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become a regular feature on social media now for the first time india's election commission is trying to crack down old provisions of model code of conduct some a clutch of the content being posted on social media by candidates and political parties. money party political parties here say they welcome the move to regulate social media something they see as crucial for the democratic process political system in this country is becoming more unstable because there are more question coming on our social media that how important is our social media and that's how it's going to influence our electoral politics coming even in this election but not everyone is as optimistic indians' a new one for the tenacity and the capacity to bypass the rules and to come across with in a way two approaches of bypassing policies and standards twitter has also begun cracking down on unverified political ads but some legal experts don't believe it's enough we're going to see not dramatic results we could see some encouraging results but for this policy to be really successful i think. we've done
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a social media have alerts in india's politics so have the online attacks those in the public eye are often the main targets but it's not always coming from established parties the victims of online attack say individual spreading fake news get their orders from higher ups in different political parties it's a malays that that kind of flows right from the top to the bottom this journalist says he and others are regularly attacked online in several cases social media companies have failed to crack down as was the situation with one of his female colleagues people who were sending. pictures now see put those pictures plus the phone numbers of the individuals who were sending so the so twitter threatened to suspend her account. as political parties push their social media campaign this election new rules meant to crack down on misuse will be put to
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the test still to come on counting the cost of boeing's entire global fleet of seven three seven max aircraft is grounded. but first time a pharmacy export more unprocessed rubber than anywhere else in the world but as global prices fall they are suffering and as al-jazeera scott heiler reports now from the southern province of crabby critics say a government subsidy scheme is too little too late. for generations the landscape of southern thailand has been dotted with rubber plantations it's known as the white gold that's tapped from the trees but now and probably province like many others the farmers have been dealt a double blow by world markets and one dispute in particular. global oversupply has driven the rubber price down forty percent over two years and the months long trade war between the united states and china has severely cut china's need for thai
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rubber. rubber farmer since he was a boy. is struggling but is skeptical of a subsidy program recently put in place by the military government the need to give them and try to help us but they just do it just to save face and fix the problem in the short term they don't think about the long term they subsidise the fifty eight dollars to fifteen hundred square metres of course we want money to know this program some economists see the subsidies as a quick fix as they are only a short term benefit for some of the local farmers here it does nothing to lessen their reliance on the global price of rubber and what needs to happen next they say is more of a focus on innovation advancing the industry here less on export raw rubber. as thailand heads towards its first election since the military coup five years ago some question the government's motivation behind subsidies rather than investing in the future of the industry don't have enough dissent and they don't have
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a political view to do that. they detest doing something that's easy. and then get up with. the cost do. so and then do coal. but the government defends the subsidy program as the only way they can work with the farmers how many who got yet if we don't have this program the farmers don't come to talk with us with the corporate with the government it probably is traditionally a stronghold for the democrat party members campaigning out in the plantations they say the current program is bad for the farmers and will bring it to an end if elected although they'll guarantee a minimum price for rubber. but offer little detail of how they'll keep the industry going in the long term and how the people here will continue to live off their white gold. now long before fin tech apple pay and pay became buzzwords an
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unlikely part of the world was leading the charge in mobile payments now mpeg owned by east africa's biggest company safari com has agreed a partnership with china's e-commerce giant alibaba the deal will help safari com customers use its mobile money services outside kenya and pessah has been operating now for more than a decade well it's been credited with pulling some two hundred thousand people or two percent of kenya's population out of poverty in a world first the kenyan government used the mobile phone platform to sell bonds safari com is worth eleven billion dollars it is kenya's biggest company accounts for six and a half percent of the country's economy our economics editor abbott alley caught up with bob cole a ball the chief executive officer of safari com he asked him about the social impact of impasse. so we've got the anecdotal stuff and we've got the quality of stuff but the quantity stuff so you know neutrally we have increased the financial
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inclusion penetration in kenya from around twenty twenty three percent to about seventy five percent and when you increase and deepen financial inclusion the people who you actually capture in that space are the people who rural. the people who are agricultural the people who pour and largely the people who are women so that's that's one way we've measured it we've also done some work with georgetown university which showed the numbers of people who've been brought out of extreme poverty because of them you know every minute there are three thousand people who are receiving money on impasse of this two thousand people who paying their bills there is three hundred eighty noons which are issued every single minute using impasse so how important is the data that you collect from your customers today well you know we don't collect that much data from our customers we already do that smart in terms of managing big data so the challenge is some of our bigger brothers
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like facebook and social media people have got you know we don't face you know we provide a simple service how do you enable people to conduct financial transactions. when you're at the bottom of that the bottom of the pyramid using the most ubiquitous thing we have in africa which is the mobile phone you know there's four hundred forty four hundred forty four million mobile phones in the country and in the in the continent and there's a lot less a lot fewer bank accounts. that exist today so how does you a deal with alibaba help you and your customers so you know in the express area we're actually following the customers what an express is tempted to do is to create a marketplace for africans and the kenyans to bring stuff in from china and i mean happens all the time you get in the flight from nairobi to china you see how many small traders are going over there to buy stuff but the big problem they've got is
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how do they pay for it a lot of africans don't use or don't trust the use of credit cards and so using impasse which is something which is something because in twenty one million kenyans today using impasse every day it helps those customers to conduct those transactions in a very seems kind of. and empress has been rolled out to many other countries the one country where it didn't quite take off was south africa happy may be able to figure out why that was the case i think of south africa you know it has a very advanced banking sector i was in south africa for four years a very advanced banking sector and the penetration of banking down that pyramid is actually much greater than the penetration in in other countries but the other so the other thing is that you know investor actually addresses a very specific problem in kenya when it was first launched and if you try to do a lift and shift you take the products from one country but it's another country without addressing a problem or a challenge then it inevitably it will fail and another hot topic right this very
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moment is five g. and when do you expect to roll that out in kenya you know we're still working on and rolling out four g. we expect five g. to come within the next two or three years are you concerned by u.s. fears that huawei customers could be spied on in the future you know i think africa needs to everything is the figure for itself what it wants to do the us has its own challenges with china and africa has a different kind of relationship we have a very deep relationship with our way you know they provide our billing system they provide our core network they will provide our five g. infrastructure so we don't have the same challenges that the very concept but you know i think that's a much more complex geopolitical issue we're just focused on the technical technological solution and we've got to. continue to have a very strong relationship with public so you had no contact with the kenyan governments have they expressed any kind of concern about well ways equipment well
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how it is also a big vendor for the government of kenya you know the backbone fiber is is being done by huawei for the government while we were the vendors that we used to build out the security infrastructure so the government of kenya don't really have a problem that. safari called in northeastern kenya environmentalists campaigning against a major construction projects which they say is taking place on stolen land but the government has accused activists of standing in the way of progress. reports. kenya's leaders say it's east africa's most ambitious infrastructure project. the level port and southern sudan ethiopia transport corridor or lap set is worth an estimated twenty four point five billion dollars. it includes the construction of a deep water port highways oil pipelines railways airports and even three luxury
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resorts. port will be the main hug connecting kenya ethiopia done to the indian ocean and to the world. and. its. work started in two thousand and thirteen when it's finished it's hoped the port will become a major source of revenue. but not everyone is happy with the project activists say it will damage the environment and the government is not properly compensating people for their land leaving indigenous communities to pay the price for kenya's progress. if the government to solve them. only twenty seconds. for years people relied on fishing and tourism to earn a living the port means
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a major shift and instead of speaking to them community leaders say the government is steamrolling them the kenyan leaders say the lab said project is being done by the book and accuse activists of working against the national interest and in some cases even labeling them as terrorists a recent human rights watch report said people campaigning against the project faced intimidation beatings arbitrary arrests and detentions. one longtime activist turned politician said in kenya government suppression is nothing new and in the government is the terrorist it's not the people it's the government. has been left behind because of development there's no development in the roads there no public health facilities there is zero government involvement in the ground and now at this project is not going to. improve the lives of people it's going to affect them there's going to be pollution it's going to affect our fishing it's going to affect . every facet of their life. projects like port are central to president
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kenyatta as development agenda he's promised all kenyans that things will get better in twenty nineteen but in law the pace of progress may mean some kenyans get left behind finally this week boeing's entire fleet of seven three seven jets is grounded the plane's the company's best seller but u.s. aviation regulators now believe that crashes in ethiopia and indonesia have displayed worrying similarities and. reports now from boeing's factory in renton seattle. globally grounded the entire fleet of all three hundred seventy one boeing seven three seven max airplanes are being taken out of service following two unexplained crashes less than six months apart the u.s. was the last country to ground the planes president donald trump made the announcement and we. had a very detailed. group of people working on the seven thirty seven
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eight and the seven thirty seven nine newer lines. we're going to be issuing an emergency order of prohibition to ground all flights of the seven thirty seven max eight and the seven thirty seven max nine any plane currently in the air will go to its destination and thereafter be grounded until further notice the u.s. carriers american airlines and southwest have dozens of seven three seven maxes in their fleets trumps announcement came hours after canada's transport minister said his country's airlines would no longer be flying the aircraft after an analysis of satellite data found similarities between the lion air crash in indonesia in october and the ethiopian airlines disaster a total of three hundred forty six people were killed in the two crashes as
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a result of new data that we received this morning and i had a chance to analyze in on the advice of my experts and as a precautionary measure i'm assuring safety notice boeing issued a statement saying that out of an abundance of caution it had recommended to the u.s. federal aviation administration the temporary suspension of operations of the entire global fleet of seven three seven max aircraft the flight data recorders retrieved from the ethiopian air. alliance crash will be processed in france that's an unusual departure from the normal protocol in an accident involving a plane that was built in the united states ethiopian of visuals reportedly declined to hand over the black boxes to u.s. authorities. for this week if you'd like to comment on anything that you've seen you can tweet me i'm at a finnigan on twitter use the hash tag a j c t c when you do or you control the
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line counting the cost at al-jazeera dot net is our e-mail address as always there's plenty more few online at al-jazeera dot com slash see that takes you straight swap page there you'll find individual reports links even entire episodes for you to catch up but that's it for this edition of counting the cost i'm adrian finnegan from the whole team here and oh thanks for being with us the news on al-jazeera is next. he's everywhere and it's choking our planet very toxic and very dangerous we could spend years creating this i along with breakthroughs all being made showing that it is possible to change our relationship with a substance this running. mate that we pick up on the beach we try to move on plastic waste. on al-jazeera out here.
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when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or is it the or tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confession on al-jazeera . whether someone telling the reds. i think it's how you approach nothing it is a certain way of doing. story in my out.
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al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes. will challenge new zealand's prime minister and demands action on gun control as the man appears in court over the mosque attacks that left forty nine people dead. he can you hear with. an intention to kill there are also questions about why the suspects movements before the attacks didn't set off alarms. also ahead still not satisfy the algerians keep up their demands for a change even though their ailing president says he won't try to stay in power. plus we'll take a look at the maze like structure that new york is banking on to bring in even more
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tourists. hello a man suspected of carrying out gun attacks on two mosques in new zealand has appeared in court charged with murder twenty eight year old brenton tara and didn't enter a plea or seek bail he's accused of going into the mosque in central christchurch and shooting dead forty one people well not long afterwards seven more people were killed at a second mosque another victim died in hospital the individual charged with mood had not come to the attention of the intelligence community nor the place for extreme islam. i have asked our agencies this morning two weeks wistfully on a ceasing we did it was any activity on social media or otherwise that should have triggered a response so the suspect was one of four people arrested he posted
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a jumbled manifesto online identifying himself as an australian white supremacy. he came here with. an intention to kill in his mind so he did not. develop his hatred here he came here to perform the sake of terrorism so in the wake of the attacks prime minister just into our journey has vowed to introduce tougher gun laws let's bring in andrew thomas he's joining us from christchurch andrew to first tell us about the suspect who is now appeared in court what more do we know. just in the last half hour the suspect has appeared in court the twenty eight year old his name we can now say officially. and terence now he's being charged with just a single count whether it's getting into the system but i doubt many more charges
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will follow he came into court he didn't say anything at all that wasn't an opportunity for him to say nothing but similar appearances others due to the shout out things he didn't but according to my colleague who stood up looking directly at the media of the courtroom throughout his appearance and he was smirking throughout his appearance he only had a duty lawyer with him that's unusual normally somebody would have a lawyer that they have chosen that suggests that he's going through this process from now on will probably represent himself but in some ways that's something about how he has planned this attack as much as he planned the attack itself. and andrea just tell us what the mood is where you are we can see certainly the flowers that have been placed on the ground behind you and what's being said by the victims' relatives. well it's a very very somber mood the roads are very quiet in christ church the prime minister earlier on saturday encouraged people to stay home not everybody has been
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plenty of people as you can see coming here leaving flowers little sign they're not sure if you can see it but it says this is not new zealand and every five minutes or so somebody comes and lays a bunch of flowers quietly stands back and just looks down the road the out normal says about four hundred meters down the road behind me very very somber mood lots and lots of migrants to new zealand have been coming here and telling me that they really feel that as much as this is an attack on new zealand generally it is an attack specifically on the nearest arrivals here muslims of course but migrants more generally feel that this is a tax on their community really huge amounts of anger it has to be said and that goes even for those who lost relatives in these attacks let's hear now from the son of a man who was killed. we know to this night we're here to help people this is a new zealand man you know. you know. he's he's no dummy with. you know what could have been here but because it's so calm and relaxed i think
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this is why people want to show how we can be like you we're not like this. for many thousands of people will have to be buried in coming days we're going to see a lot of grief for those funerals i've been talking to people here who had in some cases lucky escapes one man who was running late to go to friday prayers didn't get there in time he missed out for that reason another man i was just speaking to was at the lynwood mosque as the gunman came in the gunman for whatever reason didn't seem to see him so everybody else around him the man next to him was shot through the head he managed to get out some horrific. stories but also some miraculous stories among them which of course you get in these horrible horrible situations new zealand will never be the same again this is a country that in a sense has lost its innocence this used to be a refuge in a quiet part of the world welcoming to migrants giving them refugees particularly at home here away from their own water in parts of the world now the horror has come to this country and it will really affect this country's psyche in the game
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but it's something i've been told again and again today all right andrew thomas with an update from christchurch thank you now the mosque attacks have focused attention on hustle media can be exploited the gruesome event was broadcast via facebook live and uploaded to other platforms like twitter and you tube social media giants are under pressure to react faster as explains. and there is certainly a big conversation happening online about that video footage that you mentioned of this particular event and what responsibility these social media platforms have now we've made a decision as a channel not to show any of the seventeen minute long video video that was broadcast on facebook and the new zealand police have also urged the public not to share links to extremely distressing footage but i must say it is all over the internet now drew harwell is a technology reporter for the washington post who puts this into a bit of scope for us and before it was live streams on facebook the shooter announced what he was going to do on eight chan now that's
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a anonymous message board which is dedicated to free speech but many think that it's one of the most vile websites on the internet because of the hate speech that is tolerated there on hate chant eight chan rather his comments his manifest so in the video itself were praised by other anonymous users now that clip was then reposed on you tube that company says that it is working vigilantly to remove any violent footage it was discussed on reddit read it is one of the most popular websites on the internet and the name of the forum in which it was discussed is called watch people die people were narrating the video some praising the shooters sharing screen shots and other links facebook has released a statement saying our hearts go out to the victims their families and the community affected by the horrendous shootings in new zealand police alerted us to a video on facebook shortly after the live stream commenced and we quickly removed both the shooter's facebook and instagram accounts and the video we're also removing any praise or support for the crime in the shooter or shooters as soon as
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we are aware we will continue working directly with new zealand police as their response and investigation continues so there's a lot of questions out there for facebook namely how something like this could be live stream for so long for seventeen minutes the u.k. home secretary. has asked these platforms to address this issue. he says that they must stop violent extremism from being promoted on their platforms take some ownership he says anough is enough considine is a sociologist in the united states who says that this attack hit a nerve for him and he shared his thoughts without zero in light of the terrorist attacks in new zealand it is more imperative than ever for christians and people of all faith and all conscious to come together in the spirit of brotherhood sisterhood in our common humanity to support and defend muslims when we hear people
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say muslims are our enemy we must stand up and condemn it we must respond by saying no muslims are our friends our neighbors our loved ones our doctors our coworkers our lawyers when we hear people say islam hates us we must condemn it and say no we can respond by looking at the qur'an the spirit of the qur'an the compassion in the mercy that we see in this holy book is part of the solution to the world's ills it's time for all of us to rise up in the spirit of peace and even though these horrors were broadcast live on facebook we have seen many people using that particular platform for good posting messages of support both from the new zealand and its muslim community this woman for example had this message to the muslims in her community saying whatever you need to feel safe we will do all we can to help. ok well let's talk about the prime minister's push to toughen new zealand laws and speak to alexander he's a professor at the university of. me university of waikato in new zealand he warned
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of the threat of a gun crisis three years ago your joining us from all clint thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so as the prime minister said there have been attempts to change the laws in the past in two thousand and five as well as two thousand and twelve and twenty seventeen and she's saying now is the time for change what needs to be done this time for that chains to actually go ahead. i think if the laws do change this time it will be the same with other countries like australia and with britain when if you get a mess of this making and shoot with someone who was a licensed firearms user the demand for change and legislation that will follow will happen quite quickly so you expect it to take place quickly will parliament tackle this head on.
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new zealand has it's considered a very safe country in terms of the global peace index we're number two at a level treat was considered to be low homicide rate by firearms about two hundred two year what happened was completely unexpected but this is going to be a catalyst for change because often for countries to change the firearms laws you need to make me choose to be like this and this may be that event how would you describe the gun laws currently in new zealand. new zealand has a very high pick capita gun ownership rate compared to other countries but it's quite liberal in other regards for example but licensing regime is quite relaxed we know with some of the firearms but about ninety five percent of the firearms are untraceable and this instance it's a particular problem because the man seems to have got the firearms lawfully he was licensed we don't know what category of license he had but the firearms he busiest
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and this atrocity were seduced of the highest firepower possible so as you are saying because the majority than a firearms are unregistered how difficult is it then to actually know how many guns there are in the country. we know how many guns are imported each year and we have loose records from that and we know where the site was out we just don't record the cycles of up to ninety five they seem to them the difficulty here is that there's differences between the categories of licenses and this is what the prime minister may change or she may change going towards a prohibition of a certain type of firearm if she follows the presidents of other countries think it's likely that she could perhaps at that top a foreign being in the country and what is it that you personally would like to see changed because you yourself warned off the threat of a done crisis three years ago.
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to have a crisis of this magnitude requires two things one it requires firepower which the murderer has access to end to it requires a hatred and an ideology to do it the problem for a country like new zealand is that we've been very concerned about jihadi types of tourism the terrorism from gangs and possibly even marya extremists quite simply our security services were looking into all of the wrong rocks and when the tierra did strike it was when we did not expect it but we should have been looking ilia all right to alexander gill s.p. we thank you for speaking to us from. the rest of the day's news is coming up right here on the al-jazeera news hour eight years on we take a look at where syria's war now stands and what the future may hold. dangerous buildings are demolished in nigeria after this week's collapse giving residents little time to leave. and they plan to persuade kat's hearts a share the twenty twenty two world cup with its neighbors is put on ice i'm told
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peter will be here a little later with that story. but first hundreds of thousands of algerians have been back on the streets demanding president. resignation weeks of mass protests have already forced the ailing president to drop his bid for a fifth term but it's not been easy to satisfy the masses have been rallying against him for weeks about this and reports. this is not what the algerian government all president up there as he's beautifully hoping for the streets of the capital and other algerian cities once again crammed with protesters demanding that the president steps down the media as well as other critics who want a complete joke. both of leka has been in power for twenty years he's been credited with revitalizing algae riza kaname and ending fighting
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with armed groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. which killed tens of thousands but he's now eighty two and his health has been poor especially since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's become little more than a front man for business and military figures his opponents say really run the country. bowling well prices badly hit algeria's economy jobs particularly for young people are scarce after four terms about buttafuoco presidency some young algerians are taking their protests online you want to give me. we need to be free and you will be. the one in whom i've known in my life one president. i want to change a media change it's got spencer says. to try to calm demonstrations he won't seek a fifth time next month's presidential election.


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