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very chaotic. they see the movie they said was that a majority of houses ninety five percent that collapsed was precarious leave built a poor materials. and flash floods and landslides have killed at least fifty nine people in the indonesian province of papua falzon people have been forced from their homes as torrential rain causes damage in the provincial capital jayapura floodwaters have receded now leaving a trail of mud fallen trees and homes which need drying out. a mass funeral service has been held for some of the victims of the ethiopian plane crash last sunday. thousands of mourners led a procession through the streets of. accompanied seventeen empty straight in the national flag relatives of the one hundred fifty seven passengers and crews have been given bags of earth from the crash site instead of remains because the d.n.a. identification process could take up to six months. and new information has emerged
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about last sunday's crash reuters is quoting an investigation souls who says the plane flew at an unusually high speed after takeoff one hundred to reports from out of. grieving families of some of the one hundred fifty seven victims of ethiopian airlines flight three year old to. mourn the loss of their loved ones. arriving at this field where remnants of the allies true not around brings it all home to call them. airline officials say they haven't found even a single body intact just body parts which would make that id process took awhile. ethiopian airlines didn't give us anything they told us to wait until thursday we waited and thursday came they are now saying they couldn't find anything i wish they told us that they found nothing in the first place this is major grief heavy we came into handed and we're going back empty handed. that buoying seven three
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seven eight went down at eight forty four am on sunday shortly after takeoff from the capital addis ababa and drew tonight will be in neighboring kenya pozen just from more than thirty countries were on board this is the time of crisis in ethiopia the airline is a symbol of pride and if europeans have thrown their full support behind it to paralyze small talk from since i was a small boy it was brilliant africa together. and that's why they have been doing for seventy five years laughter and evidence that the cross has done little to scare people away from the airline can be seen at the capital's mushrooming hotels they're teaming with passengers in transit the accident happened here it's like you haven't seen that happen so when i when i would see you know s.p.c.s. not just enough to cut a globally we have those records of us interacting so as a layer of travel are and i use that if you've been in l.a.
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that has not affected my view or perspective. if european airlines has expanded its fleet to one hundred and eleven planes it now flies to one hundred six international and twenty three domestic distillations beyond its almost professionals the airline also owns all forty nine percent stake in malawi lines and forty five percent stake in zambia airways what ethiopian is doing is abi trochee corporate governance they're basically coming in to a failed business which is not failed because there was not demand there's demand that passengers want to fly out of these countries so you've got the demand the willing to pay but the issue has been the mismanagement of those airlines in the country so actually it's buying up cheap assets with strong demand and making it work i think it's a great strategy. back at the crash site walk us continue the search for debris and remain so for those who perished in the crush these so windswept filled one
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continued to be an international crime scene for a long time to come. out of well jazeera. nearly two hundred countries have agreed to significantly cut back on single use plastics by the year twenty thirty but critics say many nations including united states blocked efforts for more radical action at the u.n. environment meeting in nairobi campaigners say the agreement is still not enough they want to the commitment to phase out the plastics that contribute the most to global pollution sporters coming up on this news hour and a new type of face off for this mixed martial arts fighter summer is here with that and the rest of the sport in a moment. but that's.
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in part one of these two part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless chain on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks if the do you want to fight money laundering for the financing of terrorism it has to be ready to displease governments including saudi arabia's with detailed coverage lynchings such injuries were known to take place in the past but they were rare now thirty six cases have been reported since two thousand and fifteen from around the world for the victims and the campaign is you've been here during this trial they say this is being a true fall from grace for the falls as high as clerics. time
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for a look at what would santa thank you very much this driver. a has won the opening of the formula one season the fende described the melbourne victory as the best race of his career the team made to do this hamilton finishing as distant second and the richest and reports. a new season but six familiar looking the sadie's cars at the front of the grid in melbourne. there was a surprise on the first corner of zero is found three quarters past his teammate and defending world champion lewis hamilton. never looked back and built up a twenty second lead while hamilton has a battle to hold on to second place. not a good homegrown prefer danny ricardo in his first race firenado he lost his front
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wing in the opening seconds and was forced to retire midway through the race. car science fared a little better in his mclaren the spaniards hopes went up in smoke on lap nine. ferrari how it looks impressive in pre-season testing that their pairing of charles leclerc and supremacy. vettel struggled so much mis a reason red bull red bulls much for stop and overtaking vettel is white's with third place finish was. out in front boss us also claimed the extra points on offer this season for the fastest lap of the race on his way to a first girl prix win since twenty seven saying i'm back. this dog was really get. it was definitely my best race ever. i don't know what happened i just felt so good and everything was under control and. color so good today truly enjoyable i
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mean i'm going to enjoy today i know it's going to get we can for the for the team so i have to be happy for everyone and really fantastic job from everyone that got to drive an incredible race today so he truly deserved it and we just got some work to do but still it's you know it's a great great start to the year five time champion hamilton will be concerned of how far ahead of course was for rory to be desperate to finish on the podium at the next room prix in bahrain and he richardson al-jazeera. pakistan is taking another big step and it's rebirth as a cricketing nation the country is out to prove it can host major international games on sunday the city of karachi hosted the final of the pakistan super league which was one. gladiator a short time ago where the majority of games in the competition were played in the united arab emirates for security reasons but this final is the eighth league game pakistan has been able to stage this season is the most high level cricket pakistan
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has seen in a decade. about the sun became a no go zone for international cricket after the sri lanka team was attacked by gunmen in lahore in two thousand and nine no test matches being played in pakistan since then but zimbabwe's for lanka and the west indies have all returned for limited over games and in the last few days a thirty nine international players have been competing in karachi and the pakistan super league. correspondent kamau hi there says this is a big day for pakistan cricket. unprecedented security measures are in place in the southern port city of karachi where the pakistan super league final is being hailed now this is a city which has been rigged by while and in the past dog it killings terrorist attacks but after a massive clampdown by the security forces the atmosphere in this southern port
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city is now conducive to holding large events such as the p.s.l. final in the port city of karachi i want to thank the rangers the police everyone who has been organizing everything because they have made us feel so safe and i'm going to lead feels like this true fun living spirit of pride she is coming out again the people of karachi are excited because this is a country that is passionate about cricket they're turning out in large numbers we've been talking to the people to ask them about their opinions and this is what they had to say i mean i've been here now been shown so much love from the people from karachi used to know there's a cricket you know the love of cricket is encroaching crouching in the city of peace and love and you can see around a lot of women and men everybody even a lot of ethnicity and everybody's come together and we all are going to enjoy this night in the past most of the championships were held in the united arab emirates
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but the country's prime minister imran khan has said that the next super league will be in pakistan and he wants to encourage foreign teams to come in despite the ongoing tensions red india and the site that the country's eastern a space is still closed the people of project have turned out in large numbers a former pakistani cricketing captain said that the pledge to have come to pakistan are goodwill ambassadors for the country and are also pleading pakistan's case pakistan wants to tell the war that they're disabled or larger rain such as this in this port city of karachi also the country's economic hub. after his champions league heroics against atletico madrid cassandra another was given the dales by eventis and his absence of a slip to a rare league defeat is to no lost against as you very first syria reverse and
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eleven months but they still need a second place napoli by eighteen points at the top of the table. liverpool have moved back to the top of the english premier league they beat fullam two one on sunday before everton defeated chelsea liverpool go two points above matches the city who have a game in hand. well the reason for that is the city where an f.a. cup action this weekend and they've been drawn to play brighton and hove albion in the semifinals brighton only it just made it through the quarter final at millwall on sunday a second division and london team went to nil up against the premier league side of brighton full back to make it two one and then a mistake from millwall keeper david martin forced extra time it ended up going to penalties and it was brighton who reached their first f.a. cup semifinal since nine hundred eighty three. defending n.b.a.
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champions the golden state warriors have clinched a playoff spot with a big win over oklahoma city thunder. start on the night with thirty three points clear thompson added twenty three more to leave the visiting warriors one hundred ten to eighty eight trashing the thunder is this seventh consecutive pilfered. and over and salt lake city utah jazz rolled over the visit in brooklyn nets to go for score twenty three points and seventeen rebounds to lead the jazz a one hundred fourteen to ninety eight victory. mixed martial arts and boxing saw economy greg made a surprise appearance at the boston bruins a game ahead of san patrick's day the thirty year old irish fighter was there to drop the puck at the bruins game against the columbus blue jackets and the bruins definitely had the luck of the irish on their side as they want to one is boston's brad marshall copying mcgregor celebration dance when he scored the overtime winner
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. for me. can you do that. thank you for joining us with news hour more news in just a moment in london. for more than a decade he's been considered a threat to national security in russia putin said we'll give you the twelve indicted military intelligence officers conducted by special counsel robert but what we want in return is you bill browder
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a multimillionaire investor in russia turned and he put an activist talks to. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby ah ah ah that's right three million dollars of what he should. reveal secrets and connections some don't want exposed. others are going to. get said. al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre coming soon three rifles or so many guns sometimes even. used properly can be a beautiful sight. and we're not letting them into our country. trump has found to keep migrants out of america people in power travels alongside those
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hoping to make it in. more can mesh she's on al-jazeera. al-jazeera it's us swear every. new zealand in mourning the prime minister says it's hoped the bodies of the mosque attack victims will be returned to families by wednesday so east of the slipknot of san ramon are bad thing and shock and disbelief among relatives of the gunman accused of the christ church attacks.
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i'm sure in ten years al-jazeera ny from london also coming up. a major military operation to find the man behind stabbing and shooting attacks in the occupied west bank. serbia's president remains defiant as cause great for him to step down. and those security has been tightened in new zealand as the country stops the working week in mourning for the fifty people killed by a gunman at two mosques in christ church is top police officer says there will be a highly visible presence with extra officers deployed around schools businesses and places of worship a minister just in the ardennes promise to tighten gun laws has been widely welcomed a cabinet will consider options on monday such as banning private ownership of
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semiautomatic rifles and a government funded buyback of outlawed guns. grieving family members of the victims will soon have a chance to bury them investigators are hoping to return their bodies by wednesday let's go live now to under thomas. and what's the mood there as the city tries to start the working week. was eight o'clock in the morning on monday the first working day since these riffing attacks that happened on friday the city to be absolutely honest ease generally getting back to normal just behind the camera there is a main junction in the city there are lots of cars i could see just behind the camera driving around people walking and jogging in the park alongside me this is dean's avenue about three hundred meters down there on the right hand side is the al nor mosque the first to be attacked and the one where most victims died this road is still closed off for about one kilometer stretch but the other mosque that was attacked the lynwood mosque about
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a fifteen minute drive from here the road beside that was reopened place on sunday and tossed can go along that road so physically this city is getting back to normal but of course psychologically it's a very different matter not just for modern communities here of course profoundly affected because so many people knew people in one of the two mosques but more generally this instant of course these attacks are on everybody's mind it's all anybody is talking to i just had breakfast and i was talking to the lady behind the counter she we had a tear in her eye just describing the people she'd seen in her cafe in the aftermath of the attacks now for the victims' families their priority now is to get the bodies of the dead back in islam of course the body should be buried as quickly as is practicable as soon as possible and they're frustrated some of the families that it's now what seventy two hours almost they still haven't had the bodies but there is a big process to be undergone autopsies need to be carried out on all fifty victims
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it's not enough just to say that i was shot they have to know exactly how they were shot how they died where the bullets entered them all that of course is. likeness of all part of a criminal court case as a meticulous process that needs to be completed before bodies are released before they're buried but they proper a sions of funerals are under way as my report now explain. on the outskirts of christ church they are digging graves fifty needed now the official number killed rose on sunday when police clearing bodies from the two mosques attacked found one they had not been aware of before. a list of victims names have been shared with family the police commissioner confirmed that the man they have in custody brenton tyrant is the only suspect in friday's attacks three others arrested shortly after they took place are not now believed to have been involved. a witness the immediate aftermath of the attacks he was driving past the alamo mosque and saw
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people running he jumped out of his call to help the wounded and the dying it was a. daughter who are fighting for their laws particularly the daughter she got five she was touching god. i've not the boat and managed to get the father of the daughter in the back of that and out because the ambulances were coming on their way to lead and because i was on the edge of the cordon that i would let him because the area was a secure. you know what happened to that go for him and work on here that there was a father and daughter that hostile wife and the daughter was fought i don't know whether that was the same. fall the building that we were near. in wellington new zealand's prime minister met with muslim community needs to again stress a solid darity and support and around the country a christian church services muslim victims were in their thoughts and prayers more
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than thirty people remain in hospital some still in a critical condition many of the patients that are being already gone from the incident require more surgeries as a consequence of the complexity of the nature of the injuries. in a christ church where house volunteers are giving their time and florists their flowers to make bouquets to lay on coffins each one represents a life a family member of mom or dad's. brother or sister. to sound yes sorry. there will be fifty two case for fifty new graves. now in the immediate aftermath of attacks like these you often hear politicians saying that the time to grieve is now the time for politics will come later that's not the case here in new zealand just the prime minister said on
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friday straightaway that a major reform of the gun laws here in new zealand would need to happen and happen swiftly and she's continued but kind of talk all weekend she wants to get on with the politics of this wall that is front and center of people's minds relatively speaking the gun laws here i'm not that strict they're certainly not as strict as in for example neighboring australia and the gun laws haven't been reformed here for thirty years very briefly if you are of good character and two people say that you are you can get a gun license and once you get a gun license you can buy as many guns as you like and unless the semi automatic weapons they don't even need to be registered what that means is that in a country of fewer than five million people there are a quarter of a million people who have gun licenses and no one quite knows how many guns are out there we'll just wants that to change should be how holding a cabinet meeting on monday to discuss specific proposals with cabinet ministers
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but at the very least she says that private owners should not be able to have the semiautomatic weapons and that the gun read just should be more strict and the police should be able to look in the background of social media merchants for example of anybody wanting to get a gun license at the moment she says that doesn't happen so we'll see where those proposals go but the policy. the best all beginning already take over from to some extent the grieving process on the politics is what's going to be talked about them all full of the coming days andrew thomas thank you very much indeed. the suspect charged with the shootings is from australia in his home town of grafton some of brinton tyrants family members have spoken of the shock and disbelief we're all gulps make we don't know what to think it's. you know the major is sighing he's planned it for a long time so he's of the story not of san ramon i'd think it's only since he
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travelled i have to say so i think that boy has changed complained plato the boy we knew was so sorry for the families over there for the dead in good day which is tough enough and else just want to go i mean. we went to grafton in the australian state of new south wales and found a community trying to distance itself from the suspect it's dawn in the sleepy provincial town of grafton it's waking up to another day of reflection about the horrific events in christ church and its connection to it. brenton tarrant spent at least the first twenty years of his life in grafton before travelling around the world he went to the local school and worked as a personal trainer in a gym his alleged attack on two mosques in christ church last week has deeply disturbed religious leaders in his hometown where he got inside and you know you
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said you know they were all we all sectarian you know how all of the people are going to leave the members of the most community in christ church the mood here is samba this is a community grappling to come to terms with one of their own baying a suspect in the worst mass killing in new zealand's history it's just a time for the community to gather and just kind of be together get strength from solidarity and hopefully put our roots down deep and sign are we not that's that's not us what happened and what this guy did is not is not crofton's parishioners who know the tyrant family say it's well respected and has been here for generations god like one pipe and farmer. good down bourke bible here what did you think when you heard that someone from grafton was involved. i was shocked to see.
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others had a message for christ's church people grafton just reach out and say you know we we don't know what went wrong but obviously that will come in but you know we just some of the prison with here in and hope that you can get some sort of closure. while the town family has deep roots here community members say it's keeping a low profile following the attack in christchurch we've managed to speak with people who knew brenton tarrant well they say they don't want to appear on camera because they don't want to be associated with the alleged killer of fifty people they say the man accused of the christ church attacks is not the man they once knew . al-jazeera crofton the acting white house chief of staff has defended the u.s. president for not denouncing white supremacists or in the attack in new zealand mick mulvaney who says donald trump has done what a president is supposed to do by reaching out to new zealand's prime minister and offering condolences trump has been criticized for not explicitly condemning the
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attack and who hailed the president as a symbol of renewed white identity in his manifesto. live from washington d.c. so how much criticism has been facing. he's been facing a lot of criticism just here on sunday on the morning news program so democratic senator tim kaine said that you know we have to confront the fact that there is a rise in white supremacy anti immigrant and anti muslim attitudes in the u.s. according to tim kaine then he went on to say and we asked also have to confront the fact that the president uses language often that's very similar to the language used by bigots and racists that's from a sitting senator now if we had to see some of this it didn't have to take too long as just on sunday morning president donald trump tweeted his support for a t.v. personality here in the u.s. her name is jeanine pirro she's a fox news commentator host.


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