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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 76  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2019 10:32am-11:02am +03

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people domestically and internationally that will ring through to our dedicated questions team of experts to help people with through their entitlements importantly for everybody with injuries and the shootings and the families of those who are code you are entitled to receive support for a.c.c. we have a year i respect of your residency status sorry anyone who has been working in new zealand will be entitled to a week a compensation while you recover there are also a range of support such as home how transportation assistance and child care with this is required for all those with acute medical injuries we are working with that district health board and provide is around the area and stash it to support these victims and if families for families of those who have lost people who have lost their lives we will provide a funeral grant and a survivor grant for patmos in families there is also additional support where
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there are children and other defendants. that amun christchurch as connected with a police family liaison offices who are dying to infect them and families to which with us we are fast tracking all claims so that there are no idolised any way to compensation or payment and we have seen two specialists from an exchange which if you meant down to christ used to wear it with tims. and terms of what is available from as to support families and victims we pay a tax free funeral grant of six thousand two hundred nineteen dollars and there is additional four thousand dollars of funding from the ministry of justice. as behind the sayings in order to support this so that it is a miss for families this money can also have a years for repatriation pip says. we also pay a one off tests for a survivor scran to the deceased pat now children end of hindrance six thousand
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approximately six thousand six hundred dollars for patmos three thousand three hundred dollars for children and if the child were dependent as on the sex stain this money will harvest the parents will kick over. at the just say set children living in new zealand those caring for the children can all cyrus a weekly payments to help with childcare if that is safe was in an income and new zealand when magi families might be allocate compensation of up to eighty percent of the earnings to a to a solution legal well ok paid making payments to patmos for five years and when they are and children that age that the child should in a sane and if a child isn't full time study this can continue until they're twenty one years of age if someone that's either ses they can still get these payments provided they haven't use in america can't or engine and then revenue to pam and number then if i
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could encourage people to please call that number eight hundred two seven three or if you guys are out website fact sheets with all of the information as available to support victims and families thank you. thank you a kind now and introduce stephen crumby from ministry social development. killed a cut throat on behalf of the whole image the family want to express our condolences and sympathies to the families of the victims and all of those who were involved in that tragic event and our role as a mistake is to help with that make it needs of the fate that and particularly things like food grounds peytral clothing medical fees and prescriptions. over the weekend we friend extended hours for a contact simplest one i would people to contact us as soon as possible. we
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received three over the date sixty three calls for assistance from individuals and we sustained with money for food patrol and clothing and we of course expect that to rise considerably. and crush we've set up a specialist team been both ellenwood and reckitt and service centers so they have the necessary skills to deal with the muslim community and of access to people with a mystery language skills as there are multiple language and nationalities involved . but anyone can come and to service inter throughout the country and ask for assistance because it's not only the people directly involved in christchurch but of course there's a much broader community back across new zealand who are impacted and we also have
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our contacts seem to which is open from seven am to six i m six pm hundred five five nine zero zero nine and that's a vital for people to come in contact us. kim is it just for people to contact us directly or be encouraged to contact us and will be provided to assist we are required thank you. thank you and i and a whole state of the ministry of education. did not cut our cattle. and i with my colleagues and on behalf of the ministry of education and also i share with you our sympathy for the families directly affected by these shocking events and those who are indirectly if it is by them. i'd also like to thank the minister of education staff particularly christchurch in the time of the lockout who are working directly with schools who were looking after children at that time
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i also want to thank the people of over the weekend by the ministry of it but the ministry of education to show education commission new zealand qualifications authority and education is ill and to make contact with fishery providers end to end a half thousand schools another five thousand living see this as to offer assistance . and today's briefing i'm going to focus on what we're doing with schools and really living say this is and just give you an update on what we've been doing today. and sixty two schools have so fat and answer and they see say this is a safe right now us to discuss support and we prioritize twenty for support today there is a schools that have a connection i the children who are victims and or parents who are victims or have strong connections to the muslim community of those twenty we have now completed visits and a fifth the teen under way now we're waiting confirmation to schools about appropriate time and. five e.c.a. e.c.a.
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services are priority one for us today four currently being visited the fifth riki be in contact with is not yet appropriate to visit. overall i can say that schools and he sees a calm and focused on supporting students and their families the kinds of things that we've done this morning. have provided support teaches about how to talk to children depraved but teaching in leadership teams about of instrumental lockdown provide a translation parents advice sheets and keep messages simple and consistent they the shared messages across health and other services that are also being support support in schools and the c.s. will provide a cultural support advice and support to help a gauge families back into school in d.c.'s educational staffing requested by schools a minimal at this time but we are responding as the sciri maintain in close contact with eleven schools and fear the presence is likely our focus as immediately on
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christchurch and then on to natan but these offices office of service are across the country and we are getting. expressions of interest for that support from a number of regions. the support of the way i'm making available to christchurch will continue for as long as necessary and will be made available to this country as necessary thank you. thank you can open for questions. we have traumatic incident teams they comprise people who are trained and i'm standing the impacts of trauma and understanding how behaviors like to change as a result of trauma which of course is if a consistent people respond differently and that particular skills and understanding how to respond to those behavioral and psychological changes and
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they're able to can eat teachers and schools with services as they need them to provide counseling or the psycho social support often the traumatic incident teams work with other professionals such as psychologists social workers education advisors and obviously in schools as teams with teams the teachers for people for. your. i mean. i think that's probably a better question answered by the places they stand at the sat. sun earth than others. so you're watching a live press conference there from wellington the new zealand national crisis management center giving a broad press conference from various government agencies about the efforts they will be making in terms of dealing with the aftermath of the shootings that took
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place in christ church last friday they provide support and guidance across a range of government agencies acting together in the wake of the mosque attacks their knowledge of the efforts made by all the medical teams in and first responders to the shootings that talked about the effort and coordination which is made by district and national health boards let's go to wayne hale who joins us again from christchurch wayne so a swell e a fairly swift response from the government in terms of the response to the shooting so far. think that media conference that we've been listening to by those government agencies is a sign that the attention now beginning to turn to not only the victims of the attack on friday but also the broader community and some of the assistance that is going to be made available to people financial assistance to those directly affected to the victims and their families but also psychosocial support that will be available obviously to the family members of the victims but also the wider
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community again this is a city of only around four hundred thousand people it's a fairly tight knit community and many people living in this city and the surrounding areas will have known somebody who was directly affected by this attack we just saw a very large school group come here from christchurch boys' and girls' high school they laid flowers at the police cordon behind me performed a traditional. challenge a sign of respect to those killed in this attack and and they said look we didn't have any students who were killed in either of the mosques but we knew people who were we knew people who were affected they said there are connections all over the city and it's that type of support going forward that will be needed and that's what we've been hearing from these various government agencies speaking and way to how are people gauging and assessing the breadth and width of the government agencies so far a particular people in the muslim community just very briefly. well
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i think overall it's been supportive of what the government has been doing i think very much the analysis of that will probably come in the week ahead really because this community is still very much in shock but still coming to terms with what has happened on friday it is monday afternoon now the start of a new working week so it's still very much coming to terms with what happened at the stage all right when you have the live for us from christ church in wellington wayne thank you for that we'll be back of course with much more coverage in the aftermath of last friday's shootings in christ stay with me down in jordan on the back with more news at the top there. for more than a decade he's been considered
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a threat to national security in russia putin said we'll give you the twelve indicted military intelligence officers doctored by special counsel robert miller but what we want in return is you bill browder a multimillionaire investor in russia turned anti putin activist talks to. the latest news as it breaks if the e.u. wants to avoid money laundering from the financing of terrorism it has to be ready to displease governments including saudi arabia its detail coverage lynching such as these were known to take place in the high but they were rare now thirty six cases have been reported since two thousand and fifteen from around the world for the victims and the campaign as you've been hearing this trial they say this is being a true fall from grace one of france's highest clerics. hello there we're still seeing a fair amount of snow in parts of canada in the east the snow just keeps on coming
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and that's what we'll see if we head through the next few days further south we still got this trading leg of cloud as well so it's still warm force in miami they're still rather cool in atlanta with the top temperature just a fourteen degrees this area of cloud isn't doing a great deal they were not seeing a great deal of wet weather until we get to choose day the most it begins to pep up over parts of florida elsewhere across many parts of north america the weather's quite quiet we just have this little system is edging its way east was a bring us and little bit of snow towards the south and there's that weather feature that was over the southern parts of the u.s. and you can see it's also affecting us in parts of mexico so some wet weather here but away from that it's largely fine enjoy just perhaps a handful of showers as you head down through costa rica and into panama for south america though here things are a bit different we've got lots of wet weather that straight she will break through parts of paraguay and it's a year ago i as well fairly wet days expected to hit a wall of warmth of what is always twenty seven will be the maximum temperature on monday it should be draw as well but then the winds change direction as we head
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into choose a this time coming in off the sea so nineteen degrees will just be all the top temperature really will feel quite different elsewhere though in the showers will continue to rock along by. against the odds and in line to the devastation of their loved ones and their homes women from crucial shown enormous resilience marching against the odds to keep going in the absence of their beloved brothers. twenty two the cost of al-jazeera while tells the story of female courage. lost. women of crucial. i believe have detained maybe a million people in reeducation camps certainly not grabbing headlines in china only in a while kings of the people's republic this probably not best just to dismiss
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everything as propaganda to use propaganda because your abrasive aggressive way of addressing it maybe has some challenges chinese finance yet charles knew you were something critical of president xi over i said this would not be regarded well by the western press a hot head to head on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. coming up in the next sixty minutes. change new zealand's prime minister promises to get. to bury the first victims of friday's mosque attacks.
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and he's painted for a long time. trying shock and disbelief among australian relatives of the suspect charged over the christchurch killings. israeli forces. soldier with his own weapon in the west bank. and ethiopia minister says there are clear similarities between last weekend's ethiopian airlines crash and. the first funerals of the victims of the new zealand must be held in christchurch fifty people were killed by a gunman who attacked worshipers during friday prayers at two separate mosques in the city well while the country mourns the dead attention is focusing on preventing another attack happening again tightening new zealand's gun laws top of prime
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minister just in the ardennes agenda how governments meeting for the first time since the shooting to consider banning guns like the one used in the attack. i know . there is understandably both grief in new zealand right now but there is anger too there are questions that need to be answered and we are looking for is well we need to provide assurances to the public if we think it could have been done head spring down there are not more could and should have been done so putting in place what needs to occur to answer those questions there are ways that we can bring in a fictive. regulation of firearms actually tag it we need to target and that is our focus grieving family members are now preparing to bury their loved ones many are frustrated though with the time delay due to the investigation of the prime minister says all bodies should be returned to their families by wednesday there's been heightened security across the country with
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extra police officers deployed around schools businesses and places of worship but many people have continued to attend vigils across the country to pay tribute to the attack victims wayne he joins us live now from christ church. minister says that most of the bodies will be given to the families by wednesday what more have the families been saying way. yes the prime minister said that she hopes the first of those bodies would start to be returned to family members on sunday evening when it's monday afternoon now three o'clock in the afternoon we understand that that process has actually not begun and may well begin on monday afternoon and you're right they have been concerned some of the family members that this process has been taking way too long because in the customs of islam they should be burying those bodies within twenty four hours after death clearly this is been a very different situation
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a unique one in that so many people were killed and therefore the police investigation has had to take some time the forensic police are still going through the elmore mosque behind me and the lynwood mosque just a few minutes away the police cordoned still in place so those investigations are ongoing in those locations where the shootings happened the bodies are not there anymore they are at the christchurch hospital where the post-mortems have been begun and the process of identifying exactly who was in those mos who was killed continues and we understand one of the reasons that is taking a little bit longer than everyone would like is that because many of the people who went in to pray on the friday when the attacks took place didn't have their wallets or phones with them they were left in a different location within the mosques themselves so that's why it's taken some time or at least one of the reasons why it's taken some time to find out the exact names of who was in there a provisional list of confirmed casualties has been given to the family members by
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the police but so far that confirmed list hasn't been made public yet you know way and the police are saying they'll be heightened security right across the country so what will people see on the streets. yes well monday the. new working week the police said look they want christchurch in particular to begin to get back on its feet physically that appears to have happened throughout the weekend it was very very quiet right around the city obviously people very concerned still in a state of shock and many particularly in communities like the muslim community would have been feeling very insecure about what might happen in the days ahead and that that's why the police made that statement they wanted people to go back to school to go back to work and feel safe in doing so and they said there would be an increased security presence on the streets in the air as well we've seen helicopters police helicopters circling above quite regularly and they said they
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would also place police outside mosques right around the city they ordered mosques right around the entire country to be closed they can now open say the police but they will be police offices on god outside all of this not because they said there was any imminent threat it was just because they wanted people to feel as safe as possible when they went back to try to anyway return their lives to normal on monday and weigh in the press conferences have been coming thick and fast since the tragedy we heard from the chief executive of a gun shop in christ church we also heard from new zealand's national crisis management center just give us briefly what came out of those two press conferences . yes well the one from the boss of the gun shop gun city new zealand's largest retailer was a surprise one it's only monday after all the shootings happened on friday afternoon but according to the media relations company handling that they say look
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there were the pressure was really coming on so they felt they needed to respond he confirmed that they did in fact sell guns to the main suspect brenton terence they were guns sold to a license holder so there was nothing illegal that took place in that sale but at this stage the boss of gun city is saying that the main weapons used in that attack were not the ones that they sold although he couldn't be sure that at least some of the guns that he used may have been used but the one seen in the video the sydney automatic guns were not sold by gun city but the gun debate i was really just beginning in this country and as you mentioned the cabinet members will be discussing that on monday we've also heard from various government departments about the wide support structures that are in place not only for the victims the family members of the victims who were killed on friday but the broader community as they begin to as i say return their lives to normal or right away now you there
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in christchurch wayne thank you but susan boyle was new zealand's race relations commissioner she says the attack in christchurch shows the pate is on the rise this new zealanders would probably think well we are one of most peaceful countries on earth and that this doesn't happen in new zealand and martin is race relations commission is a white community and i tried really had to get new zealanders to understand it she this happens in our country he know that and most marginalized and vulnerable groups face abuse and discrimination every day you know and i think. you know i haven't made a muslim woman new zealand who hasn't suffered some form of abuse and discrimination you know and we might think that that's. it and the signs were there that it was building you know in recently is these things have increased and in the full people in the government to actually take them seriously and i think that's what's happened as people would actually taking these threats seriously you know it also happens to our jewish community as well people seeing the rise of white supremacy
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hatreds being normalized everywhere in the world and what we're seeing now is a rise in people feeling validated to do so you know for what's happening all around the world and that has now creeped not crypt into our country it's been made very very very visible so this require as real real real leadership from the very top you know i have been instrumental in bringing the voice of a muslim community to the leaders of our country to those in senior officials and sadly today what we've seen is that those voices have been ignored so all they've asked for is for help they've asked for results as both human and financial to actually build a stronger communities and that's one of the pillars of countering violent extremism is at the grassroots these communities know the issues that face and that they also have the solutions it's not for us to tell them what to do it's for us to actually give them support to be able to do it it wouldn't or possibly wouldn't
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have prevented what has happened today but that's part and passage of what we need to do going forward it's really important that we continue to do what we did yesterday and the day before that and the day before that is to call out white when in we we see it to be brave to actually understand now that this happens even peaceful or new zealand racism has happened for years ask any modern new zealander well the man charged with the shootings is from australia in his home town of grafton some of brenton tolerance family members are spoken of the shock and disbelief. we're all like we don't know what to think it's. you know the major sighing he's painted for a long time so easily mislead not of sam malone i'd think sonny since he travelled i have a say so i think that the oil has changed complaint plato a way new which i sorry for the families over there for the dead and injured
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there was just. nothing nothing else just one gunman. all right let's cross live out across church where new zealand's deputy police commissioner how is holding a news conference just listening to what the commission is saying and what johnny doctor was stuff for uk insists reihana we've been working fairly hard through the night to ensure the process of returning the deceased to their loved ones has taken place expediently we had the first release of a deceased person official release last evening however that person was not released into the family as a result of a nother family member having been killed so the desires of the wishes of the family at this point is to wait until we finish the post-mortem with that person and both will be released to give us the process has been very emotional in highly
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stressful for all and you can imagine the the emotions are running high is in accordance with the islamic faith and the families have wanted the bodies to be returned as soon as possible and we are ensuring that we do that is i mean she and yesterday we have ninety people from the disaster victimize asian identification team working through the night. this morning we conducted two important blessings at the dean's every new mosque and at lynnwood mosque. this policing was carried out by the time of the fin to or from ny to who and also with the leaders and the experience from the islamic community we have had burial expert teams in place ready to receive the bodies at
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a point in time but this briefing this morning gave them huge confidence that all the essential preez have been lifted it both of those places encrypt aeration now once the investigation has been completed to reopen those mosques at a point in time we have met with their criminal investigation team and we hope to have those premises in place by the end of the week to allow our muslim community to go back and undertake pria so at this point in time i would like to ask dr n y ghani on behalf of the muslim community to speak to you about the events that will take place once the deceased have been released. i would actually i would like to invite our president dr mostafa far to the first to give you a briefing and then.


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