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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2019 6:00am-6:29am +03

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over the past week floods of already claimed thirty lives and left of the two hundred thirty thousand people without shelter in southern malawi which borders mozambique china's economic slowdown in the trade war with the united states top the gender of chinese legislators and gathering in beijing they endorsed a foreign investment law and appeasing the concerns of trading partners in washington and elsewhere adrian brown reports now from the chinese capital. as ever when china's parliament meets everything was perfectly organized. inside the great hall of the people the mood was celebrating as the almost three thousand delegates gathered for the final day of the national people's congress they knew what was expected of them their job of to rule is not to block legislation or place checks on leaders of the communist party so the outcome of the
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vote to amend the foreign investment law was never in doubt as was it's true to help end the trade war with the united states which is why the legislation was approved in record time. the measure will affect some of the biggest corporations doing business in china in theory it will mean among other things that foreign firms will no longer need a chinese partner to operate here or be forced to hand over their technology to. the new foreign investment laws china's concession to the united states which is a compromise china is making in the trade war so it's very likely that in the future there will be policies that actually favor for investors and that will probably won't see any significant changes in that regard this year. premier league chung's annual news conference where journalists questions are submitted and vetted in advance he sought to one small reassure foreign investors. teaching china will continue to cut taxes and fees streamline illustration forced
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a new drivers of growth market access and the level the playing field for all market players the premier's warned that economic growth could drop to six percent this year the lowest it's been in almost thirty years china's economic growth would be the envy of many other countries but it's still slowing complicated by a number of other factors the trade war with the united states among them but china's leaders can't blame previous governments for their problems because for almost seventy years there's been only one party that has ruled this country adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. spain's socialist government says it will relocate body of fascist dictator general francisco franco on june tenth from a known as the valley of the fallen in northern madrid the exhumation is part of the move to erase monuments and other tributes to the victors of the spanish civil war and
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a key regime figures in the dictatorship that then follows there's been fierce debate on the issue forcing a spanish supreme court to intervene pennell reports. are this straight home salute a signpost to their totalitarian roots are members of the phalange gathered in the dritte inspired in part by nazi germany and fascist italy in the one nine hundred thirty s. the movement is tiny now but was once the backbone of general franco's regime. we're not there now no i was probably the owner of we cannot allow our own to move around like animals like what they want to do with. spain socialist government voted in september to exude franco's body from its two men the value of the fall and it's regarded by many as somalia went to the victors not a memorial for all victims of the civil war that ended in one thousand nine hundred thirty nine unlike his ideological allies hitler and mussolini franco ruled until
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he died aged eighty two in this madrid apartment the franco foundation keeps the general's memory alive and opposes efforts to have his body exude. spokesman jaime alone so rejects well documented allegations of widespread torture executions and disappearances under franco. and another i don't see any era and we try to commit a mistake of throwing himself but the best people the government is trying to impose lies today to wipe out the truth from the past. franco was fairly straightforward but the decision on whether we bury him the public argument between the dictators grandchildren the catholic church and the government. no doubt with chants of never never anti franco demonstrators say they won't tolerate the dictator as they call him being read to in madrid some such as chapter galante were
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tortured the left wing activist feared he would die during a seventeen day detention in one thousand nine hundred seventy warned. you're on the floor soaked in blood and urine like a piece of trash for stepping out cigarettes on your head you're what i remember most was the radiator and the color of the tiles absurd images but it was my way of trying to cling on to life he's grown old waiting for justice move to give the things we don't want our society needs is to turn the page on this block chapter of history but in order to do that we need justice but the basic condition for reconciliation i. decades have passed since the dictatorship ended in one nine hundred seventy five but everywhere there are modern day signs that the wounds never had a chance to heal call penholder al-jazeera madrid. more on our top story this hour
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new zealand's prime minister just into our done saying that the suspect who carried out the mosque attacks in christchurch had a gun license which he acquired in two thousand and seventeen speaking moments ago are done said that those involved had no previous links to far right groups. i want to be very clear that our intelligence community and police are focused on extremism of every kind. given global indicators around file right extremism our intelligence community has been stooping up here investigations in this area the individual charged with murder had not come to the attention of the intelligence community nor the police for extreme ism. i have asked our agencies this morning two weeks were free on a c. sing we did there was any to vittie on social media or otherwise that should have
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triggered a response that is already under way. and these are the scenes that we've been seeing throughout the day from inside the mosque mass shootings taking place one first at the mosque in christ church and then at a mosque in lynnwood which was just some five six kilometers away a gunman busting injuring friday prayers of course this would have been the time when the mosque was full of men women and children gathering for their weekly prayer killing some forty nine people dozens more injured and the latest reports from the police in new zealand suggest that one of the two who are in a cricket critical condition includes a four year old child. warn everything we're covering on our website the coverage continues at al jazeera dot com the phonies aren't just happening it's.
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all of the stalls have been big and to some degree damaging with hail around brisbane not quite as fast as the sydney but they weren't far either certainly in the suburbs and you see the massive cloud that developed again place in the day on friday it will be assessed in probably a sunday thing to all the way from new south wales up to half. queens and this is a coastal thing so it is going to affect the two cities of brisbane and sydney but if you're in melbourne adelaide or hope botanists water sunshine really blue skies near the thirty mark for person doesn't change very much the next couple of days you'll notice the clouds tough to creep in there from size that's not particularly warm side there's a repeat performance those in a few big shots and in tropical queens in and around darwin and further west they're little bit less obvious than they were largely because the energies i think
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being dumped recently have a tongue in the cloud just the edge of your screen here drifting down from the north is the picture for both islands of new zealand usually as a warm direction this is no exception to the cloud takes away some of the sunshine that she be dispersed but i think sunday looks sunny for both birth and south on a surprised in the average temperature this time the if is a partner is four degrees it is food rees and the snow forecast inland on saturday . when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or isn't there or tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe
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the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confession on al-jazeera . this is. hello i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up. forty nine people are shot dead in attacks on two mosques in new zealand and what the prime minister is calling a terrorist attack. today as the country corey we are seeking answers. has been addressing the nation in the wake of the mosque shootings three people are in custody one man has been charged with murder. also our other top story no letup
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thousands continuing to protest in algeria despite the prime minister promising a government open to all. about peter simmons in doha with all new sport that's free for president giani in front so you know admits plans to expand the twenty twenty two world cup to forty eight teams may don't happen better more later in the program. it's been described as one of new zealand's darkest days forty nine people killed in an attack on muslim wash a present friday prayer as a gunman opened fire at the mosque in central christchurch killing forty one people before driving five kilometers to a second mosque in the area of linwood. here he began shooting eventually killing seven more people one more person died later in hospital police have charged a man in his late twenty's with mud he will appear in court shortly two of the
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armed suspects are also being held in custody new zealand's prime minister described this as a terrorist attack and i'm precedented act of violence where many of the victims could be migrants or refugees. well we live with andrew thomas in a moment first though he has his report from christchurch. this was the scene shortly after a gunman opened fire at a mosque in christchurch was. worshippers some injured themselves surrounded by the bodies of family members and friends. as the wounded were rushed to hospital police were arresting one of the suspects in a busy suburban area in another part of the city they say they disabled one of the two bombs found in the car he was driving earlier the city's main al nor mosque was targeted during friday prayers by a white man wearing a military style uniform and
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a camera mounted on his helmets here but as you say what they're doing and not talk me here looking or not that we started it is started shooting and the people of the . issues and the shooting and the me i'm running that are that the good is that you go one by one everybody killing and some people that the gunman live streamed his attack on facebook as he indiscriminately opened fire on more than two hundred worshippers i was hearing there to a shooting after a shooting of the shooting it went. six minute or more in they could hear screaming in the crying in. is some people are in or drop dead shortly after that shooting there was a similar attack on worshippers at lynnwood mosque about ten minutes away police
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have arrested a number of suspects including an australian born man new zealand's prime minister said they weren't on security watch lists disinter out and said new zealand had been the target of what she described as a terrorist attack because it was a diverse nation. but welcomed migrants we new zealand. we were not to tag it because we are a safe harbor for those who fight. we were not chosen for the sake of violence because we can darn rices them because we're an on clay for extremism. we were chosen for the very facts that we are none of these things australia's prime minister is also a pulled i'm shocked we stand here and condemn absolutely the attack that occurred today by an extremist right wing violent terrorist that has taken the law it's stolen the logs in a vicious murder suspect that is to climb so many new zealanders
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police haven't ruled out the possibility of more suspects being at large and a warning muslims to stay away from mosques nationwide we have staff around the country ensuring. that the everyone has kept safe and that includes. the fairness and special tactics groups right across the country being very vigilant and having a presence around wall of their mosques to ensure nothing further occurrence the national threat level has been raised from low to high as police politicians on the public come to terms with the worst and most shocking attack they've ever experienced speaking moments ago new zealand prime minister edges and the audience at that those involved had no previous terror links. i want to be very clear that our intelligence community and police
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a focused on extremism of every kind. given global indicators around file right extremism our intelligence community has been steeping up here investigations in this area the individual charged with mood had not come to the attention of the intelligence community nor the police for extremism. i have asked i didn't see it this morning two weeks with late on a ceasing with it was any activity on social media or otherwise that should have triggered a response that is already underway. and commended the people of the city of christchurch for their solidarity after the attack we've all been affected everyone has been touched in some way shape or form and the messages that i've heads. have pain
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a desire to come together as a community and reach out and offer us solidarity to. community say a muslim community part of that community. well andrew thomas joins us live now from christchurch we are just hearing from the prime minister giving us more details about the circumstances surrounding this attack what else did we learn from hi andrea. well the prime minister gave us the most broad overview that we hide since friday and the good news if there's any good news in this situation is that the death toll the number of people killed remained steady at forty nine forty eight of those people were killed inside one of the two mosques that were attacked one died in hospital subsequently the prime minister said that two people remain critically injured in hospital one five year old child has been flown from here and crushed to opened for surgery but as
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things stand it still forty nine people killed in these two attacks one of the al nor mosque about four hundred meters down this road behind me on the right hand side that the gunman went into first that was where most of the victims died and then at the lynwood mosque about a ten minute drive from here the prime minister also talked about the gunman and the fact that he used folly weapons in this attack two of those semiautomatic guns and she said new zealand will be very swiftly look at gun laws and she said she was not a critical about it so those gun laws she said will changes have been attempts to change and strict might make more strict new zealand's gun laws in the past they hadn't worked she said this time they will the gun laws will change as well about the gunman she said that he was a man who'd been in and out of new zealand many times but also traveled around the world it wasn't hard living in christchurch you got to living in the town to meet
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in which is about a four and a half hour drive south of here and she also talked to about the other people arrested at the same three others were arrested at the scene one of them was carrying a gun himself but he subsequently been released because place of starvation actually he came down to try to help the place once he realized something was. going on to others though they remain being questioned by police place that they know that they knew this man but they don't know whether he he or she was directly associated with this attack so that was the broadest overview we've had sort of fall on saturday but what is new zealand's most shocking horrific attack in potentially ever new zealand told. us that just interrupted and so it's about this being the country's only terrorist attack in its history and what a shock you want to have had forty nine dead so i thought that's right a great deal for people in their communities that to be coping with the obviously it's morning now just describe the atmosphere what it what it feels like there at nine and. what is
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extremely somebody you know words it's ten o'clock in the morning on saturday i've got same very very light will early morning in fact sunday i have been i said i was just further down this road at about three four o'clock in the morning but actually move the call wouldn't further away between where i'm standing now and where i was at the van you might be able to see in the distance behind me there's about a hundred fifty made to stretch of road and actually there a couple of cars that we saw on the right hand saw you late friday and into sunday morning that had their windscreens smashed out and i was told by a possible light in the early hours that as the gunman had left the mosque behind me he continued shooting at people who were fleeing from the mosque and he was firing randomly from his car and he hit a couple of those paul causing the smashed glass all over the road so i magine they'd move the cordon back because they're now but i've seen them if i can investigate seeing violence loss and that it's part of the same overall crime scene
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a very somber scene here very quiet streets there's virtually no calls on the road a few people have come there's now a number of television cameras here there's a traffic light that i'm standing next to in this probably thirty or forty bunches of flowers that people have brought along and every five minutes or so somebody else comes up and lays another. bunch of flowers that just stand quietly for a moment or two this is something that never happens in a country like easy to me that's a clay shekels whereas the sort of thing happen anywhere but new zealand the country there in a sense prides itself on being a quiet refuge in a quiet part of the world and to have had something as shocking as this happened it's really going to rock this country psyche to its core and the fact that this was such a malicious attack on the muslim community a very small community in new zealand one maybe slightly more than one percent of new zealand five million or so population is mostly here in christchurch a small city only four hundred thousand people the number of people of the most of
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faith living here will be extremely small and when there were three four hundred people inside the album almost when friday prayers were going on when the gunman came in a lower number but a significant number as well in the lynwood most when the gunman came in those people will represent an important big swathe of the muslim community here in christchurch and i don't think it's too much speculation to say that those of the muslim faith here almost all of them will know somebody personally who was either killed or injured in these attacks that really is going to hit particularly use even the migrant communities extremely hard. thank you very much with all the latest there from the city of christchurch andrew thomas. worshipers at the christ church mosques were from several muslim majority countries in the attack has drawn widespread criticism across the globe in turkey thousands took to the streets to protest the killings takesh president russia type the attacks to what he called the rise of islamophobia worldwide western countries to take immediate action.
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well president donald trump has told the new zealand prime minister sent arden in a phone call that the united states is prepared to offer up any required assistance following this attack earlier. the council on american islamic relations told al-jazeera the president needs to condemn the shootings in new zealand as a white supremacist attack the killer of this. tragedy in new zealand had cited ruffian's trump and mr trump should reflect on this very few people around the world admired him. and now the ones who are at my own him are the ones who see fewer of the other. and he has it all to play in fixing this problem he is not the only one who's responsible for this but being the president of the united states has a lot of responsibility to reflect on it's emerged that the man accused of murder
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the mosques had many made many trips to other countries over the course of the last few years and even before the attack had turned to social media to outline his beliefs he posted a hate filled manifesto online before the attack the document echoes a far right conspiracy theory that white europeans are being deliberately replaced by nonwhite immigrants a suspect describes himself as being of european descent an ethno nationalist who wanted to avenge attacks in europe perpetrated by muslims he wrote about being inspired by all of violent right wing figures like norway's and as brave as he said he had acted alone and was not linked to any other organization he said he planned the attack for two years and christ church had been chosen as the occasion three months before friday's events took place. well joining me now from cambridge is dr h. a senior fellow at the atlantic council he is also the author of
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a revolution undone and the muslims of europe thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us so as we're hearing there clearly this attack in christ church has really cost the spotlight on right wing extremist views and the way in which they're expressed online what are your general impressions and reflections some now that we've had time to sort of digest what's happened i suppose a bit more. well i think we'll have to see how this all unfolds in terms of the connections that this man had with others around the world the fact that he says that he acted alone isn't connected i don't think we should take at face value but leaving all of that aside the reality of the situation is that the discourse of this man as published in this manifesto that he had released online it reflects a lot of rhetoric that goes far beyond him far beyond under breivik and far beyond the small tiny minority of extremists not white nationalists and white supremacists
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it's rhetoric that you can see exemplified in statements by people who are far more mainstream people who say things like i think islam hates us that's the president of the united states i think the amount of anti muslim bigotry and as a phobia that is now mainstream within so many different parts of the western political class but also within the media more generally is quite concerning and the fact that we are still unwilling to admit the existence of this very violent problem and the fact that we don't want to admit that it also has violent repercussions is something i think is at the untenable and that day rather yesterday for new zealanders is a really horrible reminder of that but it's a reminder we should have really paid attention to and on this private carried out this massacre in norway in two thousand and eleven and one hopes that sufficient
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numbers of people today will now realize that words of hatred really have consequences they have meaning that go beyond simple little typing on twitter screen they actually can have very violent repercussions and they are not alone they have ties in rhetoric and discourse that people that go far beyond. that there's not going to ask you when you speak about that that ties to general. discourse we. you sometimes hear about the need to confront. bigotry towards muslims or islamophobia but do you think there is even do you think there is really enough of a recognition of far right views permeating mainstream political ideas so fifteen years ago that the idea that europe in particular but the worst in general was being overrun from within in this idea of what we call euro arabia
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where there's this fifth column within western civilization that seeking to overrun it and change it from within this was a marginal idea it was an idea that few people took seriously and because they failed to take it seriously it seeped in and now you have statements coming out of places like hungary with the presence of angry if the order been saying things that only a decade ago would have been utterly utterly unthinkable and the rhetoric in the discourse there we see over to many parts of the mainstream when it comes to muslims looks very similar to what we used to see in the into war years in europe when it came to jews i don't say this lightly i think we have to take very seriously how deeply rooted this type of rhetoric is and it's not the say there's a problem we cannot solve and that we cannot for a confront i firmly believe that we can that we should but that we need to take it seriously in order to be able to face it confronted and put on his back foot is it
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is it possible to confront it you mentioned donald trump and he said just on friday that he doesn't see a rise in in white nationalism at all that might be an issue in new zealand how would you describe the impact of a remark like that in the aftermath of this attack in christchurch so you go this is precisely what i'm talking about i don't hold donald trump responsible for the actions of a terrorist the new zealand what i hold on.


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