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tv   From Agadir To Dakar  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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begins to expand but of the coastal areas are still looking nice with hong kong coming up to about twenty three degrees on saturday or across the philippines we do expect to see rain continuing across much of luzon over the next few days also down here towards the south the rain is going to continue across much of the southern philippines for parts of indonesia heavy rain has been a problem you can see on the forecast map on friday all the way from the southeast through the central regions up towards coaching though the rain is going to continue with a temperature of thirty one degrees maybe getting a little bit better by the time we get towards saturday and then very quickly across parts of india we are going to be seeing those temperatures remaining in the area into the mid to high thirty's for many locations there for new delhi though we expect to see attempt a few probably about twenty six degrees in colombo at thirty one degrees for you. sponsor. when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or is it the or the be used
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to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely contrast actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confession on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera israel's military says it's launched airstrikes on gaza after rockets were fired towards television israelis say they're carrying out the attacks on hamas targets hamas denies attacking israel the u.s. senate has voted to revoke donald trump that the ration of
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a national emergency on the border with mexico several members of the president's own republican party sided against him he says he'll veto it. stuck in a brush stalemate british politicians have chosen to ask if the country's departure date can be delayed it's due to happen in just over two weeks and the suspension has to be approved unanimously by the twenty seven other members albright and reports from london. what a mess the u.k. parliament is divided and deadlocked a delay to bret's it now seems inevitable the only question is for how long the government says rejecting theresa may's deal would narrow the options to just one we would be faced with the prospect of choosing only a long extension during which the house would meet up need to face up to the choices in front of it and the consequences of the decisions that it has taken the
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government's proposal was to ask the e.u. for a one off extension until june the thirtieth to allow time for a third attempt by theresa may to have her twice rejected bracks a deal pushed through parliament but with just ten working days left before the march twenty ninth deadline m.p.'s are feeling exasperated and rebellious and an attempt by one group to seize control of parliamentary time next wednesday was only narrowly defeated by just two votes a separate amendment proposing another bread referendum was rejected by a majority of two hundred forty nine votes in the main government motion passed by a comfortable two hundred ten yards to the right four hundred twelve the nose to the left two hundred and two they were moving towards potentially as a result of this week in parliament but said a softer brecht's it because that's the only route now to a majority although those on the right of trees made party realise this that they
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could be one final push towards a deal the european union is exasperated to the e.u. leaders summit is next thursday in brussels and if to recent deal is rejected a third time by parliament next tuesday some leaders aren't minded to ground the u.k. an extension at all but what is detention the british parliament want are what are the choices of the british authorities and the two need more time we need more decision in washington the irish prime minister discussed it with the us president donald. given theresa may some negotiation advice advice that she had taken i think it could have been negotiated in a different manner frankly i hate to see it being everything being ripped apart right now i don't think you know the vote would be possible because it would be very unfair to the people that want in all the confusion no one thing has become clear unless the e.u. rejects the u.k. request britain is not leaving the european union and sheffield on march twenty ninth brennan al-jazeera westminster the u.s.
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is considering ways of stopping master card and other financial institutions from processing transactions in venezuela it's the latest effort by the trump administration to starve president nicolas maduro government of money the u.s. has also revoked hundreds of venezuelans visa since monday and some of the last u.s. diplomats have now left the country the us vice president mike pence is urging venezuelans to keep fighting against the government washington and its allies are backing opposition leader by joe turkey says interpol is trying to find and arrest twenty people in connection with the killing of saudi journalist. earlier saudi arabia tried to assure delegates at a u.n. conference that those responsible have been brought to justice for reports from geneva. it was a brief statement by the head of the saudi human rights commission but it's raised many new questions about the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the saudi
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said that the perpetrators of the killing described as an accident have been brought to justice for three hearings attended by their lawyers and observe his we have brought them to justice they had a fair trial they are currently detained not their human rights been violated they have been subjected to no form of torture they are entitled to their legal rights but the saudi delegations failure to provide any names or details hasn't inspired much confidence of the human rights council the un's repeatedly called on saudi arabia to cooperate with the un led investigation into show g.'s murder but the kingdom's refused calling it an internal matter saudi arabia operates pursuant of international law it does so in all transparency therefore what is being conveyed by certain media regarding the need for us to internationalize some of these matters is something we do not accept because such demands amount to interference in our domestic affairs and in our domestic judicial system this activist disagrees if you is the international independent investigation that's when they are hiding
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something and when they are hiding very hiding very name for a pair of son or daughter to all of this operation of the person who ordered this operation he is still safe and he's still leading the country the saudi crown prince continues to face tough questions from the international community about his alleged role in ordering the killing and other alleged human rights abuses questions the leadership has repeatedly avoided answering what we've seen from the outset since this whole whole saga became became public has a series of obfuscations and denials by saudi arabia some cases where their accounts simply do not fit the facts and so it's very difficult to have confidence in there and the narrative. the saudi report comes a week after thirty six countries including all twenty eight e.u. nations issued a joint statement condemning saudi arabia's treatment of detained activists ten
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women's rights activists have gone on trial in saudi including prominent figures in the campaign to win saudi women the right to drive activists say they've been subjected to torture and sexual assaults the saudi human rights commission left the u.n. leaving a whirlwind of questions there was a growing feeling among so many human rights council members the saudi has a very did scrutiny for far too long and now it should be the role of the international community to hold saudi to account. geneva all members of the u.s. congress have joined human rights organizations to demand the release of a dual american saudi citizen who's detained in riyadh dr where need stay he has been held for more than a year without charges or trial his son when called on the saudis to let his father return to the u.s. . this whole situation in prison really doesn't make any sense whatsoever i mean we're talking about. citizens you would ever meet i'm here today to call on
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the authorities to release my father to right or wrong to end this nightmare for my family and syrian government forces have shelled residential areas in southern edler province attacks in the region have increased government stepped up pressure on one of syria's rebel strongholds the number of dead from airstrikes on the city of idlib on wednesday has risen to seventeen. and another ebola health center has been attacked in the democratic republic of congo threatening attempts to contain the virus one person was killed and another wounded in mumbai when attackers targeted the sites where suspected cases are evaluated it was the fifth health center to be attacked nearly six hundred people have died in the latest outbreak. and still are the president feel extra security has pardoned seven hundred political prisoners jailed by his predecessor. security who were sworn into power earlier this year are promised their release within his first hundred days in
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office amnesty international has welcomed the move saying it's the first step towards restoring human rights a cyclon is forecast to hit mozambique and malawi in the coming hours threatening more devastation in places already in the grip of flooding more than one hundred people have been killed hundreds of thousands of others are displaced malcolm white reports in the village of my kid in malawi's district. everyone from the village of makino sheltering in this half field hospital. they wanted to show us what happened to their homes. after four days of heavy rain last week waves of southern malawi were flooded dozens of people have been killed. thousands of homes were destroyed this is all that remains of in dallas the owner carney's by the name of. the rain started when we were sleeping when we woke up we
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found the water level was rising fast so we walked to higher ground and waited there until people came in boats and rescued us. the water levels lower now more storms of forecast in the coming days people here can't afford to wait and see if it will happen again some people have already started rebuilding their homes and you can see they made almost entirely out of natural materials these sticks are stuck into the ground between them read like this woven on and in the gaps they put mud it's all people here can afford but if it floods it gets washed away instantly. louis two i was rebuilding his that he's wondering what he and his family are going to eat in the weeks ahead his entire crop of maize was destroyed. go go go love will do i'm going to great all
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this happened nobody has come to help us in this area but we are hoping for is for somebody to wake up and come to our help because we are suffering elsewhere malawi's president putin with high reka will be visiting many of the affected communities promising help. will try to get funding for a similar mine sheet so that everyone who has been affected the benefit it takes time. back at mccain a sunset we make our way back to higher ground the government and charities provided food and shelter to many of the affected communities not here. so the hospital hospital remains home and now. the people of kenya wondering if anyone will come to help malcolm webb al-jazeera in southern malawi. france's air accident investigation agency now has the black boxes from the
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ethiopian airlines jet that crashed on sunday killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board it released this image of the flight data recorder showing the crash proof recording chip intact it will be analyzed with the cockpit voice recorder the u.s. federal aviation administration says all boeing seven three seven x. eight and nine will remain grounded until its software is upgraded tested and installed. rescue efforts have been called off in nigeria's commercial capital a day after a building with a school on the top floor collapsed more than a dozen people mostly children were killed and it's feared many others are still missing by the address reports from lagos. people here are angry as rescue operations drew to a close at this collapsed three story building in lagos. emergency officials say they work is done and that the dead and more than fifty injured have all been pulled out of the rubble but some residents incest the official figures don't add
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up yesterday and then asked the children there i want them to remove the heavy machinery and they're now our own people to dig through. a small group of distraught students write the scene with placards they demand government action to infrequent disasters like this. that parents planned their future but look at what happened yesterday they were not supposed to put children in that building it's so unfortunate in two thousand and sixteen more than one hundred people were killed as a result of buildings that collapsed it because attention has shifted to hospitals like this one where the injured are being treated doctors told parents that their children are responding to treatment but some haven't seen this and there was no more dean occasional spent the last twenty four hours looking for his missing child it's one of the parents of not seeing their children. one of my three children survived i lost two out of the two only one was found in buried i haven't seen the
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other the injured is in the hospital. investigations are under way into the course of the collapse but few here believe that inquiries will stop such incidents from happening in the future. greece. lagos nigeria. prada secures a northern ireland are to charge a former british soldier with murder for the so-called bloody sunday massacre nine hundred seventy two thirteen civilians died when british soldiers fired into a crowd of demonstrators in one of the most notorious incidents in the northern island conflict but a song again the reports that says and falls far short of the wishes of the victims' relatives this was a day that many here hoped would put the ghosts of the past to rest the relatives of the thirteen civil rights protesters killed in what became known as the bloody sunday massacre marched to the scene of the shooting in london derry more than forty seven years ago the most the hope for justice that stemmed from decades of
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waiting was about to come crashing down following careful consideration of all of the available evidence that decision has been taken to prosecute one former soldier soldier af for the murder of james ray and for the murder of william mckinney the sole prosecution is seen as a betrayal by many of the families of those killed. davis said you know just a good thing. you know that they have to call my children and tell them that there wasn't going to be prosecutions and this is going to move on to no generation. i don't want to do anymore but for my brother away over john ray it was a it was a good discussion. board to. share the rest of foundation when this disappointment. soldier is only one of seventeen ex paratroopers who
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investigated over the bloody sunday killings the sixteen other british military veterans and two. members implicated in the shooting will not face action according to the prosecutor because of a lack of evidence the injustice felt by the relatives and friends of the victims that what took place here that day in january one thousand nine hundred seventy two was once again reignited by the prosecutor's decision while many were left shell shocked others saying that their fight goes on while some of the victims' families are looking to challenge the decision in the high court the u.k. is defense minister vowed the british government would provide full support to the former soldier facing the murder charges as the decision reverberates throughout the city many here are mindful that the delicate he switches held up here could be at risk of erupting into angry reactions some will complain of
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a whitewash others will continue to be haunted by one of the darkest episodes in northern ireland's recent history so new diagonal al-jazeera dairy and a rocket carrying a russian american crew has blasted off from kazakhstan heading to the international space station the russian so use rocket carrying three astronauts is making a second attempt to reach the space station following an aborted launch in october that accident was the first aboard crew longs for the russian space program since nineteen. eighty three more information on our web site al jazeera dot com. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera israel's military says it's launched airstrikes on gaza after rockets were fired towards tell of the israelis say they're carrying out the attacks on hamas targets hamas denies attacking israel
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very fast that has more from west jerusalem in terms of the strikes themselves we're hearing that so far they have not been in the center of gaza city. colleagues in gaza telling us that they have been largely round the fringes of gaza strikes targeting hamas installations police training senses and the like and the israeli military is saying that it cannot say for certain who fired the rockets hamas and islamic jihad have both denied it but they these readies do hold hamas responsible for everything that happens in and minutes from gaza and they are holding to that line in this incident as well the u.s. senate has voted to revoke donald trump that the ration of a national emergency on the border with mexico several members of the president's own republican party sided against him he says he'll veto the move the president of saudi arabia's human rights commission says those responsible for the murder of
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journalists have been brought to justice the u.n. human rights body continues to pressure the kingdom over the treatment of detained activists but saudi arabia denies claims of torture and says their rights haven't been violated the u.k. will ask the european union to extend its that line for leaving beyond march the twenty ninth after a vote was possible parliament's m.p.'s overwhelmingly voted to pass a motion brought by prime minister to resign may requesting an extension. rescue efforts have been called off in nigeria's commercial capital lagos a day after a building with a school on the top floor collapsed more than a dozen people mostly schoolchildren were killed france's air accident investigation agency has received the black boxes from the ethiopian airlines jet that crashed on sunday killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board the us federal federal aviation administration says all boeing seven three seven max eight will remain grounded until its software is upgraded tested installed those are the
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headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next they with us. from peaceful protests to civil war syria's president is still in power despite eight years of conflict what does the future hold and what hope saw there for peace this is inside story. hello again. years ago this week fifteen syrian teenagers were detained and
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tortured for spraying anti-government graffiti on a school wall that was the beginning of an uprising that led to a civil war which continues to this day hundreds of thousands of people are being killed and it's created a huge refugee crisis the u.n. and european union are holding a donor conference in brussels so they say they need nine billion dollars this year to help people trapped in syria and support neighboring countries hosting syrian refugees the e.u.'s foreign policy chief hopes the meeting will help restart talks to end the conflict will bring in our guests in a moment but first this report from priyanka gupta. mass protests against president bashar al assad began in their eyes twenty eleven eight years later syrians are back on its streets still demanding a sop to step down and a statue of his father he broke down. started as a peaceful uprising turn into
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a civil war. rebels who took up arms to face a violent government crackdown and topple assad are now largely confined to an enclave in italy province near the turkish border the syrian army backed by russian warplanes has been bombarding an area that was supposed to be protected by a cease fire deal with turkey dozens of people have been killed. we had to get our children and families out of here because of the heavy bombardments and since there are no hospitals we are obliged to flee to the border areas who just say oh. for the war is far more complicated than a battle between those who support or oppose assad allies and forces the syrian government got involved backing different groups twenty fifteen was a turning point when russia intervened to back the syrian army and tip the balance in assad's favor with the help of iranian backed fighters he's now in control of
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almost two thirds of the country but key areas remain outside his grip this includes the part of syria that's most important to the economy or oil rich areas to the north east mainly held by u.s. backed kurdish led syrian democratic forces. the estee have says it is nearing the end of an offensive this started in september to push isis out of its last remaining pocket in the town of babus. the war seems to be winding down president assad has reversed most of the gains of the armed opposition several countries within the arab league now appear to be ready to welcome syria back into the fold. but the country is in drawings hundreds of thousands of people have been killed millions more are displaced. it will cost billions of dollars to rebuild the country nations have entered assad staff are hoping to play a role in post-war syria priyanka gupta al-jazeera no one is
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keeping an official count of the number of deaths in syria the estimate from the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights is at least five hundred sixty thousand people have been killed the u.n. says nearly twelve million people need a while six point two million people are internally displaced and five point six million syrians have left the country most of them are living as refugees mainly in lebanon jordan turkey iraq and egypt so let's start things off by getting the view from damascus and i'm joined by talib abraham who is an analyst there in damascus knows the thinking of the government there on this eighth anniversary of the start of the war let me start with a really simple yes or no question do those around us sad now think he's won the war it is very difficult. word but yes the
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military part of the or is that the military part but what about the other part which is very much important this is another story we cannot talk about it. he has certainly survived he's still in power and yet he only controls seventy percent of the country much of the country is ruined could you not argue he's won the war but destroyed syria not because they're said to destroy syria it is a matter of big game. syria this is an international or better syria or one of the whole and he is that there's not a matter of should democracy or freedom that if a sad hurdle stood down and if there had been then talks in geneva as the un has been proposing there might have been a way forward now you have a situation where you still have assad in power
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a man that most international lawyers and international human rights experts believe is a war criminal a man who's committed crimes against humanity the majority of syrian people and see you know looking at that man as a hero but what isis what and that's enough and you are looking if assad will step down what does that need to or should be cheese should be replaced by and that's not run by isis by other terrorist groups if you look back to twenty fifteen assad was losing badly wasn't he despite using his chemical weapons despite using barrel bombs on the people of syria and it was russian intervention that really changed things that was the turning point the summer of twenty fifteen if we say that anyone had a victory in syria would you agree it was blood a mere puton. president putin came to syria and not the pay for a set of paper his on interest does it a good idea that there is an intervention but whatever there so be it that religion
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syria libya billions of dollars weapons of our french intervention rich and the russian american television is a day to day intervention all of them are intervening in syria are only russia and europe prevented the from then any role in syria and others a lot this is not logical and this is not that's not at all about yes there is a very big game and we are praying to god who made the wars but these regional and in the best joke but it is that their hands from syria and we are as a serious we know this is your support all of a lot of problems. for him in damascus thank you. let's discuss this further with our panel of guests who are joining us and in istanbul we have afridi he's spokesman for the syrian hide negotiations commission which is in opposition to assad's government in washington d.c. we're joined by y.
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l. . former senior syria adviser to the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power and in new york richard gowan a senior fellow at the united nations university yeah if i can go to you first you heard our interview from damascus i asked our analyst in damascus a simple question had a sad one what's your view. i think if. he is said to be to have one it is a matter of shame. because who who was your. counterpart who who did you win over you one of our people you're one of our country which is given to you as a trust to protect and to keep as a land and as a people actually two things are. facts about
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syria no going back to two thousand and eleven or before and assad did not win. and another thing no life for this country. syria with the continuation of this regime. the basic thing that we are talking about here is the basis the original slogan that started in syria with this war against the people in the rose and said no against the regime. actually it is. either a rule it or ruin it he ruined it but he doesn't rule it ok let me bring in iraq in washington d.c. as we stand here a is on with no one really knows the tree figure but possibly half a million people dead is this
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a textbook case of the international community completely failing the syrian people . short answer is absolutely the international community has watched this slow moving train wreck with all the predictable consequences of displacement death destruction and not only the empowerment of the current dictator bashar assad but his regional backer iran the reemergence of russia as a at least a relative superpower and obviously these crews of terrorism multiplying in the form of isis and who knows who will come after them richard in new york we mentioned russia there we mentioned when talking to our guest in damascus that twenty fifteen in the summer may have been a turning point in terms of russian intervention how important has russia been not
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just militarily but where you are the united nations using its blocking powers. russia has undeniably won a very significant diplomatic victory over syria at the u.n. and it's used its veto power and it's used its military forces really a to humiliate and contain the west and members of the security council in repeated debates over syria but russia still has a problem it has broken syria and now it has to work out how to pay for the reconstruction and it's pretty clear that moscow would like to find some sort of formula through the u.n. to fund the rebuilding of syria. because it just cannot do that on its own you know you are in istanbul all and we've talked about where we think things lie over all a sad seems to control about seventy percent of the territory but the sad thing is
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that they're not like there probably are some battles to come so let's examine the military situation across the country and if i can start by asking you how worried you are about the situation in liberate now. well it's true isn't it liberal has its political touch more than its military touch although it is the stating for the people and for the for the region in general but it has it is being there for pulling certain political strings exercising some sort of pressure and iran is behind all that we believe because it feels that it is being neutralized it is exercising pressure on the shuttle assad and this waging or this recent war on live in the north would go nowhere for them at the political level and go figure we understand that the north east is under the control of us the and the americans and . as such the. assad regime and its supporters can claim
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no victory can claim no capability of finding a real solution for the stew ation in general as far for instance as the refuse are concerned or that it constructions. because the action issue is concerned they can . go nowhere either because they were conditioned by the start of a political process out of which they are trying to weasel out all the time for the past six years we believe you know i was i was in geneva when you were at some of those talks and i saw your delegation turning up and i saw the syrian ambassador to the u.n. turning up but not really gauging on a number of different occasions why else staying in. the population of that province was seven hundred fifty thousand it was made a deescalation zone it's become the last place for many people who've fled from
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other parts of syria how worried are you that it could be a bloodbath right at the end of this war. if if the past is any indicator i'm very worried it is a classic regime and russian strategy to try to isolate certain restless areas of the country as they did with the countryside of homs when the russians first. got involved in twenty fifteen then they moved down to hammer they moved to aleppo then to delta and then back all the way up now to. this is this is the age old strategy now since the conflict began to pick and choose certain communities in areas to convince the international community that there is some sort of deescalation or a ceasefire or whatever you want to call it or cessation of hostilities allow them to focus their limited ground forces whether it is the regime in the militias in the i.r.g.c.
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forces with russian air support to cordon quote cleanse those areas of their inhabitants and any displaced people there and certainly any fighters and that's how they have regained most of the last areas that formally was under opposition control so i'm very worried about the obvious. violence that's being inflicted upon the population and the potential massive displacement that we probably have not seen since the fall of aleppo in twenty sixteen richard the other not the other more than one but one of the other areas to watch of potential conflict is between the the turks the kurds how much of a worry of that aspect is there very un headquarters. i think there is a huge amount of concern about both these potential risks at the u.n. but very frankly there is not much the united nations can do about these issues at
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the moment we saw that over aleppo and then later over eastern ghouta the security council cannot come to any serious agreements on how to limit this sort of violence and i think there's a general sense of fatalism and exhaustion frankly throughout the u.n. system about syria now the institution is shifting attention to other crises like venezuela and there is an excellent u.n. envoy dealing with the issue get pederson of norway but it's just not really clear what is left for the u.n. to do yeah in istanbul all we talk about the trumpet ministration president trump is deeply uninterested in syria said he was going to pull everyone out now it's been reluctantly persuaded to keep four hundred special forces troops in syria brings us to the other part of syria which is still potentially contested and that's the area that was under control what's going to happen there. well after those tweets by from one after the other we believe the final one is for
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them to stay here this is what we believe that. they are staying because they felt that this is a going to be a very horrible to strategic mistake on the part of the states because the vacuum that they made leave that would be filled by iran the regime and russia and they would create a real problem also for the. allied turks. allies and it just mixed everything and this is one one area which has eighty percent of syria's resources terms of water in terms of oil in terms of cotton population and such are and. we believe that with their presence they cleared this balance with iran with the
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russians and although it is some sort of a capacious but it is the advantage of syrians because there are so many patients in syria there we hope that they would only leave the country and for its people although they are helpless now but that has to be some sort of international will that everybody leaves and leaves things for syrians to go back home safe and start their life you talk about international will where is the international plan while we heard we heard richard cowen just talk about gap pederson who i know you know i know very honorable veteran diplomat but what is he going to do now i mean he seems to have slightly moderated away from stefan de mistura his predecessor who it seems to me was taken down a little bit of a blind alley by the russians to some constitutional committee he seems to return to this idea of resolution twenty two fifty four which was bringing everyone together in geneva is that going to work now or is it far too late. it would work
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only if there is an international will to enforce certain things was part of the geneva two and slightly the geneva three effort particularly in and getting the opposition to geneva which has done a marvelous job in terms of rethinking their posture in embracing negotiations they used to oppose sitting down with anybody associated with bashar al assad and you know any u.n. mediator irrespective of how good they are they're going any the body that they represent and the member states of the body that they represent to have the will to act and that's going to simply require the nation states mainly led by the europeans in that states and some arab countries to establish some clearly defined limits of what is acceptable what is not acceptable in syria for example is lip this is an area that's supposedly a deescalation zone it's been agreed to by early on and putin in sochi the united
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states has sent clear signals to the russians through the new envoy relatively new envoy jim jeffrey that the regime and the russians should not and cannot be attacking it live so if the russians and the regime are reneging on their on their promise then these countries i mentioned should unequivocally promised that there would be military retaliation against regime forces at a place and time of their choosing anywhere in the country in order to establish deterrence and ensure that that area and that population is protected and that in turn will strengthen the hands of any mediator including the current one to convince the belligerent to a at least a more permanent cease fire even if a political solution is not at hand richard gowan the other bit of potential leverage the international community have is money for reconstruction we see this conference going on as we speak in brussels but even there there seems to be
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a disagreement now between some of those international powers among the arab league along among the e.u. of how much to engage with the assad government. the russians have been suggesting for some time that the europeans in particular might like to. offer money for the reconstruction process but to date the e.u. has insisted that that money would have to come with very clear political conditions and that it's not willing to fund assad's reconstruction willy nilly i think there are tensions within the e.u. over what those conditions should be some countries like germany i think a harder line than others such as italy on the question of conditions and then we have the possibility that the arab league will step in with money possibly without the same sort of human rights and political conditions so i think this this debate over money is going to be a central issue in discussions over syria at least for this year yeah
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ken i asked you do you think your country is going to stay together as one or are we going to have what we have now rump governed by a sad and different bits run by different entities. well wishing is something going to reality is another. country or her country. is one however the stewardess on the ground. dictates state of fragmentation. despite syrians. at the same time there is another psychological dimension developing in the hearts and minds of syrian people some people for a country to be together. so the community has to to liberate another community in the same country but with the wounds so deep in syria i'm afraid that
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not. just to keep the country together but what we hope that there could be some sort of healing and soon so that we can keep the country together ok the yeah and there are some parts own i've heard over the last eight years the same mantra from so many international officials including your former boss samantha power and she was u.n. ambassador which is we have to keep the territorial integrity of syria and there is no military solution both of those have been proven wrong haven't they while we don't know how the story will end but certainly the regime the iranians and the russians are pursuing a military victory so the intentions of the united states and its allies has always been to find an amicable political solution but that's certainly not in the cards given who are dealing with it who we've had to deal with at the
9:45 am
end of the date sovereignty means nothing. and keeping syria together means zero if the court quote sovereign government is in the business of committing genocide and ethnic cleansing as its own people so in that sense i may depart with the with the previous administration i could care less about whether serious things together now it's important that people cease to be killed by their own government yeah you know very quickly at the end of our discussion very quick comment from you do you think you'll be able to go back to damascus any time in the next decade do you have hope i do i do i'm sure it's soon ok well thank you very much to all of our guests. y.l. art and to richard cowan a fascinating if very depressing conversation if you want to watch it again then catch it at our website the places al-jazeera dot com we also welcome your views on
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syria and on any other topic on facebook facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story and we're on twitter we're out at ha inside story for me james berries and all the teams from inside story here in doha. the government you support are believed to have detained maybe a million people in reeducation camps certainly not grabbing headlines in china only in the wild kings of the people's republic that's probably not best just to
9:47 am
dismiss everything as propaganda to use propaganda because your abrasive aggressive way of addressing a man to his son challenges chinese finance yet child you wrote something critical of president xi over i said this would not be regarded well by the western press a hot head to head on now just iraq. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every beauty's is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it many brits unease after nurses but when sure it's if that is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy good time has done what no other country has . my name is all some people say that my feelings are any program that they're not
9:48 am
real but if i think then they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android just one of the more advanced robots in the world can around but feel that's a philosophical question it's not allowed but you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. on all dizzy or. this is al jazeera i'm getting obligato with a check on your world headlines israel's military says it's launched airstrikes on gaza after rockets were fired towards television is really say they're carrying out the attacks on hamas targets hamas denies attacking israel very falsely joining us from west jerusalem what more the israelis saying harry. well yes and developments
9:49 am
just in the last few minutes to tell you about the israeli military has released a brief statement saying that it blames explicitly hamas for launching these two rockets towards tel aviv earlier that said they couldn't be sure who had launched them but that hamas as always in the israeli eyes bears responsibility for whatever happens hamas and islamic jihad both having denied responsibility of carrying out this attack now the israeli military is saying that it is hamas they believe or least they are saying publicly was behind it in the last fifteen minutes my colleague in gaza reporting more airstrikes so the israeli retaliation continues and as well as that just the last few seconds there have been more rockets sirens being sounded in southern israel around the gaza border mortar was fired out about an hour ago reportedly and also reports that the israeli iron dome and the rocket
9:50 am
system has been in action again in the last few minutes so it does seem that there is some kind of response to this israeli retaliation now coming out of gaza all of this happening in the height of the election campaign here in israel of a time when benjamin netanyahu is under some pressure to show a strong response to this from a very strong opposition stronger than expected at least led by three former army chiefs of staff so it's a very delicate situation right now as israel responds to this first rocket attack on tel aviv in five years benjamin netanyahu wishing to show it seems some forceful response he's been demanded of that by other israeli politicians at the same time as all the analysis suggesting he doesn't want to see a full escalation towards a full war in gaza all right a harry foster thank you the u.s. senate has voted to revoke donald trump's declaration of
9:51 am
a national emergency on the border with mexico several members of the president's own republican party sided against him he says he'll veto the move. the president of saudi arabia's human rights commission says those responsible for the murder of journalists have been brought to justice the un's human rights body continues to pressure the kingdom over the treatment of detained activists but saudi arabia denies claims of torture and says their rights haven't been violated members of the u.s. congress have joined human rights organizations to demand the release of a dual american saudi citizen who is detained in riyadh dr wade stay he has been held for more than a year without charges or trial the u.k. will ask the european union to extend its deadline for leaving beyond march the twenty nine to a vote was passed by parliament overwhelmingly voted to pass a motion brought by the prime minister of tourism a requesting the extension the u.s. is considering ways of stopping master card and other financial institutions from
9:52 am
processing transactions in venezuela it's the latest effort by the trumpet ministration to starve president nicolas maduro governments of money the u.s. has also revoked hundreds of venezuelans visas since monday and some of the last u.s. diplomats how to have now left the country syrian government forces have shelled residential areas in southern province attacks in the region have increased. assad's government steps up pressure on one of syria's rebel strongholds the number of dead from airstrikes on the city of live on wednesday has risen to seventeen. rescue efforts have been called off in nigeria's commercial capital lagos a day after a building with a school on the top floor collapsed more than a dozen people mostly schoolchildren were killed france's air accident investigation agency has the black boxes from the ethiopian airlines jet that crashed on sunday killing all a hundred fifty seven people on board the u.s. federal federal aviation administration says all boeing seven three seven max will
9:53 am
remain grounded until software is upgraded tested installed those are the headlines witness is up next. your lease workers with two homes architect talking about her that you're really. you leave that up i just stand here watching five minutes you're not going home tonight i can guarantee you that. welcome back to wrongful conviction which today we're going to be doing
9:54 am
a deep dive into an issue that is fascinating is that instead of following with which is the phenomenon of false confessions and my guest today is going to be jane fisher are you also and who's currently working on four cases involving false confessions and each is fascinating in its own way so jane welcome thank you for convection happy to be here and jane is an attorney who is an expert on false confessions so jane how did you get into this work i was a public defender in manhattan here in new york city for about three years and we saw a lot of police misconduct you know we were doing arraignments up until one am in the morning and you see people beat up or you know people whose cases get dismissed who get no compensation so my husband and i left the legal aid society with the hopes of doing civil rights work. my name is on the distinguished professor of
9:55 am
psychology at john jay college of criminal justice once a false confession is taken the case is closed and nobody really can tell the difference between a good confession and one that is. the problem with all of this is that there are tactics that can be used to get innocent people and i don't just mean vulnerable innocent people i mean people who are sitting around in this room to confess to crimes they didn't commit. anytime you do an exoneration case where there's been a false confession it's like trying to write a tries to kill. everybody's already against you the person's been convicted by a jury the judge thinks he's guilty the jury thinks he's guilty now you have to convince everybody that they're wrong. so a case that you're deeply invested in is a case of are in
9:56 am
a village who has been in prison for twenty years renee lynch. was a case we took about two and a half now maybe three years ago now and she was accused or convicted of killing her landlord in buffalo new york in one nine hundred ninety five. and it's also obviously a false confession case the police are going crazy and they can't solve it eighteen months go by and renee's connection to the victim was that it was her landlord and so they are start looking into renee who at the time was heavily addicted to drugs crack cocaine and. she gets arrested for something else and they start interrogating her and she confesses to killing her landlord with this guy karim so she says kareem and i went to my landlord's house we were going to rob her the
9:57 am
robbery goes bad and kareem steps or so it's us she's a good century can make it a felony murder being present during the commission of a crime and somebody gets killed we started sort of doing you know just regular google searches on the players' names the detectives and everything in this t.v. show women behind bars comes up and they've done an episode on bernie's case where they got in the in the prison and interviewed her and then interviewed this joseph court was the cop on the case. just the way home body slumped when she decided to go you just saw it was time to tell the truth. i believe her confession is kind of nonsense there's inconsistency between the physical evidence and what she says and during the show he says well i mean we knew that corinne walker was in florida at the time of our crime my partner looked into it and karim was afforded at the time of our crime well. i guess they knew karim walker was in florida at the time the
9:58 am
crime then rene's confession can't possibly be true because she's confessing to going to rob the landlord with kareem at the defense been able to put that on her confession would have made no sense but the defense was never to. our goal is of course to get renee out of prison but it can take a really long time sometimes many years and one of the first things we do in cases like this is to comb through the confession and find all that in consistencies to clearly show that the confession is false. and then there's a cream walker drove me to ninety longmeadow and him her the plan was i was going to go into the front door and cream was going to come up the back door. he was going to tie her up with a piece of white extension cord that he brought with him at that time kareem hit louise in the side of the face emily's fell to the floor and kind of went out if
9:59 am
that happened he would be standing punching her here right. well creamed head here in the face he knocked the wig off woolies his head to wiggle landed on the floor in the kitchen but that's largely because the kitchen. he tried to tie louise up with the plastic already had then cream comes from behind louise he stabbed her at least twice however we know it's eight times so the only thing she gets right is that the witness knocked off that there's a plastic cord involved in this case is correct and the phone cord is where the extra d.n.a. is. i'm just in the it's gene fisher byron alston rene lynch's attorney i have a call with her this morning yes yes. ok thanks. hi
10:00 am
how. are. you why are the quite right. i i. i i. i i know it's hard. work hard. rene went to trial she testified very incoherently she was high during the trial. you know it was she was not a good witness for her so she recanted right away afterwards and her confession isn't as it was.


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