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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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as for you on al jazeera extra police are to guard schools businesses and places of worship in new zealand after shootings at two mosques police commanders say there will be a high visible presence nationwide on monday morning which is now fifty muslims of course kills friday prayers in christchurch. new zealand laws may also get stricter following the attack the government will discuss options on monday such as banning private ownership of semiautomatic rifles and a government funded buyback of outlawed firearms. or facebook says in the twenty four hours after the attack it removed one and a half million videos globally but people are still posting and sharing the suspects shooting video social media platforms are now under pressure for failing to stop it and the hate filled manifesto from going viral more with our technology editor marion hunt. the attack was designed to get maximum coverage teased on twitter and h.n. broadcast live on facebook and all while referencing
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a popular you tube channel to grab attention and accelerate its spirit and spirit it did by the time the social media companies stopped its broadcast it had been shared repeatedly and migrated to listen on sites so why was it so difficult for big to companies with all their resources and latest technology to contain the damage well it turns out it's not as easy as it seems. facebook google twitter and you tube use automated moderation tools to track and remove objectionable content they are part of the global internet forum to counter terrorism letting each other know about extremist material and they attach digital signatures known as hedges to stop their content being uploaded again but machines aren't enough they also have human counting to moderate is tracking checking and deleting content around the clock but live content is problematic and the attack
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video was live for seventeen minutes long enough for it to find a home on smaller sites last down rabbit holes that the vast majority of us know nothing about one of them is the listen on mrs board ha in which he used to propagate his extremist views and where he announced his attack it's a digital haven where users can remain anonymous and there is little moderation people there have been posting and praising the gunman's actions. some commentators say there is little incentive for the big tech companies to do better it's monitoring comes here and given there are no fives and no penalties if they fail or they're now just too big to police content effectively anyway blocking sites is one option but that's open to abuse by those who support since the ship potentially taking away more than a protects open unfettered access to an n.t.
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connected global network of information for everyone is what the web was founded on but something failed during the mood is in new zealand and no one's yet sure how to fix it and whose job that should be. will move to other news now the israeli army has launched a major operation in the occupied west bank after at least one israeli was killed two others were wounded in stabbings and shootings by a suspected palestinian attack on harry force and following that one from western reserve. the israeli military has set out the sequence of events that it says took place in the occupied west bank on sunday morning it says at around nine forty five at the ariel interchange southwest of the city of nablus and a palestinian man approached a soldier stabbed that soldier and took his weapon before firing on nearby vehicles that soldier one thousand years old the israeli army says was killed in that attack israeli civilian in one of those vehicles was also shot and seriously wounded
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israeli media saying he was he is a forty seven year old man a resident of one of the illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank another vehicle which was abandoned was then apparently taken by this individual and he drove it southwest and fired on a bus stop where another israeli soldier was wounded that vehicle then discovered in or near the city the village of burkean palestinian village of booking further south west that became the center of a pretty major israeli military operation as houses were searched and the focus of this search was undertaken there were reports in the palestinian media as well that there was an exchange of gunfire at one stage there this military operation extended well beyond that village though checkpoints were set up illegal settlements were closed down for some time as were some other palestinian villages the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said that the perpetrator or perpetrators of this attack will be captured and the justice will be brought to
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them there have been celebration events that have taken place in gaza where hamas and islamic jihad have both welcomed the news of this attack and there are also be tensions that erupted elsewhere in the occupied west bank with settlers stoning palestinian vehicles and homes currently this major military operation is still ongoing. a mass funeral service has been held for some of the victims of the ethiopian plane crash last sunday. thousands of mourners led a procession through the streets of. accompanied seventeen empty caskets draped in the national flag meanwhile new informations emerge reuters is quoting an investigation source who says the plane flew at an unusually high speed after takeoff and ethiopia's transport minister says initial data shows a clear similarity to the crash that happened in indonesia last october both
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accidents involve the same type of boeing jet hominid to reports now from. grieving families of some of the one hundred fifty seven victims of ethiopian airlines flight three hundred to. mourn the loss of their loved ones. arriving at this field remnants of the allies through not around brings it all home to. the airline officials say they haven't found even a single body intact just body parts which would make the added process took a while. ethiopian airlines didn't give us anything they told us to wait until thursday we waited and thursday came they are now saying they couldn't find anything i wish they told us that they found nothing in the first place this is major grief heavy we came into handed and we were going back empty handed. the boiling seven three seven marks eight and one down at eight forty four am on sunday
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shortly after takeoff from the capital addis ababa and drew tonight will be in neighboring kenya pozen just from more than thirty countries were on board this is the time of crisis in ethiopia the airline is a symbol of pride and its europeans have thrown their full support behind it to paralyze small talk from since i was a small boy was brilliant africa together. and thus was have been for seventy five years latter and evidence that the cross has done little to scare people away from the airline can be seen at the couple's mushrooming hotels they're teaming with passengers in transit that's a didn't happen here it's like yeah that's it that happens when i when i would say you know s.b.c. it's not just enough to cut a globally we have those records of us interacting so as a loyal travel and i use that if you've been in l.a. that has not affected my view or perspective. if european airlines has expanded its
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fleet to one hundred and eleven planes it now flies to one hundred six international and twenty three domestic distillations beyond it's almost professionals the airline also owns all forty nine percent stake in malawi alliance and forty five percent stake in zambia airways what ethiopian is doing is try corporate governance they're basically coming in to a failed business which is not failed because there was not demand there's demand that passengers want to fly out of these countries so you've got the demand they're willing to pay but the issue has been the mismanagement of those airlines in countries so actually it's buying up cheap assets with strong demand and making it work i think it's a great strategy. back at the crash site walk us continue the search for debris and remains of those who perished in the crush these two windswept filled one continued to be an international crime scene for
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a long time to come how it all just zita addis ababa ethiopia. gunmen have attacked an army base in mali killing at least twenty four soldiers vehicles were destroyed when the base in the central region of mopti was braced for briefly under siege on saturday night a camp commander is amongst those who've been shot and although no group has admitted responsibility attacks by groups linked to al qaida and eisel are common the philippines is officially withdrawn from the international criminal court it began the process to leave last year after the hague based court launched an initial examination into president rodrigo to toto's drugs war thousands of suspected drug users and dealers have been killed since the crackdown started three years ago so because president sent out a warning to protesters a day after they stormed the state run television station demanding his resignation ah of opposition supporters crowded the presidency building in
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belgrade as alexander fluted held a news conference inside demonstrators according to fair elections and a free media. of gerri as newly appointed prime minister noted in bed the way it started talks to form a new government a new cabinet will include experts without political affiliation in response to the ongoing nationwide demonstrations. and the first of the political prisoners pardoned by democratic republic of congo's new president of been released from jail phoenix scared and promised about seven hundred prisoners most of whom were jailed under the previous regime would be free during his first one hundred days in office has more was franti on go spend two and a half years in kinshasa central prison was he is one of three prominent opposition leaders released from jail after being pardoned by democratic republic of congo's president failings tisha katie who was elected in december was i'm
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very happy to see my brother released from jail i don't know how to express all the emotion it's finally my brother is free human rights lawyer firming young combi was also released he'd been sentenced to twenty years in prison in two thousand and nine and charges of being a threat to national security. an additional seven hundred political prisoners have also been pardoned by dishy candy most were arrested for speaking out against former president joseph kabila during his eighteen here's an office that was a part of the. it's a joy for all of us we want to think the president and ask him not to imitate the behavior of the former regime. tisha kept his decision to pardon political prisoners is widely seen as a move to break away from the politics of his predecessor but these attempts are proving difficult i know that there were violent protests by the president supporters in kinshasa after his union for democracy and social progress party suffered
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a crushing loss on friday's elections for the national assembly joseph kabila is common front for congo coalition took more than two thirds of the seats in the senate or upper chamber and it already holds a majority in the lower chamber and now many are questioning the president's ability to govern independently on the streets it's feared there could be more violence. is good though given the supporters of the president claim they do not have enough senators but it's not our issue they shouldn't come and carry out these acts of vandalism in our neighborhood. but the mission. despite the setbacks tisha kenny says he will continue to push his agenda forward in addition to the prisoners pardon he has pledged to bring back political opponents who fled the republican can believe was president this even though kabila still has considerable influence in the country caught c.l.o. first so the young al-jazeera and venezuela's opposition leader has begun
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a national tour and a new effort to oust the president nicolas maduro is of course in a power struggle with madeira who accuses the us of masterminding a plot to overthrow him. top stories for you on al-jazeera extra police are being deployed around new zealand following shootings at two mosques on friday police commanders say there will be a highly visible presence nationwide on monday morning as people return to work and school the prime minister says she hopes all bodies can be handed over for burial by wednesday more with wayne hay in christchurch. the announcement from new zealand's promise to just didn't end the police that the process is beginning of handing back the bodies to family members will certainly be welcome there had been growing frustration really among some of the family members who have been waiting for news waiting for confirmation waiting for those bodies to be returned to them
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some of those people voicing their frustration saying that this process was taking too long because of course islamic custom dictates that the body should be buried within twenty four hours after death in other news the israeli army has launched a major operation in the occupied west bank after at least one israeli was killed two others were wounded in stabbing and shootings by a suspected palestinian attack people in paris are been repairing some of the damage to stores and other businesses following violent yellow vests demonstrations on saturday protesters set fire to buildings and cars and looted shops and more than two hundred people were arrested serbia's president sent out a warning to protesters the day after they stormed the state run television station there demanding his resignation. of opposition supporters crowded the presidency building in belgrade aleksandr which is held a news conference inside riot police used tear gas on protesters the first major
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incident after months of peaceful protests against the populous leader and ethiopia's transport minister says initial days are from the black box of nostrils downed airplane has similarities to the crash that happened in indonesia meanwhile the mass funeral service has been held for some of the victims. thousands of mourners led a procession through the streets of the capital addis ababa they accompanied seventeen empty caskets draped in the national flak we are back with the news hour in about twenty five minutes here on al-jazeera coming up next it's inside story.
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as new zealand mourns those killed by a lone gunman into the mosques kohls grow for a clampdown on islam a phobia what's driving the hatred and prejudice against muslims in western countries and is it linked to white supremacies this is inside story. a welcome to the program has i'm seeking new zealand's prime minister just send a durned calls it a terrorist attack fifty people shot dead in two mosques in the city of christchurch a man suspected to be a white supremacist is charged with murder and it is emerged a seventy four page manifesto full of hate against muslims and immigrants was sent to the prime minister and others just minutes before the attacks and it's the
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suspect described to us president donald trump as a symbol of renewed white identity when trump often done what he could do to help she told him to show sympathy and love for all muslim communities she says new zealand gun laws will now change. let's remind ourselves of some previous attacks in two thousand and fifteen white supremacist dylan rufe killed nine african-americans in a church in charleston south carolina the following year oscar morel shot dead an in ma'am and his assistant near their mosque in queens new york in two thousand and seventeen six worshippers were killed by gunman alexander bissonnette at a mosque in quebec city in canada in the same year down osborn drove a van into a group of people leaving a mosque in london killing one man and last year a white supremacist robert bowers shot and killed eleven jews at a synagogue in pittsburgh pennsylvania.
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well let's bring in our guest now to talk more about this in melbourne via skype but we have a cross cultural consultant. she is also chair of the australian muslim women's center for human rights in beirut rodger shanahan a research fellow at the lowy institute an australian think tank and joining us from london matthew goodwin a professor at the university of kent and former member of the u.k. governments and muslim hatred working group good to have you all with us. tess name show proof i could start with you then how when you heard about this attack what was your what went through your mind first where you were you surprised by it shocked i mean given given the what were your own countries going through what was your first reaction. it was i think the environment for
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this kind of attack culminating the way they did because the show meant exam time and i think it was always a question of when. yet it didn't take way through the tragedy and the whole integration that i'm continuing to navigate through mightn't but i think that the inevitability of it was something that sadly many fretted temporaries felt was just a matter of time rather shanahan what we all were your first feelings when you heard about this. i think everybody felt the same discussed and shocked at what had happened. to these people who were peacefully going about observing their religion. yet still did come probably is more of a shock. the fact that happened in new zealand which israeli touched by this kind of attack and double the size because in a strange citizen was responsible for it so i think combination of all of those
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things the rarity of the event particularly unlike ation in new zealand but also. you know just the shock and horror about about the commies that had been caused in this terrorist attack you know what about the fact that this happened in you in new zealand method goodwin i mean like many people i'm sure you you a shock to and horrified by this and for many people who study this perhaps some would were not surprised but the fact that this happened in in a country like new zealand which is known for. being a very tolerant liberal society. well indeed sadly the the mass shooting element was not as surprising as perhaps it would have been in the past but what was surprising certainly to me was that this occurred in new zealand it reminded me actually of the attacks in norway again two countries norway new zealand that are known around the world for being very tolerant very liberal very relaxed
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and yet both going through quite shocking about and so and particularly in terms of politics we've had a very vigorous debate about the raw use for example of right wing politics ultra right wing politics in the united states in europe and perhaps that's taken our attention away from some of these other areas of the world that are grappling with some of the same challenges and same problems does name shopper let me come back to you then this is the suspect is as it turns out was. is australian and does it surprise you at all that what given the climate the climate inot in australia right now with things they're a kind of a breeding ground for what led him to this sure show and i think i don't believe that you know these incidents happen in in a vacuum they they do happen on the ground there are have been extending writing history what really be described as
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a right wing rhetoric based sort of environment that has defined lot of the political leadership that we've seen and certainly a lot of the media climate and shock jocks and and if you insist that space so that the language that's being used to demonize and generalize the muslims or machetes of minorities has been one that has got a lot of political currency a lot of legitimacy a lot of free time and has been given to it is to actually espouse peace of hate and riches in the name or national security in the name of securing borders but hearing reports and often that those comments have been made without us any position or that she see fit to be a tax measures parts from most jews who constantly be demonized so this is almost like an open slather culture if you will that has demonized and has been very very xenophobic so close some of it because it's officially what it is it is basically
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created an environment that's just might something be it as normal though when people talk about being surprised it at the actions of a friend terry i'm not surprised for i think this is the end result of encouraging. naming the sins and all islam as not the army of this country. basically claim they have no values or rights that this is for the families of this nation to the point where it's made no. commentate is a thought at least and rightly and it's go to pieces all final solution or never case that period legitimizing actual technical maneuvers she so often will some problem when you say when you say there that the political leadership in australia has given many of these people cover what do you mean by that expand on that one i think just the recent example are in response to what happened in his ear and i'm serious or fraser any has mainstay of his taken down yet or not but that is that
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a lot of that cry from what cross the coalition from prospect size of government that will be that they don't support disease but he's believes we're as an elected member of parliament that essentially the actions of what happened to the present people just discomfort with the migration and unfair wilson says was a direct. lesson it reaches and we have a really horrific big the sum of say not just because of the climate the but because of half sure that you can tease and have that precise mentality then she feels and gives invective to others to her to come can't what group was done so as a leader is someone's plea of responsibility in this country to then take the view that it's well time stand it will not be seen what happens and justifying it is absolutely appalling rodger shanahan how would you characterize the current climate
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in australia towards towards the muslim community and towards immigration in general because of course that the australian government has taken. quite a firm stance against. refugees quite a controversial one. listen as a lot to unpack there are probably so i had to start with two things before we started to reading blindman influences on. who influenced this person in the cowardly attack that he carried out you really need to white a period of time to find out his social media background his conversational background his travel background to find out who has actually influenced him it's very easy decide that the whole environment influenced him but obtain an expert witness in more than two dozen terrorism trials here in astride it and you get the real understanding of what has during this person from a collection of. telephone intercepts from the history of searches from on the
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internet and the doc net that's when you really understand what what motivated this person the unfortunate reality is we're going to have the white some time before we can actually understand who influenced this person and it's going to be critical to understanding that fact before we can address some of the issues and probably on another issue about why new zealand and and this is an issue that will take up some people's time and and if you guy from the from the fact that this person had obviously decided at some point with these high true the most them said he wanted to kill as many as possible it's highly possible that he chose new zealand as the place to do it because of their relatively lax gun laws gotten as much taught in australia and one of the things that has frustrated islamist terrorists in
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a strategy a previously has been the inability to access semiautomatic weapons so it's quite possible that this person traveled to new zealand and i the with a specific purpose or over a period of time decided that you zealand was an ac a target then a straw. on the broader issue of migration and attitude to muslims. what senator fries and he has said is deplorable hopefully tomorrow there's going to be a. bipartisan sense censure of him by both the government and the libre party we also have to remember that yes he was elected representative but he achieved nineteen that's one nine votes in queens and. arrange of curiosities for their electoral system and the fact that some of the people ahead of him on the ballot had to leave because of citizenship cleary's he
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ended up in palm and absolutely he's an elected representative but this is a really a reflection of him as an individual about what he's been saying and the fact that he got nineteen votes probably tells you all you need to know about how much popular support he has he's just a person with a platform particularly offensive view is and i think the government and the opposition to doing exactly the right thing and marginalizing him and his views. on the whole issue of migration as you said sorry i'll let you go on yes i will come back to that in a moment i want to get matthew goodwin's view on this do you think politicians have fueled a lot of this as well and as others have said given legitimacy to to many white nationalists. well i certainly think it's part of the explanation if you look at democracy since the one nine hundred eighty s. we've really seen a rise in populist movements a more exclusionary language that's become especially prominent since the two
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thousands but as i said earlier on you know and to reiterate some of the statements made by the previous speaker when you're dealing with individuals it's often very difficult to identify what was that cools all mechanism to push them into perpetrating violent so if you look for example of a lot of the research we have in europe particularly germany where the german authorities have looked to perpetrate this very closely you know they often say that they tend to be young the middle age men they tend to have lower levels of education they often have a background of alcohol old old drug abuse old petty criminality but often you know those generalisations you know that they don't always hold up. sometimes you find individuals who have be flooding with right wing extremist movements but not necessarily being active members in those groups for example the over the labor
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politician here in the u.k. joe cogs who would be sort of floating around the fringes of movements but not necessarily being highly active in the meanwhile you can look at somebody's life and as brave it was fully a in the online all bit of right wing extremist forums the one thing about that i would add before we continue the conversation however is over the last forty eight hours i've noticed a lot of the debate about this issue has been about big tech and social media we must remember that we had perpetrators of mass violence before we had big tech and social media people like timothy mcveigh for example who we conveniently forget or david coughlin the obama here in london who talkative sexual communities who we conveniently forget yes big tech has a massive road supply but we have to remember that actually these individuals can sometimes flip through the net irrespective of what's happening in the online obit
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. such as name if i could turn back to you on this one how much of a role has the internet played on all of this i mean there was one former white supremacist it is in an interview said that it was it was like a twenty four hour hate buffet in that there's this always access there. to to to this kind of rhetoric whereas before in an age before the internet you actually had to you had to actually meet with the person they were and so on now it's much more readily available how much is as as the internet and social media fueled this kind of sense of look i think this into the early to huge question and these the question of go home and said abruptly now and certainly no right museums it's pretty much all consuming issue so yes i mean it's the social media is based it's you know it is responsible for propagating streets and certainly for fanny the flames of division and hateful rhetoric through experiences of live stream video
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for example but then by the same token it's also the cause of enormous you know positivity for example today i believe in briston in the northern part of strangely there was a vigil held outside a mosque. to to embrace what happened or to other to mourn the loss of last easy art and still many people want to attend but couldn't so they they live streaming the service. which is kind of ironic in india what has happened yet it was considered to be a viable way of dissimulation situation because it was a it was understood to be a very positive thing to do so i think it can be weaponized to good or bad and that that is the nature of human beings they're going to they're there to do things either way how do you police that there is a far more critical question and i think that's something that facebook is grappling with and rightly so. rodger shanahan how do you combat this sort of day
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i mean there are so many websites and so many areas on the internet on the dark web and so on which you talked about earlier where we're people people can go. and the authorities only have a fixed number of people to. to do to to monitor people i mean they can they can monitor everyone can they will work what needs to be done. listen it's a massive challenge for foreign force and then security agencies and as you pointed out it's a bit like whack a mole as soon as you shut down one service another one will pop up. i suppose this is you know. it's maybe called comfort i suppose that. while it's a witness it's also i potential source of exploitation by security and law enforcement agencies because the more that people are on this they saw it's in that communicate with each other. the more you're able to get
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a sense of what kind of networks that these people are working in that requires you to have some kind of understanding of some of the players within the network so it's not necessarily all a bad thing. but when we're talking about influences before and we need to understand who these persons influences were it is possible to make it more difficult for people to access these kind of people who spin this tradition and rhetoric online or upload their speeches or and the document p.d.f. documents. but that's really all that you can do you can make it hot a bit you can't stop them because. the way that some of these people technically savvy that always find a fix and a wire around it but as i said before while there are advantages to law enforcement agencies with these things and the. as a terrorist or
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a an extremist or radical. the more dangerous because you understand what security precautions you need to take to stay under the ride and from all that we know about this person at the moment he was clever enough that he wasn't on anybody's ride or he was a solid traveler they now the country for a number of years the security agencies never had him on the ride out which is quite understandable matthew goodman should this be a wake up call then to not just the security services but to politicians that they need to be. because the criticism has been that. these white nationalist groups have been been kind of ignored for too long or just kind of dismissed as as. as a sideshow really as not a not a major threat it would this is this a kind of watershed moment well it's difficult to know and that's one of the sad
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things about where we are that we've had a number of mass attacks as you mentioned at the beginning of the program and yet we still find ourselves facing this question of is this are things going to finally change i think if you go back to twenty eleven twenty twelve and you look at the reaction to the attacks by the right wing extremist and as for a victim there was a i think a good example of of a democracy in that case norway responding quite positively to that attack it invested heavily in research it set up a new scent or it boasted security powers that allowed i think the debate to move all to looking at actually. what causes these attacks and to invest quite heavily in that but i think in other democracies you haven't really save that kind of investment in the off them off of an attack and i think that's one of the issues that we have to think about now which is not only does how does new zealand evolve from day soon i think the first debate will be how does new zealand changes gun
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laws and i think that's a sort of something that's a bit of a no brainer if you like for new zealand i suspect they'll do that quite quickly but it's actually how do democracies better tools themselves better equip themselves to do with some of these issues and i can say when i was on the u.k. government the most and major it one of my frustrations indeed the reason that i resigned from that group was that at that particular time the u.k. government wasn't serious about investing in this issue its sole attempts to tackle islamophobia more as being token estate because being symbolic but not necessarily putting the resources behind those initiatives in a way that would actually make them have an impact and i found that incredibly frustrating. how much you think is this down to fear of immigration you know what's been called a kind of demographic and fear fear of the other and so on. i think it's been
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absolutely central and i think you know it's interesting when we've had this conversation regarding no terrorist suspects the return of us three groups you know the government the west is very very strident that was alarming becky what would have happened if you can't have a strain in present conversation because there is this there was even option to deport joe citizens we don't deal with that we don't want to make that our problem in this particular instance the terrorist is a stray and there is no way to deport him this is a product of what i mentioned earlier a long systemic culture that his neighborhood this kind of thing to happen and rather than question where was he ready clydesdale and look to attack and deal with that issue we have let me do he cricket's we do see progress there is not being based in response in fact you know in a believe in the us. in the be the reason to be astray should actually to running away from investigating right we suppress terrorism because it's all considered to
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be a viable area of research and already you know resources have been allocated to islam its terms and industry i don't even know what the situation is except we do know the intelligence tell us but i think it's in us and stranger that rightly terrorism is the largest growing form to mr terrorism in the country but we're not it's not it's not a sexy elections to be nobody wants to strengthen our borders against what the premises because it's a very uncomfortable things to write a shanahan i'm going to get what's going to be a last word to you how much of a role has immigration played in all of this particularly the case of austria. well and in this particular in this particular instance from what we know from the background of the person and the manifesto and perhaps the the sites that we know that he's been active on he certainly any immigration he certainly anti muslim he's a bigoted radical terrorist. now how do you.
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prioritize that in the list of priorities and resources that security agencies have it's a it's a very difficult question and there's been nearly one hundred since twenty fifteen been nearly twenty four day nearly one hundred people charge in terrorism offenses in the stride. and. right wing extremists account for one or two of those the rest are radical islamists or so when you have a government that has a finite number of resources they have to prioritize the threats that they that they perceive then unfortunately this person wasn't on the right are to really difficult juggling act so security agencies. good to have your with us we're going to have to leave it there. rodger shanahan and matthew goodman thanks very much for being with us and thank you for watching as always you can see this program again
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any time by going to our website al-jazeera dot com and for the discussion days of facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. in size two you can also join us on twitter our handle there is at a.j. inside story from me has a seeker and the whole team nearby for. for more than a decade he's been considered a threat to national security in russia putin said we'll give you the twelve indicted military intelligence officers conducted by special counsel robert mueller but what we want in return is you bill browder
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a multimillionaire investor in russia turned and she putin activist talks to us just zero. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations visible so many nationalities. just we all come to different places but it's one that gives us gives us the ability to identify the people. at the site of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. nearly three years after the u.k. voted to leave the european union accept is yet to take for. britain seen through its divorce from its european main based cloak the whole process still be revived to stay with al-jazeera for the latest.
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this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone on come all sons of maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. for these families. and many of them. some solace for the families of victims of new zealand's worst mass shooting as police prepared to hand over the bodies for the last rites. in the major's sighing he's painted for a long time so viciously not of sad. while there was shock and disbelief among the strain relatives of the gunman accused of the crime searched him and.
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an hour in jail or nandan but the top stories from europe including. serbia president remains defiant as calls for him to step down growing louder. and. with the opening formula one called play of the season the most of this drive of pushing his teammates and defending world champion alex and into second place in melbourne. so it's just gone seven am in christ church music. and where people are waking up to an increased security situation across the country three days now since fifty people were killed by a gunman in two mosques and while the pain and shock is obviously still roll there is a lot of attention now on making sure it doesn't happen again these even stop a police officer says there will be a highly visible presence across the country as people return to work extra offices
2:45 am
deployed around schools and businesses and places of worship prime minister just in downturns promised to tighten gun laws has been widely welcomed her cabinet will be considering options on monday things like banning private ownership of semiautomatic rifles and a government funded buyback of outlawed guns and also grieving family members of the victims they will soon have the chance to bury them investigators are hoping to return their bodies by with state so let's go to christchurch thomas good morning and a lot to happen today obviously on the security side of things but also as we say for the families of the victims. that's right well it's monday morning early just on seven o'clock in the morning here in christchurch misses the first working day since the horrific attacks of friday now there is a sense that this city will try and get on with business as usual as far as possible the road past the lynwood most of the second most to be attacked has been
2:46 am
reopened we were able to drive along it lights on friday sunday night and of course it was a very heavy police presence around the mosque itself and you could see the windows where those completely smashed out where bullets and going through that road was reopened this one deigns avenue which runs past al nor mosque the bigger mosque and the one where most victims died it hasn't been reopened yet but the police cordon is that much closer to the mosque and that's how the city basically has changed otherwise the city is open and people are driving around as per normal on a work day but of course this city is nowhere near normal in terms of. psyche anywhere but securing the margaret communities around the city those of course who lost people in the events now the main concern of families is to get the bodies of their loved ones back we've been speaking over the weekend of a number of families and certainly by sunday they were getting frustrated that they weren't able to get the loved ones but there is a process of course to be undergone autopsies for fifteen victims of
2:47 am
a slow process in a small city like this and they need to be done because there is likely to be a court case and the cause of death exactly why each person died where the bullets hit them how that course that death will that will form part of the court as that night needs to be done meticulously but it has been done over the weekend and just said that bodies would she hope all be released in coming days certainly by wednesday and the first bodies were supposed to be released later on sunday certainly preparations for funerals are well underway is my report now looking into that on the outskirts of christ church they are digging graves fifty needed now the official number killed rose on sunday when police clearing bodies from the two mosques attacked found one they had not been aware of before. a list of victims names have been shared with family the police commissioner
2:48 am
confirmed that the man they have in custody brenton tyrant is the only suspect in friday's attacks three others arrested shortly after they took place not now believed to have been involved. a witness the immediate aftermath of the attacks he was driving past the al gore mosque and saw people running he jumped out of his call to help the wounded and the dying that was a. daughter who are fighting for their laws particularly the daughter to be about five she was touching god. i've not the boat and managed to get the father of the daughter in the back of that and out because the ambulances were coming on their way to lead and because i was on the edge of the cordon i would let him because the area was a secure. you know what happened to that go what's been going on here that there was a father and daughter that hostile wife and the daughter this fall i don't know whether that was the site. of the building that we were near. in
2:49 am
wellington new zealand's prime minister met with muslim community needs to again stress a solid darity and support and around the country christiane church services muslim victims were in their thoughts and prayers more than thirty people remain in hospital some still in a critical condition many of the patients that are being already drawn from the incident require more surgeries as a consequence of the complexity of the nature of the injuries in a christ church warehouse volunteers are giving their time and florists their flowers to make bouquet is to lay on coffins each one represents a life a family member that were a bomber day its. own brother or sister. to sound if it's smart. there will be fifty bouquets for fifty newly dug graves.
2:50 am
might seem odd to talk politics at this point but prime minister just sent her roger and his running mate from the front of this now she's got a job ahead of her with regards to changing the gun laws in new zealand. just something to say to her credit that you say it's early to talk about politics but what she has done right from the start on friday is put politics front and center she didn't say as you often hear in these situations now is not the time to debate so now is not the time to think about political change need to grieve she said right away on friday our gun laws will change as a result of what she called at the time new zealand's darkest days now new zealand has relatively and i use that term guardedly but relatively relaxed close at the moment when it comes to guns only more relaxed than neighboring australia where there was a massacre a few years back now and the gun laws there were tights and they haven't been
2:51 am
reformed in thirty years and what that means essentially is that as long as somebody can get two referees two people to say that they are of good character anyone can get a gun license and once you've got a gun license broadly speaking you can buy as many guns as you like semiautomatic weapons need to be registered but other guns don't even need to be registered and so all that means that this country of just five million or so people has a quarter of a million registered gun owners and no one quite knows how many guns there are lots of guns out there now of course this is a rural country farmers need guns there's a big gun lobby in terms of sports for guns but overall there's a fairly high number of registered gun owners for a country that isn't thoughts old eyes a particularly gun happy culture this is not a country like the us where guns are part of the constitution or anything like that so yes just has at the very least semi automatic weapons should be outlawed the
2:52 am
ship yes. strict gun register perhaps the place as well as having to reparations say somebody is of good character and they should be able to look into the social media profile of anybody applying for a gun for example to see if they've said some things that mean they're not the sort of person you want to be carrying a firearm these same if you like the more trivial end of a tightening gun laws in iraq don't seem to suggest that proposals would go further well we'll see on that score but certainly gun laws here look set to change and change relatively say not any politician i have spoken to so. has said they would be opposed to changing gun laws and just bring her cabinet together on monday to discuss specific proposals andrew thomas reporting from christchurch new zealand thank you enter the suspect charged with the shootings however is from a stranger here and in his hometown of grafton some of brinton tyrants family members have spoken of their shock and disbelief we're all like we don't know what
2:53 am
to think it's. you know in the majors and he's planned it for a long time so easily mislead not of san ramon i don't think it's only since he traveled to say so i think that has changed complaint plato a new so sorry for the families over there for the days when the injured there which is. i think no one else does want to go i'm. a reporter who madame's been to grafton in new south wales just north of sydney and found a community trying to distance itself from him it's gone and the sleepy provincial town of grafton is waking up to another day reflection about the horrific events in christchurch and its connection to it. brenton tarrant spent at
2:54 am
least the first twenty years of his life in grafton before travelling around the world he went to the local school and worked as a personal trainer in a gym his alleged attack on two mosques in christ church last week has deeply disturbed religious leaders in his home town we've got the inside to you now for us and you know they will we all sectarian you know how all of these little kids are going to leave the members of the muslim community the project the mood here is samba this is a community grappling to come to terms with one of their own baying a suspect in the worst mass killing in new zealand's history it's just a time for the community to gather and just kind of be together get strength from solidarity and hopefully put our roots down deep and side now we're not that's that's not us what happened and what this guy did is not is not crofton's parishioners who know the tyrant family say it's well respected and he's been here
2:55 am
for generations like one pipe and farmers. what did you think when you heard that someone from grafton was involved. i was shocked is an expression. others had a message for christ's church people grafton just reach out and say you know we we don't know what went wrong but obviously that will come in but you know we just some of the prison with here and and hope that he can get some sort of closure.


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