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tv   Alfreds Free Press  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2019 1:33am-2:01am +03

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kings of the people's republic just probably not best just to dismiss everything as propaganda use propaganda because you are a brace of aggressive way of addressing a man to his son challenges chinese finance. something critical of president i said this would not be regarded well by the western press. on now just iraq. hello and welcome to rewind i'm come all sons of maria over the last ten or so years here at al-jazeera english we've built up an incredible library all award winning documentaries and on rewind we're taking another look at some of the best
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of them and seeing what's happened in the years since they were first shown this week we're going back to two thousand and twelve and a remarkable film from africa's oldest republic the west african country of liberia and its capital monrovia where less than half the population can read and write and sixty four percent live below the poverty line so with many of those people cut off from normal news sources one man decided to tackle the problem using just a bit of chalk and a large blackboard called the daily talk blackboard lists all the latest news in a simple language used by monrovia's disadvantaged poor from the witness series in two thousand and twelve here is alfred's free press. l o. l o. r u r q what we're doing is like this our
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responsibility it's a measurable get the bad news for you. then measure the information only those who . tell you it is a receiver that's our job. offer just leave and i am the phone in a creator executive director and managing editor of the data talk. to create in news people that will be on the street and everybody have access to crazy people or just believe that this quentin's will never come into reality. but. that's the kind of present our facility is. i believe that people should be informed of what is happening. to.
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the leaders of the world really didn't want to rude harsh. it is this war that prompted the creation of the data talk i saw the meat of people wanting to be the form but there was there was no means of getting information small the idea of the book came to me to deal talk news put that in the chalkboard news people and some to begin to click to music you can start it was just like food. diary. as sauce or refractory on most in out of world operation by some being and will saletan is that when you are
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after you less so. it makes sense you had to. morrow run to where her the wanted to fight drug use. every time i walk along the avenue i usually make a stop like ten or fifteen minutes in a reader there and know what is going on around me in the city what is happening in my country and around the continent. when the war was coming to the country people were forced to take you and they give you gone and the rich life to see you go and fight you know. it happened to me. used to used seven presses to. take it for the seven dollars
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the whole country where i was so i was compared to do it for my life as like you take gall and go to hunt for animal in the forest. and to take you and you hunting one another. member of friends friend of mine got. less lose. and even lose the life. i'm an activist this is what i do to make a living. i use a bullet empty casing to create straw. our ideas are transformation from war to peace.
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this is how we make. this is across germany in front of you. now. one of the problems my mom would have me for some time is i don't stay with my family. alone. you know she was able to walk out of that i have or don't sit with it funny every day he's busy this for rains a lot people call a wild story yeah ok let me call you back five minute please yeah good. news there if you come in again. and all of a thing you know there's. always
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good every morning to get information. information is a bridge between you feel and source s. c. c. g i joe is from war. many people who do want to go to. so that we know where we can bring them back together religious my thought i loved it's just. the world my parents left me their rental with and they left me and i left alone. i. get.
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caught. in this and you have to risk you must. as eager to see this side now. we are trying to build a charge. then now now you call me a a c in new biddy. happy c s sunday is happening in iran yes yes i think change is coming to liberia daily chart what to instructor of like this is so doing the people feel that go is still with them. we on our way to the scene where the body will form and then it's having to be updated. by somebody that we don't know and this is what i've come to the
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nearby exactly how did you how being the boss involving two it's things i believe it will be what do you call me with just the opposition. alone. good morning to i wasn't i had this morning i would describe here in a bad. light. oh i was just going off. and then about a dozen of you were running away hoping that. one of going to get it to get out of that you had a table was a company that. i thank you cause it when you. was it would be. you know you didn't rule of law. or not. and you don't want to have the. place i just yeah. he knew if you move up in the end of the. bed you're going this morning you know what you're
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pretty close to the mail well all i want to know where you are and it's in my groups on the ballot you know. you see the bottom of this if you care. and thank. you josh in general if you don't have the signature office you can get it used by just sitting you have to blow up the p.c. . i don't have t.v. if he done this in the video game news if you don't mean the phone in the place we're going to get news is folded it up. on waking the long day by j.f.k. . on my shift. idea how did want to live. and morning and believe
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such. and when i. wanted to write in concrete building. so that in a modern os well what to avoid a one in two going to have a two children. who don't want to use it went out. in the on to school and. play days who did it. on response well they've both lived with me. response or to see their day to day. while.
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difficult new song want to have me for not. now found no one that. i don't like for vent of bits on me. has mafia done that it's. bogus all. the heart out quite a hots. as a kind of force here looking funny. to be a problem because we're trying our country when i was named. in
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the. beginning as me. and i can tell you this and to make a. right and i mean you are more from debut gardening. if it does it for you start number one of a gene down. there which got so many into the game they don't know. how. they did it all helps to educate people. who speak around so it got me interested.
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in the crime i work i love doing it. cos he look reasonable that. it is to defy the me because. it is also. my country yeah. input issues especially from china and i've. been using this. five years i wailed almost every day. delighted to do all these. issues. are one due. to how affected with.
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my dream. in the hour i would be very very discouraged. i mean me a brawl but in. my. mind . i'm good as dream you are now. my life my future it's not business i don't want to sit back and want better shoes or the. whatever you want to be in export their troop numbers and it is because your. lab rummy you have your morning. i want to be made and. my usual busboy is the white people in the lesson and people like you when people.
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in the evening time like this they can be on these beaches having a good time and we can't go there when the average blacks to be able to sell what i produce myself. i feel happy. does somebody say i will come was our overcome i was in jesus' name. when a minister goes. to counseling people i feel much. in and out of tune on the planet. luckily i have the good news for you. now well what did i not bother to today know that it will be well with you in jesus name. economic dialogue here that people are running for office still bless you feeling that job is not to lefties again but today you might enjoy. to bet you look around you you i don't know why you haven't cosigned well let me
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know how people in the past let the past go for the past wrecking dentist you hope for this country i want you to believe that if this possible in your generation now you can be the cost of the transformation of this country not good i would be one of the best country to walk in jesus' name. when. i wanted to stay with. what to do. monday night in my house. my room with my children. is now behind. the dead and gone screwed on
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a twelve street. above them i'm now training. for our society in liberia. yeah quiet it gives you a good job is is there a. while and then who is. so no longer bloody. so. you do to help them. i get. i get frustrated. because you're you talking to they made you try to teach him he's not be attention to me. i was like my don't think you want to business i'm the one you know and if you are
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good enough to just do it. if you make some of the grew up passions for what you doing it's like. you're visions and what if they're not. going to. be disciplined so i want to. be. one nation indivisible. with liberty and justice for all. there shall i go. thank you so much less a. mood
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in a million than in the will even very funny indeed in a new the new. mood and then there are mistakes. alfred's free press a wonderful film which was broadcast more than six years ago now so rotten show you're wondering what happened to alfred what happened to his news chalkboard rewind went back to monrovia to find out what has become of the daily talk of alfred and his rate is.
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low from the public on a daily basis of. what's happening in the rest of sites. that have been some changes before over the years you know. kind of the oh you don't know you know you know i am one of the we came up a wish on which we would inform the public about it. we keep factual information the information is up. to the extant people crossing on a newsgroup or everything that we see how we research it before we put it out. i think. this is the newsroom this is where the news stories is published and is how it's done it like i said a news release i don't. mean for you look at these are all things that were printed music books. this is called. the decks new sticks and we have something called
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double decks. with other stories and there's a lot of south florida house i know that's out there but i have in the street. it's hard to work. and this is. what your fourth time. and do with your family hundred s. it's very difficult you have to spend half of the time running out the stories you have to all the time researching all of these things. from where i come from. where special liberia in the story. press freedom it was difficult. because when you publish people come after you you know it was a very tough. my
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shot was broken down it was the mahdi each it broke me because. levy who doesn't know where i was dog at the. family and when when it broke out all was lost i said though i get i get myself in the. so i must continue to go out there and he also encouraged me. so i did that a common start. a new friend called me obama used to begin to shoot. my house so they didn't get better shoes and then.
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believing god that we were we had me one day and always i would do what i had time to. what we were. preaching what we were. if you have. heroes you will have one of the people so. you didn't get get use from veracruz people and they just would have to. get served up went up with a refill. it did it better a group up the halls got some down would make. them onto by various people get information on this it well. yes you are really making a lot my hope for liberia is that. liberia. got more
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equal opportunity. and everybody would have cesspools malik. everyone. who rose would water and end up at the liberal got washed. well that's it for this week of course you can find out more about alfred's free press and watch other films from the series on the rewind page at al-jazeera dot com i'm come all santamaria from the whole rewind same thanks for joining us. my name is some people saying that my feelings are any program that they're not real but if i think they're real then they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android is one of the more
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advanced robots in the world can around but feel that's a philosophical question it's not a lot of fun you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. does either. we have a newsgathering team here that is second term and they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to them. my job is is to break it all down and we help give you understand and make sense of it. they were searching for sanctuary in australia but instead would attend for years on a pacific island now one o one aced follows the journey of two refugees as they forge a new life in north america on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. follow on down in jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. the number of people who have died and those who are full of it has now risen to fifty police find another body in one of the two mosques the tartars museums christians pray for the muslim victims. cyclon brings devastation to zimbabwe mozambique dozens of people are dead or missing.


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