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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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people in paris have been repairing the some of the damage to stores and other businesses following violent yellow vests demonstrations but testers set fire to buildings and cars and looted shops more than two hundred people have been arrested president emanuel has had to cut short a weekend trip to return to the french capital. flash floods and landslides have killed at least fifty nine people in that indonesian province of papua several thousand people have been forced out of their homes to run during this goes damage in the provincial capital jayapura floodwaters have receded leaving a trail of mud fallen trees and homes which need drying out tropical cyclone eidetic is causing more death and destruction in southern africa zimbabwe is the latest country to feel the force of the storm at least thirty one people have been killed as flash floods have swept away homes bridges and roads dozens of people are still missing and bad weather is slowing the rescue efforts. are going to get
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a lot more details and all these stories of course on the web site al jazeera dot com these are the headlines now it's al jazeera world life and. a good deal here in southern morocco on the atlantic coast near the foot of the atlas mountains population around seven hundred thousand. industries
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tourism agriculture and fishing and major ports for exporting goods to europe and for imports into africa. camels no longer distribute produce the only effective network in this part of the world is the roads to places like dakar the capital of senegal. because that is the first thing. roads and trucks hundreds if not thousands of them. drivers have to deal with the mechanics of huge engines and maneuver great monsters
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with eighteen tons mt over fourteen foot would need ten. thousand nine hundred. seventy three this film followed to try to drive very under three thousand kilometer journey from a good dealer to dakar. to be a dying man needed help to make last minute repairs to his vehicle to get it's ready for the outward trip which might take as longest. two weeks. driving sketch and the suspect turns out time. are nice. and doctors can be sets off in the dark and heads off towards the coast road that will take him first to the southwestern border of morocco.
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but how does competing it's not. easy getting another truck by impact. and the two go follow one another for the full three thousand kilometers to dakar at the mall and then the on off. on it's. an alien she doesn't need then over the last chance can the women a lot of them say for. it will look. like. a number. of those that she. and women are going to. look for that she. did.
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get isn't it. all talents. should do was. justice. and i have to make their first stop before dawn to grab some fresh fruit from our normal. lives. a lot of a lot of. over me you. see. the advantage. of us gets but i have risk of two lives. there will be times in the next few days when they will miss not only their
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families thoughts also the simple comforts of even this modest roadside cafe. one of the characters. but you know she was the kid in the uk. who saw it saw and. all but. when it got him and i have this could be your set off they can't always tell their families how long they'll be away such is the unpredictability of the journey ahead . for them to save. not even if a little bogged in the. sheep she. didn't mean it is that.
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this is not like truck driving across the united states for long distances are common but where ours are controlled by federal law. it's not like driving in europe with its titrate condition and vehicle monitoring systems measuring driver time activity. this is driving it so hard i think. there are no motorway service stations no twenty four hour s.o.'s vehicle recovery no spare parts at the end of a mobile phone. call but i. would
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see. why. there should be a multiple it's always pistol to be. silly you have been a hostile order that's. called on to make it a sin to do it but it's all that i know we. shall in the know we all did was. driving our words don't seem to be regulated and there are no rest areas. painted on this trip is mineral material but whatever they're carrying they can't really leave the vehicle for security reasons. they also have to refuel when they pass a service station as there be huge distances to head with nothing but deserts hour
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after hour. i did could be as makes himself comfortable for the night as best he can inside the cab. ibrahim's has discovered that it's higher on one of his trigger wheels to speak up a slow puncture before he crosses the desert he has to get it fixed when he comes
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across a roadside becoming. even if not. a lot to do. with him in the city in the world at the school at the end. of the.
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in the us a driver can be at the wheel for up to eleven hours out to fourteen in europe the rules are tighter the daily maximum is normally nine hours but the brakes have to be taken every four and a half hour and the rest should be an hour and. but this is the moroccan so hard. as he told his friend in the coffee there is no longer. any. it's in the past. the nasty. but no i asked. when asked if he thought. much steve as you can edit the. one i gave you know i'm going to knock up shop. windows with him as much as was on
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didn't you know i did because she starts you want to see what's available at home that's the first real good and i was the. one that was being pursued obvious. that. this minute jenna i think that it can feel good mission. to be off. scratch get me. i did compete and back here are now driving over an area known as clustered centauri. it has been a disputed territory. between iraq old and what's called the polis are your friends since one nine hundred seventy five. the un has maintained a peacekeeping mission in western sahara a territory about the size of new zealand for twenty seven views.
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u.n. efforts have repeatedly failed to broker a settlement over the disputed territory which the polisario says the longs to the sexuality of people. morocco controls ninety percent of the territories including its three main town votes and insists its energy go part to detain them while polisario demands a referendum on self-determination through. the two drivers have now reached the southwestern corner of the disputed territory near a small town called good acts where there is a un buffer zone but which is effectively the border crossing into mauritania. over one hundred eighty thousand travelers pass through here every year tourists visiting west africa and africans heading to morocco and europe. as a hotspot for smuggling and illegal immigration the wait here can be ten feet they
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can't inspect over thirty thousand trucks and cars here every year. for ibrahim of that could be it it's an unwelcome bottleneck and they have no idea how long the visa procedure vehicle inspection and people work will take hours days or even longer and. the drivers are also concerned for their safety as there has been violence here in recent years. a brahim an up that could be.


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