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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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so it seemed as though it was just an evidence gathering exercise looking for anything that could help the investigation into the christ church attack now there isn't a lot that is known about brenton parent and his movements of the last few years. government says that he's only spent forty five days here the last three years he was most recently here for his sister's birthday about a year ago so it seems as though police are looking for any clues anything that could help them paint a more comprehensive picture of the alleged attacker. let's look at the social media side of things several new zealand companies including major banks are now pulling their advertising from facebook and google to protest how they handled the video of the attack that was uploaded on their platforms prime minister just. spoken out against social media for not doing enough to remove videos of the shooting which was live streamed by the suspect. the point that i would like to make there is you know obviously this is the new proliferation it's of it's
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availability. one point five million times the fact that only one point two of those times is being automated tells me they're of course not powerless to take a very direct approach to instances of. speech that incites violence or that incites height and i would call on now social media platforms of all over icy to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that both lead to these have been and that includes stars who perpetuate the messages in the aftermath there's a lot of work that needs to be done in london for us now adam had these director of a project called tech against terrorism which works on behalf of the un security council counterterrorism committee supporting the tech industry to tackle terrorist exploitation it is an easy narrative isn't it adam to say that the social media
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networks facebook in particular are doing enough can you shed some more light on what they are doing for us and maybe the narrative is a little different. sure take against terrorism we work with both the u.n. counterterrorism executive director on the big tech platforms and our job actually is to help the smaller platforms that maybe a lot of people haven't heard of deal with this in a responsible fashion that protects human rights what it should say is that maybe three four five years ago the big tech platforms really struggled in getting a grip on this problem but now they use automation very effectively and also have logs content moderation teams or could be a bigger problem actually is the smaller platforms it's very difficult to manage the content some of the smaller thought forms don't have any revenue they have very small teams and what we've seen from the way that isis and al qaeda have used the big pot forms is that they have become much more adept evading identification of content and i was actually what we've seen in this case it isn't just about
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facebook and google they're also as many as twelve twenty thirty of the smaller part forms that have been used for example to share that manifest but in answering your question in terms of what facebook is done i think it's really commendable that they're able to stop one and a half million uploads so that's essentially saying one and a half million people potentially try to get the video and i think there is an argument here that there's only so much technology can do if so many people are trying so hard to get terrorist content back onto the internet but is it is it a take issue or a or a people issue with regards to what the companies are doing i read a comment in the aftermath of the attacks was someone said if they put half as much effort into stopping this sort of stuff happening as they do into telling us what sort of things we should buy off amazon then maybe this problem could actually be solved i could put a dent in it is the technology there. well i think it's worth stepping back a bit and saying asking ourselves what the terrorists want out of what they want is
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published a t and of course the end result is that they want political change and they will exploit any part form that will give them the opportunity to influence society it's not just online it's also mainstream media in many examples of newspapers here in here in london here in the united kingdom hosting that video was criticized in the tech sector so it's kind of pretty complicated one but i think the important thing to stress is terrorism and violence extreme extremism is happening for some time the internet kaley plays a part in both publicizing ideology and also potentially helping to mobilize people towards radicalization but it's not the cause so what we do attack against terrorism is trying to focus a bit more on the detail here because that's really important if we are to find a way of dealing with this problem in a way that respects freedom of expression and human rights i think the social media issue is becoming i won't say as much of a problem as the guns themselves i just think after every gun attack we always talk about a tightening of gun laws that might actually happen this time in new zealand but
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now we also start talking about a tightening of social media and the question becomes well who should do that who becomes responsible for that. i think the question rather than who should be half of it we heard before reference to inciting violence and that's something we believe is very important and has to be connected to some representation or incitement to violence but it's important then to to have a lot of thinking about how we define content what's commendable about how facebook approached this was they they hash that video so they created a fingerprint to that video itself so that so that one point three million of those uploads were found automatically in the first twenty four hours that's really smart isis propaganda is relatively easy to detect for example because a lot of it is branded and uses whereas a lot of propaganda relating to foreign violence extremists is much harder to detect scale and when we talking about this video. you know
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in terms of that incident at least to begin with a lot of it was not necessarily violent it only became violent part way through the video so we have to be very careful about defining the terms because there's a lot at stake in terms of protecting political expression and let's not forget a lot of the far right are not violent necessarily they might have some some views that the rest of society don't agree with but it's important to ensure that by developing policy we don't further feed into the narrative of persecution and victimization can often drive radicalization in those communities at hadley from tech against terrorism thank you so much for your time. so what's driving the hatred and prejudice against muslims is that linked to as we say white extremism after all in the christchurch government's manifesto he described the likes of donald trump as a symbol of renewed white identity while the inside story team discussed this in detail on sunday's edition you can visit on to zero dot com here to the show's
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section to find that one. here's what's coming out for you on this news are just a months ago before elections in israel and the leader of the far right jewish power party is banned from taking part. in generally there were fifty cases per week now we have an average of twenty five cases per week so there is a decline in huge progress in fighting the d.l.c. ebola crisis the one major obstacle that was a string of violent attacks on treatment facilities and abroad james in the los angeles like has hit a new low bar i will be here with that story a little. activist in london are bringing a replica jets to the houses of parliament to protest against the u.k.'s continuing arms sales to saudi arabia a model plane is a copy of the u.k.
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made euro fighter typhoon a warplane saudi arabia has used in the yemen conflict against the rebels a demonstration comes a week before the fourth anniversary of the war which has left thousands of civilians dead lawrence lee reporting now from london. lama's international trying to keep the pressure on the british government over its enormously lucrative arms sales to saudi arabia worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year fifty thousand names headed into the trade departments here trying to urge the government to stop its allan's from the state. despite all their efforts. fifty thousand names on a petition you know politicians talk about moving the dial is going to make a difference just think well we've been campaigning now for four years and it's four years that the coalition has been bombing. any man and that this country has been selling arms to saudi arabia we will keep that pressure up we won't stop and
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that's. because there are now so over six thousand eight hundred civilians who have lost their lives due to that bombing and it is outrageous that the british government continues to maintain the british royal blood on their hands i do there and that the british government is ignoring the international arms trade treaty a treaty that it was a champion of not so long ago in a drive to continue selling these arms five billion pounds worth of arms since the onset of the conflict that is seven times as much is being spent on aid in the man and the people of the men the civilians of you men are suffering we know the hunger is rife we know that those bombs have been dropped all on the families on civilian areas mosques factories weddings a bus with forty children slaughtered last august so these this is why we continue to campaign this this this plainly in locked up here is called
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a typhoon in this country but a year of fight or elsewhere that the danes of. germans but obviously the british and the french occurring all and crucially so of all the americans and i mean by me whatever happens here it isn't going to stop as long as donald trump says well we're going to continue on the saudis because if we don't the russians or the chinese will you know the real tragedy of all of this is that is the international arms trade treaty which this government signed up to is a level playing field you know none of us will sell the arms if human rights are being abused and human rights of will be used by the coalition in the american people like trump are just unmovable to this argument of the not chump baby unmovable. you have said germany and denmark i would add the netherlands switzerland and austria we will continue this battle because we owe that to the people of the man and we owe it to them chai to stop the u.k.
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government and get greater pressure internationally to. a second israeli has died as a result of the shooting that happened on sunday in the occupied west bank israeli media has identified the attacker as a palestinian man suspected of killing an israeli soldier and a rabbi and a manhunt is underway in a number of arrests have been made in the village where the suspect lives maybe abraham has more details now from ramallah. there's really army is still looking for a nineteen year old palestinian whom they believe has committed the attack yesterday they have raided the village of as we in the north of the west bank and they have interrogated several members in the family including the father who was detained and released later on their fifteen year old brother is still in israeli detention and according to an israeli army statement the army is looking at demolishing the house of the suspect now the army has also verges need to buy
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confiscated security cameras over there and palestinians across the west bank fear such retaliation you mother israel supreme court has banned the leader of a far right party from running in next month's election it says michael ben-ari of the jewish power party incited racism against palestinians the decision overturns a ruling by israel's election committee the court also reinstated israeli palestinian parties which had been disqualified more on that one with hard force in west jerusalem. michael ben-ari is the leader of the us me a hoodie to a jewish power party which is the descendant of the harnessed party of the one nine hundred eighty s. led by the rabbi meir kahane of a party which itself was banned in one thousand nine hundred eight for its racist stance that is what has happened this time around the high court rather than banning the party vote is targeting michael been ari himself as an individual in accordance with the opinion of israel's attorney general of the judgment being
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eight to one ruling that he had indeed incited racism or taken concrete steps towards supporting anti arab anti palestinian racism his party though is still eligible to stand so his party colleague it and i've been banned via will still be able to stand for the knesset and the root of the reason that this is of such significance at this time is because the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu himself engineer the new lines between this party and other right wing parties to try to shore up the right wing vote make sure it was translated into seats in the israeli parliament the knesset on the april ninth elections to ensure he could get a coalition and maintain his right wing coalition after that election it's a step which is seen criticized by moderates here in israel especially by jewish organizations in the united states for dealing in racism there has been some blowback towards this from the right of israeli politics this court decision
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criticism that the court has been intervening in politics or the justice minister saying that it has crossed a red line and that she would take steps after the election to try to reign in the court at the same time it has reversed the early decision of the election commission to ban a joint list arab party run by a large and also a far left jewish candidate those decisions have been reversed they are eligible to stand michael ben-ari is not. the international red cross says ninety percent of mozambique's port city of has been destroyed. give me psycho need a tore into it on thursday bringing flash floods and ferocious winds washing away roads and houses then battered neighboring zimbabwe the eastern district of the money has been cut off for the rest of the country at least one hundred thirty eight people have died in the two countries and hundreds of others are still missing. malcolm webb is in the era for us and spoke to some of the families who've
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lost their homes. to the grooves of people's houses in many cases blew the walls down as well nothing was happening to the people here who are now sheltering in this school this is been their home for the last few nights been so much rain they have been able to go back to their village to check the damage officials don't even know how many people have been affected yet because the communications are down as well they're starting to piece the picture now but in this district alone the administrator said this least five hundred homes have been destroyed we. think you can see. we need. to come. to grips we. really can't. get into the. schools.
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into. even this. being damaged some of the. roof. and this is what's left of. them and it's. going to be quite some time classes because even here this whole town she'll be caught off so you know by road one of the original good was being she washed away the swollen rivers submerged the road is going to be quite some time people here and he says. in his her reporting from the town of chipping in southeastern some bar-b. close to that border with mozambique. a big problem is that a lot of the bridges and roads in the area have been cut off or destroyed by the flood waters a lot of people are stuck in the car move so this is an alternative and people in the local community are coming together using big rocks to try and create different
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growth so people can pasternack says areas we people have been stuck some of them for days the situation in some parts of the region like inches money money for example we're told that some boarding schools have been cut off stalled and they are stranded the army is trying to reach them but of course that depends on how good the weather is with the helicopter fly and reads the children who've been stranded there also hundreds of people stuck at a hotel who were able to walk the when the floods came and they sought shelter there but they need things like food blankets and clothes and they say time is running out the problem for aid workers the military anyone trying to reach people who need help is that the roads are just not possible at the moment so the community are trying as much as they can to take it upon themselves to make sure that people who need to cross over and help people who are starved are able to do
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that of course it's going to be a long process it's all manual as you can see to no machines here so who knows how long it will take these people to get the work done meanwhile people are lined up across the road near crowley because they can pass hoping and praying that this process the slow painful review process. you grab a break on the news hour when we come back valises like is contagious disease you know saying it. is watching us you know saying do the same thing every interesting former gang members take a new approach to ending gun violence in the united states a trip back in time will show even in an artist's hit that promises a glimpse of life in the middle east thousands of years ago. and in sport the long wait for a title is over for this former world number one for as he looked at the rest of the sport about tempting.
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and of the weather has not settled down yet in this part of the world the circulation here in the southern part of the caspian back washed will bring a certain amount of rain or snow to northern iran and the forward edge of it is still bringing rain a bit of snow up through afghanistan that's the picture for the rest of tuesday and we end up like this terence probably in the sunshine one storm finally breaks into the west i think things are clearing up syria looks fine by this time in beirut about twenty degrees i'm not so that'll be the last of the storms this one as it happens will probably just fall apart during wednesday the circulation running along way north and then we are quite all way back to the mediterranean coast fall time be south of this and likewise the winds already swung round to the north went down to the gulf a stop to strong steady the moment it's just large is reduced cisco has
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a fairly clear we go to the opposite happening the n.t. coordinates through the middle of saudi arabia is probably quite dusty here this temperatures in the middle thirty's which is usual for mecca there's still plenty more rain to come out of the remains of the tropical cycle of the winter beyers so still for mozambique occasionally from malawi and zimbabwe expect a lot of rain. eternity . so could have us military occupation. my prison my freedom my heartbeat my life by languages my occupation so the thought of reason and therefore the. world can have to move. jerusalem a rock and a hard to please coming soon is no war where on live t.v.
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now it's taught us to be able to be concise being expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs. or if you joined us on saturday israel is an apartheid state and being in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join the colobus conversation amount is zero. this is the news hour on al-jazeera these are our top stories three people killed
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and several injured following a shooting on a tram in the city of new tricks in the netherlands suspect still on the run and the dutch government has raised the terrorism threat to the highest possible level . a trail of death and destruction a psycho need a brings flash floods and strong winds to mozambique and zimbabwe at least one hundred thirty two people killed in both countries and hundreds are still missing. and is even the prime minister says govern laws will be changed in the wake of friday's shooting of two mosques that killed fifty people the government. we'll consider buying back. banning private ownership of semiautomatic rifles. of course a big issue in the united states as well but attempts to toughen the laws there have failed to take off. some form of. it to reduce violence and they're taking a novel approach john hendren chicago followed the tracks from the chicago skyline and you'll find some of the most violent neighborhoods in america last year
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here in the windy city five hundred thirty people were murdered fewer than the previous two years or so to see them. a group called cure violence is using a novel approach to reduce the killings treating violence like an epidemic and sending health workers mostly former gangsters into dangerous neighborhoods to stop the contagion a lot of people. like is contagious disease. this is the approach started in two thousand after spending fifteen years with the world health organization battling tuberculosis cholera and aids in africa dr gary slotkin returned to chicago to find an astonishing parallel it looked to me just like these other problems like the diseases to say the maps showed clustering
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cholera and a. contagious disease. in west chicago in the most dangerous police district in the country shootings and killings fell sixty seven percent in the first year since then the program has expanded to several of chicago's worst neighborhoods and to twenty five other cities in more than fourteen countries we joined the group in two thousand and thirteen when a rival gang shot up the van of a man called grandad in a case of mistaken identity as the gang prepares to retaliate granddad calls cure violence then known as ceasefire after the violence interrupters broker a tense negotiation the government offer three hundred dollars for repairs the price of a life here. the violence like. the cold months because it's. happened so a little interaction now a more peaceful summer studies show neighborhood violence interrupters can reduce
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killings by fifty to seventy percent new york and los angeles each spend about twenty five million dollars a year on the program from a gun carrying. they want you know but funding for chicago where it all began is just five to six million dollars a year and each year the city sees more murders than the two larger cities combined but even five million has made a difference john hendren al-jazeera chicago. can i take you back to another story now the flooding in southern africa and we've got a live link with pharma to miller now who is in the ira in mozambique take us through what you've been seeing there looks extraordinary destruction behind you. and this is the way of much of that destruction has taken place with the the eye of the storm felt towards the end of last week and now people here are trying to pick
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up the pieces driving into the city center of barrow where we are now it would be difficult to find in the area that doesn't have how lines destroyed or trees having been uprooted people here are slowly trying to repair the homes that have been flooded and flying into the city we did see that field in homes entirely covered by water that was speaking to some of the aid organizations they say at this point the biggest challenge isn't just trying to get aid and assistance to people who need it especially in the rule areas but at this point the greatest challenge is just trying to assist just how bad the devastation is in the area there are about hoff a million people living in bare of the agle but say one of them the international federation of the says that if the extent of the damage is devastating
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it is watering and they not sure how they're able to assist the people who need their help that's the point guard the environmental menace to mozambique hasn't seen destruction on the scale in its history. from it in the reporting from bear of this. the world health organization says the fight against the polar outbreak in democratic republic of congo is moving forward health workers predict the virus may be fully contained by september however violence that attacks on the treatment facilities are threatening that progress. has more feable the al break is just one of several problems facing the democratic republic of congo treatment facilities have been targeted in recent weeks adding fear to a community that's already on high alert violence from armed groups is posing another risk for patients and health care workers so there is a need for to strike
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a balance between what we do in terms of security protection but at the same time staying with the community to fight earlier this month a treatment center in the city of baton bo was attacked twice within days soldiers carried one of the suspects away from the scene health care worker was wounded a police officer killed more than one hundred armed groups are reportedly active in eastern d r c teams on the ground believed two of them may be behind the attacks these are analysts including the allied to credit forces as well as my groups believe us a break in the republic was detected in the keeble province in august of last year government data shows more than nine hundred confirmed or probable causes of a bola in the last seven months almost six hundred people have died despite the
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challenges the world health organization remains optimistic the virus has been contained in eleven of twenty eight affected communities the number of reported cases is also dropping in generally that we had fifty cases that week. now we have an average of twenty five cases that week so these decline but health care workers know that attacks on treatment facilities remain a constant threat and one that could reverse the progress that's been made in tackling the disease carthy a little young al-jazeera. and still in the region a freight train has derailed in democratic republic of congo killing stowaways who were hitching a ride at least thirty five mostly children died in the province police expects the council account to rise as bodies are found in wagons which overturned some even fell into the river as the train crossed a bridge. we're looking at large parts of the u.s.
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central plains underwater after a late winter storm triggered flooding along rivers even causing two deaths in nebraska rivers have reached historic levels in forty one locations across the midwest the national weather service says the levels are expected to rise throughout the week prompting evacuations along waterways and rivers b.c. correspondent jake gray is with us from the plant in nebraska what an extraordinary thing to be happening towards the end of winter. yeah it really is come all and there's just water everywhere here it's overwhelming for many of these communities i want to give you a firsthand look at exactly what the water is doing here and you can see it's swallowed beholds in this neighborhood up to the windows and through the windows we should say into these holds and causing major problems but you can also see another issue they're dealing with is ice a lot of this water freezing cold top there are chunks of ice that are moving down
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with the snow belt that is calling causing a lot of this law to get in we had rains last week we're getting more rain here tomorrow so there's no real live did sight to the situation here at this point you can see the water all the way up to the windows of a school bus here that's how high the water is climbed to bis point and remember it's going to continue to flow towards the south so this is an issue that other communities are going to be dealing with through this weekend and next week it's a major concern and how is it being dealt with there has there been a state of emergency declared there anything like that yeah absolutely states of emergency here and to other states as well shelters are in place and a lot of people taking advantage of that while others are spending time with family and friends at higher ground. that's great from n.b.c. thank you for joining us seventy nine people have died due to flash floods and
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landslides in the indonesian province of papua medical workers have set up makeshift tents to treat the wounded and rescuers waiting three man rocks and fallen trees as they look to survive is incredibly a baby trapped under rubble was reunited with his father after the disaster killed the rest of their family. and as well as president has asked his entire cabinet to step down as he struggles to men can't maintain control of the country vice president. nicolas maduro called for the resignations so he could restructure the government to raise a boat has the latest from barcelona in the state of undertake we. the government of unequal i don't know announcing who chuckling the whole having the vice president does you know the it's also said that the president had kept the rest of nation of members of the cabinet and that he was card naming and giving information about who's going to be part of that cabinet when this is not given to quell any
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but that's not a has had at least for vice president since taking office a because clearly an attempt to win don't cheat that ministrations show the venezuelan people especially his followers or the government is trying to solve many of the problems that people in this country are facing today among them there's been an enormous power outage in venezuela for days people where without electricity without more from one of the things people struggling with hyperinflation shortages of food of medicine among other things and everything tell us that the situation is going to get the boys to peer at u.s. sanctions have an impact in venezuela they're expected to begin the all of sanctions against this country later in april but we're being told that it's already having an effect i'm not sure if you can see here i am in port but i couldn't in the state of i'm so i think you and i can count from here at least seven or else hunkered that venezuela has not be sealed with the oil that venezuela
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has not been able to sell in its way like trying to leave maybe the place of the united states has in the oil markets here but no apparently they're trying to send it to india and of course russia and sixty six people outside of what we're being told that there's already what is known here is over compliance people that are afraid of buying body swell and all because of the consequences that something like this could have with the united states and angering their night in states in the meantime the opposition leader flung why his own sense that he was going around the country and trying to get people to march towards the pile of kmita you know to that's where you call out my window the sidestep the presidential palace that would be massive an enormous demonstration that's what a petition for why don't is trying to do when i was suddenly generate more tension in this country. supreme court ruling.
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i i i.
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before we get spoilt we're going to look at a new exhibition at the metropolitan museum of art in new york it's shining a new light on the middle east going back as far as two thousand years it is called the world between empires and as odd as your cats are it's a world not unfamiliar from today a babylonian goddess with rubies for eyes a bust of the prius lawmaker arabian god do shara from petra one of the earliest surviving paintings of jesus christ from what is now syria cultures collide at the met museums latest exhibition which focuses on the middle east nearly two thousand years ago called the world between empires it examines the cultural religious and
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commercial exchanges that took place as the romans and parthians from what's now iran jostle for control. one of the highlights is this bronze statue of aphrodite a western goddess fitted with a middle eastern style emerald and gold necklace that object is a combination of rome in nearest their eastern religion an art that very much exemplifies the message and concept of the exhibition it's not just ancient deities the eggs edition offers a glimpse into ordinary life around the region like this portrait on limestone of a woman from palmira with surviving pigment as well as family portraits coins jewelry and other everyday items so we're trying to show in the exhibition that the saying the same diversity and for a variety that go to make up you or me that those elements and that
12:39 am
complexity apply to ancient people to today with heritage sites being destroyed by eisel in syria and iraq and by the saudi led war in yemen a major part of the world between empires is given to three archeologists who have worked extensively in the region of course it seems misguided to focus on monuments when people are enslaved there tortured or killed to wipe out or destroy their heritage the landscape the monuments is a way of destroying people so we chant really separate the two a reminder that the issues that long ago concern the middle east are as relevant today as ever. castro al-jazeera. we're going to get a look at your sports news now with farai kemal thank you so much football's european governing body has charged cristiana rinaldo over a gesture he made while celebrating a goal in the champions league it happened as
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a side event is knocked at little madrid out of the competition last tuesday with all the scored a hat trick and appeared to be copping the gesture athletico coach diego simeone he had made in the first leg the portuguese is set to face a disciplinary hearing on thursday for improper conduct of the match between green football rivals limpia and pathan i cars had to be abandoned due to due to crowd trouble just four minutes into the game fans invaded the pitch and attacked olympiacos the players sitting on the team's bench supporters also clashed with police and the game was called off with twenty minutes to go the athens diary is one of the most fiercely contested in the world is facing a possible points deduction and a fine tennis star roger federer's bid to win a record sixth indian wells title is ended in defeat he lost a dominant team in the final in california after winning the first set thirty seven year old regulars started to lose momentum the match started to shift in teams
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favor the austrian took the second set or stayed decider the twenty five year old coming out on top to win his first masters title team is set to rise to a real high world number four. it's a pleasure to see rauch of all of the biggest legends of of all time still playing with us we're still able to compete against him especially in this indiscreet finals and it means so much to me lost my first two thousand finals and here i was . almost. a grand slam. they're a symptom of a dominant you know when it's first. says one thousands well it's massive and two when. you know like you said i just got my one. so i really is no reason to to get down posters more to look forward to my i mean look things are good for me just unfortunate today i needed
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a better shot from time to time in the women's final unseeded bianca undress go carabaos stanwell number four angele kerber to win her for screen title eighteen year old defeated the german and three sat sun dress who was ranked one hundred and fifty two in the world at the end of last season is set to move inside the top thirty. you know this moment has definitely been the best so far i remember for the march i was really really nervous but when the match started i picked it up loose and it was an easy match and julie was getting to a lot of balls and i'm really i'm just really really grateful that our i managed physically and mentally afghanistan's cricket team have created more history they beat ireland by seven wickets to record their first ever test match victory afghanistan chased down a victory target of one hundred forty seven this was only the second test afghanistan had ever played afghanistan are the joint second cricket team to claim
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a test victory alongside england and pakistan it took india twenty five attempts they've only been a test nation since twenty seventeen and played their first five day match last june afghanistan have also showed promise in limited overs cricket after gaining one day status ten years ago they've secured wins at both the one day and t twenty world cups said naga is the assistant editor at e.s.p.n. cricket cric info he says the afghanistan team has come a long way in a short time. if you just look at the guys on cricket board it came into existence in one thousand nine hundred five which is a little over twenty years ago and they actually seriously started playing cricket in mid two thousand and two the need the playing in jersey in an unknown donor meant just to climb up the ranks of international cricket and as we all know disfigured is an exclusivist format it but it makes you work really hard to get in let alone win a test match to do so in a little over twenty years it's
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a journey that teams voted fifty years to get to complete so in that in that regard it's a really remarkable achievement some of the people that i've been talking to in afghanistan they think in the next five years they're going to be serious and then there's anywhere. that that amount of talent coming through is is huge there is not just human resources there's no facilities and then money which means that the best sporting talent of the country is going to be good and not do any other sport so i expect them in the next five to ten years to be a real force in the middle was to get and despicable policy on. pakistan prime minister imran khan has pledged that the next edition of the pac sun super league will happen entirely in the country on sunday the category haters were crowned twenty nineteen champions the majority of games in the competition were played in the united arab emirates for security reasons but the final was the eighth league
12:45 am
game pakistan has been able to stage the season it's the most high level cricket pakistan has seen in a decade. le bron james and the l.a. lakers slipped to a new low as they were beaten by the n.b.a.'s worst team the lakers who were visiting the new york knicks for leaving by eleven points with just under three minutes to play emmanuel media scored twenty eight points for in new york including a pair of free throws to give them a while destroying the lead over the lakers. that misshapen and bron james this potential game winning shot with a loft at and it a hundred and twenty four to a hundred and twenty three you have an x. . and i we had our our group that got us the lead in there at the end and you know we just lost a lead i mean we i said we can. close our possessions and we can get enough time and you know book is another yes but i mean it's been idle years those. seven been different. wearing mcelroy has won goals players championship in florida
12:46 am
a four time major winner record too late birdies to seal a one shot victory with jim and second it's the first title the northern irishman has won since march last year next month that boys will attempt to complete a career grand slam of natures by winning the masters. and that's all you sport for that call back thank you so much far away back in a couple of minutes here on al-jazeera for new developments and brags that as well as the rest of the day's news. democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand
12:47 am
and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief. for the first time al-jazeera with deals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it firsthand more see the final hours. on al-jazeera. it's the first day of school in bubble elementary school in mosul. is this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades a multitude of nearby i doubt that falsus. most hopeful gluten what it is like to be in school up to three years. six year old does husband survive them as like it is home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the partly destroyed homes with his father and grandfather. solace for the prepares his son
12:48 am
for the first day in school is hopeful new friends would hope is that a company. this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness a that we should not be in this position. they will live as much extreme content as they can get on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. inside facebook. a wanted man in the netherlands as police hunt the gunman who opened fire on a city tram killing three people.
12:49 am
hello once again from doha. this is the world news from al-jazeera who has been is what he called the people here he doesn't care about the civil lawyers but the people. as families continue to grieve across new zealand following the country's deadliest mass shooting the prime minister prepares to announce new tougher gun laws. psycho need a white sauce an entire town in mozambique killing dozens and they've been behind a trail of destruction and a trip back in time will take you to an alice exhibit the promise is a glimpse of life in the middle east thousands of years ago. so a massive manhunt underway in a dutch city after a shooting on a tram where three people were killed the dutch government has raised the terrorism threat now to the highest possible level security has been increased to key sites
12:50 am
nationwide while counterterrorism police work to find the suspect. our country has today been shocked by an attack tracked the police in the ministry are investigating exactly what has happened what is already certain is that shots were fired at people in a tram and tracked that some people have been injured and possibly killed a terrorist motive cannot be excluded at the scene of the shooting in no tricked in the central netherlands is. fluid bring us up to date. yes what we know so far is step three people have been killed and pfeiffer injured and they were rushed to hospital nearby. now the city was on lockdown. in for a few hours but it seems that that's being lifted now right behind me is the scene where it took place it's a tram it's public transport this is where the shooter started shooting and i
12:51 am
witness reports are now coming in and they are saying that he stood up in the front of the chamber started shooting two words to beck now after debts he collected seeing and police are still looking for him they have released a picture and a name of a thirty seven year old men from turkish distance and they are still looking for him a few blocks away there was an apartment that was raided but nothing has confirmed yet in they seem to be still be looking for him there's a lot of focus on gun violence at the moment around the world particularly with what's happened in new zealand what sort of history is there of of gun violence in this particular city and in the whole neverland's. well there isn't much gunfire insurrection in the middle and syndication of shooting but for example if you compared to netherlands two countries next to us to neighboring countries like brussels belgium and brussels there is a major attack there finland to go in germany and from the netherlands in that
12:52 am
sense always been safer and there isn't much fun fighting here that's why people are shocked really this is unprecedented really. ok thank you for that and that update we'll talk to you again later. we've had a major development in break that news in the past twenty minutes or so speaker of the house john bercow has announced to the house of commons which is still in debate at the moment there is john bercow he has said he will not allow another vote on teresa mayes bragg's that deal unless there is a substantial change to the one which has already been rejected twice now jonah how following events in london for us this seems to come kind of out of the blue china . yeah yes i think that's probably true i don't think the government would have had for warning of this john bercow the speak for announcing in advance of what
12:53 am
he and many expected to be a government notice that they planned to bring their meaningful vote on the brakes a deal for a third round of voting to the house on tuesday or wednesday of this week so he retroactively if you like preemptively rather ruling on whether that would be permissible and the question has been raised by m.p.'s in the house in the preceding days and john bercow dropping what i think must be a fairly seismic bomb on number ten downing street by trawling through the parliamentary precedent the sort of rule book of parliamentary procedure erskin make going back hundreds of years to be very looking at president noting twelve times when this sort of question has been raised the question of course specifically are you bringing the same or substantially the same question back to the house within the same session of parliament as one that has already been
12:54 am
decided within that session of parliament and john bercow saying you can't and he's saying that based as i say on precedent based as well on the context of the chronology of the government's deal which is he went through it was signed published rather in the middle of november indorsed by the european union the end of november brought for its first vote in december and then pulled by the government voted on eventually in january suffered a historic defeat it was supposed to be voted on in february pulled again voted on last week suffering another near historic defeat at at that time the second time he noted they were these legally binding changes agreed with the e.u. that he said was ok but don't bring it back without substantial or substantial changes of the. the sense of what he's doing to the government here he is well torpedoing their plan their very very carefully structured and choreographed
12:55 am
plan to try and get to reason may's deal back through the houses of parliament at the third time of asking there's a big e.u. summit at the end of this week of course she had planned to have a vote this week if not get it through then go to the european union and ask for a long extension and that particular issue was does decided at a vote last week it's all convoluted and complex bear with me there are three possible scenarios here just to wrap up as we try to decipher what on earth this might mean the first is that she will have to go to the european union now and try to figure out some sort of way of presenting a substantially changed deal to parliament perhaps next week whether they agree on some sort of letter dating the legal advice or clarifying further the situation much as they did last time the e.u. of course said there are no changes available the second possibility is the government may try to claim that the vote last week on thursday setting up an
12:56 am
extension or asking the e.u. for an extension is now somehow invalid because it depended on a vote on her deal which she's now being denied that's the second point she may then be able to claim that a no deal scenario is still somehow in play and hand that as a threat over the speaker's head the third and final possibility here if indeed she's not allowed to have a third vote on her deal at all and if therefore she is to go to the european union and get an extension if she's mandated to do by that vote in parliament well then the third possibility is that breaks it may be delayed for a long time a year possibly even more britain may be forced to take part in european parliamentary elections in may fielding candidates and having british army peas sitting in that parliament for the next session of the european partners. it may indeed mean that breaks it itself is not just delayed but canceled in the period of time that it takes for this country to recalibrate its position possibly have
12:57 am
a general election possibly even another referendum it could be that breaks it that all bets on breaks it all off well nother fascinating development in the break that story there jonah thank you for bringing us up to date with that next to say ten days after the attacks is the deadline that new zealand's prime minister has given to announce tight new gun laws just as cabinet has made an imprint simple decision to clamp down on gun ownership after friday's mosque mass shootings in christchurch which killed fifteen muslims. in christchurch on friday was the worst act of terrorism on our shores it was in fact one of the worst globally in recent times it has this exposed a range of weaknesses in new zealand gun laws quickly have leeson from history around the world is it to make our community safer the time to act is now what experience brendan terence is charged with murder in new zealand police say yes he
12:58 am
acted alone but he may have had support terence lawyer has told the media that he is lucid and understands what he was facing investigational so why did australia terence birthplace police there have searched two homes in new south wales believed to be those of his mother and sister they say to help the new zealand counterparts reporting from christchurch new zealand his went. as the new working and school week began students in christchurch were united in spirit and voice. together they came to the police cordon near the el nor mosque where the first attack took place to show their support for the victims and there's a huge amount of people to grieving and just showing care for everyone in the city showing them do they not alone in their crushing a part of new zealand and this is the home. i thank god the sense of shock and grief goes on for the people of the city but inevitably the national debate is
12:59 am
turning to the issue of gun. among the guns and suspect brinton the terrence position were modified to semiautomatic weapons speaking in the capital wellington the prime minister just cinder a durned said the cabinet agreed to change the law and i've already made clear that number of new zealanders question the availability of military style sunni automatic weapons in new zealand however i will be giving i'm all for some sort of days house once we've worked through the in principle decision that kevin has made today earlier on monday the manager of new zealand's largest gun retailer said his company sold four weapons to terrorists but isn't sure if any of them we used in the attack like it do you support the promise to suggestion that semiautomatic weapon should be my illegal here. i totally agree this should be a gun to bite but to die is not die please respect me on this on going to leave if these are the only questions you have the people of new zealand still have many
1:00 am
questions about what happened in christchurch and the government says it will do everything it can to find on says as well as the police investigation which the commissioner says is the largest in new zealand's history the prime minister says there will also be a national inquiry into what led to friday's attack and whether intelligence and security agencies could have done more to prevent its. some family members of victims have expressed frustration at the amount of time it's taken to return the bodies to them. but religious leaders acknowledged the tough job the police have and said the support the community has received has been overwhelming and we have also seen that to mean those are warning of long when we are all here. it is tremendous there's no you know what's the phrase the amount of support that we have because not only within new zealand but all over the war
1:01 am
people here may be struggling to comprehend why friday's attack happened but showing grief respect for the dead.


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