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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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even there most of the major aid agencies saying they just don't know the extent of the damage the red cross did fly over with a helicopter that's how they got up there it is certainly more thought the coast was the city of they're expecting a lot more damage than this but it does. that cut off the last road that was connecting that coastal city of beirut there now it's not even possible to get there by road through any assistance or even assessing the damage depends on people getting in by. committee thanks i was there as malcolm webb live in central mozambique a second israeli has died as a result of the shooting that took place on sunday in the occupied west bank is really a media identified the attacker as a palestinian man who was suspected of killing an israeli soldier and a rabbi a manhunt is on the way of a number of arrests have been made in the village where the suspect lives to syria's bring him has more from ramallah. there's a really are still looking for
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a nineteen year old palestinian who they believe has committed the attack yesterday they have raided the village of the north of the west bank and they have interrogated several members of family including the father who was. the fifteen year old brother who is still in israeli detention and according to an israeli army statement the army is looking at demolishing the house of the suspect now the army has also. to buy. over there and palestinians across the west bank. retaliation we're going to weather update next but just a month ago before elections in israel the leader of the far right jewish power posse is from taking part will tell you why. the rulers they could do whatever they wanted with the people nobody cared about them and going on secret
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files finally released the horrors of decades of albania's repressive communist regime reveal. how it's still raining heavily in west papua in some parts of java i think recently in the science at least the philippines or a tropical depression is on its way through now that's all in the forecast of our probably the center of the wettest weather in the philippines after several weeks of particularly dry weather it looks like he's back in the dry as are most of borneo the green there is quite clearly not that far away from java tails back to southern sumatra there were again singapore look on the whole dry bangkok and there's the picture for wednesday still this is the wet zone so take the east was to pay for. and up again to the southern philippines those are the main focus areas
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for rain and just stretching science of the island of new guinea is this circular ation here that is tropical cyclone trevor now adding to the cape york peninsula it is costing would alter of course accidents will do this brings fairly strong winds and huge amounts of rain to the far north of australia and that arc of greyness in green this brings rain further west as well not much admittedly not very far into australia further science but a wall to brisbane a thirty three and we are approaching thirty in adelaide and seeding it in perth. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work out. inspiring documentaries from impassioned
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filmmakers and. i feel like i know what i have to prove. witness on al-jazeera. and again this is zero let's remind you of main stories this hour new zealand's prime minister says that gun laws will be changed in the wake of friday's shooting at two mosques that killed fifty people the government will consider banning private ownership of semiautomatic rifles and buying back outlawed gun. use ilands top police officers says the threat level across the country remains high armed
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police have been deployed around schools businesses and places of worship at a second israeli has died as the result of a shooting that took place on sunday in the occupied west bank israeli media have identified the attacker as a palestinian man who suspected of killing an israeli soldier and a rabbi a manhunt is underway and a number of arrests have been made. israel supreme court has brown bleeder of a far right party from running in next month's election it says that michael bennett ari of the jewish power party incited racism against palestinians the citizen overturns a ruling by israel's election committee the court also reinstated israeli palestinian parties which had been disqualified from of zeros hairy forces it was to restore the. michael ben-ari is the leader of the us me a hoodie to a jewish power party which is the descendant of the harnessed party of the one nine hundred eighty s. led by the rabbi meir kahane of
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a party which itself was banned in one nine hundred eighty eight for its racist stance that is what has happened this time around the high court rather than banning the party vote is targeting michael been ari himself as an individual in accordance with the opinion of israel's attorney general of the judgment being eight to one ruling that he had indeed incited racism or taken concrete steps towards supporting anti arab anti palestinian racism his party though is still eligible to stand so his party colleague its i've been banned via will still be able to stand for the knesset and the root of the reason that this is of such significance at this time is because the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu himself engineer the new lines between this party and other right wing parties to try to shore up the right wing vote make sure it was translated into seats in the israeli parliament the knesset on the april ninth elections to ensure he could get a coalition and maintain his right wing coalition after that election it's
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a step which is seen criticized by moderates here in israel especially by jewish organizations in the united states for dealing in racism there has been some blowback towards this from the right of israeli politics this court decision criticism that the court has been intervening in politics or the justice minister saying that it has crossed a red line and that she would take steps after the election to try to reign in the court at the same time it has reversed the early decision of the election commission to ban a joint list arab party run by a large and also a far left jewish candidate those decisions have been reversed they are eligible to stand michael ben-ari is not. at least thirty five people have been killed when a cargo train slid off the tracks in the democratic republic of congo d realm and happened in a province north of kananga in the center of the country police say the death toll is likely to rise many of the trains wagons are still on the sides and people may
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be trapped underneath the death toll in the flash floods and landslides of the in the indonesian province of papua has risen to at least seventy nine people medical workers have set up makeshift tents to treat the wounded rescuers awaiting through mud rocks and fallen trees as they look for survivors a baby trapped under rubble was reunited with his father after the disaster killed the rest of the family the time says that the saudi crown prince authorized a secret campaign to silence dissent in the kingdom that involved kidnapping detention and torture the newspaper says a so-called rapid intervention team carried out covert missions some involve the same men who killed jamal has shown she says the front page reports saudi government has insisted that babbitt been solved and didn't order the journalists in istanbul like hanna reports from washington. the new york times a reveals that in two thousand and seventeen
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a body calling itself the saudi rap that intervention group was formed now this was at about the time that the mohammed bin solomon was elevated to the position of crown prince since then says the newspaper this group has carried out a number of operations in neighboring countries and further afield including the forcible repatriation of saudi dissidents of back to riyadh and other cities in saudi arabia now the new york times does not name the intelligence sources that use the cia itself has declined to comment however it does name some of the individuals involved in this group it says that the group is headed by sadal cult tiny a close associate of the crown prince now president trump has insisted that the whole affair of the murder of jamal for shoji in his view is over he says that he is intent on continuing to conduct business with saudi arabia and to conduct
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business with the crown prince himself congress has been increasingly angry about this position demanding that president trump continue to investigate jamal khashoggi is murder and also to impose sanctions against those who are held accountable this president trump has refused to do the latest reports it may well be brushed away by the president but will not be brushed off by congress which is likely to use this as further ammunition to continue to put pressure on the president to take some form of action for the murder of jamal khashoggi which this report indicates was not an isolated incident but part of a widespread campaign clear just is executive director of the arab sense of washington that's an independent research organization in the u.s. capital he says the report highlights inconsistences in what the saudi government has been saying. i think it's
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a very significant revelation in the sense that it puts in context the murder of. this was not. pretended at least for a while by saudi officials that it was totally isolated and a mistake clearly it's not isolated neither was it a mistake it was part of a covert campaign that started more than a year before the murder of an involved at least a dozen of and siddons according to this excellent report by the by the new york times different operations and different countries as your report just indicated that included surveillance kidnap torture or forcible repatriation to the kingdom detention illegally in other words administrative detention without charges and abuse of prisoners this is very significant information and put the
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basically puts the murder in historical context trades unions representing millions of workers in algeria refusing to support a new technocrat government thirteen unions are against newly appointed prime minister the routine that only inviting normal political groups into his cabinet more mass protests a planned after the cancellation of banks month's election president of the us he's beautifully ended his bid for a fifth term the critics of the ailing eighty two year old say he must go and radical changes made to the ruling system. in brazil thousands of people have turned out for protest against corruption. they're concerned that a recent ruling by the supreme court could water down investigations into seedier public officials the court decided that cases involving illegal campaign donations should be handled by electoral courts it's a move the prosecutors say could undo five years of work for the landmark carwash
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investigation which sent scores of powerful politicians and businessmen to jail for decades albania was ruled by one of the world's most repressive and isolated communist regimes hundreds of thousands of people were sent to labor camps or executed for crimes against the state the current government recently gave surviving former prisoners access to secret police files to help them find out what happened but critics say that's not enough johnson reports are grim harjo was nineteen when he tried to escape from communist albania he was caught and sentenced to twenty two years of hard labor drilling blast holes in the copper mines of spuds this is where he slept for thirteen of those years on the top bunk against this wall next to forty nine other men while here lost his father his youth and his dream of a life in the united states the government recently released the file the communist party kept on him and he found the name of the man who betrayed his escape plan you
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know. not. of what am i to do kill him whoever has done wrong must not will judge by our people were beaten some could take it and some couldn't or some time someone was condemned to death they would keep him for forty five days with his head covered and his hands tied then someone would come from the central committee and say the party had spared your life but you must work . albania was one of the most isolated and repressive communist regimes people weren't even allowed to talk to foreigners they were fed a propaganda diet suggesting that there's was an exemplary society and who executed thousands ruled them with an iron fist people could end up with for listening to western music or being overheard saying they didn't like albania or complaining that they hadn't enough to eat during half
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a century an estimated one hundred thousand people served time in forced labor camps including women and children that one in eighteen albanians thousands died in such places in the three decades since the fall of communism there has been known choir and no justice for the denounces and persecutors of these political prisoners that says agro is because the same people have remained in politics that could be why this history of political persecution isn't taught in albanian schools your god dollar runs an awareness program for young people because she believes the failure of the political system to account for its past mistakes still haunts it economy's rulers they could do whatever they wanted with their people nobody cared about them and this is still going on still now we see that we just girl and we support very old tory tarion leaders at the end who don't take responsibilities for mistakes
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they do the government gave a gram sixty five thousand dollars as compensation for the fifteen years of hard labor he did he spent it sending his three daughters to study economics in germany and the u.k. and to stay there enjoying the freedom he never could jumps at all plus al-jazeera . a new exhibition in new york is going back as far as two thousand years ago to look at life in the middle east it's called the world between empires at its high al-jazeera heidi jocasta reports it's a world that's not too different from today's a babylonian goddess with rubies for eyes a bust of the prius lawmaker arabian god do shara from petra one of the earliest surviving paintings of jesus christ from what is now syria cultures collide at the met museums latest exit bishan which focuses on the middle east nearly two thousand years ago called the world between empires it examines the cultural religious and
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commercial exchanges that took place as the romans and parthians from what's now iran jostle for control. one of the highlights is this bronze statue of aphrodite a western goddess fitted with a middle eastern style emerald and gold necklace that object is a combination of rome in nearest near eastern religion an art that very much exemplifies the message and concept of the exhibition it's not just ancient deities the exhibition offers a glimpse into ordinary life around the region like this portrait online stone of a woman from palmyra with surviving pigment as well as family portraits coins jewelry and other every day items so we're trying to show in the exhibition that the saying the same diversity and for a variety that go to make up you or me that those elements and that
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complexity apply to ancient people to today with heritage sites being destroyed by ice soul in syria and iraq and by the saudi led war in yemen a major part of the world between empires is given to three archeologists who worked extensively in the region of course it seems misguided to focus on monuments when people are enslaved there tortured or killed to wipe out or destroy their heritage the landscape the monuments is a way of destroying people so we really separate the two a reminder that the issues that long ago concern the middle east are as relevant today as ever. castro al-jazeera.
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it is good to have you with us hello everyone forget here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera new zealand's prime minister says that gun laws will be changed in the wake of friday's shooting at two mosques that killed fifty people the government will consider banning private ownership of semiautomatic rifles buying back outlawed got stuck. i've already made clear that number of new zealand is question the availability of military style seen the automatic weapons in new zealand however i will be giving a more fulsome seed of date house once we would through the in principle decision that kevin has made today meanwhile new zealand's most senior police officer says the threat level across the country remains high the police have been deployed around schools businesses and places of worship police believe the suspect brendan tarrant carried out the attacks alone but may have had some supports a second israeli has died as a result of the shooting that took place on sunday in the occupied west bank israeli media have identified the attacker as a palestinian man is suspected of killing and israeli soldier and a rabbi
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a manhunt is on the way of a number of arrests have been made a free trade as big deal railed in the democratic republic of congo killing stowaways who are hitching a ride at least thirty five died in custody province at least expect the casualty count rises bodies found in wagons which overturned some fell into a river as the train crossed a bridge a cycle that swept across southern africa has killed more than one hundred thirty people in mozambique ninety percent of the central city of beirut has been destroyed the cycler travelled from malawi across mozambique and into zimbabwe the death toll from flash floods and landslides in the indonesian province of papua has risen to at least seventy nine people medical workers have set up makeshift tents to treat the wounded rescuers continue to wade through mud rock and fallen trees as they look for survivors a baby trapped under the rubble was reunited with his father after his family was
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for their full fathers for. twenty five often dependent. they must become. defendants. preparing for the possibility of. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. business updates brought to you by
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qatar airways going places together. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis
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. in my grant joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda. what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. religion this is the politics. an unholy alliance. this is al jazeera. news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. anxiety and a sense of overwhelming grief as families wait for the bodies of their loved ones
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killed in five days when most. as a nation mourns the past. and work out why many never saw this coming. where mozambique where cycling has ripped through the eastern coast killing dozens and leaving behind a trail of destruction and support afghanistan's cricket team beat ireland to win their first ever task match plus roger federer misses out on a bracket setting title in california it's with star lost to make team in indian wells. so gun laws in new zealand are set to be changed very soon as the country starts to work out how an attack on two mosques in the city of christchurch was able to happen the country's prime minister has also announced a major inquiry to determine whether intelligence failings partly to blame and what needs to change more vigils have been held meanwhile after the attack that left
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fifty people dead wayne hay has this report. as the new working and school week began students in christchurch were united in spirit and voice. there together they came to the police cordon near the el nor mosque where the first attack took place to show their support for the victims and this is this huge amount of people to grieving and just showing care for everyone in the city showing them do they not alone in their crushes in their part in new zealand and this is their home. i thank god the sense of shock and grief goes on for the people of the city but inevitably the national debate is turning to the issue of gun of those among the guns and suspect brinton the terrence position were modified to semiautomatic weapons. speaking in the capital wellington the prime minister just cinder a durned said the cabinet agreed to change the law and i've already made clear that
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number of new zealanders question the availability of military style simulator medic weapons in new zealand however i will be giving i'm all for some sort of data house once we've worked through the in principle decision that kevin has made today earlier on monday the manager of new zealand's largest gun retailer said his company sold four weapons to terrorists but isn't sure if any of them we used in the attack but if you do you support the promise to suggestion that semiautomatic weapon should be my. i totally agree this should be a gun to bite but to die it's not die please respect me on those on going to leave if these are the only questions you have the people of new zealand still have many questions about what happened in christchurch and the government says it will do everything it can to find answers as well as the police investigation which the commissioner says is the largest in new zealand's history the prime minister says there will also be a national inquiry into what led to friday's attack and whether intelligence and
6:52 pm
security agencies could have done more to preventives some family members of victims have expressed frustration at the amount of time it's taken to return the bodies to them for burial but religious leaders acknowledged the tough job the police have and said the support the community has received has been overwhelming and we. are more when we are all here. it was tremendous. there's nor you know that bruce. every one of the we have. people here may be struggling to comprehend why friday's attack happened but to give that showing grief respect for the did and rejection of the apparent motive for it. well we can speak to wayne live now who joins us from christchurch and wayne what
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more can you tell us about the return of. well nick for some of the family members the frustration behind or involved in this delay goes on the return of the bodies of the victims was supposed to begin on sunday evening that's what the prime minister said earlier on sunday we believe that process didn't actually start on sunday evening but it has now started on monday late on monday the first of the bodies we believe has been returned to the family members and that means that we could see the first of the burials the funerals happening on monday. and tuesday rather there has been some concern among the family members that this is taken too long because of course in islamic customs the bodies should be buried within twenty four hours of the person dying that
6:54 pm
clearly hasn't been possible this time around because of the sheer magnitude that the. police have been facing the two mosques one of which is behind me the al nor mosque still cordoned off they're still crime scenes there are still investigations going on there the bodies have been removed and are in the hospital but as we say it has been a pretty slow process to release those bodies back to the family members and where in your report a lot of talk about gun laws but realistically what's likely to change. well officially we don't know yes the prime minister spoke as we saw after her cabinet meeting in wellington on monday it was the first time the cabinet members had met since the attack on friday and she confirmed afterwards that there was a unanimous feeling within that meeting from all the cabinet meeting members that the gun laws should change and of agreed in principle on how those changes should
6:55 pm
be made what sort of changes should be made but she was not ready to release those details to the public just yet she says that we may know more within the next seven days we believe going by what she has said since the attacks that most of the focus will go on semi automatic weapons it is legal in new zealand to buy semiautomatic weapons with the right sort of permits in place and as we know the gunman the main suspect in the attack on friday had two semiautomatic weapons that he used the police believe they were conventional weapons that he had modified using parts that he again legally purchased from a gun shop another main focus of the prime minister is the issue of social media because the gunmen brinton tyrant live streamed the attack that live stream the video has been shared many times on social media there have been many comments from
6:56 pm
around the world on that as well on that video being shared many of them you could describe as being hate speech so it is clear that the new zealand prime minister believes that these social media companies need to be doing more. point that i would like to make there is obviously this been a proliferation it's of its availability. one point five million times the fact that only one point two of those times has been automated tells me there of course are powers to take a very direct approach to instances of. speech that incites violence or that incites height and i would call on now social media platforms of all variety to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that lead to these have been and that include stars who pitch the messages in the
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aftermath there's a lot of work that needs to be done and it seems the government in new zealand and the police are pretty keen to move swiftly on this on monday we saw an eighteen year old man appear in court here in christchurch facing charges for sharing that video that was live streamed by the gunman he also made comments with that live stream posting that he shared saying target acquired that was in reference to a photo that he had posted as well of one of the mosques that was attacked on friday they are saying that police that they don't believe that he was directly involved in this but he again is facing charges because of the sharing all of the video on social media and he was denied bail when he appeared in court on monday or when we leave it there for the time being thanks very much indeed wayne a reporter well most families as we've been hearing of those killed in friday's attacks are still waiting to get the bodies of their loved ones back under thomas'
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visited one family about the father and the grandfather they lost. it was thirty six years ago that haji daoud nabil left afghanistan to live in new zealand a good country he thought in which to bring up a family three generations of that family are now grieving mother has been is ready people the people here. doesn't care about our so my eyes but if the people my son using were easy why did reason why did they tell your local you further gone to the last. yama nabil how do you doubt son had been heading to the mosque himself with his daughter when he saw people running the other way it was on saturday at the community center that he heard the list of names of those who had died and. did not want to hear the question they would like to reach out and really. put the news
6:59 pm
was not good the gunman had murdered haji dowd nabil was. just saying. grief is now mixed with frustration the family would have liked to have buried house you doubt by now don't land the twenty fourth the border should be even the graveyard in place but actually. they did not eat the prophet. people are being shot in the heart not in the audience cation. so you understand the delays gees. yama would like us father's killer to face the death penalty his brother disagreements he forgives the god did not win he'll never succeed there's no way he will be helping is very and
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hippie. is unstable this is why he carried this on how can you forgive somebody look there's. confidence of knowing god my father is going to paradise but for the whole family the grief it's rule as well as his wife nabil had five children and nine grandchildren that's fourteen direct descendants now in mourning and these are scenes being repeated right across christchurch. the flowers are the public displays of grief the private ones are going on behind closed doors andrew thomas al jazeera christchurch where the suspect is from australia and police there have conducted several raids as part of the investigation into the attacks melhem has more now from sydney. but your properties belong to members of brenton tyrant's family one his mother and the other.


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