image of the jet's flight data recorder showing the crash proof recording chip intact the recorder will be analyzed along with the cockpit voice recorder to determine what cords sundays
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crash the u.s. federal aviation administration says the boeing seven three seven max eight will remain grounded until the software of the model is upgraded tested and installed for the texas congressman better iraq has become the latest democrat to enter the race for the u.s. presidency iraq rose to national attention last year after giving a tough fight with today republican ted cruz in the conservative state of texas and has a crowded field with more than a dozen candidates already vying for the democratic nomination this is a defining moment of truth for this country and for every single one of us the challenges that we face right now the interconnected crises in our economy our democracy and our climate have never been greater and they will either consume us but they will afford us the greatest opportunity to unleash the genius of the united states of america in other words this moment of peril produces perhaps the greatest moment of promise for this country and for everyone inside of it fifteen
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candidates of throwing their hats in the ring to challenge donald trump those on the left include divestment senator bernie sanders massachusetts senator elizabeth warren you've got others like new jersey senator cory booker california senator come the harris who have adopted progressive platforms but iraq joins the minnesota senator amy klobuchar on the more centrist side of the field and still sitting in the wings you've got former vice president joe biden though he has given hints that he does plan to run. china has blocked a bid to put the leader of pakistan based armed group on the un's terra blacklist masood azhar heads jaish e mohammad the group that claimed responsibility for last month's suicide attack an indian administered kashmir at least forty indian troops were killed china says it needs more time to consider the request from the u.s. france and britain beijing has blocked previous attempts to put our solder on this list the much. china is undertaking a comprehensive and thorough evaluation we still need more time therefore we
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propose a suspension to the application and we sincerely hope that the relevant action can contribute to the country solving their problems through dialogue and negotiation and helps avoid adding complicating factors to the region's peace and stability the thoughts now jacob who is an associate professor of diplomacy and disarmament studies at georgetown netter university he thinks beijing's decision is politically motivated. that has to make a choice but to end each more important ally in the region baucus or india and afghanistan has been baucus and he's more important to it than that india china has good investments you know in pakistan and china has also been engaged in the guidance geopolitical landscape there so all of that out there are economic and strategic reasons of cost and it's going to i'm going to walk in a box that at this point of age has its own reason as to what he had borrowed from
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some of the activities of these groups in the long of it is in the long run but i think in the short bus pulled out there or. not was that design that it directed so i did that looking at the shot at it and i'll give you if you ask me i think that's what a smart move because data goes on at the end of the day may come in different shapes and forms but that was an east episode i think that has something to what he about in the long run but at the same time i'm a set of dishes mohamed continues to be a proscribed organization even though it's t.v. a muscle that's what it is not so at least your position itself east is on the list or the us like this which are not difficult to do about twenty years ago. south korean police are questioning two k. pop stars on for a sex scandal it's highlighted a dark side to the country's entertainment industry k. pop star and entrepreneur seungri appeared at
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a police station in seoul on thursday accused of arranging illegal sexual encounters for his business investments singer june young also made a public apology as he arrived he's allegedly made secret recordings of himself having sex with several women and shared them in private chats. congress is moving forward with a resolution to withdraw u.s. military support for the saudi u.a.e. coalition financing in yemen the senate passed the measure which is now likely to be approved by the house of representatives but there's no guarantee it'll become law as castro explains from washington on yemen the u.s. senate has spoken again a resolution to end american military assistance to the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen past the upper chamber fifty four to forty six support for the resolution was again bipartisan this is a victory for progressives this is a victory for conservatives and i hope that not only can we end the war in yemen
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not only can we provide humanitarian relief to a people who need it so badly but that today marks the beginning. a time when congress understands what its constitutional responsibilities all and takes those responsibilities but if this looks and sounds familiar it's because the senate has gone through these same motions before in december senators passed a similar resolution but it went nowhere in the republican controlled house now that the house has a democratic majority it's expected to sail through the real test is whether president donald trump will sign the resolution into law but trump has threatened to veto a white house statement argues the resolution which for the first time evokes the war powers resolution would set a bad legal precedent and despite pressure from members of his own party to distance himself from saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin some on trump has doubled down on his support for him that's despite the cia's conclusion that bin
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salmond directed the killing of u.s. based journalist jamal. khashoggi was killed by government hitmen inside the saudi consulate in istanbul nearly six months ago since then the outrage over his murder and dismemberment has been a resurgent topic in congress bringing together members of both parties in a divided government but that has not been enough to convince president donald trump to punish saudi arabia and there's no indication he'll do so now heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. colombians are rallied in defense of the peace accord signed with func rebels they say president even trying to undermine the process and threaten to plunge the country back into violence. reports. back in two thousand and sixteen colombians took over plausible leaver to defend
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the peace accord with fired rebels which they believe the government of iran is trying to undermine doesn't that mean that game must be fought for a very long time to get here we can go back it's been fifty years of killings killing people's hope and a strong thousands of families you want peace and reconciliation for that matter can see it seems to have either god who was elected by a right wing coalition opposed to the deal announced last sunday he was vetoing the law regulating a special tribunal known as its task with judging the worst crimes committed during the civil conflict ducasse said he was seeking to revise several provisions already approved by the country's constitutional court. decided to object to six of one hundred fifty nine articles of the specials jurisdictions for peace law since i consider them convenient i invite congress to debate the changes in a constructive manner. former fike rebels or members of colombia's military have
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already gone before the tribunals which offers reduced penalties and sentences other than prison for those who tell the truth and compensate victims. among other provisions aims to remove sexual crimes from the tribunals jurisdiction and create a separate system for military members responsible of crimes against humanity for opposition parties accuse the president of breaching the constitution the boy if you open the stall the risk goes beyond the functions of the tribunal we are putting at risk our democracy and the rule of law. most political analysts believe the veto will weaken the tribunals and they're mining the transitional justice system at the heart of the accords here are not only talking about the mobilized guerrillas we're talking about members of the military who have vocally expressed their desire to remain within the transitional justice system. these challenges
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show that quote only a veil far from overcoming the deep divisions surrounding the controversial piece in two thousand and six being the issue will most likely once again and the country's constitutional court in the meantime opposition parties are calling for a major protest against monday i mean from the get the. police in savannah clear of charged a man with ordering the murder of investigative journalist. a case that led to mass protests in the resignation of a prime minister who reported on fraud cases involving politically connected to businessmen he was found shot dead at home with his fiance in february twenty eighth team france's coast is being threatened by an oil slick from a cargo ship that sank in the atlantic on sunday the sheet of oil is ten kilometers long it could hit parts of france's southwestern coast this weekend the ship was
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carrying forty five containers of unspecified dangerous materials as well when it sank the french government is deploying four ships to the area to try to contain the spill facebook struggling to restore its services after what's believed to be the most serious outage in its history its affected it's other platforms like what's happened instagram and adds to the worries of a networking giant already mired in scandals over its data and privacy practices this from our science and technology editor maybe on a hot. oh more than two billion people around a quarter of the world's population years facebook but on wednesday from around sixteen g.m.t. many of them tried and failed to access services and post content not just on facebook but it's how the platforms too including whatsapp and instagram facebook is investigating but insists it's not a cyber attack whatever the reason many facebook users didn't like it at times
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using its rival twitter to vent their anger we've taken a system the internet which was meant to be decentralized and we introduce single points of failure like facebook this is wired the centralization is so important this is why centralization is such a problem because if you have two billion people and their means of communicating using the internet is a single place facebook which also makes its money by spying on everything that they're saying and as thick as they're communicating this is not a resilient system it's not a system that's compatible with human rights or democracy and outage like this affects uses but it has the potential to interrupt facebook's revenue streams to the company makes money from your data drawing on your likes you connections what you and millions of others have been up to to help businesses target their advertisement facebook is already dealing with a string of scandals over its data and privacy practices the most recent was
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reported in the new york times on wednesday a criminal investigation into data sharing deals in which facebook allegedly gave access to the personal information of hundreds of millions of uses to some of the wilts biggest technology companies. but despite the controversies it heads continue to grow more people have signed up to facebook than have lift now facebook stands accused of having grown too popular to care this global outage may be the clearest indication yet that facebook might now just be too big medium to hand out to zero. we are back to the house of commons in london as we await the results of the latest vote the second votes on amendments today it looks like we have got the tellers from at least one side of the voting back in the car in the chamber ready and in fact i think we've got everyone lining up. we've got three and the fourth has gone
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up to the speaker as well so this is amendment a this would be allowing a commons debate to find a way forward to find majority support for braggs it in the house outside of tunis made was i. get. the oh you to the right three hundred untrue the news channel not three hundred i'm fourteen i was i. was. how i used to the right three hundred and that's where all the new still learned three hundred fourteen so nary a parody was. we now come to amendment be in the name of the leader of the opposition the right honorable gentleman to move the amendment formally my services big question is an amendment eight be
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made as an example of it and say ah i was probably gone green. was. one of a. division from john bercow the speaker of the house which means employees now go off to vote for the third time. on amendments to today's vote so what we had was a rejection of amendment. as it was nine three hundred fourteen where against six. and forgive me just checking the numbers three hundred and twenty seats are the numbers three one two it was so very close and eight my goodness it is for that so once again back to lawrence lee in westminster and again can you explain to us what this means now. well it's good news i think for to reason my roommates what treason they said last night's.
2:42 am
parliament rejected the idea of leaving without deal she said ok fine it's a choice again between my deal and the vote not next week or some great big long extension and possibly no breaks at all in response to that these people vote for an amendment that said well hang on a minute you know we don't want you to keep coming back when you'll do we want parliament take take take control the process and test all these different ideas out instead and that's lost by the narrowest of margins just two votes and so basically parliament by that very narrow margin seems still to be sticking with the idea that the seats are the trees a maze deal or a very long extension with no particular plan a wage that's that's right and yes a parliament sided not to sort of risk control from the prime minister in this kind of reinforces to reason may's core message it's my deal or no deal at all and m.p.'s have basically but that up today by saying that they're not really willing to take control from the government on that and so i suppose in particular means despite all the rebellion that there had been over the last comments from m.p.'s
2:43 am
inside our own policy this on this seems have stuck with them yet and in a way you could say well these are billions of fluff unless m.p.'s are willing to come up with something concrete instead of this deal which the government spent two years negotiating with the european union then we're going to be stuck with the deal the trees made negotiated so it's reinforce this idea that the government is in control of the government has a deal on the table already and there's no other clear options instead just a just a quick word about about the amendment that they're now going off to vote for is a a fairly anodyne thing from jeremy coburn the leader of the labor party saying the parliament should give more time to discuss alternative ideas i mean the labor policy seems to be given the zone membership once a second referendum let the prepared to consider every single thing to do the breadth of the ball from the second referendum the again this nice amendment a sort of bit of fluff and most almost all of the parties what everyone else what support this amendment because it's a labor amendment said away it's a bit of a dud amendment but it's really say. i know very much told it's not going for this second my friend and that the members and so on want media a bit of
2:44 am
a stool basically by the labor leadership but after this we really do into the business end of thing because the last of the amendments from a labor m.p. basically says it's a reason i shouldn't have the right to keep bringing failed plan back now a pretty novel failed state but if that passed would be done and i wouldn't i mean we could be in a situation where he's refused to suggest any other dale's poll say have a check so objective series of a zero that will be in the classic bricks in a way we had let me leave us truly in complete gridlock with no idea where to go next i mean times i asked him given that given that the that the amendments but parliament judge lost and then that amendment was going to do you have to shoot the government just have the numbers today the which done a good job trying at these numbers together just to keep the government in track and you see the thing the thing come along with finding out with this is that you know for all the animosity that there is in parliament towards series amazed that they haven't got much of an order about about what they want to do instead only the and that's where the enormous frustration comes in from the european union side because they keep saying so but look you know following you know we tried to hammer
2:45 am
out this table with you we spent years doing it's a nice way you don't want this and you can't tell us what else you want to do either and they still seem to be stuck in this sort of endless cycle that's the end of the continent i was out of it yeah so i'm looking at amendment a now which they've gone off to vote on lawrence. seeking to use briggs or bridget delay i should say to find a majority in parliament for different brands that approach is this actually indicative of what people of the issue that people have with the opposition leader jeremy called them bet he doesn't take firm positions and he just talks about a different approach with as you say without offering anything. yeah that's that's that's that is the main charge against him i mean it's the most insipid amendment you could possibly think of really and the thing if you come back so we know where with a few months ago we were a labor party conference and conference vote said the membership voted overwhelmingly to reject sarees amaze plan and go for a second referendum because the membership of the labor party doesn't like bricks
2:46 am
it's a tool it's just that jeremy colvin has always been a complete you're a skeptic you know from from these israelis days when he was on the fringes of the labor policy blame the your opinion for being a capitalist plot you know to bring down the with the british working class and that there is this sort of enormous gap between what he thinks and his closest allies think and what his own party membership and indeed many of his own m.p.'s want as well and so this is the inherent tension inside inside the labor policy and they keep trying to say to him you have some point you got a call for second referendum or i'm not soft bricks it's done is kind of no off and he keeps resisting it and so an amendment that says we need more time to talk about it is as vague and flannelly as you could possibly imagine because he's just we just won six sets a lot of other member m.p.'s of his own member party have to say fake and flannelly my goodness thank you for that lawrence leaves in westminster bear keeping us across developments as we see the live pictures from inside the house of commons.
2:47 am
currently voting on and i'm sorry to keep going through all the technical stuff but we do have to go a number of amendments amendment. this is been brought by the leader of the opposition jeremy corben it's called the different approach it is asking for the government to find parliamentary time for the house to find a majority in a different approach but as lawrence eight points out the last amendment that was there amendment which was rejected perhaps puts a bit of power back into teresa mayes hand that amendment was looking for again for parliament to find majority support outside of the deals that she has been trying to make and that was rejected it was close it was three hundred fourteen against and three hundred twelve for the vote for the amendment i should say so it was close but in the end it does keep a bit of power or perhaps keeps the ball ever so slightly in the court of to reason may the prime minister the house is currently voting on amendment be there will be
2:48 am
one more amendment amendment jay after that and then finally we will be getting to the main votes of the day the third vote in as many days as it has been the third major vote which would be to actually ask the european union for a delay brags that leaving the european union is supposed to happen on march twenty ninth this vote if successful later on could extend that up to june thirtieth at the latest live coverage on al-jazeera continuing in just a moment's. eighteen hundred hours g.m.t. it is now which means six pm in the united kingdom and we are following events out of the british houses of parliament in westminster the house of commons the third straight day of briggs it votes with m.p.'s are to be no closer to really avoiding that chaotic exit from the european union in two weeks time already on thursday and
2:49 am
pays the voted against a second referendum at least for now and now they will be heading towards a vote on whether to seek an extension to the actual date of departure from the e.u. which as i was saying a moment ago was march twenty ninth these pictures came just a moment ago this was the second vote the second or third was it no it was the second amendment there was also a technical vote. on a technicality to do with one of the amendments this was john bercow declaring that amendment i had been defeated and which was looking for a way to find majority support in the house. so there is john bercow calling for the next vote the division as it is called women m.p.'s are sent out to either the eyes or the nose chambers to cast their votes as it were and then they head back in each procedure takes around fifteen minutes for the reading for the
2:50 am
voting and then for all those in pays six hundred m.p.'s or so to come back into the house so we will come back to that as soon as we see the tellers as they're known coming back in to announce the vote in hand that to the speaker of the house john bercow and we will pick up our break that coverage them. right now we'll look at some other news in turkey says interpol is trying to locate and arrest twenty individuals in connection with the killing of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi it comes after the kingdom told delegates at a un conference that those responsible for his murder have been brought to justice but once again the kingdom rejected calls for an international inquiry and he's back with more from geneva. it was a brief statement by the head of the saudi human rights commission but it's raised many new questions about the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the saudi said that the perpetrators of the killing described as an accident have been brought to justice for three hearings attended by their lawyers and observe his we
2:51 am
have brought them to justice they had a fair trial they are currently detained not their human rights been violated they have been subjected to no form of torture they are entitled to their legal rights but the saudi delegations failure to provide any names all the details hasn't inspired much confidence of the human rights council the un's repeatedly called on saudi arabia to cooperate with the un led investigation into the show g.'s murder but the kingdom's refused calling it an internal matter saudi arabia operates pursuant of international law it does so in all transparency therefore what is being conveyed by certain media regarding the need for us to internationalize some of these matters is something we do not accept because such demands amount to interference in our domestic affairs and in our domestic judicial system this activist disagrees if you was the international independent investigation that's mean they are hiding something and what they are hiding very hiding very name for a pair of son or daughter all of this operation of the person who ordered this
2:52 am
operation he is still safe and he's still leading the country the saudi crown prince continues to face tough questions from the international community about his alleged role in ordering the killing and other alleged human rights abuses questions the leadership has repeatedly avoided answering what we've seen from the outset since this whole whole saga became became public has a series of obfuscations and denials by saudi arabia some cases where their accounts simply do not fit the facts and so it's very difficult to have confidence in there and the narrative. the saudi report comes a week after thirty six countries including all twenty eight e.u. nations issued a joint statement condemning saudi arabia's treatment of detained activists ten women's rights activists have gone on trial in saudi including prominent figures in the campaign to win saudi women the right to drive activists say they've been
2:53 am
subjected to torture and sexual assaults the saudi human rights commission left the u.n. leaving a whirlwind of questions there is a growing feeling amongst many human rights council members the saudi has a very did scrutiny for far too long now it should be the role of the international community to hold saudi to account. geneva. let's go back to those red notices from turkey to interpol regarding twenty suspects over the killing coleen rowley's with us now who is a former f.b.i. special agent on skype from minneapolis and it's nice to have you with us colleen explain to us if you would how red notices work and if in the case of a country like saudi arabia which is obviously very closed off will it make any difference. well red notices only works if these these individuals who are charged would be in a foreign country that is
2:54 am
a member of interpol and will cooperate in arresting them once they're arrested and that then that country then they would face extradition back to the country seeking their charging which is turkey so if those officials do not travel outside of saudi arabia they would be safe it's going to constrain them of course from traveling and the bigger it bigger more significant impact of these these charges are the symbolic value they have for upholding the rule of law since this is a poor a part of the international law and this did occur in a foreign country the murder itself did occur in a foreign country so turkey has every right to pursue that investigation and charging despite the protestations of saudi arabia ok so it sounds like from your description that this is more symbolic than anything else i think the turks probably know is that it would be very limited in how effective it could be and
2:55 am
your opinion what could be more effective. well you know it may be effective because as much as people say they're not going to travel out of out of us a certain country their home country where they can't be extradited in many many cases they do end up at some point outside of the country so it could be effective that way and again look at yesterday's vote in the u.s. congress already that could show the murder has made a tipping point where the united states now is going to refuse to help the saudi arabia and this bombing of yemen so that already has a huge impact and and saudi arabia you know there will be discussions that you would imagine there should be some discussions as to whether they should continue to for sue these this kind of really illegal actions that they they they say oh it's only our domestic policy when we murder somebody in a foreign country do you think without cooperation from saudi arabia which for example has been saying today there's still no need for an investigation that
2:56 am
because such a case can actually move forward as a whole well you can't try you know they could try perhaps to have some trial in abstention and i don't know that they'll do that because already just by issuing these arrest warrants they already have this like i said there's an international law is a lot of it is based on the ideas in the symbolism and the need for upholding these standards and i think already the red notices are get that of course they could also turkey has a lot of evidence in if they want to get that evidence out i think they could probably have a trial in absentia if nothing else. ok calling romney former f.b.i. special agent joining us from minneapolis thank you so much for that. here is what's coming up on this news we report from lagos where the search for people trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building has been called off. a call to action of students in the u.s.
2:57 am
to monetise a gumballs to make their school safe. and sport formula one's race director charlie whiting died suddenly in melbourne just days out from the first grand prix the season. of serious new prime ministers promising to create a government within days noted in bed where he says it will contain a mixture of young people and technocrats to work towards political change the protesters want to lections so they can choose who runs the country in a planning more mass rallies for friday. prime minister nuri badly is under pressure to end weeks of antigovernment protests at a news conference in the capital algiers he set out his plan to bring the nation together he promised to build an inclusive government his mandate would last no more than a year mr met the doors will be open to everyone we are listening to everybody we
2:58 am
are talking to everyone and we will work with everyone without any preconditions. the prime minister said he wants to realize the hopes and dreams of all algerians but many are skeptical about how much change his administration can achieve for the past twenty years the good of clan has made so many promises of reform of change and it is completely non credible not credible to give this huge important task of change in democratic transition to the same people who have put us in a situation in the situation that we find ourselves in today on monday president abdelaziz bouteflika an. he would not seek a fifth term in power he canceled next month's election but didn't set a new date the government says it's ready for dialogue with the opposition but
2:59 am
analysts say protesters want much more the government trying to actually rate the pace of negotiations but they are doing so not by taking into account what is currently emerging from sitting right here in how people are dividing them now believe that it would just be good. of trying to include opposition parties who have been politically to the lies among the creation. protest organizers are expecting record numbers to turn out on friday they say they won't stop until there's real political change in algeria victoria gate to be al jazeera . we are back to bragg's it and the latest news is that the amendment we were telling you about earlier amendment he which had been brought by the leader of the opposition jeremy corbin was defeated three hundred eighteen against three hundred to four now this was the sort of very generic amendment brought by jeremy coleman
3:00 am
about finding a different approach for the house to find some sort of consensus a majority then after that we had one more amendment jay which was withdrawn this was supposed to be brought by labor to stop by third so-called meaningful votes that is when. votes on teresa mayes actual plans that that's gone out the window which means everyone has left the whole of the chamber some coming back in now but they have left to vote on the main vote of the evening and for information on that we bring in lawrence in westminster this is the one which really matters lawrence. yes this is the money shot as they say in just a reminder of what it is having lost for the second time to treason is not lost the vote on the deal with the european union twice the first one but two hundred thirty votes that was a record in british parliamentary history and then she brought it back.


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