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tv   7 Up South Africa  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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this is a politic. an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. i'm sammy's a down window ho the look at the headlines here now desire and now new zealand's prime minister has been meeting and attempting to comfort victims of friday's mosque shootings and i tak she's describing this terrorism just send later confirmed the bodies of victims would all be returned to families by wednesday the number of people killed in government tax has risen to fifty police have also confirmed twenty eight year old suspect brenton tarrant acted alone and the prime minister is promising help for communities affected by that attack we know that these events have been traumatic for the community but particularly for young
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people today a local ministry of education staff meet with senior staff at headley community college and be its high primary school to provide support and resources a team will be a kashmir high school in the morning the ministry is also gathering information to assess intermediate trauma support needs at schools in early living seem to is across the city support is already being provided to some schools and this will be expanded tomorrow morning the christchurch office is responding to calls as they come in and a team of two hundred staff is being my ba lies with specialist staff from other regions on site or on the y. way in hay has more from christ church now. well both the new zealand prime minister just a dern and the police saying that they hope they expect that the first of the bodies of the victims that were killed in the massacre on friday will be returned
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to family members at some stage on sunday evening the prime minister hinting that it may only be one body at this stage if it is multiple bodies and it may only be a few to be returned on sunday evening but the remainder she says she hopes will be returned by wednesday this is a process that has taken some time it has to take some time say the police and there's been some concern expressed by the family members who for the most part have congregated near the sites where the attack took place waiting for news on when they may be able to get their family members back because of after all they want to begin that funeral and burial process as quickly as possible the police in response have said that they have been working very closely with leaders within the muslim community they understand the religious implications of this process taking some time but it's been a long process really to carry out the forensic examinations inside the two mosques
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get the bodies out of those that process is now being completed the investigation goes on inside those buildings but the bodies have now been removed and are inside the christchurch hospital behind me so it will be very much welcomed by the family members that that process of returning the bodies looks set to begin very soon at least fifty people have died in flash floods in the indonesian province of power for another fifty people were injured through terrain in the provincial capital jaya poor triggered the deluge floodwaters have receded leaving a trail of fallen trees and damage. dozens are dead in zimbabwe as tropical cyclone a dive pushes its way into the country the storm has already claimed more than one hundred lives in mozambique and allowing damaged bridges roads and power lines continues to slow recovery efforts. shops have been looted and businesses torched in the french capital paris the latest yellow vest demonstrations it's the
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eighteenth weekend of protests against president emanuel my call tens of thousands of people from catalonia have been protesting in the spanish capital against the trial of twelve probably independence leaders their supporters describe them as political prisoners. venezuela's opposition leader has begun a national tour a new push to oust president nicolas maduro. drew a large crowd in the northern city of atlanta two hundred nations have agreed to significantly reduce single use plastics by twenty thirty the pledge came from ministers after a five day meeting of the un's environment assembly in nairobi it's the first global commitment to cope plastic consumption does the headlines the news continues of the seven-up south africa stay with us.
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problems lots and lots of us by courts. like killing which. you'll be again. i mean this is going. eagle you're the
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boss and the sky sending you shoot. each. and. every gun we'll be gun next we'll hear. you can just look at it full. on all that guns all the way down when you carry your life jali everyday i can't even beat that. in this film we meet seven year old children living in south africa in one thousand nine hundred ninety two in many ways they're just like children anywhere but they have been born into a time of five and conflict. this is undies we're finishing off a break first before she goes to school.
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her best friend is leander and this randy and both live in this hostel in a township outside cape town. the families each live in one small room off the shared living space. this film shows you south africa today through the eyes of it's seven you know it's their lives and views about reflections of the past and indicators for the future. the children you will meet come from all over the country every seven years we'll meet them again and we'll see how they've got on now my friend east but they're all seven but they have little else in common. with. you. this is not just favorite song. artsy is the behavior for
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a family an effort of her father's eye at a time a constant companion a son tell the maid stories i think to change the way all the way to my delight that makes her a guy she can hopefully she won't challenge which she vowed that everybody. else boy you need to know that it's so if you think your spots. foundation don't go touring scouts. from time. to time. try to. cool right now. and what do you do when you get home after lunch. i go out and meet. you run by yourself. i'm going to work
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with shawntel. and wade you around to. just around the house. this is linda he lives with a great aunt here in rural transco. his parents live over six hundred miles away in cape town in the hasn't seen his mother for over yeah.
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this is no longer street in a township you know. i'm going to visit his mother and uncles in a small house next to the symmetry he goes to a mixed race government school in a white turban suburb. and then. he's very. well glad. that you know your granny. yang. and that's about it. wrangling was so good she did. that and it was. but now i think it's i've been told. there's nothing in. the razor brand. they always became law. shows for you. now
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says the only good is the way those rules that. would go all over you get out and there are so many houses to worry about gus. yellin let it all. linda did not go to cape town with his parents because they wanted him to attend schools here in the rural transcribing. as they don't have a uniform everyone dresses up in their best clothes to go to school. the school is in the old indian trading district of durban.
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the school has been indian for generations in the past this meant that only indian children for coming here but now the school is a large accept any child whether they be black or white indian or what is known in south africa as kind of. thought in saying would have been faster fighters colors this mixed race community was labeled by apartheid as a racial group and was forced to occupy a safer place in society. thought in saying go to school in a colored area johannesburg. would you want to go to school with one children. i'm.
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not. sure i like to go away do you really want to go with maybe they speak and neither can you ask after they were no. what is the way that. i can the way that it is you'll fit and speak the same language did you do your madam speaks the same language everybody and not only speak they speak the same language then stand what they say when they speak back to me. is it is an afrikaans back with white south africans afrikaans her first language.
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was. only. yes we was. i. was. i. was. ok. he has. i. work cancer stuff lucky this is very difficult for his two children to get a place in any township school and this is a particularly nice one fish.
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this is venom he and his brother and sister have the run of their father's farm here in the northern transfer. yes but to be plausibly. be center it's from a condo steinway in me but mark in a thong near we we can find it out gadhafi can he see it was a quirk of us. these is built on a kind of a condo fire shot through with all because what feels free thank you did
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also the correctly thank you spill was a total radcliff just feel. in. my eyes says she lived out it's not like it has a very special to feet ratio. my feets potion. hundreds. of those are by whipple. i think. france listen i think sounded township on the edge of johannesburg. you. know much like the light you. do. if you put my name.
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on to say. this is. now in december. where i'm going to go to the whole. company. all the gold was going to one of each. other due to what. was so i was. one hundred. cash and also lives in johannesburg she goes to a private progressive school with her friends and that's now by. going you know is unusual in south africa. my mother's back and her father's rights.
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when you go what do you do. sporting that time might like to focus on my sister. while i was expecting me to. do you have to do errands that you have to do believing in that sort of fear because come from sincere and insensitive and every little my age just to please so what are things that you have to do have to. sweep the floor thinking. i am when i come home i pay t.v. and i sometimes go to stir stuff like so me and teenage most of time which are mean
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to us and she always comes out and have some milk shake their truck which. because i always have to leave always have to go straight after that metric after pick my bag of devotion we have to go to church enough to come back yesterday mom look so much things. this is timber ceiling she lives alone with her grandmother in a squatter camp and so went outside to have a smoke. last
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year this area was covered with sacks but most people fled during a bloody war for control of the camp between encarta and n.c. supporters ten percent and her grandmother live in one of the few remaining shacks . accolon like in a corner. of time well known. books on the life. of knock on that. but i'm. going to be. proven on the money topic among my oh my what kind of topic michael cullen was and took them all possible some of the. plan for the
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game and one of the mob. must start. in obama. but i am not a boy i'm on a list of appealing oh. this is beneath his father's is a chief and the town. mind you not by. giving them land. we will be. welcomed in while cruising does so clueless. like you mean. mean it isn't.
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true. oh. thanks. for that if we're going to well. in is and was paid leave if yeah. because when he says fathers achieve their home as a meeting place for elders in the area. to you. would. you let him know that i.
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was thinking about. the matter. to me is a rugby fanatic it was the smallest plan the under nine sports team he goes to the same author hans go this music. magazine the fans the band the battle. wow ok coming from italy from philadelphia. do you. feel. i've got a funny feeling that you and your love for the little hue. to this it has been going steady since nursery school. thank you nick hughes film for a light show miter gauge. how. can we give them
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a call. they literally just said that they think you're like michael the worst thing. ok with breaking up with you well. i'm a big. tell me about think. and maybe this killer. i told you about the last time i had to go. come along now i don't want what happened tomorrow. i sure am to board and. i want a lawyer. and what he can do together. from the time. you have boyfriends no. one has come to us oh no i'm not leaving their voice and face. i told him i thought she'd make the c.d.'s i know.
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like you i am them full time potties with a theme no i don't do that. i'm too young when i am about fourteen fifteen twenty eight. now i'm crazy. because a kid. i think that my mother did that she would risk. you want to get married when to. good. you know if you know and. if you want to get if you would. like to marry and. he does. and then you don't force yourself on yourself you want to get married working on.
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that. i. think. if. south africa's school system divide the children up for quoting to their official rights policy is changing and government schools are becoming mixed but for the most part separateness is still the norm.
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if. you. watch private schools have welcomed black children for many yes but the fees are totally out of reach for most black parents. this is cut there for he doesn't swear so and it turns this exclusive boys school in johannesburg. i have friends if i could i'd have lots of fly away up in the sky and then joe flower with me i have no friends if i love fish. all day in a pool and. if only i could throw with its
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wings and if i could swim without needing to breathe i'd have lots and lots and lots of friends because stayed all play with me you can have friends when ever you want by being gassed what you are done but the brother bugs you just laugh in and. buy him a fish every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's drama trying to tell through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase mean. as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in bed is a free palestine they're listening on al-jazeera.
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in a world where journalism as an industry is changing. fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the story in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. to cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . some journeys are tougher than others. but this route is even tougher than the current truck there it's dangerous. world problems the moroccan truck driver in danger of their life. just to be committing if you drive them might break your mirror or even kill because of. if you. just zero.
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i'm sami's a dime in doha with a look at the headlines here in algeria now new zealand's prime minister has been meeting with muslim leaders and trying to comfort the community following friday's mosque attacks just in the confirm the bodies of victims would all be returned to families by wednesday the number of people killed in the gun attacks has risen to fifty police have also confirmed twenty eight year old suspect brenton tarrant acted alone the prime minister is promising help for communities affected we. have been traumatic for the community but particularly for young people today a local ministry of education staff meet with senior staff at hagley community
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college and its high primary school to provide support and resources a team will be a high school in the morning. the ministry is also gathering information to assess intermediate trauma support needs at schools in israeli living seem to is across the city support is already being provided to some schools and this will be expanded tomorrow morning the christchurch office is responding to calls as they come in and a team of two hundred staff is being mobilized with specialist staff from other regions on site or on the way at least fifty people have died in flash floods in the indonesian province of pop for another fifty were injured torrential rain in the provincial capital jayapura triggered the deluge floodwaters have receded leaving a trail of mud fallen trees and damaged properties dozens are dead in zimbabwe as
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tropical cyclone lee di pushes its way into the country the storm has already claimed more than one hundred lives in mozambique i'm allowing damage to bridges roads and power lines continues to slow recovery efforts shops have been looted and businesses torched in the french capital paris in the latest yellow vest demonstrations it's the eighteenth weekend of protests against president emmanuel mccall venezuela's opposition leader has begun a nationwide tour and a new push to oust president nicolas maduro on the way though drew a large crowd in the northern city of violence here has been in a standoff with the president who's accusing the u.s. of masterminding a plot to drive him out. those the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after seven up south africa stay with us. this is a typical township school. yet
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. this is for instance a waiter and takes his studies very seriously. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes yes yes yes it was. certain that it was because prince we will. see. until we can make it better to not go big to fail on our dining in china minding them have a son you have love you should continue to make killing me oh no. not on children in south africa go to school.
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and sundays when leander's hostname ok leander spends the morning playing football in the central courtyard with his other friends this hostel where he lives is for migrant laborers. yonder is from trance guy and doesn't go to school in the township because he is waiting to move back there. ah et. this is an english lesson in undisclosed classroom. english an afrikaans. only official language is here with the most south africans have other languages as their mother tongue. and let along. her bunk.
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of course. i know no. one ever going to get english welcome to danish we've. got a lot of the things. going wrong on my. i think which is do you speak. but i don't want. you know english better. time. to speak english that's why i don't like. pollution i do feel about.
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the right. the most base the. coach. kind of stuck with the return. why. i'm jiggered when i want to clear my he says in the middle we go along with i'm the monk i want from that i want to quit me he says. thank you thank you.
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all you're going to let me know what was going on a book you have to lug around upgrading your nightgown campbell creating an amazingly. kilogram old number of children that you can't carry through but all kinds of women say build. all i'm saying is not well for us anything seem so far over a lead. or two or little more said made it. all. along all in the study knowing it was still going to work with and he said no longer i'll put it no more plainly and welcome back to kill from me like the east. i'm saying is mocking but. if you. are wrong i will cause since the last part just says a lot and i will rule the world no mouth no mouth rule cold war only england
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oh my nephew gave me a little swine. i'm going to put that on one with the challenge. and then they hit a patch and it's like this. so why should i need that they were shown movie the shining and you can check shine and shine and want to know the kind of shows there's. been on district is back from school she and beyond play around the hostel yonder since i'm going back home to the transcriber i asked him why he wants to leave and i. really don't see the way back in the horrible injuries. you. at one point. in the love gay men know was
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even less about down to. the sinking of. the weaker his fists the teens isn't. a lot like the last call clearly doesn't mean that i cannot hope i toss out what i do good and i think you're right up to it just imagine you've got to go to school. this is patrick who lives a few miles away from under scrutiny and for five years now patrick has been best friends with robbie who lives nearby and goes to the same private school in cape town what you want to do when you grow up. i know. that reassures cherry their number of thanks cherish. i mean. i went into. this.
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i knew that. i asked my dad. had the kid but. he would. say for my oldest you could. she said no i don't find a policeman would. like. us you never spent the money boys felt the blood of a canadian marcus you know. i've. come across korea in. a book. advice keep your book. if you feel clean book beautician you want. then i just. may be out there saying i've done. things.
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i don't want to maybe she's going to be a zoo keeper i don't know how do you know because i love animals. so let's give quotes on the chin those emotional moment on the big g. and the one dog and the one kicked. off of him. because. he will the dream. is to sing on television he. just started modeling lessons in the. sense. that. these.
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is just. fun. putting him down. on the street to. a soviet big sister. coach. this is all which is harm. always whose father was a cool program on me of one of south africa's black herman and. i went to his very
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house proud to. put. a pin on the so-called conduct second of all and as a whole yes he knew about how we had complete peace. comin on a sense of accomplishment when in all of this i'm going to come this decision and i'm going dang jungle orlando's. and.
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granddad and wesson and now we know. it's that act i just seek in the bushes. in there which in all. we know didn't especially like it i mean must be just special or. for a footballer to pick on marrying a man while i'm out. as a teen or laser transco. and the down there.
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are still enough for the cinema culprit good song hell to have along with the. need for my boy any. i said i was like a fighter who was beginning to get out of the truck. that i was a child something. that you can see in that. he that existed it's perfectly fine. and when it's about this big deal look i get
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it don't get i have to thank him and say france i use him but i really do think your parents are rich or poor linda she sort of rich. mining rich just like that most children are like here yes most children be optional. you know look. they're living their lives in the transco family's wealth his cattle. and they're not coming up with. the link you know one of them come up and. as many not as most probably they can go. to the trunk or. to go to. oklahoma to know and
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a lot of them like to look over the look a more color of those poor. kids are going to. take home what you have the biggest problem is in south africa. this stuff is. best done to us tom have taught us. in. scranton you've raised. here is a good fighter. specially that brings peace. and see. us stories like this one play a key role in the war that is going on in south africa. have come strongholds for
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dr p. m. cost of freedom party. this is alexander thomson principly n c supporting. xandra on the scene some of the worst clashes between township residents and hostile grows. people are divided as to who that leader is. the top is warm kind. of camel for us to listen to me. doc on all who looked up between these militias you know pretty. much ease.
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the interim. south of the moon legend. starts with a and with an m. and a and then i am told you tell me. and then. they nearly ended. so you mean monday and. used to belong to the masons i thought. it like shop. fronts in alexandra. home to live on my mother not getting. to know what i'm watching a muslim have to come. can. get caught. planted tea. by the. waterboard love could over.
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ten percent and so waiter who. will be. given. more long life. we don't care but in life we don't. mind being. a woman. back. how we name. god when that women like their. peers will. leave. what you think they're fighting about. and what you think they can do to stop us.
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thank you lou i have to pray and ask god. i believe in god if. i. don't want to love the dr sound church plays an important part sometimes life he goes to church every sunday in the nearest town. but i. think my view is what i hear in scott and bob knight i should little you saw one of phil's question period. i thought about
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foam. and i ondine orkney with my. peers. my mates who have been with the dignity. put goodwin limit and young as she. she's harsh. i'm onto each i should not be eternal jewish he sent a chill. yes. the. i the zionist christian church has the largest congregation in south africa france is a zionist the but what if you do this because it was a. little. before i can. give you all of
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it. right i love you had to fight for the robbery my friends are they love it i never got snagged are from do you think i want to send mayor my trouble but parts of it i. care do you care yes. anyone can be good fun tim i was running the show during peacetime. to learn to let go of a gun trading period of time only do you really don't like the title of the next man would be out of town we would be one floor not impede them one to do when you are courting poor woman. i'm still the only person to be on. the look who couldn't lead them couldn't keep skidding and he was called this a lot and scared of me at all and sometimes the company was not in any bad good and
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i thought whoa one hundred and mccain quip in the most of africa. you can do and. you know who. thought what can this new school media you know system. there's clearly a lot of flesh. school. and school they don't just oppose it just what it does not used to bozos on next. day it's. called democracy and us code is. going towards only finitely many the mocking was coco no it isn't with me sidney i love brothers wanted to go clinton's bush don't want i don't want to convert them kind of little care and stuff. thanks. thanks
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. thanks thanks. thanks. i think the difference is between backing. and practicing skank. i. think it. will always of africa's children get to like each other when they know one another better but will the people remain divided. in seven years when these children
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are all fourteen we'll be returning to find out what life is like for them and your son never. had an argument or sky she's a pm now there's been numerous lation steps and it's over the course of. fourteen a time of change and discovery no. love is not for me the time to forge an identity i tell you which is peace me i'm confused i don't know in
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one thousand nine hundred ninety south africa revisits the children of a bad day seven years phoned as they grew and developed with their country. fourteen south africa one on al-jazeera the. al-jazeera. where ever you are. hello welcome to the look at the international focus and we got some rather stiff weather making its way across the middle east over the next couple of days
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cladograms spinning in from the eastern side of the mediterranean rolling across iraq will produce some really heavy downpours into kuwait into that western side or we could see some flooding here tonight is some snow as well for good measure that disturbed weather runs right up towards the caspian as we go on through monday sweeps through see some heavy rain also affecting northern parts sent in the cause of pakistan pushing up into afghanistan where it will fall a snow over the higher ground possible this is some flooding here that western weather that disturbed weather pushes up towards the caspian or bright skies there come back aim to hide what a breezy one having said that and that brighter weather that's making its way down across northern parts of the arabian peninsula us here because we could see a little bit at a. whether as we go through sunday i don't think we're looking at too much if anything the weather weather will be on the other side of the gulf and that will clear through twenty six celsius on monday caught a brisk wind lifted dust in the sand to watch out for as
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a result of that brisk winds easing now where we had a tropical side flowing just around central parts of most they still see some wet weather over the next few days. for more than a decade he's been considered a threat to national security in russia putin said we'll give you the twelve indicted military intelligence officers conducted by special counsel robert mueller but what we want in return is you bill browder a multimillionaire investor in russia turned anti putin activist talks to us. when there is someone going for someone it's very rare it's. true i think it's how you approach a. story in. they were searching for sanctuary in australia but instead would have time for use on a pacific island now one zero one east follows the journey of two refugees as they
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told you new laws in north america on al-jazeera. preparing to bury the victims of new zealand's mosque attacks police will soon begin to return the bodies of some of the fifty victims. have already indicated we will be changes to our gun laws. the prime minister we iterates a need for policy change as the country mourns the lives lost. helen welcome debate or pollen you're watching our desire live from doha also coming up. a cyclon brings devastations parts of southern africa where does.


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