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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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yet in this part of the world the circulation here in the southern part of the caspian the backwash cloud will bring a certain amount of rain or snow to northern iran the forward edge of it is still bringing rain that is now through afghanistan that's the picture for the rest of tuesday and we end up like this terence probably in the sunshine one storm finally breaks into the west i think things are clearing up syria looks fine by this time in beirut about twenty degrees i'm not so that'll be the last of the storms this one as it happens we hope just for part during wednesday the circulation running a long way north and then we are quite all way back to measure training coast fault time big south of this and likewise the winds already swung round to the north went down to the gulf is not particularly strong and steady the moment it's just large is reduced skies a fairly clear we go to the opposite happening the n.t. coordinates through the middle of saudi arabia's probably quite dusty here the temperatures in the middle thirty's which is usual for mecca there's still plenty
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more rain to come out of the remains of the tropical cycle of the winter beyers so still for mozambique occasionally from malawi and zimbabwe expect a lot of rain. when they're on line. it's taught us to be able to insights being expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it means. or if you join us on saying israel is an apartheid state engage in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join a global conversation.
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so the top stories on al-jazeera a massive manhunt underway in the netherlands for a gunman who opened fire on a city tram three people were killed and several injured in fact airports are on alert in the dutch government has raised the terrorism threat threats to the highest possible level setback for the british prime minister theresa may the speaker says he will not allow another vote on the brags that deal unless there is a substantial change made to it. and he's the prime minister says gun laws that will be changed in the wake of friday's shooting at two mosques that killed fifty people the government will consider banning private ownership of semiautomatic rifles and buying back outlawed gun so. now activists in london bringing a replica jet to the houses of parliament in protest of the u.k.'s continuing arms
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sales to saudi arabia model plane is a copy of the u.k. made euro fight a thai food war plane saudi arabia has used in the yemen conflict against the rebels a demonstration comes a week before the fall found a verse or of the war which has killed thousands of civilians. reporting now from london. llama's international trying to keep the pressure on the british government over its enormously lucrative arms sales through saudi arabia worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year the fifty thousand names headed into the trade departments here trying to urge the government to stop its allan's from the state. despite all their efforts. to ask fifty thousand names on a petition it's you know politicians talk about moving the dial is going to make a difference just think well we've been campaigning now for four years and it's four years that the coalition has been bombing. in the man and that this country
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has been selling arms to saudi arabia we will keep that pressure up we won't stop and that's because there are now so over six thousand eight hundred civilians who have lost their lives due to that bombing and it is outrageous that the british government continues to say you know you maintain the british royal blood on their hands i do there and that the british government is ignoring the international arms trade treaty a treaty that it was a champion of not so long ago in a drive to continue selling these arms five billion pounds worth of arms since the onset of the conflict that is seven times as much is being spent on aid in the man and the people of yemen the civilians of you men are suffering we know the hunger is rife we know that those bombs have been dropped all on families on civilian areas mosques factories weightings abbas with forty children slaughtered law school based so these this is why we continue to campaign this this
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this plane that you mocked up here is called a typhoon in this country but you're a fighter elsewhere that the danes of. the germans but obviously the british and the french occurring all and crucially so of all the americans and i mean by me whatever happens here it isn't going to. donald trump says well we're going to continue on the saudis because if we don't the russians or the chinese will you know the real tragedy of all of this is that is the international arms trade treaty which this government signed up to a level playing field you know none of us to sell the arms if human rights are being abused and human rights abuses by the coalition in people like trump are just unmovable to this argument or the notion that trump may be unmovable. you have said germany and denmark i would add the netherlands switzerland and austria we will continue this battle because we owed to the people of you men and we owe it to their child to stop the u.k.
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government and get greater pressure internationally to. a rabbi who has died of his injuries following sunday's shooting and stabbing attacks in the occupied west bank prime minister benjamin netanyahu has visited the area where the attack happened and announced hundreds more legal settlements will be built it abraham has the details from ramallah this israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has visited the area where the attack has happened yesterday and he promised to build eight hundred forty new settlement units in the illegal settlement of the north of the west bank now this is not a new policy by netanyahu or by leading israeli officials who seem to have similar responses to such attacks it's worth noting that it's comes before the israeli elections where netanyahu wants to appeal to his right wing voters israeli army has adjusted to palestinians home its believes aware link to the nineteen year old suspect who is still on that on. and the embattled president of algeria has sent
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a letter to the nation reiterating his call for reconciliation talks abilities but to think is promising a referendum on a new constitution the offer from the eighty two year old ailing president follows weeks of nationwide protests demanding he make way for a younger democratically mamma the reports. of anti-government protests in algeria continue to spread oil and gas field workers in the far south of the country the latest to join the outcry workers in houses which is our duty as largest gas field are echoing calls nationwide for president of the us is beautifully to resign managers of the state energy films on a truck say production is unaffected algeria boss the world's fifth largest reserves of natural gas but with a flick us critics say after twenty years of his presidency the energy wealth is reaching few are judeans than ever before and employment and the cost of living are
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rising and they say the political atmosphere is choking the economy due to the decades long grew of a corrupt elite backed by our duty as military friday saw the biggest rallies ever in the capital of gere's. other major cities. and the revolt has spread to expire three years in former colonial power france they were out in force in paris for the third consecutive sunday on an armada of you david if you it tired of all people since nine hundred sixty two we've always been with old people leave the place to the young get out of the way the system is clear make way for the young the ailing eighty two year old president. relinquished his bid for a fifth term following weeks of under arrest but his decision to postpone the presidential election should yield for april eighteenth has provoked more widespread anger which of libya has appointed
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a new prime minister nouri in bed weak and a deputy in talks to form a cabinet mostly of technocrats but the prime minister is receiving little support from protesters who say they don't trust any politicians linked to it with a flicker of god. a few members of parliament including some from the ruling evident party have resigned in support of the protests and i'm not. sure we refused to participate in the upcoming cabinet because we believe this such cabinet should only result from a national conference in a transparent national popular dialogue that people have taken to this sri still bring about real change and make sure that none of the same people who have been ruling us continue in power even the staunchest supporters of change in algeria seem to realize the military from their influence on politics may be impossible instead protesters hope for younger leaders who will be less corrupt more democratic and more answerable to the rule of law even if supported by the generals
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got on top of stability some advice or does the. world health organization says the fight against the ebola outbreak in democratic republic of congo is moving forward and health workers predict the virus may be fully contained by september however violence and attacks on treatment facilities are threatening that progress. as more the ebola outbreak is just one of several problems facing the democratic republic of congo treatment facilities have been targeted in recent weeks and in fear to a community that are already on high alert violence from armed groups is causing another risk for patients and health care workers so there is a need for to strike a balance between what we do in terms of security protection but at the same time staying with the community to fight.
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earlier this month a treatment center in the city of the twin bo was attacked twice within days soldiers carried one of the suspects away from the scene of a health care worker was wounded a police officer killed more than one hundred armed groups are reportedly active in eastern d r c teams on the ground believed two of them may be behind the attacks these are that i'm missing the allied to twenty forces as well as my groups believe us a break in the republic was detected in the keeble province in august of last year government data shows more than nine hundred confirmed or probable causes of a bola in the last seven months almost six hundred people have died despite the challenges the world health organization remains optimistic the virus has been contained in eleven of twenty eight affected communities the number of reported cases is also dropping in generally that we have fifty cases per week now we
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have an average of twenty five cases per week so there is a decline but health care workers know that attacks on treatment facilities remain a constant threat and one that could reverse the progress that's been made in tackling the disease carthy a local so the young al jazeera. mozambique's president says more than a thousand people are now feared dead in the aftermath of a cycling that swept southern africa the official death toll across the three countries is currently more than one hundred twenty international red cross as the tropical storm destroyed ninety percent of one major port in mozambique farmiga miller has the latest from there be ira. up to half a million people in the city of bear have been affected by the psych loan that it whole days ago power lines were knocked down and people here just beginning to try and pick up the pieces but their efforts also being questioned by ongoing rain it's
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expected that rain will continue throughout the week people here say they have not seen anything like it the city is devastated aid organizations a calling the off to match that is the devastation the destruction of caused by the psych loan horrifying the biggest challenge for many of these we're going to aid organizations is that they're unable to access or rather the extent of the devastation floodwaters continue to rise especially off to a dam bust in the last a day trees have been knocked on this billion area in the city where trees haven't been uprooted power lines knocked down and many homes destroyed now aid organizations that have a rived in barrow in the last day or two and that's only after the. was reopened after it was closed say they have a mammoth tossed ahead of them and the effects of the psych load on short term
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rebuilding the city helping the people affected is going to take a lot of time and also mozambique the storm battered neighboring zimbabwe cutting off the eastern district of tree mommy mommy i want to answer but it's not from your finger. a big problem is that a lot of the bridges and roads in the area are being cut off or destroyed by the flood waters a lot of people are stuck in the car move so this is an alternative and people in the local community are coming together using big rocks to try and create different growth so people can pass through analysis areas people have been stuck some of them for days but the situation in some parts of the region like my new money for example we are told that some boarding schools have been cut or sold and they are stranded the army is trying to reach them but of course that depends on how good the weather is with the helicopters fly and reads the children who've been stranded
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they also hundreds of people stuck at a hotel who were able to walk the when the floods came and they sought shelter there but they need things like food blankets and clothes and they say time is running out the problem for aid workers the military anyone trying to reach people who need help is that the roads are just not possible at the moment so the community are trying as much as they can to take it upon themselves to make sure that people who need to cross over and help people who are stuck are able to do that of course it's going to be a long process it's all manual as you can see it in on the scenes here so who knows how long it will take these people to get the work done meanwhile people are lined up past the road in their cars because they can pass hoping and praying that this process a slow painful review process in. the paris police chief has been fired and the government will shut down any further yellow vest protests environmental groups
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cause chaos at demonstrations next weekend this is in response to the riots on saturday which saw people ransacked and burned shops along the yellow vest protests began four months ago after mark brown introduced a fuel tax hike that increase was scrapped after meeting resistance on the streets . and as well as president asked his entire cabinet to step down as he struggles to maintain control of the country because murderers and gauged in a two month political crisis after the opposition leader one declared himself venezuela's leader in january theresa bow with the latest now. the government of unequal i don't know announcing who chuckling the whole having the vice president does you know the it's also said that the president had that the rest of nation of members of the cabinet and that he will start naming and giving information about who's going to be part of that cabinet when this is not given to quell any but that's not a has had at least for vice president since taking office
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a because clearly an attempt to lean on cheap administration show the venezuelan people especially his followers of the government is trying to solve many of the problems that people in this country are facing today among them there's been an enormous power outage in venezuela for days people where without electricity without more from one of the things people struggling with hyperinflation shortages of food of medicine among other things and everything tell us that the situation is going to get the boys to peer past us sanctions start to have an impact in venezuela they're expected to begin the all of sanctions against this country later in april but we're being told that it's already having an effect i'm not sure if you can see here i am in port but i could live in the state of i'm so i think he and i can count from here at least seven or else hunkered that venezuela has not be filled with the oil that venezuela has not been able to sell in its way like trying to leave the place of the united states has in the oil markets here but an
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apparently they're trying to send it to india and of course russia and succeed a lot of people outside of what we're being told that there's already what is known here is over compliance people that are afraid of buying but when and all because of the consequences that something like this could have with the united states and angering their night in states in the meantime the opposition leader flung wide his own said that he was going around the country and trying to get people to march towards the pile of computer. you know if that's where you go. that you would give an enormous demonstration that's why don't fish and you know why you don't is trying to do when i was really generate more tension in this country.
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ok these are the headlines on al-jazeera this hour a manhunt is underway in the netherlands for a gunman thirty seven year old man who opened fire on a city tram three people were killed and several injured in fact airports are on alert and the dutch government has raised the terrorism threat to the highest possible level. our country has today been shocked by an attack tracked the police in the ministry are investigating exactly what has happened what is already certain is that shots were fired at people in a tram and tract that some people have been injured and possibly killed a terrorist motive cannot be excluded. in a setback for the british prime minister theresa may the speaker of the house has said he will not allow another vote on her brags that to you unless there are substantial changes made to it a court in russia's chechnya region has found a human rights activist guilty of drugs possession. has been sentenced to four years in prison he was stopped by police in january he said they discovered
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marijuana in his car to the head of a moscow based human rights group has been critical of the chechen police. he's in its prime minister says gun laws will be changed in the wake of friday's shooting at two mosques that killed fifty people the government will consider both buying back outlawed guns and banning private ownership of semi automatic rifles mozambique's president says more than a thousand people are feared dead in the aftermath of a cyclon that swept southern africa international red cross as a tropical storm destroyed ninety percent of a major port in mozambique side clone a day which tore through the air on thursday and the french government is cracking down on the yellow vest protesters the police chief in paris has been fired and the government will shut down further demonstrations if they turn violent again next weekend this is in response to the rats we saw on saturday two hundred people arrested after protesters ransacked and set fires to stores and other businesses along the way news are coming up for you in around twenty five minutes on
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al-jazeera up next though it's inside story. exactly five years ago russia annexed crimea and began a conflict with ukraine that's claimed thirteen thousand lives. but what has russia gained apart from a host of western sanctions against it will that deter president putin from flexing its military muscles again this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program and has a monday the eighteenth of march marks five years since russia annexed the crimean peninsula from ukraine western countries condemned the move and imposed economic sanctions against moscow and coinciding with the anniversary the e.u. the u.s. and canada have introduced some more of putin remains defiant he's not returning crimea to ukraine and has visited the region to join in the celebrations and open to new power stations the ukraine's foreign minister says the international community will continue to support ukraine stance on crimea. crimea was taken away from crimea ends their homeland was taken away from them it is well understood that the international community will never recognize this we feel pain every day for this but for those ukrainians who back russia have been celebrations that was released about surprise that it is
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a great very special day for me i feel proud for russia and crimea thank god we are united. a crimea was gifted to ukraine by soviet leader nikita khrushchev in one thousand nine hundred fifty four when ukraine became independent in one nine hundred ninety one russian president boris yeltsin agreed it could remain in ukraine the region has always been of political and strategic importance to both moscow and kiev it lies on a peninsula between the black sea and the sea of as of and has a russian speaking majority but many crimean support closer ties with the rest of europe crimean crisis was sparked when ukraine's then president viktor yushchenko which turned down a trade deal with the e.u. and accepted a bailout from moscow and three months of street protests followed leading to janak overtures overthrown russia refused to recognize the new government in kiev and within days seize control of the peninsula of crimea referendum considered illegal
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by the west was held in crimea where a majority voted to join russia fighting between ukrainian forces and russian backed separatists began in eastern ukraine and although peace accords were signed in for every twenty fifteen tensions have remained. let's bring in our guest now to talk more about this in kiev we have in point our model of he is an exiled russian politician who was the only member of the state duma to vote against the annexation of crimea in two thousand and fourteen in moscow international relations and security analyst mark sloboda and in kiev as well via skype alexei hard on a professor at the international university of key of more academy welcome all three of you so if i could start with you then five years on how would you assess the state of affairs in crimea is a better off now that the russians are in control. or unfortunately everything that
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we hear is about five years ago that actually happens. we see of or the expectational so for people that share a theory they fall fuels. yeah they live outside any particular war zone but at the same time they are isolated there we just have more streets significantly of the expected to be out of the sure resume is also will be a rush to ensure mle tourism because there is no international tourism anymore in the thing that. for them right now is that you can ukraine still there is a couse off of the revolution so you are at least outside of careless and that's the only thing that to some to go alexei had and what's your assessment of how crimea has fared over the last five years. well i don't think that we should
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actually analyze it in economic terms because you cannot get the arms i seems that everybody lost creamier lost in the konami terms because it's under sentients so-called caribbean package ascensions russia host russia was also because of sanctions but more importantly russia lost because it violated important international agreements and i believe we should need to start from cent because in ninety ninety four ukraine refused to have nuclear arsenal which was asserted largest insuperable in that it turned for the guarantees of its territorial integrity and this guarantees we're given by united states and the russians so russia violated russia waylaid and also russian ukrainian treaty overnight in ninety seven and it means actually what happened with craney it was
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a first annex a ship in the euro after all war two so basically for your listeners and. if you are starting to stand what happened with korean media it's like saddam hussein who seized kuwait he said this is out there. and this is exactly the argument which brutally used he said this is our debt this so despite all the international laws i season and first see that night russian military presence there it was a total lie he said knows there are no russian soldiers there but sent in the year he bought the recognised so i believe what we when we are talking about cranio in it don't understand that this is an oversight role of the whole international order and that's why as ascensions keep it gainst against russia we also need to remember the position of cranium to us because crimean and that does is a native people as
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a native people of great media think wanted to stay with you crazy but not russia didn't take it into account and now you have one hundred political prisoners of crimea and that does ukrainians who are in the russian who are in the russian prisons you have to venti it premium class ective is who were killed twenty were disappeared so what russia installed in crania is actually kind of that there with their ian continuation of that though there in the history this is a total suppression of the people whatevers their ethnic origin is ukrainian russian or cranium tucker all right matsumoto i suspect that your take on all of this is going to be somewhat different from what we've just heard from india and alexei what is your view. yeah i can't really agree with about anything they said
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first of all full disclosure my wife is crimea and my mother in law lives in some for opal i'm in crimea every few months and we have family all across east ukraine hark off odessa and done by us so first of all the majority of crimea and seventy two percent by the most recent polls disagree completely with our previous two guests assessment and they say their lives are better ninety three percent of crimea and about the same as during the original reunification referendum continue to support reunification this is confirmed by polls international polls pew gallup j.f.k. it shows clearly the will of the crimean people secondly our colleague alexei brought up international order and the budapest memorandum he might have mentioned that the budapest memorandum not only guarantees ukraine's territorial integrity
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but also non interference in its affairs and certainly the openly west backed my done putsch which violently and unconstitutionally overthrew the last legitimate democratically elected ukrainian government meets that and render that treaty move at that time and russian support for reunification continues near eighty percent so this side of ng both crimea ends and russians are happy to be reunified in their lives have gotten in crimea and measurably better i want to bring up the point though moxley botha that alexei made earlier there about president putin's denial initially that there were any russian troops in crimea and then much later pretty much the acknowledged it and that there is there was a deficit of trust there with president putin and this is one of the issues with with with the with the breaking of the international order what do you say to that
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. well i think it's a blatant mis understanding of the situation in crimea because in crimea at the time of the west back don putsch which overthrew the ukrainian government there were some twenty five thousand russian troops by treaty at russian naval bases in the crimea so of course there were russian troops in crimea so why did he deny them why did he deny to fess that what he denied is that russian troops were actively involved in arranging the referendum in the country this was done through largely through militias that were organized just like the putsch but talian were organized in the west of the country that overthrew the government in kiev he put them out of what's what what do you say to that. right i think the situational spiritual of yours the first fear we
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hold this clearly of which i'm personally has come from that's the force lee the occupation happens and all of them the periphery of them the so-called true freedom there was the church currently it's irrelevant it's what are the walls what were the public opinion. in this regards because all this public opinion was formed after the actual occupation happens and that's the bottom line of this whole process saw in the situation where the troops would be withdrawn there would be more occupation more forum which we're on this territory currently when they leave in the controlled environments we know that russia is not the most democratic country on earth when you take somebody in love when you say it's a controlled environment in crimea what do you mean by that. time in the. police forces on these territory has dramatically increased we know about what's
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already more than one hundred cases of political prisoners on the earth or do we know the struggle the first are holding against sort of the sort of war of obviously this is north of free chair authority in general in the rush. to floor speech six freedom of speech freedom will freak them out free will of communication with it within its control so people simply are freight are let's let's put that point back to mark's lebeau to then they've been numerous accounts from inside crimea crackdowns on that sentiment intimidation and so on for anyone who acts expresses disagreement with the with the majority view and particularly minority tars which is the point that alexei made earlier and what what rights groups are said is a system systematic harassment of to tara's going on in crimea since since the
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russian annexation five years ago what do you say to that. yeah well first of all mr parnham are of can deny agency to the crimean people all he wants i think he should visit himself if he wasn't of course a wanted for fraud embezzlement and dereliction of duty in russia i guess he could probably not visit so freely with those criminal charges hanging over his head. but . if you don't want to believe international polls on the subject then. and if we assume that this as it was suggested was under some kind of coersion that the crimean people would all change their pint if there were no russians there the majority of the crimea as being ethnic russians that i guess we should result reverse the results of the west backed by don putsch government in kiev that happened just a few months beforehand and reverse that and see if the majority of ukrainians want
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their government overthrow because polls at that time showed the majority of ukrainians were against them i died and this was repeated there in the three months of that overthrow of the government backed by the west and in kiev as for the crimea into two hours the crimean to tar's are not a political monolith polls by lovato the. independent pollster critical of the russian government has shown that a plurality of crimean to tar's feel that reunification was the right thing to do and this is a few cases of genuine extremists from the self declared self elected maj lease which does have a number of members on fortunately with extremist ties that is supported by the regime now in kiev and i think certainly the genuine cases of persecution of far less than the hundreds and hundreds of ukrainians that have been
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picked off the street by the porch s.b.u. as u.n. reports and human rights watch of detail tortured in prisons often simply for being east ukrainians other times for making facebook or twitter posts if you want to see a real tall tall a tarion regime with extreme far right tendencies i'm afraid you have to look towards west backed kiev regime or let's put some of that back then to alexei in necchi what maslow botha was saying. about the issue of the targets in. crimea and that many of them were so-called extremists what do you say to that. well it's very difficult to have such a dialogue because what mr slobo is doing surely he is. it's not a right it was affects you know it's sort of all it's total kremlin propaganda you know total kremlin propaganda let's start with this so-called western beck which.
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is the slope of the said yes this was a national movement and this is it was originated in the ukraine for they were aggressive of you could and mistake in the court which if you know he was ousted by ukrainian butland who he still wasn't constitution which unocal which waylaid and so it was well he was voted down by ukrainian parliament if you do not know his effects as if it now after said creamier was over q what if i didn't think yet what i like most was that. you be sure of ukraine but of you create starting from craney and sent eastern ukraine has nothing to do with domestic changes in the u.k. because again russia violated also international treaties which are are signed this is recognized by the international community. it's important also saw cold
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calls you know which where there's a better o.c. ukraine is adding more chris it's recognized you cannot go against the facts we have free elections in ukraine it's not at all it's more kind of decision set you have in the russia you are smiling but certain sauza ukrainians are killed by russian soldiers and the russian veterans let me remind you also that cranium talk doesn't mind in forty four they will deploy it from cranium base started seeing west sent to safety in it in central asia. and that only possibility to have to come back it be it in the ninety ninety and even independent ukraine crimea movement was always known violent if you do not know most effects consols effect books she said eason but the which was elected then is elected by the whole
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cranium but i want to bring him back and let it completely. and let me just let me just final it ends that the question is continuing its aggression not only in korea not only him eastern ukraine but also in the us of see actual inequality against the russian ukrainian he picked on or so see russia looks ukrainian ships not only naval ships but also commercial satellites that's who was an associate and finally ukraine your seat was big day and was shelled in util who is and twenty four ukrainian neighbors they are now in mosul in prison so basically what russia is doing in service of c. biarritz let's get you let's get a marxist kletzky much about his response that marc.
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yeah i'm just flabbergasted by his assessment of so-called elections in ukraine as being democratic i mean this was the overthrow of a government the majority of ukrainians confirmed by polls reported in the pro-american american on kiev post said that the majority of ukrainians were against the might done that is it was a slim majority says fifty five percent. when you're here is can check that online at the kiev post in the polls recorded there themselves and i advise you to do the same if you are ignorant of the facts second of all we see elections by this west backed regime in kiev that is literally not only under the barrel of a gun but under fire of grad missile launchers the regime attempts to subjugate the people of east ukraine to their seizure of power in kiev we have that last
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a ruling governments party has been lost rated in pogrom that of existence every leftist party in the country was banned right and you want to call these free actions but your stance is that the tick and free election is. this is a lie because you know your family and ukraine have been bad deal did not say that the you deny that. listen listen to ours and go wait for discussion because we have elections in the ukraine and elections in ukraine are free. to do what you have in the past and what you are defending you're defending by this issue so all in monza candidates and its public debate on television would be to present a defense of the left by mr models for example who was founder of a socialist party or if that so basically i would like to err i would like to err
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again what you're saying is just you know what a beating can with propaganda what i already experienced on international assessment international a good position we had a lot of course i'm all sort of presenting so so will just go companies ok i want to get all of this to have you create them ok different just in the couple of minutes just in the couple of minutes we have left i want i want to get the word on this on what we've just been hearing and i want to ask you as well about this accusation from from moscow that what happened in ukraine. in two thousand and fourteen in which yannick which was. was removed was was not this was not a democratically elected government this is what this was essentially a putsch what do you say to that. well of course there was a revolution on the streets so or you know or the year we name or evolution
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was called to give a new show on the fields evolution is called the cool so. it's sounds to name what happens on the street so for a key it was a cool. artificial overthrew a lot for the legitimate grow government i.e. my take on this is a revolution of the in ukraine is called to the. unsafe think that the storm is actually pretty accurate of what we are used for this division did move to move the digital to the elected parliament even after you know a quarter of the country he fled the country by the way absolutely on his own nobody was cheese and he was just fried for people on my dom that's why he decided to run and serve them unless some i was afraid of them too after what happened on my ukraine has worked that they knew prior president and so the president was
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legitimately elected. almost cool forces. received little support actually will score was triste say that ukraine has been governed by nation lists but even the nation is so also with very little support for the king to the full fleshless in the elections of two thousand and fourteen received something like three percent of the votes and in the upcoming elections would be would see in just ten days from home or most likely the result would be woodward and that's all right that is going to have to be the last word. appreciate you all for coming in. and alexey thanks very much for being with us been a good discussion. thank you as always for watching you can see this program again any time by going to our web site. the discussion the facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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inside story and you can also join the.
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in the next episode of earth royce nick clark to enter grouping screwed on a voyage through the wood will see to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile antarctic ecosystem against an expanding list of manmade threats beneath
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the surface of this magnificent desolation is just tearing with live. music sold the remotest. antarctic century. the latest news as it breaks if we do you want to avoid money laundering for your terrorism how to be ready to displease governments including saudi arabia with details coverage lynching certain trees were known to take place in the car but they were rare now thirty foot preachers have been reported to be from around the world for the victims and the campaign. they say this is being a true fall from grace one of falseness highest clerics. first democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief. for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what
2:48 am
happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it first hand morsi the final hours on al-jazeera i mean this was different whether someone's going for someone's favorite. thing it's how you approach an individual and that's it is a certain way of doing. story in my out. this is al-jazeera. everyone and welcome to this news hour i'm sort of in london with the latest from europe coming up three people are dead following a shooting in the dutch city of the tracks the suspect has been arrested and
2:49 am
a new setback but britain's prime minister as she's told parliament can only vote again on her breasts a deal if it's changed substantially. and come out santa maria here in doha with the rest of the day's headlines. murders been his radical people the people. he doesn't care about ourselves moyers but the people of. new zealand's are of grief or political will to fight back as prime minister just into our journey clears the way for new tougher gun laws. and psycho need a white south an entire town in mozambique because the prime minister there says nearly a thousand people are now feared dead and. christiane are naldo of them. roger federer misses out on a reckless six title in california losing to dominic team in the indian wells final .
2:50 am
we begin this news in the netherlands where police say they have arrested a man suspected of shooting dead three people in the city of the tracks the government raised the terrorism threat to the highest possible level following the shooting on one of the city's trams several people were also injured some seriously and police have released a picture of the suspect a thirty seven year old man thought. from turkey well for long spock is at the scene and joins us live right now so fla tell us about the police press conference that you've just been listening to. this sort of police says just holds a press conference and in that press conference it was sort of interrupted with the news that the main suspect has been arrested this follows hours of a manhunt safe in looking for him raiding several locations here in one very nearby a few blocks from where the shooting took place now also said in that press
2:51 am
conference that they still cannot is rule out the motive that it was a terrorist attack but that to same time they also say it could have been a family dispute as well so there are conflicting reports on this and we hope to learn more about it with the upcoming press conference from the prime minister mark meanwhile behind me there is this is still the scene where the shooting took place and they are still working here police and investigators that train behind me i would use that are now telling what they've seen that meant studio up in front of the train and start shooting towards to back. and we will we hope to hear more on what his motive was in the following hours earlier of course the terror threat level was raised to its highest possible level has not now changed. well the city of new test has been on lockdown and schools were closed and mosques and everything debts that was at some point lifted in the past few hours but now
2:52 am
that they have arrested this suspect i think the threat level has gone down by one point so not the highest anymore all right for joining us live there from the track thanks so much. ok to the crisis now in the u.k. prime minister to resign may well have to make changes to her deal for the leaving the european union of the speaker of parliament ruled out holding a vote on the current from. well may's deal has already suffered two heavy defeats in parliament and speaker john bercow says he will not allow another vote unless substantial alterations a mate that's going to westminster and speaks out as there is jonah hulse agenda has there been any sort of reaction to what effectively is an intervention isn't it by the speaker. well yes it's a massive spanner in the works for the government's plans to hold a surge vote on the deal certainly to do so this week john bercow trolling through hundreds of years of parliamentary procedure and convention finding no fewer than
2:53 am
twelve occasions when this issue has been dealt with and ruled out in parliament dating back to eight hundred sixty four and saying simply you can't bring the same issue back at that's been decided within the same session of parliament unless it is substantially changed and that is his order now to the government if you want to bring it back you've got to bring about real change is no specific government response to this yet of a ten downing street expressing surprise they clearly didn't see this coming there was a lengthy session of questioning of john bercow after his announcement this afternoon some of the questions raising from the ranging from the antagonistic many government of president he see him is as impartial as not being impartial in the brics issue others questioning precisely what he meant by changes might that include for instance a change or a pact struck with these the government's negotiating partners the d u p of not a no he said this is a vote on a deal struck with the e.u. changes need to come from the e.u.
2:54 am
perhaps the most strident comments on this issue come from the solicitor general robert buckland who declared this country now in a state of major constitutional crisis with just hours to go before march the twenty ninth still legally bracks today of course he said this is not what we needed yes certainly has really shaken things up. if you can run us through some potential consequences that back the government. and i know there are many options. you write what i mean i think at the at this moment we don't know precisely much will turn on what happens in brussels at the end of this week at the european union council meeting will to resume a turn up there and. as she's now mandated to do by parliament ask for a lengthy extension in the absence of an agreed deal or will she be on bended knee are asking for some further concessions something that might amount to a change the e.u.
2:55 am
have already of course said there can be no changes might she indeed dispense with both those options come back and again hang the threat of a no deal over parliament in particular john bercow said and try to get him to change his mind there are two issues of parliamentary procedure they could follow one is a vote to change the standing orders to change this president john bercow admitted that that was possible if a majority could be found for it the other is a radical one it's been done before it would involve the so-called prorogue ation of parliament calling a close to this session of parliament the queen no less would have to do that and then reopen parliament again with the queen's speech and everything in order to once again put this question to the house who knows is the short answer indeed who will keep an eye on it john hall in westminster thank you there's more for me a little later in the news hour let's now they join come all felicity thank you for that next tuesday which will be ten days after the attacks as the deadline new zealand's prime minister is giving to announce tight new gun laws just cabinet has
2:56 am
made in principle decision to clamp down on gun ownership after friday's mosque mass shootings in christchurch which killed fifty muslims. the tear in christchurch on friday was the worst act of terrorism on our shores it was in fact one of the worst school library in recent times it has as exposed a range of weaknesses and new zealand's gun laws clearly send from history around the world is it to make our community safer the time to exit is now the man at the center of it all the white extremist brenton tyrant is charged with murder now new zealand police say he acted alone but he may have had support tyrants lawyers. also told the media he is lucid and understands what he is facing and investigations widened in australia to terence birthplace the police there have searched two homes in new south wales believed to be those of his mother and sister they say to help
2:57 am
the new zealand reporting from christchurch new zealand has wednesday. as the new working and school week began students in christchurch were united in spirit and voice. together they came to the police cordon near the el nor mosque where the first attack took place to show their support for the victims and there's a huge amount of people to grieving and just showing queue for everyone in the city showing them do they not alone in their crush isn't a part of new zealand this is the home. i thank god the sense of shock and grief goes on for the people of the city but inevitably the national debate is turning to the issue of guns. among the guns and suspects brinton the terrence position were modified to semiautomatic weapons speaking in the capital wellington the prime minister just cinder a durned said the cabinet agreed to change the law and i've already made clear that
2:58 am
number of new zealanders question the availability of military style sumi automatic weapons in new zealand however i will be giving i'm all for some sort of days house once we've worked through the in principle decision that kevin has made today earlier on monday the manager of new zealand's largest gun retailer said his company sold four weapons to terrorists but isn't sure if any of them we used in the attack like it do you support the problem is that suggestion that semiautomatic weapon should be night illegal here. i totally agree there should be a gun to bite but to die it's not like please respect me on this on going to leave if these are the only questions you have the people of new zealand still have many questions about what happened in christchurch and the government says it will do everything it can to find on says as well as the police investigation which the commissioner says is the largest in new zealand's history the prime minister says there will also be a national inquiry into what led to friday's attack and whether intelligence and
2:59 am
security agencies could have done more to prevent its. some family members of victims have expressed frustration of the amount of time it's taken to return the bodies to them for burial but religious leaders acknowledged the tough job the police have and said the support the community has received has been overwhelming and we have also seen that to mean those are warning of more of what we call i don't know how here. it is tremendous there's not you know wards that i can bring to its friends there are mounds of adderall and support that we have been receiving not only within new zealand but all over the war people here may be struggling to comprehend why friday's attack happened but to give that showing grief respect for the dead and rejection of the apparent motive for us. by the way in hey al-jazeera christchurch. and also in christchurch for
3:00 am
a set about ten past seven in the morning andrew thomas good morning to you andrew what's expected today. well we're expecting more commemorations here on dame saudi this is the road that runs alongside the al normals the bigger one that was the types just interrupt and have press conferences sort of there in ones report she said they'll be a national commemoration of a national memorial but she said it was too soon to have it this week so the date hasn't yet been set and as wayne said again in his piece they'll be a national inquiry as well looking into all the background of the man who is alleged to have carried this out looking at the overall legal situation in new zealand hate speech gun laws everything could this have been prevented i was this thing a few minutes ago to the opposition leader the leader of the right of center party here in new zealand and he was saying he doesn't know the specific details of the gun law proposals that the government came up with in the cabinet meeting on.


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