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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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government as enough for the demonstrations matheson reports. this is not what the algerian government all president up there as he's but the flicka are hoping for the streets of the capital and other algerian cities once again crammed with protesters demanding that the president steps down immediately as well as other critics who want a complete change of government. both of leka has been in power for twenty years he's been credited with revitalizing algeria's economy and ending fighting with armed groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. which killed tens of thousands but he's now eighty two and his health has been poor especially since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's become little more than a front man for business and military figures who his opponents say really run the country. balling oil prices badly hit algerians economy jobs particularly for young people are scarce after four terms of
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a beautifully ca presidency someone all jittery and taking their protests on why you want to be free. we need to be me and you will be. the one in the most i've known in my life one president. i want change immediate change its stance listen to you. to try to calm demonstrations both of flicka says he won't seek a fifth time next month's presidential election has been cancelled but no you didn't has been set former interior minister noted in badly has been appointed as the new prime minister and plans to head a technocrat government should from the cool of the if in which the mix we have seen all parts of algerian society i assure you wants to get in we are already determined and our desire is strong and our doors are open to discuss and exchange visions of the good of like a government says it will heed the protesters. the man who's the demonstrators say
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that we is a beautiful. and the political system has been manipulated to allow the president and his backers to stay in power one step forward would be to reveal now who is the person while the persons who have been removed from his in to rise i mean this is brother still running the show. are the security people serving this show or the new prime minister really a person who has authority. the protesters fear the government is saying it will listen but nothing will change you know jeering. matheson. well let's get more on this we're joined by no father he's the executive director of the nordic center for conflict transformation and he's joining us live from robot very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so our protest his rights to think that the proposed changes you know that the government has put forward are
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just cosmetic that they're not actually going to change the system that's in place . exactly first of all you know now the people of algeria in the streets are feeling more confident about. their demands that they feel that for once they have an offer from the regime and from from the deep state in itself here there are two approaches that will be negotiated there is an approach within the council the current constitution of algeria and that is the approach that is proposed by the regime at this point what the constitution of algeria says first of all in article seven it says that the president addresses directly the nation which hasn't been the case for the last six years the at the article in eighty eight it says that if the president is ill. and have a serious illness. a constitutional council needs to be established and the
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president needs to be resigning after the declaration of the state of impeachment of the president which hasn't been the case so the jury people what they feel at this point is that they have been proposed and that is from scratch again outside the framework of the constitution of algeria and doesn't the constitution also say that a president can only extend a term when the country is in a state of war algeria isn't is this government going to be forced to make more concessions as the protests continue. definitely this is only the beginning of the negotiations between the between the people in the streets and the regime and i believe that the regime to resolve this peacefully they need to listen to the demands and try to apply the constitutional nineteen ninety six which actually but for himself he was behind that and he organized the constitutional process what they need at this point is to go to the article eight of the
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constitution establishes a constitutional council or have the resignation of the president and negotiate other pieces of the democratic process and i am confident under you can do that and what will it take does for the government to do that given the people that have kept beautifully in place have a lot if not every sector i stepping down. i think also is the deep state in the regime they need a little bit to organize the all files in the current file before they have a new person to be the interim president or a new president they have been taken by surprise by the demands and the demonstration of the people from geria and the peaceful demonstrations and the one demand that they have put forward so i think by keeping both of left in power it signals that the regime has been taken by surprise by the people and they have some
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all files and current files that they need to fix the starboard thank you very much for your time on the same appreciated that as the fall of all live and report thank you. now cars being restored after hours of cross border fighting between israel and gaza is ruling hamas the israeli military says around one hundred amassed targets were struck early on friday it was in response to a rare rocket attack on the israeli city of tel aviv the exchange of fire had raised fears of an escalation of the conflict and so weakly protests along the gaza israel fence and. what happened is a new israeli aggression against gaza out a tweet a series of its crimes including the main one of the continuation of the siege of the gaza strip our people will continue their struggle to break the siege despite this aggression the resistance is ready to defend its people and is committed to calm as long as the occupation is. a force that has this update from the israeli
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side of the gaza barrier fence. well this latest escalation between israel and hamas began on thursday evening with the launch of those two rockets from gaza towards the area around tel aviv the first time that has happened since twenty fourteen israel blaming hamas for that launch in the early hours of friday morning and responding with some one hundred targets being struck by the israeli military in gaza but later during the course of thursday a friday morning rather the israelis the israeli army told the media that there was a possibility at least this was a mistaken launch that either there was potentially been some kind of technical problem or that it was a a lower ranking group of of hamas members who carried out the launch without the sanction of the police or ship hamas has denied responsibility as has islamic jihad for launching those rockets there were nine other projectiles launched injuring the
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course of the israeli response jr early hours of friday morning none of those causing any damage or injuries six of them intercepted by the iron dome anti-missile system and how much has also decided in a pretty unprecedented way or actually unprecedented way during the course of the nearly year long great march of return protests at the border every friday it's decided to call this friday's protests off i think both sides are trying to signal to each other that there is a way out of this without escalating towards a major conflict certainly something that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is not seem to want just a few weeks out from a national election. now the united states says it would impose sanctions on anyone involved in selling the u.s. or american citizens have the international criminal court secretary of state my pompei i made the announcement in washington short time ago. we are determined to protect the american and allied military and civilian personnel from living in fear of unjust prosecution for actions taken to defend our great nation i'm announcing
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a policy of u.s. visa restrictions on those individuals directly responsible for any i.c.c. investigation of u.s. personnel this includes persons who take or have taken action to request or further such an investigation these visa restrictions may also be used to deter i.c.c. efforts to pursuit allied personnel including israelis without allies consent implementation of this policy has already begun. let's get more on this. is joining us live from washington why is the administration doing this now patty well secretary of the pump a.o. said firm self is doing this to try and send a message to the international criminal court now investigators there have asked for approval to be able to look into the u.s. military's conduct not just in afghanistan but also in those black sites that we
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now know were spread across the globe and we know that people were held in secret for months and that they were tortured that is a claim that some in the usa is not accurate they prefer enhanced interrogations but if you read some of the now unclassified findings it does seem to let it rise to the level of torture the u.s. is not part of the i.c.c. so they have very little ability to step in and try and stop this investigation so now they're taking to threats to for its part the i.c.c. says they're not going to be intimidated and they're going to continue to go about doing their work and he also went out of his way to say that the u.s. will sanction anyone who use the court to say israelis why the emphasis on israel. because there's a great amount of concern in israel as you know the palestinian authority has decided to take that route to try and get the i.c.c. involved to take a look at israel's actions and that is something that both israel and the u.s. fears and that why is pumping coming out and saying this now because he's trying to
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stop the i.c.c. before it looks into america before it does anything more on israel and he's not it's not just ending with the taking visas away which by the way they can't do if the i.c.c. members wanted to go to the united nations under treaties he's saying that they could go after their finances the united states and then they've even put put out there that they might try to prosecute the investigators now it's not clear how on earth that could possibly happen because just simply investigating an american is not a crime but still they're trying to talk tough and send a message to the i.c.c. to back off and so is this something in particular you know whether it's israel that the administration is genuinely afraid of or is this more of this administration playing to its domestic right wing base by making this announcement it's not just the trump administration democratic republican presidents have not tried to get the u.s. to become part of the i.c.c. bill clinton when he was president said he would but he never submitted to the senate for ratification this is something that is a bit of
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a sensitive topic when you talk about you know in american politics they talk about america first and this is not wanting to be held accountable to the international community in this way so it's not just the trump administration the last few presidents have said that they don't believe the u.s. should be part of the i.c.c. and we thank you very much for that for now that's all the latest live in washington d.c. thank you. right as they now with the socialist government has set a date in june for moving the body of dictator francisco franco it's been moved from a stage more than am seen by many as a monument to fascism but fierce debate on the issue has forced the supreme court to intervene how penn hall reports from madrid. are their straight arm salute a signpost to their totalitarian roots are members of the phalange gathered in the dritte inspired in part by nazi germany and fascist italy in the one nine hundred
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thirty s. the movement is tiny now but was once the backbone of general franco's regime. we're not there no no it was probably the north we cannot allow our oded to move around like on e-mails like what they want to do with. spain socialist government voted in september to exude franco's body from its two men the value of the fallen it's regarded by many as some monument to the victors not a memorial for all victims of the civil war that ended in one thousand nine hundred thirty nine unlike his ideological allies hitler and mussolini franco ruled until he died aged eighty two in this madrid apartment the franco foundation keeps the general's memory alive and opposes efforts to have his body exude. spokesman jaime alone so rejects well documented allegations of widespread torture executions and disappearances under franco. and another i don't see any era and we
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try to commit a mistake he throws himself by the best people the government is trying to impose lies today to wipe out the truth from the past the vote exuding franco was fairly straightforward but the decision on whether we bury him the public argument between the dictator's grandchildren the catholic church and the government. no doubt with chants of never never anti franco demonstrators say they won't tolerate the dictator as they call him being reinterred in madrid some such as chattel galante were tortured the left wing activist feared he would die during a seventeen day detention in one thousand nine hundred seventy warned. you're on the floor soaked in blood and urine like a piece of trash for stepping out cigarettes on your head you're what i remember most was the radiator and the color of the tiles absurd images but it was my way of
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trying to cling on to life he's grown old waiting for justice move to give the things we don't want our society needs is to turn the page on this block chapter of history but in order to do that we need justice first the basic condition for reconciliation i. decades have passed since the dictatorship ended in one nine hundred seventy five but everywhere there are modern day signs that the wounds never had a chance to heal call penholder al-jazeera madrid. still ahead on the news hour thousands of students around the world skipped school to hold rallies calling for action on climate change. racism in the spotlight in mexico as an oscar nominated actress things has brought a crew because of her indigenous heritage and find out who taught the time sheets in practice for the first formula one grand prix of the season peter will have the details.
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and i know that the weather still looking quite unsettled for many of us across the middle east the satellite picture is showing this huge blanket of cloud hair it's gradually working its way eastwards but as it works its way away from us it's opening the door for yet more wet weather that's working its way down from europe so for some saturday then we can expect to see some rain and some snow over parts of turkey and then that stretches down that coastline of the mediterranean giving some of us some very heavy outbreaks of rain that clears away there so sunday should be the brushy day for us the temperatures recovering as well beirut up to eighteen degrees that area of rain though works its way eastwards it's here over parts of iraq and iran and stretching down towards us here in doha so in doha them we've seen a few showers but they're clearing say for saturday should be a good deal dry a bright to twenty six degrees will be our maximum for the clouds are gathering again for us on sunday so this chance of seeing
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a few more showers the winds will be feeding up from the south as well so it could well be quite a dusty day now down towards the sort of positive africa of course we've got also i claim with this is now hit land and it's disintegrating so it's just this no mass of cloud here i propose of mozambique it's already given us a lot of flooding caused a lot of damage as well and that system's going to continue to pound us with heavy rain as we head through sunday as well. the course this week he's on the urgent mission to save the internet will talk to berners lee inventor of the world wide web and look at what chevy a safari called has to be up with china's biggest e-commerce company comes in the cost. of. life. be chips first democratically elected president
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ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it firsthand more see the final hours. on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories
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new zealanders are in shock after what prime minister just send has called one of their darkest days at least forty nine people killed when at least one gunman opened fire on to mosques and christchurch one man in court in the coming hours charged with murder. hundreds of thousands of algerians of back on the streets demanding president. with a flick his resignation weeks of mass protests have already forced the ailing president to drop his bid for a fifth term but protesters say the changes aren't enough. and columns being restored after hours of cross border fighting between israel and gaza voting hamas the israeli military says around one hundred hamas targets were struck early on friday it was in response to a rare rocket attack on the israeli city of kut a v. now tens of thousands of students have while walked out of school and college in more than one hundred countries recording on governments to do more to fight climate change in the u.k. organizers say fifty thousand people took part in the hayward reports.
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from sydney to hong kong new delhi to nairobi stockholm to berlin and beyond a united voice calling for action on climate change. in london unity may be something lacking inside the british parliament but outside a collective cry for action from schoolchildren and students skipping school or college to make their point and we're taking to the streets because we haven't had an input into this issue and it's the issue that iraqi trustees off each is not as i see my teachers encouraged me to miscast today they're like you need to you need to be here. the un has warned there will be irreversible damage to the climate and the serious measures are taken before twenty thirty. the world finds among the people of unless something is done to them
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was i. in france students block the entrance to the headquarters of one of its biggest banks to protest against alleged investment in fossil fuels elsewhere in paris thousands more were peacefully protesting this boy told us we think it's shameful that we're polluting and polluting and polluting while in spain thousands marched through madrid i was this global movement involving students walking out of class in more than one hundred countries was inspired by the sco sixteen year old grass at the bug who staged a solo protest outside sweden's parliament last year. via we're standing in front of an existential crisis the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced and still people who knew of an order for decades people here know about us have ignored this
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and you know who you are this is your responsibility and it's not our responsibility so. some political leaders along with teaching unions have said students will be better off back in the classroom until more is done but they say they'll carry on straw. i'm haywood. and heidi show castro has more from washington d.c. . student protests happen in multiple cities across the united states a country that is the world's second worst emitter of c o two gases but the students here say now is more important than ever to have their voices heard even as their president donald trump tweeted earlier this week the words of a climate change denier saying that the climate crisis is not only fake news but fake science and to these kids here they say those words are very threat to their future they are hoping that congress will endorse a proposal called the green new deal it is
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a lofty goal of eliminating c o two emissions in the united states by the year twenty thirty knowledge that it is a politically uphill battle for that proposal to ever become law however they say their hope some of the democratic candidates for president who may take on donald trump in two thousand and twenty has said they also backed the green new deal. let's get more on our top story now the mosque shootings in new zealand the u.n. secretary general antonio tears says there is an urgent need to tackle islamophobia around the world and he's one of several leaders who've expressed disgust and sorrow at the killings sending their condolences to the victims and the wider new zealand community in turkey thousands took to the streets to protest the attack turkish president of the urged western nations to take immediate action against islamophobia while u.s. president donald trump is expected to speak to prime minister just within the next hour earlier though he tweeted my warmest sympathy and best wishes go out to the
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people of new zealand after the horrible massacre in the mosques forty nine innocent people have so senselessly died with so many more seriously injured the u.s. stands by news events for anything we can do god bless all. but one of the suspects in the shooting released an online manifesto ahead of the attacks in it he wrote that he supported u.s. president donald trump as a symbol of the new white identity he also said that trump wasn't a good leader or policymaker now the council on american islamic relations has blamed donald trump what they said was a growing anti muslim sentiment executive director nihad awad said trump needs to condemn the shootings in new zealand as a white supremacist attack the killer of this. tragedy in new zealand has cited or referenced trump and mr trump should reflect on this very few people around the world admired him and now the ones who are my own him
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are the ones who see fear of the other and he has a role to play in fixing this problem he is not the only one who's responsible for this but being the president of the united states has a lot of responsibility to reflect on well let's get more on this now we're joined by arsalan iftikhar human rights lawyer and senior fellow at georgetown university and he's joining us live from islamabad this terrific are always good to have you with us on al-jazeera we will talk more about what the council on american islamic relations have had to say but first i want to ask because i know you follow unfortunately islamophobia and attacks around the world so what was your reaction what did you think when you heard about this latest attack. well as with obviously for the rest of the world i would seem stunned and saddened that you know
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at least forty nine innocent muslims were slaughtered at two different must increase church in new zealand you know an attack on one house of worship anywhere in the world should be considered in attack on all houses where ships regardless of where there they are mosques synagogues or churches here in the united states where they live you know it's you know we recently had the attack on the tree of late synagogue in pittsburgh pennsylvania it's a purpose it's fair is and it's important given mind that you know donald trump with his rhetoric in the time that he was running from sort of the republican nomination has essentially you know. represented him to some of that weekend and it's become what the night it waits for was around the world they has been a rise in attacks on muslims and other minorities and the u.s. since president trump took office at the same time there has been a rise and white nationalism around the world so i take it that you agree that the council on american islamic relations that president donald trump has a responsibility to call this what it is and condemn it as
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a white supremacist attack absolutely you know it people often forget that donald trump was running for president you once told c.n.n. that eager anderson cooper that quote i think islam hates us obviously everybody knows that he once called for a total and complete shutdown oh muslims from entering the united states of america and so there's no you know this president needs to understand that words matter and that you know essentially he is in bold and white supremacy is around the world and that he needs to call it by name or whether it's an endless medic adage here isn't this and you know it's bird and it's on the boat began to fairies i'm sure which museum but as hate up to doing that given has history and the things that as as you just mentioned the kinds of things he said and if he doesn't then you know who needs to step up to this responsibility. you know that's a really good question and it's been good and it's but it's political leaders everywhere i mean you know it's not what we are today seventy's and racism
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xenophobia it's something that is not exclusive to any part of the world we're seeing the ret rise of right wing nationalist racist fascist parties in europe and in many parts of the world today and so it's really important. for a minority in all countries and regardless of whether they are jewish muslim or christian in those six anywhere you know that we all stand up for each other's allies and again understand an attack on one house of worship should be considered considered and it's had on all houses or most of the thank you as always for your time that as if the live in islamabad thank you i pledge it was thank you now china has passed and you know which is same as an effort to end the trade war with the united states and national people's congress also rubber stamped other measures designed to reverse the slowdown of the world second biggest economy and our china correspondent adrian brown and beijing. as ever when china's
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parliament meets everything was perfectly organized. inside the great hall of the people the mood was celebrated as the almost three thousand delegates gathered for the final day of the national people's congress they knew what was expected of them their job after rule is not to block legislation or place checks on leaders of the communist party so the outcome of the vote to amend the foreign investment law was never in doubt as well as its true aims to help end the trade war with the united states which is why the legislation was approved in record time. the measure will affect some of the biggest corporations doing business in china in theory it will mean among other things that foreign firms will no longer need a chinese partner to operate here or be forced to hand over their technology to get on the new foreign investment laws china's concession to the united states which is
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a compromise china is making in the trade war so it's very likely that in the future there will be policies that actually favor for investors that will probably won't see any significant changes in that regard this year. at premier league chung's annual news conference where journalists questions are submitted and vetted in advance he sought to one small reassure foreign investors. china will continue to cut taxes and fees streamline illustration forced a new drivers of growth market access and a level the playing field for all marquee players the premier's warned that economic growth could drop to six percent this year the lowest it's been in almost thirty years china's economic growth would be the envy of many other countries but it's still slowing complicated by a number of other factors the trade war with the united states among them but china's leaders can't blame previous governments for their problems because for
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almost seventy years there's been only one party that has ruled this country adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. north korea is considering suspending talks with the u.s. and restarting missile and nuclear tests vice foreign minister choice on what he says chung has no intention of yielding to u.s.d. nuclearization demands is blaming the us secretary of state and the national security adviser for the breakdown of last months on it and have hanoi between leader kim jong un and donald trump. now yeah let's explode on to mexico's media landscape following the oscar nomination for the mexican film roma the twenty five year old was the first indigenous woman to be nominated for best actress and mexico well some people have ridiculed her highlighting the discrimination the indigenous people continue to face david has moved from mexico city jellied so it's you know it was
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a historic moment. the star of the mexican film roma was nominated for best actress at this year's academy awards it was the first time an indigenous woman was in the running. but despite international recognition not everyone back in mexico celebrated yelitza success. mexico's largest t.v. channel ran a parody of roma many accused the light skinned actress for mocking the elites with her brown face makeup and a percentage in those comments a young which other mexican personalities attacked the indigenous actress on social media with racist comments. award winning actor to not shweta says roles for dark skin actors in mexico are limited. well i meant that people like me can only play characters who are messed up or who are thieves or the delinquents which is funny because eighty percent of the population are mixed race your skin pigment still determines your social status and cultural level the darker your skin the
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more ignorant you are it's a narrative that's been around for five hundred years. some critics say popular characters like. helped to perpetuate stereotypes about mexico's indigenous population but at the. heart of the patrol of indigenous people is that they're kind of like children who have not developed their abilities who still haven't adapted to modern life the poor very lazy and don't produce anything worthwhile they have become a caricature in the media. but thanks to actors like to note. ordinary mexicans are finally able to see people like themselves represented on screen i will never stop . as i was eating tacos one time at a young guy selling cookies came up to me and said it's you the one in the movies and he hugged me and started crying and told me how awesome it was that someone with dark skin that looked like him could get all the girls and all that they.


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