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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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menacing the unfortunate there are just some people like this and unfortunately that struck in the community has been rocked by this and we need to be the same again and that animal can tell us about the muslim community and christ church. where we have a large number of immigrants and particularly muslims that come in and ironically that they love christ church they love new zealand because it's a site free tolerant country in and says they so we have we have a large immigrant population i'm sure that they will. shaken into the core but it's not just isolated to this community building on the tolerance of it i think we know where we want to connect to them most of them doesn't matter what rights will create anyone as you know these are our brothers and sisters with the now local community and we feel for them but and we're absolutely devastated for them embarrass that this is happened but but still so unclear about where to for mia so this is just a matter of hours after it's happened people are coming to terms with it i think there's a new normal from iran and you know as
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a city councillor what message do you have for the people in christ herrick. messages right now particularly look on. this first and foremost and i'll have them tell you very very sensitive i would say you cherish and cherish life cherish your family if you have your family with you right now you're incredibly lucky because there are forty perhaps more people whose lives are just being torn. but i think remain vigilant i think don't don't go out and about needlessly don't just go down to have a look common sense stuff but. we don't know if they are if this is this is are the now you just have no idea remember think back to the twenty leaving this quite that was a follow on from what we thought the big one was back in two thousand and thirteen so not necessary draw parallels to and natural disasters like that but we just don't know we're we have the end of this is so i think people need to need to be smart because just stay with family and end but get out and about and they just
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leave if you didn't have to just be the vigilant. christchurch city councillor thank you for taking the time to speak to us. the end is the mayor of christchurch and he says the community is in shock. but this is famed shot a shot to a city state his same story so much already and it's it is. it's just it's just you know i'm shocked beyond where it's a it's i cannot think of the right words to say that i do want to offer paypal's some reassurance which is the police are doing absolutely everything that they can on absolutely confident about the age and say he was he gave them a shot on the controls and as soon as they are in a position to say that's i have got the measure on to control him we will be i
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would say in the lockdown of the officer the space and the buildings on the scene for city this is come as a complete fall from the blowers united fifth you'd see today are behaving a conversation about the. you know the sort of them shouldn't and christchurch at some stage you know any time i would say that is it would be believable and that actually i would say the same for the whole of new zealand just sits it's just it feels like it's just not knowledge what would have sons and apply slight new zealand and. the flyers being such a shock to so many people well i haven't fantasized on in these white supremacist groups. at all. and and the entire time that our fan the mayor of christchurch and i would have stored sage if the place had aids consumes and there were gas scenes i would have learned about it it's
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a mime and we are responsible all the safer out are in facilities and and like everyone else following the instructions of the place this is the police and so them's and they ask and and charge and we add just doing everything that we can to provide you know support and responding to the requirements of stars to lock down guards. earlier we spoke to the hare now us he's the president of the international muslim association of new zealand and from wellington he told us the effects of the attack on the community. whole community. we. would never expect. three we have peaceful country. we have. we're expecting our activities in the mosque and we're trying to keep.
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our faith full of information but it has been the most. distant mosque in christchurch. we are not clear reality. that the good. could be a very street. it appears to be some. there are communities that just because one of the. world's leading heroes are simply. not just in the media. that that's going to syria. or it might want to but even that has. got everything everything that they can say that that was the reason but it could be another reason behind it ok let's update you on the latest information we have so far new zealand police chief has confirmed that forty people are dead after my
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shootings in two months four people are in custody but there may be more on the list of serious prime minister confirmed that one of them or one of the suspects is an australian citizen new zealand's prime minister just and are there and has called it a terrorist attack well the new zealand police chief by bush has spoken about the arrest. four are in custody three are men and one a woman one is a woman as i understand it. it's moving quite quickly so i need to try and that in that way that that's what we believe at this moment you know anything. rational. not conclusively we're working our way through that as well as i sit here. still looking at the circumstances that surround it. that is
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doesn't get any more serious in this country or even. yes. absolutely it will i have seen social media footage it's very disturbing it shouldn't be in the public domain and we're doing everything we can to remove it how did you after he take its there was. the attackers were apprehended by local police staff is being some absolute acts of bribery on the hugely proud police staff the way they responded to this. but let's not for a zoom that the danger has gone so we want to make sure that we are right across that community where is visible and equipped as we need to pay to make that happen you know reports that travel can tell if i can tell you that there were a number of days attached to vehicles that we also stopped five in my saif by the defense force but that does go to the seriousness of the situation that while it is
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a race to. your life. that person has been my saif we're still working through that we have the laves there was a crime but their prison is absolutely safe i fit the patient you. know i can't confirm that i can confirm that we have to have a risk to people i want to assume there are others but i don't have information to that effect the people who. a bit of a hindrance but i don't. know i can't go into their detail later that detail will unfold in the next few days that's all i can say at this stage but i'm absolutely conscious that the public need to be informed keep the formulas we have to my left a host of communication staff who will make that happen but as you can imagine we have so many operational staff that absolutely committed to this operation and so she's pleased to go into beyond has been instructed to beyond the reach out we while watching the thing that of course will have access to access to the equipment
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they need to keep themselves in the community sayf our offices outside christ it is going to guess we're not assuming that this is contained across church we have no other information to suggest it is but at this point in time we should never make assumptions. and are expecting to hear from new zealand police chief mike bush within the next hour of more on the latest situation but for now we're taking a very quick break but we'll be back with more of the day's news. get a welcome back to international weather forecast where the winds have been a big problem here across parts of the u.k. over the last several days and forty as we go into the weekend we're expecting to see those winds continue now we may see a little bit of a break between systems but unfortunately the trend through the weekend is going to
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be stormy and windy for much of the northwest let's put this into motion i want to show you as we go from friday to saturday those winds continue across much of that area as well as into northern europe but what we're going to be seeing is a nice change down here towards the south anywhere across parts of southern europe and into central europe we are going to be seeing some very nice conditions sunny skies in temperatures are coming up so by the time we go from saturday to sunday a lot of this high pressure that's dominating. it's going to be making its way over here towards the east where we are going to see some stormy conditions here across the eastern part of the med that's all dealing with the storm has been bringing a lot of rain across parts of turkey over here towards the west part of what as well would be seeing some winds along the coast here across parts of libya as well as into egypt we could even see a rain shower or two in those storms but we do think that things are going to get better as we go towards saturday and speaking of better weather it's going to be quite nice across much of the northwest algiers is going to be a very sunny day if you are twenty two in tunis at about twenty three degrees for
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you. be japes for democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it first hand morsi the final hours. on al-jazeera.
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hello again you're watching our desire and here's a reminder for our top stories this hour there have been mass shootings targeting two mosques in christchurch new zealand at least forty people have been confirmed dead four suspects have been arrested and one of them is confirmed to be an australian citizen. it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. from what we know it does appear to have being well planned two explosive devices attached two suspects vehicles have now been found and they have been disarmed there are currently four individuals who have being apprehended but three connected to this attack who are currently in custody. and the witnesses describe what happened inside.
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the mosque. and. i just heard one of the ladies of. the. suddenly the shortest shooting started so it started in the main room. because the shooter must have come through the hallway and i was in the side room so i did not see who was shooting but. some people were running out through my. through my room where i was in and also ice of some people had blood on the body in some people limping a dead woman you know i realized that it was really serious and you know a couple of people say to me that you are a whole chain you could pick it out so i tried to get. pushed
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the big where my car was parked in the behind the car and then from there i was hearing the shooting of the shooting of the shooting it went on. six minute or more in. i could hear screaming and crying and. some people. drop dead. ok we can get more the latest from laura to present journalist at news happened joins us on the phone from christchurch laura good to speak to you can you give us bring us up to date as to what's happened or what new information has come out in the recent hour. it's prime minister a priest conference depend on she's considered the papal head thanks to this coordinated churching at the mosques and christchurch city code that was about nora
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and the other side. of the fast it's been a couple's as well as a people and cost the prime. terrorist watch lists that we have. a lot of christchurch hospital thank you for young children adults with gunshot. injuries wrenched from my not to cross the coach more people had gone to a community health facility. as well what was to have told us there's no bodies on the ground covered in blood at the mosque i think that if there were a shares who was wearing military gear a helmet and holding a high powered machine gun and now this man had a steven pinker but it's long but the shooting that was purportedly live streamed and we understand. it provided the trying to take down any anybody all of that is
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online none of the people who have died have been identified at that stage in the prime of the one about daucus dies in the worst massacre in living memory in new zealand and laura what are police saying those who have been affected or those in the telling those in the area. telling them what to do whether to remain indoors is there sit still a sense of a security threat. yeah and when this occurred for the following sort of rage of four hours the whole city was on lockdown a little difficult because this happened on a friday after local time. with gold braid locked down that something less people had to go hard around the mosques that south there are still cordoned and quiet and there are hundreds of people gathering family members of people who believe their loved ones at the mosque just looking for any information possible place they can
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be to because they are social workers talk show them their plight good to talk to them maybe one who isn't related to to anyone who's been caught up and that should read my heart. and what kind of reaction has there been from the community i'd imagine you know the media of course must be covering this extensively in new zealand what is what is the rhetoric or what is the message that's coming out it's completely mind blowing this isn't something that this is something way city as. you know and this is the men harry reid late was responsible for that did wash up and made a manifesto on part of that sign it was a twenty year old this trial again as if there was the statement pages long and he stated he actually follows become to do you feel and because it would show the world that if that can happen in new zealand then that's going to happen anyway had the prime minister's speech and a pre-conference recently that the government might have charged
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a new zealand but we leave a child. thank you very much says laura tippett from utah bringing us up to date on what's happening in new zealand thank you now in other news israel has launched air strikes on gaza after two rockets fell near tel aviv. early morning explosions were reported in the besieged gaza strip and israel says it hits around one hundred hamas military targets. ok we get more on this from neda abraham who is live for us in ramallah in the occupied west bank what are the details can you tell us israeli army says that one of the it is it struck in the gaza strip belongs to hamas this complex that is responsible for launching attacks in the west bank and providing logistical support for them that's according to the
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army which also said that they struck an underground rocket many factoring sides in the gaza strip medical sources tell us the two palestinians were wounded him and his wife and we know that the wives both arms were amputated after she was injured by sharp and rough. that it is one of the largest acts escalations between israel and the palestinian territories we've seen in years is there any attempt to deescalate at the moment. we've heard from sources close to the u.n. says the peace process special coordinator for the un. led no he said that he was leading efforts to try and contain the situation by speaking to all parties including the israeli party we also know that the palestinian factions have told the egyptians that they are not interested in a wide tally ation after what happened overnight in the gaza strip we know that the
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egyptian delegation has been in gaza just before the situation has it up to there and they have been according to sources discussing along to truce between israel and the gaza strip. that's did i bring him bring us the latest on those airstrikes in gaza thank you very much we'll of course be updating. thank you need i will probably speak to you a little bit later again thank you. well those are the headlines we will have plenty more here on al-jazeera and will of course be updating you on the situation in new zealand we expect to hear from the police commissioner. about an hour's time and of course be bringing that to you live with all the latest lines on the investigation and what else what else the reactions from there as we've heard the prime minister's speech she said it is it's new zealand's darkest day the community
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is in shock and the whole country is in shock will bring up to date on that but stay with us now for inside story for more than a decade he's been considered a threat to national security in russia putin said we'll give you the twelve indicted military intelligence officers dated by a special counsel robert miller but what we want in return is you bill browder a multimillionaire investor in russia turned and he putin activist talks to us is iraq. on peaceful protestors civil war syria's president is still in power despite eight years of conflict what does the future hold and what hope saw there for peace this is inside story. hello again i'm james bow's eight years ago this week fifteen syrian teenagers were
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detained and tortured for spraying anti-government graffiti on a school wall that was the beginning of a not rising that led to a civil war which continues to this day hundreds of thousands of people are being killed and it's created a huge refugee crisis the u.n. and european you know holding a donor conference in brussels they say they need nine billion dollars this year to help people trapped in syria and support neighboring countries hosting syrian refugees the e.u.'s foreign policy chief hopes the meeting will help restart un backed talks to end the conflict or bring in our guests in a moment but first this report from priyanka gupta. mass protests against president bashar al assad began in their eyes twenty eleven eight years later syrians are back on its streets still demanding a sop to step down and a statue of his father he broke down. started as a peaceful uprising turned into
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a civil war. rebels who took up arms to face a violent government crackdown and topple assad are now largely confined to an enclave in italy province near the turkish border the syrian army backed by russian warplanes has been bombarding an area that was supposed to be protected by a cease fire deal with turkey dozens of people have been killed. we had to get our children and families out of here because of the heavy bombardments and since there are no hospitals we are obliged to flee to the border areas who just say oh. for the war is far more complicated than a battle between those who support or oppose assad's allies and forces the syrian government got involved backing different groups twenty fifteen was a turning point when russia intervened to back the syrian army and tip the balance in assad's favor with the help of iranian backed fighters he's now in control of
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almost two thirds of the country but key areas remain outside his grip this includes the part of syria that's most important to the economy or oil rich areas to the north east mainly held by u.s. backed kurdish led syrian democratic forces. the estee of says it is nearing the end of an offensive this started in september to push isis out of its last remaining pocket in the town of babus. the war seems to be winding down president assad has reversed most of the gains of the armed opposition in several countries within the arab league now appeared to be ready to welcome syria back into the fold . but the country is in drawings hundreds of thousands of people have been killed millions more are displaced. it will cost billions of dollars to rebuild the country nations have ended assad staff are hoping to play a role in post-war syria priyanka gupta al-jazeera no one is
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keeping an official count of the number of deaths in syria the estimate from the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights is at least five hundred sixty thousand people have been killed the u.n. says nearly twelve million people need a while six point two million people are internally displaced and five point six million syrians have left the country most of them are living as refugees mainly in lebanon jordan turkey iraq and egypt so let's start things off by getting a view from damascus and i'm joined by talib abraham who is an analyst there in damascus knows the thinking of the government there on this eighth anniversary of the start of the war let me start with a really simple yes or no question do those around us sad now think he's won the war it is very difficult to answer in one word but yes the
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military part of the war is that the military part but what about the other part which is very much important this is another story we cannot talk about it. he has certainly survived he's still in power and yet he only controls seventy percent of the country much of the country is ruined could you not argue he's won the war but destroyed syria not because they're said to destroy syria it is a matter of big game. syria this is an international or better syria or one of the whole and he is that there's not a matter of for democracy or freedom that if a sad hurdle stood down and if there had been then talks in geneva as the un has been proposing there might have been a way forward now you have a situation where you still have assad in power
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a man that most international lawyers and international human rights experts believe is a war criminal a man who's committed crimes against humanity the majority of syrian people and see it out looking at that man as a hero but what isis what and that's enough and you are looking if assad will step down what does that mean to who should be cheese should be replaced by and that's not run by isis by other terrorist groups if you look back to twenty fifteen assad was losing badly wasn't he despite using his chemical weapons despite using barrel bombs on the people of syria and it was russian intervention that really changed things that was the turning point the summer of twenty fifteen if we say that anyone had a victory in syria would you agree it was vladimir putin is the team to syria and not the paper and said the paper has our interest and does it a good idea there that it's an intervention but whatever of the saudi at that ranch
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in syria libyan billions of dollars weapons of our. reduced intervention reaction direction american television israeli daily intervention all of them are intervening in syria oddly russia and europe prevented them from in any role in syria and others a lot this is not logical and this is not that's not at all about yes there is a very big game and we are praying to god who made the wars but these regional and in the best joke but it is that their hands from syria and we are as a serious we know this is your support all of a lot of problems abraham in damascus thank you. let's discuss this further with our panel of guests who are joining us and in istanbul we have afridi he's spokesman for the syrian heide negotiations commission which is in opposition to assad's government in washington d.c. we're joined by y.
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l. . former senior syria adviser to the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power and in new york richard gowan a senior fellow at the united nations university yeah if i can go to you first you heard our interview from damascus i asked our analyst in damascus a simple question had a sad one what's your view i think if. he is said to be to have one it is a matter of shame because. who was your. counterpart or who did you when you're one of our people you're one of our country which is given to you as a trust to protect and to keep as a land and as a people actually two things are. facts about
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syria no going back to two thousand and eleven or before and assad did not win. and another thing no life for this country. syria with the continuation of this regime. the basic thing that we are talking about here is the base of the original slogan that started in syria with this war against the people in the rose and said no against the regime. actually it is. either a rule it or ruin it he ruined it but he doesn't rule it ok let me bring in iraq in washington d.c. as we stand here is on with no one really knows the true figure but possibly half a million people dead is this
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a textbook case of the international community completely failing the syrian people . short answer is absolutely the international community has watched this slow moving train wreck with all the predictable consequences of displacement death destruction and not only the empowerment of the current dictator bashar assad but his regional backer iran the reemergence of russia as a at least a relative superpower and obviously these crews of terrorism multiplying in the form of isis and who knows who will come after them richard in new york we mentioned russia there we mentioned when talking to our guest in damascus that twenty fifteen in the summer may have been a turning point in terms of russian intervention how important has russia been not
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just militarily but where you are the united nations using its blocking powers. russia has undeniably won a very significant diplomatic victory over syria at the u.n. and it's used its veto power and it's used its military forces really a to humiliate and contain the west and members of the security council in repeated debates over syria but russia still has a problem it has broken syria and now it has to work out how to pay for the reconstruction and it's pretty clear that moscow would like to find some sort of formula through the u.n. to fund the rebuilding of syria. because it just cannot do that on its own you know you are in istanbul all and we've talked about where we think things lie over all a sad seems to control about seventy percent of the territory but the sad thing is
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that they're not like there probably are some battles to come so let's examine the military situation across the country and if i can start by asking you how worried you are about the situation in liberate now. well it's true isn't it liberal has its political touch more than its military touch although it is the stating for the people and for the for the region in general but it has it is being there for pulling certain political strings exercising some sort of pressure and iran is behind all that we believe because it feels that it is being neutralized it is exercising pressure on the shuttle assad and this waging of this recent war on live in the north would go nowhere for them at the political level and go figure we understand that the north east is under the control of us the and the americans and
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. as such the. assad regime and its supporters can claim no victory can claim no capability of finding a real solution for the stew ation in general as far for instance as that if you use our concern or that he constructions. because the action issue is concerned they can. go nowhere either because they were conditioned by the start of a political process out of which they are trying to weasel out all the time for the past six years we believe you know i was i was in geneva when you were at some of those talks and i saw your delegation turning up and i saw the syrian ambassador to the u.n. turning up but not really gauging on a number of different occasions why else staying in. the population of that province was seven hundred fifty thousand it was made a deescalation zone it's become the last place for many people who've fled from
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other parts of syria how worried are you that it could be a bloodbath right at the end of this war. if if the past is any indicator i'm very worried it is a classic regime and russian strategy to try to isolate certain restless areas of the country as they did with the countryside of homs when the russians first. got involved in twenty fifteen then they moved down to hammer they moved to aleppo then to delta and then back all the way up now to. this is this is the age old strategy now since the conflict began to pick and choose certain communities in areas to convince the international community that there is some sort of deescalation or a ceasefire or whatever you want to call it or cessation of hostilities allow them to focus their limited ground forces whether it is the regime in the militias in
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the i.r.g.c. forces with russian air support to cordon quote cleanse those areas of their inhabitants and any displaced people there and certainly any fighters and that's how they have regained most of the last areas that formally was under opposition control so i'm very worried about the obvious. violence that's being inflicted upon the population and the potential massive displacement that we probably have not seen since the fall of aleppo in twenty sixteen richard the other not the other more than one but one of the other areas to watch of potential conflict is between the the turks the kurds how much of a worry of that aspect is the very u.n. headquarters. i think there is a huge amount of concern about both these potential risks at the u.n. but very frankly there is not much the united nations can do about these issues at
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the moment we saw that over aleppo and then later over eastern ghouta the security council cannot come to any serious agreements on how to limit this sort of violence and i think there's a general sense of fatalism and exhaustion frankly throughout the u.n. system about syria now the institution is shifting attention to other crises like venezuela and there is an excellent u.n. envoy dealing with the issue get pederson of norway but it's just not really clear what is left for the u.n. to do you know you're in there stumble we talk about the trumpet ministration president trump is deeply uninterested in syria said he was going to pull everyone out now as been reluctantly persuaded to keep four hundred special forces troops in syria brings us to the other part of syria which is still potentially contested and that's the area that was under control what's going to happen there. well
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after those tweets by from one after the other we believe the final one is for them to stay here this is we believe that. they are staying because they felt that this is a going to be a very horrible to strategic mistake on the part of the united states because the vacuum that they made leave that would be filled by iran the regime and russia and they would create a real problem also for the. allied turks. for turkey lives and it just mixed everything and this is one one area which has eighty percent of syria's resources terms of water in terms of oil in terms of cotton population and such are and. we believe that with their presence they cleared this balance with iran with the
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russians and although it is some sort of a capacious but it is the advantage of syrians because there are so many patients in syria there we hope that they would only leave the country and for its people although they are helpless now but that has to be some sort of international will that everybody leaves and leaves things for syrians to go back home safe and start their life you talk about international will where is the international plan while we heard we heard richard gowan just talk about gap pederson who i know you know i know very honorable veteran diplomat but what is he going to do now i mean he seems to have slightly moderated away from stefan de mistura his predecessor who it seems to me was taken down a little bit of a blind alley by the russians to some constitutional committee he seems to return to this idea of resolution twenty two fifty four which was bringing everyone together in geneva is that going to work now or is it far too late. it would work
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only if there is an international will to enforce certain things was part of the geneva two and slightly the geneva three effort particularly in and getting the opposition to geneva which has done a marvelous job in term of rethinking their posture in embracing negotiations they used to oppose sitting down with anybody associated with bashar al assad and you know any u.n. mediator irrespective of how good they are they're going any the body that they represent and the member states of the body that they represent to have the will to act and that's going to simply require the nation states mainly led by the europeans in that states and some arab countries to establish some clearly defined limits of what is acceptable what is not acceptable in syria for example is lip this is an area that's supposedly a deescalation zone it's been agreed to by early on and putin in sochi the united
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states has sent clear signals to the russians through the new envoy relatively new envoy jim jeffrey that the regime and the russians should not and cannot be attacking it live so if the russians and the regime are reneging on their on their promise then these countries i mentioned should unequivocally promised that there would be military retaliation against regime forces at a place and time of their choosing anywhere in the country in order to establish deterrence and ensure that that area and that population is protected and that in turn will strengthen the hands of any mediator including the current one to convince the belligerent to a at least a more permanent cease fire even if a political solution is not at hand richard gowan the other bit of potential leverage the international community have is money for reconstruction we see this conference going on as we speak in brussels but even there there seems to be
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a disagreement now between some of those international powers among the arab league along among the e.u. of how much to engage with the assad government. the russians have been suggesting for some time that the europeans in particular might like to. offer money for the reconstruction process but to date the e.u. has insisted that that money would have to come with very clear political conditions and that it's not willing to fund assad's reconstruction willy nilly i think there are tensions within the e.u. over what those conditions should be some countries like germany i think a harder line than others such as italy on the question of conditions and then we have the possibility that the arab league will step in with money possibly without the same sort of human rights and political conditions so i think this this debate over money is going to be a central issue in discussions over syria at least for this year yeah
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ken i asked you do you think your country is going to stay together as one or are we going to have what we have now rump governed by a sad and different bits run by different entities. well wishing is something going to reality is another. country or her country. is one however the still wish on the ground. dictates state of fragmentation. despite syrians. at the same time there is another psychological dimension developing in the hearts and minds of syrian people some people for a country to be together. so the community has to to liberate another community in the same country but with the wounds so deep in syria i'm afraid that
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not. just to keep the country together but what we hope that there could be some sort of healing and soon so that we can keep the country together ok the yeah and there are some parts own i've heard over the last eight years the same mantra from so many international officials including your former boss samantha power and she was u.n. ambassador which is we have to keep the territorial integrity of syria and there is no military solution both of those have been proven wrong haven't they while we don't know how the story will end but certainly the regime the iranians and the russians are pursuing a military victory so the intentions of the united states and its allies has always been to find an amicable political solution but that's certainly not in the cards given who are dealing with it who we've had to deal with at the
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end of the date sovereignty means nothing. and keeping syria together means zero if the quote unquote sovereign government is in the business of committing genocide and ethnic cleansing as its own people so in that sense i made a part with the with the previous administration i could care less about where there are serious things together now it's important that people cease to be killed by their own government yeah yeah very quickly at the end of our discussion very quick comment from you do you think you'll be able to go back to damascus any time in the next decade do you have hope i do i do i'm sure it's soon ok well thank you very much to all of our guests yeah. y.l. art and to richard cowan a fascinating if very depressing conversation if you want to watch it again then catch it at our website the places out there
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a dot com we also welcome your views on syria and on any other topic on facebook facebook dot com forward slash inside story and we're on twitter we're at at ha inside story for me james berries and all the team from inside story here in doha. they were searching for a sanctuary in australia but instead would have tied for years on a pacific island now one o one ace follows the journey of two refugees as they forge a new life in north america on al-jazeera the dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea for news of her missing son. numerous young three men have disappeared following her arrest these disappeared other
4:47 pm
victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in two thousand and fourteen. before the invasion of two thousand and fourteen crimea was a part of another country ukraine really formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president vladimir putin were unhappy with this. russia is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing occupation russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. when investigating crime an admission of guilt as the ultimate corroboration. or is that they are tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the
4:48 pm
shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confessions. at least forty people die in christchurch and new zealand after a shooting at. you may have chosen us but we actually reject. the prime minister. and the denounces those responsible for people are in custody.
4:49 pm
and will come. from. so it is nine pm in christchurch new zealand the scene of what prime minister just into our journey has called a terrorist attack it is the worst the country has ever seen the police commissioner is expected to give an update on the situation within this hour but here's what we know we now know that gunmen have killed at least forty people during friday prayers at two mosques in the city the first attack took place of the norwalk in central christchurch where thirty people were killed police confirmed a second shooting at the lynwood mosque that's just a short drive away and ten people were killed there so new zealand's prime minister just spoke a short while ago and she's been meeting with police chiefs and security intelligence officials in wellington she's addressed the nation in the past hour. it is with
4:50 pm
extreme sadness that i tell you that is say it seven pm tonight we believe that forty people have lost their lives and this act of extreme violence. teen have died at lynnwood of a new mosque three of which were outside the mosque itself. through the sushi have been killed and to danes to have a new mosque. there are also more than twenty seriously injured who are currently in christchurch i n a. it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. from what we know it does appear to have being well planned two explosive devices attached to suspect vehicles have now been found and they have been disarmed there are currently four individuals who have being at the
4:51 pm
hindered but three connected to this attack who are currently in custody one of which has publicly stated that they were born. these are people who i would describe as having extremist views that have absolutely no place in new zealand and in fact have no place in the world. while we do not have any reason to believe at this stage that the any other suspects we are not assuming that at this age the joint intelligence group has been deployed and police pushing all of the resources into the situation room the defense forces are currently transporting additional police staff to the region our national security threat level has being lifted from low to high this i want to assure
4:52 pm
people is to ensure that all i can say these are responding and the most appropriate why that includes at our borders. many of you will have seen that in new zealand has cancelled all too appropriate flights out of christchurch tonight and we'll review the situation in the morning just services to mystically and internationally are continuing to operate i say again there is heightened security there is of course so we can assure people of the safety and the police are working hard to ensure that people are able to move around the city safely victoria gates and be gives us the latest round up of the events of holding so far. people are rushed to hospital they were gunned down during friday prayers that in the center of christ church. the mosque.
4:53 pm
and i just had one of the ladies or died i know i'm just hoping that that is not correct witnesses say the gunman was a white male he was wearing military style clothes and a helmet with a camera i was hearing there to shooting of the shooting of the shooting it do in. six minutes or more in. a could hear screaming in the crying in. some people in or drop dead linwood mosque about ten minutes drive away in another part of the city was on so it tacked shortly after the shooting it. police say they have suspects in custody but there may be more on the loose and ok we cannot go straight. to where the police chief my question is speaking updating us on the mosque shootings at christ church let's listen. in to the lynwood mosque
4:54 pm
seven have lost their lives of the forty people who are very interested christchurch hospital has now asked. the total number. of people have died in this horrendous event. forty nine. and our hearts go out to them and all of their family all of their friends all of their loved ones and i want to assure everyone that we will do our best for them. and at the end i will talk about it and give you the hour eight hundred number so that people can contact us to get more information about these who have died and some surrendered circumstance. i would like to also add that. one peson
4:55 pm
a mile and is light twenties has been charged with murder and should appear in the christchurch court tomorrow morning. three other people were ever handed we believe one of those persons. who was and was of the same have had nothing to do with this incident. and the two other people that have been apprehended again a position of farms in the general arma we are working through to understand what their involvement is we have. a number. from both the saints linwood haven't you and danes in. i would like to assure everyone i ran new zealand. that every available police and emergency results. with. government agencies and defense
4:56 pm
force to doing everything they can to keep their communities. we have had no other threats since we responded to this incident. way. working with a wide range of community to give support to everyone who needs it we have staff around the country ensuring. that everyone has cape sayf and that includes. the famous and special tactics groups right across the country being very vigilant and having a presence around all of our mosques to ensure nothing the kids as i said this is a. evolving situation we will continue to bring you as much information as we possibly can i will answer your questions in a minute if. but before i do i would like to communicate the zero eight hundred
4:57 pm
number for people to call for more information especially around their loved ones and that number is zero eight hundred one one five zero one one. i would also i like to command and some of you would have seen the drive actions on social media of police who responded to this incident i have gone above and beyond on behalf of the communities tepper a and at least one of these defendants so i take my hat off to all of my stuff i'm extremely proud of what i've done tonight. thank you i'm. curious. and. so that's a very good question. what i want to tell you right now is that we had no information no i didn't see any information about these plane people. and i can
4:58 pm
also i tell you that all vain and contact with my straying colleagues and i have no information at all in them at all and i are assisting with their inquiries but i can also add that part of air of this. will to be looked well to look be to look back at every possibility to ensure their way in law enforcement and security didn't miss any opportunities to prevent this horrendous event karen hughes. and kerry. look. i would love to go into detail but a person has been charged for me to now go into details of who did what would not be proper and i sometimes for instance happens again i know there is a nine within the public to mine but it would. improper for me now to
4:59 pm
confirm that because a person has been challenged on. his night. you see. i'm aware of that suggestion which where we're going through at the moment when i have absolute clarity about it i'll be sharing that song only aware of the suggestion i'm not aware of the existing but if it did i'll be sharing that try speech. we never assume that there are other people involved that's why we've got i i'm in prison say at the cross canterbury and right across and we don't have named or identified people that we're looking for but it would be wrong to assume that there is no one else you've read houston. at this point we are not actively looking for any idea to flood his house yes we can. i can tell
5:00 pm
you. but i think i don't need to tell you this is a very well planned. event. here and i said. so i'm aware of that commentary as well what i can say is that that person suggested that we have eliminated that as a possibility there was not but we've also talked about two. devices on two vehicles i'd like to clarify that and say that they would possibly to i.d.s. on one vehicle and we've decided one and we're in the process of deciding the other with the assistance of the defense force with. us. we believe not but of course there's a real heightened seeds. had there within the communities people are being very vigilant and i congratulate them and encourage that but we have dealt with two big .


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