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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 73  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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and then resources a lot of them are dependent on nonprofit organizations and on philanthropy to kind of bring in food even for people out of them or just in tents on the ground in a space kind of trying to to buy their time until they can request asylum and just to be clear the people who are coming whether from central america or elsewhere to request asylum this is their right under both u.s. and international law it's not as if they're doing something illegal is that correct yeah i mean under u.s. asylum law you can step foot on u.s. soil and say that i fear returning to my country in the u.s. has to take that claim seriously and they have to hear you out and a judge must decide whether that claim is valid or not they can't just turn you away if you expressed fear of returning to your country the trouble ministration is initiated a policy of sending people back to mexico to wait for their cases their asylum cases to be adjudicated what impact is that having and will have in the future so
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that policy is expanding as of now i believe they've returned a little over two hundred people and they i mean it's very difficult so some of them are families they just recently started turning back people who are crossing illegally so between the ports of entry but effectively what it does is first it means that they're only taking a few people every day to process about twenty people which is far less than the maximum that we have seen in previous days so that means there are people waiting and then it means that people have to go and wait for tension lee months longer for their asylum claim and places where they may not have a stable place to stay but history christiane thank you very much we'll leave it there thank you so that is the situation here on the border you can see yourself that it's does not appear to be a crisis or emergency life goes on here pretty much as normal back to you ok rob reynolds and sunny said that i thank you for that. rights groups are calling on me
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and my government to scrap a new landlord they fear could leave millions of people with no medical home the changes mean people in some regions must now apply for permission to use the land they are working more living on reports. forking through and he wants. a in-state he says remembers how he lost his family he says that in twenty fifteen and ethnic group offered him about one hundred dollars for it and often he wasn't allowed to refuse. they forced me to take the money with that amount of money we could buy rice and other supplies for a family summer wife took the money and kept it otherwise he wouldn't get anything for the land those properties now a rubber tree plantation it's just another example of the risks of living in this part of me which has been ravaged by seven decades of war between government forces and various groups the fight for control of the region and its resources has seen
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hundreds of thousands of hc days of land confiscated and rights groups say a new law could add to that people living in some areas were given until this week to apply for an official permit for land they were living on their false positive government measures to bring investment and development to rural areas. critics like alex all say it's just a legal way to seize land millions of people across the country will become less. they will be focused to leave. or they will then learn will be taken by companies and different business entities and now he's teaching people a known ty law village about the complexities of the law. here property ownership is often based on traditional rights which means many people have nothing to prove they are in their house and land. mato abort her house ten years ago but doesn't
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have any papers she planned to pass on to her daughter now she's worried that won't be possible. i don't have any hope any marie calls i have no idea what i should be doing. the korean national union which controls the area says the law could risk its fragile cease fire with the government the government says this very. minute to expand their ministration into the. territories these peaceful scenes hide the communities fear of eviction or jail for being branded trespasses on their own land . on al-jazeera. just a. story we were talking about a moment ago with the republican controlled senate has now voted to rescind donald trump's border wall national emergency declaration so
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a republican controlled senate going against a republican president sitting up you would think another showdown with donald trump that more on that to come as well as the sports news in fact the fire that put the brakes on a new series of. events. glad
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to see peter stammered hicks is going to busy night so far actually so please take us away with the sport. nice to see you too kenya's athletics chief has hit out plans to drop long distance running even stronger the prestigious diamond league
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circuit clerics world governing body the i.w.a. airfares decided to get rid of the five and ten thousand meters to shorten the meetings to one day but these are two distances at which african runners do very well alias mccourty is an athletics journalist based in kenya he says the decision could impact a generation of athletes. many other late enough in your moral core are now living for these races which means now the only option they love left is to go to their road and run that road races. and so on and they'll be so much competition and this will expose them to ignore temptations of even dropping to get you know read greek and get money quick because they don't like it is already overcrowded well i think we had a third quarter not that it was a plane up a little olympic gold medalist he can listen to that upper lip and listen to this
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protest have written an official letter to get up at the latest in a did say they were right on official letter i think that is it's own country reversed because it's you know wiping away an entire generation of utterly so it's not cutting stone and we feel that you know that upper level system since it will be as broad as that is eastern and at least twice to bring back the five thousand meters on to the demo legs like a. formula one has been shocked by the sudden death of race director charlie whiting just days are from the first grand prix of the season the sixty six year old died of a parliamentary embolism in melbourne on thursday pulled in the fence more. bracing it been in charlie whiting's blood since he was a boy he got a start in if one when he joined the hiscock team in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven before moving to bremen where he guided nelson piquet to his first world championship title if i a president and former friary chief john taunt paid tribute saying whiting embodied
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the ethics and spirit of motor sport and that if one has lost a faithful friend whiting became race director nine hundred ninety seven and always had the respect of the drivers even though they admit they pushed things to the limits and we gave him a hard time you know we would really press him and push him and. make him work but he was always really receptive and very. us felt like he was on you know and i. he was you know someone you could ask anything about any time he was open to it to everyone. at any time his door was always open and. he was a race you know it was just a just a very nice guy. whiting was well respected in the paddock for the primacy and his push to make formula one safer what he did for the sport i mean his commitment he really was. a pillar as total said. such as an iconic figure with within the sport and he contributed so much to us so. that he rest in peace
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australian mychal massie will act as temporary race director for the season opener in melbourne paul vowed to work out his era. moto e the new electric motorbike championship has canceled its first race after all the bikes were lost in a fire the bikes had finished charging after a testing session of the threat is circuits in spain when officials noticed fire coming from a prototype charging system it was unable to be extinguished before it quickly spread through the temp republic nobody was injured in the blaze most ease inaugural season was due to begin in may but the calendar is now being revised. roger federer eased his way into the quarter finals of the indian wells masters he beat britain's coyle edmund in straight sets six one six vault the thirty seven year old is on track to win the tournament for a sixth time federer play poland to catch the next two fifteen years younger than him and into the court is for the first time we must do that and. federer is also
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on course to meet rafa nadal in the same ways medal beating for the play you know which in straight sets six three six four that put him through to the last eight at indian wells for the first time in three years now face card in cotton and. liverpool continued a great run of form for english teams in the champions league they thrashed by munich three one in germany to progress to the quarter final study a man a school to him virgil van dyke got the other one. a big step for us big big big one for us we will see what we can't do with it actually but it's still it's fantastic side of that be again. set of mark for the for this wonderful club that we really are back on the landscape of international top football. barcelona are into the last eight for the twelve straight season millionaire messi scored twice as the five time winners thresh range suddenly on five one barcelona on track to win a treble and they've set a champions league record of thirty consecutive home matches without
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a loss that dates back to september twenty thirty barcelona might be making history but it's english teams dominating europe's biggest club competition there are four of them in the park for friday's quarter final draw liverpool manchester united manchester city and tottenham. so the n.b.a. and the miami heat were certainly on a hot streak midway through their game against the detroit pistons they opened the second half with a twenty one point scoring blocks which was the biggest unanswered point one of the season so far not surprisingly the persons couldn't recover and the heat took a victory to keep them in the hunt for the plane. american skiing sensation mckayla shifrin has won the world cup super g.'s idle for this season the twenty four year old finished fourth in thursday's season ending race and endorse but that was sufficient to ensure a tenth career world cup title this is a first in disciplines to go with the three overall and six slalom championships schifrin is the first woman in six news to win discipline titles in
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a technical and speedy event in the same season germany's victoria reddens but won the race. i dreamed about someday maybe being able to win a global instability but i knew it really wasn't expecting from that business design and for sure there was a lot of tough races on the speed side a lot of cancellations but i was in a position to have this opportunity today and i'm so happy and alaskan native has won this year's i destroyed dog sled race after one thousand six hundred kilometers pete curry crossed the line in nome just twelve minutes ahead of the defending champion that's the narrowest victory margin of the forty six year race to win his car as the first in ten attempts. drought of alaskan native winners and take some fifty thousand dollars as well as a new truck. feels good to get you i mean it's that you know just the trail itself
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it's such a long trail but to come out on top of some extra special and see this huge crowd here and so many family and friends from back home. and that's all for the most for coming up again later thank you for cemetery appreciate that and plenty more news coming up with felicity and the team in london the latest on the bridge that developments and the rest of the day's news. is cold war on truth where on my watch t.v.'s taught us is to be able to be concise in expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs to tradition or if you join us on saturday israel is an apartheid state engaged in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from to yield to join the colobus conversation. for
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more than a decade has been considered a threat to national security in russia putin said we'll give you the twelve indicted military intelligence officers conducted by special counsel robert mueller but what we want in return is you bill browder a multimillionaire investor in russia turned and she put an activist talks to us. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. the ultranationalist remarks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have two photos of our nation what has happened to the injured that's one of the biggest stains on the country as
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a whole. religion this is the politics. an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. nearly three years after the u.k. voted to leave the european union accept is yet to take for camp britain seen through its divorce from its european may based call could the whole process still be revived to stay with al-jazeera for the latest. so they are deciding the ayes have it. the british parliament votes to delay brix it beyond march the twenty ninth but will the european union agree to an extension .
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of their own for the stickball and this is al jazeera life from london also coming up the u.s. senate rejects president trump's declaration of a national emergency to build his border wall. turkey says interpol has issued arrest warrants for twenty people in connection with the murder of the saudi journalist jamal. and algeria as prime minister says the new government mandate will last no longer than a year or process all still planned for friday. the united kingdom lost the european union to extend its deadline for leaving cost march the twenty ninth a vote was passed in the last hour in the houses of parliament. the eyes of the right four hundred twelve the most of them are two hundred so they are inside it the eyes of it so m.p.'s overwhelmingly voted by a majority of two hundred ten to pass a motion brought by prime minister to resume
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a true quest an extension of the e.u. so twenty seven other nations now all have to decide whether to agree to that extension. earlier the european council president told to us tweeted that he will appeal to the twenty seven members to be open to a long extension if the u.k. finds it necessary to rethink its strategy and build consensus around it was straight off that results jeremy corbin the leader of the opposition labor party resorted his support for a public vote on breaks at the last few days of also putting responsibility on the prime minister first to publicly accept that bugs her deal and no deal a simply no longer viable option i also really try to our support for a public vote not as a political. but as a realistic option to break the deadlock. when i was there as long as leigh can
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join us live now from what westminster lots of those saying in the last couple of hours lawrence this was the big one wasn't it so talk us through it significance of the site. yeah i mean there was a messy series of votes in the end all the amendments last crucially the one that was an attempt by backbenchers to take control of the whole process away from theresa may and allow the parliament as a bloc to investigate other options that lost by two votes but then series a may as you said that one won her vote lost the european union for an extension to the end of june contingent on winning her vote which will be lost twice in a separate vote next week's us walk people through what i was actually was saying who used to work for both provinces david cameron ends and stories in may so what will means is now comes back to another vote next week for the third time on sarees amaze deal do you think this time she can get it through i think it's closer is
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getting closer than it has been the last two times and simply because of where we are now so we have seen an piece rejected twice but equally no deal is also rejected so the options of going away an n.p.c. they have voted against giving themselves the power to decide what happens next which is slightly extraordinary and all the more confusing to people watching so i think options are running out and if she wins the vote next tuesday then we know the u.k. leaves the european union by the end of june or the very very latest if she loses then it gets hoof back over to the european union to those summit next week to say ok you can have an extension for whatever longer amount of time but it needs to be contingent on some plan that upon the now isn't there is it correct yes i mean i don't think the e.u. are just going to give it is given extension without knowing what outcomes you want to achieve or want the ukase plan is which goes back to you know parliament and
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then peace is that what they don't want to quite get it they haven't said what they do want so then you get into the idea of indicative which some people have been calling for for a while. which i think the government said would happen if the deal did not get through again for the third time but i think the effect of all of this is on the about focusing minds say if you are on the bricks inside you are thinking ok the window is closing we want to leave we want to leave in a short extension we don't want to try to have two more years you may not like the prime minister's deal but you may come to the conclusion you know exactly that you may have to go with it by i still think that's difficult it is no substantial change in the deal. it is hard for people to justify why they are waiting for something they voted against just a week ago but then again many m.p.'s are looking for a ladder to climb down and this could well be eight so so i mean insofar as we can at the moment we think that no deal is much less likely do we think that things
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like a second referendum or a bomb in the all school fifty completely and not leaving the european you think they've gone away a bit as well i think slightly less respect referendum is interesting there was a very tony tonight which was heavily defeated labor front bench abstained and they whipped their m.p.'s to abstain even though they say they supported it so and i think that caused a bit of consternation in the people's vote to come because some people were not happy with it being put forward today it doesn't mean it's gone away completely but i think for now it's not seen as dissolution to the issue we're dealing with at the moment you know ok most and i thank you very much ali ultimately what i have to say it does look even though it got rejects about two hundred thirty one hundred forty nine votes that the chance of to resume a getting this deal through are the next week or if not a fourth attempts only maybe three or four days before the u.k.
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had supposed to believe in the european you know march twenty ninth now probably looks more likely than it ever has done lawrence a supporter stressing his notice that this is not automatic that the european. isn't going to agree to that extension i think a commission actually has just tweeted something about that basically stressing the fact that it needs to have the votes of all twenty seventy members and they need to be convinced that it is worth extending this ted line well yes and that's what they've always said i mean they've always said they're very flexible and they will absolutely consider an alternative plan from the u.k. as long as the u.k. can come up with an alternative plan and the things that happens when isis as most famous are saying is that. parliament lost the opportunity to take control back and come up with out alternative plan and it does lend of the idea that even if to reason may loses her vote for a third side next tuesday and then has to go to the european is ok give us
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a much longer extension which is promised the european is going to say well based on what's because you don't have any alternative suggestion what the that would allow for that and that if that were to happen then they would probably only agree to a short extension anyway and then the pressure would be absolutely on to resume a's opponents who want to stop the bricks of the no bricks it to come up with something very very quickly because otherwise that they will have no choice but to accept a reason most bland given that they don't want no deal at all boards in westminster thank you. now the u.s. senate has just voted to revoke president donald trump's declaration of a national emergency on the southern border with mexico several members of trump's own republican party rebelled against his measure to secure billions of dollars in emergency funding to build a border wall in a surprisingly strong defeat for president it is the second senate repeat of trump in two days on wednesday it voted to end u.s. military support for the saudi led coalition in yemen let's get more now from our
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white house correspondent kelly welcome how could he is in washington d.c. for us and kimberly this joke was expected to go this way wasn't it. it was expected to go this way but i think it's important to note that well republicans have joined democrats in pushing back against the president's emergency declaration they've done it for very different reasons we saw this already this legislation passing in the house of representatives controlled by democrats trying to nullify the emergency declaration on moral grounds the belief that it is immoral to build a wall along the southern border of the united states and mexico to haul illegal immigration but overwhelmingly republicans in the republican controlled senate stood with democrats for a different reason what they're pushing back on is presidential overreach in terms of misuse of the presidential powers many of these republicans would say and have said very openly look we do not support illegal immigration we do support the
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president's border wall but we don't support the manner in which the president is trying to secure this funding calling it an emergency in order to get eight billion in funding because he didn't get the money in the first place from congress so that is what they're pushing back on in fact we know that some republicans came to the white house late last night trying to convince the president to go another route try to put in place different legislation in order to try and satisfy his goal of getting the funding but at the same time making sure that the president did overstep and overreach in terms of his powers but the president would not agree to that and as a result we saw this very humiliating and embarrassing rebuke of the president in the u.s. senate by members of his own party on the second rebuke for the president. yeah that's right i mean this is as you pointed out is the second review can two days because we saw as well just one day ago the republican controlled senate again very
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concerned about the president pushing forward with his foreign policy goal supporting the saudi led conflict in yemen which the united nations has said is a humanitarian disaster and that increasingly congress has said that the american people no longer want to be in support of the president has forced ahead in contrast to the will of the american people and their representatives in the u.s. congress and so this is what we've seen now the question becomes in both of these cases whether it's the issue of the saudi led conflict in yemen u.s. military support there that still has to go to the house of representatives to be voted on but on this emergency declaration now that we've had this vote the question is will the president veto it he has said he is prepared to do so so we are now watching very carefully here at the white house to see if the president overturns this legislation at that point this emergency declaration would stand out
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unless the senators come back and with a two thirds majority overturn that veto so we're watching that very carefully the white house right now excellent we'll be back to complete it so mike thanks so much turkey says interpol has issued arrest warrants for twenty people in connection with the murder of the saudi journalist jamal who showed the news comes off to saudi arabia so the people responsible for his mother to have been brought to justice the head of its human rights commission made a statement in geneva but didn't give any more details. from geneva. it was a brief statement by the head of the saudi human rights commission but it's raised many new questions about the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the saudi said that the perpetrators of the killing described as an accident have been brought to justice for three hearings attended by their lawyers and observe his we have brought them to justice they had a fair trial they are currently detained not their human rights been violated they have been so.


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