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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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of racism we have to be mature enough to recognize that and then try and take steps to deal with it i think that we have to give closer attention to this ghastly insidious invidious problem we have to give closer attention to it i mean for instance we the new zealand human rights commission has been asking for better collection of. hate related crimes we need to know the scale of the problem and then once we have that information we need to have a comprehensive survey examination of this phenomenon in new zealand and then we need to devise on top of that an effective plan of action to deal with this sort of xenophobia extremism and i think that it's beholden on us in order to support the islamic community in new zealand to take those steps and i have to say that
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i'm here in christchurch and i'm attending a lot of meetings with the muslim community here in christchurch and i'm i'm really impressed by the the unity they demonstrate and the dignity they exhibit and it's those sorts of sentiments on which we have to build but we must recognise that there is a problem and devise a suitable policies to address that. so i had a now just a new president of the democratic republic of congo take steps towards fulfilling a key alexion promise. and i've got some wet weather i've a part of the middle east at the moment if you take a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud. making its way through parts
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of turkey through parts of iraq and into a round where it's giving us a lot of snow and a fair amount of rain as well that system will then work its way eastwards as we head through into monday and for parts of afghanistan we're expecting maybe up to fifty centimeters of snow from this system so that would cause a fair amount of disruption that system only slowly edges its way northward of we head through the day on tuesday so the south of all of that is looking a lot quieter for many of us here will get to around twenty four degrees and here in doha we should be back to business as usual as well from all the dust should have cleared the winds will be firing down from the northwest twenty five degrees will be our maximum temperature on monday and no massive change as we head into tuesday further south it looks fine and settle for since the law rather humid there and a temperature of thirty degrees down to a southern parts of africa we've still got the remains of also i claim with us they're here and they're still giving us some very very heavy downpours so we're expecting more in the way of flooding rains here they could be more in the way of landslides as well because this system is sticking around even as we head through
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the day on choose day so yet more wet weather falling on a ready saturated and flooded grounds it does look like. the weather sponsored by qatar and. by means of every new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in better. let's take you now take you live to weather in tone where the prime minister of news the that is speaking following that cabinet meeting let's listen and then do that but still move as quickly as we can. not ignore i absolutely always knew that there would be these kinds of issues to work through. i
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think they are incredible that we've been able to bring together the information needed for the in principle decision that's already been made now it's about making sure some of the dick de towels and implementation work is prepaid. again these are the kinds of issues of course there. is of complexity to issues around. gun control law changes and management of course if you reflect on what a stroll you did that was involved those will be details that i'll be announcing in the very near future. audrey oh. absolutely we are all of one mind we are absolutely united as a cabinet you've got the lady here he can speak for himself and that's music and decision and that will be if your title answer. again of
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course we're not making the announcement today you didn't hear me you didn't hear my answer this was a chemical solution and that's the total monthly. fee . the select committee i don't think to be clear i'm not sure the select committee went down and the range of issues that have been came to us between ourselves around issues around availability so i'm not happy to put the question but i don't think that was part of the slick committee inquiry into the beast of my knowledge. i. cannot assess that question and it was rather souse realties we would climb not a government and seriously concerned about the f.c.s. of the gangs to illegal. legal guns the reality is that after one am on the fifteenth of march i will change forever and so will some burma was
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absolutely. on. yeah here one of the horrific things that i of course have live in a very short period of time around events that other countries have experienced before is that this is a trend that it has a could in regions that have experienced these kinds of horrific attacks we are looking to the lease instead of being learned in other jurisdictions around the passions that team to follow me. messages or suggestions of copycat activity these patients are. so we agents he's alive to that you'll see the police taking a precautionary approach with the presents and narrative it is it's also one of the reasons that we remain with it's really full of high just to ensure that our agencies live to some of those patents we see internationally.
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i don't i don't have anything that quantify it's that certainly the. agencies are taking all the information seriously they are taking a precautionary approach they're focused on ensuring the safety of new zealand as it is our number one priority. we've had still the same information i don't believe i've received an update to the one that we received i believe last night that indicated at that time they had removed and it would i'm sure no doubt be a high number now one point five million versions of the occasions where the video head being loaded of course in the direct aftermath they removed the if instagram and facebook account for continuing to automatically remove but also i
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believe manually in some cases as i understand remove. any. all of the video in any form whether it's cut or info the point that i would like to make there is you know obviously these the new proliferation it's of its availability. one point five million times the fact that only one point two of those times has been automated tells me they're of course up hours to take a very direct approach to instances of. speech that incites violence or that incites height and i would call on now social media platforms of all variety to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that both lead to these have been and that includes stars who perpetuate the messages in the aftermath there's a lot of work that needs to be done with. so i have to say.
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only indicated the conduct simply condolences for new zealand indicated that we can very proactively on the sharing of videos and content in the aftermath that acknowledge some of the systems that they have already around. him tight spates my view is these more that can and should be done on the. minute. not no knowledge i. believe the police haven't been able to really verify that i know that there was i believe anecdotal and anecdotal suggestion of that look all i would cite is that i would exercise caution to anyone who is considering investing at this point as simply white a few more days have some solution to. of
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particular dive. who. no we didn't talk about that we talked about their offer to provide us with every support every effort they possibly could alongside their own feelings of suits and see it condones and about the treasure that's happened in their careers in disaster and you. know i will soon i can't speak for myself i have no proof i don't care if you don't i'll just take clear and then i'll come back because i was it how would you prefer . the terms of that they're going to consider. a. story this campaign has. made it
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very clear to vice president dr. lucia to who is their foreign minister just to say last night that anything of that nature that misrepresents this country given that this was a nonmusical citizen imperils the future of safety of the little people and people abroad and it's totally unfair in short he made it very clear that we have closed terrorism whatever shape and form of the. and that we are for free and open society and we had a long dialogue on the need for any other country or turkey for that matter to sure that. country new zealand was not misrepresented we did not start or bring about this disaster and they clearly understood the problem of the start.
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it. was. i haven't asked that specific question nor received. any alternate advice from the guy. all my apologies if i didn't make it clear absolutely they will be they will be a national committee and a suit of us. held in order for all new zealanders to get together and acknowledge the terrorist attacks on friday that will absolutely be the case. what we want to ensure is that we allow the time and the spice the families to be i would have buried their loved ones i keeping in mind that some have not yet received their loved ones in so our consuming was that this friday may not have allowed some of that proces on the side to be completed so that was that's the
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decision that's why it will not be this wake we are looking to see to date as soon as we can anticipate making announcements in that regard very soon i just want to make sure that i talk to the community in christchurch and particularly the mirror in christchurch city council. or. of course. we had a range of conversations around the implementation of in principle decision to announcements on it in the very near future and as i've said it will be before i kept net mates next monday on that. is. i saw those reports and specifically have asked that question of agencies they acknowledge that there is agencies. that have meet the individual who's. those statements that
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they have in the past had conversations around a perception around the brain. and feed targeting and that's been the focus on some of those conversations have also given me the assurance that any specific issues that have any laid seanie three pts have always been followed up on how we've it's not enough for me to simply pass on the surance of our agencies under these circumstances and that is why kevin it has made the decision they will be an inquiry it is and it will exist to look into these very issues because the public does. to those questions. here so just to be there we haven't made the specific decision around the nature of the inquiry so there are three options were commission public inquiry and ministerial inquiry very few differences between the. the third one gives you
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a little more ability to manage timelines and a few more options around the management of classified information but actually as i've seed what we're looking at we're making a decision either the nature of the inquiry is timely ness public confidence. and. dealing with classified information that is of some fact is we need to keep in mind some of the critical elements of bolivia to look into these agencies exist across all three options. not not absolutely not there is and simply put these probably a reason it took astray. twelve days i think the fact that we have here giving you
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now an assurance that we have made. a decision as a cabinet we unified they simply they simply details to work through. these simple areas of rwa and so that simply what will be taking the time to get right. certainly my intention is for the minister of police to sheer suit made the intent of we're we're hitting the decisions that cabinet has made and it will be up to the inn with that they choose to support or not from the indications i'm reporting i'm saying from the conversations i've had with the leader of the opposition i mean they will be supportive. if. i r i haven't received the case that i know the nature of what he would like to talk about but i consider all requests a bit come to me. on
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a range of issues that are as i say i haven't seen it ok take the last couple of questions you. and i think what we have to we have to acknowledge the they did he promise is is absolutely right now in this case the primary for suspect here the person who has been a restated for this terrorist attack was not a citizen of new zealand. how weaver that is not to say that there are not those who live in new zealand who hold values and ideas and use language that is completely counter to what the vast majority of new zealanders believe. and so i don't think that we can that we can ignore that fact we cannot ignore that if we're to continue to ensure the safety of our muslim communities and others the two hundred missy's that live and you zealand we have to be live to the fact that there
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are those who do not share our values of openness of diversity of compassion and that's something we're going to have to confront as a nation on this. up you will forgive me you know that this is this is just not in an area that we have today and invested some thinking and time into we have been quite focused on the operational issues of course decision making around policy changes and so on i've we have certainly right areas of consumer around the spreading of messages and videos and so on and will continue to do so but we just simply haven't looked beyond that at this point.
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oh yes i have spoken to him since the right things for one. so there we have it the prime minister of new zealand announcing that cabinet had agreed in principle to toughen gun laws she said not making that announcement today but will do so very soon a message from winston peters the deputy prime minister saying that was made in complete unanimity by the cabinet wayne hey joins us now live from christchurch what kind of change is there not a lot of details right away. no no details at all really saying as you mentioned that they have agreed within that
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cabinet meeting among the cabinet members unanimously that there will be changes in the agreed in principle on what those changes to gun control laws will be and. and winston peters both reiterated that everyone within that cabinet meeting was on the same page but they are also saying that they're not quite ready to divulge those changes to the public or put them to a vote in parliament just yet she did point out that it's only been seventy two hours since the attack on friday and they've already moved on this they've already effectively made a decision in principle and she pointed out that after the port arthur massacre in australia or nine hundred ninety six it took australia twelve days to make gun control laws she says she says stresses that they are making some good progress on this and within a week they'll announce details of those law changes all right wayne hey there thanks so much for that we'll bring you more on that story more at the top of the hour another full bulletin of news for now it's the listening post course you can
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keep up to date with all the news we're following for head over to al-jazeera dot com that's our web site you can see front page there grief and frustration see you at the top there. on the count of the coast this week he's on a urgent mission to save the internet we'll talk to tim berners lee inventor of the world wide web and we'll look at what can be a safari called it's teaming up with china's biggest e-commerce company counting the cost on al-jazeera. you know we take the streets have a security system leave everything when they think of you know the people who put their. foot. in it. will not be seeking. hello i'm richard burton you're at the
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listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week down but not quite out the question algerians are asking is when will they see the end of their longtime presence a mass shooting in new zealand and the ethics of graphic imagery what should and should not be shown online and on air my beauty my purpose advertising those feel good ads designed to make you feel good about buying something and i'll be living like. some of the bricks that britain is burning and the politician who set it alight is profiting at a safe distance three weeks in damascus little protests algeria's president of the lizzie's a beautifully to has given in withdrawing his bid for a fifth term in office the announcement did not come from beautifully himself the eighty two year old has hardly been seen in public since a stroke six years ago left him paralyzed for now algeria is invisible ruler remains in office his indefinite postponement of next month's elections suggests he
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might not be going anytime soon algeria social media space has been occupied by protesters driving the street movement providing their own coverage of citizens have learned not to count on media aligned with the government especially broadcasters. they've long been controlled by the state criticism of the ailing ruler had been scarce there however things are changing marginalized voices many of them banned from the airwaves are being heard once again reporters that state backed outlets have been criticizing the journalism of their own channels could this really be the beginning of the end for a president who's been in power for nearly twenty years our starting point this week is. sunday march fourth the evening newscast on canal. a french language channel that stayed on. for the algerian media it would be
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a telling moment for the woman who had spent fifteen years in the anchor chair the last straw not the i'm a dossier reads a letter from president to flee word for word addressing the on rest on the streets . and. then she turned to news of an opposition figure a voice of dissent announcing his intention to run for beautiful because john too was reading going through her newscast and was going to read an item about one of the other candidates and she was clearly told in her ear piece don't read that. at least. you did concede that people didn't. like practices straight out of the soviet union looking at her body language she was really in a very weird position and he expressed the film much and just after the t.v. show c he resigned from that position and said enough is enough it was another
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reminder that you don't live in a free country you are under the song of a regime that controls what your visual cortex sees. and that is an outrageous thing for someone to feel. in the twenty first century in the border less world of the internet where ideas are moving across. the demonstrations began a month ago in northern algeria far from the camp they were set off by the news that president beautifully would seek an unprecedented and unconstitutional fifth term in office within a week the protests had reached algiers organized on and driven by social media the on the rest quickly grew to a level the country has not seen in decades initially the state owned channels can now share feet and eat and t.v. both buried their heads in the sand ignoring the story. however four days into the
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protests in the capital on february twenty sixth journalists held one of their own over the orders that they were getting from above preventing them from doing their job. so it was a pretty significant moment and. this is not acceptable and were able to act on that was previously you know thoughts that maybe wouldn't have been taken and the extent to which civil society really was mobilizing in support of the movement kind of quote the regime of god and that was by just trying to ignore the news simply wasn't going to floyd since the beginning of the protestant on february twenty second that journalists and media had had very informal you know guidelines not to cover the protests and they didn't want the beginning of june t.v. where having you know several t.v. shows coast to ones that and documentaries and there was no coverage what so ever about what was going gun in the street when i marched with the student in the
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university of the next nominee do so on fed only twenty six one of the slogans somewhere yes a half a week until better which means that. you media where did you go. it was very significant that on the evening that would flicker and. is the main national t.v. channel opted for this very unusual for much of an open debate between a couple of nature well. on the current political crisis given the country. to be able. to openly you know the question of crisis the question of transition it was taken by a lot of our sign that things are moving few days before when they've been try not to talk about the protests at all. every war results in casualties and the battle for truth in algeria has produced a few. us spent twelve years hosting
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a program on a state owned radio channel our ai his show was cancelled this past week because he did not choose his words carefully enough and luna's did not even speak directly on the protests or the politics his crime was speaking philosophically allegorically i tell you. that the subject of the circus that was the theory of social contract the philosopher john jacques rousseau says that people are the source of power and that a nation cannot be built without its people i concentrated on this philosophical point the director of the channel thought i was talking about the current movement even though i didn't directly refer to it or take any particular political stance certain people in public media do not understand the transformation happening in nigeria and society today still behave with a controlling mentality i mean tell a t that is outdated the people in the demonstrations have proven that this
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mentality belongs in the past just and. our interview with blueness was conducted over skype because al-jazeera has effectively been banned from algeria since two thousand and four the beautifully good government is very selective about which. international news outlets it will allow in limiting song to visits by foreign leaders or other stories the authorities want to cover and the on the ground absence of global news organizations may have contributed to some of the misconceptions swirling around the story starting with the lazy labeling of the protests as algeria's version of the arab spring given that they're describing a population that rose up against one party rule in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight more than two decades before their neighbors to. look we respect what happened in other countries but we are in another concept we started our revolution in one thousand eight hundred eight we had our first free election in one thousand nine hundred one when the our borders are really in
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a totally different situation algeria had a free press a vibrant democracy free speech a renaissance in the bubbling of creativity is in the arts in the culture of all of that and when the elections got canceled and when the islamist won and the bloody civil war that that ensued after so now people don't even like the term our spring they just say this is our liberation movement which is continuing with all due respect to what happened in other can. do you know was a precursor in the arab spring and this is why algerians do not like the analogy because of what happened after the arab spring in the region terrorism jihadists and that. terrible socio economic situation and they don't want to that for that country i didn't feel that they paid a hefty price after their do you speak in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and what followed. having been through such an uprising before having then watched
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their neighbors do the same algerians have fewer illusions than most they know what has not changed that president putin's leak while out of sight is still in the picture that the powers that be known as looking for a walk. to have backed the president for so long are still there algerians also know that their news media which are showing signs of life could revert to old habits at any time. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers metzeler. marcello the mass murders that took place at those two mosques in new zealand it was clear that the perpetrators wanted to attract attention and that they relied on live streaming technology to get it that's right richard because there was seventeen minutes of video live streamed on facebook and then repose said on three of the major platforms the suspect also published his
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white supremacist manifesto on an american website where users can create their own story boards this week by washington post reporter who specializes in artificial intelligence sums up the problem the new zealand massacre was life streamed on facebook announced on a channel reposed it on you tube comments it said about reddit and merritt around the world before the companies could even reacts those platforms then scrambled to take material down but eight hours later the full video was still up on you tube and as all of this is unfolding online there are news organizations around the world with some editorial decisions to make various media outlets brokaw's some of the footage or imbedded it on their websites and posts including several in australia and al-jazeera arabic in most cases they didn't show the actual shootings or any victims they limited their videos to the moment the government entered the mosque the british paper the daily mail took it for now bear in mind the site is
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driven by advertising and for its time allowed viewers to watch the video in full as these events prime minister dissin there are products we should not be perpetuating sharing giving any oxygen to this at violence and the message that is sitting behind it on the. and as a way of the knowledge the political power struggle there the ongoing propaganda war and one piece of video that made news and then made news again yes video emerged a few weeks back showing trucks carrying humanitarian aid ablaze and it was aired by news networks around the world as evidence that president models forces were setting aid on fire problem is the video was doctored this week the new york times took a forensic look at those images and showed how the troops have been in fact set alight not by my little forces but by protester who threw a molotov cocktail that hit one of the vehicles you want is one molotov. but the second one separates and we have two times then traces how there's a video spread like wildfire us politicians took to twitter with
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a news networks regurgitated it without checking its legitimacy so then this then becomes a story about some good fact checking on the part of the new york times it does but by the time that times piece was published the misinformation it had plenty of time to spread that could have easily been avoided because there were in fact many journalists on the ground on day one you question the video but their doubts failed to make the news costs taken two weeks for the times to set the record story ok thanks marcelle. turning now to an advertising trend and a social media story that probably came up on your news feeds recently that gillette ad that landed the company in some hot water jumping on the me to hash tag and subsequent movement to protect women from sexual harassment in the workplace gillette tweaked its long time sales slogan the best a man can get turning it into the best that men can be and then the company got beat up online for appropriating
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a social movement for the sake of its profits that advertising technique has a name it's called purpose marketing it's a socio political kind of brand of messaging that adopts a purpose in order to sell a product in the twenty first century marketplace traditional product focused campaigns no longer get the clicks the likes the shares that advertisers crave so more and more of them are latching on to causes and gillette's not the only brand to have an ad of this kind backfire listening posts johannah who's now on a marketing trend and the challenge of striking a balance between purpose and profit. believe in something. even if it means sacrificing everything racial equality my beauty my beauty my be any my female empowerment this is what happens when ice cream is just two degrees warmer than it should be the realities
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of climate change bullying to me too are you against actually being smashed you live it for big brands just selling a product is no longer enough is this the best a man can get advertising it doesn't work like it used to and getting people's attention is really. let's take you now to the new zealand police commissioner let's listen in to mike bush to advise you that thirsts. criminal investigation is the largest one eva taken by the new zealand police and tombs of the number of investigators that we have conducting this investigation alongside a number of specialists we have two hundred fifty to take divs and specialists
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right across the country conducting this investigation and in fact it is an international investigation with jurisdictions right around the world assisting us with inquiries we have on the ground here in new zealand. lauren folsom and jurisdictions assisting us we have the f.b.i. we have the extra in federal police and of coles we have our own agency he's working with us the next point i want to mike has to be quite defended to we've spoken about this before but i want to definitely state that way the lave that there was only one attack responsible for this horrendous event that would to seyne says you know and again i would like to state that we believe absolutely there was only one attack
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a responsible for this that doesn't mean there weren't possibly other people in support and that continues to form a very very important part of our investigation i also want to say that the threat level in new zealand remains high and you will continue to say for weeks to come high vigilance and high visibility from the new zealand police service patents to ensure that everyone in new zealand fail saif. the last point i'd like to mike is that i want to thank the public for their absolutely overwhelming positive support to members of the new
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zealand police and their marriage and sea service and the patents of committed themselves to this response and this investigation it has been absolutely heart warming a common trait that we're getting a bad out people myself and the other heads of those organizations could not be more proud of out people who work every day and every night to keep their community saif al finishes i always do with a message to the public and to observe a few see anything please cite something ring the police if you believe it's it didn't ring one one one if it's not agent please continue to ensure that you get in touch with us and pass on whatever information you might have thank you one.
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so we've been working since friday to confirm. that absolute point i think it's really important to assure the public whether or not there was one or more persons responsibility so i think the public really need to know. that way believe definitively that there was only one person and as you know one person has already been before the cole charged with murder and. we have a very comprehensive and wide reaching investigation. and valving two hundred fifty detectives and specialists will reach into every every corner to ensure that there are no further threat so we do this with our partner agencies and other law enforcement jurisdictions. police fire.
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could you be most specific it is by me. my. threats against a community absolutely concern us and every one of those that comes to our attention are we following up that's why we do need to ensure that we have resources committed to this investigation is in these. years yes we absolutely are . as i say we're dedicating our results to this matter. and i can assure people that whatever arises will be will be dealt with will be minute but i can also tell you that i have so many offices of support from other law enforcement jurisdictions and if i felt the need would encourage them to come and join us but at this point we have sufficient results well you might want to.
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look people have volunteered to do that i'm aware of at least one we have spoken to them obviously but just in terms of. just keeping in touch we have a network of communications across that sicked or so we have been talking to them but they are valan the ones that are volunteering have done so themselves. i'm also aware of the announcement the prime minister has made today so we stand ready if people would like to bring in their firearms and surrender them to us with just resourcing met up at the moment but we stand ready for that he meant it and. i have no information to suggest that we received.
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complaints about the person currently before the court but we're exploring a number of suggestions to so that i cannot say that unequivocal. side things actually that mostly from the media side like yourself suggestions that things have a kid of sane media commentary want to follow up on all of those things. that. it's you say going to get. on my. mind. by the use. of might. i'm glad you care clarify that because it's not quite what you stated. look i'm not aware of specific threats of the night show that you mentioned . by someone communication with the commissioner of the new south wales police and also the strategy and
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federal police they have conducted sitch warrants a new south wales that information is being sent to us and will form part of the investigation the details of that it's probably improper for me to share at this point but i can say that they haven't discovered any bad as they would through it may have public and timbs of what they've done on this investigation. right yeah. that being done in cooperation lauren foresman around the world being very proactive and tim's of this increased police. that he will. save lives. he says he's. very good question it's twofold the first is to absolutely provide that reassurance but also
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as a precaution you know we must stand and remain vigilant in terms of any threats that might be out there so precautionary and is reassurance really. not directly not and we would make sure that we keep the public advised. and you. know it's great that people have a joint some people might be hyper vigilant we encourage that we will respond to anything so again as i say if you say something say something. if you're worried colas will be the wealthy. so they're helping us in a number of specialists there is which i don't want to go into at this stage
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because. now they have expertise that they can bring to this inquiry. on the crees these how many of those he's. been as as secure away. all of their front line police officers have a maybe an access to firearms on this occasion most of those offices will be carrying firearms particularly dawgs. just again as a precaution when you say moist isn't all these thirty three hot. dogs. i mean i can give you the percentage happy to get back to you on that because it is considerable threat across the across the country so they carrying firearms will have that immediate access to firearms. by. right. now we're on the same page so you know we have heard it through maybe your
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i've read the reports and again it's been hard to substantiate that. the three. nations. do anything. i'm not aware of those but again if that securing will hold those people to account it's despicable. destiny and science in the mind why. we have a very close working relationship now i could not see your question in any more detail than that and you know it will. be determined innocent by this. amnesty once the. i that was announced some months ago that we didn't mean any violence and. quite possibly i don't have that information for you if you'd like it we will definitely get it for you all right thank you all thank you again thank you
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. threat level remains high now it's been there by the police commissioner of new zealand who also went on to point out that they're conducting what is called the largest criminal investigation ever undertaken in the history of the country two hundred fifty detectives and specialists with international jurisdictions assisting the new zealand police he said he really wanted to do in reiterate once again that they believe there was only one attacker responsible let's bring in wayne hay joins us live from christ church so like i said wayne the police there trying to assure people that they are taking this seriously and saying if you see something say something. yes and speaking a lot there was mike bush and you zealand's police commissioner about the increased
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security particularly in the city of christchurch they really wanted to make a point first thing monday morning the start of a new working in school week that there would be a visible increase in police presence outside places of worship outside schools and businesses and they didn't want people to be alarmed saying that and you heard it again from the commissioner just a few moments ago that this was not because of any imminent threat any specific threat that they have received that it was really to put people's minds at ease that the situation is under control they need people to remain vigilant and they want people to feel safe and for people to get back to their lives as much as they possibly can while still dealing with the fallout and the grief from what happened on friday so that's very much what mike bush was focusing on then and again as you mentioned reiterating that they believe that brenton tyrant the main suspect the man who's been charged so far with only one count of murder was the only gunman the
1:50 pm
only person at this stage involved in friday's attack why and i don't know if. you know the answer to this question but there is a question here about whether officials have explained what the plans are to charge him beyond. the new zealand does have the terrorism suppression act of two thousand and two it hasn't been used a lot but it does beg the question that this situation looks like in the opinions of some of the jurists who have spoken about it like it fits that act yes it certainly does i've heard some of that analysis as well and they will be some questions no doubt sami as to why more charges are being laid right now so far as i mentioned only one charge was laid when brinson terence appeared in court on saturday morning and was remanded without plea to appear again in christchurch on
1:51 pm
the fifth of april and i think it is also tied up with the fact that the post-mortem process is still ongoing that it's been a very slow deliberate process the identification process has been going on and that has frustrated some of the family members as we've been reporting that they want that process of the bodies being returned to them spit up at the police have said we want to get this right we don't want to make any mistakes it has to be a slow process to make sure that this case against whoever it is that they charged with multiple counts of murder and we assume that that will be the suspect that the wristed it stick space sickly said that is why they're being so thorough so careful at the moment all right thanks so much wayne hay there but actually going to keep wayne with us for a second because one issue that officials have been talking about is changing gun laws this is what the prime minister had say about that just
1:52 pm
a short while ago. and i've already made clear that a number of new zealanders question the availability of military style sunni automatic weapons in new zealand however i will be giving a more fulsome seat of days house once we've worked through the in principle decision that cabinet has made today i want to also acknowledge you know when a stray we have found itself tragically in a similar position to what we find ourselves now they took twelve days to make the decision we have taken seven to two hours there is still some detail that needs to be worked through i want to do that but still move as quickly as we can wind do we have any idea what sort of changes are on the table we do know of course that the suspect used a number of weapons allegedly in the time. yes we are told that there were five guns used in the attack by the suspect brinton
1:53 pm
tyrant on friday officially we don't know what those law changes that as the prime minister have been agreed upon in principle by the members of cabinet on monday this was their first cabinet meeting since the attack on friday and she said that old members of cabinet agree there was no opposition within her own cabinet to these laws changes and they basically agreed in the space of a few hours in that meeting that these laws will be changed and this is what exactly they want to change but she did not want to give any further details in that media conference as she did say that within the next week probably before the next cabinet meeting on monday week she will announce to the public details of these law changes we assume basing it on reports and comments that she has made since friday's attack that the first change that they will want to make is to ban the sale of semi automatic weapons which seem to have been used by brant in town he had to semiotic semiautomatic rifles on him that he used that seems to be the main
1:54 pm
thing that they would look to change that you can legally buy semiautomatic military style weapons as she has called them in new zealand at the moment with the right sort of licenses that seems to be something that they want to change there's also some analysis going on the on about the modification of some weapon semi and she has spoken a lot about that as well modifying some weapons as it appears that brinton did do in the lead up and to use those modified weapons in the attack on friday and we should also point out the words of support that came from leaders of the muslim community about the sort of outpouring of support that they've got there thanks to the officials of the prime minister for the way that they've dealt with this tragedy give us an idea of the sort of vigils that are going on today. yes well also on monday we heard quite
1:55 pm
a detailed media conference from the leaders of the islamic community here in christchurch and also the deputy police commissioner and they went to great lengths in that media conference to explain some of the customs around treating bodies in this religion and i think that was an effort to respond to some of the criticism and try to help other new zealanders who are not muslims understand why the family members of the victims were so keen to get the bodies returned to them as soon as possible that hasn't been possible because as i said before this investigation has to be very thorough the forensic police are still carrying on there were the autopsies are still going on post mortem zend identifying the bodies so while all that's been happening there have been vigils being held right around christchurch not just by the muslim community but by the community as a whole within the last few hours we saw probably thousands of school students come here to the police cordon this road leads down to the el nor mosque where most of
1:56 pm
the people were killed on friday they came here after this school day finished they were united really in voice performing traditional mali haka challenges showing their respect to the did and their family members they were united in song as well so it was quite an emotional time here as people those young people of christchurch very much the future leadership many of them i guess of this community came together to show this support to show the rejection really of what happened on friday all right wayne haven thanks so much for the. well in the home town of brenton tyrants his family members has spoken of the shock and disbelief we're all gobsmacked we don't know what to think eight. you know the made you sign he's pretended for a long time so he's obviously not of san ramon i don't think it's our nation to
1:57 pm
travel to have a say so i think that that boy has china complained plato the way new which i sorry for the families over there before the date and indeed they would just. think no one else does want to go on and all. of a suspect charged with the shootings is from australia all reporters went to grafton in the state of new south wales the community trying to distance itself from the man charged over the attacks it's dawn in the sleepy provincial town of grafton is waking up to another day of reflection about the horrific events in christ church and its connection to it brenton tarrant spent at least the first twenty years of his life in grafton before travelling around the world he went to the local school and worked as a personal trainer in a gym he's
1:58 pm
a legit attack on two mosques in christ church last week has deeply disturbed religious leaders in his home town we got inside you know you know they were all we all sectarian you know. all of the people are going to leave the members of the most community the pressure the mood here is samba this is a community grappling to come to terms with one of their own being a suspect in the worst mass killing in new zealand's history it's just a time for the community to gather and just kind of be together get strength from solidarity and hopefully put our roots down deep and sign are we not that's that's not us what happened and what this guy did is not is not crofton's parishioners who know the tyrant family say it's well respected and he's been here for generations good liking pipe and farmers good down burke bible. what did you
1:59 pm
think when you heard that someone from grafton was involved. others had a message for christ's church people craft and just reach out and say you know we we don't know what went wrong but. you know we just some of the president here and hope that we can get some to the closure while the town family has deep roots here community members say it's keeping a low profile following the attack in christchurch we've managed to speak with people who knew brenton tarrant well they say they don't want to appear on camera because they don't want to be associated with the alleged killer of fifty people they say the man accused of the christ church attacks is not the man they once knew . him al-jazeera grafton well. in sydney has details on some of the police investigations on the stand that they've been speaking with some of the people connected with the suspect right.
2:00 pm
that's right this morning on monday the police raided two homes that are believed to belong to members of the tarrant family that is his mother and his sister police say that they've taken both his mother and his sister to a safe place for their own protection and they say that also assisting them with their inquiries now the police want to also make it clear that there is no impending threats and that they are just searching for any clues that could hope the new zealand police in their own investigation so it seems like it was just an evidence gathering exercise looking for anything that might help the investigation into the christ church attack now you've got to remember that not a lot is known about brenton tarrant and his movement over the last few years he's training government says that he hasn't spent much time here recently that he's
2:01 pm
only been in the country for forty five days over the last few years it's known that he was in a stray.


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