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tv   From Agadir To Dakar  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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receive his driver valtteri bottas has won the opening grob prix out of formula one season the fen described the melbourne victory as the best race of his career with teammate lewis hamilton finishing a distant second and richardson reports. a new season but since the million looking the sadie's cars at the front of the grid in melbourne. there was a surprise on the first quarter of zero as france reports us past his teammate and defending world champion lewis hamilton. never looked back and built up a twenty second lead while hamilton has a battle to hold on to second place. not a good homegrown priefer danny ricardo in his first race for red he lost his front wing in the opening seconds and was forced to retire midway through the race. car science fared a little better in his mclaren the spaniards hopes went up in smoke on lap nine. ferrari had looks impressive in pre-season testing that their pairing of charles
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leclerc and sebastian vettel struggled so much miss a reason red bull red bulls much to stop and overtaking vettel of his whites with third place finish. out in front also claimed the extra points on offer this season for the fastest lap of the race on his way to a first girl prix win since twenty seven saying i bet. this dog was really get. it was definitely the best race ever. i don't know what happened i just felt so good and everything was under control and. color so so good today so truly enjoyable i mean i have to enjoy today i know it's going to get we can for the for the team so i have to be happy for everyone and really fantastic job from everyone that you drive an incredible race today so you truly deserve it and we just got some work to do but still it's you know it's a great great start to the year five time champion hamilton will be concerned at how far ahead of course us was all ferrari would be desperate to finish on the
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podium at the next room perri in bahrain under richardson al jazeera. defending n.b.a. champions golden state warriors have clinched a playoff spot with a big win over the oklahoma city thunder steph curry start on the night with thirty three points became quite thompson added twenty three more to leave the visiting warriors to one hundred and ten to eighty eight trashing of the founder the warriors also set a franchise record their seventh consecutive playoff berth breaking the previous record held by philadelphia from nineteen forty six through two nine hundred fifty two to. manchester united had been knocked out of the english f.a. cup but they were beaten two one by premier league rivals when the pope was into the last quarter of the competition for the first time in more than two decades. with number two for the wolves as united slipped to their first back to back defeats and their only pass so should. manchester
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city came back from being two goals down against swansea city scored three times in the final twenty one minutes against the second tier team there was some fortune about city's winners sergio guerra scored from an offside position but the video assistant referee was not in at this game and the goal was allowed three two to city the final score. spain's john graham holds a one shot lead heading into the final day of golf's player championship in florida the twenty four year old started the day five shots behind but an eight under par round of sixty four point in one stroke clear of war in mouth of roy and tommy fleet which for more world number one tiger woods continued to struggle over three late birdies though helped him salvage a seventy two but he still twelve shots off rights. and that's all your support for now more later back to you rob thanks very much indeed did you go poland's going to get a couple of minutes with more on all these stories on world matheson thanks for being
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with a part of. my name using some people saying that my feelings are only programmed that they're not real but if i think the real don't they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android which is one of the more advanced robots in the world can around but feel that's a philosophical question it's not a lot of what you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. on all does either.
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it's a climb to one of the holiest sites and. seems to defy gravity every is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness but it became a democracy in two thousand and eight happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the u.n. to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it. by simply turning its pursuit into a policy. no other country has. first democratically elected president and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen. changed hands as the military seize control from its commander. for the first time reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who
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witnessed it first hand morsi the final hours. new zealand police will soon begin to return the bodies of some some of the fifty victims as vigils held across the country for the deadly attacks on to mosques. social media giants act quickly enough in the wake of the mall shootings well new zealand's prime minister wants on service from facebook. hello and welcome i know watching out is there live from also coming up. as families await the return of their loved ones from last week's ethiopian airlines
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crash are questions about the future of africa's largest air carrier. chaos in the french capital as yellow bus protesters protest against the president and his reforms turn violent. extra police are to guard schools businesses and places of worship in new zealand when they open on monday morning this follows the mosque shootings there police commanders say there will be a highly visible presence nationwide off to the weekend break a fifty muslims were killed at friday prayers in christ church minister just into our journey hopes all bodies can be handed over for burial by wednesday and just give more details about the so-called manifesto emailed to her just moments before the attack. i was one of more than fish the recipients
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of a mina manifesto that was my old out nine minutes before the attack took place it did not include a location it did not include specific dates house i'm advised that within two minutes of its receipt in least my office it was conveyed directly to parliamentary security but the assurance i want to go visit had it provided details that could have been edited on immediately it would have been but the unfortunately we were not such details in their email. and the prime minister laid flowers of members of the muslim community in the capital wellington she's met with victims of what she's called terrorism the threat levels remain high tributes are being held across new zealand for the victims of the attack our correspondent added thomas from christchurch on the outskirts of christ church they are digging graves
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fifty i need it now the official number killed rose on sunday when police clearing bodies from the two mosques attacked found one they had not been aware of before. a list of victims names have been shared with family the police commissioner confirmed that the man they have in custody brenton tyrant is the only suspect in friday's attacks three others arrested shortly after they took place are not now believed to have been involved. a witness the immediate aftermath of the attacks he was driving past the allen nor mosque and saw people running he jumped out of his call to help the wounded and the dying it was a. daughter who are fighting for their laws particularly the daughter to be about five she was touching. up not the boat and managed to get the father of the daughter in the back of that and out because the ambulances were coming on their way to lead and because i was on the edge of the cordon i would let them because
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the area was a secure. you know what happened to that go for them or of here that there was a father and daughter that hostile wife and the daughter this fall i don't know whether that was the same. volatile that we were here. in wellington new zealand's prime minister met with muslim community needs to again stress a solid darity and support and around the country christiane church services muslim victims were in the thoughts and prayers more than thirty people remain in hospital some still in a critical condition many of the patients that are being already gone from the incident require more surgeries as a consequence of the complexity of the nature of the injuries in a christ church warehouse volunteers are giving their time and florists their
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flowers to make bouquet to lay on coffins each one represents a life a family member they were a bomber day it's. brother or sister. church of sound it's sorry. there will be fifty bouquets for fifty newly dug graves i'm sure thomas al-jazeera cross church. also in the city weigh in as people have taken over what's happened over the weekend i know it's very late there much has been said can you tell us what the latest and what's been said by both the government and the security. well the most significant statement for the family members of the victims of the attack on friday was from the prime minister and also the police as well confirming that the process of handing back the bodies will begin on sunday evening there has been growing
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frustration really from some of the family members of the victims that this process of formally identifying those who were killed on friday going through the autopsies going through the post-mortems and the identification process and then handing the bodies back to the family members as being too slow because of course islamic tradition islamic customs dictate that the body should be buried within twenty four hours after death in this case it simply hasn't been possible because of the sheer magnitude of what took place on friday the bodies have now been removed from those two sites from the two mosques where the shooting took place and they are now inside the hospital behind me the post mortem process that i mentioned only actually began on sunday morning and that formal identification process continues and the process of handing the bodies back as i say will begin sunday night the prime minister did caution that this would be
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a slow process still and she hopes that it will be completed by wednesday but among those responding to some of these concerns from the family members on sunday was new zealand's deputy police commissioner many of the families. although they have not been formally are going to forgive. you for you to see. to get good deal of one's back and to follow the cultural tradition. of the loved ones and we have made promises. to carry out these cultural issues well monday will be a significant day for the people of this city who are still very much coming to terms with what unfolded on friday but it's the start of a new working week the start of the new school week and the police are saying that there will be a significant increase in security right around the city it will be very visible
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there are around two hundred police officers that will be on duty standing outside school standing outside places of worship the police are saying that the mosques around the city can now reopen right around the country they ordered that mosques be closed in response to what happened on friday as a precaution really in case there were further threats to those mosques but they can now reopen of course the muslim community in the city will be particularly nervous going ahead in the days and weeks ahead but they can now go to pray at those mosques from monday on words with police outside the police saying all of this increased visible security is not because there is any imminent threat that they know of it is simply because they want the city to begin to at least start getting back on its feet and they want people to feel as safe as possible when him christ church thank you well facebook's us and the twenty four hours after the
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attack it removed one of the half million videos globally but people are still posting and sharing the suspect shooting video social media platforms are under pressure for failing to stop it and the hate filled manifesto from going viral our technology editor explains. the attack was designed to get maximum coverage teased on twitter and h.n. broadcast live on facebook and all while referencing a popular you tube channel to grab attention and accelerate its spirit and spread it did by the time the social media companies stopped its broadcast it had been shared repeatedly and migrated to listen on sites so why was it so difficult for big to companies with all their resources and latest technology to contain the damage well it turns out it's not as easy as it seems. facebook google
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twitter and you tube use automated moderation tools to track and remove objectionable content they're part of the global internet forum to counter terrorism leading each other know about extremist material and they attach digital signatures known as hedges to stop their content being uploaded again but machines aren't enough they also have human content to moderate is tracking checking and deleting content around the clock but live content is problematic and the attack video was live for seventeen minutes long enough for it to find a home on smaller sites last down rabbit holes that the vast majority of us know nothing about one of them is the listen on mrs board ha in which he used to propagate his extremist views into a he announced his attack it's a digital haven where users can remain anonymous and there is little moderation people there have been posting and praising the gunman's actions. some commentators
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say there is little incentive for the big tech companies to do better it's monitoring company and given there are no fines and no penalties if they fail or they're now just too big to police content effectively anyway blocking sites is one option but that's open to abuse by those who support censorship potentially taking away more than a protects open unfettered access to an n.t. connected global network of information for everyone is what the web was founded on but something failed during the mood is in new zealand and no one see it sure how to fix it and whose job it should be ok moving on to some other news now the battle for the last pocket of eyes will hold territory in syria is now in its third week at its height eisel declared a caliphate over a wide expanse of land stretching across syria and iraq although abdel-hamid now joins us live from gaza against tep that's near the turkish syrian border so what
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more can you tell us about this last push to rid i so from burgos. well it is going on but it's also a very difficult operation simply because on the ground for example kurdish forces come on the attack and also they have to take care because the there is a lot of land mines and booby traps left behind by the fighters now they are in about a quarter of a less than a square kilometers but according to the intelligence actually do kurdish forces the as they have gotten from those who surrendered already there is estimated that there are still five thousand fighters and their families may be inside. the things that move of these people are foreign fighters including those who came
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across the border from iraq but this has been a pattern that has been ongoing actually ever since about who's was besieged back in january you have a push an intensification of fighting and then it stops allowing people to come out and so far more than sixty thousand have come out and out of the sixty thousand half of them are families of i still fighters and then on top of that you have another five thousand fighters who have surrendered so it's been a very difficult fight on one side and also a logistical nightmare because no one really expected that amount of people whether fighters or civilians coming out of. that that have made it on the turkish syrian border thank you. and still ahead and odds is there as cycling brings devastation to parts of southern africa with thousands of people dead or missing.
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we visit georgia where families have waited almost thirty years to say their goodbyes to the war dead. how i once again welcome to another look at the international focus we got some clear skies now making their way into japan the ghost basin bits and pieces of rain for some but for the most part high pressure coming in and things settling down really quite nicely so as we go through monday twelve thirteen degrees there facenda and for tokyo some about you two for soccer but this thickening cloud rolling across the east china sea will bring some rain into kishi was we go on through the next day or so time which is edging up sixteen celsius to fall so twenty six in beijing warm sunshine here but cloud is that going up into central
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parts of china will see some outbreaks of right for a time just pushing over towards the eastern side of the country fondant right temperatures here at about twenty five cells just warming up to twenty seven as we go through a choose day much of china by this stage will be fine and dry as that rain moves out into the open war says father tried to enter the good parts of southeast asia some showers making their way into central and southern parts of the philippines the heavy downpours they are in place across much of indonesia we've heard about the the mudslides and the flooding a recently across the eastern side of the country these polls are set to continue as we go on through the next couple of days even jakarta seeing some very heavy rain. these are tough. but. even. stranger. can try.
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to be. made. even doesn't. make it. easier. stories this hour extra police are to guard schools businesses and places of worship in new zealand following the shootings police commanders say there will be a highly visible presence nationwide on monday morning muslims were killed in
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christchurch. and. hopes that all bodies over for burial by wednesday. helping with the identification. the battle for the last pocket of a. third week. have surrendered say there as many as five thousand members and possibly their families. now in mali at least sixteen soldiers have been killed in that tac this happened at an army camp located in the central region of. captured the barracks briefly on saturday night destroying five vehicles. and one person has been killed in attacks in the occupied west bank the shootings happened in succession at road junctions we can get more from harry fawcett in west jerusalem. but we now have a sequence of events as outlined by the israeli military they say that the attacker
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stabbed a soldier at the aureole junction southwest of nablus in the occupied west bank stealing that soldier's weapon and firing it at civilians nearby before getting into a car travelling to another nearby junction and firing again at a bus station there we have a report that one israeli has been killed and two others have been seriously injured in this double attack there is now a major military operation underway in the occupied west bank as the gunman is searched for the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has told his weekly cabinet that the perpetrator or perpetrators would be captured and the justice would be brought to them there has been a closure ordered on the bar count industrial estate the illegal industrial zone inside the occupied west bank nearby where these attacks took place also other illegal israeli settlements nearby have been sealed off as have for palestinian villages in the area as well hamas has welcomed this saying that it is
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a natural consequence of what it calls israeli crimes also islamic jihad in gaza has said that the perpetrators should be congratulated at the end of february we had a message from the palestinian authority senior officials saying that the risk of violence was increasing in the occupied west bank as a consequence of policies such as the israeli decision to withhold tax revenues as a way of punishing palestinians for their policy of paying sold paying prisoners and attackers who had carried out attacks on israelis currently there is a major military operation underway it's likely that further raids will result from this. the philippines as officially it was drawn from the international criminal courts it began the process to leave last year after the hague based course courts launched an initial examination and to present the bigger the terror this drug war
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thousands of suspected drug users and dealers have been killed since a crackdown started in two thousand and sixteen so because man is an international human rights lawyer and he says the third while find it difficult to discern tangle himself from that i.c.c. parts process one of the points of being a member of the international criminal court when when you agree to sign up. to is jurisdiction if you withdraw that that withdrawal is suspended for a period of twelve months afterwards that is in effect to prevent situations just like this where a state is accused of war crimes crimes and they withdraw to shield themselves from prosecution though the whole point is that you cannot be permitted to do that so the i.c.c. will continue and will have jurisdiction over prosecuting the president and the senior officials that they consider to be responsible clearly there are a lot within the philippines that want to ensure that the the regime is held accountable you know when one looks at the allegations that have been made and they
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they are stark where in terms of the number of killings the brutality of the killings and the president hasn't sought to distance himself from them quite a country is has taken full credit for it so the evidence against him is overwhelming and of course he should stand trial and this step will not change that and hopefully the supremes court will take a strong stance to uphold the rule of law and ensure that he's held accountable. flash floods have killed at least fifty nine people in the indonesian province of pop or several thousands have been forced out of their homes floodwaters have receded though leaving a trail of mud fallen trees and homes drying out. and tropical cyclone a die is causing more death and destruction in southern africa zimbabwe is the latest country to feel the storm's force at least thirty one people have been
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killed this flash floods have swept away homes bridges and roads. the mass funeral is being held in the ethiopian capital a week after a deadly plane crash outside. this as new information has emerged about the ethiopian airline crash last sunday or just news agencies quoting an investigation source who says the plane's speed was unusually high off to take off all my father has this report from. grieving families of some of the one hundred fifty seven victims of ethiopian airlines flight three year old to. mourn the loss of their loved ones. arriving at this field where remnants of the ally and allies true not around brings it all home for them. airline officials say they haven't found even a single body intact just body parts which would make that id process took awhile. ethiopian airlines didn't give us anything they told us to wait until thursday we
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waited and thursday came they are now saying they couldn't find anything i wish they told us that they found nothing in the first place this is major grief heavy we came to hand it in we're going back empty handed. that boeing seven three seven mucks eight and one down at eight forty four am on sunday shortly after takeoff from the capital addis ababa and drew tonight will be in neighboring kenya pozen just from one of them thought to continue on board this is the time of crisis in ethiopia the airline is a symbol. pride and if he opens. full support behind it to paralyze small talk from since i was a small boy it was brilliant africa together and. thus far as i have been doing for seventy five years. and evidence that the cross has done little to scare people away from the airline can be seen of the capitol smushed looming hotels there teeming with passengers in transit that's
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a didn't happen here it's like yeah that's it that happens with on our roads you know s.p.c.s. not just enough to cut and globally we have those records of us interacting so as a lawyer traveler and i use that if you've been in l.a. that has not affected my view or perspective. if european airlines has expanded its fleet to one hundred and eleven planes it now flies to one hundred six international and twenty three domestic distillations beyond its almost professionals the airline also owns all forty nine percent stake in malawi lines and forty five percent stake in zambia airways what ethiopian is doing is arbitrary corporate governance they're basically coming in to a failed business which is not failed because there was not demand there's demand that passengers want to fly out of these countries so you've got the demand they're willing to pay but the issue has been the mismanagement of those airlines in
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countries so actually it's buying up cheap assets with strong demand and making it work i think is a great strategy. back at the crash site walk us continue the search for debris and remain so for those who perished in the crush these so windswept filled one continued to be an international crime scene for a long time to come how it all just sita. police have fired tear gas and water cannons to stop demonstrators to set fire to buildings and cars and paris on saturday the protests began in response to a seal price hike before turning into rallies against president. has this report i was a police van becomes a target i'm going to test and i after weeks of relatively peaceful marches against president emanuel macro economic reforms the protests once again have
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descended into violence. rioters bromstad shops and such buildings and cars and light the despite long running complaints of police brutality the government says it will continue to take a tough stance not just missouri just admitting you're all the people take our responsibilities to maintain public order by preventing trouble and putting up with the attack because we need a proportionate but very firm response. was to cannons did little to quell the fury of defiant protesters despite the weekly demonstrations gradually getting smaller ten thousand people are estimated to have been on the streets on saturday more than three times the number of a week ago. the spike in turnout follows the end of the series of national debates launched by president back home to return over to them with issued or grievances made or demands and actually we saw that they were not hurt we got only violence in return they have been thirteen dead and thousands injured it's the only dialogue we
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had in response that ricci was it was give us a victim we're still here on the streets and if he does not satisfy our demands well we'll take back the roundabouts we will head everywhere and we will block roads more than two hundred people were arrested as tensions rise into the policies of what a protest to say is an out of touch government. president macron has cut short a weekend trip to return to the capital but it's unclear how far he's prepared to go to appease protesters and stem the rising tide of social unrest. al-jazeera it's taken almost thirty years but the missing remains of soldiers killed in georgia have finally been given to their families for proper burial the soldiers died in the war to stop the russian backed regions of south. korea from breaking away or been forced to walk or has this report from the capital tbilisi.
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trinity cathedral the remains of some of those who went missing in georgia's past conflicts have finally been returned to their families. rivers bitch has waited for twenty seven years to bury his mother. it's just great that now i will know where she is and i can go to her grave thank god it's been resolved. the remains of tires sister and brother in law have also been found. at least i will bury them next to their son's grave and they will be together their son wanted to bring them home but he died last august. backed by russia the regions of and south of setia forty against georgia in the one nine hundred ninety s. and again in two thousand and eight hundreds of thousands of ethnic georgians were displaced tens of thousands of civilians were killed and more than two and
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a half thousand people went missing. since two thousand and eleven the international committee of the red cross has been helping to find missing persons and identify them using forensic analysis so far more than five hundred bodies have been recovered but fewer than half that number have been identified while you don't have an.


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