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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine or a listening post on al-jazeera. handcuffed and shackled brenton tire and the suspect and the new zealand mosque shootings appears in court. ellen malcolm i'm david of holland you're watching our desire live from doha we'll have full coverage of events in new zealand then we'll tell you about the tributes for the victims as they continue to pour in with people placing flowers flowers and cards and words of comfort. new zealand's prime minister just into our journey meets with members of the muslim community to offer her support and ensure their
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safety. and values to overhaul new zealand's gun laws the prime minister said she'll introduce tougher gun measures. new zealand in mourning following the worst shooting in the nation's history forty nine people were killed in attacks on two mosques in the city of christchurch more than forty others are in hospital with some in critical condition the main suspect has been charged with murder twenty eight year old brenton tara and didn't enter a plea or seek bail and he will be back in court early next month police have searched his home and the nearby town of did need an improvised explosives were found earlier in his car and nearby homes were evacuated as a precaution prime minister just into our journey has promised to introduce tougher gun laws in the wake of this attack undoubtedly new zealanders will question how
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someone could have been in position of weapons of this nature. one of the issues we're facing is that. the guns that were used in this case at ph who of being modified each day it is a challenge that police have been facing and that's a challenge that we will look address in our laws. well our journey has the meeting leaders of new zealand's muslim community and she offered her condolences and assure them of support from the government they can feel that i have with the one i use and the more freedom to. thank like freedom to express your culture and religion. when he joins us live from christchurch wayne what's the mood like there today and the atmosphere.
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would be a certainly very somber where we hear it's still very much an active crime scene there are still many police around the sites where these killings took place the main site where most of the people were killed the mosque just a few hundred meters in that direction we have seen within the past hour or so forensic police still combing that area looking for any small piece of evidence lying on the road cars as well being looked at that they can use in this case is still very much an active crime scene we also believe that they may be still bodies inside the el nor mosque as well the prime minister. as you said spoke again on saturday and she said that she hoped that the bodies from the two sites from the two mosques would be returned to their family members by the end to all of saturday by saturday night well it's just gone eight o'clock here we understand that the family members of the people killed in those two mosques are pretty much all
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staying together still inside a community center and they have told us as well that they hope to be reunited with their family members with those people that were killed in those mosques tonight so they can begin preparations for the funerals also. may be able to see behind me there are many people coming around this police cordon to pay their respects to leave flowers and just to spend some time here to reflect on what has happened to christchurch this is very much of course the small city but it is also the entire nation one of the issues that just in the region has spoken about is the gun laws can you explain what they are and how that's expected to change. yes well there are very strong words coming. from the prime minister saying that the gun laws will be changed it wasn't that she was going to push for that she said that they will be changed and i think it's very unlikely in the new zealand
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parliamentary system within the new zealand government that we are going to see any opposition to that push to change the gun laws you may see some opposition from some groups outside government outside parliament but from within given that this has been such a huge event for this small country such a large number of people killed that there will be any opposition to that within parliament new zealand already has fairly strict gun laws but clearly they weren't strict enough to prevent this from happening and the think most most people living in this country probably wouldn't know that someone from outside new zealand can come here present a gun license from their own country australia for example and then be given a gun license in new zealand will be able to buy a gun here without any background checks that's certainly something that she would like to see changed also access to sydney automatic weapons you cannot buy simian automatic weapons in australia you can hear and we know that brinton terence had
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a gun laws since he was a member of the gun club in the city of don't need into the south of christchurch so all of those things will be looked at certainly by the government when as we're speaking to you we can see people gather around placing flowers. people seemingly are from all backgrounds all ages can you tell us about the reaction that you've seen there and how people are feeling today and what kind of. basically what they've been saying about what's happened. yes well as telling you that did it all just get out of shot so you can see exactly what is happening just before you came to us in fact while we were speaking the police removed the cordon tape from here it's been in place really since the massacre took place as i say they all nor mosque down this road where you see the people walking is just a few hundred meters. is down there that is where most of the people were killed and so the flowers have been gathering here is people have come in throughout the course of saturday to lay them at this intersection which was as far as they could
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get as close to the mosque as they could get but as i mentioned that's just a few minutes ago that police tape was removed and it seems that the people are now being allowed to walk down this road much closer to the mosque it doesn't look like they're being prevented from going all the way so they may be going right down to the gates of the mosque which is on this main road here. we walked down there just a few minutes ago and the building was still shrouded in black protective material on the outside to protect whatever investigations inquiries were going on inside so it could be an indication to view as well that the investigation within the mosque the forensic investigation has come to an end and that the bodies have now been removed from there which again is something that the new zealand prime minister. says that would happen by the end of saturday by saturday evening but you
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mentioned you asked about the reactions from people it is still one of complete shock it's saturday evening here the mesquite took place on friday in those two mosques and this is a very small city so people are still shocked and there's been a shocked reaction as well emotions running very high right around the country and we've seen people paying tribute at the vents and other things the areas right around the country throughout the course of saturday when you live for us in christ church thank you very much of course been speaking to you throughout the day thank you. now world leaders have been offering messages of support to the people of new zealand on saturday the prime minister spoke with donald trump asking what he could do to help and to send there are different response sympathy and love for all muslim communities well the u.s. president has described the attacks as terrible but the suspects manifesto suggest that trump was a source of inspiration i cannot has this report from washington. it was
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a somber day of prayer for american muslims all expressing sorrow for those who died in the new zealand attacks i'm absolutely heartbroken as everybody is today i i woke up to the news of my followers going out with the best and i was absolutely i needed to come to my prayer but in a nation that has seen its share of attacks on houses of worship this concern about what many viewers are sometimes inflammatory comments that are outed by the president i actually think that the rhetoric that exists from the white house is very much ignite responses that constables like these to around the world a message driven home by this muslim leader mr trump your words not. your policies matter they impact the lives of innocent people at home and globally
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in recent years the u.s. has seen enough take an extreme right wing violence at least one convicted extremist with clearly defined links to president trump. sees a say accent pipe bombs to the president's critics and had pictures of donald trump on his van. and there was no specific criticism from the president a white supremacist in charlottesville whose actions led to the death of an anti-racist protester the president's response there are very fine people on both sides. after expressing sorrow for the new zealand attacks president trump insisted he did not think quite nationalists were a growing global threat i don't really i think it's a small group of people that have very very serious problems i guess if you look at what happened in new zealand perhaps that's a case i don't know enough about it yet they're just learning about the person and the people involved but it's certainly a terrible thing and discussing his border wall the president echoed the words of
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one of the killers who did legibly written we are experiencing an invasion on a level never seen before in history people hate the word invasion but that's what it is it's an invasion of drugs and criminals and people. the trump presidential campaign galvanized the u.s. right wing attracting supporters like this former ku klux klan leader we are in the most critical lection probably in our history and donald trump is the guy that really stands up donald trump repudiated duke support but conservative whites with a key to his election victory a demographic the president continues to court for what he hopes will be another successful campaign mike hanna al-jazeera washington. does named chopra is chairperson of the australian muslim women's center for human rights and across cultural consultant joins us on skype from kuala lumpur thanks very much for coming on the program today i want to start with as we've just come off the view from
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washington talk about troubles president's reaction now he has said. he doesn't see a rise in the white supremacy around the world than him has counted this act this terror act as just a small group with a very serious problems propagating this kind of hate crime not what kind of a message those that send. i think it says a mist that required to millions coming from trump himself and he's consistent in ignoring the need to make sure that he receives his own intelligence committee and we've seen that another occasion this is no exception the fact that intelligence in the united states did in a strange and have long been arguing that the rise of right wing terror is in fact the greatest domestic terrorist by the countries has been ignored by him in fact to the best of my knowledge he has actually defunded initiatives that the brakes resourcing all of this is going to be tracked to writing terry to us some of the
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reason i would say this is ruled in just in the in the situation of him nor in the i say there's a very abject denot now and invested interest in not the sweetness and i think that speaks to a great stuff. collusion if you will of his of his policies and his thinking in that ring the rank. eyelets that this kind of previous training doesn't come as a surprise to me that people think she's his words his commentary always being expectant all of it is does he's the instruments that work for others to a kind of elimination that keeping with the international rhetoric let's let's go to as trivial were the main suspect as from you know we've seen a growth in the far and far right politicians and bigoted politics what has that done to perhaps propagate this kind of hate crime and when you compare it to new zealand which you know very much sees itself as
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a land of immigrants. and then you see such a shocking incident there how how does the how do you explain the difference in the two. i think you you can out right didn't achieve so vastly different in the way that politicians in particular have branded about. racial superiority as as if it were some sort of rent that. destroyed it particularly we seen too many betas but present and past who endorsed this difference of us and men who've ensured that the migrants and the muslims constantly manage to feed on the outside i think there is no. there's no surprise then that the man was in a stray unique piece she writes word fact the like it's a politician's ladies who have said muslims are problem they don't belong here. the values don't align with ause. push to ban them to educate immigration to constantly look at muslims and straight as if they were knox's moron has has fueled this kind
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of hate we've seen very divisive very some her big rhetoric espoused the latest crossed the spectrum for the government and those outside of it and i think the events in new zealand are a coast to them to hang the hits and shame the ones i think that will material support for terrorism why have we seen this growth in the far right politics in this kind of extremism and such a global age that we live in or people are interacting for more and there's a lot more discussion and dialogue. well i think it's one might argue that it's low hanging fruit you see you have minorities and migrants rick but he who become easy targets of prey when it comes to you know going to the blank for planned economy but it's so you know if there isn't is an economic issue playing richie's if there is a problem we didn't blame the muslims so we get it rather than look at structural reform . when change has to happen it's become muslims in the west in the us
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have straight who often face the brunt of political political football it and make being made out to be the sole cause of the problem and if we address to the limit i also probably limit everything else as it was that simplistic and i think increasingly that kind of duplicitous binary of good and bad is now being thrown into question at a disadvantage the teacher has has really cast a lot on how governments healed and how governments and leaders particularly there is incumbent leadership and strength are responsible for creating a narrative that strand in muslims and christians in the west along thank you very much tasneem chopra chairperson of those trillion muslim women center for human rights good to talk to you great to get your insults and sights of rather thank you . ok still ahead on al-jazeera. the
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monsoon season is about to start here in bangladesh and there are around a million rangar refugees living in these camps in concord bazaar i'm stephanie decker an oblate straining here what dangers these hot and these people face when the rains come. well arse a bit of a shock with the wind in for some quite cold weather diary dance for your efforts to some degree still there is a warming trend on the way kelly's not going to be immediate nor for everybody is a massive cloud sitting over the middle of germany and touching france as well if this is going to be a wet picture on saturday for germany the low countries for the british isles dollars when is it was there underneath its rather model it was two fifty in paris
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for example twenty three that image shows what it can be this time the now down to the southeast corner only nine anchor of bucharest in athens have picked up as a cloud in the rain dispersed for sunday so will the temperatures not true for most of austria too not much change really for good part of france and germany change their wind direction maybe they'll be cooler feeling and he may or may not have rain but it's never going to be far away so most of the action is in northern europe which means along with portugal and spain you can enjoy the warmth in morocco algeria internees the temperatures low twenty's that have a cold start well in relative terms anyway for the eastern side of libya and evening current twenty just go to the coast it will be rather cloudy and gray but that too improves by tommy get to sunday. isn't the problem for you that they usually don't have a health question but he does have
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a corruption question really doesn't look good for me to be kicking him going to do we're. going to try to get one there's a lot of disillusionment with the us across the globe. is cooling of the bridge doesn't build the bridge joining me from my guests from around the world and we debate the week's top stories and. again you're watching our desire and here's a reminder for our top stories this hour the gunman arrested after new zealand's mosque attacks has been charged with murder twenty eight year old brandon didn't
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enter a plea your seatbelt forty nine people died in the shootings at two mosques and christchurch on friday. museum lenders have been paying tribute to the victims of the shootings a makeshift memorial has been set up and christchurch where residents have been gathering to pray and the flowers. prime minister just has met with the muslim community leaders in the city and she's promised to use tougher gun laws it's emerged that the suspects had only obtained five guns proving automatic weapons. to other news now and some myself i just i'm still putting up fierce resistance against u.s. backed rebels and their last shred of territory in the east in syria the syrian democratic forces says three i saw fighters emerge from the village of drug loose on friday acting as though they were surrendering before setting off suicide bombs six people were killed. hundreds of thousands of areas have been back on the
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streets demanding president abdelaziz bouteflika resignation weeks of mass protests have already forced the ailing president to drop his bid for a fifth term but it's not been enough to satisfy the masses then rally against him for weeks matheson has this report. this is not what the algerian government all president up there as he's beautifully hoping for the streets of the capital and other algerian cities once again crammed with protesters demanding that the president steps down immediately as well as other critics who want a complete change of government. both of leader has been in power for twenty years he's been credited with revitalizing algeria's economy and ending fighting with armed groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. which killed tens of thousands but he's now eighty two and his health has been poor especially since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's become little more than a front man for business and military figures who his opponents say really run the
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country. falling oil prices badly hit algeria's economy jobs particularly for young people are scarce after four terms of a beautifully cool presidency some young algerians are taking their protests on why you want to be free. we need to be free and you will be. equally i've known in my life one president. i want change immediate change if they don't stand listen to you. to try to calm demonstrations both a flicker says he won't seek a fifth time next month's presidential election has been cancelled but no you didn't has been set former interior minister nouri diem but we has been appointed as the new prime minister and plans to head a technocrat government should finish them. we have seen all parts of algerian society i assure you want scanned we are ready to term and our desire is strong and
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our doors are open to discuss and exchange vision oh good if we could government says it will heat the protesters demands but demonstrators say that we is a beautiful. and the political system has been manipulated to allow the president and his backers to stay in power one step forward would be to reveal now who is. one of the persons who have been removed from his into arised i mean this is brother still running the show. are the security people civilians issue or the new prime minister really a person who has authority. the protesters fear the government is saying it will listen but nothing will change you know gee you. got matheson. tropical cycle on it i continues to bring heavy rain and the risk of flooding as it
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disintegrates over mozambique other cyclon has had speeds of up but up to one hundred seventy kilometers per hour and it's affecting half a million people in the coastal city of bear many of them are without power more than one hundred twenty people have been killed in mozambique malawi and south africa as the heavy rains hit the region over the past week. aid agencies in bangladesh are preparing for monsoon season which could start as early as next month and last until october it's estimated that up to two hundred thousand rohingya refugees could be at risk seventy deca has this report from the camps of cox's bazaar in southeastern bangladesh which is also one of the wettest areas of the country. john katun son helps her carry sand up to where they now live a small basic hut in the biggest refugee camp in the world we spotted her picking up sand at the bottom of a hill this she tells us is to prepare for the upcoming monsoon season only to go
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up the concern for us is that the water will come inside the home plus it erodes this soil around the home and it still continuing to erode the children sometime slip and fall so we are paving the place we send almost one million rohingya refugees live here having fled me and marjorie in the government crackdown in august of two thousand and seventeen this will be their third monsoon season away from home one of the main concerns of the monsoon season are landslides and that's because many of these huts a been built on slopes and you can see the sandbags have been used here to try and hold the ground but when the rains come you'll think wrench will water pouring down the slopes many people will tell you that these hearts which are made out of bamboo interpol and stand little chance but we're told reinforcement work has taken place on vulnerable areas and a whole new campus been built with stronger homes the ground too is getting extra
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help these are called soil retention walls all this in an effort to prevent landslides and allow the expected deluge of water to drain of quickly. sanjeeda was recently moved to this hut and she shares the space with her husband and six children of a good deal about a little earlier our previous home had taught pauline which was blown away during the storm we fixed it with a double layer it was also located in low flat land but this one is a higher ground a much more protected. there are many aid agencies operating here the size of the camps means that this is more like a city but without the resources to cope with the same number of people and last year we really created twenty six twenty six thousand refugees who are especially vulnerable and there are places. and that was a good measure this year we hope that the number of much much smaller because we have strengthened. the these shelters here we have one more year of experience and
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that's why we have kind of optimistic what is certain is that the rains will come high winds will pound these huts and the ground will turn wet and muddy but what's less certain is what will happen to all these people now living here stephanie decker in the refugee camps of cox's bazaar. nigeria's government has started knocking down buildings in the commercial capital lagos and this comes days after building collapsed which killed twenty people many of them children and it just has this report. brick by brick. workers start dismantling old buildings in central a cost dozens are marked for demolition the narrow alleys here every machines can't get access. to the work is carried out manually. the government says the buildings i dangerous we've done stability tests on about.
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that has been. this talk. of forty years old sometimes with psychopaths all of course because of the dead weight of the produce that mubarak up assets in my not be able to sustain this front and they must come back. and drew residents say they want given enough notice they accuse officials of using them to set an example after the recent tragedy where more than a dozen schoolchildren i killed with their school building collapsed. to. a lady. many residents it's too late to sunny beach county. government officials say many
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buildings from this narrow streets are in dangerous condition which is why they are being pulled down but critics say official corruption is a reason why such been allowed to be built in the first place shoddy construction work is blamed for killing nearly two hundred people here in lagos state alone the past six years the city is growing fast there is an insatiable demand for homes and businesses experts want the government to enforce building regulations on specific areas it will be linked primarily to. misuse structural. regulated extensions of buildings. faulty. construction. materials. so there quite a lot of it's a complex thing the number of. developers without. professionals without proper professional advice and involvement so that's primary
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experts are warning that unless the force majeure building coaches start up. buildings are pulled down quickly more lives could be lost sooner rather than later . al-jazeera lagos. this is our desire and these are top stories the gunman arrested after new zealand's mosque attacks has been charged with murder twenty eight year old brandon terrence didn't enter a plea or seek bail forty nine people died in the shootings at the mosques in christchurch on friday new zealanders have been paying tribute to the victims of the shootings a makeshift memorial has been set up in christchurch these are live pictures from their residents have been gathering to pray and lay flowers. prime minister just
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into our journey has met with the muslim community leaders in the city and she's promised to introduce tougher gun laws it has emerged the suspects had legally obtained five guns including automatic weapons undoubtedly new zealanders would question how someone could have been in position of weapons of this nature. one of the issues we're facing is that. the guns that were used to miscarry bring modified date is a challenge that police have been facing and it's a challenge that we will look. in changing. some myself fighters are still putting up resistance against u.s. backed rebels in their last shred of territory in eastern syria the syrian democratic forces say to me i saw fighters emerge from the village of buggies on friday acting as though they were surrendering before setting off suicide bombs six people were killed yes def says the attack highlights how difficult it is or it has
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been to wrap up their offensive hundreds of thousands of jerry and have once again protested demanding president abdelaziz bouteflika resign weeks of demonstrations have already forced the president to drop this bid for a fifth term. tropical cyclone in di continues to bring heavy rain and risks of flooding as a disintegrates over. the cycle and has hit speeds of up to one hundred seventy kilometers per hour affecting hasa million people in the coastal city of bear many of whom are without power more than one hundred twenty people have been killed in mozambique malawi and south africa as heavy rains hit the region over the past week . well those are the headlines the news continues here after inside story. on the county of the coast this week he's on a urgent mission to save the internet we'll talk to tim berners lee inventor of the
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world wide web and look at what can be a safari called it's teaming up with china's biggest e-commerce company counting the cost. of. britain's m.p.'s vote for an extension from the european union the prime minister remains determined to get her deal through parliament how will the leaders respond and where does the brains of process go from here this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm has i'm seeking back my deal all risk losing bragg's it all together that is what british prime minister theresa may is telling m.p.'s with just two weeks to go until the shed you leave date on march twenty ninth m.p. .


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