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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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this is al jazeera. news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes mozambique's president says more than a thousand people may have died in a devastating cyclone which is also struck neighboring zimbabwe and. we. talk to new zealand's prime minister pays tribute to the victims of the christ church mosque attacks and says the gunman will feel the full force of the law. a major setback for the u.k. prime minister plans for a third vote in parliament on how briggs that deal has blocked. off the air crashes
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in ethiopia and in the u.s. federal prosecutors under grand jury investigate boeing seven three seven months was cleared to fly. national disasters have been declared in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi after a cycle slammed into southern africa on thursday mozambique's president says the scale of the disaster is now becoming apparent yesterday's at least a thousand people have been killed the cycle and then hit zimbabwe where ninety eight people on known to have died the. flooding has cut off tens of thousands of people well we have correspondents across the region in a moment we'll go to harm in eastern zimbabwe and malcolm webb in central mozambique but first for me the millers assessing the damage in the port city of banda in mozambique. up to half a million people in the city of berra have been affected by the psych loan that it
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whole days ago power lines were knocked down and people here just beginning to try and pick up the pieces but their efforts also being was treated by ongoing rain it's expected that rain will continue throughout the week people here say they have not seen anything like it the city is devastated eight organizations a calling the off to match that is the devastation the destruction caused by the psych loan horrifying the biggest challenge for many of these we're going to aid organizations is that they're unable to access or rather the extent of the devastation floodwaters continue to rise especially after a dam bust in the last a day tree have been knocked on this billion area in the city where trees haven't been uprooted power lines knocked down and many homes destroyed now aid
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organizations that have a rived in barrow in the last day or two and that's only after the airport was reopened after it was closed say they have a mammoth tossed ahead of them and the effects of the psych load on short term rebuilding the city helping the people affected is going to take a lot of time malcolm with from a spot in central mozambique when ferocious winds ripped the roof off terri races ollie's house she was terrified. she ran outside in the torrential rain with her children just before it collapsed and. we were very afraid we were panicking but there was nothing else to do except move outside now i have nothing i don't even have money to build a new house or rent somewhere. she is among dozens of families who are now sheltering in schools here in the town of esperanza barrow in mozambique they've
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been homeless since cycling the die swept across the country after reaching mozambique's coast on thursday many villages and now completely cut off this community has been particularly hard hit the two houses destroyed here another one clapped in the middle of the storm and the family that were living here took the iron sheets that were on the roof and the prop them up against their only remaining hard to try and keep out the rain and the neighbor's house completely destroyed as well it's very difficult for the authorities to know how many people have been affected like this because roads and bridges have been washed away and many of these places and are very difficult to reach. our journey here through the storm from neighboring zimbabwe wasn't easy. he's been affected to dozens of died there just like lame brought things months of rain just four days and the rivers
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burst their banks. and blocked roads make it difficult to bring help. clearing them takes time. the local administrator told us is assessing the damage and rescue efforts have barely begun the district's connected to the rest of the country by only two roads. on one side the bridge has been washed away and on the other side the road has also washed away so it's like we are on an island we have a big problem because now we call even get basic goods like rice and cooking oil. this terrier says she has enough food to give her children one or two more meals along with the dozens of families here and there are no number across the country she has no idea how she's going to survive. malcolm webb al-jazeera bera
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mozambique well after mozambique the storm battered neighboring zimbabwe cutting off the people. days after tropical cyclone. coming to terms with what they've lost morgan was eighty three years old he was sleeping when a torrent of water washed away his home was expecting to see is the last standing law in the family but. it was i was expecting to see him talking to him but only to come in to see a board it was not all that to a careful me hilda to find a teenage stepson. and yet you know i think he was crushed under the house if he's dead i need to find him and bury him i need to know so i can move on with my life. there are many sad stories inch of money money for land have been damaged and roads have been cut they say there is no way of knowing if other relatives and
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friends are alive people in the community say when it started raining lots of water came down from the hills over there carrying lots of rubble covering some of the houses in the area the police say there was a bus up on the road over there it overturned fell down and was covered in mud sludge and water according to them they say at least two people are still missing there being two funerals here today two of them there from the houses there in the corner and this one here is the latest one. government officials are still assessing the scale of the damage before the floods zimbabwe had been dealing with the drought the waters have washed what crops farmers hope to soon harvest. soldiers say it could take days if not weeks to clear the landslides they have been tasked with fixing damaged infrastructure rescuing those stranded and intriguing bodies especially in congo village in that village we are told like this place is slayed came from in the rain across the village in
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a separate village. in so far we are not clear. how many houses actually wind under the rubble. but this is the place we have recovered so far up to forty bodies the siting of a military helicopter provide at least hope that some help is coming food has begun arriving for a few the rest of the aid is slowly making its way by road there is no way of knowing how long it will take them to reach those still cut off by floodwaters al-jazeera she manage money somehow. new zealand's prime minister has paid tribute to those killed in the christ church mosque attacks during the first parliamentary session since the mass shooting in a passionate address met with applause just named victims of the attacks and promised justice for the families who grieve for their loved ones i wanted to speak to recreate to the families. we cannot know your grief. but we can walk with you at
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every stage we can and we will surround you with other her menarche tanger and all that makes us us she also said the man arrested for the attack would face the full force of the law he'll be back in court on the fifth of april the prime minister vowed to never ever mention his name he will face the full force of the law in new zealand the families of the fall and will have justice he sought many things from his act of terror but one was no shariah. and this is why you will never hear me mention his name. he is a terrorist he's a criminal he's an extremist but he will when i speak be nameless the prime minister confirm they'll be tougher gun laws in new zealand within a week a cabinet has a great in principle to restrict gun ownership but it's still working on the
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details. well wayne had joins us live now from christchurch wayne an emotional speech from the prime minister in parliament what more did she have to say. certainly was emotional and powerful as she opened this first parliamentary session since the attack on friday and it was a very poignant start to the prayer offered in parliament in arabic and arabic and then she spoke out offering special mention of course to the victims and their family members she named the victims and also offered special mention to the police for the way they responded to friday's attack pointing out that the first police were able to respond within six minutes of the first emergency call being made from a member of the public and then within thirty six minutes two country called to say she referred to them were able to make the arrest of the main suspect by ramming
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his car off the road and detaining them as you mentioned she said she will not mention the name of the main suspect she said that she will instead focus on the names of the victims and she urged new zealanders to follow suit to focus their attention on the victims and the victims' families who suffered so much in this attack on friday and she wasn't going to let the speech go by of course without mentioning the social media companies the main suspects live streamed this attack on facebook and she's spoken about this before she did so again a few moments ago in parliament saying that the social media companies cannot continue to reap the financial benefits that they did do the financial rewards without taking responsibility so i suspect that this is going to be something that she will not let go and that she will continue to push in the days and weeks ahead and weigh in away from the parliament in wellington what's the atmosphere like in christ church today and how is the city coping with the tragedy.
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well i think this city is trying to get back on its feet as best it can but the people in this relatively small community will take a long time to get over what happened on friday we're standing at a place that's become one of the focal points of for people to come and pay tribute to the victims and their families that still a police cordon behind me leading down to the el nor mosque where the first attack happens and where most of the people were killed and there's a huge pile of flowers and other items behind me that people leaving behind and here we are four days after the attack and people continue to stream to this location to pay their respects on sunday we're expecting a very large memorial service to be held for the public to attend in the park right opposite the el nor mosque or right away in a christ church wayne thank you where most families are still waiting for the return of the bodies of their loved ones from the mosque attacks new zealand's prime minister paid special tribute to one victim would not be in
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a speech to parliament in the past hour under thomas visited his family to hear about the father and grandfather in last. it was thirty six years ago but haji daoud nabil left afghanistan to live in new zealand a good country he thought in which to bring up a family three generations of that family are now grieving. has been his radical people the people here he doesn't care about i was so moyers but if the people my son using were easy why did we see why did the young local you further go on to the last. yama nabil dowd son had been heading to the mosque himself with his daughter when he saw people running the other way it was on saturday at the community center that he heard the list of names of those who had died. did not want to hear the question they would like to reach out and really.
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put the news was not good the gunman had murdered haji daoud nabil was. just saying. grief is now mixed with frustration the family would have liked to have buried house you doubt by now don't land them twenty four with the body so be it in the graveyard in place. but actually. they did not eat the product it people being shot in the heart not in the audience cation. so you understand that allies gees. yama would like this father's killer to face the death penalty his brother disagreement he forgives the guy did
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not win he'll never succeed there's no way he will be helping is very and hippie scheme is. unstable this is why he carried this on how can you forgive somebody look this. confident of knowing god my father is going to paradise but for the whole family the grief is rule as well as his wife nabil had five children and nine grandchildren that's fourteen direct descendants now in mourning and these are scenes being repeated right across christchurch. the flowers are the public displays of grief the private ones are going on behind closed doors andrew thomas al jazeera christchurch well in the wake of those attacks in new zealand muslim groups in the us are taking steps to secure their places of worship the council on american islamic relations or care as one of the groups leading that campaign speak to house and shibley he's care florida's chief executive director has and should we
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understand you're trying to set up adequate safety and security across all mosques and islamic schools in the us i mean that's going to be an enormous task what do you think is necessary because experts say look one of two armed guards is not going to stop a determined attack it. well you know actually i don't think that's correct in fact but we have to remember that these armed attackers are indeed cowards in fact our hero. was able to scare away that killer that cowardly killer with using a credit card processing machine and an empty gun and i think if there are professionally trained armed individuals in every mosque in this country i think it's in a very powerful message that you will be met with lethal force and you will be eliminated if you pose any threat against our women our children our brothers and our system sisters we are not chickens were not sheep going to stand up for ourselves and we want to expand this to other houses of worship we want to expand this to synagogues to churches because that kind of evil hatred that leads people
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to engage in mass shootings it has one source and you cannot fight islam a fullback anti muslim extremism without also protecting our jewish and christian brothers and says yeah i mean many people would say the house and you conjures up people walking around with guns but how would you select train and pay these people and will that be certified by federal authorities who will these people be correct so what this program aims to do is identify individuals with experience with law enforcement with experience possibly in the military and provide them the resources proper sort of creation and professional training so that they are qualified to deal with any threats and even though many muslim worshipers may well come the most security after the events in new zealand there are bands of the people within your community who don't want guns in that place of worship those people may think no more guns is going to bring just more violence. you know we've already
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been having guns at our houses of worship in fact listen at cair florida for the last two years we've done almost one hundred trainings where we train members of the muslim community on how to react in the event of a mass shooting and as part of that training we actually train them to hire off duty sheriff deputies so at many mosques throughout the state of florida us of on law enforcement officers that the muslim communities paying for to guard our mosques during the fight a war ship so this isn't anything new we've been doing this for the last two years we just want to expand our program to keep our communities safe nationwide this very important because we have a president right now in the united states who fans the flames of islam a phobia who says islam hates america who says he wants to ban muslims he's incited a lot of anti muslim hate and violence in fact we've documented a five hundred percent increase in anti muslim crimes in the united states since donald trump ran for office and we're not going to wait to go to be another. shooting some of it a final thought from you i mean what lessons do you think the muslim community in the u.s.
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can learn from the jewish community because you mentioned them earlier i mean they've also suffered attacks against their synagogues but many of their places of worship have very low key security and involve much more community policing well the true solution to these problems the true solution islamophobia is not arms is not weapons the true solution is we do what we've been doing every single day which is building bridges of tolerance and understanding engaging community service being in the service of others showing the world the beauty of our faith you know in florida care for has become the largest i want to large civil rights organizations for everyone we protect everyone's rights were in the service of everyone and that actually changes hearts and minds i've seen people go from being extremely anti muslim so becoming our friends and our colleagues and our brothers and our sisters so the true solution is engagement as in service and security as a last line of defense it's a necessary but not a sufficient solution has and should be thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera thank you god bless you. police say they've arrested a man suspected of shooting dead three people in
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a tram in the netherlands gottman tanis is now in custody after a police manhunt in the city of new threats or thought he say the thirty seven year old has had previous run ins with the law several others were injured in the shooting some of them seriously dutch officials say they're still investigating a possible terrorism related motive but other reasons haven't been ruled out including a family dispute lots more still to come here on the news hour including valid. russia annexed the crimea region from ukraine. and the u.s. president's on the washington d.c. hotel bearing his name in the spotlight and yet another back. and in sport little messi is back in an argentina shirt for the first time in a story in the sport that's also the. prosecutors in the u.s. are looking into how the boeing seven three seven max got the green light from the country's aviation regulator
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a subpoena for emails and other correspondence involved in the jet's development has been issued by a federal grand jury investigators have found striking similarities between last week's crash in ethiopia and another in indonesia five months ago both involve seven three seven marks a plane like joins us live now from washington d.c. mike so just how significant is this probe by the justice department and what exactly will be looking into it. well it's very significant indeed daryn in fact it's the only the second time in aviation history that this type of criminal proceeding has been launched in the wake of an aircraft accident now it's notable too that the sub pino was issued the day after the ethiopian airlines crash though it's only become public in the last twenty four hours but this was not a coincidence this was because the investigation had been underway since the accident that happened with lyon air last year in which another one hundred fifty people were killed so this has been an ongoing investigation and what it's going to
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be looking at is the certification process for these boeing seven three seven maxes in particular and mike we understand boeing of just released a statement what they said well the c.e.o. of boeing dennis miller burke has released a written statement as well as a video statement in and he says that boeing is investigating these accidents he says that the company is committed to safety however what he does not do is address the investigation that has been launched by the justice department an investigation that's going to look very closely at how boeing certification happens and also at whether the federal aviation authority has not done its job in terms of ensuring that safety processes adhere to mike thank you.
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britain's prime minister tourism a has suffered a new setback of a brags that the speaker of the lower house of parliament has ruled that she can only hold a third vote on her deal to leave the e.u. if it is fundamentally different from before the maize deal has been rejected by m.p.'s twice and the speaker john bercow says he will not allow another vote unless substantial changes are made. what the government cannot legitimately do is to resubmit to the house the same proposition or substantially the same proposition as that of last week which was rejected by one hundred forty nine. agenda hole has all the latest from london. but it may be a little while yet before we have a precise idea of how this is all going to turn out no doubt it's a major blow to the government's hopes of holding a third vote on treason maze briggs it deal this week perhaps at all much will depend on what happens i think at the european union council meeting at the end of
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this week will for instance reason may turn up there and as she's now mandated to do by parliament as a result of the vote last week ask for an extension to the brakes a deadline and a long one this time in the absence of an agreed deal might she be on bended need begging for more in the way of concessions something she can contain in a letter a suffix to the deal that might satisfy the speaker and allow a vote proceed next week might she dispense with both of those options and fall back on the ultimate threat of a no deal exit at the end of next week dangle that over the speaker's head and see if he changes his mind aside those options there are two issues of parliamentary procedure that seem to be possible one would be a vote in parliament to overturn this step this parliamentary procedure this precedent that goes back hundreds of years in the rule books the speaker said yes that might be possible if you can get a majority the last option is a radical one it has been done before could it be done again the prorogue ation of
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parliament closing down this session of parliament the queen would have to be involved she'd have to order it it would be reopened immediately with the queen's speech in order to be able to put the vote to a third to parliament for a third time in a fresh session of parliament could that happen who knows is the short answer. this is deputy director of british influence a pro the think tank he says a second referendum is a more likely option the longer this drags on. well it certainly derails theresa may strategy because she was desperate to to bring her deal back this week and get it through and so she could go to the european council on thursday and then ask for a short extension to the thirtieth of june which would mean that britain wouldn't have to participate in the european elections and election u.m.e. p.s. which was the big sticking point for the government but now that it's from blast out of the water because to reason they cannot bring the deal back and as it goes the deal is not be renegotiated and that really just leaves her with two options no
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deal which parliament has already ruled out or numerous occasions or a referendum or something that changes the situation and a referendum would be a change of circumstances and parliament would be likely to vote on it they would necessarily endorse it at this stage but that could be very still and so really just to go but it's a brussels and also that long extension which she hates but she has no other options all in brussels they're tearing their hair out because they can't understand what's happening in britain they don't understand why parliament isn't getting on with the brakes so that they say they want and that they haven't faced up to the reality that the bricks at the perfect bricks it can never be achieved and will never be achieved and so you really want to steer on what's going to happen but now that reason they can't guarantee that because she can bring a deal back they're looking at offering a long extension it seems possibly nine months to give britain some breathing space to try and figure out what it wants to do now in terms of ratifying the deal there
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might be some opportunity to negotiate the non-binding section of the deal the political declaration may need to have a single market solution for example which the government has rules out but the fundamental fact is this the withdrawal agreements the binding part of the deal which includes the backstop which everyone hates in london will not change and so if we want to get this deal through it has to change or we won't be able to break the deal through it or if they steal. combi renegotiate says and if the government doesn't want to renegotiate its political declaration to make a softer bricks it then the deal is out and that's the only deal an offer so that leaves two options and no deal which parliament would never endorse and which the e.u. would never enable if we didn't want it or a second referendum possibly to stop this process offering the british people the choice between a deal which m.p.'s think is a bad deal and which is very unpopular or revoking article fifty and remaining in
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the e.u. now that looks unlikely now but the longer this drags on the more that could become the option that we choose. time for short break here now to zero when we come back venezuela's embattled president nicolas maduro asks them time to quit the first step in his plan to shake up the government. support competitors begin that push of the race described as mountain biking his version of the total silence on the stay with us. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast where things are looking quite nice across parts of china right now but we do expect more in terms of rain over the next few days take a look at a forecast map as we go towards tuesday not a lot of activity out here towards much of the east we are seeing those temperatures actually quite warm for this time of year hong kong twenty seven
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twenty shanghai at twenty as well but that's nothing compared to what we are going to be seeing here on wednesday where those temperatures are really going to be going up about twenty nine degrees there now we do expect to see rain coming into play here across parts of shanghai attempt a there of twenty seven taipei thirty degrees for you there where across the philippines we are watching very very heavy rain across parts of mindanao we do have a travel depression that's making its way over here towards the west that is going to stay a tropical depression but still we are going to be seeing some very heavy rain over the next few days so localized flooding could be a problem there up towards manila it is going to be a cloudy day where temperatures at about thirty three and a lot of sun here across vietnam with a temperature of thirty five degrees there and across much of india well temperatures are rising in the area much of the region is going to be thirty degrees or higher reaching very close to the forty's in some location hyderabad how about thirty seven degrees for you over towards new delhi at thirty one. the
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weather sponsored by countdown. in the next episode of troy's nick kong joins a crew. crooned on a voyage through the widdle sea to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile antarctic ecosystem against an expanding list of manmade threats beneath the surface of this magnificent desolation is just teeming with life believe the soul of the remotest masses on a antarctic century on al-jazeera. welcome
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back i'm out of the top stories here this hour mozambique's president says more than a thousand people may have been killed and. ninety percent of the port city of better has been destroyed emergences have also been declared in neighboring zimbabwe and malawi. the british prime minister to resign may well have to make substantial changes to how to deal for leaving the e.u. after the speaker of parliament ruled out a photo of the puzzle. and was even the prime minister has paid tribute to those killed in the christchurch mosque attacks during the first parliamentary session since the mass shooting jacinta also promised the families the gunman would face
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the full force of the law. not least three people have been killed in widespread flooding in america's midwest three states have declared emergencies and there's a danger that floodwaters could rise further prompting more evacuations ellen fisher reports from the midwest of the u.s. has been swamped historic flooding driving thousands from their homes states of emergency have no been declared in wisconsin iowa and nebraska will do much to take us like a look out there and i just see nothing but a big ocean massive late winter storm hit the area last week that caused local rivers to flood this is flat open country there's nothing to slow the water don't added to the winter ice melting the rivers like the missouri have simply been overwhelmed hopefully people understand what the quantity of water that's coming down the missouri river that you stay out of the water a number of people have been killed in iowa one victim drove around a safety barrier and was swept away in nebraska another died after refusing to leave their home in some places it was people's animals that raised the alarm
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houses right here their dogs looked them up because they got in water and they were cold and they started barkin in sometimes the water rose so fast that you only had minutes to get out and entire areas have no being cutoff. the governor of iowa says the cleanup will be massive we'll do it we'll get through it but we've got a lot of work ahead but there's no indication when they will be able to start there's more rain and more flooding forecast for later this week alan fischer. the number of indonesians killed in flash floods and landslides in pop up province has risen to at least seventy nine doctors have set up tents to treat the wounded rescuers are looking for survivors trapped by mud and fallen trees a baby found in the rubble was reunited with its father the rest of the family died in the disaster venezuela's president nicolas maduro has asked his anti cabinet to step down as he struggles to maintain control of the country he's been facing off
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opposition leader one for more than two months why declared himself as venezuela's leader in january to ease a bow as the latest. the government of unequal i don't know announcing who chuckling the whole having the vice president does you know the it's also said that the president had backed the resignation of members of the cabinet and that he was hard naming and giving information about who's going to be part of that cabinet when this is not given to quell any well as i would have had at least for vice president since taking office a because clearly an attempt to win don't cheat the administration show the venezuelan people especially his followers or the government is trying to solve many of the problems that people in this country are facing today among them there's been an enormous power outage in venezuela for days people clear where without electricity without more from one of the things people struggling with hyperinflation shortages of food of medicine among other things and everything
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pellets that the situation is going to get the boys to peer at u.s. sanctions start to have an impact in venezuela very expected to begin the all of sanctions against this country later in april but we're being told that it's already having an effect i'm not sure if you can see here i am in port but i could live in the state of i'm so i think you and i can count from here at least seven or else hunkered that venezuela has not be sealed with the oil that venezuela has not been able to sell in its way like trying to leave the place of the united states has in the oil markets here but an apparently they're trying to send it to india and of course russia and succeed a lot of people inside of what we're being told that there's already what is known here is over compliance people that are afraid of buying but when and all because of the consequences that something like this could have with the united states and angering the united states in the meantime the opposition leader flung why don't
5:36 am
sense that he was going around the country and trying to get people to march forward to pile up. to be applauded that's where you point out my window the sidestep the presidential palace that would be a massive an enormous demonstration that's what a petition you know for why you don't is trying to do when i was suddenly a generate more tension in that country. yes president donald trump's been taken to court for legibly violating the u.s. constitution hotel and by him is at the center of the legal route particle hang on the story. u.s. presidents get a lot of gifts what many people don't know is they don't get to keep them these expensive tokens belong to the u.s. government. in part because of this the founders were so worried about foreign influence on presidents they put this prohibition into the first article of the constitution basically saying the executive can't accept any present amalia meant office or title of any kind whatever from any king prince or foreign state unless
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congress approves it. the moment is basically a payment but in a lawsuit the top lawyers from maryland in washington d.c. say that is exactly what trump is doing when foreign leaders stay in his washington d.c. hotel we know that foreign governments are spending money there in order to curry favor with the president of the united states just one example the kingdom of saudi arabia whose government has important business and policy before the president the united states has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at the trump international hotel three billion dollars the washington post reported lobbyists for the saudi government paid for an estimated five hundred nights in his d.c. hotel just after the election these marble and gold clad rooms are not cheap they range from around five hundred dollars a night to as much as ten thousand so how much did saudi arabia or any other country spend we don't know the hotel doesn't have to report that but the trump
5:38 am
business says it's giving foreign profits to the u.s. treasury so far more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars the problem is we don't know if that is the full amount a judge had ruled that lawyers in maryland and d.c. can subpoena those records to find out if the president is violating the constitution on tuesday an appeals court will decide if the case can proceed if so it would mean even more problems for president over ready surrounded by investigations political al-jazeera washington. opponents of the saudi and iraqi led war in yemen have been protesting against u.k. government sales to riyadh they're highlighting the proposed sale of more eurofighter typhoon jets to the saudis which they say is illegal under international law lawlessly has more from the protest in london. it's only a model but the point is a stark one the u.k. government has already sold two dozen of the british typhoon jets also known as the euro five across the european union to the saudi government and plans are in the
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works to sell nearly fifty more it's all worth hundreds of millions of dollars along with this message for the cameras they handed in the petition the fifty thousand names condemning what campaigners describe as a legal and ethical insult to international law the british government is ignoring the international arms trade treaty a treaty that it was a champion of not so long ago in a drive to continue selling these arms five billion pounds worth of arms since the onset of the conflict that is seven times as much is being spent on aid in the man the random nature of the saudi led attacks on yemen the heavy civilian casualties have prompted several european countries to suspend arms sales to riyadh every week more and more evidence arrives suggesting a blurring of the lines between military and military targets. there was a strike on the house and they told us to go inside because they're asked strikes
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we ran into the fields to disappear then the plane bondeson as we got there for women and four girls died and the only one left from those who were with me. the argument from britain amplified by the american government is that freezing arms sales would open the door to either russia or china stepping in campaign is against the arms trade argue that that is effectively the same as saying the whole thing is a business opportunity as with everything in the u.k. at the moment brics it plays a part in all this as well just the other day the government minister in charge of international trade was celebrating a continuation of trading relationships between the u.k. and papua new guinea if that's anything to go by then you'd have to assume that the arms trade with saudi arabia is going to be a very important component of life in post bricks in britain lawrence the al-jazeera in central london the chief of police for paris has been sacked and the government says it will shut down any further yellow vest protests if there's
5:41 am
violence at demonstrations next weekend in response to saturday's riots which for people ransack and burned shops along the shores sillies a yellow vest protest began four months ago after president introduced a fuel tax increase was made to scrap the protests continued here the minister shona to democracy there are protests in every democracy and protests are protected under the constitution that's important for all of us because they're the free expression of an opinion all the while respecting others but i don't confuse protesting with what happened on saturday we should call that a horde of goodness. now a female rangar refugee addressed the un human rights council for the first time last week i made a cartoon as part of a woman support group called shanti mahima which means peace woman brought together by their trauma they began meeting in the refugee camps of cox's bazaar in bangladesh but as al-jazeera stephanie decker reports they're much more than just a support group none of these women knew each other before they fled me and
5:42 am
a year and a half ago now each of them is forever connected through grief. we've not identified the women at their request there is are horrific stories and. that they would genuinely learn it would you tell our fathers and brothers were shot our sisters and mothers raped our little children were cut into pieces and thrown into the fire we just grabbed our children out of our arms. but they say they don't want to be seen as victims they are telling their personal stories to raise awareness what they want is justice i who am i do but i'm now going to have you know they are who are going to be killed my husband and my son and they raped my daughter in front of me why did they humiliate us why did they cut my husband and son into pieces but the group known as shanti submitted a formal request to the international criminal court in may of last year for an
5:43 am
investigation into allegations of genocide persecution the court is now conducting a preliminary examination into the case of the it could lead to an official investigation the women are being supported by illegal and we represent them in various forums such as the international criminal court and should other accountability mechanisms arise then we will also support them in accessing justice through those forums it's difficult to comprehend what these women have been through difficult to imagine what goes through their mind but their public message is clear they're not victims they're not refugees but human beings who deserve and demand justice stephanie decker al-jazeera in cox's bazar a southeastern bangladesh a freight train has derailed in the democratic republic of congo killing stowaways or hitching a ride at least thirty five people mostly children died in the accident and province and he says but that number to rise and number of wagons fell into
5:44 am
a river of the train cost a brooch. a court in chechnya sentenced a human rights defender to four years in prison ali was found guilty of possessing drugs the charges against him want to criticize have been fabricated in step past. for more than nine hours are you kitty of was forced to stand in the gate in a heavily guarded courtroom to listen to the verdict relatives human rights activists and diplomats had come to shali a town near the chechen capital grozny to support him against criminal charges they've dismissed as absurd duty of was arrested early two thousand and eighteen after police say they found marianna in his car the head of the chechen branch of russia's main human rights organisation memorial the night the drugs were his words humiliation. in this case was fabricated as you know twenty seven of our legal arguments were rejected what can i say the verdict was guilty how can it be fair.
5:45 am
your thought is injection i did not respond to our request to comment on t.t. if case i think the best way to understand the circumstances of his arrest is to read a fantasy novel about unicorns fairy dust and pixies because that's that's the degree of reality that you'll see in the evidence that's been concocted against the t.f. was investigating cases of torture and extrajudicial killings at the time of his arrest he had continued to work after his predecessor natalee. was murdered ten years ago. this is not about the verdict but about the u.s. criminal prosecution about the fact that the drugs were planted and that it was impossible to prove his innocence after the drugs were planted in his car drugs were also planted in our office this means that they're ready to use any possible measures against independent human rights defenders while prosecutors had asked for
5:46 am
a four year prison sentence the judge decided that ditty if can serve his time in a so-called colony settlement which will give him some freedom i have to first call this trial and you laugh or hypocrisy and cynicism is present sentence is seen as a strong message to human rights defenders to stay away from chechnya marking a new phase in the crackdown by chechen against opposing voices. chechens leader idea of has announced that after the trial human rights defenders will be no longer welcome here raising serious concerns about an increase of abuses in a region that has come under international scrutiny for its poor human rights record already step fasten al-jazeera chechnya. russia's president is in crimea celebrating the fifth. in twenty fourteen russian troops invaded the key strategic peninsula on the black sea. billions in infrastructure there despite condemnation
5:47 am
and sanctions from the west. switching the power for crimea cutting off another link to ukraine russia's president putin inaugurating two new power stations in the cities are so vast a pole. announcing that the peninsula is now energy independent. today another important step has been taken to strengthen the energy security of the crimean peninsula and the whole south of the russian federation to develop its economy and infrastructure. this ceremony is part of a three day festival marking the events of march two thousand and fourteen when russian troops invaded and successfully seized crimea. sealed the annexation with a referendum in which majority of crimean devoted to rejoin russia a vote condemned by the west. five years later they lie in the streets to celebrate that day speaking of their happiness under the russian flag. this is my life i was
5:48 am
born in crimea russia is everything to me i am russian this is why i came here to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the return to russia my motherland. but international sanctions designed to punish moscow have isolated them pushing up prices and slowing crimea's development. at the same time putin has poured billions into the region ensuring its isolation from ukraine a new bridge now links crimea to the russian mainland a sixty kilometer security fence along an illegal border with ukraine in brussels the european council marked the anniversary with condemnation. today with this opening. and our commitment to keep on. we would continue to implement. the.
5:49 am
three states. as a president with no regrets. welcome
5:50 am
on top of the sport his summer thank you very much leon l. mess is back in the argentina shirt the five time world player of the yeah has
5:51 am
reported for international duty for the first on since last year's world cup messi came close to quitting the national team after argentina exited the finals in russia at the last sixteen state but after an eight month break messi has agreed to return argentina have a friendly game against venezuela on a friday as they build up to the copa america in brazil late at this year football's a european governing body if a has charged chris john or in all the over a gesture he made while celebrating a crucial goal in the champions league it happened as a his side you ventus knocked atlantico madrid out of the competition last week are now though appear to be copying the gesture athletico coach diego simeone only had made during the first leg of the toy the portuguese is set to face a disciplinary hearing on thursday for improper conduct. spanish well cup winners
5:52 am
says that he's against the idea of expanding the twenty twenty two world cup in qatar future president john infant is pushing to include forty eight countries and at least one more co-host is an ambassador for qatar's world cup the former barcelona player has been visiting a football project in the indian city of mumbai which is being supported as part of the tournament asia wide legacy project qatar is content to host a thirty two team event a final decision on the size of the twenty twenty two world cup will be taken in june nine my opinion on that is working. thirty two teams in the world cup sol no it will be difficult to change in more and more teams i think it's good for football also that we have just thirty two i think is more than enough is my myopia . with less than three months to go before the start of the women's world cup interest in the game has hit a new heights
5:53 am
a record the crowd of all the sixty thousand watched the match between barcelona and let it go might read the attendance at midfield swans. stadium was the largest ever for women's club game barcelona went on to win the match to nail the biggest attendance of four any women's game was at the nine hundred ninety nine world cup final on my nine hundred thousand times worse to us they china and lost and afghanistan's cricket team have created more history they beat orland by seven wickets to record their first ever test match victory afghanistan chase down a victory hoggett of one hundred forty seven this was only the second test of going to stan had ever played. other than to the joint second fastest cricket team to claim a test victory alongside in the in the process on it took india twenty five attempts have on the been a test nation since two thousand and seventeen and paid a festive five day mat last june. also showed promise in limited overs cricket to
5:54 am
off the gaining one day status ten years ago they secured wins at both the one day and t twenty while cups well said mongan is assistant editor at e.s.p.n. cric info he says the afghanistan team has come a long way in a short time if you just look at the guys on cricket board it came into existence in one thousand nine hundred five which is a little over twenty years ago and they actually seriously started playing cricket in mid two thousand and in two thousand and eight they were playing in jersey in an unknown tournaments just to climb up the ranks of international cricket and as we all know test cricket is an exclusivist format. it makes you work really hard to get in let alone win a test match to do so in a little over twenty years it's a journey that teams take voted two years to get to complete so in that in that
5:55 am
regard it's a really remarkable achievement some of the people that i've been talking to in afghanistan cricket they think in the next five years they're going to be serious contenders anywhere against anything they're the amount of talent coming through is is huge there is not just human resources there's no facilities and then money which means that the best sporting talent of the country is going to cricket and not do any other sport so i expect them in the next five to ten years to be a real force in the middle was to get and despicable policy on. tennis star roger federer bid to win a reckless six engine whirls title has ended in defeat lost a dominant team in the final in california after winning the first said the thirty seven year old federer started to lose momentum the match started to shift in tim's favor the austrian took the second set to force of the twenty five year old coming on top to win his first loss this title game is set to rise to career high world
5:56 am
number four. in the women's final on saturday bianca and the school of canada stand well now before angelica to win her first korea title eighteen year old defeated the german in three sets. yeah this moment has definitely been the best so far i remember for the match i was really really nervous but when the match started i picked it up by let loose and it was an easy match and julie was getting to a lot of balls and i'm really i'm just really really grateful that i managed physically and mentally for a marker or has won golds players championship the four time major winner recorded too late birdies to seal a one shot victory is the first title the northern irishman has won since march last year next month mark warner will attempt to complete a career grand slam of majors by winning the mostest. this is one of the tournaments that i desperately wanted to to win and get on my c.v.
5:57 am
as you said it's it's the toughest tournaments when it's the cut the deepest field in the world. and one of the most iconic golf courses in the world. you know there's some unbelievable in the end zone on this trophy and you know i'm very honored and i'm proud to put my name among the. an event described as the tour de france of mountain biking is underway in south africa the cape epic is the sport's biggest stage race two person teams will spend the next few days climbing more than sixteen thousand meters over six hundred thirty kilometer route. and that's all for me we'll have more later on thank you very much you can find all the news of course on our web site there it is on your screen the address al-jazeera dot com and that's it for me. my colleague is up next with more of the day's news.
5:58 am
on counting the cost this week he's on the urgent mission to save the internet we'll talk to tim berners lee inventor of the world wide web and we'll look at safari call this teaming up with china's biggest e-commerce company counting the cost on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks if the e.u. wants to avoid money laundering from the financing of terrorism it has to be ready to displease governments including saudi arabia its detailed coverage lynching such injuries were known to take place in the past but they were rare now thirty six cases have been reported since two thousand and fifteen from around the world for the victims and the campaign. they say this is being a true fall from grace one of falseness highest clerics. oldest muslim undertakers working here to seven days a week that's grown with
5:59 am
a community my father purchased a black man started to do the funerals in london and their families we saw the stopping part of. the stories we told often here told by the people who the. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera. it's the first day of school in bubble elementary school in mosul. is this a military base firing rocket propelled grenades and mortars up nearby falsus. and what's. it is like to be in school up to three years old who wore. six year old that was how awesome survived an ass like he's home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather . solace for the protests his son for the first day in school is hopeful new
6:00 am
friends one hope is that a company. mozambique's president says more than a thousand people may have died in a devastating cycle which is also struck neighboring zimbabwe and mentally. i don't think this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in the program. we are one. time. new zealand's prime minister pays tribute to the victims of the christ church mosque attacks and says the gunman will feel the full force of the law. off the air crashes in ethiopia and indonesia u.s. federal prosecutors and a grand jury investigate how boeing's.


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