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in christchurch the government says it will do everything it can to find out says as well as the police investigation which the commissioner says is the largest in new zealand's history the prime minister says there will also be a national inquiry into what led to friday's attack and whether intelligence and security agencies could have done more to preventives some family members of victims have expressed frustration at the amount of time it's taken to return the bodies to them for burial but religious leaders acknowledged the tough job the police have and said the support the community has received has been overwhelming and we. are. what we are all here. it is tremendous there's no you know it's the fruits. of every support that we have not only we. but all of our. people here may be struggling to comprehend why friday's attack happened but to give that
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showing grief respect for the dead and rejection of the apparent motive. in wayne hay al jazeera christchurch. activists in london are bringing a replica jets to the houses of parliament in protest of the u.k.'s continuing arms sales to saudi arabia the model plane is a copy of the u.k. made euro fighter typhoon plane saudi arabia has used in the yemen conflict against the rebels a demonstration comes a week before the fourth anniversary of the war which has killed thousands of civilians from lawrence lady now in london. llama's international trying to keep the pressure on the british government over its enormously lucrative arm sales through saudi arabia worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year on the fifty thousand names headed into the trade department's pair trying to urge the government to stop its allan's from the state. despite all their efforts.
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to all. fifty thousand names on a petition it's you know politicians talk about moving the dial is going to make a difference just think well we've been campaigning now for four years and it's four years that the coalition has been bombing. in the man and that this country has been selling arms to saudi arabia we will keep that pressure up we won't stop and that's because there are now so over six thousand eight hundred civilians who have lost their lives due to that bombing and it is outrageous that the british government continues to say you maintain the british royal blood on their hands i do there and that the british government is ignoring the international arms trade treaty a treaty that it was a champion of not so long ago in a drive to continue selling these arms five billion pounds worth of arms since the onset of the conflict that is seven times as much is being spent on aid in the man and the people of the men the civilians of you men are suffering we know the hunger
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is rife we know that those bombs have been dropped all on on families on civilian areas mosques factories waiting a bus with forty children school to law school based so these this is why we continue to campaign this this this plainly in what's up here is called a typhoon in this country but a year of fights or elsewhere that the danes of. germans but obviously the british and the french occurring all and crucially so of all the americans and i mean by me whatever happens here it isn't going to. donald trump says we're going to continue because if we don't the russians or the chinese will you know the real tragedy of all of this is that is the international arms trade treaty which this government signed up to is a level playing field you know none of us will sell the arms if human rights are being abused and human rights abuses by the coalition people like trump. trump maybe are movable. you have
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said germany and denmark i would add the netherlands switzerland and austria we will continue this battle because we owe that to the people of humanity and we owe to them to stop the u.k. government and get greater pressure internationally. still ahead on al-jazeera valises like it's contagious disease your. kids watching us you know saying do the same thing. treating crime like it's a deadly virus former gang members take a new approach to ending gun violence in the united states.
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hello dry a couple of days quite possibly for most of china we can always call it spring now the spring rains are just taking a back seat but we are feeding in motion the size and we've got cloud coming in from the west the two combined he will generate some right through the yangtze valleys north of it so will hand in shanghai to example cities that could see rain on wednesday was if you had assassin if you're visiting hong kong you see or feel increase in humidity twenty seven degrees to the west and we have seen a few showers in pakistan actually some pretty big ones recently more focusing off gamester this streak of cloud here is rain it's one of the northeast india not quite the right time yet abused the big thunderstorms are not far away from it yet so the picture is forecast to be dry for pakistan india bangladesh was slowly rising temperatures ahead of the eventual break but we're talking months away for that to the west of this we're still seeing active weather in the event it does have an effect further sassy's change the wind direction brought
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a very dusty day yesterday thanks to the gulf states that twenty five abu dhabi little bit cooler with that northerly breeze to the west of that we've got mecca up to thirty four the dust isn't a big problem at the moment in fact skies are fairly clear. counting the cost this week he's on a urgent mission to save the internet we'll talk to tim berners lee inventor of the world wide web and we'll look at what can be a safari called it's teaming up with china's biggest e-commerce company counting the cost on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job.
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the top stories for you here on al-jazeera a massive manhunt underway in the netherlands for a gunman who opened fire on a city tram three people were killed and several injured in tract airports are on alert the dutch government has also raised the terrorism threat to the highest possible level in a setback for british prime minister theresa may the speaker of the house says he will not allow another vote on her existing brags that deal unless there is a substantial change to is. a new zealand's prime minister says gun laws will be changed in the wake of friday's shooting at two mosques that killed fifty people government will consider buying back outlawed guns and banning private ownership of semi automatic rifles. gun violence of course is a big problem in the united states as well but attempts to toughen the laws there
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have failed so some former gang members though doing their bit to reduce gun violence and they're taking a novel approach as john hendren found out in chicago follow the tracks from the chicago skyline and you'll find some of the most violent neighborhoods in america. last year here in the windy city five hundred thirty people were murdered fewer than the previous two years or so the c.b.d. . a group called cure violence is using a novel approach to reduce the killings treating violence like an epidemic and sending health workers mostly former gangsters into dangerous neighborhoods to stop the contagion a lot of people don't know valises like it's contagious disease you know. is watching us do the same thing because to the approach started in two thousand after spending fifteen years with the world health organization battling
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tuberculosis cholera and aids in africa dr gary slotkin returned to chicago to find an astonishing parallel it looked to me just like these other problems like these other infectious diseases to say the maps showed clustering cholera and a. contagious disease. in west chicago in the most dangerous police district in the country shootings and killings fell sixty seven percent in the first year since then the program has expanded to several of chicago's worst neighborhoods and to twenty five other cities in more than fourteen countries we joined the group in two thousand and thirteen when a rival gang shot up the van of a man called grandad in a case of mistaken identity as the gang prepares to retaliate granddad calls cure violence then known as cease fire after the violence interrupters broke or a tense negotiation the government offered three hundred dollars for repairs the price of a life here. the violence. during
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the cold months because it's. happened so a little interaction now a more peaceful summer studies show neighborhood violence interrupters can reduce killings by fifty to seventy percent new york and los angeles each spend about twenty five million dollars a year on the program. and. they want you know but funding for chicago where it all began is just five to six million dollars a year and each year the city sees more murders than the two larger cities combined but even five million has made a difference john hendren al-jazeera chicago. a rabbi has died of his injuries following sunday's shooting and stabbing attacks in the occupied west bank and.
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killed in one of the. settlements near nablus israeli army has made arrests in the village where the palestinian suspect lives he fled the scene after a soldier was stabbed and his stolen used to fire people outside the illegal jewish settlements. prime minister benjamin netanyahu has visited the area where the attack happened and announced hundreds more legal settlements to be built need to bring him has more details now from ramallah. this israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has visited the area where the attack has happened yesterday and he promised to build eight hundred forty new settlement units in the illegal settlement of north of the west bank no this is not a new policy by netanyahu or by leading israeli officials who seem to have similar responses to such attacks it's worth noting that it comes before the israeli elections where netanyahu wants to appeal to his right wing voters israeli army has arrested two palestinians home it's believed the where linked to the nineteen year
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old suspect who is still on that on. international red cross says a tropical storm has destroyed ninety percent of a major port in mozambique i tore into on thursday slush floods washing away harnes and roads to miller has the latest from the area. there in the city center of the barrow where people here are beginning to try and clean up some of the devastation some of the debris left following the heavy storms and the cyclon that hit the city in the last few days but some of those efforts of course for straighted by ongoing rain that's expected to continue throughout the week aid organizations have hinted that the devastation left in the wake of the cycle own is horrifying in the greatest challenge many of these organizations is not only trying to bring aid and assistance to people here who desperately needed but they're
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having difficulty in trying to assess just how devastated the area is flying over there of fields and homes have been entirely flooded huge problem trees can't be seen because the floodwaters are so high and that's only been worsened by a dam in the last day and also of this ongoing rain people here are concerned about just how they will clean up the city how they will overcome the devastation they also know that this isn't a short term problem but one that they have to deal with for some time to come. and after mozambique the storm battered neighboring zimbabwe causing off the eastern district of chin mommy mommy out of a trance reports now from the town of chipping in southeastern zimbabwe. a big problem is that a lot of the bridges and roads in the area have been cut off or destroyed by the flood waters so a lot of people are stuck in the car move so this is an alternative and people in
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the local community are coming together using big rocks to try and create different growth so people can pasternack says the areas we people are being stuck some of them for days the situation in some parts of the region like my new money for example we are told that some boarding schools have been cut or sold and they are stranded the army is trying to reach them but of course that depends on how good the weather is with the helicopter and reads the children who are being stranded they also hundreds of people stuck at a hotel who were able to walk the when the floods came and they sought shelter there but they need things like food blankets and clothes and they say time is running out the problem for aid workers the military anyone trying to reach people who need help is that the roads are just not possible at the moment so the trinity are trying as much as they can to take it upon themselves to make sure that people who need to cross over and help people who are stuck are able to do that of course
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is going to be a long process it's all manual as you can see even on the scenes here so who knows how long it will take these people to get the work done meanwhile people are alive up across the road in their cars because they can pass hoping and praying that this process a slow painful review process. still more rain large parts of the u.s. midwest a flooded because of what's being called a bomb site clone the late twenty's storm caused at least two deaths in nebraska evacuation warnings have been issued after rivers reached record levels in forty one places the national weather service expects rivers to rise even higher up through the week the french president. he's thinking about banning all protests along one of powers's most famous streets in response to the yellow vest protest on saturday when rioters ransacked and burned shops along the shelves elisei yellow vests protests began one months ago after micron introduced
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a fuel tax hike that was scrapped after meeting resistance on the streets but the weekly anti-government protests have continued. now a new exhibition at the metropolitan museum of art in new york is shining a new light on the middle east going back as far as two thousand years it is called the world between the empires and as high as your house or reports of the world not unfamiliar from today a babylonian goddess with rubies for eyes a bust of the previous lawmaker a being guarded do shara from petra one of the earliest surviving paintings of jesus christ from what is now syria. cultures collide at the met museums latest exhibition which focuses on the middle east nearly two thousand years ago called the world between empires it examines the cultural religious and commercial exchanges that took place as the romans and parthians from what's now iran jostle for control. one of the highlights is this bronze statue of aphrodite
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a western goddess fitted with a middle eastern style emerald and gold necklace that object is a combination of rome in nearest near eastern religion an art that very much exemplifies the message and concept of the exhibition it's not just ancient deities the eggs edition offers a glimpse into ordinary life around the region like this portrait on limestone of a woman from palmira with surviving pigment as well as family portraits coins jewelry and other everyday items so we're trying to show in the exhibition that the saying the same diversity and for a variety that go to make up you or me that those elements and that complexity apply to ancient people to today with heritage sites being destroyed by eisel in syria and iraq and by the saudi led war in yemen
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a major part of the world between empires is given to three archaeologists who worked extensively in the region of course it seems misguided to focus on monuments when people are enslaved there tortured or killed to wipe out or destroy their heritage the landscape the monuments is a way of destroying people so we chant really separate the two a reminder that the issues that long ago concern the middle east are as relevant today as ever. castro al-jazeera. let's take it to the headlines now on al-jazeera a massive manhunt is underway in a dutch city after a shooting on a tram with three people were killed the dutch government has extended the highest
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. terrorism alert until at least ten pm local time twenty three hundred g.m.t. police have released an image as well love the thirty seven year old turkish man that they are trying to track down. our country has today been shocked by an attack in the police in the ministry are investigating exactly what has happened what is already certain is that shots were fired at people in a tram a new tract that some people have been injured and possibly killed a terrorist motive cannot be excluded in other news a setback for british prime minister theresa may the speaker of the house is announced he will not allow another vote on the brags that there is a substantial change to it was scheduled to hold a third vote on it this week. zealand's prime minister says gun laws will be changed in the wake of friday's shooting at two mosques that killed fifty people the government will consider buying back outlawed guns and banning private ownership of semiautomatic rifles activists in london bringing
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a replica jets to the houses of parliament in protest of the u.k.'s continuing arms sales to saudi arabia the model plane is a copy of the u.k. made you're a fighter typhoon a war plane saudi arabia is used in the yemen conflict against the hutu rebels a rabbi has died of his injuries following sunday's shooting and stabbing attacks in the occupied west bank and israeli soldier was killed in one of the attacks at the ariel settlements near nablus israeli army has made arrests in the village where the palestinian suspect lives. the international red cross as a tropical storm is destroyed ninety percent of a major port in mozambique psyco need eight tore through on thursday with flash floods washing away homes and roads. and also large parts of the u.s. midwest are flooded because of what's been called a bomb cyclon the late winter storm caused at least two deaths in nebraska evacuation warnings have been issued after rivers reached record levels in forty
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one places and the national weather service expects rivers to rise even higher throughout the week you're up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera counting the cost is next. i'm adrian so i think this is counting the cost on al-jazeera we can look at the world of business and economics this week he's on a mission to save the internet we'll talk to tim berners lee invent of the world wide web. kenya's safari comb is teaming up with china's biggest company
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alibaba plus. thailand the world's largest exporter of rubber global oversupply has cost the price to plummet leaving farmers here scrambling to make ends meet a subsidy program has been called by some as a quick fix because it misses the main issues that story coming up. it is a public square a library a doctor's office a school a cinema a shop and much much more the world wide web has turned thirty and its inventor tim berners lee has called on the world to build a better web we'll have more from tim in just a moment but first our technology editor mariana honda explains the impact of his invention over the past three decades. it may be hard for many of us to imagine a time when you couldn't just log on to the internet and search the web it's how many of us stay in touch make friends talk search and share information but thirty
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years ago none of that was possible electronically at least wow all this as this is british scientist timber nearly because back in one thousand nine hundred nine he and other scientists were frustrated unable to share the experiments and data stored on the many different computer says he proposed a system which by information in one part of the globe was connected to every other part easily searched available to all and not controlled by anyone he published how to do it on this the very first web page that vision of universal connectivity became the world wide web you might think of the internet on your computer or a device like this as a ken to a library some way you go to get information but instead of books you access data more than a billion web pages problem is the world wide web rast you don't always know is
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a find what you want so much like asking a librarian you use a search engine to type in your query it's processed using a set of rules known as algorithms to the intro all through the messes of data on the web and find the best matches click on the link and it's like being taken to a book and that library a global digital library that burn asli envisioned would be accessible to wall. thirty years on half of the world is online for berners lee that's a job half done connectivity for all is a human right he says and he's calling on governments to sign up to a global contract to protect people's rights and freedoms in the digital age while our economics editor at alli had a chance to talk to tim the brains behind the net last week they kicked off the conversation with a look at the dysfunction affecting today's web. it needs
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a mixture of things that so that's why we're talking we're talking about a contract for the web for the next phase where it's called a contract because in fact part of it is companies can you know part of the platform as part of the company sent. the build the belief systems need to tweak the systems a bit so that to make the the discussion more constructive but also it is governments as well and so companies and governments need to talk to each other and also is a third constituent we've included as a consumer i don't personally feel a need to be discussed partly because their rights are really important we see the web and if we should be more user centric users can have more control of their data and partly because at the end of the day if governments don't do what they've committed to and or companies don't do what they should do then it ends up having to be people protesting in the streets people voting by changing the products they
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use or people complain or complain to the government has any progress been made in reining in the power the power of the big tech companies it's interesting that. one thing people are concerned about is that once you're on with one company. and then you your information is stuck in there and you can't get it out but in fact well to start with the european general data protection regulations the g q d.p. r. have said that actually if you have company if your company has information about you you can get it out you must be able to get it out invest be able to check it as well and fix it if it's wrong and so those regulations even though that they have flight to europe i think they've had a massive effect changing the international conversation and so for example it was as a result since g p r has come out and. in the e.u.
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. should be companies into the community of google facebook twitter and microsoft notice or get out a little. on that coast. they produced a thing called the data transfer for oject d.t.p. in its little known project but it is a commitment by those companies that you will be able to get your data like your photographs or your contacts or whatever it is out of one of them and put it into the other one or or just happen to run it on whatever soft you want to do so that's a big commitment i think philosophically it's really interesting because by committing to the data transfer project these companies are really saying yep this is your data that's how we are going to behave tim final question what about government sensitive china has its great if i will russia has its own senses and other nations are following that's certainly not compatible with your ideals when
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he's first started up the web. indeed that's one of the oldest questions that about the web what about. censorship but. of course building a. great five all around your country was really hard because the computers went down and off now it's relatively easy and so china maybe is the post to child for her to government censorship of particularly of. other sources of information but unfortunately they're not alone countries in africa. and the middle east as well which has pretty serious fire walls so yes this is of course a very big threat to the at the at works because you can mix men into anything the web works because. it is actually independent of country when people when you're reading a blog you don't know where the other person who wrote it in who's at the moment and it shouldn't matter i think that's
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a really healthy thing for the world i think that the value of it as a global open title is hugely greater than the that what it would be if it were broken into national continental chunks. and so yes i think we have to just every time you receive government censorship we have to gently persuade the agents in the guy in the relevant government that they can so violative people being exposed to the other point of view we persuade governments that they can and that information about what's happened that then that history that they're not so proud of actually is still important for their children to learn. and the political debate should be. should be grounded in a good open access to good knowledge. about the state of the world.
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tim berners lee founder of the world wide web speaking to us on march seventh now let's take a look at social media in one of the world's fastest growing economies india twitter has dropped unverified political ads in the country ahead of next month's national elections al-jazeera festival reports now from new delhi. as hundreds of millions of indians prepare to elect a new government fake or misleading information has become a regular feature on social media now for the first time india's election commission is trying to crack down old provisions of model code of conduct some a clutch of the content being posted on social media by candidates and political parties. political parties here say they welcome the move to regulate social media something they see as crucial for the democratic process political system in this country is becoming more unstable because there are more question coming on our social media that how important is a social media and that's how it's going to influence politics coming even in this
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election but not everyone is as optimistic indians a new one for the tenacity and the capacity to bypass the rules and to come across with innovative approaches of bypassing policies and standards twitter has also begun cracking down on unverified political ads but some legal experts don't believe it's enough we're not dramatic results we could see some incomes in results but this policy to be really successful i think. we don't as social media have alerts in india's politics so have the online attacks those in the public eye are often the main targets but it's not always coming from established parties. the victims of online attack say individuals spreading fake news get their orders from higher ups in different political parties it's a malays that that kind of laws right from the top to the bottom this journalist says he and others are regularly attacked online in several cases social media
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companies have failed to crack down as was the situation with one of his female colleagues people who were sending her. pictures now she put those pictures plus the phone numbers of the individuals who were sending so the so twitter threatened to suspend her account as political parties push their social media campaign to selection new rules meant to crackdown on misuse will be put to the test still to come on counting the cost boeing's entire global fleet of seven three seven max aircraft is grounded. but first time farmers export more unprocessed rubber than anywhere else in the world but as global prices for they are suffering now there's a serious scott heiler reports now from the southern province of crabby critics say a government subsidy scheme is too little too late. for generations the
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landscape of southern thailand has been dotted with rubber plantations it's known as the white gold that's tapped from the trees but now across the province like many others the farmers have been dealt a double blow by world markets and one dispute in particular. global oversupply has driven the rubber price down forty percent over two years and the months long trade war between the united states and china has severely cut china's need for thai robert. a rubber farmer since he was a boy. is struggling but is skeptical of a subsidy program recently put in place by the military government the nato the government tried to help us but they just do it just to save face and fix the problem in the short term they don't think about the long term they subsidised in britain father has fifty eight dollars to fifteen hundred square meters of course we want money but we do not agree with his program some economists see the subsidies as a quick fix.


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