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tv   Moldova And The Puppet Master  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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around that in baghdad's province on the border with terminus stone it took refuge after the taliban overran over a dozen checkpoints on friday afghan forces have been battling the taliban in the region for nearly two weeks thirty soldiers have been killed and as many as forty taken hostage dozens of people are dead and missing in mozambique and zimbabwe after they were hit by tropical cyclone ed i cycle made landfall in mozambique on thursday killing at least twenty one people and cutting off more than half a million in the port city of berra heavy rains earlier in the week already claimed many lives in mozambique and neighboring malawi up next people and power is is next and then they'll be more news coming from doha or is of course also our website everything you need to know al-jazeera dot com.
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his critics say he's a secretive ali guy who pulls all the strings in a country call between europe and russia his supporters say he's just a business been turned politician with his nation's interests at heart but who is the man who many know is moldova's puppet master and what lies behind murky allegations of blackmail hitman and a billion dollar bank for old. moved
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over is one of europe's poorest and most troubles nations and many people here think they know why. some blame a billion dollar fraud which bankrupted the country. others point to the post savior trip public's complex relations with east and west. but almost everyone even the president seems to agree on one thing that it's impossible to disentangle moldova's problems from the power and influence wielded by one man. otherwise known as the puppet master. my lords the question is for those. scenes to do the voice of the little sup bottle in the lead
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at a rate me me but difficult waste of clutter that is for me to mogo the pull at the nearly getting. the inexplicably goings on in the life of play hope newt leader of moldova's democratic party a partner in the governing coalition of the stuff of spy fiction. huge wealth and attempted assassination and accusations of blackmail and bank fraud we feature film that you won there. in the film look at me get the book that was because i did say i was born. bored in twenty sixteen from becoming prime minister because of corruption allegations plotnick nevertheless took control of poem and pushing through a new electoral system that many ordinary mood david's feared would guarantee his grip on the country. everybody knows that the only place where this is had taken place is the uk is delf a cell for mr pocock now. so when last month's election resulted in
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a hung parliament with his faulty coming third what did it mean for the republic and the mark of alien figure who exercises so much influence we went to find it. sandwiched between rumania and ukraine moldova is one of europe's least known countries once it was the richest of the soviet republics for decades the breadbasket of the us i saw. but following the collapse of the soviet union it has fallen on hard times. in one nine hundred ninety two at better civil war saw a tiny sliver of land break away from moldova to form the new republic of transnistria almost five thousand people lost their lives in the conflict three thousand were wounded many made homeless. today
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transnistria is recognised and really by russia it's a time capsule of what life was like in the glory days of the savior. it's where russia's myself fourteenth only is based just forty minutes from the malaysian capital case nine. troops in a frozen conflict that could heat up any second. told by both the e.u. and the kremlin and it geo political tug of war maldives fragile democracy is under attack that's why we have this phenomenon of captcha because of geopolitical cautious because of geopolitical or he has between america and russia however that's why mr is saying staying here in power and he is laughing. his detractors accusing the sinister connections of being the man behind the curtain who controls everything that moves in the country. over of these are rather
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gay chanst blowhole new critiquing the end vehemently rejects his critics refused to let up. blood new to the men who captured the the. state institution was starting from the government to palm and persecute old fees national bank the center of combating corruption and he is using the state for his wall in the interest. of a direct links have never been proven his opponents say that particular question dreaming about whether they are a god was tied to one of motives most notorious financial scams. in the winter of twenty fourteen fraudulent claims amounting to a billion dollars were made from three major move the bank's joerg a three day period. the country's national bank was forced to cover the loss. for light from the crime for which and the
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a handful of mind to think is were held responsible continues to impoverished the country. for more than g.d.p. it's twelve percent and the problem is that this many have been put on the shoulders of taxpayers so we have to return the slimy excellent double malt jewelry and twenty five years many people are having to sell their belongings in order to get by. the white so it's a good number said it was sure. the image that had been suppressed in her but budget commandos were good but where does one of that show which is a. legislation passed by parliament last year made it practically impossible to recover the stolen money. making these the draft laws that in fact it has been propose it as an attempt to help the businesses but in the reality it was an attempt to free him from an illegal liability people involved in the bank ford.
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the government of reps it into street protests. what this characteristic for this crime did the state has participated in these so. we are almost five years away from this crime one more one cent was recuperating. we wanted to ask the hard news about this and other issues but neither he or any representative of the democratic party responded to our numerous requests for an interview as little time to say that many blame him for multi-day this way. you can look at all the public opinion polls is the most hated person politician in the country. it was perhaps then unsurprising in april twenty seventh teen when seventeen people
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were detained in accused of plotting to assassinate the only girl. money and weapons were seized including grenade launchers and kalashnikovs but his opponents say it was all the stunts to gain sympathy for the deeply unpopular only call. the perpetrators conveniently photographed themselves drawing a plan of attack over a map of the global business center nick has his office. with the political levy any. people who plan on the formation and in the lords being you know in front of become your target in the face is that they come out at the shows and they are playing some kind of mr solution i'm absolutely sure that is a fake assassination. or thief usually one good night is boring invented by by human he he is people. this as a nation claim came a split whole make a just him bald on
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a charm offensive. blah blah what you call the good you got him through the seeping through but in. seeking to present himself as a kind the father figure to the nation and they. are. i said there was an idea what they were as a government out there could look a little. more importantly he wanted to be seen as a true patriot capable of standing up to russia. it tries to sell to the west and they do you that even though he's an oligarchy now in the moment he's the only one who can stop russian tanks not entering in the region. they teased her. hold news media interests gave wall to wall coverage to the alleged assassination but after some months others chose to focus on dramatic developments from an
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earlier murder attempt in london and twenty twelve. the target was a russian banker goban stoff a business rival of plotnick who was shot four times by a professional hit man. what grabbed the headlines was that the gunman the tolly proctor serving time in to remain in prison for another crime chose this moment to admit to the attack on google stuff he then alleged that it is being carried out at the behest of nick his hands or in blood up to their elbows. should not partially she command up a few minutes. before. nukes
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dismissed crocus accusation and denied any involvement in the crime but the story was given time by janelle t.v. one of the few mlle de haven media that the oligarchs control it was a riot demonstration of independence many independent journalists we spoke to complained about harassment prompting some to leave the country. and they are. although it. was only well thought of. on one occasion salome have chased after his pursuers you need your credit but most of them drove off in a car leaving warm behind the woman because it will force despite this individual being identified no police investigation was carried out and you thought that i thought i'd march some of them for a month think about are you most likely there was. you know what they were you know
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shocked by them or by them or was allowed to lie. so what odds do was more than four months the list but still the least little sleep. search episodes are not isolated. when a high profile investigative journalist natalia murari published an open letter to the whole nuke containing the following sentences you will never become the one you always wanted to be the legitimate leader of moldova in the shadows yes surreptitiously yes but never legitimist me she claims she received threats of blackmail with an intimate tape from a plotnick associate. it was video made in my apartment which i was renting it was my apartment so it was not mean the hotel in the car it was my home so they got into my home. making sex. murari
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went public with the threat and received nationwide sympathy. you want me. here mr. beach has a camera school something. special in the lucky year for stolen south the current holder and mr pickett is still in sex tape focus at the kodak theatre. once again no action was taken by the police. denied responsibility. but as the first twenty nineteen election approached there was growing concern that black main smears might play a part in the coming vote. as campaigning got in the way against the background of inadequate funding and a largely hostile media candidates from
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a came the pro western party and socialist pro russian party came on to the streets in freezing temperatures to canvas for vague. cloth new spross a the democrats were able to draw on the oligarchs media monopoly to target opposition candidates. they all lent their wealth in silence also people like you just kill me all it is fully more or less when you order it up on one and all but i was told it was this author's lessons this is just selfless love isn't enough well let me just start with the. archaean party largely untainted by charges of corruption is one of the hot nukes bitterest opponents of the joint leader my son do when touring the provinces ahead of the vote. and seriously though . we. might. as well as explaining
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her party's policies she was having to deal with yet another smear a website whose owners couldn't be traced by sharing pictures and a video purporting to be sandy kissing another woman. who claimed that one of them was me it is not true they don't even show the faces. and just wanted to you know to to come up again to use this again to scare people so and that we wouldn't know before the elections. whoever was behind it in such a conservative country the smear threatened to be acutely damaging especially in the north of the country where traditions are strong support for the pro russian socialist party whose own mr given here. part of russia for talking with us we were part of the soviet union we don't like for example. i
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don't know feminism generally speaking we don't always don't go one day march just on the phone on the wall. these people author old believers many thousands in rural areas belong to this branch of christianity which dates back centuries to before the time of peter the great. move of fisa binnacle then yeah guilty i am. see what. is the real to see the glen you heard the world. in nasa the game of ideas years ago met another road in the canyons a mile though the mayor wouldn't need me just what a million is a no which initiate.
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simply appear all scheme the move through zoos and there will never see you. reach production destined for russia is the mainstay of the economy here there is little appetite for closer ties to europe. on this the more the blood throughput of the more the bull is always with the most of his it just keep it with us i'm. still in the north and not far away is the time of soroti one of the most important from the communities in europe which perhaps more than anyone else demonstrates how formal davis slipped since the collapse of the saviour's genius. lining the streets of gypsy palaces modeled on pulled heritage buildings and i'm mostly derelict they better asked to many to a standard of living enjoyed by ruma which is unimaginable now
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a days. from a barren officer rory is no style jake for the past. three months of its cover so use a reach but i was additionally mean your mobile not of mine the point. i stress. is it about waste years and all that usually you have a cocky media as the can you what that you will get it's and then. we saw the of you on your own the most powerful company in the world. fighting your civil war everybody was afraid of us i'm out everybody watching me circle nobody that's why you. turn back on the. being. the guys we used to be.
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from although his younger metropolitans it's a different story they see their future in the west some weeks into the election campaign at all the m.r. ari set off to address a crowd of would be though to this. ng never ever speak to them about what you're part of they should avoid it as this campaign is not about it's installable it was about it she was part of a group of journalists and musicians traveling the length of the country they were visiting towns and cities in a bid to persuade people to vote for. the war will do me a little. and to get people to see beyond moldova's bribery ridden electioneering didn't i do rationalise when you see the lady you don't grasp in a third dimensional i fully she said and all completely life. threatening can't hear my reply who wants to be slid literally slippery she slid
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the last piece he was if he let her live. but it was an uphill battle to overcome growing disillusionment with the corrupt political system. no sleestak blowhole next opponents as he has a habit of cancelling elections if they don't go quoting supply and. they point to the case of own doing a stasi joins leader of a q. after convincingly winning last use my real election in kissimmee the vote was inexplicably declared void by the supreme court. of appeals or with your partner or. a lawyer or over. the whole book or the course will share or.
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warp of the. guard was also a quick work of charles. an international rival of the decision led to an e.u. freeze on a much needed aid package which will inevitably further affect moldova's poorest people objects poverty has already led to a third of the population leaving the country driving many vulnerable youngsters into the hands of traffickers it's estimated that one living in every hundred has been trafficked people like other aina he was taken by smugglers right and forced back with and even after becoming pregnant and giving birth to a girl. there's a lot of those things. in there money. all right there are story i did remember. what a good lawyer yes there was i thinking about
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a lot. of them in the lead in the bush family up us they brought us the almost two don't honestly know what little. there were more political shenanigans just days before the vote when the central electoral commission threatened to burn the socialists on the basis that president himself a socialist was supporting the party which is head of state he should refrain from prompting yet more protests in the event the socialists were not excluded which according to some of the hold next critics was surely no accident. junior partner of clock what they are playing different roles block would know who is presenting himself as the leader of prove pm part that. is playing the role of anti european profession at the kind of threat to the european future of moldova which is used
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by block in his discussions with the west i think that both interested in one keeping all the law in the grey area where they can design the also the game think intended the law as they can do with anyone. when the election results came through achoo the socialists and to hold next democrats each took between twenty five and thirty percent of the resulting in a hung parliament of a hundred and one seats don't spoil it he took thirty five the democrats thirty leaving twenty six but i came on the face of this with no clear winner there was a chance for change but often ism is in short supply in place to the. maneuvering is something his most powerful politician excels at nogent but the democrat plan isn't him so but it's been a minute not imported shouldn't. iraq shipped him said just may not him still be
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active nobody said he's got them and they know full well you're going to. occupy niche. in moldova there's a growing acceptance that someone who is neither prime minister nor president is calling the shots in a country where the checks and balances of democracy are clearly not working the seems to be disallowed and anyone can do to change things. has been both like noakes thousand against them that i didn't want to. get us of a good thing about happening. since a lot say still a deal of the guy seen now.
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used properly can be a beautiful sight. and we're not letting them to our country. trump has found to keep my quince out of america people in power travels alongside those hoping to make even. more of him as she's on al-jazeera.
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i am a fish every week a new cycle going to see only sept breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel but that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. rewind continues to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of al-jazeera as documentaries the struggle continues bought from by did. or use distance revisiting alfred's free press. i'm the money they didn't talk
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or you think of what's happening in the rest are sites that have been some changes of war over the years in a rewind on al-jazeera. handcuffed and shackled the main suspect in the newseum remained silent in court as he was charged with. the welcome to al-jazeera live from ahead. of a parole also ahead. three southern african countries killed in the city of beta and mozambique. bodies for mass graves and. for the remains of.


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