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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 43  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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technology and this kind of got a series of us chinese negotiations aimed at ending the carrot war between the two countries it in bad has a date from beijing this was the final day of the national people's congress held here in the great hall of the people in tiananmen square the almost three thousand n.p.c. delegates knew what was expected of them and so the outcome of their vote was never going to be in doubt the n.p.c. doesn't block legislation or place checks on party leaders they have endorsed an amendment to the foreign investment law this is something analysts say which goes some way to answering the criticisms of the trumpet ministration which says china simply doesn't allow a level playing field for foreign investors in this country in theory the new law will end the practice whereby foreign companies are forced to hand over their intellectual property as a condition for doing business in their country also they would have to enter into
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joint ventures in future but the key words are interpretation and in force meant remember the courts here in china are still controlled by the communist party later the premier league chung held his annual news conference where he took questions which are vetted in advance from foreign journalists as always it was the economy the dominated foreign investment law that's been passed here appears to be an olive branch to the united states it's still unclear though whether president xi jinping and president donald trump will meet again sometime in the next few weeks and whether indeed they can sign a deal to finally resolve their trade differences. ancel and ahead on our desire an addition to updating you on new zealand will of course be talking about breakfast and bringing you the latest on that stay with us.
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a sinister only god who secretly controls moldova's parliament all merely a tycoon misjudged by his enemies is the most hated politician in the country and made my key allegations of blackmail hitman and a billion dollars for. people in power investigates moldova and the puppet master on al-jazeera. generation after generation under the merciless sun of northeastern state. or other. sixty percent of the people here and. their needs are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy prey during election time politicians come here and buy their votes. of course
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if i'm a politician and i give education to people i'm in peril. so that's why it's in their interest. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and. that's left. brazilians unemployed and even if the debt can start the recovery process living here at the bottom of the social ladder . to benefit isn't the problem for your town that you may not have a health question but it does have a corruption question really doesn't look good for the image that it has. to try to get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the us across the globe. it's called for. those who breaks will join me from my guests from around the world and we debate the week's top stories are issues. he's everywhere and it's
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choking our planet very big and very dangerous in big bang years meaning that. the breakthroughs are being me showing that it is possible to change our relationship we do need substance. and we become on the. wrong plastic waste. on al-jazeera how do you turn this into this. all again let's give you a quick update to our top story that's the mass shootings in new zealand we can now
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show you some mobile phone pictures that we have just received that shows the immediate aftermath of the attack just a warning you may find some of these images disturbing. what we do know is that forty nine people have been killed one person has been charged with murder the police is not confirming if there was one person involved in both the shootings the attack targeted muslim worshipers during friday prayers. we also know that three people were detained far arms were recovered from some of them the police has confirmed that one person didn't have anything to do with the shooting but was found carrying arms at the time very few details on the investigation is coming out what's been described as an unprecedented attack in new zealand this is what the prime minister said just a short while ago. we new zealand we were not a target because we are a safe harbor for those who hate. we were not chosen for the sake of violence
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because we can darn racism because we're an on clay for extremism we would chosen for the very fakes that we are and none of these things because we represent diversity kindness compassion heine for those who share our values rish future for those who need it and those values i can assure you will not and cannot be shaken by this attack. and earlier this hour the new zealand police chief mike bush spoke about the arrests so far one person. told an israelite twenty's has been charged with murder and should appear in the cross church court tomorrow morning. three other people were apprehended we believe one of those persons. who was armed and was of the same might have had
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nothing to do with this incident. and the two other people that have been apprehended began a position of farms in the general barmah we are working through to understand what their involvement is we have recovered a number of far from both of the sayings linwood revenue and. all the australian prime minister scott morrison has confirmed that one of the four people detained is an astray and national we grow. we are shocked we are appalled. we have rights. and we stand here and condemn absolutely the attack that occurred to die. by an extremist right wing volunteer asst. that is typed in the logs
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stolen the logs in a vicious murder city. that is climbed so many new zealanders. this attack reminds us. of the evil that is ever present and would seek to strike at any time. and i particularly want to convey my heartfelt sympathies not only to all of the need is ill and people. as i'm sure all astride the ins would join me in doing but i particularly want to express my sincere praise and thoughts for those new zealanders and data stratton's of islamic faith to die who have been the subject of this vicious and callous right wing extremist attack. is the christchurch city councillor and he thinks the attacks might force the country to think its national security. look i think people have dawned
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on the fic that new zealand will never be the same again i think national security will never be the same again the way that perhaps we have been blah about things in the past and you look and you say well ok it's in america or oh in parts of europe but i think there's always been this unwritten belief that it just doesn't happen in new zealand people don't want to say that because they don't want to jinx it but i think everyone that's visited our country feels that way so you know as an elected representative. it's just staggering that we could witness you know such scenes of height and violence like that and you know particularly tolerant country and peaceful city like cross-stitch so everyone is i think still in disbelief i think at the moment they try and they want to be with the families they're giving the kids a big i'm going to have a young eighteen month old son and even be pregnant wife at the moment we're at home and we're just glad that we haven't been caught up in this but school children have just have been in lockdown so
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a lot of people public buildings out christchurch city civic facilities have all been locked down and only recently has that has that been lifted so only now that we children coming home to the parents now be it the getting a lot of love from the parents. that british and other news british politicians have chosen to ask of the country is easier departure dates can be delayed its due to happen in just over two weeks and any suspension has to be approved and out of a state by the e.u. is twenty seven other members paul brennan has this report from london. what a mess the u.k. parliament is divided and deadlocked a delay to bracks it now seems inevitable the only question is for how long the government says rejecting teresa mayes deal would narrow the options to just one we would be faced with the prospect of choosing only a long extension during which the house would meet up need to face up to the choices in front of it and the consequences of the decisions that it has taken the
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government's proposal was to ask the e.u. for a one off extension until june the thirtieth to allow time for a third attempt by theresa may to have her twice rejected bracks a deal pushed through parliament but with just ten working days left before the march twenty ninth deadline m.p.'s are feeling exasperated and rebellious and an attempt by one group to seize control of parliamentary time next wednesday was only narrowly defeated by just two votes a separate amendment proposing another bracketed referendum was rejected by a majority of two hundred forty nine votes in the main government motion passed by a comfortable two hundred ten yards to the right four hundred twelve the nose to the left two hundred and two they were moving towards potentially as a result of this week in parliament protect a softer brick thicker that's the only route now to a majority although those on the right of trees made party realise this that they
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could be one final push towards a deal the european union is exasperated to the e.u. leaders summit is next thursday in brussels and if teresa mayes deal is rejected a third time by parliament next tuesday some leaders aren't minded to ground the u.k. an extension at all but what is detention for the british parliament what are what are the choices of the british authorities and the two need more time we need more decision in washington the irish prime minister discussed it with the us president donald. given theresa may some negotiation advice advice that she hadn't taken i think it could have been negotiated in a different manner frankly i hate to see it being everything being ripped apart right now i don't think you know the vote would be possible because it would be very unfair to people that want in all confusion no one thing has become clear unless the e.u. rejects the u.k. request britain is not leaving the european union and the judge ruled on march
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twenty ninth brennan al-jazeera westminster. wrap up this program let's bring you the latest on the our top story and that's the mass shootings in new zealand we have received mobile phone pictures that show the immediate aftermath of the attack now before we show to you just a warning that viewers may find some of these images disturbing what we do know and what's been confirmed by the police commissioner is that forty nine people have been killed one person has been charged with murder the police has said that he is due in court tomorrow the police though is not confirming if there was one person involved in both shootings the attack targeted muslim worshipers during their friday prayers. now we also know that three people were detained firearms were also recovered from
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some of them the police has confirmed that one person didn't have anything to do with the shooting bus was found carrying arms at the time very few details of the investigation have been coming out and what's been described as an unprecedented attack in new zealand. and you can find much more on our website stay with us. rewind continues to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of al-jazeera as documentaries the struggle continues book from part due to now use distance revisiting alfred's free press. i am the manager didn't talk we go from the public of what's happening in the address or sites that have been some changes of war over the years you know rewind on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks if they do you want to avoid money
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laundering for the fun and for your terrorism has to be ready to displease governments including saudi arabia's with detailed coverage lynchings such as trees were known to take place in the car but they were rare now thirty six cases have been reported three hundred fifty from around the world for the victims and the campaign is you've been here during this trial they say this is being a true fall from grace what a falseness highest clerics. my name is some people say that my feelings are any program that they're not real but if i think they're real then they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android is one of the more advanced robots in the world can around but feel that's a philosophical question it's not a lot of what you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. on all dizzy or.
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our genes in iran. where every. at least forty nine people die in christchurch new zealand after shootings at two mosques. you may have chosen. but we actually reject. you. prime minister just and our dinner and denounces those responsible for people
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are in custody. and. it is now ten pm and christchurch new zealand the scene of what prime minister sharon has called a terrorist attack it is the worst the country has ever seen. we now know that gunmen have killed at least forty nine people during friday prayers said two mosques in the city the first attack took place at the al-noor mosque in central christchurch police confirmed a second shooting at the lynwood mosque which is just a short drive away. and these are mobile phone pictures showing the immediate aftermath of the attack one person has been charged with murder the police though is not confirming if there was one person involved in both the shootings the attack
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targeted muslim or shoppers during friday prayers. three people were detained far arms were recovered from some of them the police has confirmed that one person didn't have anything to do with the shooting was found carrying arms at the time very few details are coming out of the investigation that's been of what's been described as an unprecedented attack in new zealand. prime minister just in the arden has been meeting police chiefs and security intelligence officials in wellington and he has described the attack as one of the country's darkest days. it is with extreme sadness that i tell you that is day it seems in pm tonight we believe that forty people have lost their lives and this act of extreme violence. teen have died at lynnwood of a new mosque three of which were outside the mosque itself.
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a sushi have been killed to dean's every new mosque. also more than twenty seriously injured who are currently in christchurch a. it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. from what we know it does appear to have being well planned two explosive devices attached to suspect vehicles have now been found and they have been disarmed there are currently four individuals who have being apprehended but three connected to this attack who are currently in custody one of which has publicly stated that they were born. these are people who i would describe as having extremist views that have absolutely no place in new zealand and in fact have no place in the world. while we do not have
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any reason to believe at this stage they are in the other suspects we are not assuming that at this age the joint intelligence group has been deployed to employ pushing all of the resources into the situation the defense forces are currently transporting additional police staff to the region now national security threat level has being lifted from low to high this i want to assure people is to ensure that all i can seize are responding and the most appropriate why that includes at our borders. many of you will have seen that in new zealand has canceled all too appropriate flights out of christchurch tonight and we'll review the situation in the morning services domestically and internationally are continuing to operate i say again there is heightened security there is of course
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so we can assure people of the safety and the police. to ensure that people are able to move around the city safely. that is even police commissioner mike bush gave more details about the investigation so far. one person. in his late twenty's has been charged with murder and should appear in the christchurch court tomorrow morning. three other people were apprehended we believe one of those persons. who was armed and was of the same my it had nothing to do with this incident. and the two other people that have been apprehended again a position of farms in the general garment we are working through to understand what their involvement is we have recovered
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a number of firearms from both of the sains linwood revenue and. i would like to assure everyone around new zealand. that every available police and emergency resource. with other government agencies and defense force are doing everything they can to keep their communities. we have had no other threads since we responded to this incident. we. working with a wide range of community to give support to everyone who needs it we have staff around the country ensuring. that everyone is keep safe and that includes. the famous and special tactics groups right across the country being very
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vigilant and having a presence around all of our mosques to ensure nothing the kids. john i was the head of the on our mosque and he gave an account of his encounter with the shooter. at that time one forty pm the area in front of me and then the gate to gate and he came in to one person and he has short man one hundred sixty written and here helmer and he's given that got a glass just and here's the address of the military and he's begun machine gun of the m. sixteen one and it. should go to another getting a gun. and here bust. what would not talk me here looking a lot that we. started shooting and the people of the. undershooting under me that's
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a good insight and you go one by one if you can and some people that. the mayor of christ church is urging people in the city to pull together in the aftermath of the attack i think it's really important that people remain absolutely . and feel free to talk to friends and family about the feelings that you hey it's natural i never could believe that something like this would even haven in the city of christchurch but actually i would never believe that this would even here in new zealand and it looks as if something that we've seen is hip and we need to. think it through the situation. let's get some more analysis into what's happened greg barton is a terrorism expert and chair of the global islamic politics at deakin university and joins us via skype from melbourne and thank you very much for coming on the
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program. the one word that we've been hearing time and time again whether it's from the prime minister are from the security apparatus is unprecedented can explain to us how unusual this kind of an incident is and new zealand. using was really the key and tree east but terrorism in the developing world developed well the last time there was a mass shooting in new zealand was ninety ninety families suicide. it's unheard of to have kind of acts of political violence in the so and mood is a very rare new zealand has a lot of guns but guns like this i thought won't be available it's had a couple of people go to syria to fight with islamic state but it's had no major terror incident so all of a sudden it's gone to the top of the league in terms of a very major to air attack in a very quiet city of older thousand people where you would least expect this in a country where you'd least expect is that the police or the prime minister have
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all been holding press conferences and journalists have been questioning or are bringing up the idea that there were warnings on social media and it seemed to have been a mess is there a sense that perhaps there were there are issues that are falling under the radar of security to the fact that this was seen as a such a safe country. certainly the number one question that new zealand authorities are looking at right now they want to make sure that is no one else out there in a large network it looks like alone but i want to be sure when we show it is no one prepared to launch a second stage attack or somebody inspired it's precisely because this young shooter straightly and east of had no previous profile in suggests he would be a terrorist. act as it should do under the radar but that has long been a concern that incitement to hatred and bigoted language specifically language
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against muslims foreshadows the possibility of somebody taking action of their own an emotion well it's the history of where this this year was from has been awash with a lot of political rhetoric it's targeting migrants asylum seekers and muslims political reasons and that's in the space of three was and wants to promise they and we know it to be reminded of all the daily even stop the one we can result in and literally nearly actions. and other is sure that our what we've been hearing is that the attacks have been shown on facebook or posted live on facebook and were circulated what kind of a danger that does that bring and what kind of an impact will that have is there a concern that there could be copycat attacks the sets. it's a very grave concern and about copycat attacks they shoot
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a weapon in dress and stockings. a rocket military assault one and they obviously in the in sixteen you know helmet with a camera on it live streaming now he's intention what does that mainstream media you know and report it and be that's what at the moon set to say is that's disturbing for many reasons not least of all the way the terrorists are going to receive but also copycat attacks but that didn't stray tional think. we've seen it with white when attacks hard white bands bring down but this means people with different persuasions and motivations have been doing that for the last month we now risk it it was ill in that district earlier and or indeed around the world. because of the kind of the being against muslims deciding that shooting up people in the mosque is an easy things that happened two years ago and the big city of course the number of cases across the u.s. over the last few means but this live streaming video which is truly awful.


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