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towns and cities submerged and now it is moving on the way. with the aftermath of cyclon a di. hello and welcome to al-jazeera live from our headquarters in doha with me elizabeth purana also ahead the first bodies are released to families after the new zealand mosque attacks as pressure mounts on social media sites. dutch police arrest a man after three people were killed on the tram but they're still confusion over the motion for the attack. and was boeing seven three seven max approved to quickly the top u.s. aviation authority is under investigation after two facial crashes in five months.
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more than one and a half million people have been affected by after it battered southern africa on the day mozambique was the first to get hit more than eighty people are confirmed dead and over two hundred a missing president felipe a new season is more than a thousand people may have been code at least ninety eight people are dead in neighboring zimbabwe with two hundred seventy missing destroyed roadways making it hard to deliver aid in malawi officials fear at least fifty six people have been killed with over five hundred others injured all three countries have declared national emergencies let's go now to our correspondent. joining us live from a better that's one of the hardest hit areas in central mozambique we can see just some of the damage behind you mel. what is the situation there.
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you are right here an enormous tree came crashing into a building that fortunately this was a building on the construction so there was nobody inside when it came crashing down but that's not been the case in many other places it's still not unknown number of people have been killed across the country one of the reasons that the administration don't know what's going on is because all the communications are being cut off and lots of bridges and roads have been washed away as well here in the town of west on the barrier connected by two roads to the whole of the rest of the country and one of the bridges washed away on the other the road washed away so it's kind of on an island there at the moment makes it very difficult for the administration here to even get information from the neighboring areas to find out how much damage has been done and is as full of it and one of the areas that's expecting more heavy rain over the next few days malcolm. well initially when the cycling came in we were near here and it started with very
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strong winds and then about four days of absolutely torrential rain then there's been a few short break since out and there but today it's been on an office been raining again and there is more rain expected in the coming days and of course that means more damage to clock crops and flooding and so on one of the hardest hit areas in the country at the moment is actually closer to the coast the coastal city of tehran is where the cyclamen came in that's where it's done a great deal of damage but it's the province just inland that there is now suffering from enormous amounts of flooding because not only because of the enormous amount of rainfall coming down but also the surge from the sea is filled rivers up from the bottom so in the boozy district right now there are people who are stranded on top of roofs of buildings clinging to trees waiting to be rescued by eric if anyone's able to come and do that so that's one of the areas that worst affected right now malcolm thank you very much for that for now that's now come web live from esperanza better with all the latest thank you and find the miller has
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more from baghdad that's also one of the other hardest hit areas in mozambique. the situation here appears to be becoming increasingly difficult just behind us as you can see power lines are down in this particular street but that is the picture across the city there's also no communication we're using a satellite phone to communicate with people here we don't have that luxury and that's what adding to a some of the difficulties that people here are facing so far the government has said that sixty eight people were killed during that like on in the days after but it's expected that figure will rise because there is there's no communication people aren't able to call for help or determine we missing people will just also the extent of the devastation and aid agencies is that just one of the biggest challenges apart from accessing areas especially rural areas in low lying areas where floodwaters are continuing to rise apart from having difficulty in accessing
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those areas they simply can't determine just how bad the devastation is aid agencies that have been able to fly overhead say that the flood waters a very high that entire villages have been slipped away now here in barrow away the central hospital is that services the city of half a million people the roof of that hospital was torn torn away during that cycle own and that hospital also is running out of medicine now the government is holding a meeting in a para at some point during the course of the day to to work out what to do with people who are also disappointed they were told to evacuate people to fly clone but the question for them was where do we go and they have a number of grievances with the government and just how it's dealing with this disaster so far and what happens next given the scale of devastation and as you mentioned earlier the sun has also bet and zimbabwe isolation cells and people more
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as a burying the dead cells and more wait for relief supplies communities have the gun taking mass graves at least ninety eight people have died throughout the country and more than two hundred a still missing aid agencies say several wife are roadways have been destroyed making it hard to reach those who need help. we're going to move on to other news now new zealand's a prime minister has promised justice for the fifty victims of the christ church mosque attacks center ardan may develop in an emotional speech or in the first parliamentary session since the mass shooting when hay reports from christchurch after friday's attack in christchurch this sitting of parliament was not about politics in a rare move the floor of the debating chamber was given over to people from outside parliament they were religious leaders who came together to offer condolences and prayers for the victims. we
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ask you to grant patience and hope to all the family members affected by this tragedy or lot we asked you to protect new zealand and the whole was from such calamities i mean in an emotional speech the prime minister urged new zealanders to support the muslim community and she spoke of the man alleged to have inflicted so much pain on that community but refused to speak his name he saw many things from his act of terror but one was no shariah. and that is why you will never hear me mention his name he is a terrorist he is a criminal he is an extremist but he will when i speak be nameless and to others i implore you speak the names of those who were lost rather than the
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name of the man who took them he may have sought not sure i see but we in new zealand will give him nothing. the l nor mosque where the first attack took place is still cordoned off a forensic examination is coming to an end and the focus is turning to cleaning before worshipers are allowed back in there's been some frustration expressed by family members of those killed about delays in having bodies returned for burial but that process is now under way and for now the area behind the cordon remains a crime scene but it's believed that in the next few days both mosques will reopen that will be a difficult time for people like. who came to new zealand from south africa twelve years ago he used to pray at the el nor mosque but at the moment this is as close as he can get all of the people in the most state and prays this. welcome guest to new zealand and so there's a lot of places all. so it's. that's
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an emotion that will be around for a long time yet is the people here struggle to come to terms with the terror that came to this city wayne hey al jazeera christchurch. police in the netherlands are investigating the motion of a gunman who shot three people dead on a tram auckland terrace is in custody after police launched a manhunt in the city of all tricked authorities say the thirty seven year old turkish born man had previous run ins with law enforcement dutch authorities say they're investigating a possible terrorism related might have bought other reasons haven't been out there has more from tracked. well dutch police say they are continuing to question a thirty seven year old man that they have identified as goldman thomas now he is a man they say born in turkey he grew up here in your tract in the netherlands they say that he's known already to the police for policy crimes such as alleged assault
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now in terms of any possible motivation while the police say it's so far on clear it could be a family drama a dispute but they also say that they are not ruling out terrorism as a possible motivation now you trek to on tuesday morning is a very different place things are very much back to normal that wasn't the case on monday because off to the shooting schools and universities were shut down a high terror threat level was put into place as police hunted for the suspects in terms of the tram eyewitnesses described wild scenes of sheer panic as a godman opened fire they talked about windows being smashed people tried to crawl out of this tram and get away and of course utrecht is one of the main cities in the netherlands it's a place very popular with students to come and study it's famous for its canals it is not also a place where gun crime isn't the least bit common. but it's common to theresa may is holding crisis talks with her cabinet after her breaks
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a plan suffered another setback the speaker of the lower house of parliament has ruled that she can only hold for a day or to leave the e.u. if that's fundamentally different from before may still has been rejected twice by m.p.'s and speaker john bercow says he won't allow another vote on less substantial changes and. still ahead on the bulletin medical students and doctors the latest bird to join protests against algerian president out there as he's both africa. hello again we're here cross parts of north asia we are watching one little system make its way across japan right now bring some clouds and some rain that will quickly make its way towards specific as we go towards bid week then we are watching one system back here across china now that is the system that is expected
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to bring very heavy rain across the korean peninsula as we go from wednesday night and into thursday notice how it brings very heavy rain across that region and then on thursday it is going to be japan that sees the majority of that rain as well as some windy conditions view over the next few days so sunday it took you as well as a soccer expect to see rain in your forecast at the end of the week well that same weather system is also causing some problems here across parts of china mostly towards the north and we're talking here across parts of shanghai over here towards one as well we are going to be seeing those temperatures dropping over the next few days and that is going to be that funnel boundary making its way towards the south so from wednesday to thursday that front seeing south and those temperatures to drop so shanghai rain just to the south of you in terms of their of twenty degrees and hong kong about twenty six degrees for you there well here across the philippines we are watching a very heavy rain down here across the southern part of the philippines as a depression pushes through but up here towards the north manila it's going to be mostly cloudy day with a temperature of thirty three. democratically
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elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so the power to change as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it first hand. the final hours. on al-jazeera.
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good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories as well as on the ex-president says more than a thousand people may have been killed by. a ninety percent of the port city of beta has been destroyed officials have declared emergencies and neighbor boy and malawi. and new zealand the bodies of six victims of the christ church mosque attacks have been returned to their families but he say these have been completed on the fifteen victims promise to just send as promised that all bodies will be returned to families by wednesday. and police in the netherlands are investigating the motive of a gunman who shoot shots three people dead on the travel document on this is in custody after police launched a manhunt in the city of trekked authorities say they are still investigating a possible terrorism related most of bought other reasons haven't been ruled out. now prosecutors in the us are looking into how the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft got the green light from america's aviation regulator
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a federal grand jury issued a subpoena for evil's and other correspondence relating to the jet's development investigators have found some allowances between last week's question ethiopia and another and a new five months ago both involved seven three seven max eight planes mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . well the justice department investigation is virtually unprecedented in fact there's only been one occasion before in u.s. aviation history where this type of criminal proceeding has been launched in the wake of an accident now what at the justice department is looking at in particular is the certification process of these boeing seven three seven maxes and the role that the federal aviation authority if they did or didn't play in the certification process now it's significant that the subpoena was issued by the federal jury of the day after the crash in ethiopia however this was
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a coincidence the investigation had been ongoing it's taken since that particular day for news of the investigation to emerge boeing's chief executive officer has issued a statement on these accidents saying only that boeing remains committed to safety it is carrying out its own investigations but he does not address the issue of a justice department investigation an investigation that will not only look at boeing's procedures but is also likely to look at the relationship between the federal aviation authority and boeing with regard to these safety procedures so let's get more on this now we're joined by robert wall he's the senior heiress face and aviation editor for the wall street journal and he's joining us live from london very good to have you with us on al-jazeera i know that your publication the wall street journal has been leading the reporting on the department of justice and the department of transport and quiescent can you tell us in more about exactly
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what they're looking into here. i mean i think you've basically captured what it is they're looking for i think that what is important to realize is this could be a very sweeping investigation both the d.o.j. and the department of transport inspector general's office prosecutor or prosecute powers almost they can subpoena documents from the f.a.a. but also from others and they can obviously force witnesses to come to testify and they can even conduct searches to gather documents you know we're still at an early stage and we really don't know how far reaching this will be and will they also be looking into the relationship how closely will they be looking into the relationship rather between boeing and the f.a.a. f a a and looking at whether safety regulations followed you know non standing engineering design standards in approving that. stall prevention fĂȘte feature.
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yeah absolutely i mean i think you know obviously they prosecuted the investigators keep it pretty closely held what specifically they are looking at we can assume that they will be looking at all the documentation or as much documentation as they can get their hands on between boeing and the f.a.a. to see if everything was complied with if there were any variances maybe even any short cuts taken so i think that is definitely going to be a key part of the probe and i think also important to realize is you haven't mentioned yet is of course the u.s. congress is getting involved and is going to start up its own investigation and they can also obviously require people to come testify before congress so this is a multifaceted. scrutiny that boeing and the seven three seven and the f.a.a. will be under in the coming weeks and most of all just how concerning is this given that boeing is the world's largest aerospace company.
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yeah i mean this is certainly you know this is certainly a big crisis for boeing i think there's no other way to put it. out financially how big are the financial implications i mean certainly the costs of this can run high between litigation damages they may have to pay for airlines that have had to ground their planes. you know this is a costly undertaking. and of fairness you also have to realize boeing is a big company with many many businesses principally known for its commercial airplanes but it does many other things i mean this is not the kind of thing you would expect would threaten the future of the company but it is certainly in an uncomfortable position for them to be in that is the wall street journal's robert bork joining us live from london thank you very much for your expertise on this we appreciate it thank you. to algeria now where medical students and doctors have joined protests against the president's plan to stay in power beyond the end of his
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term and the capital algiers they have been calling for a free democracy saying the military and the people of brothers at the lizzie's beautifully calm wants to stay in power beyond april twenty eighth when his fourth term is due to expire after weeks of protests but if legal postponed elections and promise reforms but hasn't given a timetable for the changes. algerian opposition leaders have urged the army not to interfere in the political crisis for the army's chief of staff says the military ship take responsibility for finding a quick solution which you do know but this privileged awareness that the homeland comes first and that security and stability are paramount i renew today the pledge i've made before god and before the people it's history will judge me that the people's national army will remain the fortified shield protecting the people and the homeland under all circumstances mohamad valve reports.
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anti-government protests in algeria continue to spread oil and gas field workers in the far south of the country the latest to join the outcry workers in hazara mill which is obvious largest gas field are echoing calls nationwide for president of the us is beautifully to resign managers of the state energy films on a truck say production is unaffected algeria boss the world's fifth largest reserves of natural gas but with a flick us critics say after twenty years of his presidency the energy wealth is reaching few are judeans than ever before and employment and the cost of living are rising and they say the political atmosphere is choking the economy due to the decades long grueling of a corrupt elite backed by our jury as military friday saw the biggest rallies ever in the capital of gere's. other major cities. and
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the revolt has spread to expire three years in former colonial power france they were out in force in paris for the third consecutive sunday on an armada of you david if you it tired of all people since nine hundred sixty two we've always been with old people leave the place to the young get out of the way the system is clear make way for the young the ailing eighty two year old president ob-la says beautifully relinquished his bid for a fifth term following weeks of under arrest but his decision to postpone the presidential election should yield for april eighteenth has provoked more widespread anger which of libya has appointed a new prime minister nouri in bed weak and a deputy in talks to form a cabinet mostly of technocrats but the prime minister is receiving little support from protesters who say they don't trust any politicians linked to it with a flicker of god. a few members of parliament including some from the ruling party
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have resigned in support of the protests. we refused to participate in the upcoming cabinet because we believe that such cabinet should only result from a national conference in a transparent national popular dialogue that people have taken to the streets to bring about real change and make sure that none of the same people who have been ruling us continue in power even the staunchest supporters of change in algeria seem to realize the military from their influence on politics may be impossible instead protesters hope for younger leaders who will be less corrupt more democratic and more answerable to the rule of law even if supported by the generals got on top of stability one hundred one a desire. and ending interest of the family of a man arrested by police is calling for an investigation after being told he died in their custody the death has led to protests in sri lanka there's no confirmation of how the land died of his family say he was murdered by police officers initially
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told them he'd been arrested for having connections with an armed group which is something the family denies. at least eighty nine people are dead after flash floods and landslides hit indonesia's popular regions seventy four people remain missing but search and rescue teams have been hampered by large amounts of debris blocking my devotions authorities they have declared a two week state of emergency to get assistance from the central government. in myanmar and the buddhist leader has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for treason imo was charged over a speech he gave in twenty eighteen in which he said the ethnic russian population had been marginalized and core for an armed struggle against the government a day later fighting began and seven people were killed mon is the former chairman of the outcome national party known for its hardline views on minority running the muslims in iraq and state. now famous for her refugee addressed the un human rights council for the first time last week i mean the hearth awareness part of
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a woman support group brought together by their trauma they began meeting in the refugee camps of cox's bazaar and beyond that they put a stephanie deck of reports they're much more than just a support. none of these women knew each other before they fled me and a year and a half ago now each of them is forever connected through grief we've not identified the women at their request there is are horrific stories and. when we learned would you tell our fathers and brothers were shot our sisters and mothers raped our little children were cut into pieces and thrown into the fire he just grabbed our children out of our arms. but they say they don't want to be seen as victims they are telling their personal stories to raise awareness what they want is justice i who am i but i'm now going to have you know they are who are going to be killed my husband and my son and they raped my daughter in front of me why did
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they humiliate us why did they cut my husband and son into pieces. the group known as shanti submitted a formal request to the international criminal court in may of last year for an investigation into allegations of genocide persecution the court is now conducting a preliminary examination into the case of the ringer it could lead to an official investigation the women are being supported by a legal and we represent them in various forms such as the international criminal court and should other accountability mechanism arise then we will also support them in accessing justice through those forums it's difficult to comprehend what these women have been through difficult to imagine what goes through their mind. but their public message is clear they're not victims they're not refugees but human beings who deserve and demand justice stephanie decker all jazeera in cox's
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bazar of southeastern bangladesh. according to russia's chechnya region has sentenced a human rights activist to four years in prison for possessing illegal drugs. was stopped by police in january who say they discovered marijuana in his car his here was the head of a moscow based human rights group that's been critical of chechen police his supporters say the case is politically motivated. now venezuela's president nicolas maduro has asked his entire cabinet to step down as he struggles to keep control of the country has been facing pressure from opposition leaders on the more than two months declared himself venezuela's interim president in january tory's a boy has more. the government of unequal i don't know announcing who chuckling the whole having the vice president does you know the it's also said that the president has got the recognition of members of the cabinet and that he was card naming and
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giving information about who's going to be part of that cabinet when this is not given to quell any but that's not a has had at least for vice president since taking office and to see really an attempt to lean on cheap administration show the venezuelan people especially his followers of the government is trying to solve many of the problems that people in this country are facing today among them there's been an enormous power outage in venezuela for days people clear where without electricity without more from one of the things people struggling with hyperinflation shortages of food of medicine among other things and everything pellets that the situation is going to get the boys to peer past us sanctions start to have an impact in venezuela they're expected to begin the all of sanctions against this country later in april but we're being told that it's already having an effect i'm not sure if you can see here i am in port but i could do in the state of i'm so i think you and i can count from here at least seven or else hunkered that venezuela has not be sealed with the
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oil that when it's relaxed has not been able to sell in its way like swine flu which may be the place of the united states has in the oil markets here but in apparently they're trying to send it to india and of course russia and sixty six people outside of what we're being told that there's already what is known here is over compliance people that are afraid of buying venezuelan oil because of the consequences that something like this could have with the united states and angering their night in states in the meantime the opposition leader flung why don't that said he was going around the country and trying to get people to march towards the pilot to be applauded that's when you call out my window the sidestep the presidential palace that would be massive an enormous demonstration that's what a petition you know for why don't is trying to do and i would certainly generate more tension in that country. all the latest updates on venezuela and the rest of
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the day's news can be found on our web site that's at al-jazeera dot com. hello again i'm there's a problem in the headlines on al-jazeera mozambique's president says more than a thousand people may have been killed by. it's destroyed and ninety percent of the port city of beta and officials have declared emergencies there and they burn zimbabwe and malawi. when you see them the bodies of six victims of the attacks have been returned to their families autopsies have been completed on all fifty victims prime minister just as promised all the bodies will be released to their families by wednesday. police in the netherlands are investigating the motive of a gunman who shot dead three people on a tram when thomas was in custody after police launched
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a manhunt in the city of tricked dot authorities say they are still investigating possible possible terrorism related motive but other reasons haven't been. has more from tricks. police say they are still questioning three suspects that they arrested monday in connection with this shooting on a tram in utrecht that took place early monday now the main suspect they say is a man that they have identified as thirty seven year old. now they say. was born in turkey but he grew up here in the netherlands. he was arrested about three kilometers from the scene of that shooting in a building now in terms of the most motivation for the attack what they are saying so far is that it's unclear britain's prime minister tourism is holding crisis talks with her cabinet to have a plan suffered another setback the speaker of the lower house of parliament has ruled that she can only hold
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a third vote on her. if it's fundamentally different from before and has been rejected twice by a speaker john bercow says he won't allow another vote unless substantial changes are made prosecutors in the u.s. are looking into how the boeing seven three seven. got the green light. regulator a federal grand jury issued a subpoena for emails and other correspondence related to the jets development investigators have found similarities between last week's question ethiopia and another and a new five months ago both involved seven three seven eight play. those are the headlines on inside stories coming up next thank you for watching.
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exactly five years ago russia annexed crimea and began a conflict with ukraine that's claimed thirteen thousand lives. but what has russia gained apart from a host of western sanctions against it will that deter president putin from flexing his military muscles again this is inside story. hello welcome to the program and has monday the eighteenth of march marks five years since russia annexed the.


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