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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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well there are a distinct minority i mean let's be very clear most new zealanders are tolerant people but they are a well known element of society particularly in the south island and what we have to understand here is that new zealand has a bullying culture in some sectors of society but there is a lot of bowling in and that includes bowling along class lines along ethnic lines along racial lines and white supremacists are an integral part of that bullying culture they just take it out on immigrants and others who they perceive as the enemy i think the problem here is that when you do threat assessments you think of possible threats probable threats imminent threats and whether it was a political decision to focus on detecting and preventing homegrown jihad is or
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whether it was because the authorities did not believe that the white supremacists could pose a threat of this magnitude even though they have a well known track record of violence it's just that that violence is street violence they attack people individually on the street you know they kick them they punch them so perhaps you know authorities thought they couldn't go beyond that even though if you go on to some of the websites i will mention the white supremacy websites you'll see them with weapons you'll see their hate speech displayed for all to take in and so you know my impression is whether it was because someone dropped the ball or whether because this guy planned in secrecy and did not associate with the groups that were being monitored we have yet to determine that. he was able to commit this act undetected after two years of preparation could be i mean you're suggesting that perhaps the government was he was helping the wrong way on or you can concentrate on the wrong type symmetry extremism. well in the end i
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think in the broadest level yes i think that the focus on. islamic jihad is homegrown job as foreign fighters and the light may have overwhelms concerns about anything else but we do have to be very clear here the police and the intelligence agencies monitor environmentalists they monitor animal rights activists they monitor marxist leninist groups student groups i mean they they have people in all of those groups and it's key here you have to have undercover officers inside the group to the tech who are the talkers and who are the doers and if they did have undercover officers in the white supremacist movements throughout new zealand because they're not they're not limited to the south island then that would indicate that this particular individual was not in those groups so at that point he would have become very hard to detect although i must be honest with you i think
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that given that he prepared for two years given that he was a member of a gun club and he was displaying these semiautomatic weapons apparently while talking in the sort of language that is associated with white supremacy i would find it very surprising that no one knew if not his plans that he had these sort of views and he was stockpiling weapons. and thank you very much indeed here and i said thank you my pleasure. still to come on al-jazeera as a mass funeral was held for the victims of the ethiopian airlines crash new information about the ill fated flight emerges. serbia's president remains defiant discoursed grow for him to step down.
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and we've had some really violent thunderstorms over a possible stray recently most of them have been in parts of queensland and new south wales you can see the latest batch just swirling that way away from us are looks like they'll be some more as we head through the next few days as well so don't be surprised if you hear the old rumble of thunder here further north and we have a developing feature that's running its way towards the west looks like it's going to impact parts of queensland in the north that's where we see the worst of it the strongest of the winds and the heaviest of the rains towards the west is generally quieter here but even here there's a fair amount of moisture around so they could be one or two showers for some of us in parts of western australia for new zealand generally here it's fine unsettled but we all sing a few clouds build particularly in the mountains of the south island and that's what we'll see again as we head through the next couple of days of the same as we head through monday and into cheese day despite that the welcome will be getting to twenty degrees further towards the north and here is generally looking fine for
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saving to pam and all that warm we're looking at a top temperature of around thirteen degrees all monday there will be more cloud beginning to build here that if you choose day sampras's rising even though we're seeing a little bit more in the way of cloud around towards the west the temperatures are rising here very high up to twenty five in beijing it should be right too. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera.
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are mine at the top stories here not just here are the police presence across new zealand has been stepped up after friday's attack on two mosques in the city of christchurch fifty people were killed when a gunman opened fire in the mosques extra offices are to be deployed around schools businesses and places of worship. the families of those killed in the attack will be able to bury their loved ones from wednesday according to the country's prime minister just in the order says that the putting it bodies of the deceased will be released by investigators this week. the acting white house chief of staff has defended the us president for not denouncing white supremacists following the attack in new zealand mick mulvaney says donald trump has done what
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a president is supposed to do by reaching out to new zealand's prime minister and offering condolences mike hanna has more from washington d.c. well president trump statements has created great controversy and indeed condemnation particularly from democratic lawmakers who insists that president trump continues to advance an extreme a right wing position under the my chris. scopus president trump's reaction to that killing in new zealand in which he expressed commiseration but at the same time echoed the words of the alleged gunman in particular with regard to an invasion by immigrants but his acting chief of staff has been on the sunday talk shows attempting to defend his president instead of worrying about well who's to who's to blame how do we stop from doing this donald trump is no more to blame for what happened in new zealand than than mark zuckerberg is because you invented facebook there are some terrible people in the world we need to work with our partners of
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which new zealand is one of them to try and figure a way to find them expose them and bring them to justice. and in yet another controversial action president trump has been tweeting angrily for the reinstatement of a fox news anchor who was removed from her show following what the network believed was and is a lemma phobic statement concerning the head dress of the muslim representative so this is yet another incident that's likely to receive blowback in particular from democratic lawmakers who continue to insist that president trump is avoiding or ignoring the threat of white supremacy israeli army has launched a major operation in the occupied west bank after at least one israeli was killed two others were wounded in stabbings and shootings are suspected palestinian attacker are a force that has more from west jerusalem. israeli military has now set out a sequence of events as to what happened on sunday morning in the occupied west
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bank at the intersection known as the ariel intersection southwest of nablus palestinian attacker stabbed a soldier an israeli soldier and took his weapon firing on vehicles in the vicinity that soldier now confirmed to have been killed in that attack the israeli media says that an israeli civilian someone a rabbi who lived in an illegal settlement in the occupied west bank was also injured driving a vehicle that was fired upon in that same instance the attack of then is said to have got into a vehicle which had been abandoned drove to another nearby intersection and fired at a bus stop where another soldier was injured so we have one confirmed dead and two seriously injured in this double attack the vehicle that he was driving was then discovered near by the palestinian village of burkean where there was a major military operation that went on through much of the afternoon on sunday
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house to house searches a good number of israeli troops focusing their efforts there there was said to have been an exchange of gunfire in the early stages of that operation as well and more broadly there were closures of illegal israeli settlements palestinian villages also shut down in the course of this very extensive military operation the israeli prime minister is saying that the perpetrator or perpetrators will be found and brought to justice the actions have been welcomed by hamas and islamic jihad in gaza where there have been rallies that have been staged in celebration in support of this act hamas is saying it's a natural consequence of his ready crimes islamic jihad is congratulating those who were involved. israel's top court has disqualified a controversial far right candidate from standing in next month's parliamentary elections the decision overturns a ruling earlier this month by israel's election committee which had allowed jewish
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powers michael ben-ari to run israel's attorney general said barry should be banned for incitement to racism the court has also reversed the ban on an arab party standing for elections gunman have attacked an army base in mali killing at least twenty four soldiers because were destroyed when the base in the central region of mopti was briefly under siege on saturday night a camp commander is among those who've been shot no one has claimed responsibility but attacks by groups linked to al qaeda and are so are common. zimbabwe's the latest country to suffer the brunt of tropical cyclone i die as it swept across southern africa the death toll has risen to more than sixty people in the eastern region of shipping. destroyed homes bridges and roads with dozens of people still missing and more bad weather forecasts are which is into money money in zimbabwe. dozens have died houses have been washed away people have been displaced and some
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of them austral missing people simply don't know where they are the extent of the damage is huge this is a major was the main busy road completely destroyed by the powerful water the bridge has been washed away that means people that side of the bridge are stranded they can cross over to the side where they can get the help they needed so in the brave ones i've been trying to cross in a small patch of grass over there is dangerous to another to fall into the water but they say they simply const they that side because it is still dangerous everyone we've spoken to so far i say the situation on the ground here is desperate . and. as. we discovered. when the floods came the electricity was cut off even when we are here our phones aren't working there's no way to communicate risky efforts are underway but it is slow and
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difficult the army has been trying to ease helicopters to access people who've been stranded cutoff by the rising waters but because the weather has been so bad at times it's not been easy for them to meet all the people who need help you know a risk you say doesn't instead of a big hotel inch money money money money hotel people have been courage to go there to try and get help but people there are in destroyed need of food clothes and blankets we're told that the water has right now it's getting tricity has been cut off because of the bad weather and the situation there is dire there are some schools in the area that are be completely cut off by the rising waters hundreds and hundreds of children say to be stuck at school waiting for help to come when it is safe for those choppers to saw flying around in the sky to make matters worse zimbabweans have been told that it will likely keep waiting for a few more days which will likely make risk if it's even more difficult. so obvious president has warned violence will not be tolerated after opposition supporters
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stormed the national t.v. station to protest against his rule alexander who chick's was speaking at a news conference while thousands of demonstrators gathered outside determined to stop him from leaving the building which is facing increasing demands to resign and for the country to hold fair elections to produce a real nature serbia will not allow while in threats to anyone. everyone who thinks that with hooliganism violence physical attacks on people they can gain political results they are mistaken. we beg for freedom of the press to give us the opportunity to make the voice of the opposition heard a different opinion so that the organizers of these demonstrations can be heard on serbian public television. the philippines has officially withdrawn from the international criminal court and began the process to leave last year after the hague based court launched an initial examination into president rodrigo to tat is
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war on drugs thousands of suspected drug users and dealers have been killed since the crackdown started in twenty sixteen. a funeral service has been held her some of victims of last week's if you're not on this plane crash empty caskets were carried through the streets of addis ababa relatives of the one hundred fifty seven people killed have been given bags of earth from the crash site instead of remains because the d.n.a. identification process could take up to six months and i'm going to do reports from the capital. grieving families of some of the one hundred five to seven victims of ethiopian airlines flight three hundred to. mourn the loss of their loved ones. arriving at this field where remnants of the ally and allies through not around brings it all home to all the. airline officials say they haven't found even a single body intact just body parts which would make the added process took a while when the music. ethiopian airlines didn't give us anything they told us to
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wait until thursday we waited in thursday came they are now saying they couldn't find anything i wish they told us that they found nothing in the first place this is major grief heavy we came into headed and we're going back empty handed. the boeing seven thirty seven marks eight a line that went down at eight forty four am on sunday shortly after takeoff from the capital of a suburb and route tonight will be in neighboring kenya pozen just from more than thought to countries were on board this is the time of crisis in ethiopia the airline is a symbol of must know pride and its europeans have thrown their full support behind it to paralyze smalltalk from since i was a small boy it was brilliant africa together and. that's why they have been doing for seventy five years. and evidence that the cross has done little to scare people away from the airline can be seen of the capital's mushrooming
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hotels there teeming with passengers in transit there to didn't happen here it's like india that's in that happens with on our roads you know s.p.c.s. not just enough to cut and globally we have those records of us interrupting so as a layer of travel our end user if you've been in l.a. that has not affected my view or perspective. it's european airlines has expanded its fleet to one hundred eleven planes it now flies to one hundred six international and twenty three domestic distillations beyond its almost professionals the airline also for the nine per cent stake in malawi lines and forty five percent stake in zambia airways what ethiopian is doing is arbitrary corporate governance they're basically coming in to a failed business which is not failed because there was not demand there's demand that passengers want to fly out of these countries so you've got the demand they're
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willing to pay but the issue has been the mismanagement of those airlines in countries actually it's buying up cheap assets with strong demand and making it work i think it's a great strategy. back at the crash site walk us continue the search for debris and remains of those who perished in the crash these so windswept filled will continue to be an international crime scene for a long time to come how it all just zita addis ababa ethiopia and more on our website address that is al-jazeera dot com and can watch us by clicking on the live icon. montaner with a round of headlines on our jazeera the police presence across new zealand has been stepped up after friday's attack on two mosques in the city of christchurch fifty people were killed when a gunman opened fire in the mosques extra offices are to be deployed around schools
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businesses and places of worship under thomas has more from christchurch it's expected that all the bodies will be released by the end of wednesday that's certainly what just in the rod down the prime minister here has promised in terms of all information we're expecting a press conference from the police lights on monday that if anyone else further has died of their injuries will be expected to hear that at the moment the number killed overall still stands at fifty or families of those killed in the attack will be able to bury their loved ones from wednesday according to the country's prime minister to send arden says the bodies of the deceased will be released by investigators this week the israeli army has launched a major operation in the occupied west bank after at least one israeli was killed two others were wounded in stabbings and shootings by a suspected palestinian attacker a manhunt continues to find the perpetrator meanwhile israel's top court has
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disqualified a controversial far right candidate from standing in next month's parliamentary elections the decision overturned a ruling earlier this month by israel's election committee which had allowed jewish powers michael ben-ari to run israel's attorney general said barry should be banned for incitement to racism. the leaders of zimbabwe and mozambique have returned home early from foreign trips to help respond to the death and destruction caused by a tropical cyclone are dying at least thirty one people have been killed as flash floods destroyed homes bridges and roads dozens of people are still missing and bad weather is slowing rescue efforts soviet president alexander who church has warned violence will not be tolerated after opposition supporters stormed the national t.v. station to protest against his rule which was speaking at a news conference where thousands of demonstrators gathered outside he's facing increasing demands to resign if you stay with us here on al-jazeera this refugees
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got talent is next thanks for watching. given the problem for your town that he may to have a health question mark over it but he does have a corruption question mark over him join me madly hossam off from m i guess from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories i think issues fear on how does it. become embellished or what i'll want to pick up on. that i'm honestly not bombing them in the need. to have them send it but manage to. out
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this image then later on i don't and then you had to i mean i see you i thought about it so i don't you thought i bent can lead to the group with. bush and get an extension of government i mean their vote from. the moment the hope can be understood by. other of course. that by you best see ya plain and then make them etc maximus a horse i've asked for. this kind of. this an option one of them to just close it for much the same are smokers. be afforded or just are suitable. for sure the right one jim but first the whole thing mean and when one when the misrule. they say to be in the can why un had been committed in this one member
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i must. have a glove and. you could be annoyed and come. and let me hear. the shot i know but it's and i'm going i'm going to walk on saturday.


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