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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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don't call them but i. want to do you know what i did she. would see. the sheer mortal soul was pistol to the. vault and surely if i was in a hospital or that's. called on to make it a sin to depart it's all right i know it. joe and i know we all did want. driving hours don't seem to be regulated and there are no rest areas. painted on this trip is mineral material but whatever they're carrying they can't really leave the vehicle for security reasons. they also have to refuel when they process service station as there be huge distances to head with nothing but deserts
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hour after hour. i did could be as makes himself comfortable for the night as best he can inside the cab. ibrahim has discovered that it's higher on one of his trigger wheels to speak up a slow puncture before he crosses the desert. he has to get it fixed when he comes
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across or both sides the county. be. given if their plan not be allowed to get. within the city in the world it's cool idea and. that's. really good if that's how. we got the job as old as the fish that it was in this
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one that it's that we haven't lost the head if you mean the end of the make up of the wheel but i. don't feel it up to. see who's live fish want to look at the past but it's a look at the fair in the. other she always going to gaze worship for so my love and then me it's just not. sure but a little shirt lower than the. imitation you can shift i would get there she met them so yeah no don't get over some do man up but he will. mark oh i learned. he would be a hit and leave the city because it's in the schemes that i have a feeling this oh the day where the most heated. the d.j.
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i didn't. see any good then maybe i'm late i'm sure we'll see you in there it's a set up i've never actually had that. was enough i don't own way yet. good enough and horrendous respond. when i was lucky. enough not to i would not know it's lights out if you know it wasn't you know going to miss any of the end. up at the thought of going to a show. and then the she had another.
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middle of. the woody deal. or the. case you had of. some stuff up i'm not about to show for you. but what about their interview. did you have even if you missed it. was all about feeling up but i had. a loss of. life and you know. what i said. i didn't represents. the idea so the idea. that's what will throw us out lol
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it's an awful hostile subtle hostile shout. and it was odd if i. told all the ball. at the bottom of the number on a part of. the what. do i disagree with the pick up. because you're sure to leave the scene as it could be a good one to. one who just waited until there's a lazy hole good luck i'm not one of the devils off a little bit of. the whole sr for if you know of it all. i did was to say.
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that. in the us a driver can be at the wheel for up to eleven hours out to fourteen in europe the rules are tighter the daily maximum is normally nine hours but breaks have to be taken every four and a half hour and the rest should be an hour to. put this is the moroccan. as he told his friend in the cafe there is no longer. a. it's wonderful that. the nest in. there now by has nothing on as soon as you did the. deed isn't it a good idea when i got it and i'm going to knock out a solid. lead is within the last post was on
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a portal can hardly contain if one has to hold hold hold i'm at it. right as to get a lot about the cross church where david triple the chief executive gun city is giving a press briefing to the media on what could be significant changes to new zealand's gun laws after friday's killing of. two mosques in a city that's listening to what he has to staff. to extend their deepest sympathies to the families and the loved ones of those who have suffered such an unspeakable. my staff and i just my and disgusted by what happened last friday afternoon we can't comprehend how such a despicable way sions could be carried out. on those in pre-a at the a place of worship. we are really grateful to the authorities to the
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police and to the medical professionals as they deal with the aftermath of this arena sabine gun city is operated for forty years adult on food made and legal obligations we have prudent in ash i o's and of it being acknowledged by the police and added as an example of half dealers should offer right. inform the police that guns city so the alleged gunman for category firearms and ammunition. hold guns to the south of us individual followed. police verified on line my oh my a load of produce if. i returned from europe on instead of that to
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known and mediately. ssage to their records and found the alleged gunman's virtuousness. i provided the place with full details of those titles. we did take did nothing extraordinary about the license holder. the aim is to cite a military style simulate a reportedly used by the alleged gunman gunman was not to choose from gun city. gun city did not sell them and he made suicide. only i had a great fondness. on guns city fully support that prime minister swift and decisive actions following this tragedy will be fully cooperating with the police and the government to ensure that any review and changes to legislation prevent
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a reoccurrence. egg your consumers have been right. and we want to assist in ensuring that faith diverse sponsors. i'm offering any help i can with improvements and i'm writing to the prime minister and in discussions with the police. the guns to the staff and i stand at deeper sympathies to the families and their loved ones of those who are suffering. this tragedy has devastated this whole. i'd like you to refine from turning today's conference into a gun device. to tighten those questions on those made as at the light of day. today it's about and for me you have their involvement and sympathy for those that they put out appreciate if you just show with
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a range pain that you like and question and on and on paper to answer who switched from left to right and so that feels no them's. what i think would hold totally devastated valley. in a way. was. i think there is a gun debate question. there. is. no i do not. you. know there's been a lot of talk about panic buying and it's sort of our life and there's been. a number of people wanting to. show
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we've seen your magic farms as a result of of the. incident. with the place. that. we involved in. discussion with the place of bear items regularly but there is not my department and once again i'd rather not and fifty into banks today. no. not they do not. he he obtained his license in two thousand and seventeen and he made us finish pictures from us about a month later and i believe his last just was in march two thousand and
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eighteen. just one atomic that it's impossible to. use for you know there are many that i. i totally agree there should be a gun to bite but to die even if not for that i please restrict me on the just on gun to leave if these are the only questions you have got a question. sorry that's all. i think of made it clear i think that you know i've been through a lot of. if we are required to by law we have a right when. you have a question about the other forty five. we have a thing to change that for the in in the in the immediate future it's one militia not as one christian. so if. you know feel any sense. at all what happened here last year and it will
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be still. my thing you're repeating the same question for someone else not someone else you know in some of the little hole they will board online is stated in the study. so it. is. not that private information it is their records we employ one hundred people that is an appropriate. just. i believe it is unwise. for someone who admitted to. would you change anything. about the sale will be of this same lessons well. you know. if you. have the big he's noticed the prices. are heavy
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sheet there he got it all laid out on the proceeds for obtaining an ordinary far am i didn't bring anything on and tying a name you say because it represents such a small percentage of new zealand shooters said he just beat me if you continue so let's not let's not my fists about repeating the question which i doubt. you will. we didn't show him rightfully used in. the incident. i watch the video i sure the rifle and. i know for sure we came from if it's if it is a serial number that i and it was not from he comes from the affiliated store.
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no. there's no way of knowing until the plate completed the investigation. yes we do and we're not made reference to polish commendation it was specifically in relation to that. we monitor that the number of firearms and the types of firearms right so you're watching a live press conference there by david clip of the chief executive of the guns city enquires church giving a media briefing on his thoughts on what could be significant changes to the new zealand gun laws and also talking about the fact that his company did sell some
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weapons to the alleged perpetrator he offered his deepest sympathies to the families of the victims of those who were shot and killed he said gun city has always stuck to proper gun laws and police procedures he said his company did sell for a category firearms and ammunition to the perpetrator but those sales followed the correct police verified online mail order process he said he looked up the application when he came back from abroad and found detected nothing extraordinary no out of the ordinary about the application he said gun city did not sell the gunman the weapons used in the killings let's go to our desire was wayne hay who is in christchurch for us now wayne an extraordinary sort of press conference really but why would david triple feel the necessity now to have this press conference. that is a very good question this came about. the media here obviously there is a lot of media in christchurch at the moment not only from new zealand but from
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right around the world we were approached by a public relations company representing city in the middle of the night last night so only a few hours ago he was going around walking around all the media positions located around the city informing them about this media conference and all the communications manager said was that the pressure was coming on guns and the gun industry in general so he felt the need to hold a media conference to answer some of the questions interesting that he said that the guns used on friday by the main suspect were not from gun city but then he went on to clarify that he had watched the video remembering that brinton tyrant live streams the shooting inside the two mosques and you can clearly obviously see one of the sim automatic weapons in the video he said that he's watched that and that gun was not from gun city but he could clarify if some of the other guns for example a shotgun used by the main suspects. from. those that sort of
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information that detailed analysis obviously will come from the police and he also went on to say in that media conference which is still going on that he and guns city in general which is the largest seller of guns a new zealand fully supports the actions taken so far by new zealand's prime minister. in opening the debate around gun laws again and he believes that seditious caution that should be had but he's not sure that that discussion should be held right now while the city this country is still in shock all right so when they in christchurch in new zealand wayne thank you very much to our viewers if you've just been watching a live press conference coming from christchurch from gun city which is the company that sold some of the weapons.
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but now it's.
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hello i'm adrian for the good this is counting the cost of al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business of economics this week he's on a mission to save the internet we'll talk to tim berners lee inventor of the world wide web. why kenya's safari com is teaming up with china's biggest commerce company alibaba plus. i'm scott hi there in thailand the world's largest exporter of rubber global oversupply has caused the price of the product leaving farmers here scrambling to make ends meet a subsidy program has been called by some as a quick fix because it misses. just
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cost now to another news conference that new zealand's national crisis management center in wellington is headed by stuart block who's the director of the ministry of civil defense and emergency management let's listen to what they have to say the management the ministry of foreign affairs and trade the department of interior phase the ministry of business innovation and employment the defense force new zealand customs and our transport agencies this is the fish of what will be a series of regular stand outs with relevant agencies who are involved in the response i'll provide you with a brief operational overview and then hand over to my colleagues who will provide overviews of the or activist base. please note i will not be providing any covering any police measures this is based addressed by team. secret government agencies with a focus on supporting communities that we can together to understand and cease community complexities and needs this requires specialist expertise and consideration and
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work is being progressed as a priority for all agencies. the officials for domestic and external security coordination committees committee is meeting regularly to ensure that the response is coordinators across agencies this is a committee made up of government agency chief executives. and all of government tame lead by the ministry of civil defense image and see management has been established at the christchurch justice and images he serves is present to prioritize on the ground support to agencies. at the community level at community support help is currently operating at the hague lee community college the support hub will be moving today to the canterbury horticultural c into a fifty seven record ten eleven new near the cricket oval at hagley pak and that's so that the quickly college can reopen on tuesday. the hub include three percent of
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representatives from i.c.c. the new zealand recross can't break civil defense image and see management group the ministry of social development canterbury district health board and for them support. the ministry of business and evasion and employments visa services facilitating image and see faces families of the injured and those that have passed away in face ministry of foreign affairs and trade and communication with international partners about information regarding the attack and providing travel advice and information on accommodation and venue's with visitors can attains to pay their respects and sympathies. the footage related to the tech has been classed as objectional objectionable so it is an offense under the new zealand law to possess share and to host it i understand the department of internal
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affair as is planning to issue an updated media statement around digital safety so more information can be found there. public condolence books are available the palin meant and the national library of new zealand and mulls with strace in wellington the national library is banned from nine am to five pm monday to friday and nine am to one pm on saturday. the plan from here is i will take questions at the end but introduce eight each speaker and then we'll have a period for questions so i can officially hand over to actually bloomfield for the ministry of health will provide an update thank you. procure the cuts and likes your i would like to start by extending my deepest sympathies and strong support for the families the victims and of course the muslim community and crusher chanterelle new zealand. i also want to acknowledge and pride
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tribute to the work of people in the health cigar in christchurch. the first responders from some johns and the amazing stop by the clinical and non-clinical at the district health board across your child spittle who have done nothing short of an outstanding job in dealing not just with the injured but with their families and loved ones and friends. there are two paths really important for their response in terms of psycho social research support first of all local support on the ground and it's being lead by the district health board. they have excellent services they are on the ground and fully involved in that it's coordination with other government departments. the second part of the response is at a national level and as you'll be aware we have being directing people to use the one seven three seven. mental health helpline which can be fun and will take stood
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well can also be accessed by way of chit you'll see i've got the bay cio sudden i'm as easy to remember and what i can cite is that the his brain a significant increase in use of that line from people both in canterbury and from around the country and it's great to say and that includes a wide range of people including individuals who were directly caught up in the it takes in one or other of the mosques through to wooden area new zealand as around the rest of the country. so just to give you an idea of the volume of of work that they. that the me to health helpline is dealing with. that had five hundred forty four contacts from around the country. at about sixty percent of those days of colson would it were oncet within twenty seconds and the average length of schools was minutes so these are not just fleeting and to the ancients they asked
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substantial discussions and providing real support to people by phone in canterbury and in wider new zealand. and the other part of that what a site such as cyclists such as social support is the resources that are available on both the ministry of health website and on the one seven three seven website and this is really helpful information that is there to support people really in terms of self care but also some excellent resources to assist parents in having conversations with their children and that's been the most widely accessed by each on the ministry of health website so it's great to see parents accessing that information which is robust even spiced it's been developed by clinicians and out strongly command. resources to the people of new zealand and thank you for your assistance in getting that information out. and i guess that finally it would be
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remiss of me not to acknowledge all of you from the media in the room and just remind you to you and your colleagues to be aware of this trace or your own responses to the events and to look after yourselves and i strongly encourage you to do that finally canterbury d.h.b. will be issuing its iron appetite presently about the clinical condition of the injured people who are still in hospital and i point you to the release which if it hasn't gone out is due out at any moment thank you very much. thank you michele i can now pass over to dieppe or rush from i.c.c. . get out a name on behalf of myself and i.c.c. we would like to extend that date just condolences to the victims the families the community and if you want and christchurch and indeed around new zealand since the
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end said and a.c.c. has his her idea the case to tame and christchurch to support the fake dems and families of this and student we have also increased after my resources to ensure the edge and how it's provided families as and women need them and where we can and where working proactively with colleagues across government and the local christchurch community to support people say mislay behind the scenes. i would just take you through now a series of what we are offering through these people because we have received a lash number of requests about that an order to provide heresy and to late tonight there are now websites we have effect shades there has been translated into a number of languages and we have set out a dedicated our eight hundred number there says our eight hundred. to seven three four people domestically and internationally that will ring through to our
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dedicated questions team of experts to help people with through their entitlements importantly for everybody with injuries and the shootings and the families of those who are code you are entitled to receive support for a.c.c. with a year i respect of of your residency status. sorry anyone who has been working in new zealand will be entitled to a week in compensation while you recover there are also a range of support such as home how transportation assistance and child care with this is required for all those with acute medical injuries we are working with that district health board and provide is around the area and stash it to support these victims and if families for families of those who have lost people who have lost their lives we will provide a funeral grant and a survivor grant for patmos in families there is also additional support where
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there are children and other defendants. that amun christchurch as connected with a police family as one offices who are directing fact and family story with us we are fast tracking or planks so that there are no idolised any way to compensation or payment and we have seen two specialists from an exchange which if you meant down to christ used to wear it with tims. and terms of what is available from us to support families and victims we pay a tax free funeral grant of six thousand two hundred nineteen dollars and there is additional four thousand dollars of funding from the ministry of justice. as behind the saints in order to support this so that it is same as for families this money can all say they used for repatriation pip says. we also pay a one off tests for a survivor scran.


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