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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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which is associated with palestinian islamic jihad islamic jihad hymns themselves have denied any responsibility presumably well aware that any israeli retaliation could potentially target their leadership as well there is one particularly well sourced journalist in the israeli media who's quoting an official saying that their initial assessment is that it could be another actor not hamas another palestinian actor in gaza trying to upset efforts towards calm however there is no confirmation of that the u.s. envoy to the region jason greenblatt has come out with a tweet entirely blaming this on hamas and you have to say that you have to remember that the israelis consider officially as israeli policy anything that comes out of gaza is hamas has responsibility because they are the body that's in charge of the gaza strip i mean obviously as you say this is the first struck at the very cheney one year tell of you since two thousand and fourteen
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psychologically just the fact that these rockets get anywhere near tel aviv i suppose psychologically obviously very damaging for the israelis who are weeks away from an election so in light of all of that what do you think might happen next how likely is retaliation from israel. well i think some sort of retaliation is absolutely inevitable the prime minister benjamin netanyahu is already we understand at the defense ministry in tel aviv to chair an emergency meeting with senior military figures to map out a response the question is exactly what kind of response that will be as distasteful as it is to talk about electoral politics what could be a time when we're going into matters of life and death i think you have to accept that reality benjamin netanyahu is in the midst of a campaign in which he is trying to cling on to power amidst a very significant challenge at one one that he seemed to be prevailing in recently
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according to recent polls despite corruption allegations against him despite this former army chief benny gantz putting together a pretty strong alliance trying to carve out territory in the center ground of israeli politics and try to capitalize on a feeling of. tiredness with the netanyahu time in office nonetheless netanyahu had been it seems succeeding in recent days in that effort now he has to come up with a response to this that is strong enough in fairly broad political terms to to show that he he is strong and can can cement his reputation as the mr security of israel a time when he's running against three former chiefs of staffs very senior military figures in this opposition group which is trying to unseat and if he doesn't do enough in in the more militaristic circles as far as are concerned in israel then
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these then these generals could outflank him to the right and say that he's being weak on gaza or a time when he's trying to characterize them as being weak and leftist so all of that that that political calculation plays into what is going to happen next the last thing i think most people except the last thing he wants in the run up to. this election april ninth is a major military escalation in gaza but politically he can't get away with doing something that would be seen as being too little so again we're in the situation where each side is going to have to calibrate and calculate in a very fluid set of circumstances any move could take us towards a much bigger escalation than presumably either side wants at the moment ok harry well i know you'll be monitoring developments for us and we'll check in with you a little later for the momentary force in western aslan thank you and still to come in this half hour or. so they are inside it we have a lot of the british parliament votes to delay
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a break sit beyond the twenty ninth of march but will the european union agree to an extension and algeria's prime minister says the new government's mandate will last no longer than a year or more protests are still planned for friday. give you the twelve indicted military intelligence officers dr special counsel robert mueller but what we want to return is you bill bradley a multimillionaire investor in russia turned and she put an activist talks to al-jazeera would be chips first democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power
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change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it first hand morsi the final hours. on al-jazeera. a reminder of our breaking news here on al-jazeera the israeli military says two
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brackets have been fired at tel aviv area from the gaza strip setting off sirens in the city several explosions were heard but there have been no reports of damages or casualty. the united kingdom will ask the european union to extend the deadline from leaving past march twenty ninth after a vote was passed in the last hour in the house of parliament in the eyes of the right four hundred twelve two under you do so the ayes have it the eyes have it m.p.'s overwhelmingly voted by a majority. of two hundred ten to pass a motion brought by the prime minister to resign may to request an extension the e.u. is twenty seven other nations now have to decide whether to agree to it well earlier european council president donald tusk tweeted that he will appeal to the e.u.'s twenty seven members to be open to a long extension if the u.k.
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finds it necessary to rethink its bricks and strategy and build consensus around it was straight after the result jeremy corbyn the leader of the opposition labor party reiterated his support for a public vote on breaks in the last few days of also putting responsibility on the prime minister first to publicly accept that brown's her deal and no deal a simply no longer viable option i also really tried to answer port for a public vote not as a political. thought as a realistic option to break the deadlock. lawrence lee has been following events forests at the houses of parliament it was a messy series of votes but the two main events were a very narrow failure on the policy of backbenchers across parliament to try to wrest back control of the process from sarees in may and come up with other ideas
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that lost by just two votes in the end but then the government won handsomely its motion to ask the european union for an extension to bret's it until the end of june and so it all effectively sets the stage now for a third vote on sarees a maze deal to leave the european union at the start of next week if she wins then the u.k. will leave by the end of june if she loses though for a third so i'm it's up to the european union to decide if and for how long it will grant the u.k. a much longer extension. the u.s. senate has just voted to revoke president donald trump speculation of a national emergency on the southern border with mexico several members of trump's own republican party rebelled against his measure to secure billions of dollars in emergency funding to build a border wall in a surprisingly strong defeat for the president it's the second senate review of truth in two days on wednesday it voted to end u.s.
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military support for the saudi led coalition in yemen. algeria's new prime minister says he'll form a temporary government of technocrats in the next few days speaking publicly for the first time since taking office no reading by the way also promised to include young people and women but protesters say it's a desperate attempt to quell mass rallies planned for friday the toria gayton be reports. prime minister nuri is under pressure to end weeks of antigovernment protests at a news conference in the capital algiers he set out his plan to bring the nation together he promised to build an inclusive government whose mandate would last no more than a year mr the doors will be open to everyone we are listening to everybody we are talking to everyone and we will work with everyone without any preconditions.
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the prime minister said he wants to realize the hopes and dreams of all algerians but many are skeptical about how much change his administration can achieve for the past twenty years the good of clan has made so many promises of reform of change and it is completely non credible not credible to give this huge important task of change in democratic transition to the same people who have put us in a situation in the situation that we find ourselves in today on monday president abdelaziz bouteflika announced he would not seek a fifth term in power he canceled next month's election but didn't set a new date the government says it's ready for dialogue with the opposition but analysts say protesters want much more the government trying to accelerate the pace of negotiations but they are doing so not by taking into account what is currently
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emerging from the fight the how are people writing them out there with him. they're . trying to include or coalition partners who are been critical lies along creation ah approaches to organize are expecting record numbers to turn out on friday they say they won't stop until there's real political change in algeria victoria gate to be al jazeera. another ebola treatment center has been attacked in the democratic republic of congo threatening recent progress in containing the virus one person was killed and another was wounded when attackers targeted an ebola transit center in mumbai or suspected cases are evaluated there woods to force attack on ebola center in the country at least five hundred eighty four people have died in this latest outbreak. but the president of the democratic republic of congo feeling she gave the has pardoned seven hundred political
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prisoners jailed by his predecessor joseph kabila she cared he who was sworn into power in february after a controversial election that promised their release within his first one hundred days in office it's unclear when the prisoners will be freed amnesty international has welcomed the move calling it the first step towards restoring human rights in congo. rescuers in nigeria have ended their search for people buried in the ruins of a building which collapsed on wednesday so far at least sixteen people including schoolchildren have been confirmed dead after the apartment block fell down in. a silent they guess a state governor says any legal school had been set up on the top floor of the three storey block as many as one hundred pupils were inside the school when the building collapsed local people say the rescue operation should continue. what's happening in this country is not good i know someone who has three children
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and now she can account for any of them she can't even find their body. other than to remove the bucket from that building to go to hockey is that going to get the kids banned from their lungs so i don't think the. sun is up and this time data from the government could have done because we've got to live without the ball want to look at our definition is that governments you can see the structures of is completely on the ground apart from those we rescued while you guys were here yesterday. we continue our walk over night are not about three am. and i don't. know we haven't a clue about anybody the views of some residents there were limited tourists has more now from lagos. the heavy duty machinery are quiet now because us rescue workers say they have reached the limits of this operation on reaching the
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ground floor there said the rescue operation has ended now questions are being asked us to how many people are still unaccounted for emergency workers and material out of the location because they believe the operation is what the locals insist that approaches must continue because there are many people still believe still trapped under the rubble so they want to continue our bob from the looks of things it's over in terms of rescue operations however the residents and the crowd here refuse to walk away. france's air accident investigation agency has received the black box flight recorders from the ethiopian airlines jet that crashed on sunday killing all a hundred fifty seven people on board it released this image of the flight data recorder showing the crash proof recording chip intact it will be analyzed along with the cockpit voice recorder the u.s.
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federal aviation administration says all boeing seven three seven max eights and nines will remain grounded until it softer is upgraded tested and installed the ruling party in guinea besides how is celebrating after provisional election results indicated it had won the biggest share of the vote but the election commission says the p.a. i g c the doesn't have an overall majority so we'll have to look for coalition partners to quit has more. that was a jubilant crowd on the streets of the south initial results from the parliamentary elections have put the ruling african party for the independence of guinea and cape furred in the lead after years of political crisis the party supporters hope the state's ability to function will finally be restored. my important then why i'm so happy for the results is that is why i'm here i'm sure the political crisis in our
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country is over now with a victory of p.a. i-g. see we expect schools and health into three improve very soon. i made the peace in uganda in the mass the political dialogue is over a problem is over the ruling party group bring developments in this country. but the dancing in the streets is a thin veil for underlying tensions according to the national election commission the party has failed to secure an overall majority is will have to share power with smaller parties to gain enough seats in parliament to get them in what would it be so it is clear that the people of kenya be so have not given any party the confidence to govern alone. since twenty fifteen three most powerful entities government parliament and president have blocked each other bringing the country to a political standstill observers are hopeful that the deadlock can come to an end now that we have a new palm and what we're hoping is that the u.n.
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will be able to support the process of reform and we see that the reforms are necessary in many sectors. hopes run high in the streets of pursuit but celebrations could be trying. whether the will be a turning point for the smooth west african nation remains shrouded in uncertainty . al-jazeera. malaysian prosecutors have refused to drop murder charges against the vietnamese woman accused of killing north korean leader kim jong un's half brother the one see wong's trial is set to resume on the first of april it now said it regrets that the situation and asked malaysia to ensure the trial is fair murder charges against the indonesian woman accused with her were dropped earlier this week kim jong un was assassinated at kuala lumpur airport two years ago. former texas congressman better or wark is the latest politician from the opposition democratic party to enter the running for next year's u.s.
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presidential election or rose to national attention last year after putting up a tough fight against republican ted cruz for a senate seat in the traditionally conservative state of texas he enters a crowded field in the race to take on donald trump for the presidency with more than a dozen candidates vying for the democratic nomination. you can find out much more on that and everything else that we have been covering here on out there on the our web site there it is al jazeera dot com. you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories these really military says two rockets have been fired at the tel of even area from the gaza strip setting off sirens in the city several explosions were heard but there have been no reports of damage or
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casualties the united kingdom will ask the european union to extend its deadline from leaving past march twenty ninth after a vote was passed in the houses of parliament m.p.'s overwhelmingly voted by a majority of two hundred ten to pass a motion bored by the prime minister to request an extension well straight after the result jeremy corbyn the leader of the opposition labor party reiterated his support for a public vote on bracks it the last few days of also put responsibility on the prime minister first to publicly accept that promise her deal and no deal a simply no longer viable option i also really try to all support for a public vote not as a political. but as a realistic option to break the deadlock. the u.s. senate has voted to revoke president donald trumps that collaboration of
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a national emergency on the southern border with mexico several members of trump's own republican party have rebelled against this measure to secure billions of dollars in emergency funding to build a wall in a surprisingly strong defeat for the president has tweeted one word in response veto. turkey says interpol has issued arrest warrants for twenty people in connection with the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the news comes after saudi arabia said the people responsible for his murder have been brought to justice the head of its human rights commission made a statement in geneva but then gave anymore details algeria's new prime minister says he'll form a temporary government of technocrats in the next few days speaking publicly for the first time since taking office do we promise that he would also include young people and women protesters say it's a desperate attempt to quell mass columns planned for friday. well lots of
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stories going on the cvo have borne all of them on the al-jazeera news hour coming up next it's earth rise of i. they were searching for sanctuary in australia but instead would a time for use on a pacific island now one o one east follows the journey of two refugees as they forge a new life in north america on al-jazeera. cheap and fast a tile plastic is used for everything furniture tools storage containers clothing even tea bags and glitter on birthday cards it's hard to imagine modern life without it. so much has been created that scientists it calculates the total amount
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ever made it eight point three billion tons. and most of these items they used for only short periods of time or even just once before being discarded to later land and see. if nothing is done we are heading towards a planet so full of plastic that the health of plants animals and humans alike will be threatened. and yet fossil fuel companies are investing billions of dollars in producing even more of it. we urgently needs rethink how we manage the plastic we use o. find an alternative. i'm julianna shot on the west coast of canada to meet people dedicated to clearing plastic waste from our oceans. imo marconi for in france where a movement is afoot to rid the country of oil based plastic. going
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to not only that plastic waste can be found on every beach in the world from the business to the most isolated and uninhabited islands. now no shoreline is untouched by plastic. and if the current rate of global production continues there could be more plastic than fish by weight in our seas by two thousand and fifty. him british columbia people have decided enough is enough and are taking strides to stop the tragic destruction of our ocean. ocean legacy is a local foundation whose aim is to tackle the growing problem of plastic pollution along the twenty five thousand kilometers of coastline here. chloe dubois is one of the founders who got out i'm free and soon reached here. all right the first three days for. the british columbia coast is made up of deep inlets and rugged island shorelines so helicopter travel isn't just a joyride it's essential. today
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we're headed to the clyde quite sound and one of the forty thousand islands that dot the coastline here. these trains are a bit tricky. it's really hard to tell just how much debris is actually here because of the logs and rocks we could spend years cleaning this island alone and being estimated that there's about five point two five trillion piece of property in the ocean right now and a lot of those pieces are free to move wherever they want to on the planet aside from you know the unsightly mess of pollution on the. problem as. possible because when. it turns out little sponges so any chemicals that are in the water will begin to absorb these chemicals in the plants he said and this is very toxic and very dangerous. every day we're finding new animal or whale that's been washed ashore with some it's full of atsic. given
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the amount of plastic here i'm not surprised wildlife is suffering. oh girls oh it's a yeah you can tell this is an old refrigerator there's no way we could make a dent cleaning the speech by ourselves fortunately reinforcements are on the way so i gave it our ring lauren for volunteers to this remote area to clean up the beans so every two dozen volunteers that. many here come from different local environmental groups overall there are five thousand volunteers to call upon across the region. but with so much coastline to monitor chloe and her team rely on tip offs posted on the ocean legacy website to prioritize the most crucial locations. i've found that forty flip flops. and here pair yeah these are bare. here in the foam as it.
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fishing so when it washes up on shore. in searching for food and mistakes the sarah from from being a few. ones collected the plastic is ready for transport back to the mainland i am going to learn how to use slang or attach one of these super pacs to. the base of the helicopter so i can lift it out of here when you drop so far all around the world can run over to you guys i want to get out. since ocean legacy started the team of collected over five tons of plastic off islands like this. and they're keeping most of it out of landfills too. but what happens to the plastic they collect chloe's invited me back to the recycling center in vancouver to find out. what's the next step in the process we take all of these are random hard
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plastic items and we're going to shred them up. the fragments will then be sold on to companies who will breathe new life into the. styrofoam will become picture frames and picnic benches while bits of old tires will hit the road again as new tires ocean legacy is even starting to engage high street companies such as lush cosmetics who are using recycled plastic for their signature packaging. so in order to make the black parts we needed to turn this material basically into something that looks like this. so it's still a very small project but we're looking now in our own eyes nation to grow this much larger to engage more industry and more clean up groups so that we can help create an economic value for these materials they're organized as a nonprofit foundation which means that all their profits get funneled into research education and more clean up nothing goes to waste here. so what are we
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turning this into what's the next that make us. what that's. how are you turning this into fuel. it's a clever solution plastic is made from fossil fuels after all. to learn more chloe is taking me to the boat where they have a prototype of the machine they're developing on a larger scale. we've set our parameters and the machine is essentially heating up and we start to vaporize the plastics the plastic is converted into fuel through a process of thermal decomposition called pyrolysis the machine is air tight and oxygen free so that the plastic doesn't burn as the temperature heats up to four hundred ten degrees celsius it melts to become a liquid and then a gas this passes through a tube into a container filled with cool water where it condenses and forms oil. so who could obtain a machine like us the larger scale technology that we're looking to develop would be ideal for remote coastal or even island communities that don't have readily
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accessible fuel sources that are and are also inundated with classic pollution everywhere it makes sense that these remote communities can use that plastic as a resource to write something that will benefit the community. the machine will take three hours to turn the plastic into fuel in the meantime i'm off to check out another praja. act less focus on recycling and more on changing mindsets it's an artist and author douglas copeland studio on the other side of town. what are you looking at here the same dolls these are just big global head dogs there's a twentieth century twentieth century way of looking at plastic or something shiny and feel great there's like reality in a world where you were just into that and so these guys here plastic boy plastic girl they will be representing the future these figures are part of douglas's installation at the vancouver aquarium and i'm getting them ready for their debut.
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to like you know. he says. oh look at that. douglas is using eleven tons of ocean plastic in his shadow. what is fire jared to create this installation piece this place called queen charlotte islands four years ago i was up there and plastic bottles recently washing up on my sacred beach and really it was like an evangelizer moment for me so i thought well let's make an image of the trash one which has been motional untangled to it i guess copeland isn't pretending to offer solutions but he is hoping to engage audiences who ordinarily wouldn't stop to think about the problem and ultimately he's hopeful we can turn things around before it's too late. i'm heartened by the energy british columbia is putting into tackling the problem of plastic pollution before i leave i
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want to return to the ocean legacy both to see how much fuel the machine has produced. something different colored. different. so what's needed coming out of this machine is a mixed oil and in that oil we can separate into cursing oil and petroleum products so you can record tricity from it power your lawn mower heat your home how are you using this you currently we're not making enough of the fuel to use it in a practical application so this is just our small pilot we've really got the world's interest rate now in launching these units worldwide. the fuel will emit greenhouse gases and other pollutants but at least it takes plastic out of circulation and reduces the need for fossil fuel extraction. so can we use it in the ship. let's do it ok. ready.
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ocean legacy are planning to roll out these machines starting in british columbia in one year's time they aren't the first organization to try to turn plastic into fuel or to recycle it. but what impresses me about chloe and her team is the determination which drives them to take a multi-pronged approach to tackling plastic pollution is a problem that won't go away if we continue to use and discard such huge amounts of plastic. but what i've seen here gives me hope that if other groups around the world were to work in similar ways it could be possible to make a real difference. around the world more than
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forty countries have imposed laws to cut down on plastics. in two thousand and two bangladesh was the first to prohibit ten plastic bags after they clog storm drains during devastating floods. and in malaysia's federal territories a recent ban has been imposed on plastic bags in favor of biodegradable income possible bags and food containers. while in kenya it's become illegal to produce sell and use plastic bags with a penalty of up to four years in jail or a forty thousand dollars fine. but is it too little too late plastics may be being banned on land but they've already made their way into the sea. floating between california and hawaii is a massive come for trash known as the great pacific garbage patch it's the size of texas and still growing. while in the deep sea one of the most inhospitable places on earth scientists have found plastic items almost completely intact but
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even more troubling is what happens when plastic does degrade mike plastics are fibers we need granules of plastic which are defined by being less than five millimeters and they start off of as large pieces of plastic and then due to littering runoff pool waste management and of in the marine environment and when they're exposed to sunlight the sunlight makes them bristol and the action is the wind in the ways just breaks them down and they become smaller and smaller they don't biodegrade or ever really go away and because they're very small and they can be readily ingested by number of different mean animals and they can reduce the end mind. in a consume and in thailand that hands a knock on effect on groups and we produce a been a t. we're fine michael path takes everywhere we feel that we found on the surface of the ocean move and see the world. holland we found them in animals like crabs and
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ones that live at the bottom of. the plastic we're getting if we were. twenty five million tons of plastic waste is produced by your a peach here in france alone five billion plastic cups a front away and you really. like many other countries across the world france faces a monumental plastic waste problem and this is driving a growing number of campaigners and entrepreneurs to challenge the way the plastic is used and made. will they be able to end the country's dependence on this all pervasive material. twenty five percent of all plastic is recycled in france with the rest any up in landfills or worse illegally dumped i'm meeting councilor and environmental campaigner irish baron bosh at one of the many
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tips surrounding paris. law school year by going to see to it left the. sample an example m. three off its limit that it limit the matter you open it once a. sea of children yup traduced sawmill yard so media are. off also now twice like me i. said in arm with some of it with you know all falls under me john's securely into perth preventing. this arch. against that and emotional well if you. want good or not if the adult said it could itch. france's two thousand and fifteen ban is a good start to encourage people to reduce their reliance on plastic things but the next target is twenty twenty when the country will be the first to ban single use
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items like plastic cups plates and cutlery so i'm embarking on a road trip around france to find out how ready industry and people are for the changes ahead. first stop some roadside services. so i just stopped to get some water and a coffee it's classic everywhere. one thing is clear it's going to take serious innovation to wean us off plastics but on the beach in sand manner is a possible solution. daveed coty manages our go back a start up creating plastic from seaweed. so why is so we need good as a plastics alternative to great advantage of seaweed is renewable and it's unlimited that we don't need to our best seaweed on the field and fully biodegrade it will go to see what is there
5:38 am
a bouncy we need scientifically the make up what is it that makes it really what is good in seaweed is deporting me a chain. which is very similar to the polymath chain you can find in the oily based plastics petroleum based polymers are long chains of carbon atoms bonded together these are producing thetic lead to from conventional plastic but they can also be made from a wide range of buy materials like vegetable oil. like seaweed. daveed has asked me to help them to collect the brown variety which also happens to be a non-native species a real lady that we have is too thick to see one of. which you can visit which is of pollution in fact and which is the date of today burnt so this can be a plastic. so they're going to be a plastic it's going to be but you're you all of your base the basement here your which will have certain characteristics similar to plastics. gopac started in two
5:39 am
thousand and ten and each year they sell forty tons of one hundred percent bio plastic made from hundreds of tons of seaweed. there it is the treasure. is in charge of production at the plant. what are the other ingredients that are in this perhaps so but to be omitted or. salvia is playing this one close to his chest it is commercially sensitive after all and from where i stand the process looks involved. first the seaweed is turned into something that looks like played before it's tried in an oven for fifteen hours after that it's pulverized. this batch here is destined to become flower pots. what exactly does this machine do.
5:40 am
or do you. intend. to question. here from the new york. dummy forgive almost all of them at their use only. there you go straight to the garden center we have sixteen small flower pots how long does something like this take to decompose it can take. up to four more months twelve months depending as well on the coaching that we can provide if this was a plastic part how long would that take to decompose five hundred years between five hundred years in the nature so you're looking at five hundred years against four months do you see a gap in the market for your product. we'll give you a room in the market but this room should be at the same price ninety eight percent
5:41 am
of the people are ready to go for something which is greener which is better for the environment but at the same price. right now our go pack is the more expensive option for consumers but davey's hopeful that in twelve to eighteen months they can step up production to offer products that are only fifteen percent more expensive than conventional plastics the seaweed alternative to. really impressive but there are limitations viability. but it seems to be a become. with the band looming stance hopes around friends are experimenting with plastic alternatives for materials like milk and corn starch i'm off to see another venture in scent. is an engineer who recently has developed what he calls if we can boss whom from an ingredient found in most of our cupboards in its refined foam what is this product that you want to show us it's really ok ok
5:42 am
yes how do you turn this into this. chemistry how is your fellow. going to test each and you cast each. from a. simple farm cuban pair met the family do you feel. an example or do. you go back and as you can. confirm it is not reason. where does the sugarcane come from and the indonesian way and who does the transformation from the sugarcane to these pellets here. tap safian underneath their playoff holes. those are new whom the new guy nearly fell just. a. as the other plans nikolai's guarding his formula closely i can see
5:43 am
why the results look good is actually food a food product yes so if i finish my juice in this possible way and i want to dispose of it i don't necessarily need to put it in the past six waste put it in the food waste. box as well. want to see more. products bad. that's amazing but to reduce the need to grow and transport sugarcane i can't help feeling it would be better to simply reuse them nevertheless nikolaus vegan brussels our success he's had orders for two million last year and expects even more for two thousand and eighteen but like the seaweed packaging these bottles are more expensive than conventional plastic twenty five percent more expensive to be precise so could something like this really take off. so i'm here in beautiful
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clara shell and i've been told that this cafe sells the sugarcane bottles but. i'm curious to know if anyone can tell the difference or if it even matters to them so does this look like plastic to you three four months i was on a dusty creek and how does it feel to know that it's not plastic. that it was a to last place but i'm sitting on the bed level argument does that affect your decision to purchase these types of bottles of course it's good to purchase something and be able to get through it with this environment. that was an overwhelmingly positive response and it gives me lots of hope for the future. but is it really going to be so easy to rid ourselves of plastics i'm heading back to paris to meet up again with the activist our ash. to find out what he thinks.
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around it we just stop using plastic. we'll visit the belly of the fish if i become . equal flour is a good one will develop he said when young it would it's actually use a bit of give. a speech. at least that is what we know the. book enough we'll see if you for each. no no i was indeed i felt was which was. france's ban is a significant step in the right direction it will take bold political moves like this plus ingenuity and better choices on everyone's part to make plastic a thing of the past. our planet is suffocating from plastic pollution but around the world people are taking steps to reduce reuse and recycle. in africa only ten percent a solid waste is collected mostly because of problems with accessibility but
5:46 am
a social enterprise in lagos nigeria is sending teams on bicycles to collect recyclable materials and sense of izing people by offering goods for their waste fire a point system. and in kenya where as many as ninety tons of flip flops wash up on the coast pay here to dish to ship builders and now collecting them to construct boats. projects like these are a start in helping countries and communities tackle the global plastic problem at a local level the key to turning the tide on plastic before it's too late.
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hello again it's good to have you back we are cross the southeastern part of australia we have seen some active showers in the afternoon particularly here across much of the area from sydney down here towards melbourne but we're going to be seeing those showers make their way up to the north in brisbane is going to be a problem by the time we get into the weekend but here on friday not looking too bad for brisbane thirty two degrees with a lot of sun in your forecast putting that into motion as we go towards saturday notice the rain showers right here along the coast now some of these rain showers could be thunderstorms and it also could bring some windy conditions and possibly some hail across much of the area melbourne though in adelaide it is going to be a beautiful day if you both cities with a temperature of twenty seven degrees there well here across new zealand we are looking at cloudy and rainy conditions down here but took me over the south island of new zealand and that's going to remain into the weekend as well we do expect to
5:48 am
see rain for christ church with a temperature few of twenty degrees maybe on saturday coming down to about eighteen and we are going to be picking up some rain here across auckland with the terms of there are twenty three degrees as well and then here across parts of japan well unfortunately as we go into the weekend we are going to be seeing all of the sun that we see here on friday where temperatures into the teens well as we go towards saturday we are going to be seeing some rainy conditions in tokyo it is going to be a chilly day for you with a temperature of twelve. al-jazeera . this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes. sirens sound in tel aviv after two
5:49 am
rockets are fired from gaza the first time the city has been targeted since two thousand and fourteen plus. so they are inside it the eyes of. the british parliament votes to delay breaks it beyond the twenty ninth of march but will the european union agree to an extension and the u.s. senate rejects president announced the creation of a national emergency to build his border wall. with. plans to drop long distance running of insurgents diamond league meetings but the kidney and we're not happy at all better more later in the program. these really military says two rockets were launched from the gaza strip towards the television it's the first time the city has been targeted by rocket fire since
5:50 am
the two thousand and fourteen warning gaza. air raid sirens were heard throughout tel of eve israel's densely populated commercial capital after the apparent rocket attack triggered the alert system and they said no interceptions were made by their aerial defense systems no damage or injuries have been reported to live not herefore said he's following developments for us in west jerusalem what more can you tell us about this harry. well as you say these two rockets identified by the israeli military fired they say from the gaza strip and country two initial reports that one of them at least had been intercepted by the iron dome anti-missile system the israeli military spokesman talking to the army radio station saying in fact neither of them was but as you say neither of them causing any damage or injuries it seems the israeli prime minister rushed to
5:51 am
a security meeting at the defense ministry in tel aviv in gaza we hear from our sources there that the senior hamas leadership of all gone underground there's been no response from hamas the israeli military not saying which group may have fired the rocket saying that it does not yet know that but that it does as it always says hold risk responsible hamas from anything that happens inside the strip or emanates from it given the fact that hamas is in control of the gaza strip the other question is whether this might have been the the work of islamic jihad certainly the israeli media reporting that the type of rocket used may have been a fudge or five which is associated with islamic jihad and not hamas islamic jihad has denied any responsibility however at this time what has happened in gaza earlier though on thursday was that there was
5:52 am
a major protest against hamas by people on the streets taking to the streets there were images of that being broken up with gunfire into the air that was against price rises in gaza the general humanitarian humanitarian situation inside gaza also there at the same time in egyptian security delegation apparently came back from israel and according to reports coming back with negative responses from the israelis to various demands that hamas had made so that is that the background. the situation in gaza so far though no word from hamas. and looking at the situation in israel of course is a country that's weeks away from an election they tend to retaliate to these kinds of attacks i guess it's hard to predict but what do you think is likely to happen next. well i think almost certainly there will be a response during the course of tonight from the israelis as i say benjamin netanyahu the prime minister has started the chairing of this military
5:53 am
meeting inside the defense ministry to to try to map out exactly what that response should be there are competing pressures on him there is little question that he doesn't want a major military escalation with gaza in the run up to a war given how unpredictable in the right to an election of apologies given how unpredictable those sorts of situations can become and how escalation can build on escalation into a very major conflagration in a major conflict however at the same time he is running against what has become a much more powerful than it's expected opposition to him comprising the former israeli army chief benny gantz two other former israeli chief of staff as well and benjamin netanyahu former pretty right wing head of the defense ministry as well and so if he calibrates
5:54 am
a response that is seen in any way as to weak then that gives them the opportunity to come out and say that he has been again weak on the guards issue at a time when he's been trying to portray these generals as weak on security and being to probe palestinian so as as much as this will be a calculation on the military response it's also very much a political calculation as well and while the the received wisdom is always that neither side really wants an escalation towards war at this time there are extremely. potentially very dangerous things to to sort of put into this mix at this time of electoral campaigning as well. harry force of the latest there on that story from leicester whistlin for the moment harry thank you. the united kingdom will ask the european union to extend the deadline for leaving past the march twenty ninth after another vote in the house of commons m.p.'s
5:55 am
overwhelmingly voted to pass the latest threats that motion brought by the prime minister to resign may but as paul brennan of reports the e.u. is twenty seven other nations now have to decide whether to agree to that extension . what a mess the u.k. parliament is divided and deadlocked a delay to bracks it now seems inevitable the only question is for how long the government says rejecting to recent deal would narrow the options to just one we would be faced with the prospect of choosing only a long extension during which the house would meet up need to face up to the choices in front of it and the consequences of the decisions that it has taken the government's proposal was to ask the e.u. for a one off extension until june the thirtieth to allow time for a third attempt by theresa may to have her twice rejected bracks a deal pushed through parliament but with just ten working days left before the
5:56 am
march twenty ninth deadline m.p.'s are feeling exasperated and rebellious and an attempt by one group to seize control of parliamentary time next wednesday was only narrowly defeated by just two votes a separate amendment proposing another bracketed referendum was rejected by a majority of two hundred forty nine votes and the main government motion passed by a comfortable two hundred ten yards to the right four hundred twelve the nose to the left two hundred and two they were moving towards potentially as a result of this week in parliament protect a softer break thicker that's the only route now to a majority although if those on the right of can party realise this then they could be one final push towards a deal the european union is exasperated to the e.u. leaders summit is next thursday in brussels and if the recent maze deal is rejected a third time by parliament next tuesday some leaders aren't minded to ground the u.k. an extension at all what is detention of the british parliament what are what are
5:57 am
the choices of the british authorities in the two need more time we need more decision in washington the irish prime minister discussed it with the us president donald. said he'd given theresa may some negotiating advice advice that she hadn't taken i think it could have been negotiated in a different manner frankly i hate to see it being everything being ripped apart right now i don't think another vote would be possible because it would be very unfair to the people that won in all the confusion no one thing has become clear unless the e.u. rejects the u.k. request britain is not leaving the european union on march twenty ninth paul brennan al-jazeera westminster lawrence lee joins us live now from westminster laurence a busy day you know that coming after another two very busy days lots of the vellum and how would you sum up where the u.k. is now when it comes to brics it. well it's been
5:58 am
a very curious we can some ways on one level it's been absolutely all full week four to resume a should she last deal in a vote for the second time by the fourth biggest margin in british political history and then the next day parliament voted to ban a no deal brix it which she didn't want either and then she was forced to accept a vote on the delay and that got passed by by some margin so each of those things you would see is a setback for her and yet at the same time it still feels like she has some skin in the game not least because political opponents who want either a much softer breakfast or no breakfast it's all are absolutely incapable it seems of coming to some sort of position that can outflank hers and so she can still say ok then well we're going to vote a model for a third time next week and you can either lump it and vote for it in which case we leave or if you don't i'm going to go to brussels on thursday inside the european union we're going to have a really long delay and so it's
5:59 am
a way of putting the squeeze on the line who are the fates of face up to the reality of the situation either you have a brics it which is a brics it in some sense to me it is not exactly the one that they want or they have a long delay assuming that the e.u. gives its infancy no bricks at all so in that sense it is been an awful week for her but she still has some sense of power over the process and i suppose as you say she will present her deal for the third time to parliament and now it's been voted down twice you know historical losses but you've been speaking to a lot of people there over the past few days do you get the sense that a lot of people who voted against the deal the first or second time might actually change their minds because the stakes are so high now and they fear they were they may just no no be no breaks at all. yeah i mean she was she lost one hundred forty nine this time around that means she has to move seventy five m.p.'s over to her
6:00 am
side because only five times under fifty said based on that should win by one that means the democratic union is the hardliners in northern ireland says ten of them possibly twenty or thirty labor m.p.'s almost all the hard line on her side they'd all have to come over there's a sense that it's going to be close but she might not get it over the line but the thing for members well bob are with all this is is if she then goes the european union and says look i'm just only just lost so give us a great big extension the european is going to say well why would you do that because there's no alternative plan i think they probably give a short extension because they don't want to know deal breakers any more than the british parliament does but you know it in that sense the e.u. does have a lot of say over what would happen next and because of that and they've only that it means that i think between now and next tuesday or wednesday when that next vote happens on three's a maze deal there's going to be some absolutely frantic activity between her opponents he wants a softer deal and no deal.


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