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by russia the regions of the puzzle and south of setia four to ghent in the one nine hundred ninety s. and again in two thousand and eight hundreds of thousands of ethnic georgians were displaced tens of thousands of civilians were killed and more than two and a half thousand people went missing. since two thousand and eleven the international committee of the red cross has been helping to find missing persons and identify them using forensic analysis so far more than five hundred bodies have been recovered but fewer than half that number has been identified a while you don't have. a peace settlement a peace agreement you have a process you monitor and process in place where again the the the sides to the conflict are able to agree on possible examination and they are taking place and indeed we are able to call to recover bodies. george's past conflicts have
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affected and continue to affect hundreds of thousands of people those who've lost their homes those who lost their loved ones those whose loved ones were never found but for the families of these persons finally there is now an opportunity for some closure. we're told her. there were military honors in a nearby cemetery for three soldiers among those recently identified although georges conflicts with its breakaway regions remain unresolved the process of healing has begun for so. robyn for a steelworker al-jazeera tbilisi when as well as opposition leader has begun a national tour and i knew effort to oust president nicolas maduro is a power struggle with the door over accuses the us of mining a pop to overthrow him.
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this is our desire and these are main stories this hour extra police are being deployed to guard schools businesses and places of worship in new zealand following friday's mosque shootings police condors say there will be a highly visible presence nationwide on monday morning fifteen muslims were killed at friday prayers in christchurch prime minister just into our journey hopes all bodies can be handed over for burial by wednesday and ardor has also given more details about the so-called manifesto emailed to her just bowman's before the attack i was one of more than fish the recipients of a mina menefee story that was my old out nine minutes before the attack took place it did not include a location it did not include specific details i'm advised that within two minutes of its receipt in least my office it was conveyed directly to parliamentary
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security but the assurance i want to go visit had it provided details that could have been edited on immediately it would have been but there are unfortunately would not be such details in their email the battle for the last pocket of i still held territory in syria is now in its third week i saw fighters of surrendered say there as many as five thousand members still left in the town of bug. and one person has been killed in attacks in the occupied west bank the shootings happened in succession at road junctions twenty people have also been injured. the philippines has officially have a drawn from the international criminal courts and began the process last year and the. courts are launched an examination and the president says drug war. spector drug users and dealers have been killed since a crackdown started twenty sixteen. and side story.
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how can online hate speech be stopped internet forums are criticized as new zealand mourns the most shooting victims is it time to regulate social media on the darkest corners of the web this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian for the new zealand is in shock and
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mourning after the worst attack in its history forty nine worshippers into mosques were shot dead whilst saying friday prayers police in christ church arrested brenton tarrant he's appeared in court charged with murder he was remanded without entering a plea after the attack was live streamed on facebook to tech to focusing on the perpetrators online activities and his posting of a so-called manifesto which is full of far right ultranationalist and anti muslim views and values to carry out a revenge attack against what he calls the invaders on his ear as andrew thomas sets up our discussion from christchurch. handcuffed and dressed in white prison clothes australian born brinson tyrant stood before a judge charged with murder you are rebounded without playing. tyrant is the main suspects of an attack at this mosque in christchurch. this was the scene shortly after the gunman opened fire on worshippers you can put out the front
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of the door and he started to rush through the before the people can move around for the front. because of the guy who was the behind before. one of my friend who was next to me but they were for the day before or for the front of me and out of people they food in they do do they try the gunman live streamed his attack on facebook as he indiscriminately opened fire on more than two hundred muslim worshipers. shortly after that shooting there was a similar attack on worshipers at lynnwood mosque about ten minutes away at least forty nine people were killed while nearly as many were left injured among the thirty nine patients admitted to hospital the children as young as two years old. four patients died on their way into the hospital yesterday dying before they arrived those injured ranged in ages from
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a very young to crowd elderly patients eleven of them are in the intensive care unit. including one female agent who mid twenty's all of those in i.c.u. what we would consider critically ill police have arrested a number of suspects using as prime minister said they weren't on security watch lists. arriving with a bomb disposal robot the place of started their investigation into need in a small city to the south of christchurch where the main suspect lived the area was evacuated as a precaution earlier place a discovered two bombs in the main suspects car the unprecedented violence has prompted the government to commit to changing gun control laws on my understanding is he how how the category i.v. gun license and again i prefer my advice currently is that he under the gun license was able to legally acquired the gun said he held they will give you an indication
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of why we need to change our gun laws the national threat level has been raised from low to high as a place politicians and the public come to terms with the worst and the most shocking attack they've ever experienced older people have been gathering here. laying flowers and just standing in quiet contemplation there are a lot of questions to be answered about how this attack happened but there's a lot of grief and solidarity to be expressed under thomas' al-jazeera crossers. so let's bring in our panel for today's discussion from wellington in new zealand we're joined by here now was who is the president of the international muslim association of new zealand from berlin rafael boss song who's a research associate at the german institute for international and security affairs and from day in the netherlands via skype we have technology ethicist nolen goods gentlemen welcome to you all to hear no us if we start with you your obviously
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a community in mourning to what extent has the proliferation of video footage of the attack impacted upon those affected by the tragedy those in your community. we all know that incident so the big shock is people are devastated. just the incident itself but i mean these three i think it's a service just that people have made people cry in and the can't really believe that towel this thing has been a real plan a terrorist attack all that city treat our doctor that was drugged planned and people are. there just illustrated to hit before yesterday that you or anyone in your community been the victim of hate
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speech or or race hate in our city in wellington in particular no we don't have any such cases are we to hear that crush were considered echoing the is progression free. incidence their right speech and right here. rafał books on the guardian newspaper in the u.k. and its editorial on saturday said the birth growth and resilience of the far right which once vested in dark looks and crannies has been assisted by the in-group echo chambers of social media it now fest is in plain sight is it time to regulate the idea of free speech on the internet. while there is not a simple answer to that in every country has a slightly different approach and also national tradition it is clear that the right wing extremists have benefitted similar to jihadists from the new means of technology and proliferation of propaganda material however it's another question
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to then define what sort of is still a timid free speech or also legitimate expression of radical ideas and then when it doesn't tip over in something more sinister darker potentially turning towards terrorism so in germany because of its historical experience there is a body of laws that actually increase criminal needs a criminalize us speech that fosters ethnic hatred and that can be used as then as the second step to take online providers more into response ability but that doesn't apply to countries like where to the u.s. where there is a much more radical understanding of free speech so i think we have to take it from there and then ask the question about how can we regulate platforms and the internet not in goods this television channel has to abide by regulations concerning taste and decency as a matter of law or we're not allowed to broadcast certain pictures or live footage if it regulates if it breaks those violates those regulations shouldn't social
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media platforms be forced to abide by the same sort of regulations already well it does seem like there has to be some better understanding of the role that social media platforms play into. arest attacks like this and even in events that lead up to this so at the same time that social media is trying to increase its gauge meant to try to increase it as a national understand on the same side that that increases its responsibility. on the other hand you have to understand that you don't want to so simply leave it to the social media companies to self regulate it so that you're right that there does have to be some understanding. for example when you tube is perfectly capable of taking down copyrighted material it seems that there has to be some similar mechanisms in place that take violent and hate related materials well yeah if they
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can to get sued they're pretty quick to act on it that's that's what you're essentially saying that as far as copyrighted material is concerned if if if someone else's material is broadcast in someone else's video they got to get sued they're pretty quick to act on it then but but not it seems with with stuff that violates standards of taste and decency. right exactly and i think this raises the question of how much they lean on simply reporting mechanisms allowing sort of users to do the work for them at the same time they have people around the world who are sort of moderating the content but they don't get paid very well so you either have people who are voluntarily doing it or people who are underpaid doing to him that was is the internet a safe place for muslims given the proliferation of hate speech that we're seeing online right now. i think the greater social media is going on and it is not matter of muslim are not muslim is the matter the way it's been used and you do but it's
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just when you are home safely that really it's brainwashing other people especially the youth. into this occasion new concerns we can see very clearly that young men from the eight years old he is very proudly. doing this very same aint. and also brought burka crossed the line as well. is that each. reader itself affected many many people in. second part is that it took a while that the government her her to stop parliament into the street action to stop this video in that last important thing i will say that the people who. we'll be watching. daschle are simply and they also get washed out
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a government that is also going to put a lot of things that interrelated. and when it comes to materials like this because there are a lot of people they will watch it as just and sent me and they're still getting to watch this trial. from the government. rafael at the picking up on to his first point that the web giants you tube facebook twitter microsoft they've all repeatedly vowed to crack down on violent extremism and hate related content yet as events of shown in new zealand that they they seem simply unable to staunch this viral propagation of disturbing and violent content in real time at the very least should people's ability to stream live on these platforms be restricted. well i think that last one is actually extremely challenging to regulate because life is
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life and unless you want to take this option away completely from users which i think would be difficult to do now and why because you know i think the best that russia why would it be difficult to do because the world muddled along quite nicely before the internet came along and you know there was a time when we weren't able to stretch to stream live on facebook why would why should it matter well i didn't want to come across as kind of defeatist and but just imagine i mean these platforms are global and then that would require some global change to say now this option is not only on facebook but also other potential alternatives that are always bringing up or trying to vie for this market no band know that this technology is out in the open and people are used to it so i think that would be a very challenging thing to do to control all possibilities of life streaming it's another matter to then say ok once we have an indication that there is something horrific going on that we really try our very very best to kind of contain this spread as quickly as possible and again there is no miracle solution out there but
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the ideal would be yes exactly that some automated systems would be able to pick up very quickly on something like that and then try to sort of at least make it a fringe phenomenon rather than something that's easily accessible if i may say one more thing i think it's a balance of three factors in general just beyond the live streaming the one is ok who do you actually want to reach is it just the big platforms which are easily accessible or do you also want to get the fringe sort of forums where apparently also they attack a perpetrator and then you have to think about what the tools you need for those eight chan or telegrams or whatever else so it's that also we need to think on second thing is that if just one thing ok like we've had a lot of investments into controlling jihadi propaganda and it's not done but we have had the resources it had to. affect there but we haven't had the same resource against white we stream is and i think that's what we want to think of that we
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shift more attention just in pure money and people to write with extremism not a joy to comment on that has that been too much focus on radical islam by the social media companies by those who police content and not enough attention to right wing extremism right and i think this is part of the problem is that there is especially when talking about exact islamophobia that there is a degree of normalization such that even just being a news corporation if you show speeches for example president trouble it's hard not to be engaging in right wing propaganda so the same time that you want to march or what users are uploaded you also have to monitor what world leaders are saying so it has to be at the same time a greater responsibility and it said it was fair more widely as to what is taken for granted as normal speech. do you agree with that to our political leaders bear any responsibility for the kind of act that was committed in
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christ judge. say the debris as an elite news event has been we would never imagine this thing to happen . to. those people there was it won't they were not in a want to place. so taking i mean it's very difficult to say from being a new zealander that. they should date there's one story yes there are some things that we know that how far apart that's what we should be focusing on i mean from here but we're in context our. responsibility from the body but standard of the news and government itself to support you know very well that they look after us and we do a plea. deal that we never. say that term treated as muslim and. as
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a rule but in the special diet. different from any other religion ok i just want to break off for a minute to show you gentlemen a clip the world wide web celebrated its thirtieth birthday last week and its inventor tim berners lee told us that it's it's time to rethink out tech companies governments and people in gauge with the web here's what he had to say. right now and also people after thirty years people looking at what's happening and they're worried that there's a lot of. deliberately or accidentally you know information which is actually not true there are people being nasty out there and there are people who feel that in their lives now the cyber bullying is more of an important in more important to them than being up to participate and so they have to. drop out so a lot so the topi dreams of the future that's still in
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a way of life and well but they have to but we need to mid-course correction to the web. at best that he appoints raphael amid course correction the weapon needs at this point according to its inventor tim berners lee there are rules governing free speech for traditional media why should the internet be a free for all where people can say things anonymously that they wouldn't dare say face to face or on on a platform where they could be identified. well you're right to criticize them for that well is trying to say is that i mean i don't want to say we can't do nothing but at the same time it's also unrealistic to expect that we have this kind of complete change over and that we could regulate this global extremely diverse medium the internet is very very complex in a way that this would just disappear so i think the best thing what we can do is yes increase legal basis for taking things down to act quicker and also
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harmonize that i think i agree with that and the german experience has shown that this may be something you know which is not necessarily mediately leading to censorship it can be quite reasonable but we also have to be realistic in expectations that we will not be able to contain everything to do to kind of strain every swamp every channel that these extremists and other radicals are trying to use and the main thing that we have to do is to foster a mainstream discourse and the myth mobile media has an important responsibility here that we really are clear this is fringe this is not something that resonates wider with society and politicians and i think so we have to come from both ends. but you don't what do you think about these mid-course corrections to what extent does china perhaps have have the right idea in the in that in china you can still do your shopping online you can still catch up on the news you can email and chat with friends you can exchange your holiday pictures and videos you just can't express certain certain views online if china can do it why can't the rest of the
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world do it. right well china has clearly sort of shown us the extreme the ability of the government to regulate the internet and i certainly don't think we want to go down that road i think rather what we want to do is that a better understanding of the one hands of what speech as rochelle was just saying of what speech is really. mainstream and which is extreme on the other hand i think we have to have a better understanding of the role that the algorithms on the platforms are played in directing people to this kind of video content so the same time about whether or not they're able to police the content once it's up there you also have to understand what are the algorithms focusing on maximizing engagement x. maximizing ads use are really playing a role in radicalizing the people who are just going to you tube watching as
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a video to hear should people using the internet have be forced to take more responsibility for their actions online oh here we are talking about the big social media companies but people who republished video of the attack in in christ church will pub republished comments praising the attack may have broken the law as it applies to citizens of new zealand should use even go after these people and prosecute them in its courts make an example of them. firstly and definitely the there is the responsibility for the producer randi share of this material. they don't know if the material is. is a good home for their people and other people. and in the same similarly there. they are well educated enough in this area because at the moment
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this all things are mirrored last indicate you know one last ten years things that's been characterised mystically changed in everyone using media. yes and no because the charge and name are missing them in a court of law it's not that easy because the person share it all depends why are they sharing it the they want to share to look at people now that what happened to share it ok that you do the more harm your funding that intention was this was shared it would be very different and it's. less. days that is there people had no need to be educated ok. it began to be educated from from the general from the from the from the schools that what would be. damages are effective messaging not to have some sort of
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a show where we're rapidly running out of time a rough i want to take on this this this issue of web anonymity with you you mentioned eight chan where the attacker was able to anonymously publish his manifesto his intentions his links to the facebook live stream of the attack should internet anonymity be abolished i mean say what you want this issue of free speech on the web but only if if the world i suppose more importantly the eyes piece at least know who you are and composite information on to the relevant authorities if you overstep the mark. again it's not possible to abolish anonymity completely but yes we should have make it harder we should restrict the rooms where anonymity prevails and we have to create a transnationally working arrangement to get at these identities and that's often the case that you know in one country you have rules without but across borders that breaks down so i think that's something to look into but i think the key thing
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with it's not the an amendment to but basically that they only have laws they only were referred to us laws and child pornography and not other form of extremism and there are those to regulate recap that h. and moderators have to take and address and not the anonymity but again and amenities also something that needs legal transnational arrangements to break that barrier known and the final word here then who who should hold the responsibility for policing this this global phenomenon the internet what resources should they be allocated considering that the budgets for lauren foresman generally around the world a being reduced right i think this is really the biggest problem is the question of the business models really promoting again this sort of drive to engagement drive to extremism and the degree to which the users themselves sort of repeat that model so you have people like you are saying sharing things on a shared or share you tube facebook because again they understand much like the companies that they're working with and that drives content drives the use drives
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money so it's again i think about trying to understand the business model itself and the degree to which that itself is that age so i mean to do it i mean as you said that we can leave this to the companies themselves to police the has to be some sort of external body to to to enforce the rules and. rightsizing other one here you have to have companies working with regulators basho international level on the other hand you have to make more transparent the way the algorithms work and this platforms are driving people towards this content of the first china but i'm not quite sure we've solved the problem but it was it was an extremely interesting discussion it's perhaps a more complicated issue than the many people including me realize thank you for your time to here now was rafał boss song and nolan guts thank you for watching don't forget you can see the program again any time just by going to the website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion join us at our facebook page you can find
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that at facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle at a.j. inside story from me. and the whole team here and thanks for watching we'll see you . three he is off to the u.k. to meet the european union. is yet to take for. britain seemed through its divorce from its european name based the whole process to still be ready to
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stay without as a raft for the latest. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we dealt as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have devoted our nation what has happened to the injured that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. as a non-religious this is the politics me and an unholy alliance on al jazeera. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. to us if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that
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is our strength. for more than a decade has been considered a threat to national security in russia putin said we'll give you the twelve indicted military intelligence officers indicted by a special counsel robert mueller but what we want in return is you bill browder a multimillionaire investor in russia turned and he put an activist talks to us as the. the top stories on extra police are being deployed to guard schools businesses and places of worship in new zealand friday's mosque shootings prime ministers are. all of the victims bodies can be hunted over. fifty people died in the attacks has more from christchurch. the announcement from new zealand promised to. the police that
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the process is beginning of handing back the bodies to family members will certainly be welcomed there had been growing frustration really among some of the family members who have been waiting for news waiting for confirmation waiting for those bodies to be returned to them some of those people voicing that frustration saying that this was taking too long because of course islamic custom dictates that the body should be buried within twenty four hours after death in this case that simply hasn't been possible because of the sheer magnitude of what took place in christchurch on friday the police have said look we understand the cultural and religious circumstances around this being working very closely they say with religious leaders but they had to take their time the forensic process is still underway inside those two mosques where the attack took place the police still working in that area trying to find any pieces of evidence that may still be there
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the bodies however have been removed and they are all in the hospital behind me hospital where the injured are as well and while the surgical procedures continue the result the procedures regarding the did that is post-mortems and also the identification process so that news that the bodies will be handed back to the family members will be welcomed as i say there was caution from that this will continue to be a slow process and she hopes that it will be completed by wednesday in the meantime . and this city will begin to at least try to get back to normal on monday it is the start of a new working week care the police are saying they want people to try to get back home their feet they say they will be a significant increase in security right around this city as that new week begins outside institutions like schools places of worship as well remembering that
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mosques were ordered closed right around the country they can now open according to the police but in christchurch they will be a police presence outside those mosques on monday and probably throughout the course of the week in mali at least sixteen soldiers have been killed in an attack on an army camp located in the central region of moped the gunman captured the barracks briefly on saturday night to destroying five vehicles one person has been killed in attacks in the occupied west bank the shootings happened in succession at road junctions three people have also been injured the philippines has officially withdrawn from the international criminal court that began the process to leave last year after the court launched an examination into president were to go to territories drug war thousands of suspected drug users and dealers have been killed since the crackdown started in twenty sixteen. people in paris have been repairing some of the damage to stores and other businesses following violent yellow vests
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demonstrations protesters set fire to buildings and cars and looted shops more than two hundred people have been arrested president emanuel has not to cut short a weekend trip to return to the french capital. flash floods and landslides have killed at least fifty nine people in that indonesian province of pop who are several thousand people have been forced out of their homes to rancho rains caused damage in the provincial capital.


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