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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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it's just great that now i will know where she is and i can go to her grave thank god it's been resolved. and the remains of tires sister and brother in law have also been found. in the us of at least i will bury them next to their son's grave and they will be together their son wanted to bring them home but he died last august. backed by russia the regions of the and south of setia four to ghent in the one nine hundred ninety s. and again in two thousand and eight hundreds of thousands of ethnic georgians were displaced tens of thousands of civilians were killed and more than two and a half thousand people went missing. since two thousand and eleven the international committee of the red cross has been helping to find missing persons and identify them using forensic analysis so far more than five hundred bodies have been recovered but fewer than half that number has been identified
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a while you don't have. a peace settlement a peace agreement you have a process you monitor and process in place where again the the the sides to the conflict are able to agree on possible examination and they are taking place and indeed we are able to call to recover bodies. george's past conflicts have affected and continue to affect hundreds of thousands of people those who've lost their homes those who lost their loved ones those whose loved ones were never found but for the families of these persons finally there is now an opportunity for some closure. we're told her. there were military honors in a nearby cemetery for three soldiers among those recently identified. well the conflicts with its breakaway regions remain unresolved the process of healing has
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begun for so. robyn for a steelworker. tblisi no talk of the sport and here is solemn thank you very much to a role well back to sign a second another big step and it's a rebirth as a cricketing nation the country is out to prove it can host major international games the final of the pakistan super league is being held in karachi the match set to start and the next ten minutes or so most games in the competition were played in the united arab emirates for security reasons but this final is the eighth league game pakistan has been able to stage this season is the most high level cricket that pakistan has seen in a decade. while a puck istana became a no go zone for international cricket after the sri lankan team was attacked by gunmen in lahore in two thousand and nine test matches have been paid in pakistan
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says then doesn't bob wish the west indies a have all returned for limited over games and in the last few days thirty nine international players have been competing in karachi in the pakistan super league. well let's go live to correct she were there standing at the national stadium come on first of all we're only a few minutes away from the start of the match how is the build up and what are the security measures. where i can tell you one thing that a very large number of people have turned out for the game and this city of karachi richard those are the country's largest what did our president and security measures in place where doored there thirteen. or loose men have been deployed and doing a house dog and paramilitary forces also to ensure that these games gold moodley are so far we have seen a large number of people coming. by running them to the stadium and
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so far it appears that everything is going to move and they come on let's talk about the former captain or pakistan caps and who is now the prime minister imre and what are his hopes for crickets in the country. he was after all the pakistani captain who won the world cup is very enthusiastic about the game he wants to encourage international players to come to pakistan of course progress on his very tank. forty nine days have indeed come to pakistan to show solidarity for the game of cricket and of course to day game in front of a large audience the pakistani prime minister imran khan said that in the last all of these games were being headed in the united arab emirates are dead the next pakistan. will be in pakistan you talk about solidarity and support for the games
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in pottstown how well were they supported. well as far as the super league is concerned it started off lol because after all that time as they can all make problems. there turned down the encouragement from the people and also there have been a lot of them and a lot of support for this game and so we did like need to grow even with all the foreign players also being inducted into the pakistan super league so things are looking good despite a slow start in the beginning come on hide a lie from karachi thank you very much for that. mostly this driver. has won the opening of the formula one season the fender scribe the melbourne victory as the best race of his career with teammate lewis hamilton finishing at
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this second i do it it's in reports. a new season but six familiar looking the sadie's cars at the front of the grid in melbourne. there was a surprise on the first call of zero is found three quarters past his teammate and defending world champion lewis hamilton. never looked back and built up a twenty second lead while hamilton has a battle to hold on to second place. not a good homegrown prefer danny ricardo in his first race firenado he lost his front wing in the opening seconds and was forced to retire midway through the race. car science fared a little better in his mclaren the spaniards hopes went up in smoke on lap nine. ferrari had looked impressive in pre-season testing that their pairing of charles with kirk and sebastian vettel struggled so much miss a reason red bull red bulls much to stop and overtaking vettel is white's with
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third place finish was. out in front also claimed the extra points on offer this season for the fastest lap of the race on his way to a first girl prix win since twenty seven saying i bet. dogs really get. it was definitely my best race ever. i don't know what happens i just felt so good and everything was under control and. color so good today truly enjoyable i mean i turn georgia day i know it's going to get we can for the for the team so i be happy for everyone and really fantastic job from everyone that got you driving an incredible race today so you truly deserve it and we just got some work to do but still it's you know it's a great great start to the year five time champion hamilton will be concerned at how far ahead of course was for rory to be desperate to finish on the podium at the next group perri in bahrain and the richardson al-jazeera. defending n.b.a.
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champions the golden state warriors have plants a playoff spot with a big win over the oklahoma city thunder steph curry starts with thirty three points clear thompson added twenty three more to lead the warriors to hundred ten to eighty eight rushing off the thunder is the seventh consecutive playoff berth breaking the previous record held by philadelphia from one hundred forty six through nine hundred fifty two. i just a night had to have been knocked out of the english f.a. cup they were beaten two one up by premier league rivals moves the when put wolves into the semifinals for the first time in more than two decades. with a number two for wolves as united slipped to the first back to back defeats and only. just to city came back from being two goals down against swansea city scored three times in the final twenty one minutes against the second tier team it was that was some fortune about cities when i said
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joe quero scored a form an offside position but the video assistant referee was not in use and the goal was allowed to each city the final score. and. mccain schieffer and has ended the alphen season with her sixtieth a wall's cup victory it came in the giant slalom an entourage on sunday twenty four year old already a wrap topped the overall total two weeks ago this was a record seventeenth world cup winner of the season but she also won the super bowl championship and gold medals puts her third on the all time list for women just twenty two behind lindsey vonn who are tied this year. and that's what a sport from one hundred back to world so thanks very much indeed and that's it for me for this news hour i'm going to be back in a moment with more of the day's news live from.
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a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby. and three million. want to. reveal secrets and connections some don't want exposed. as i would call if there will. be ready investigations houses sell a massacre coming soon the rifles or so many guns sometimes even. counting the cost this week he's on a urgent mission to save the internet will talk to the. inventor of the world wide web we'll look at why kenya safari called is teaming up with china's biggest e-commerce company counting the cost. is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some
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nigerians continue an ancient tradition with child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago with some missionaries who says she's proved many marriages happen . as a missionary goals the money. outrightly. be trucked to gil before she's born there what if it takes forty is. the brother to go to get money wife. rewind continues i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of al-jazeera as documentaries this struggle continues book from the till now or use distance revisiting alfred's free press. they didn't talk we think of what's happening in
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the us or sites that have been some changes over the years in a rewind on al-jazeera. new zealand police will soon begin to return the bodies of some of the fifty victims of the deadly attacks on two mosques as vigils are held across the country . i'm about this and this is all just here on live from doha also coming up did social media giants act quickly enough in the wake of the most shootings new zealand's prime minister wants answers from facebook. chaos in the french capital as yellow vast protests against the president and his reforms turn violent. one week on the families still await the return of their
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loved ones from ethiopian airlines prussia's investigators piece together what exactly went wrong. extra police were gone schools businesses and places of worship in new zealand when they opened on monday morning following the mosque shootings but his commanders say there will be a highly visible presence nationwide fifty muslims were killed at friday prayers in christ church prime minister just send out on hopes all bodies can be handed over to families for burial by wednesday when haye has more from christchurch. the announcement from new zealand's promise to. the police that the process is beginning of handing back the bodies to family members will certainly be welcomed there had been growing frustration really among some of the family members who have been waiting for news waiting for confirmation waiting for those bodies to be
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returned to them some of those people voicing their frustration saying that this process was taking too long because of course islamic custom dictates that the body should be buried within twenty four hours after death in this case that simply hasn't been possible because of the sheer magnitude of what took place in christchurch on friday the police have said look we understand the cultural and religious circumstances around this being working very closely they say with religious leaders but they had to take their time the forensic process is still underway inside those two mosques where the attack took place the police still working in that area trying to find any pieces of evidence that may still be there the bodies however have been removed and they are all in the hospital behind me hospital where the injured are as well and while the surgical procedures continue. the procedures regarding the did that is. and also the identification process so
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that news that the bodies will be handed back to the family members will be welcomed as i say there was just that this will continue to be a slow process and she hopes that it will be completed by wednesday in the meantime this city will begin to at least try to get back to normal on monday it is the start of a new working week a the police saying they want people to try to get back home they say they will be a significant increase in security right around this city as that new week begins outside institutions like schools. places of worship as well remembering that mosques were ordered close right around the country they can now open according to the police but in christchurch there will be a police presence outside those mosques on monday and probably throughout the course of the week and the prime minister has acknowledged that she did receive the
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so-called manifesto moments before the attack i was one of more than fish the recipients of a mena manifesto that was mild out nine minutes before the attack took place it did not include a location it did not include specific dates house i'm advised that within two minutes of its receipt in at least my office it was conveyed directly to parliamentary security but the assurance i want to go visit head it provided details that could have been edited on immediately it would have been but they are unfortunately we are not such details in their email either thomas has more from christ church on the outskirts of christ church they are digging graves fifty i need it now the official number killed rose on sunday when police clearing bodies
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from the two mosques attacked found one they had not been aware of before. a list of victims names have been shared with. the police commissioner confirmed that the man they have in custody brenton tyrant is the only suspect in friday's attacks three others arrested shortly after they took place a not now believed to have been involved. called a witness the immediate aftermath of the attacks he was driving past the allen nor mosque and saw people running he jumped out of his call to help the wounded and the dying it was a. daughter who are fighting for their laws particularly the daughter to be about five she was touching god. i've not the boat and managed to get the father of the daughter in the back of that and out because the ambulances were coming and i will add on because i was on the edge of the cordon but i would let him because the area was a secure. you know what happened to that go for him and right of her that there was
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a father and daughter that hostile wife and the daughter this fall i don't know whether that was the same. volatile that we were here. in wellington new zealand's prime minister met with muslim community needs to again stress the solidarity and support and around the country a christian church services muslim victims were in the thoughts and prayers more than thirty people remain in hospital some still in a critical condition many of the patients that have been already drawn from the incident require more surgeries as a consequence of the complexity of the nature of the injuries in a christ church where house volunteers are giving their time and florists their flowers to make bouquet is to lay on coffins each one represents a life
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a family member that wherever mom or day its. own brother or sister. sound if it's smart. there will be fifty bouquets for fifty newly dug graves i'm sure thomas al-jazeera cross church. first book says it removed one and a half million videos of the attack around the world in the first twenty four hours after it happened that people are still posting the suspect shooting video social media platforms are being criticized for failing to block those images and the so-called manifesto from going viral technology editor money on the whole and as more the attack was designed to get maximum coverage teased on twitter and a chain broadcast live on.


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