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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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with every. hand cuffed and shackled the main suspect in the new zealand shootings remain silent in court as usual charged with murder. and as police reveal the gunman legally obtained five weapons the prime minister val's tougher gun laws. hello again a teen denish oh without is there a lie from day also coming up in forensic teams begin examining the bodies of eisel victims in the years the town in northern iraq. tropical so i close it
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a batter's three southern african countries dozens of killed and the city of better in mozambique is completely cut off. new zealand is in mourning following mass shootings at two mosques in christ forty nine people were killed and more than forty others are in hospital some of them are in a critical condition the main suspect has been charged with murder and remanded in custody wayne hay reports from christ church. cuffed and dressed in white prison clothes australian born brinton terence stood before a judge charged with murder you. are a bond without. tyrant is the main suspect of an attack at this mosque in christchurch a survivor filmed the scene inside moments after the gunman had opened fire the gunman live streamed his attack on facebook as he indiscriminately opened fire on
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more than two hundred muslim worship is shortly after that shooting there was a similar attack at lynnwood mosque about ten minutes away four patients died on their way into the hospital yesterday dying before they arrived those injured ranged in ages from the very young to quite healthily patients eleven of them are in the intensive care unit. including one female agent who mid twenty's all of those in i.c.u. what we would consider a critically ill. new zealand's prime minister said the suspects arrested weren't on security watch lists arriving with a bomb disposal robot the police have started their investigation in did need in a small city to the south of christchurch where terence lived the area was evacuated as a precaution earlier they had discovered two bombs in the main suspects. the
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unprecedented violence has prompted the government to commit to changing gun control laws my understanding is he held a category i.v. gun license and again i prefer my advice currently is that he under the gun license was able to legally acquired the gun said he held they will give you an indication of why we need to change. the national threat level has been raised from low to high as police politicians and the public come to terms with the worst and most shocking attack they've ever experienced. as the forensic work is completed the size of the police cordon around el nor mosque is reduced those who came here to pay their respects to the dead made sure that hundreds of floral tributes would not be left behind ultimately people want to be able to mourn right at the gates of the elmore mosque which is still around two hundred meters beyond the cordon the police are still working there still trying to piece together exactly what happened and more broadly how this was possible here in new zealand when hey al jazeera
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christchurch well another of our correspondents in christchurch is andrew thomas and he's been hearing the stories from some of the survivors as to how they escaped after the violent frenzy the flowers all day on saturday people came to lay them in tribute to the dead and then stand whisper and weep. among those gathered with survivors and their stories on one fiji. great british t.v. started his. and he had just gone for three four minutes. when he heard the shots. and noises coming near so then i decided to do all trade and jump on my wife try to support his best friend sister linda and when she tried to talk shit like that. one of coming you know on that and my
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wife it's injured here and so i wanted to go to linda and linda it's like one of my friend knows he is from india no it was him run it was a short one blood on his shoulder so i was holding him and then the gun gunmen the gun through the window and shot him while he was on my level his shooting couple of shots in the head he was a teen he pull of the. bullet or when he finished the bullet he left of the. way. friday's attacks were targeted at migrants and muslims but their impact has been to unite all new zealanders in horror and sadness some echoed the prime minister's call for urgent action on guns i think we should ban all guns in new zone dannie people today have guns is a place in the armed forces to receive be obey and it does mean of
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a saying gan or well who weren't there days dinham and got the hanes on all guns or that it should be all been those who came to pay tribute saw the police working nearby they saw the hearses to arriving and leaving regularly collecting bodies from the al nor mosque this tribute has grown steadily over the course of saturday hundreds of people have been down here to stand in quiet contemplation there are of course very serious questions still to be answered but there's also grief and solidarity to express after thomas al-jazeera postures or yahoo malam our correspondent has more now from the australian city of grafton that's where the suspect brenton tyrant girl up. this is a community in shock tyrant spent the first twenty years of his life in grafton it's a sleepy regional town in country new south wales and we spoke with the arch dane
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of the anglican church here and he said that. the community can't believe that one of their own could be involved in an attack like this distressed parishioners have been calling in all day on saturday asking what it is they can do about the attack the we also spoke with the deputy mayor and he says that this community is one that has fallen on hard times recently economically with the loss of industry and now has to contend with the fact that is going to be associated with the attack in christ church on sunday there will be a number of church services where the community will come together will be a lot of soul searching but also a show of support for the victims in christchurch well the issue of gun possession of course is now a major priority in new zealand priyanka go looks at new zealand's lowell's these are the guns brenton tyrant the man charged with the crisis killings showed
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the world before friday's indiscriminate killings inside to most talented obtained a gun license and twenty seventeen and belong to a gun club where he practiced on the shooting range there an estimated one point five million firearms in a country of less than five million people gun owners need a license and moscow to background checks and safety training but once they have a license there is no restriction on the number of weapons making it difficult for authorities to track them. there is a restriction on the type of weapons though military style guns automatics and handguns require a special license and must be registered new zealand is a country where gun crimes are so rare the police don't routinely carry firearms but some analysts think friday's killings may lead to more public scrutiny of the
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existing laws what happened was completely unexpected but this is going to be a catalyst for change because often for countries to change the firearms both you need a magnitude of being like this and this may be that event we know with some of the far around but about ninety five percent of the firearms are untraceable and this instant it's a particular problem because the man seems to have got the firearms lawfully new zealand's gun laws will last amended nine hundred ninety two in response to the killing of thirteen people in our romana by a man armed with military style weapons neighboring australia now has some of the world's strictest rules they too were in response to a mosque shooting where a gunman killed thirty five people and tasmania in one thousand nine hundred six a month earlier a man in the u.k. killed sixty schoolchildren with handguns that prompted the government there to impose strict gun laws now friday's attacks is forcing the new zealand government
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to rethink its gun laws undoubtedly new zealanders will question how someone could have come to have been in position of weapons of this nature. one of the issues we're facing is that. the guns that were used in this case appears to have being modified a challenge the government says it would respond to priyanka gupta al jazeera well the prime minister has been receiving messages of condolence from around the world including from the us president donald trump. i spoke with donald trump this morning he sought to costa rica he very much wish for his condolences to be passed on to new zealand he asked what offer of support the united states could spread wide my message was sympathy and love for all muslim communities but to the surprise of some president trump play down the threat posed by white
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supremacists i think it's a small group of people that have very very serious problems i guess if you look at what happened in new zealand perhaps that's a case i don't know enough about it yet they're just learning about the person and the people involved but it's certainly a terrible thing terrible thing to have a news hour and the afghan special forces have been sent to help hundreds of soldiers who've been besieged by the taliban around seven hundred troops are surrounded him bag this province that's on the border with turkmenistan they took refuge after the taliban overran a dozen checkpoints on friday afghan forces have been battling the taliban in this specific region for almost two weeks now thirty soldiers have been killed and forty have been taken hostage. un forensic teams are started to exceed bodies from mass graves around the town of sin jar in northern iraq it's thought that more than
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three thousand people from the minority group were killed by eisel when they moved in five years ago but dora gave him the reports. forensic scientists search for evidence of human remains in code village on the outskirts of sin john as the relatives of the missing presumed dead watched them work it's thought i saw fighters killed thousands of easy men women and children in sin jaw over just a few days in august twenty fourth targeting them for their religious beliefs many may have been shot the headed o'byrne to life. today the iraqi government and the u.n. are opening the first mass graves it contains the remains of almost fifty bodies all men from the village this is the first of seventy three mass graves to be examined in this area the u.n. says isis campaign of murder and sexual assault against these e.d.'s amounts to genocide. this mass grave that we've seen today contains the remains of people
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a community that face the most heinous kind of criminality by i saw. nobel peace laureate nadia murat is from she was among thousands of women and girls subjected to a systematic campaign of rape and sexual violence by eisel fighters she says those who were kidnapped and taken to syria need help to return home. we demand the international community and the iraqi government form a committee that will search for yazidi woman and children in syria with the end of eisel there the fate of thousands of years e.d.s. is still uncertain. many as it is remain in camps for internally displaced people in northern iraq for those who have returned home reminders of the atrocities committed against their community all around the turia gates and be al jazeera. french police have fired tear gas and yellow vests protest is in the capital paris
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it's the eighteenth weekend of demonstrations against president emanuel mccraw the protests began over a proposed increase in tax on diesel which has since been scrapped at the rallies have grown into a wider anti-government movement. still to come here is al jazeera albania's opposition leaves column ended takes the fight against corruption to the streets. and more on the ultra vital scene and iraq in the ice on era. whether slushy fine and dry across southern parts of china further north we got a fair bit of cloud coming in as you can see us just streaming into those central areas eventually pushing over towards the eastern side of the country the think a cloud on sunday will produce some outbreaks of flight hong kong fine and dry
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twenty five celsius if a sunday similar temperature on monday may be a tad warm but i think cloud it may just be further east and you can see there will be some showers longer spells of fright easing over towards shanghai. into the philippines a suicide of the country before many is fine and dry as is the case too across in china we have got some weather though into india i would say some cloud and right into the northeast of the country a little bit of wet weather sunny a possibility here as we go on through the next day or so much of india will be settled and sunny that is a few showers also making their way into schleicher as i move out of the way you can see this area claps just pushing out of iran the pushes across a good part of pakistan really heavy downpours know the postle the country could see some flooding as we go through monday in the northern flank of that there will be some snow elsewhere is generally settled say full strength where we could see some wet weather also some weather even here in conference we go on through sunday but for the most part it's fine and dry.
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my name is in some people saying that my feelings are only programmed that they're not real but if i think the real and they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android is one of the more advanced robots in the world can or about feel that's a philosophical question it's not a lot of what you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. on all dizzy or.
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time for us a take a look at the top stories here about a zero the government arrested after new zealand's mosque attack has been charged with murder twenty eight year old brenton tyrant didn't enter a plea nor did he see forty nine people died in choosing that two mosques in christ church on friday. new zealand's prime minister is vowing tougher gun laws following the shootings the suspected attacker had five legally obtained weapons which were modified to make them more lethal. the un forensic teams have begun to examine the bodies of eisel victims in the years eve the town in northern iraq it's thought of more than three thousand people from the yazidi were killed in singe or in twenty four to. now at least twenty four people have died in eastern zimbabwe as tropical cyclone it day pushes into the country more than forty people are believed missing after homes streets and fields were battered by heavy rain the rescue
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services are attempting to help but damage roads and bridges are slowing their efforts the storm is now the losing strength. big tropical cycle and if they killed at least nineteen people that thousands were affected by the storm which cost of power and cause major damage to bridges and roads around half a million people in the city of there were isolated they're missing out of them by people leaving i saw a woman being hit by debris it's not safe for people walking in the situation is very chaotic while i was in the vein they seemed to move in they said was that a majority of houses ninety five percent that collapsed was precarious lee built up or materials a lot more now from journalist louise fonseca he works for the portuguese news agency lusa today over the they will get to the places where help is needed but mainly in the almost the poorest neighborhoods
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around the city where. we. made most of this nine hundred people killed a number which is likely to grow in the next hours as elk at c.n.n. and clears the base which are scattered all around the cycle and it is now over zimbabwe and. the focus points too big to be dissipating in the next few hours the problem now is that the reverse. likely to flood all the old the areas the run up and this will cause even more damage to all these families which ever lost their houses and now they risk losing their artists and food insecure but it is the
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next big risk in all over this area this central area of. d.n.a. testing of the remains of passengers from the crash may take up to six months ethiopian airlines is planning a memorial service on sunday a week after one hundred fifty seven on board were killed investigators in paris are examining the plane's black box recorders looking for clues as to what calls the disaster all boeing seven three seven max aircraft remain grounded worldwide following their second crash in five months president trump has a for the first time vetoed a decision by congress he scrapped an attempt to block his emergency declaration to secure funds for his long promised wall along the us mexico border the democratic speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi says a new vote will be held aimed at overriding the president's veto is not clear if
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a new vote will manage to get the two thirds majority it needs to permanently block the president's emergency declaration further as the president tries to move forward on these border wall and cracks down on asylum seekers one church in san diego is trying to provide shelter for migrants in need but reynolds reports now from san diego. christ ministry center methodist church in san diego is a haven for migrants seeking shelter about fifty asylum seekers from twenty six countries live in the church pastor l. is a durham guess who was born in haiti is one of the ministries stand. he showed us the food pantry getting government help no no government no state no city none none most adults here did not want to go on camera but madea day hey suze who fled domestic abuse in her native hundred of us along with her special needs son solomon
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agreed to speak at the sea yes it's a very nice place here they give us security and they're very kind to us elizabeth a giallo fled nigeria after her conversion from islam to christianity made her a target for attacks by boko herat she asked us to blur her face they stopped me on my left leg i stabbed him much and the shuttle. from day each of the asylum seekers has a harrowing story they are fleeing very specific religious violence and death threats and people are fleeing to mastic violence over the past two years seven thousand refugees and asylum seekers have received temporary shelter here but that's coming to an end earlier this month san diego city fire safety official said the shelter with overcapacity and would have to close now volunteers are scrambling
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to find new places to live for the asylum seekers who've been sheltering here everyone has to leave by the end of march it's over why we don't have enough space so that is why it's our responsibility to not let we didn't i don't decide whether people come into the united states i decide whether they die in the street they're going to die in the street here they'll be killed if they go home if this church was not i don't know a lot of people would have died this church surely it's just. good to us because some we have really made amidst a declared national emergency the people here face a true crisis robert oulds al-jazeera san diego. upon his vile binion's government are holding their latest rally against what they call a corrupt political system as ripples from the capital tehran to the opposition is
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calling for a snap election and the resignation of the prime minister at the rama. at least twenty thousand people have gathered here today they stretch from scandal. to the prime minister's office that's a distance of half a kilometer a very broad avenue packed with people here and they are unhappy at the corruption that they say pervades the government at all levels including daily services provided by the state but going all the way up to the cabinet which has now shifted to ministers for drug related offenses and prime minister has reshuffled it twice in an effort to show that there is renewal that there are new faces but these people are not convinced they say corruption goes all the way up to the prime minister the democratic party is calling on him to resign it wants to hold a general election. two years early and it also wants to bypass the local election
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that is scheduled for the end of june it simply wants this government to resign to make it turn itself into a caretaker government and wait for a fresh mandate from the people and of course the democratic party has already walked out of last month they are no longer part of the constitutional political process they have taken to the streets. and they want to gather have a greater numbers in order to show the government that it must go. it will become too politically unstable to govern and it appears to be winning. because this gathering is from what we're hearing in the previous ones that took place last month so maybe that albania will become an ever more unstable place politically heading to a crew. european council. this country membership in the european union the deadline against which this political pressure is ramping
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up. in nicaragua fifty prisoners held for taking part in anti-government protests have now been released as part of an effort to end a long running political crisis the prisoners will remain under house arrest well than seven hundred people have been detained since april last year at least three hundred twenty five of being killed in a wave of rallies calling for president. resignation. as in all the new years has us who was declared defeated in iraq but many still trying to get to a new life in baghdad the capital a revival of inspiring a new generation of artists hoping to turn the page on the dull chapter in their country's history that's a good name reports. in this square in western mosul there were once the sounds of gunfire and airstrikes screams and sobbing but on
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this day iraqi classical music echoes through the rubble. the building behind me was an execution site by i saw the site has its dark history that tells of the mosul catastrophe but it is now a platform to express peace through art and cultural events. in baghdad fashion designers photographers painters and sculptors are creating runways and gallery space to exhibit to an eager public. l.-wop city art festival was long considered one of iraq's premier art showcases during the years of conflict from the iran iraq war to the u.s. invasion and the battle with eisel it became a casualty and closed now for the first time in nine years the government found enough funding to host it there's
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a kind of arts revival happening in baghdad but the ministry of culture says it doesn't have the money it needs to promote the arts community in iraq less than one percent of this year's budget was devoted to the ministry so artists and international organizations are collaborating to try to fill the gap the spanish embassy held this event to promote a new generation of iraqi artists iraq has always had of great artist. but these also one of the youngest countries in the middle east. are in the side of the older artist the headlines gallery in the capital is allowing artists to stage exhibits for free it's another way to allow emerging talent to bring creations out of workshops to the eyes of potential buyers the work of some artists takes an unsparing look at the horrors of iraq's recent history while others paid
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a more whimsical world and then my bad guys china i believe that my arch work in the post i slept with showed people that it is always a bright side to the iraqis beyond the violence we need to move forward. through the arts some iraqis say they're experiencing a revival of light and enjoying aspects of it the war forced them to abandon natasha getting does era baghdad. assume no closer to finding out of cattle as world cup will be expanded to forty eight teams all not football's governing body announced on friday that the number of participants at the twenty twenty two tournament could be increased from thirty two if another host country is added the fifa also said they'd have to work with qatar to explore the idea and a final decision isn't expected until june well the idea of an expansion is complicated by sea and land blockade. by three of its neighbors leaving only kuwait
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and amman as real options twenty twenty two organizers say they're open to discussions with fever but that they're not under pressure to expand the event. it is possible it's feasible but everything is developed on a lot of details of the discussion one of assessments there's a lot of steps to be taken and this will be taken jointly between fifo and qatar and will move ahead and the final proposal will be one between fee for that it or not so large so source of information. and search of the top stories here at al-jazeera the government arrested after new zealand's mosque attacks has been charged with murder twenty eight year old brenton tyrant didn't enter a plea nor did he seek bail forty nine people died in the shootings at two mosques
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in christchurch on friday where the prime minister's valder tougher laws following friday shootings the suspected attacker had five legally obtained weapons which were modified to make them more lethal at least twenty four people have died in eastern zimbabwe as tropical cyclone it day pushes into the country more than forty people are believed missing after homes streets and field were battered by to wrenshaw rain rescue services are attempting to help but the damage roads and bridges a slowing in their efforts the storm though is now losing strength u.n. forensic teams have begun to examine the bodies of ice a wikked ins in the town in northern iraq it's sought more than three thousand people from the years edis were killed in sindh in twenty fourteen. afghan special forces have been sent to help hundreds of soldiers who've been besieged by the taliban around seven hundred troops are surrounded him bag this province that's on
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the border with turkey when they stand they took refuge after the taliban overran more than a dozen checkpoints on friday afghan forces have been battling the taliban in this particular region for almost two weeks thirty soldiers have been killed and up to forty have been taken hostage french police have fired tear gas and yellow vests protesters in the capital paris it's the eighteenth weekend of demonstrations against president macro protests began over a proposed increase in tax on diesel which is since been scrapped the rallies have grown into a wider anti government movement. today those are the latest headlines techno is next. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so
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